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Kyle says "acab" 🏳️‍🌈@kyleve
One of the reasons I'm grateful for Swift and SwiftUI (and other similar frameworks) is that building UI without it is, frankly, untenable at the quality levels we have come to expect, especially as app complexity and surface area increases. It collapses in on itself. (1/16)
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Eduardo Castro@eduardo_ocastro
Estou procurando um apartamento e é assustador como Águas Claras é tentador para o jovem de classe média. Altos apartamentos topíssimos e com preços bem bons mas tem o grande problema que me faz preferir pagar o dobro em um apartamento de 30 anos no aviãozinho: Águas Claras.
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"Opinionated Much?" Podcast@jsv4
+@MiCocina_TexMex My wife, date night after 3+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas. We’ve asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal at Allen, TX location. We gotta quit blaming #COVID19 for crappy service.
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Steve Troughton-Smith@stroughtonsmith
What's everybody's favorite thing from today's WWDC sessions, or that they've found in the iOS/macOS betas since yesterday?
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Rogue Amoeba@RogueAmoeba
We’ve spoken out about problems with Apple's App Stores before. Public pressure has led to change. Now, the EU has opened antitrust investigations against Apple, while Basecamp is publicly fighting back against shakedown tactics from Apple. #AppStoreAntitrust (Tweet 1/10)
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Whoever at Apple wrote this — a few days before WWDC! — should never be allowed to communicate with developers again. Let’s be clear, Apple: in addition to the $100/year developer fees and any search ads we buy, we add value to your highly profitable hardware FAR beyond the 30%.
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Matthew Prince 🌥@eastdakota
There’s a lot of buzz right now about a “massive DDoS attack” targeting the US, complete with scary-looking graphs (see Tweet below). While it makes for a good headline in these already dramatic times, it’s not accurate. The reality is far more boring. 1/X
Jordan Daley@JDaIey
This DDoS attack is serious. It has taken down Instagram, Facebook, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Twitch.... 2020 is something else.
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Ligado em Série@ligadoemserie
Mais um dos ensinamentos dessa pandemia: a vida é curta demais pra perdermos com série ruim. Quais produções vocês já eliminaram da watchlist recentemente?
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fala negao fala dinho@feliperas
Vou vender o Echo Show 5. Não tenho mais a caixa e o único detalhe é na fonte (acabamento black piano risca de olhar). O Echo, no entanto, tá perfeito. Tela sem riscos, zero detalhes. R$400,00 + frete. Me ajuda aí com o RT eu tô desde 2008 nesse site sem pedir nada.
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Zack Bloom@zackbloom
PERSONAL NEWS! Today is my last day at @Cloudflare. When I joined in 2016 I never thought I would be here for almost four years. I’m leaving with affection for more than a hundred friends who never would have been in my life without this company.
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
Alguém aí tem uma cadeira Mymax Mx9? Tô pensando em comprar. Vale a pena?
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Jason Grinblat@ptychomancer
I love maps & their promise of fractal discovery. I love procedural generation and the aesthetics of the unauthored. Where do these two loves intersect? Generated maps. I am the procgen map admirer. These are my favorite map generators and the folks who create them. 👇THREAD👇
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Jake Wharton@JakeWharton
I removed Google Analytics from my website a week ago. Still can't find a static-site host with server-side analytics with decent retention but in the mean time there's no reason to send your data to Google. Hopefully you all were blocking it anyway. Next up: Google Fonts.
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Stephen Colebourne@jodastephen
I do wonder if the best thing for Java's long term health would be to remove the Java module system from application code (keeping it for the JDK). Its been a huge time sink for me with absolutely no benefits. Any thoughts?
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Shihab (JPEGuin)@JPEGuin
A lot of App Store users assume that indie devs make a lot of money, and whilst this may be true for many, it isn’t a fact for most. For instance, I’ve made roughly £25 across this past month. I think indie developers need to be transparent where possible.
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Steve Troughton-Smith@stroughtonsmith
❓ Got any neat iOS/macOS projects you're working on coming into WWDC 2020? I'd love to retweet some screenshots
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Caio Corraini 🌊@CaioCorraini
Chegou um pacotinho aqui em casa
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Eduardo Castro@eduardo_ocastro
Troquei uma Herman Miller por uma cadeira gamer, espero não me arrepender porque vão ser uns bons anos até pisar nos EUA de novo para poder comprar outra 😅
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Dan Luu@danluu
Where does engineering rep come from? Here's a Google engineer slagging on Amazon engineering, which they say mediocre. I don't think this is an unusual opinion, I've heard this from people both inside and outside of Google. Google has the best engineering, Amazon is mediocre.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Fuck Spotify, and fuck any “podcast” that’s only playable in one app.
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