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Colm MacCárthaigh@colmmacc
It's my ten year anniversary at AWS, I got a new badge and everything! To celebrate, I'm going to tweet out the lightning talk I gave at last week's Amazon dev con. It's all about my favorite thing from my ten years: Shuffle Sharding!
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Nathan Baschez@nbashaw
~ Ten Podcasting Predictions ~ (I briefly worked at Gimlet but have no inside information, am just a curious observer) Thread:
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Corey Quinn@QuinnyPig
While I appreciate AWS's support for the local development model, I can't shake the feeling that it's the wrong approach to Serverless development. Can we talk about that?
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Christopher Mims 🎆@mims
Google's R&D bill is now $24 billion annualized what the holy hell are they spending that on?
Google Runs Up Another Big Tab
Record research-and-development and capital-expenditure bills overshadowed strong growth in Alphabet’s core business.
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Kara Swisher@karaswisher
I am buying
Apple CEO Tim Cook might be futilely trying to sell something that nobody's buying. #Privacy @karaswisher
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Clue Heywood@ClueHeywood
Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house
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Tren Griffin@trengriffin
1/ The origin of what would be called Microsoft Excel [original code name Plan 2.0 and then Odyssey] can be traced to a retreat at the Red Lion hotel in Bellevue in October of 1983. Bill Gates, Jeff Raikes, Doug Klunder, Jabe Blumenthal, Pete Higgins and others were there.
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Dom DiFurio@DomDiFurio
The newsroom just got news that the Dallas Morning News is laying off 40 people amidst a “restructuring”. We’re told about half of those will be from the newsroom.
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Joe Armstrong@joeerl
Migrating my Blog to the @TiddlyWiki First protype here… Now that it's working (somewhat) all future blogs will be in a @TiddlyWiki This will mean: - you can read them on an aircraft with no internet access - you can hopefully read them in 1000 years
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Lucas Braga@LucasBraga
Atenção, pessoal: Office 365 Home (6 usuários) por R$99. Nessa Black Friday não teve nada de interessante, então aproveitem…
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Max Read@max_read
This week I wrote a column about the increasing, all-consuming fakeness of the internet
How Much of the Internet Is Fake?
Turns out, a lot of it, actually.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Yes. I understand why huge podcast companies want more listener data, but there are zero advantages for listeners or app-makers. I won’t be supporting any listener-behavior tracking specs in Overcast. Podcasters get enough data from your IP address when you download episodes.
+@marcoarment is the RAD thing NPR has announced the sort of thing you’ve said you don’t want in podcasting, ie. sneaky tracking stuff?
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Leland Richardson@intelligibabble
So the way I see it, there are three aspects to this problem. 1) Investment 2) Technology 3) Culture Gonna need more than 280 characters for this one… A thread:
Adrienne Porter Felt@__apf__
Switched from the Facebook app to the website. The web animations are disappointing. The app has pleasing, smooth animations; the website lacks some animations altogether, and in other places they're jittery. Are web animations a lot harder, or is it a matter of investment?
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Henrik Joreteg@HenrikJoreteg
It's dowright amazing how much you can fit into 100k min+gzipped if you start with a minimalist toolkit and you're conscious about size the whole time.
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Zach Leatherman@zachleat
If Edge goes under it’s crucial that support be given to the only remaining major web browser on Windows that won’t be based on Chromium: @firefox. Also: 😨
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Kelsey Hightower@kelseyhightower
After building my first custom Lambda runtime, it's safe to say AWS hit a home run, the Lambda Runtime API is a game changer.
AWS Lambda Now Supports Custom Runtimes, and Enables Sharing Common Code Between Functions
(no description)
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Joe Beda@jbeda
One of the interesting things about AWS Firecracker is that it is (one of?) the first OSS projects *originated* by AWS. It will be interesting to see how outside contributions and community are curated. Some comments after a 2 minute look at the repo/docs:
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Alex Russell@slightlylate
The JS community has done a lot to rubbish the value of HTML and CSS and it has not been a good thing for users or developers.
mechanical turkey@alicegoldfuss
This thread is giving me a lot of feels. I learned HTML/CSS so I could make simple fan sites and edit LiveJournal. It was incredibly fun. I was one of the only kids in my friends group doing it. By the time I reached college this wasn't "real programming."
Anil Dash 🥭 on Twitter
“Because the tech industry fought like hell to erect barriers against platforms like MySpace & Neopets that were letting underrepresented folks actually *make* the web instead of just consuming it.”
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Stephan Guyenet, PhD@whsource
Here are the absolute values in kilocalories, showing that our fat intake never declined in the US. Today, we eat similar amounts of fat and carbohydrate, whereas a century ago we ate nearly twice as much carbohydrate as fat.
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Mike Grella@MikeGrella
Memo to the genius leaking info about Crystal City, VA as #HQ2 selection. You’re not doing Crystal City, VA any favors. And stop treating the NDA you signed like a used napkin.
Amazon is reportedly in the advanced stages of naming Crystal City, Virginia as its 2nd headquarters: Washington Post
Amazon is in the advanced stages of placing its second headquarters in Northern Virginia, The Washington Post reported on Saturday.
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