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Donn Felker@donnfelker
I'm not convinced that Android multi-module projects are the way to go anymore. I'm finding gradle indexing, building and rebuilding is taking up the majority of my day now. It feels like I'm barely coding anymore and just waiting for the tools to catch up.
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Alex Russell@slightlylate
The problem is that nobody really does "mobile-first". ~everybody designs/builds on desktop, and few know about or use chrome://inspect as they core of their workflow:…
Jeremy Keith@adactio
Mobile-first responsive design works. The alternative is far worse—separate code bases; separate m. sites? Never again!
October 4th, 2019, 3:34pm
Mobile-first responsive design works. The alternative is far worse—separate code bases; separate m. sites? Never again!
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John Sundell@johnsundell
It’s time to go on a deep dive into SwiftUI! 😀 I’m super happy to announce that my next guest on the @swiftbysundell podcast will be @joshshaffer — engineering director with the UIKit and SwiftUI team at Apple! 🍎🎉 What questions would you like me to ask Josh? Reply below 👍
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Alex Russell@slightlylate
The JS community is in pretty deep denial today. CPUs won't get faster soon enough to keep the current levels of JS emissions from totally suffocating the mobile web, at which point we'll be the next generation of Cobol programmers -- essential, but not the future.
Jeremy Wagner@malchata
The JS-as-CO2 comparison is tragically appropriate.
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Arvind Narayanan@random_walker
When we watch TV, our TVs watch us back and track our habits. This practice has exploded recently since it hasn’t faced much public scrutiny. But in the last few days, not one but *three* papers have dropped that uncover the extent of tracking on TVs. Let me tell you about them.
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Alex Russell@slightlylate
Asked an entire room full of webdevs yesterday if any of them knew that FF/Chrome/Opera/Brave/etc. for iOS weren't allowed to compete on engine quality. Zero hands up.
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Steve Troughton-Smith@stroughtonsmith
iOS 13 has felt like a super-messy release, something we haven't seen this bad since iOS 8 or so. Definitely needs a lengthy period of consolidation and bug fixing; Apple's adding more and more flakey layers between HW and UI, and many subsystems need much more battle-hardening
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Clue Heywood@ClueHeywood
Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house
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Rob Russell@www_ora_tion_ca
This is wildly disingenuous, I speak as a flight instructor and major IT incident investigator. Modern software authors have the professional discipline of a cute puppy in comparison to aviation practitioners.
Alex Stamos@alexstamos
I agree with Chris. This is the kind of thinking that leads to "Why can't we just have building codes for software? It worked to protect against earthquakes and fire!" Earthquakes and fire aren't conscious adversaries. Try writing a standards document on how to win at chess.
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Anil Dash@anildash
So @sama has articulated the way many guys in Silicon Valley feel about "free speech". It's not a very sophisticated or informed view, but it's pretty common and he's influential, so it's worth identifying why it's dangerous and wrong.
E Pur Si Muove
Earlier this year, I noticed something in China that really surprised me.  I realized I felt more comfortable discussing controversial ideas in Beijing than in San Francisco.  I didn’t feel...
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my favorite trend is capitalists trying to describe socialism but just describing capitalism again “you don’t get the full value of your wages, it’s given to people who didn’t work for it” “there’s no individual choice, you’re just forced to work for a powerful elite group”
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Marco Arment@marcoarment
Getting tons of reports that Overcast is crashing or getting killed in the background after about 30 seconds of playback on iOS 12.4. Any other iOS devs hitting problems like this? Any ideas? It seems to have resulted from 12.4 itself, not any changes to my code in that time.
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needlessly obscenity-laced@randileeharper
i'm about to do a thread about tech stuff and im drinking coffee while trying to figure out how to say the things i wanna say without dunking too hard on a piece of software way too many of y'all love (and by extension, dunking on y'all).
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Shooting at Walmart in Baton Rouge. 2 store patrons get into an argument. Both brandish weapons but the person shot was a bystander and not a part of the argument. Sure glad the good guys with the guns were there to help. WTF.
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Daniel Vassallo@dvassallo
This is how I use the good parts of @awscloud, while filtering out all the distracting hype. 👇 1/25
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Leland Richardson@intelligibabble
Anyone have any good podcasts to recommend? Both software related and not Also if anyone has any podcast app recommendations for android, let me know!
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Ethan Marcotte@beep
the one thing i’ll say about the new twitter website is that the code’s filled with a bunch of (i assume) machine-generated classes, which makes it much, much harder to customize or hide parts of the UI with browser extensions
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Jason Grinblat@ptychomancer
I love maps & their promise of fractal discovery. I love procedural generation and the aesthetics of the unauthored. Where do these two loves intersect? Generated maps. I am the procgen map admirer. These are my favorite map generators and the folks who create them. 👇THREAD👇
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Quer enganar quem, @SamsungBrasil?
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Avery Trufelman@trufelman
I want a podcast app that functions like a radio dial. So you can fish around and scan through programs and discover podcasts by listening to their *actual audio* rather than judging them by name and host and art. Someone please take this idea.
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