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Dan Misener@misener
(Possibly sensitive)
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Justin Jackson@mijustin
I can't believe it: it's been 4 years since we launched @TransistorFM! I wrote down my memories of building and launching that initial version with @jonbuda, and reflected on everything that's happened since we launched (it's changed our lives):
Transistor podcast hosting celebrates 4th anniversary
It's been four years since Transistor's public launch. Co-founders Jon Buda and Justin Jackson started working together at the beginning of 2018. Their dream was to build an independent podcast hosting company. This is their story.
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Tim Sneath@timsneath
OK, time for an unboxing thread with a difference. I needed to test some web apps written in #Flutter on a really low-powered device. TIL that you can buy a Lenovo Chromebook for LESS THAN $100? 🤯
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信仰の話がTLに飛び交っているため、十数年前の2ちゃんねるコピペで流行っていた「欧米人の友達が真・女神転生シリーズのおかげでキリスト教の欺瞞に気付いた」というのを思い出してしまった。 この機会に女神転生(以下メガテン)の信仰とゲーム内分岐の描き方についてちょっと長い連ツイをしてみる。
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swyx 🗽 in NYC@swyx
Alright JS gang - anonymous, neutral poll: Which of the new serverside JS runtimes do you suspect you will be using MOST in 2025? (not counting Node.js)
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Cheap, sloppy dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in podcasts continues to degrade the experience for listeners. They blame the app, and that’s my problem to deal with. But DAI podcasters: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You’re throwing your audience away. These people will leave podcasts forever.
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Matt Zoller Seitz@mattzollerseitz
This is a thread about the dark side of @Shopify, which began destroying our family bookstore and stealing money from our customers one day after our first independently published work, The Deadwood Bible -- a book 3 years in the making -- arrived from the printer. 1/
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Danny Moerkerke@dannymoerkerke
Great questions about Web Components! Here's my response to each question and a few others that were asked in the comments: Q1. Is JS a dependency? A: Web Components are just like any other HTML element. While they can be rendered without JS, it is required for interaction. 👇
Manuel Matuzović@mmatuzo
I just created a draft for a blog post titled “WebComponents FAQ” because I don't know much about 'em. They sound like a great idea, but the pro & contra discussions on Twitter make my brain hurt. I'll use this post to answer my on questions. If you want to add questions, reply!
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Steven Sinofsky@stevesi
New today in Hardcore Software—086. The Memo (Part 2). Windows continued to struggle to finish Vista. I was busy mostly on my own trying to figure out what comes next. Last week I shared the analysis half of a memo I wrote only for three ppl. Part 2 1/ ……
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この世から抹消されるかもしれんけど、これが舞妓の実態。当時16 歳で浴びるほどのお酒を飲ませられ、お客さんとお風呂入りという名の混浴を強いられた(全力で逃げたけど)。これが本当に伝統文化なのか今一度かんがえていただきたい。写真はお客さんと山崎18年一気飲み大会で勝利した時と飲酒
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ITmedia NEWS@itmedia_news
auで通信障害 全国で音声・データがつながりにくい状況が2時間超…
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Kamil Galeev@kamilkazani
Why Russia will lose this war? Much of the "realist" discourse is about accepting Putin's victory, cuz it's *guaranteed*. But how do we know it is? I'll argue that analysts 1) overrate Russian army 2) underrate Ukrainian one 3) misunderstand Russian strategy & political goals🧵
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okamura tadamasa@okamuratadamasa
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質問(簡単に教えてもらおうとする相手にイライラするようになった) あなたのおっしゃる「質問されるとイライラする感じ」はよく理解できますし、同じように感じる人はたいへん多いと思います。(続く) #結城浩に聞いてみよう…
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福井健策 FUKUI, Kensaku@fukuikensaku
ネット上で最近、「当社の画像の無断複製・SNS転載は著作権侵害で、刑事罰もあります」という注意喚起のツイートが、大量拡散されているのを見かけました。 狙いはよくよくわかりますが、正確には、「著作権法が認める例外を除いては」ですね。この10年で最も、法改正で拡充された部分です。
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さかいとしゆき (Sakai Toshiyuki)@SakaiToshiyuki0
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
We’re not supposed to put beta 1 on our regular phones with our regular iCloud accounts. But for those of you who haven’t done this because we’re not supposed to… uh… how’s it going? (Because I’m definitely not thinking of doing it on mine, because we’re not supposed to.)
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Adobe Creative Cloud更新時期になったので、また解約する振りしたら、今年も半額に値引きしてくれた。
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