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Corey Quinn@QuinnyPig
And now, the final #reinvent keynote of the week as per my nonsense entertainment. And we start with music that is absolutely *BEAUTIFUL*. This is a balm for the soul.
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Armin “vax ffs” Ronacher@mitsuhiko
I have to say starting new web projects on open source technologies in 2021 is no fun. The amount of complexity that is thrown your way left and right is absolutely mind-boggling and it's completely unclear which tech is going to stick around for more than 4 years.
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Derek Thompson@DKThomp
I think this is a sneaky profound question with sneaky profound implications: Why did it take so long for people to invent obvious stuff? And, relatedly: what are the obvious things we’re not inventing?
Jason Crawford@jasoncrawford
“Why did we wait so long for the printing press?” Bacon, in 1620, points to this as a reason to hope that with more inventive effort, people could make technological progress:
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最近読んだ本で見た「睡眠法」がヤバい。 ①全身に力を入れて3秒いきむ→力を抜く ②目をつむって10秒何も考えない ③ ①②を繰り返す 前職で自律神経やられ不眠気味が続いてたんやけど、半信半疑でやったら知らんうちに寝てたし朝まで泥のように眠ってた。。簡単だし皆も試してみて👍
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Rick Gude@rickgude
A tribute to Winamp . @MaxonVFX @Substance3D #redshift #c4d #cinema4d
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Joshua Topolsky@joshuatopolsky
1) I want to say something: @zpower is one of the best people I have ever worked with. I don’t understand the how or why of what happened.
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Web 1.0: the web is for sharing information! Web 2.0: but what if we could make money too? Web 3.0: the web is only for making money.
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Amy Westervelt@amywestervelt
I've been talking about this for a while now, but there are some *major* issues with podcast advertising that the pod industry is just plain ignoring. For a start, ads in podcasts aren't regulated like ads on radio, they're not under the FCC. So...propaganda galore
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fasterthanlime 🌌@fasterthanlime
RT 🔒 (with permission): "Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which. Unordered list of fun things I learned:"
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Kyle Hughes@KyleHughes
I have multiple SwiftUI apps that are 95% finished but that I can't get out the door because of lack of ability to polish. So many rough edges that I can't stomach. There is always a point where I regret not starting with UIKit. Compels me though.
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Ryan Petersen@typesfast
Yesterday I rented a boat and took the leader of one of Flexport's partners in Long Beach on a 3 hour of the port complex. Here's a thread about what I learned.
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Steven Sinofsky – stevesi.eth@stevesi
Apple Event Monday!! By (no) coincidence next week is also the 30th Anniversary of Mac PowerBook launch at Comdex Las Vegas (last one in October and my first one!) 🚀 PowerBook *redefined* portables. It also solidified the Apple design group. What a story of innovation💡 1/
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Bryan Cantrill@bcantrill
TIL that Edsger Dijkstra apparently believed that I and all of my fellow Gen X programmers were "mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration"
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Patrick McGee@PatrickMcGee_
Chart of the Day: @Apple’s advertising business has more than tripled its market share in the six months after it introduced privacy changes to iPhones that obstructed rivals, including @Facebook and @Google, from targeting ads at consumers. *A Thread*
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Shihab (JPEGuin)@JPEGuin
A lot of App Store users assume that indie devs make a lot of money, and whilst this may be true for many, it isn’t a fact for most. For instance, I’ve made roughly £25 across this past month. I think indie developers need to be transparent where possible.
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Jason Grinblat@ptychomancer
I love maps & their promise of fractal discovery. I love procedural generation and the aesthetics of the unauthored. Where do these two loves intersect? Generated maps. I am the procgen map admirer. These are my favorite map generators and the folks who create them. 👇THREAD👇
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Alexandr Burdiyan@burdiyan
Any @nixpkg @nixos_org savvy people out there? Having read almost everything I could find about Nix and cross-compilation, I still don't fully understand whether it's possible to cross-compile on Linux for Darwin (both x86_64). Should I even try? /cc @grhmc
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students are starting to steal each other's notes with iOS 15 and it's... kind of genius
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