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Dani Sanchez-Crespo@DaniNovarama
Día 1: Tengo algo que explicarles. Hoy acaba mi aventura. Aquí empieza mi último hilo en Twitter.
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I think a great rule for drawing boxes-and-lines architecture diagrams is: never have overlaps or cycles. If you can't avoid one or both, it's a sign that you're providing too much detail. Zoom out to a different conceptual level, or split the diagram up.
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Dave Anderson@dave_universetf
Oooooh, I get redoconf now. Which probably means I've missed something crucial that'll bite me in 5 minutes.
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David Crawshaw@davidcrawshaw
A tale from the @Tailscale build system: @apenwarr: we could use git smudge for this me: that's not a thing google: it's a thing @dave_universetf: when in doubt, use more git features @bradfitz: there are a few we're not using yet! @apenwarr: *apologizes in Canadian"
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Brad Fitzpatrick@bradfitz
Hacked up a little #golang ssh server for @Tailscale so you can ssh to a server without passwords or ssh keys. Only using network identity. ( is still dope, @progrium!) We'd talked about it longer than it took to write. Of course, unknown% done.
Easy SSH servers in Golang. Contribute to gliderlabs/ssh development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Iva Cheung@IvaCheung
Hm. Have to say I'm deeply uncomfortable with the practice of digging into a person's follows and likes to make judgments about their social or political views. For various professional and personal reasons I follow folks I disagree with. I *like* tweets I would never retweet.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
I’m finding that Catalina introduced LOTS of little delays involving Finder integration: displaying open/save dialogs, displaying changed files, starting moves/copies, deleting files… What did they DO to this OS? It’s been declining for years, but this is an especially bad one.
Mason Sklar@masonsklar
I love waiting 3-10 seconds for new files to show up on Finder, even opening and closing windows to check if they made it
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Paul Thurrott@thurrott
Cost of Android Studio: FREE Cost of XCode: FREE Cost of Visual Studio (Professional): $45 per month or $1199 for the first year and then $799 per year after that. Which one doesn't make any freaking sense at all?
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Andy Bowers@andybowers
Some personal news: Once in a while, in the course of a long and lucky career, you’re struck by a moment of professional clarity: I’ve accomplished what I wanted to at this company, and it’s time to move on. 1/10
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Spotify was already the biggest threat to podcasts. Now it’s bigger. They’re fragmenting podcasts into two worlds — Spotify’s walled garden with exclusives and ad tracking, and the open ecosystem of everyone else — to co-opt “podcasts” to imply “on Spotify”. Divide and conquer.
Jonathan Ruiz@jonjon1251
+@marcoarment how many acquisitions like this would it take to have Spotify be threatening the open format of podcasting?
Spotify Acquires Sports and Culture Site The Ringer
Site founder Bill Simmons hopes to build “the world’s flagship sports audio network”
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Shadow, Inc.@ShadowIncHQ
We sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, their campaigns, and Democratic caucus-goers.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
I love @jsnell’s annual Six Colors Report Card for Apple. He compiles ratings and quotes from a HUGE selection of people (myself included) and puts it in context with historical data. I barely read anything anymore, but I always read this.
Apple in 2019: The Six Colors report card
It’s time for our annual look back on Apple’s performance during the past year, as seen through the eyes of writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about Apple. This is...
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Brad Fitzpatrick@bradfitz
Unemployment got boring. I'm joining @Tailscale. More:…
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Jake Archibald@jaffathecake
(yes i am sad because an interesting side project just fell apart due to a lack of CORS headers. And no, proxying isn't an option due to the resource sizes)
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xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq@brianleroux
why would you NOT choose AWS ?
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Kelly Sommers@kellabyte
Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projs are Go & all this OSS used to be Java Kubernetes - Deploy (Go) Prometheus - Monitoring (Go) CoreDNS - DNS (Go) Jaeger - Tracing (Go) Vitess - DB scaling (Go) NATS - Messaging (Go) ETCD - Key/Value store (Go) NOBODY considers .NET
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Andrey Lushnikov@aslushnikov
Folks! I'm happy to share what we've been working on: 📣… Playwright is like Puppeteer, but cross-browser.
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cesar featuring A Pimp Named Slickback@poa_nyc
This is why i use ad blockers and a pi-hole server........ request map of nytimes.
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Kurt Eichenwald@kurteichenwald
In preparation for a completely unpredictable Trump presidency, I sold all stocks in my kids' education accounts today. I urge u to do same.
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Gabriella “Biella” Coleman@BiellaColeman
Who uses RSS? Please do reply if you do.
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