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I've gotten so wrapped up in abstractions, that I feel out of touch with some of the newest cool shit we get for free in browsers these days. I actually tried script type="module" and it was wild (thx for the inspiration @brianleroux). What, in your opinion, is new and dope?
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got any tips for cool new hotness to explore and exploit?
Houdini, Streams API is pretty chill, whole bunch of sensor data in beta (…), AudioWorklet. Not new new, but I love navigator.connection.effectiveType (serve different resources based on users effective connection speed)
Chrome 67 Beta: WebXR Origin Trial, Generic Sensors
Unless otherwise noted, changes described below apply to the newest Chrome Beta channel release for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Wi...
It may not be new but console.table() changed my life.
I don't use that nearly as much as I should. So rad.
Using async/await without transpiling! Web workers, modules, using template literals like JSX (…) and all the wasm work has me super excited!
lit-html - HTML template literals in JavaScript
CSS variables. not that new, but still feels new because no one uses them.
There are so many awesome things working in the browser without transpiring already. Hard to believe when all of the JS you sent to browsers for the last 3+ years was bundled via Webpack and/or transpired via Babel/6to5 …
*transpiled. Hahaha iOS obviously adjusts autocorrect to weather conditions
Arrow functions, async/await, css variables, destructuring assignments, they all work natively in modern browsers. That’s so crazy.
Dynamic imports! They are super powerful for lazy loading of modules
I recently found out you can use $(".class") stuff from jQuery in Chrome without even importing jQuery.
You're surprised I didn't know already or you didn't know either and you're surprised to find out?
(I know this isn't web dev related but I'm super excited about it)
Module/nomodule transpilation, async/await, Workers, Worklets, WASM, Shared Array Buffers, and CSS Variables are all amazing. What’s even better is the growing consistency in implementations.
* RIP shared array buffers.. it was the ultimate, super & ideal solution for worker<-->UI data traffic...
CSS backdrop-filter is hoo bangin!
Object.entries() is pretty rad. Nice to be able to iterate over an object without reaching outside of the loop 😄
performance.mark and you can label the start and end, and performance.measure the time in between…, good support too :)
const img = document.createElement(“img”); img.src = “someshit.jpg”; img.decode().then(() => { someOtherElem.appendChild(img); });