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Dani Sanchez-Crespo@DaniNovarama
Día 1: Tengo algo que explicarles. Hoy acaba mi aventura. Aquí empieza mi último hilo en Twitter.
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Jake Archibald@jaffathecake
Valtteri Bottas reacted to the F1 start lights in 0.201s. 🏎 How about you?
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Anyone else on Cloudflare or Linode seeing increased latency and inexplicable timeouts since around May 1? They don’t map to significant changes in server load. Requests just occasionally time out for no apparent reason. Retry and they load normally. (info from Pingdom)
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Web Components people know that you can use semantic HTML5 with JS frameworks right? I hear a lot of disingenuous strawman arguments against "div-itis". Maybe spend less time complaining and more time teaching. You're not making this industry any more welcoming to beginners.
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James Cridland@JamesCridland
Sad to see that @pocketcasts, my favourite podcast player, is in trouble: losing money by the fistful and up for sale. I'm genuinely wondering what's next for it.
Pocket Casts for sale: where did it go wrong?
I love Pocket Casts. But as it loses millions and puts itself up for sale, who would buy into it?
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David Folkenflik@davidfolkenflik
NEWS: Major public radio stations in Los Angeles, DC, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Pittsburgh etc send joint protest to NYT in fallout over collapse of "Caliphate" series. They cite "troubling" actions of "The Daily" host Michael Barbaro & presence of producer Andy Mills. /con't
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Dan Rose@DanRose999
I was at Amzn in 2000 when the internet bubble popped. Capital markets dried up & we were burning $1B/yr. Our biggest expense was datacenter -> expensive Sun servers. We spent a year ripping out Sun & replacing with HP/Linux, which formed the foundation for AWS. The backstory:
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Daniel Bader@journeydan
Quick survey: what's your home internet speed and how much do you pay for it? (Bonus points for your city and provider if you want to share.)
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Nicole Perlroth@nicoleperlroth
Exclusive: JetBrains, an obscure software company founded in Russia, based in the Czech Republic, is being investigated as playing a role in the Russian hack. Among its customers are SolarWinds, Google, Siemens, HP, VMWare with @SangerNYT @julianbarnes
Russian Software Company May Be Entry Point for Huge U.S. Hack
Russian hackers may have piggybacked on a tool developed by JetBrains, which is based in the Czech Republic, to access federal government and private sector systems in the United States.
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Alex Russell@slightlylate
Thanks to @cramforce's post, went down a rabbit hole to get blurry img previews but avoid layout re-raster and the SVG document costs. Solution only needed CSS `filter`, modern `background`, & 11ty pre-build magic. Also, animates, e.g. (scroll down):
Election Season 2020, W3C TAG Edition - Infrequently Noted
It's TAG election time again, and among a packed field, a few candidates stand out. If you've benefited from the way the TAG has become a functional and important part of the W3C and broader web ecosystem process in the past several years, I heartily recommend devoting your AC rep's first place vote to Jeffrey Yasskin.
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Shihab (JPEGuin)@JPEGuin
A lot of App Store users assume that indie devs make a lot of money, and whilst this may be true for many, it isn’t a fact for most. For instance, I’ve made roughly £25 across this past month. I think indie developers need to be transparent where possible.
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Yacine Hmito@yacinehmito
It's confirmed: Linc has been bought by Cloudflare! You might not know what Linc is, so let me share with you what I think this means for Cloudflare, and the frontend infrastructure landscape in general. 🧵
Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of @linc_bot, an automation platform to help front-end developers collaborate and build powerful applications.
Cloudflare Acquires Linc
Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Linc, an automation platform to help front-end developers collaborate and build powerful applications.
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Getting multiple reports of ad-blocking VPNs or other network-wide ad blockers causing failed downloads for @NPR podcasts (and possibly others). I’m still looking into specifics, but in every case of reported @NPR download trouble recently, disabling ad blockers has fixed it.
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Pelle Wessman@voxpelli
This is your periodical reminder that a PWA have a hard time competing against native music or podcast app as it can currently only rely on playback from HTML, it can’t do background playback from the Service Worker:
Use within a PWA context / Service Worker to replicate native audio apps? · Issue #27 · WICG/audio-focus
I'm opening this issue as a follow up to an issue I opened in the Media Session API repo, asking about how that spec would play part in a PWA-replication of a native audio app like Spotify ...
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Apple’s platforms offer a few quality modes for variable-speed audio playback. Safari on macOS — not other browsers, and not even iOS Safari — continues to use the worst/fastest one. Depending on the API in use, they could most likely fix this with a single line of code.
Tim Baker 🚀@IAmTimBaker
+@OvercastFM +@marcoarment Why is it that playing podcasts at 2x speed sounds amazing on Overcast on iOS/iPadOS, and even on macOS via M1 support for iOS apps, but very robotic when listening through Safari macOS? Is there a different audio API you use in the app?
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Dan Luu@danluu
Where does engineering rep come from? Here's a Google engineer slagging on Amazon engineering, which they say mediocre. I don't think this is an unusual opinion, I've heard this from people both inside and outside of Google. Google has the best engineering, Amazon is mediocre.
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Andy Matuschak@andy_matuschak
Every month I review my goals and reflect on my progress, practices, and mindset. Looking back, I note that in 7 of the 9 last months, I was pretty disappointed in myself. There were always lots that wasn't going to plan. Everything always took longer to finish than I’d expected.
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Malte Ubl@cramforce
I've been wondering whether now is the right time for disruptive changes to the (web) ecosystem or it is better to hold them back until things return towards normal. We'll see how this goes. Stay safe out there!
John Wilander@johnwilander
The long wait is over and the latest update to Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention is here: Full third-party cookie blocking and more… Safari users, welcome to the future and a safer web!
Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More
This blog post covers several enhancements to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 and Safari 13.1 on macOS to address our latest discoveries in the industry around tracking.
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Stephen Colebourne@jodastephen
I do wonder if the best thing for Java's long term health would be to remove the Java module system from application code (keeping it for the JDK). Its been a huge time sink for me with absolutely no benefits. Any thoughts?
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Got 40 identical iMessages from Apple at 2:16 AM today about the status of a repair, in case we’re wondering how the web services are doing
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