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Dan Luu@danluu
Where does engineering rep come from? Here's a Google engineer slagging on Amazon engineering, which they say mediocre. I don't think this is an unusual opinion, I've heard this from people both inside and outside of Google. Google has the best engineering, Amazon is mediocre.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Fuck Spotify, and fuck any “podcast” that’s only playable in one app.
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Dani Sanchez-Crespo@DaniNovarama
Día 1: Tengo algo que explicarles. Hoy acaba mi aventura. Aquí empieza mi último hilo en Twitter.
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celso celante@celsocelante
Procurando uma cadeira boa + bonita para trabalhar em casa que não seja um trambolho tipo cadeira gamer, mas que também não seja uma eames
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John Graham-Cumming@jgrahamc
Here's a mystery. This is major Google Chrome versions seen by us since February 15, 2020. Notice the sudden change in % from Google Chrome 69 to 78. Why?
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Anyone else on Cloudflare or Linode seeing increased latency and inexplicable timeouts since around May 1? They don’t map to significant changes in server load. Requests just occasionally time out for no apparent reason. Retry and they load normally. (info from Pingdom)
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Haven’t used HAProxy since Tumblr, but it was fantastic then. Anyone with recent experience using it as the reverse-proxy in front of your webservers, especially if it does your HTTPS decryption: Is it still awesome? Does it work well with LetsEncrypt + certbot or similar?
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Ashley Bischoff@FriendlyAshley
I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe is rather lacking in soft pants. 🤔 So I’d love to get your recommendations—what are your favorite soft pants, friends? PS Bonus points if they might be decent enough looking for a quick jaunt to the store or the like. 😅
David Mack@davidmackau
my boyfriend has been wearing sweats so much he has started calling normal pants... "hard pants"
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Jake Wharton@JakeWharton
After 2¾ years, today is my last day at @Google.
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Cindy Sridharan@copyconstruct
Seeing a bunch of folks in my mentions saying “TIL Google doesn’t use Kubernetes” and ... 😐 I’m surprised there are people who think Google *does* run on k8s. Even GKE (Google’s hosted Kubernetes offering) runs on Borg, which afaik, is far more sophisticated and battle-tested.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
I’ve found little difference in long-term maintenance time between rolling my own and using third-party services/libraries in practice. Services change and go away. Libraries change and add complexity to the build and project. At least when it’s your code, you’re in control.
Jimmy Mooney@jimmy0x52
How do I you weigh initial implementation time of 1-2 days against the cost of upkeep and maintenance of home-rolled components?
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Andy Matuschak@andy_matuschak
Every month I review my goals and reflect on my progress, practices, and mindset. Looking back, I note that in 7 of the 9 last months, I was pretty disappointed in myself. There were always lots that wasn't going to plan. Everything always took longer to finish than I’d expected.
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Andy Bowers@andybowers
Some personal news: Once in a while, in the course of a long and lucky career, you’re struck by a moment of professional clarity: I’ve accomplished what I wanted to at this company, and it’s time to move on. 1/10
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Mauve 🎉@RangerMauve
Weird thought: Merkle DAG based things end up having centralized ownership due to root nodes. Stuff like #ipfs or #dat might converge on large "root nodes" acting as authorities. append-only log based things like #ssb or #cabal are more flat and local
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Bakırköy Meydanı metro inşaatında salgına rağmen sağlıksız koşullarda çalışan işçilere, öğün olarak ise yine sağlıksız koşullarda hazırlanan 'ekmek arası ıspanak' dağıtılıyor. #HayatEveSigar mı ?
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Malte Ubl@cramforce
I've been wondering whether now is the right time for disruptive changes to the (web) ecosystem or it is better to hold them back until things return towards normal. We'll see how this goes. Stay safe out there!
John Wilander@johnwilander
The long wait is over and the latest update to Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention is here: Full third-party cookie blocking and more… Safari users, welcome to the future and a safer web!
Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More
This blog post covers several enhancements to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 and Safari 13.1 on macOS to address our latest discoveries in the industry around tracking.
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Dave Anderson@dave_universetf
Oooooh, I get redoconf now. Which probably means I've missed something crucial that'll bite me in 5 minutes.
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Joshua Benton@jbenton
Consider this my gift to the world: Here are the daily/Sunday circulations of the largest newspapers in the United States — information that is surprisingly difficult to find online! These are all the papers with daily circulation of at least 75,000:
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Tobias Schneider@tobiaschneider
Fitness and social media company Strava releases activity heat map. Excellent for locating military bases (h/t to @Nrg8000).…
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
I’d give up the 5% discount to have @WholeFoods go back to the way it was before Amazon bought it. Everything else is worse now (and getting even worse). Fewer cashiers, long lines, less-consistent and messier stock, and crowded aisles full of Prime-delivery shopping agents.
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