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Linda Holmes@lindaholmes
"I've discovered how to monetize podcasts: CHARGE FOR THEM AND ONLY LET PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR THEM HEAR THEM." Yes, congratulations, Einstein. A fresh new idea indeed.
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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | PODCASTS | | DON'T | | NEED | | ADS | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ #Luminary
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Snap a pic of your workspace RIGHT NOW. Here's mine:
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Pocket Casts@pocketcasts
Thanks to everyone who helped us beta test version 7 for Android. We got so much great feedback and watched our little baby evolve and change in so many awesome ways. Now it’s time for the baby to leave the nest. Version 7 is now available to all! 🚀🤖
Pocket Casts 7 for Android
Those who follow us closely will know that our big version 7 update was a long time in the making. It brought major features like being able to play without subscribing, Up Next syncing and even Listening History. Late last year we launched it on Android as an open beta.
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Adam Davidson@adamdavidson
A lot of confusion about subscription-based podcasting. My view: most great podcasts will be subscription-based and you should be very, very happy about that. It is NOT about taking something "free" and making you pay for it. Ad-support is a specific business model. 1.
NYT Business@nytimesbusiness
Luminary's exclusive podcasting lineup includes offerings from John Cameron Mitchell, Lena Dunham, Guy Raz and Adam Davidson
With Big Stars and Paid Subscriptions, Luminary Aims to Be the Netflix of Podcasts
Luminary is unveiling nearly $100 million in funding and a subscription-based business model that it hopes will push podcasting into a new phase of growth.
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Sam Saccone@samccone
It perplexes me how every modern web framework that supports server side rendering couples itself to a node runtime. The reality is most companies cannot simply add a node runtime to their production environment.
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Willian Max@WillianMax
O Apple Music voltou a bagunçar minha biblioteca, que beleza.
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Thiago Mobilon@mobilon
“A esquerda perdeu por sofrer de alergia à aritmética” 👌🏻
Cristovam Buarque@Sen_Cristovam
A esquerda fracassou por ter sonhos utópicos sem ver os limites impostos pela realidade eco e política, agora não quer ou não é capaz de novos sonhos levando em conta limites de fiscais, econômicos, ecológicos, políticos. A esquerda perdeu por sofrer de alergia à aritmética.
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Sam Altman@sama
I think 2017 was around when it stopped being an obviously good idea for startups to be in the bay area, but it’s been somewhat obscured by a massive surge in availability of cheap seed funding.
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Kelsey Hightower@kelseyhightower
Kubernetes is for people building platforms. If you are a developer building your own platform (AppEngine, Cloud Foundry, or Heroku clone), then Kubernetes is for you.
👊🏼 👅 👉🏼@ijoeyguerra
Who’s it for then?
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Bret Taylor@btaylor
Here’s a silly Google Maps origin story about how “Satellite” was almost named “Bird Mode”
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Holly Brockwell@holly
Excuse me, it is 2019, where are my Arcologies
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Keith Cirkel@Keithamus
All of GitHub's menus & dialogs work without JavaScript. The brilliant @muanchiou figured out that `<details>` elements could make popover menus work without JS…! We've got open source helpers too:……
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Bryce Tache 🇺🇸@brycetache
Yesterday I asked my 12-year-old son what other kids at school think about him having 2 dads. His response: They don’t care but they don’t like how I’m immune to “Yo Mama” jokes.
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Colm MacCárthaigh@colmmacc
It's my ten year anniversary at AWS, I got a new badge and everything! To celebrate, I'm going to tweet out the lightning talk I gave at last week's Amazon dev con. It's all about my favorite thing from my ten years: Shuffle Sharding!
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Nathan Baschez@nbashaw
~ Ten Podcasting Predictions ~ (I briefly worked at Gimlet but have no inside information, am just a curious observer) Thread:
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Corey Quinn@QuinnyPig
While I appreciate AWS's support for the local development model, I can't shake the feeling that it's the wrong approach to Serverless development. Can we talk about that?
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Christopher Mims 🎆@mims
Google's R&D bill is now $24 billion annualized what the holy hell are they spending that on?
Google Runs Up Another Big Tab
Record research-and-development and capital-expenditure bills overshadowed strong growth in Alphabet’s core business.
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Kara Swisher@karaswisher
I am buying
Apple CEO Tim Cook might be futilely trying to sell something that nobody's buying. #Privacy @karaswisher
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Clue Heywood@ClueHeywood
Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house
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