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Kurt Eichenwald@kurteichenwald
In preparation for a completely unpredictable Trump presidency, I sold all stocks in my kids' education accounts today. I urge u to do same.
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Gabriella “Biella” Coleman@BiellaColeman
Who uses RSS? Please do reply if you do.
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Joe Beda@jbeda
One of the interesting things about AWS Firecracker is that it is (one of?) the first OSS projects *originated* by AWS. It will be interesting to see how outside contributions and community are curated. Some comments after a 2 minute look at the repo/docs:
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Andrew Shell@andrewshell
Hi, @OvercastFM! I'm curious as to why the audio enclosures in @davewiner's feed don't load in Overcast? I double-checked and there are definitely enclosure tags in that conform to the RSS 2.0 spec. Is it because they are m4a and not mp3 files?
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Roman Mars@romanmars
"The Library of Congress has recently begun to acquire podcasts as part of its mission to collect and preserve sound recordings. We have identified your podcast 99% Invisible as one that we would like to include in our collection..." 1/2
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hi #audiofictionsunday #audiodramasunday, I had two @Podchaser #audiodrama lists which I can't navigate/browse due to the site inaccessibility with my screenreader. Can anyone reproduce this in a nice navigable headings, or just text? audiofiction names are not shown for me!
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Maximiliano Firtman@firt
“Apple: shame on you”; the moment at #JSConfEU from my talk for not publishing any docs, updates or changelogs on the current PWA implementation on iOS (and now iPadOS)…
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🌈 Josh@JoshWComeau
Happy New Year!! I know many of you work on side-projects, projects where you don't have the benefit of a product & design team. I'm betting a bunch of y'all have goals to create something new in 2020! Thought I'd share a thread with all my favourite resources:
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Joshua Benton@jbenton
I think there's room for a podcast app that positions itself as being for the *serious* listener — the ones juggling dozens/100s of shows. Main things I'd want from it: — Daily, ongoing, and short-run shows get treated differently in the UI — Better tools to make playlists
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Steve Troughton-Smith@stroughtonsmith
Mac Pro being good value 'for a workstation' doesn't negate the obvious fact that Apple should have a modular desktop that doesn't start with workstation components. People talk about an 'xMac' like it's some mythical unicorn instead of the most basic computer Apple should offer
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What are your podcast pet peeves? I hate guests
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Guilherme Rambo@_inside
“Why do you need a 1TB MacBook Pro? You’re just an iOS developer!”. Well…
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Clemens Vasters 🇪🇺☁📨@clemensv
A thread about APIs and how/why Service Bus abandoned WCF as primary API in ~late 2010: In the CNCF #CloudEvents project, there's a proposal for "bindings" with the promise that you can have a stable API for sending/receiving events and switch transports/encodings via config ...
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Guilherme Rambo@_inside
Back in August, Apple locked me out of my developer account, preventing me from updating my apps on the App Store. They didn’t provide any explanation or reason, and since then I’ve reached out to them many times, without success.
Apple has locked me out of my developer account
I’ve been unable to access my Apple developer account since August. When I try to access any part of the developer portal, like the beta downloads page or the certificates control panel, I get redirected to a contact form that reads “Need assistance with accessing your developer account?”. My developer team doesn’t show up in Xcode anymore. I’m also unable to manage certificates or send builds of my employer’s developer team apps while logged in to my developer account in Xcode because it says it’s “disabled for security reasons”. The push notification service denies any requests I make to it. Back when the issue first began, I filled out that form and got a case number (20000057023991), with the promise that support would get back to me “in one to two business days”.
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Jessie Frazelle@jessfraz
What are the two command line tools you can't live without. Mine: awk & jq
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Jake Wharton@JakeWharton
After having a non-zero number of tabs open in Chrome on my phone for the last few years I finally reached Tab Zero. Decided to disable Chrome and installed Firefox Preview. Doing my ever-so-small part to rebalance the web away from Google. Next up: doing the same on desktop.
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I’m not a Christian anymore: a thread. After 40 years of being a devout follower, 20 of those being an evangelical pastor, I am walking away from faith. Even though this has been a massive bomb drop in my life, it has been decades in the making. 1/ #exvangelical
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Jake Wharton@JakeWharton
Been skimming ADS videos… Let's ban "What's New"-prefixed talks from future Android Dev Summits. In general, half of the talks feel like they're just enumerating features of library X or product Y like I/O has become. The other half seem good, but they're always the short ones.
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Joe Armstrong@joeerl
Migrating my Blog to the @TiddlyWiki First protype here… Now that it's working (somewhat) all future blogs will be in a @TiddlyWiki This will mean: - you can read them on an aircraft with no internet access - you can hopefully read them in 1000 years
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Joshua Topolsky@joshuatopolsky
1) I want to say something: @zpower is one of the best people I have ever worked with. I don’t understand the how or why of what happened.
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