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It’s interesting, though not surprising, that every time I do press interviews these days, I’m being set up to bag on Twitter and social media generally.
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Caio Corraini 🌊@CaioCorraini
quem são essas pessoas que o datafolha entrevistou pra traçar o perfil do "gamer brasileiro" wtf
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Tiveram alguns problemas mas não aceito vocês defendendo que a Dany é um anjo e "do nada" ficou louca, faz tempo que ela toma decisões estúpidas, tá obcecada na cadeira de ferro e a mínima ameaça do Jon tirar isso dela com o poder do protagonismo é suficiente pra ela surtar sim
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
Thread: O episódio de ontem de Game of Thrones foi muito divisivo mas é louco a quantidade de conversas e discussões que essa série gera. Temos mais um domingo disso e depois acabou. Não sei se vai surgir outra que faça todo mundo parar e acompanhar junto.
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
O que jusificaria ela se voltar contra os Starks e decidir ATACAR como ela fez. Até ali o episódio tava certinho. Mas inocentes? Depois que eles se rendem? No way
Thiago Barros@ThiAGoMGBR
Mas mostrou, ninguem do lado dela, a melhor amiga morrendo, 2 dragões morrendo, deu tudo errado pra ela
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
De ontem pra hoje, surgiu TANTA gente que SEMPRE soube que a Daenerys ia chegar nesse ponto. Onde vocês estavam nos últimos 8 anos?
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
Spoilers a seguir: Gente eu tb não acho que a Daenerys foi a personagem mais equilibrada na série até hoje e acho que tavam fazendo um bom trabalho com a transformação dela numa eventual antagonista. Meu problema não é nem o QUE ela fez, mas eles pularam uns 4 níveis de loucura.
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So @Octav1usKitten went to the Prague Technology Museum and they've got this beauty there and my god, it's amazing. This is a Monotype machine! Look how many keys it has! Who needs a shift key (or other modifiers) when you can just have FOUR SEPARATE ALPHABETICAL KEYBOARDS?
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Heitor De Paola@zitosilva
Esse episódio de #GameofThrones realizou uma incrível proeza de me fazer não sentir absolutamente nada com o encerramento de diversos personagens que eu adorei por anos. Zero. Foi um episódio completamente vazio de qualquer emoção.
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Guilherme "Ghost" Jacobs@GhostJacobs
É, a série acabou de decidir quem vai ser a inimiga final dos Starks #GameOfThrones
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mallory, alice & bob@stommepoes
Does anyone know if there's anything resembling a standard for keyboarding around editable fields? The kind you can't tab out of because your tab is stolen by the app to create a tab character? Thanks
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Chris Banes@chrisbanes
If you're wondering how navigation drawers work with gestural navigation, it looks like this. 👇 Apps need to update to DrawerLayout 1.1.0-alpha01 (out this week). You can try this yourself in the #io19 Android app in Q Beta 3
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
If you’ve wondered why Microsoft made the VS Code editor, note how many lines go from “First” to “OSX” [sic] to “Visual Studio Code”. Macs OWNED web development for a decade. But when Apple lost years alienating and neglecting pros, Microsoft had their foot on the gas.
Bryan Liston@listonb
Super stoked with how this turned out
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Daring Fireball@daringfireball
Android Q First Look:
Android Q First Look
Link to:
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I’m not a Christian anymore: a thread. After 40 years of being a devout follower, 20 of those being an evangelical pastor, I am walking away from faith. Even though this has been a massive bomb drop in my life, it has been decades in the making. 1/ #exvangelical
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NPR Help@nprhelp
UPDATE: Earlier today, we made a change to our web server caching configuration that resulted in the same RSS feed being served for all NPR RSS URLs. This caused podcast apps to act as if all of our podcasts had changed their titles and added hundreds of new episodes.
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Everything about Luminary rubs me the wrong way. But I don’t think any publisher should tell an app not to include their shows if it’s displaying the contents of public RSS feeds and downloading audio directly. It’s like a website asking a certain web browser to block them.
Dieter Bohn@backlon
Read this piece by @ashleyrcarman. You might think it’s about the launch of a buzzy, controversial podcast app, but what it’s actually about are the impending PODCAST WARS. They’re coming.
Podcast wars: $100 million startup Luminary launches Tuesday without Reply All or The Daily
The subscription podcast service launches tomorrow, but some major content is missing.
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W Bradford Wilcox@WilcoxNMP
Whoa: TV consumption, by Income. HT @CharlesFLehman
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It's that time again. Sitting in the room with the entire Lambda PM + DA team talking about 2020. What do YOU want AWS to build? #serverless #awsLambda
I am literally sitting in a room with the rest of the Lambda PM team planning 2019. What do YOU want us to build? #serverless #awslambda
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Mikeal Rogers@mikeal
What tools do people use for working with binary in JS across Node.js and the browser that avoids a full Buffer polyfill in the browser? I have not found a good solution yet.
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