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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Getting tons of reports that Overcast is crashing or getting killed in the background after about 30 seconds of playback on iOS 12.4. Any other iOS devs hitting problems like this? Any ideas? It seems to have resulted from 12.4 itself, not any changes to my code in that time.
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needlessly obscenity-laced@randileeharper
i'm about to do a thread about tech stuff and im drinking coffee while trying to figure out how to say the things i wanna say without dunking too hard on a piece of software way too many of y'all love (and by extension, dunking on y'all).
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Shooting at Walmart in Baton Rouge. 2 store patrons get into an argument. Both brandish weapons but the person shot was a bystander and not a part of the argument. Sure glad the good guys with the guns were there to help. WTF.
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Daniel Vassallo@dvassallo
This is how I use the good parts of @awscloud, while filtering out all the distracting hype. 👇 1/25
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Leland Richardson@intelligibabble
Anyone have any good podcasts to recommend? Both software related and not Also if anyone has any podcast app recommendations for android, let me know!
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Ethan Marcotte@beep
the one thing i’ll say about the new twitter website is that the code’s filled with a bunch of (i assume) machine-generated classes, which makes it much, much harder to customize or hide parts of the UI with browser extensions
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Jason Grinblat@ptychomancer
I love maps & their promise of fractal discovery. I love procedural generation and the aesthetics of the unauthored. Where do these two loves intersect? Generated maps. I am the procgen map admirer. These are my favorite map generators and the folks who create them. 👇THREAD👇
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Quer enganar quem, @SamsungBrasil?
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Avery Trufelman@trufelman
I want a podcast app that functions like a radio dial. So you can fish around and scan through programs and discover podcasts by listening to their *actual audio* rather than judging them by name and host and art. Someone please take this idea.
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I’m not a Christian anymore: a thread. After 40 years of being a devout follower, 20 of those being an evangelical pastor, I am walking away from faith. Even though this has been a massive bomb drop in my life, it has been decades in the making. 1/ #exvangelical
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Joshua Benton@jbenton
I think there's room for a podcast app that positions itself as being for the *serious* listener — the ones juggling dozens/100s of shows. Main things I'd want from it: — Daily, ongoing, and short-run shows get treated differently in the UI — Better tools to make playlists
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Stephen Hall@hallstephenj
Something™️ is happening with the Google Play Music/YouTube Music situation in September/October.
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Laurie Voss in Berlin@seldo
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Justin Mares@jwmares
1/n A quick tweetstorm about why I think Beyond Meat ($BYND) and Impossible Foods are the trans fat purveyors of our generation.
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When you realize that when you get to work tomorrow no students will be there
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Andrew Certain@tacertain
If you're wondering what "P-four-nines" means, it's the latency at the 99.99th percentile, meaning only one in 10,000 requests has a worse latency. Why do we measure latency in percentiles? A thread about how how it came to be at Amazon...
Tim Bray@timbray
Was in a conversation about some service refactoring and the guy said “mean latency was a bit worse, but our P-four-nines was rock-solid and only twice the mean. Customer loved it.” #CloudThinking
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Clemens Vasters 🇪🇺☁📨@clemensv
A thread about APIs and how/why Service Bus abandoned WCF as primary API in ~late 2010: In the CNCF #CloudEvents project, there's a proposal for "bindings" with the promise that you can have a stable API for sending/receiving events and switch transports/encodings via config ...
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It’s interesting, though not surprising, that every time I do press interviews these days, I’m being set up to bag on Twitter and social media generally.
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Caio Corraini 🌊@CaioCorraini
quem são essas pessoas que o datafolha entrevistou pra traçar o perfil do "gamer brasileiro" wtf
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Tiveram alguns problemas mas não aceito vocês defendendo que a Dany é um anjo e "do nada" ficou louca, faz tempo que ela toma decisões estúpidas, tá obcecada na cadeira de ferro e a mínima ameaça do Jon tirar isso dela com o poder do protagonismo é suficiente pra ela surtar sim
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