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At minimum, we now have a pattern: Trump campaign associates (and family members) seeking a Russian election assist via dirt on Clinton.
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Donald Jr. - with not the brightest statement I've seen, if your goal is exculpation - basically admitted as much.
The Occam's Razor explanation for Russiagate now seems clear: the Trump camp were looking for a way to win an unlikely election.
And since they're not politicos, they turned to their contacts from shady Russian businessworld, who helpfully offered an assist.
They figured, hey, these people help make us money, why not let them help us dig up dirt on Hilary?
If I'm a Russian intelligence agency, I'm thinking GOLDMINE - a bunch of people too ignorant and overeager to say no to help offers.
Some sought policy trades for help (sanctions, Magnitsky Act); some sought loan help, some thought they'd find the 33,000 "missing" emails!
Either way, they didn't have to know thing one about the origin of the hacks. They just knew their shady Russian friends could "help."
And so we get Watergate 2.0 but with Russian plumbers; complete w/ the same shady satellite player Roger Stone (+ his biz partner Manafort).
I've long said: these people aren't sophisticated. They're not 007. They literally reran the Watergate playbook: win dirty if you have to.
Dada wants to be president. He's pounding the table demanding the White House to show all the haters. Get it for him by any means necessary.
All the sycophants were in a footrace to give the emperor his fine clothes. Peter W. Smith, Jared, Jr., Manafort, who'd just taken over...
... and of course Mike Flynn, who also stood to gain his own form of revenge via power even greater than the DIA that turfed him out.
But in the course of this shabby slog to power, these people (again not rocket scientists), made mistakes, lied on security forms...
...and got a once respected political party to back up their 2 outrageous alibis: that Russian interference didn't happen or doesn't matter.
Russia did what they did. It's quite likely they've tried it before. But how could they ever imagine they'd have so many willing helpers?
Easy. Because these same people, with their lives of greed and need, have grubbed for money with Russian apparatchiks and oligarchs before.
What Russiagate winds up being at its shoddy, grubby core is the answer to the question: how do you win an election w/o your party's help?
How do you win when the data says you can't, and most Americans loathe you and your party officialdom are only going along out of cowardice?
How do you win without A-list consultants and advisers, because none will touch you? How do you win with a team of bloggers and trolls?
You use the Roger Stone rules: you do whatever grimy, slimy thing you can think of to win. If shady Russian biz is your thing? Go for it.
In the end, Russiagate is going to be a spy novel only in the sense that Russian intelligence won the biggest craps game of all time.
They won the White House, a bunch of useful idiots/agents of influence, got a look inside the Oval & dishonored an American political party.
And all they had to do was promise to help them get Her. //
It's so Keystone Cops, I can see why the Obama administration presumed it wouldn't work. What they (and the Clinton campaign missed)...
...was that after 30+ years of toxic messaging, a media that dined out on every email leak thinking THAT was where the next Watergate was...
an entire campaign where she was cast as a criminal (including unfounded hints that her foundation was crooked) and an environment in which
the people most open to the negative messaging also were looking for an anti-Wall Street, populist message the campaign didn't deliver...
that the grimy campaign's (and the Russians') underlying messaging strategy would work just enough for Trump to sneak over home plate.
And so here we are, just waiting for the ending, however messy that may be.
Words in future that will mean treason: Republican, Trump, MAGA
that was no rant. that was a schooling. Thank you.
God I love this. So much this. Puts my impotent anger into words. Thank you
It was a good one (rant)
Keep going! This is FIRE. Write a whole damn book!
So is trump and Sean Hannity already blaming Obama for the meeting?????????---
It was a beauty!
They WERE #KeystoneSPIES but the election was *lost* in a death of 1000 cuts. Sanders got in quite a few slashes post-viability. @JoyAnnReid
Altho Bernie was superficially above the fray, his wife & campaign leadership (incl MANAFORT PARTNER Devine) amplified Trump's "crooked" TP.
Well, he said she wasn't qualified.
And this is all true too. Sanders is another one I don't forget, I don't forgive. I saw what you did.
The presumption of innocence that *some* people enjoy in our country is unfathomable to me as a Black woman & witness to Obama's two terms.
And Clinton approved questionable sales of uranium to the big bad Russia and her Foundation received payments thereafter. But let's ignore!
Something like 14 agencies signed off on that sale and the Clinton's didn't profit from the non-profit Clinton foundation...
The DJT foundation on the other hand was investigated by the NY attorney general for a slew of irregularities including it being used...
As a DJT slush fund. So try a different talking point troll.
The guy you're responding to is either a bot or a troll. "He" has posts supporting KKK. I advise you report & block
War crimes are what makes America great
Russia why u make HRC approve weapons deals to saudi Arabia ! Why !?!
In film our brand is crisis, S Bullock plays Devine. She sounds exactly like Bernard.
Really? To me Sandra sounded normal. Bernie sounds like a Boston asylum escapee faking a New York accent while also taking a dump.
This is such bullshit. Clinton had lots of money, SuperPACs, media, and Dem establishment dragging Bernie the whole year.
Quite possibly the best rant I've ever read. [INSERT TWITTER PULITZER]
Hey, someone's got to speak up! Good for you!
Thank you Joy, we appreciate every word.
❤️❤️❤️❤️love that rant!
Sometimes you just need to dig a new a-hole for folks. Great job on the rant!
Truth bombs need delivered before real ones are, keep up the good work and thanks
Magnificent rant. Don't change, please.
And your "rant" is why I never miss your show. There's nothing like a truthful rant, you know!
Remember what we say in screenwriting about screen plays and life: The beginning hints at the end. So it will be w/Trump
Not a rant, Joy, but much needed and equally appreciated threading of events after current admin tells us nothing to see here.
👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo!
Me in the corner....
And sadly in name of party they will stay quiet
Thanks for the tweets :). Do you know when Mr Mueller is experted to conclude his work as a SP? Has a approx timeline been given ?
Great rant! 🖒
Nailed it- I love you Joy Reid!
Brilliant rant. Thanks
Breathe! But WTF!! Can't decide what's worse *45 in Oval or that I don't believe he will ever be impeached?
Time For Republicans In Congress To Admitt They Can't Win unless They Freaking Cheat! This Makes America Weak TRUMP Makes America Weak
Sorry... we're you saying something ?
Sums up the collusion narrative perfectly, with crooks and liars and traitors and complicit-agents tied up with ball and chains!
Best rant I've ever read ! And every bit of it true !
You are absolutely correct.
LOVE your rants. Reading it to my hubby, he doesn't do Twitter. But he loves me reading you to him. :-)
... damn - Dr. Joy is on a tear!
... it was all I could do to scroll that fast!
Go girl. You are just getting started. What I keep telling the best thing about me (wife) is it took them making Defense Marriage their
Hill to die on in 2004 to give us marriage equality in 2015. They forced us to choose between their hate and our love. It is happening
Again. Their hate for women and minority rights will force us to choose once again, they will lose because the youth see women and minority
Rights as critical and just. BTW how do you feel about 45's pushing daughter to be the antidote for Michelle's popularity? Mona Lisa vs ??
Nice rant. But naive at its core assumption. Instead, start from this simple q: why did Mueller's investigation switch from CE to CRIMINAL?
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻Agreed. Naive AF
Thank you Joy. Very insightful.
Excellent Rant - had to be written, like yesterday's rant by @ericgarland. Thank you!
I sure wish you'd put that in a blog or essay that could be shared far and wide easier than Twitter makes it. Bravo, Joy!
I wonder if Russians are smarter. Convinced Trump to run after kompromat with Russian mafia. During campaign he relied on Russia for help.
Kremlin may have plotted Trump's presidency. He had been apolitical until he got involved with Russians. KGB knew they had him.
Please address how all of this neatly dovetails with Citizen's United's flood of extreme conservative dark money & financing of vote supp.
The one part of the pattern you forgot to mention Joy... THEY LIE ALL THE DAMN TIME.
Thank you Ma'am.... Please continue....
But a good rant it was. 😀
The question that I want answered is what Bernie Sanders' campaign connection is in all of this. Manafort and Tad Devine both worked with
Yanukovych. Manafort ended up on Trump's campaign while Devine ended up with Sanders' campaign. Like Trump we never saw Sanders' full taxes.
We never saw his complete financial disclosure. We never found out where his $10 million dollar donation came from. Sanders also benefited
from the Russian intervention as well. Most recently, he was one of two Senators to vote against the Russian sanctions bill and he continues
to use "active measure" tactics on the Dem party. The question about what the connection is deserves an answer.
I was gonna ask where Devine fits in too.
We also don't know how much Jill Stein plays into this. She was prob used 2draw votes from Clinton, lesser than Sanders who can vote policy.
That's what Russia did in France: backed the far right and the far left candidates. Not much has been done to research the Stein angle here.
Yes, I remember either Clint Watts or Malcolm Nance saying this was a Russian tactic.
Questions: Where's the proof on all this? Do you have the audio? Video? How about a paper document verifying your claims?
Not sure why I am bothering to engage, but if you would like proof of my claims, a google search will show you proof. Have a good night.
Ohhhhh. Telling me to go to goggle? How original of you to cut out any chance of an actual debate over your claims.
She means legit sources w/ journalistic cred (maybe Pulitzers will help). Read several >Not Hannity, Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, Examiner, etc.
More like hysteria and hearsay. We still don't have all the intelligence on Russia's meddling in our elections.
The four national intelligence agencies have stated publicly that they are sure that Russia has interfered with our elections.
There are still ongoing investigations in the what, how, and who was influencing our voters to vote for a certain candidate.
Russia may be the main player in all of this,but we do not any substantial evidence to corroborate that claim.
I want the facts to shed light on the allegations against Russia. Putin may favor Trump publicly,but there needs to be a real connection.
This is what is troubling about you Berners. You refuse that Russia had anything to do with the elections because it allows you to hold on
to what Bernie Sanders has sold you on. This is why I prefaced my comment by saying I don't know why I am bothering to engage. There is no
reasoning with any of you guys. Every time someone tries to, the response is to insult people & frankly I'm over it. Good Night.
Does it look like I'm insulting you? No. I'm trying to engage with you because you put out a blanket statement against the man I supported.
I am not blind to the dangers in the real world. Russia is a not a good country to be at because of Putin.
Russia used to be a democracy after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A man like Putin hated that. Russia isn't free under Putin leadership.
I do not want to go to another World War because we have an vendetta against a country for no real reason.
The Iraq War is a prime example why we went in for the all the wrong reasons.
Save it Kiko. She and the rest of the deluded crowd are too far gone down the rabbit hole. Hate consumes reason. Show proof and I'll buy it.
I don't refuse lady. I read the news daily. I trust my intelligence agencies to gather the important information to level against Russia.
No one in FBI has ever examined the DNC server? It's like investigating a murder and no one dies an autopsy of the body.
You use obvious Russian tactics of a troll. Good try, but get lost. You are same as Putin telling the U.S. 2provide proof, 2get more intel 🙄
Calling me a Russian troll? I'm a liberal American who can provide proof of a birth certificate. Try harder lady.
Not one iota. Apparently they think a 10 min meeting w/a Russian lawyer is the Mecca. Delusional.
Nance is a joke. So the yarn ur spinning is the political left/right conspired w/RU to keep Clinton from WH. Fascinating but so delusional.
I've seen it. Bernouts are rife with Putinists and Kremlin trolls.
Great thread Joy 😃✌
The CIA is the worst are interfering with elections. Didn't Clinton say we gotta make sure our guy gets elected?
I do know that if all the Stein voters in the 'blue wall', (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin) had voted Clinton, she'd be in the WH now.
That is so true. In my state PA, along with MI, WI, the # of people that voted for Jill Stein was more than the margin Clinton lost by.
Yes, having those 3 states would have put her at 273.
Excellent points. I'm now following you, smarty pants! :)
How did Sanders benefit from Russian intervention? He was colluding with Russia to lose the primary? Weird...
We may never know how many MiL$ was funneled2 trump frm oligarchs, Koch Bros, Devos, Mercers etc... won't show up on his disclosure forms.
I have been asking this question too. Thanks for putting it out there succinctly. I really think that Bernie is part of the plot
And an amazing opportunity for an intelligent, way-above-average President (who happened to be female) stolen. It hurts so much.
Nice rant 👍👍👍
Have a laugh, Joy. Their massive, ignorant egos will be their final undoing. Just pray for our beloved country
btw.. brilliant, informed editorial - not a rant, imo 👍👍👍
Love you and your great mind so much, Joy--you bring tears to my eyes. You just said it all.
Great theory. Thanks
You're absolutely correct. But you skipped the vote cheating by gop
But why? You're on a roll😊
I wonder if they still have moments (like I do) where they see these ppl attempting to govern & think: Holy Shit! This is really happening.
Well u just ranted for millions of us! Totally agree with all your tweets! Thank you Joy!!
Thank you, Joy! You said that so much better than I ever could. I get so mad, my words tumble out almost incoherent!
Thanks Joy! I missed you this weekend although Jonathan did just fine.
Um...That was epic. 🍷But - the promises to make Christian-right policies come true, is why we won't easily or quickly shake this mess off.
This is a must read thread by amazing @JoyAnnReid
Voter suppression too. Time will bear fruit in swing state voting.
BRAVA!!! This whole thread needs to be read on air - a voice over with corresponding footage and music!
There was more than this, Joy, incl Giuiliani's giggling on Fox 2 days be4 Comey ltr; "Trumpland"; Manafort having Trump go to MI, WI; etc
Wow... just YES and wow 😳
A lot of assumptions in this thread hope it pans out for you
Wow Joy. You just made sense of a lot that's going on. The dots are connecting and it is not going to go well for any trump or their circle
Did you overlook vote fraud?
Thank you. I rant yes but not as fast as you, Joy, type.
Thanks, I needed that!
Keep trying to start a WW3 with Russia with you fake conspiracy theories. Also chill out, nobody from Wikileaks is stalking your fat chin.
Thank you. 👊 Now, if only someone could give Joy's tweet-storm to the @GOP, because they don't seem to be up to speed yet. Or?
Very astute of you to point out the nuances of our dilemma. Hopefully Mueller will bring all down to their demise. Sooner vs later.
This is what I was so looking forward to this weekend! You were sorely missed! Looking forward to next weekend!
You tell it like it is and I am your fan.
So @realDonaldTrump & Co. will be brought down by greed, lust for power & adulation & stupidity. Maybe stupidly should be first.
Thank you Joy. You tell it like you see it. You are wonderful.
The entire supposed rant only proves that @JoyAnnReid is a Russian Spy who conspired to defeat the ppl of US to give us HRC/Trump! @KooklaG
Dang girl!!! Love it. When will a GOP member step up and speak out. If they were to do that, it might actually save their reelection bid?
Rant on Joy, cause you know it's true. Keep on and thx!
Is there a place where this is written in one piece? Needs sharing. Also, what about GOP base that feels more allegiance to Russia than USA?
Well done!
Damn, woman. You say "rant", I say... Daaaayuuuummm
This is what you do on your day off! Wow - great summation. I hope Mueller is acting fast. Want that guy out of our White House.
Please, please, please put this together into a released article! This is language that the Middle can understand!
It was very enlightening. Thank you.
That wasn't a rant, Joy. It was a cogent explanation of the facts of this disgraceful and tawdry election. Proof America was duped.
Wow @amjoyshow, that rant was awesome! Hope you feel better, I sure do. Thx! Cc @HillaryClinton you really should read this 💥💥💥
Thank you so much, I needed to "hear" this outside of my head.
Joy, your ability to analyze the current political climate is so amazing and so accurate.
This is probably the best summation of this whole mess I've read.
Reid's rant is *far* too generous on many, many points, but time will bear that out. She's not wrong on the fundamentals.
brilliant, as ever, Joy
Your rants are magnificent
Excellent analysis of how we got fucked
So, to coin a phrase, "Lock 'em up!"
A fine precise and frightening rant
You rant all you want !! This whole thing is insane !
I was on the edge of my seat and not for nothing I knew this already. Bravo
I still think they played around with the vote tallies.
I missed you on TV today but this kinda made up for it, thanks!
You got BROKE
Thanks for the mental breakdown. It was entertaining to say the least.
What makes you think anyone cares what you think? You lost me after your first two hateful tweets.
Folks this is what a meltdown looks like...
You forgot to mention roster hacking, Crosscheck, McConnell, and purging voters with the help of Russia. But nice summary
and you will never convince me that Pence was completely innocence in the cover up.
read this thread and follow Joy
Just tell me how this ends...
Thank you! 💞💞💞
Omg deal breaker!! Give it 2 days babe the story will be washed away like th other attempts. Keep pushing collusion though you look nuts
I love you. 😍
Great rant! I'm exhausted, how about you?
Not just messy quite damaging
Another reminder that Russia admitted it last December.
Kremlin`s response to @BarackObama `s expulsions: Winston Churchill: in victory magnanimity.
It was a win-win. Trump would do anything not to be a loser, lose to a woman & stick it to Obama. Its always been abt money & ego. Shallow.
The guys is a business minded vulture. Not a leader of human ethics.😥
Wow Joy!!!! Deep. Thank u for sharing
Girl..your "rant" (brilliant thread) just gave me life. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I'm literally sitting here joy Ann!! Very well stated!!!
Keep it up that's the rant I've been hoping for from more journalists. Keep it up
Hahahahha. I liked your rant. More more more.... maybe tomorrow.
That rant has to be one of the most relevant and correct rants I've seen. Very well laid out.
I certainly hope those in the position to actually do something with this act upon it quickly & save this democracy while we still have one
... thanks Joy. It was grand. You are the best.
JoyAnn, you lit that thing UP!!!
All politicians were for sale after Citizens United. Not that hard to see how the GOP got bought off.
Epic, Joy, & I second everything you say & add one more word: misogyny. That, too, was underestimated and helped feed that Russian machine.
Wow! Rant well done!! No blanks to fill in. Read and RT
Outstanding analysis!
Perfectly stated, as always. Thank you, Joy!!!!
Nobody sums things up as well as @JoyAnnReid
2 people who also needs to be looked at 1. Rudi Giuliani and 2. James Comey. There is a link between those 2 as well to all of this.
My god I thought that would never end. You and the rest of the left love this Russia thing but won't admit you just had a shitty candidate.
You're on fire, Joy! I bet Mueller"s conclusions will be extremely similar to yours.
That's not a rant. Rant is what we should do by protest in the streets for removal of trump, WH advisors & GOP complicit in this treason.
I wish you'd keep going, because I LOVE IT!!!!
In the meantime, Russians collected kompromat the whole time. I think that's the kicker.
jesus fuck, did you take some adderal with your IPA?
And it only worked because Republicans have been purging voter roles and disenfranchising people everywhere they can, perfect storm really.
And bc enough liberal and younger voters were open to a message encouraging their disdain for Clinton (whose campaign also made mistakes).
I agree the Clinton campaign made mistakes, the biggest being their choice of candidate, right Joy?
oh........ and you DIDN'T assume she would win???? exactly. Therefor you thought it would be SAFE to foam-at-the-mouth rant against her.
Indeed, but none of Clinton's missteps should have been egregious enough for a Trump win. Voter suppression is as big a piece as collusion.
I'm still dubious of that mathematically improbable margin, in just the right states. That no one checked those machines makes me more so.
Same. Too coincidental.
Don't discount apathy among some voters who weren't suppressed.
The Russians had used "firehose of falsehood" on Georgians, in Crimea, etc. The Trumpsters with alot of help created an emotional contagion.
Yet the campaign which wasn't much of a campaign, won. Go figure.
And bc Bernard Sanders' ego got out of control
waddaymean .... 'got' ? Still IS out of control.
How was "338 times worse" determined? (curious about the metric)
Sorry!!! should've been 339... of course ;)
The chief effects of agitprop are to suppress voter turnout and create distrust of institutions.
I still firmly believe that vote tampering will come out in the end
Wow! Thank you for this!
You go, girl. Be aware: Putin's goal is to end the West, liberal democracy and rule of law. Trump is merely a means to that end.
That was a rant on steroids by a crackhead. 😂😂😂😂
Damn Joy! Thank you!
love your rants. Speaking /typing common sense & proper outrage! Amen to each of those!
Whew! Glad you took a breath! But boy oh boy are you correct with all of it! Read it all, thank you
This thread @JoyAnnReid 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
When u win like Trump, u don't respect the office or the institutions that support our democracy. This nightmare's a long way from over.
We must give Bernard Sanders his rightful place here, credit where credit's due.
You are the absolute best! Thank you!
Joy if you keep this up I am going to propose marriage 💚💙💚💙 even though I am no lesbian. Please start your book now so when this breaks....
All I have left to say to all this is I love you Joy !! (and loved your thread/rant)
Great rant! Thank you.
That was the best thread I've ever read.
Rant=worthwhile and sadly too true.
You nailed it Joy. Now we need to nail these treasonous bastards to the cross before they completely destroy this country.
It was a truly glorious rant!
Bad enough we're dealing with this Trump/Russia scandal. What's particularly frustrating but not surprising is spinless enabling GOP.
It's going to be one of the messiest chapters this country has ever seen.
Let's just all agree right now not to kick this one into the weeds like we did with the banksters.
It's already a messy chapter
And it hasn't even been a year yet...
Blood bath tsunami
Please, let it involve perp walks.
Shouldn't we be fighting 4 the ending we want????
messy and very serious. We need to ask ourselves hard questions. And most importantly Repeal and Replace....
No repeal and no replace, don't try to fix something that is not broken.
repeal and replace the President that is...I should have been more specific..haha.
U will see his term end in 24'. Then u will get another shot. But we still wont allow liberals to take the WH. Ever again. !!!!
could have easily won a third term. Trumpito's term ends in 2020.
Keep dreaming fool. Take a good look at all the special elections u just lost. Lol thats your future. We will never let liberals in again.
Obama was the biggest jobs killing Pres of all times. Are u people blind and stupid?
What is the meaning of the Trump 'limited hang out' strategy? The Dems made me do it??
It will be messy, but I hope it comes soon, before they can do any more damage to the country and it's people.
Tick, tick, tick. It can't come soon enough!
Ending? We have to wait for the prequel first, and then the sequel, as your kids would tell you... Yes they would!
After the chads and hopes of a recount I expect anticlimax.
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, this is not going to end unless @GOP Congress decide to take action, and that does NOT look likely!
It has to be messy to clean up that much garbage. 🇺🇸
And it is going to be messy. WAY too many Trumpers on board 💯% and unwilling to accept any evidence of collusion/skullduggery.
3.5 years to go 😒
You are a hack. You sound and act like a fool. It's gonna be8 years of DJT so get used to it. I hope you get canned long before that #MAGA
Don't plan the party yet. The finish line is still miles away. And the replacements are equally tainted and corrupt.
The suspense! This is like a slow-drip intravenous infusion. We just have to patiently wait for the rest to come out, and it will!
My last and only hope is that he is so self destructive he may very well deliver himself up to the gallows and hung for treason.
What if a full investigation is done, the results are not made public and no further action is taken?
End? This may just be the beginning.
Are we there yet? I'm gonna ask every 5 minutes or can take it Joy, you've got kids!
Let's hope this comes to an end. Seriously can't take much more! Surreal we are living this nightmare.
So Ivana Trump is working on a complete prison clothing line with Trump name on it-Donald Trump can wear it from oval office to penitentiary
I would like to bid for the clean up contract. Hiring might tackle the planet's employment disfunction
Patience is very difficult when watching our country crumble under this dangerous administration. But, we must press on.
I'm still trying to figure out what we do when we oust this corrupt traitorous admin...who is in charge? We cannot allow leadership to stay
I just hope there is an ending ... 😔
Great thread!!! Thanks Joy.
The ending may be messy and oftentimes Justice is messy but it serves its purpose. We need Justice for the criminal act on American soil
This seems so obvious now. What is the wait?
COME ON SOMEBODY! {starts the praise dance}
They voted for him not that they cared. They wanted him to get the bills passed. Money was/is his motive.Republicans he doesn't care PUTIN
And all you rich people in power thinking that the tax cut is going to be so beneficial who is going to control you your money. Trump is
Worst thing that has ever ventured into the White House. They Ambushed and stole illegally Hillarys name now she will get the last laugh
Guy walking around that cherishes and adore and worship Putin and Hitler. He doesn't even try to hide his disdain for the American people
And meanwhile, he has engaged and brainwashed an entire group of people with no clear way of showing them how they were played- sad.
I stay prayed up for the world not just my family!! We all need to pray to God @realDonaldTrump get impeached then departed to Russia
It isn't going to be pretty and it'll take years even decades to repair the damage done
Is your boss. Answer the Putin and don't think that if any of us are alive you will be elected next time. It will not happen.#yallvotedhimin
Couldn't be soon enough
Preach Joy! GOP leaders sold their souls 2 T! They'll 4ever have 2 live w/ that. 1 day, they'll wake up & B ashamed that they sold us out 2.
Great thread! Maybe no ending with Trump in power and wimpy congress failing to act. Chris Uhlmann: "fast-forward on the decline of the US."
I'm trying not to get my hopes up. My fears for the future of out country overwhelming. On one hand we have tr💩🍊p the criminal. On the
other we have a political party seemingly with a primary goal of enriching the already wealthy at the expense of 98% of the other citizens
I pray that all the things that have happened will be exposed and the guys who have taken advantage of our country's laws will be unelected
Dont you mean arrested
Throw in some voter suppression and throw away votes to Stein and Oleppo Huh and voila: Chump wins!!!!
How long must we wait?
"to-morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. And then one fine morning -- So we beat on, boats against the current..."
I also await the last breath of #fakenews.
This is the beginning. Pupu will try stuff, election machines must be cleaned, monitored
And wondering if the GOP can jump off the Trump crazy train before it derails. I don't care but I do wonder...
No matter how messy it gets we will recover when ALL of them gone even if it's actually ALL of them
Great thread, Joy. Is it crazy to think GOP may get away w/this? Adds more fear for 2018 & 2020
We've a long way to go yet before the ending, whatever that proves to be.
A very long road ahead. My mind is still so boggled that so many people fell for such an obvious conman.
And once committed continue to defend him, giving him carte blanche forever. These are not responsible citizens and deserve only contempt.
I'm afraid that some GOPer will Pardon the whole lot when it's over. 😒
Seems like @mike_pence and @SpeakerRyan are indisputably culpable...where does that leave us??
How messy? DJT will ensure to blow up the entire nation and it's standing in the world , as he goes kicking and screaming
if it's of any use, just posted a thread that touched on what that ending may look like.
I understand narcissistic personality disorder like the back of my hand. Trump is as familiar as an old movie, so let me share some intel.1/
Will there be an ending? Belated "memories" keep popping up
The ending will end in 2025 when Trump graciously steps aside to let another Republican take over
You assume it will be messy. Meanwhile all he does is win
1/ We are also waiting in this disgusting quagmire to find out who the real heroes are going to be - who will historical scholars honor?
2/ At present, the only presumable heroes are Mueller & his team. So far Senate majority & DoJ seem comfortable rolling around in the muck
I just can't wait for this shit show to end. When is enough? Good Lord. What an effin joke except it's not at all funny.
I've got grandchildren, Joy. I don't care how messy it is #25thAmendmentNow !
More like, take back the congress and impeach, because republicans will do nothing to pass draconian laws 4 rich ppl at the expense of poor
😓 So sad for our democracy. And as much as I disagree with Rs, I thought they had the backbone to just say no. I am heartbroken/SCARED.
It's going to be a slow death...
Jesus, this is like Dumb Watergate.
You mean like Game of Thrones?
This will not end well.
Are you the anti Nina Turner?
I think the real shit storm will b the aftermath of #45's ousting. His base will be violent and agressive.
I cannot even imagine how this will end. It's only going to get more and more ugly. I officially want off this ride.
Thank you Joy, for always being clear, concise, and always laying out the truth - you keep it real, please don't stop - ever!
This is going to be unbelievably messy. It may break America again. Scares the shit out of me for my Grandchildren.
If the White House is run like a reality tv show then lets get some cameras in there so we can watch.
...that "ending" cannot come soon enough. I have champed through a number of bits. Mr. Mueller?
It may be anti climatic. I think we all know what is going to happen, just not soon enough! Karma please! Where R U?
Seems a lot of people are resisting and not just quietly waiting.
And Pence is the "prize" for our patience?
Silver bracelets are coming
I think the end is at treason. Conspiring with foreign agents against American democracy - Exh.A last 7 months of foreign policy re Russia
Trump's been involved in money laundering for Russians for decades. Don Jr. even said, "Money's pouring in fr. Russia". All abt. the Bens.
The end result, no matter what, is that we have an illegitimate President, holding America hostage.
its gonna be a long 7 1/2 years for you deranged loons.
Lock them all up- the greatest irony- we need America back- Lady Liberty is on life support!
So much time is going to pass before it happens.
Nothing will happen, unless Dems take congress next election.
Think you are correct but wish facts would come out sooner to facilitate that happening.
As usual, thankful for term limits and separated powers.
You know it wasnt "messaging" right? It was just real emails containing true information. If only Americans weren't told the truth...
the lawyer was a courier - no electronic trail - very simple - Putins instructions
"just enough" "sneak" 306-232
SNEAK Over? He Stole Home Plate Off A Bunt While The Whole World Watched. 😎😎
Russia didn’t need to hack the election. Republicans had that covered.
Your name suits you. Your nimble mind is a thing of beauty. Thanking God for your clarion voice in the murky fog. This old lady is smiling.
Wait for the investigations it's easy to cry emotionally with the rest of the libtards. Clapper himself said there was no direct collusion.
No, Clapper said he was not aware of evidence of collusion. That's why investigations are necessary.
"I saw no direct evidence of political collusion between the campaign, the Trump campaign and the Russians." lol.
I think many factors were at play including Comey, Kobach, and the Berniebots. It was a Hail Mary.
Greatest summary (and saddest) of what will go down as the greatest act of treason in American history...
Sneak? Baaaahahahahahahaha. 3000+ counties to 400+. AND Trump got 30% more Electoral Votes. That's sneaking? Hack much?
And under-estimated the degree to which America is
Thabk you for this, @JoyAnnReid. You are helping fill the void of reason and plain common sense in our discourse since we lost Gwen Ifill.
Trump is not sneaking anywhere because the American people won't let him.
🤔and where is the outrage from congress, we all remember what it looked like during Obama's 8 years. #25thAmendmentNOW
WADR, YOUR T #Putin Campaign Collusion SYNOPSIS Is Spot On! Would Add, The TREASON SMELL Doesn't Stop With T & His Campaign Cartel. The @GOP
...AND The @GOP-State-Run Officials Who Worked 2 CRIPPLE VOTERS' RIGHTS,#Gerrymandering, & MORE FOUL PLAY, WAS A HUGE PIECE OF T's CHEATING!
I am increasingly concerned Russian Active measures included deleting democratic voters names from the rolls to cause chaos at polls.
Most people whose names were missing were given provisional ballots. And it appears most provisional ballots were never counted.
It may have been enough to make a difference in MI, PA, & WI. And possibly FL & NC.
Trump won MI by 10,704 votes. But over 18,000 provisional ballots were not counted. 7258 from Wayne County alone.…
And I doubt the people whose votes didn't count even knew it.
Thx 4 adding replies 2 Joy's otherwise immaculate rant. It continues to annoy when voter suppression is omitted from 2016 Election analyses!
2016 was #Stolen [a coup] not an election!!
I think it may have impacted the outcome. I'm really concerned about provisional ballots. I need to do some digging though.
And I totally think their Parscale discourage the African-American vote may have been effective as well. They blasted people w antiHillary
Xlnt thread! However, one does not "sneak over" home plate. One "sneaks over" goal line in football.. At least d/n call it "home base"!
Always fun to hear these hysterical rants! @POTUS 306 electoral votes beat @HillaryClinton 232 by 74 - 24% That's vaulting over home plate
I believe we have a Trojan horse in Americas back yard
Hopefully, R. Mueller will be our Knight in Shining Armour, who will vanquish all the evilness wrought by DJT, his minions & expose Russia.
Fact is, no other political org is more corrupt than DNC. Bernie would have won. Left dug their own grave. Reap what you sew. (Rant off)
With Bernie Sanders as the desert.
Bernie. It was a sell-out screwing over a sincere guy. It was disgusting
We just loved his messages. And he is keeping every promise he made to us. Next is our wall. Get ready for that Joy. Its gonna happen.
All true but voters do not remember that about his failed promises. They just think we pick on him. They need a new antihero to champion.
trump also knew to hit WI and Mi late and PA. Coincidence? Doubt it
Lets just call it what it is Legally obtained opposition research that every campaign does including Hillary, Obama broke the law NSA
Lets just call it what it is Legally obtained opposition research that every campaign does including Hillary, Obama broke the law NSA
If you mean by bot Big On Trump then yeah I am a bot
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 so bright Ms Joy. Thank you!!!
No thanks to that son of a bitch @SenSanders
Yes, how dare he run for president. What does he think this is, a democracy?
I always found it odd that HC was "too corporate/Wall St" while DT wasn't. He's the epitome of corruption, now and then!
Every racist, greedy, monster hiding under rocks exposed themselves since. Now we take those rocks and crush them to pieces.
#FakePopulism: that will be the biggest LOSER of this whole tawdry affair. the "base" must be really proud by now.
🇷🇺 had2 objectives.Rig machines w/security functions TURNED OFF&spread dissension between Berners&HRC supporters.Still working😬
It had that message but couldn't crash thru the impenetrable "email" barrier of the media: right, center and, most damaging, left
They DID hear the anti-black, anti-brown, anti-female, anti-immigrant, anti-"pointy heads" message they longed for.
Populist...means racist right? Because lots of MAGA folk love Putin. He's their fantasy strong white leader. Trump won on race.
That's what they had Spoiler Sanders for...
Is that an opinion, or do you have data on that?
Those who think DT is an anti Wall Street message are too delusional to vote or live on their own in future. Med time deplorables save 🇺🇸
So u trust someone who deleted emails, smashed phones with evidence. And take donations from Saudi Arabia into her foundation? Wow
That's fine. I expect candidates to attack their opponent. Part of the play.
And you know these as certainty because. ... Too much bull wthout a news agency I respect or named source in some form backing it.Blieve.YES
Thank you for channelling my rage and my fear so brilliantly.❤️
Exactly. The key here is the media. They legitimized the leaks and engaged in gossip and promoted propaganda, & missed the real story
She ran the worst campaign in American history. Get over it. She is to blame for not beating someone never in a public position at all. 😂😂😂😂
How does one run the worst campaign in American history and get 3M more of the popular a year whilst being besieged by Russians?🙄
Omg so your one of the fools that believes this Russia crap? Proof please.
To bad we dont go by popular vote fool. She lost and thats that. So who is the dems savior to rescue your sinking party? 😂😂😂🙂🙂
RIght. Her campaign sucked SO badly that despite massive obstacles created by Trump-Russia & 30yr witch hunt, she still won the pop vote
She won more votes than any other candidate in American history except for Obama. So take that narrative and shove it up your ass.
Cheating isn't Winning. ..Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan Have Lived A LIE Since Nov 9th They Freaking Can't win unless They Freaking Cheat
And both of those animals are afraid right now. They can pretend that they're not but who wants the feds knocking on their door. No one
This thread in wild. You sound like lefty Alex Jones.
@ ROBERT LMAOOOO I pray I get to see this day. We are an angry Nation but I think with this Russia incident the indictment will come quicker
How do you do that can you tell me LMAO lock up they won't let me out
You backed the most corrupt candidate we have seen in 50 years. Her history of dishonesty and dirty dealing should have her in jail. #nocred
Please ass this really is Treason
I feel sorry for Hillary. She was very upset and people were getting tired of her even the beginning of this year Hillary I apologize to you
My heart goes out to @HillaryClinton. What was done to her throughout the election years, make me sick to my stomach.
looking at donations it was pay for play. Guess it is to obivious for press. You have proof but reporters like stories without proof.
For the corrupt and horrible things that they said and did to you. You were violated and one of the most hideous ways possible. YOUR CHOICE
DT was really good at deflecting, he was always the thing he called someone else, ESPECIALLY crooked.
Which couldn't happen without the media's help. The @nytimes and a couple of @MSNBC personalities stand out.
Mika Brzezinski and Andrea Mitchell were particularly harsh on HRC. Now they are *Oh So Surprised* at havoc Trumpov is wreaking."Who Us?"
Was so mad at @mitchellreports during the campaign. Emails! -then she started up on HRC health, I turned her off. Never watching MJoe again.
Fox was worse but your right
Oh I don't mess with those guys at all. Different opinions are fine but they give disinformation constantly & don't report on serious news.
#Flynn at #GOP convention leading the chant 'lock her up'. Let's go to the tape!
To see if you would win. You will never know if you lost to that Criminal that is involved with our enemy. He has angered lots of people
Joy you are on a roll.... Going to make a wine run, do I buy 1 bottle or 4?
Better get a six pack! 😉
Lied to everyone and it's still on this Rampage to get you and Obama because he's jealous. Just know that he's not fit to mention your name
Breitbart , Alex Jones Roger Stone and crazy spaced-out conspiracy theories...Pizzagate.
and @DonaldJTrumpJr were full partners in those disinformation blitzes as well
Years from now, college freshmen will find the 2016 campaign in the Intro Psych books under the heading Projection.
He always accuses others of what he's done himself, so when he says voter fraud pay attention
NOW you take issue with "unfounded hints"!?!? Your entire show is based on "unfounded hints" you propaganda peddling puppet.
Remember Chaffetz and Gowdy and the endless hearings which proved nothing. If it wasnt for that damn e-mail server....
Amen, Joy.
Girlcrush, Joy!!!
Reid. Lmao. We both are nutty today. This incident with Russia for the past two days has pushed Americans to a Breaking Point I call
Congress the Republicans that has a backbone any agencies the American people please help to get him impeached and out of office HIS FAMILY!
Foundation is crooked, she habitual liar, Benghazi
Not only is he a danger toThe Americans he's incapable of caring. We expect compassion from him but he's not capable of feelings. Read the
Deposition from the first wife. The attorney bullied her relentlessly. He bullied her and these arent my words it's in the deposition.
Look who's crooked The Trumps
At least I got this for my Joy fix, shes always spot on the point.
Crazy right, since she ran while under criminal FBI investigation.
She wasn't. Guess who was and still is?
lol holy shit your bio is a mess. i was gonna respond, but wow.
Mess or not, she ran for president while under criminal FBI investigation.
Facts matter. Trump is under FBI investigation also Sanders. HRC was and is not But you do you.
Trump, as Comey testified wasn't under FBI investigation, although now with Special Counsel Mueller her likely is. Hillary was, Bernie ???
A reminder. .Hillary Clinton won she got more votes....not all of the USA is nuts
So many tears reading this and feeling the pain all over again that I can hardly see to read this TRUTHFUL thread. #Hillary1stFemalePOTUS
I wonder if LL's visit to BC on tarmac = tell HRC she had 2 eat the loss bc the treason was so prevalent and engrained into GOP & Trump Co
No He was tired or overworked or something happened that he made this bad decision. He is just this open and friendly to all!
I wondered that too, I wonder if perhaps he had known by that time of all the Russian interference and was seeing if Lynch was one of them
Well-reasoned, Joy. I'll be you're right.
Yes there was pay for play do you think that was new? A seat next to someone at dinner not an entire election ruining our country
We just need 2 stand back and let them keep telling on themselves. #patience #resist #vote
You need to let it go. Already
After decades in the political limelight, there is nothing more to be found on @HillaryClinton. I'm still with her. 👍👍
Why is it that your side has unfounded stuff? You get dumber everyday. You lost, stop crying.
Joy, everyday these Trump/Russia stories blows my mind. OMG!
Gee, it's almost as if the GOP needed a straw woman distraction while they pull off a grand heist. Q: where is the "getaway"?
All ridiculous, slanderous disinformatsiya. Swallowed whole by Trumptards.
See .@mitchellreports for one of the most fervent "Clinton is a criminal" journalists of all time in the US. She was played by the Russians.
Yes Andrea turn me off so bad i still cannot look at her. And the health issue she a cancer survivor. How could she. Smh
And she tried her best to get message through. And they throw up a fire wall. awful awful
Many feel the same way!!
Right on point Joy.
I lost it right here.😢
I think you nailed it.
This is completely spot on.
What are y'all doing to the elected President? Crooked Hillary wasn't even elected. Hypocrisy!! And you wonder why the left is in shambles!
You're not using Twitter correctly. Write a column or something.
Um...I think she's doing just fine, thank you.
Ha! You nailed the "mansplaining" thing perfectly. Nicely done. Oh, you were SERIOUS?? Dude....
My comment had nothing to do with gender. If a guy wrote 79 straight tweets, I would have said the same thing.
I've seen plenty of guys write long tweet-storms like that. And yet you went after her.... interesting. Tired of this kind of thing.
I guess I didn't follow those guys
Oh FFS Long Threads are great, easy to follow and have a different energy. Keep on Joy, keep on! ☺
👆mansplaining twitter LOL
Hey Asshat...I think she's doing great! I love reading substance. If substance isn't your cup of tea...unfollow.
Joy Ann Reid is one of the most interesting and honest people on Twitter. She will not sit down and shut up just because some guy says so.
I didn't expect her to listen don't worry
And why should she?
How would you know right from wrong... go write a sports column or something... how 'bout those Cowboys?
Who are you to say if Joy or anyone else is using twitter properly? STFU and git yourself on down the road skippy.
Brian get fucked
She called it a rant, it's actually a well thought out analysis. This format allowed her to present it without going through corp. channels.
PS: I do not know how long Joy has been in the business, but did you really think that you were providing her with new information?
I don't think Hillary missed this. She tried repeatedly to warn the american people and media, she called him putin's puppet to his face
right to his face. She remains the only person who has done so. The only one.
But yes the Obama administration missed a few things.
They bear some of the blame too.
That's one of those hindsight 20/20 things.Tough spot to be in.
I think she even said I wonder what's on the Russia tape during debates.
Media gave DT $4B in free media thinking he'd be the easy opponent. Bad move.
30+ years of toxic messaging to which Dems still have no idea how to respond
That's b/c we can't fix STUPID.
The Democratic party (and I'm a D); was a D consultant) is STUPID. Has NO CLUE about messaging or how to respond to negative attacks.
only D who (at the national level) knew messaging was Bill Clinton. HRC campaign didn't follow his advice.
Oh, how I heart you. Thank you.
Mueller has a team of 15 world class prosecutors assembling the evidence. Note that is where Mueller's focus is. They already have proof.
Exactly, not investigators, prosecutors. He has what he needs.
And Putin/Trump met @G20 & agreed to continue relationship and do it again. Trump giving Russians access to our election system.
So right Joy. Others in the MSM r now working overtime to make up for their mistake in creating the false equivalence b/t HRC and #DirtyDon
The 1 person who did warn us was Hillary herself. Her mistake was believing it was too outrageous 2 happen. Those debates! BS was clueless
Dined out on emails while all the Russia info was just sitting there. Apparently, the fruit wasn't hanging quite low enough.
You know what you are? Yeah you do.
Beautifully laid out. Thank you. I just hope ALL the culprits get their comeuppance; so afraid blame won't get all the way to Trump.
"media that dined out...thinking THAT was next Watergate" @nytimes @maggieNYT chasing a Pulitzer that went to @washingtonpost @Fahrenthold
The Topeka To Moscow Voting Machine Hacks. ..Get Kobach Under Oath
this explains the Republican Party in a nutshell
50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act: Whenever a conservative tries to make racial inequality a "partisan issue," play Lee Atwater tapes
So y didnt Obama come out and say there was Russian interference when he found out in August? Cuz he thought Hillary was gonna win. 😂😂😂😂😂
No because brainwashed idiots would have demanded proof and called him a cheater. They'd rather string him up than admit he's right. #resist
Ha! Their base is holding the Barney Fife "spare bullet" for them, too.
I can't wait to see the inevitable HBO movie of the 2016 election. Who should be cast as whom?
Christian "American Psycho" Bale for Don Jr.
I give the Keystone Cops more credit than I do the Trump and hid Katzenjammer Kids!
The trumpster divers can undoubtedly point to something they saw on the internet that would justify Trump's cheating and treason.
was the desire of even "liberal" media (incl your friends Chris, Rachel, and Lawrence) to destroy the Clintons. At any cost.
They don't admit it, but they all thru her & the nation under the bus for ratings. Constant on her nothing emails, & airing every T speech 😡
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Joy.
You sum it up perfectly. However, we'll need another, longer rant re: the GOP's role in this. They're on the hook & cannot wriggle off!
Can President Obama come back and run for office again? Or is that against the Constitution?
This is my reply on FB to a guy saying the real problem in DC is that Dems aren't doing anything & Trump is our fault... #VoterSuppression
...crime does not pay...🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 - I'm with her
Think you're letting them off the hook too easily; this was abt. $$$ and POWER. Rosneft. Exxon. NATO undermining for power grabs. All of it
Obama still would have made a much bigger deal of this had he had the support of McConnell...McConnell wasn't interested in exposing this.
Brennan: “People who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.”
If you cannot understand the motive(s) of the criminal; try understanding the enablers and hired helpers. Criminal demeanour 101.
He pretty much hinted at this
or maybe they knew what they were doing, and you are wrong.
bad bunch of thugs
Thank you Joy for excellently summarizing Russiagate. Scary part is what next? In global history, a pattern is either democracy wins or dies
Please. This isn't a matter of slippery slopes. A lawyer told them she had Russian-held kompromat on Clinton & they took a meeting with her.
Or they don't give a crap about their county, just their bank account. The naive take doesn't fly here.
that's not true your actions speak louder than printed words it's what you are doing for gain profit that matters otherwise it's Goodwill
and some people KNOW
Or they have no morals and think they are above the law and in this case they are acting untouchable
Well today it's deliberate ignorance.
Ignorance or lack of conscience is no legal excuse to treason! My cats know when they have erred! A 70 yo businessman doesn't? LOL!
You do not go along a treasonous way un less you want some type of return or gain fool doesn't do it okay they would be country supportive
Except this group all knew the path they were taking.
Sorry but I and other ethical Americans would know to run or not attend a meeting with a Lawyer from Russia peddling dirt on an opponent
Not buying it with Trump. He knew exactly what he was doing & surrounded himself w/people to accomplish that. 1/
When have we EVER had a candidate or pres with 1 let alone you entire group have Russia connections? 2/2
it rested on an economic and social structure Tha depends on labor
You're giving them a lot of credit. But it's clear they never did care about right and wrong, regardless.
Um. Really? Nope, I'm not buying that.
These arent uneducated, naive adults we're talking abt. They're highly educated, wealthy int'l professionals. They are morally challenged.
🤔lock her up was the chant , hmmmm
so sad or stupid, which is it?
Unless they're going down that treasonous path full-throttle because they don't give a god damn.
Actually, I think they knew they were on a treasonous path and didn't care.
People like DTJr don't care if they are on a treasonous path if it lines their pockets with gold.
WHAT? Is this in a logic book somewhere?
Or sometimes, they know it right away.
Oh, he knows. He knows.
Or maybe they know and don't care cause they think they r untouchable
It's hard not to know you're on a treasonous path when with the senior Trump administration officials and a bunch of guys speaking Russian.
Incidental surveillance :-)
Unless the "shady" path has ALWAYS been their path - in which case it ceases to be less about "path" than repercussions.
Perfect timing for a POTUS candidate to run against Repubs/Dems/media. Unreal times
Realize too that, per the NYT, there are now *White House advisers* giving the national press evidence of collusion. Folks are jumping ship.
I consider this all part of the American experiment - not everything is going to work out according to plan, but I hope it's all fixable.
Great thread Joy.
U figured it out. The conspiracy theory is no more! Oh wait it's just that until special counsel says otherwise 😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾
And if your heart breaks at the betrayal of America this involved, they've got the nerve to call you a snowflake.
Which should make them quake...but they've never been in an avalanche.
Lol so u dont think Hillary did the worst job of any candidate in history? Wow u are confused. Which election were u watching?
Realize too that, per the NYT, there are now *White House advisers* giving the national press evidence of collusion. Folks are jumping ship.
Remember that *just yesterday* Trump's legal team issued a public statement saying the whole Trump Tower meeting was a *set-up* by the Dems.
Who cares, u boring liberals need to get ready for the 24' election. U got a lot of work to do. 😂😂😂😂😂
(2) So Trump was at Trump Tower for some part of the day in question and met with one of the people who was in a room with a Russian agent.
Who cares about Russia? U liberals are whacked out of your heads over this crap. We do not care about it. Russia conspiracy is fake news!!
We know Joy, we know. To most of us outside the U.S. it was clear from day 1 that Trump had help from the Russians.
Europe knows what Putin is like.
I know Putin. Hes a man a really. Fine man.
Seems Putin looked Hillary in the eye, (famous photo op) and knew he was up against a force to be reckoned with. Why else?
Damn Joy, you are SPOT On today! Luv it, keep up the great work
But muh Russia! You're fake news along with the rest of the swamp. Hope @JamesOKeefeIII has something for you too!
Fucking racist. Go to hell and fucking stay there.
Ah, I guess your sheeple will do it for you @JoyAnnReid Lucky you! Now you don't even have to do your "job"
And fuck you for backing a scummy lying sack of shit like @JamesOKeefeIII. There's another one who needs to get bent.
Call your dem senator tell them to start calling out the election as illegitimate election per a member of resistance
Bringing Bill's (whatever) to the debate was despicable and showed how low those losers would go.....
Don't forget they had to also promise to get rid of non-whites, too
And don't forget Robert Mercer!
If American democracy recovers from the TrumpRussia coup, the saving grace may literally be the stupidity of the Trump family & cronies. 😕🤔😠
The people voted him in. And they can do it again. Or worse.
I don't think it's all stupidity. I think much of it is their presumed impunity.
Rove and his fellow travellers set out to erode trust in her, they were successful, those memes got amplified by Russian trolls
Who they? Who them?
Great thread. Thank you.
Well said. Well said. ✊
Brilliniant, sadly true. In 007 fiction all adversaries were well matched & cunning. Fleming never imagined the KGB vs Ruprecht and sons.
Poss. major financial incentive too. Entirely plausible Trump carries crippling debt to Russian interests & threat of exposure helped.
And daddy knew exactly what the 3 stooges were up to! Great thread Joy.
hope you are doing well Joy. I know you've been off your show for a minute, and just wanted to say we all miss ya and hope you're ok ❤️❤️
And the Rats are abandoning the Ship before Trump throws them under the bus!!!
You're gonna write another book,... aren't cha. Gonna be another great one.
Joy, Joy. Thank you, Thank you! HRC was RIGHT when she concluded that the Russian's "weaponized" information was "guided" by these loosers.
👏🏾👏🏾 nail on the head, great analysis
Sickened over this.
Don't get your soaked knickers in knots. We've been down this road more times than you devour Hostess cupcakes in a day. You'll never learn
shouldn't you be munchin @Oprah carpet at this hour ? Just STFU and let the grown ups take care of the real world. #CNNMemeWars
By the look of that longwinded string of tweets, Oprah must've mixed up the meth powder with her crab treatment and now Joy is sky high.
Can't take them seriously.
I feel like the only people who want war with Russia are Jews and Blacks
I feel you are an example of what's worst about America.
Of course you do, I'm sure watching American and Russian Christians slaughter eachother would make you really happy wouldn't it?
Dishonored the presidency n dishonor our last real President BO
The TRUMP Administration is a PUTIN Puppet Show. ..Bring The Curtain Down CONGRESS NEEDS TO cancel This Show Tomorrow #ENOUGH
Sounds more like this is the beginning of more to come. Trump and his inner circle are not seeing this clearly.
... what a mess!
So then who are we Joy? We are the ones who legitimately put him there. We love our choice. He is doing a wonderful job so far. 👍
They dishonored all of America.
You could have ended this before it started @SenateMajLdr
Exactly! Mr McConnel, it's time for you to count your losses and try to salvage you party. Same goes for you, @SpeakerRyan. U 2 get serious!
Ryan's @IndivisibleWi01 no longer support him on merrit alone. he can't relate, never listens to the people. Glad @IronStache is running!
The @GOP dishonored themselves. Trump did everything in his power to advertise his inability to govern, but they supported him anyway.
Where is the leadership in Congress? @SpeakerRyan @SenMajLdr
It's time to call this presidency. It's only going to get worse from here. This happened early in the campaign. They tried again for sure.
DJT Jr cut the tail off the GOP elephant. DJT Sr cut the head off and shit down the throat. They carry his stink now forever.
Those two aren't leaders. Those two are weasels.
Well said. Albeit tragic.
Destroyed the West's great democracy as the GOP play along with treason and the US will forever be a laughing stock
That's bullshit, useful idiots aren't aware they're subverting US interests. Trump solicited RU hacks on live TV
That "party" willfully allowed it, they will do anything for absolute dominion over the USA.
Somebody is going to get hurt in all this. Pray it is not the citizens of the US🙏🏾🙏🏾
Some have been hurt. Does the name Steve Scalise ring a bell?
the funniest/saddest thing is that some on the right are convinced that Putin is a Republican!!
I think you are so right. This all feels like Trump the crook.
Yet, the GOP seems in no hurry to save themselves or the country.
That American political party were a disgrace long before that.
How does that make you feel, GOP? Trump/cronies "dishonored an American political party". Are you gonna stand for that or remove them?
But lets not forget how they enabled him!
"Won" is a little to strong
The American political party not too dishonored to continue walking in lockstep with them, though.
They didn't win. They cheated.
And everyday Americans are going to lay the price. We ALL lost
It's the World's Dummiest Criminals: Trump Edition.
The GOP was dishonored before Trump occupied the Oval Office. Are your forgetting Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jason Chaffetz, etc.
They didn't dishonor the Republicans, but the Current House and Senate Republicans are dishonoring themselves by allowing this to continue
This is why Trumps daughter/son-in-law & sons should be nowhere near the WH. There are nepotism laws for a reason...
Beautifully said. Imprison each and every one involved in this attempt to derail out democracy And vote out the rest 😡
That party was already dishonorable. Why try and save the party if they won't save themselves?
Honestly, that American political had already dishonored itself.
Our country is seen as a disgrace amongst our foreign allies!!
Soundin a little sour grapey their @JoyAnnReid your hyperbole and fear mongering are dangerous.....and part of the reason the buffoon won.
You gotta imagine that if the Russians were really in on this the NSA and CIA will have corroborating evidence of Russians plotting.
#TookMeASecondToRealize the Trumps are a family of gangsters not even good gangsters just stupid gangsters #cnn #msnbc
Can you spell collusion Jr? You and Jared can share a cell
I just don't believe they won, I think the votes were messed with. I don't think that many ppl would lie bout who they voted 4 in the polls
dishonored an American electorate.
Have I ever mentioned that I love your work? I do I do I do. Thank you for what you do.
Why is American media still talking about the past (when the lies have been proven) instead of what is coming? Questions from Bermuda...
In all fairness the political party has greeted them in a warm embrace
The Republican party was long dishonored, but your point is solid.
Fake President, STOLE the White House with help from Putrid and GOP. TRUTH!!
"And dishonored a political party"?? The GOP has done very well at dishonoring itself.
The Repub Party dishonored themselves. They hitched a ride with the lunatic liar in chief, trump. They own him now, forever.
The Dems dishonored themselves.
Michael, don't even try. She reads Obama's speeches - how many live neurons can she have left? Nobody is as blind as 1 who doesn't want 2c.
You dishonor being an American. Condescending much?
I hear supporters say get over it .burns me up
GOP Dishonored itself over the course of the last 8 years.
We w/b ok. I trust our system & believe we will self-correct.This isn't the 1st horrible pres or cong just the 1st w instant soc media!❣️
So frightening. When this bunch is out of the WH, it will have to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb. Literally. Everything.
Traitor, the Trump family turned the WH into an OutHouse .
Smell like is a mafia thing going on with Trump & Family. No wonder Trump Gop, employees look like Mafia people, Everything is CLOSED DOORS
The political party allowed it to happen.
You don't get dishonored unless you're criminal sacks of shit to begin with!
That political party still seems willing to take the country down with them.
...and that political party deserves everything it has asked for and will soon get!
They also fractured America and shattered our democracy, which, anyone w. a brain could see, was their goal to begin with.
The only useful idiot is you and your supporters. Hillary and Obama looked up to Alinsky and Alinsky looked up to Stalin. This is for you.
AM Joy dishonors the American political system by not supporting the pres. and making a mockery out of herself by not helping just gripping.
The Republicans Are Trump now&forever! They're All Traitors!
...with the FULL cooperation of said party.
We'll see what the investigations reveals.
It will be a fictional novel created by desperate liberals who cant handle the outcome of a legitimate democracy that worked out well.
Traitor. You’ll take your treason to your grave.
And now we have all the opportunistic greedy monsters taking advantage. Justice will prevail.
Justice HAS 2 PREVAIL!
you are ON FIRE with these threads!
joy is an american treasure
Still pissed Putin actually freakin won. The American media fucked up.
You're on fire today girl. Missed you this weekend but glad you're on twitter keeping it real.
But you pose enough of the correct questions for us lay folk to examine things more closely. Good stuff.
Novels are fiction/fantasy. This is very real. This is also not 'WaterGATE' but America's most serious security/military threat in decades
Even our most competent media still neutralizing enormity of a 'President' under federal investigation for foreign collusion agnst America
PRESS the bastard; family 'advisors' % political sycophants. COVER Trump; the stories not ridiculously absurd tweets. REAL questions/answers
And we got crapped on.
In the end it might be a novel about Mobsters trying to rule the world. Time will tell.
We love you Joy!! Thanks for all your great journalism!❤
You made that case better than anyone I've read so far.
As sad as it is it will be a black comedy... no other way to describe it
Wow Joy! This is the most cohesive, believable, and "truthy-sounding" theory for this whole mess I've read yet. Nailed the official story?
Miss you Joy! I always want days off work but I get mad when you @maddow @Lawrence @HardballChris and @chrislhayes take a 15 min coffee brk!
What's a trip is if I were reading a spy novel about all this, I'd be saying interesting story but far fetched & protagonist is too sloppy.
Like a Bond movie where the laser cuts 007 in half, and knocks off his toupee.
if all these Trumpets go to jail I hope we get a small win like judge ruling @HillaryClinton gets to personally lock their jail cell doors
I see it as Shakespearean theater of the absurd. Sad!
Game's not over. Now other hostile foreign govt's, (China looking your way here) will dupe idiot conservatives into supporting more garbage
It's Sun Tzu, "The Art of War" in real time.
This is key, I think Putin was poking around, hit pay dirt, and no one was more surprised than he. He's laughing at us.
this is truly disturbing and f-Ing sad. What will be enough? How much worse does it have to get?!
you know, in the end, election came down gullibility of US's to blame for this mess?
The big difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon never said we should do more business with Watergate burglars-they are great people
Russia didn't do this
With help from a pathetic uneducated voting block of angry white men.
In the end it'll be nothing and you'll be unemployed. #trumpRussia
In the end it's going to be exactly what it is now.A bunch of liberal Marxist wackos that couldn't handle losing an election making stuff up
There's some Nazi, KKK, and Neo-Nazi intrigue in there as well, I'll put money on it.
I'm looking forward to the movie
Would you not agree that this is largely Obamas fault? I know that would mean you'd have to say he's not absolutely perfect, but be real!!
Articulate how you believe this is Obama's fault. Curious to hear your reasoning.
Starting point for your reconstruction is when Obama went to McConnell and Ryan w/ evidence of the hack and they told him to eff off.
"My" reconstruction? Please cite where they told him to F off? I need credible source (s).
It's not my burden to present reality to you in a frame that you find palatable.
Ahhh. I'd expect nothing less from a person of your profession. I hope I reincarnate into you or Joy. Must be nice to always be right!!
Fire up your Googler bro. I've got better stuff to do than be some anonymous dude's psychic/therapist.
Right. That's what you resort to when you cannot produce anything of substance. Google it. No wonder few people trust you!! Bro.
I googled your name. Took all of six seconds to find people questioning your integrity. U can't handle the truth.u need the shrink."Bro."
Oh no! I have been Googled! Somebody fetch me my fainting couch!!!
Stick to your predatory debt collecting. That's what your purpose is. Or Keep retweeting MSNBC rubbish. It's doing your/left agenda well!!!
You wouldn't know palatable or the truth if it slapped you in face. You operate and stand behind heresay.Whatever's needed to stir the pot!
Won't somebody please think of the children! And the pots! And the twitter people who can't assess the reliability of media sources!
That passive aggressive nature is so attractive. I bet the women/men are just waiting in line for you. Go cold call some1. Going to bed!!
Highly, highly doubt Obama, the only prez in history to do zero wrong, would have just let that be. Especially after all he said about DT.
I'll articulate for you. Y'all blame everything on Trump so in that context, I'll blame Obama, even though I supported him!!
And Clinton isn't familiar with grimy/slimy campaigns and politics? C'mon. That's her game too.
"But but Hillary but but obama but but .."
Yep. All elites, pros at what they do. I don't like DT, but he knows how to play the game.
Stop deflecting and stay on topic. This isn't about HRC. It's about POTUS. Don't forgive one cuz you believe the other did something equally
Who can forget that time she colluded with a spook from a foreign intel agency to trade the Magnitsky Act for hacked data...
Many forget/diminish/ignore the unpleasant and shady things a candidate they support do. That's just how it goes. Sadly.
I'm not sure getting early sight of a Primary debate question equates to seeking dirt on my opponent from a Russian mob lawyer...
Her 07/08 canpaign vs Obama was pretty nasty. We remember that too.
Nasty above the belt, but I don't remember it going below... Obama didn't bear a grudge anyway...
He played nice. He didn't have to.
If the FBI investigation results in charges that are proven, fine. I'm patient
I hope this gets published as an article because she really pulls it together into a neat package & not everyone reads twitter. Go, Joy!
Reminder: Donald Trump Jr. bragged that ‘we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia’
They should start interviewing some of the lawyers who provided counsel to Trump.
You must love talking to yourself.
I hardly think @JoyAnnReid is talking to herself judging by your response, the likes, RTs here. Offering you a reply since you have neither.
apparently, she has your attention. And all you have is "waaahhh #fakenews waaahhhh".
He blocked me for saying that :')
That's an honor. Congrats!
Now its every man for himself. Don Jr. is telling everything.
Trump is a cancer upon humanity
They are trying to muddy the waters . I thought the Dossier was a McCain request for opposition .
Says a supporter of Hillary and the DNC...Hmmmmm. tainted Love
No need for such elaboration. Trump's closest, most senior advisors secretly met with Russians to coordinate release of info. Collusion.
I didn't vote for Trump, but if HRC had chosen Bernie instead of Kaine for VP, I truly think she'd have won! Berns could have gotten + votes
Let's watch @KellyannePolls and less-talented @SarahHuckabee , and downright inept @seanspicer spin this. #PrezPoopScoop
U one good sista at making excuses for your failed DEM party and HRC🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾😂🤣
Defend trump without mentioning Clinton or Obama. I dare you, fool. You got nothing.
That's reminiscent of Karl Rove's principle of making your flaw into your strength. And there's enough idiots out there to go along with it
You are amazing. Let em have it, Joy. #MAGAimpeachtrump Joy Reid for president!
What’s the status on whether Pence/other GOP may be involved/knowledgable of the events?
You're seriously a whiny one. Thank you though. Keeping this cryin and bitchin going will almost certainly ensure GOP super majority in 18.
Agree, but you are dishonesty hypocritical if you're implying Clinton and most other campaigns don't do exact same thing.
Yeah true opposition research always done but looks more seedy when trump wont say anything bad about putin at all
#FakePresident And his band of goons controlled by Russia $$
Beats the Maxine Waters method. She siphons campaign funds to her daughter, supports Convicted Fugitive Cop Killer, Supports BLM
Hey Joy being racist and making up conspiracy there is one thing for sure Trump won and Hillary didn't and the results are in yo daddy.
Why does MSNBC still occasionally give him airtime? Obviously, you're not running the network, but it seems questionable at best 4 PTB
Luv u Joy. U r a superstat
What exactly was the result of russian hacking, i know the andwer sadly it doesnt support your insinuations Hillary was worst candidate.
bot off Mercer bot -- Bannon's war room is a joke
To understand Roger Stone is Roy Cohn
Trumps mentor, Cohn. Great criminal training ground.
Worked for Rove & Cheney. Just not involving Kremlin.
No,, Trump is famous for grimy slimy ,,he learned from his mob lawyer back in the late 70s. This is classic @realDonaldTrump behavior.
More collusion nothing burger.
Still on that Russia thing. You're so pathetic. @realDonaldTrump is your President get over it libtard 🖕
Sounds like democrats...once again hypocrites
What was Jr Trump willing to pay the Russian mob lawyer for the stolen info on HRC? That's the real question.
According to Lawrence Tribe it doesn't matter. Check out his feed.
I am Paraphrasing, You are Bernie and the Horse is the BS Russian story.
Donald Segretti wrote the book on this
Exactly. Can't fight fair, so they cheat.
Joy we cannot neglect the role of Mercers & Bannon: lent money, technological expertise, ideology. GOP operatives like Peter Smith, Sessions
They were knew & were ok w/ colluding/using Russians so long as they get theirs in the end. Anarchists.
The Guardian had a great series of pieces about Cambridge Analytica and associated people. Really scary.
Absolutely. They need to be brought up short.
That's it grimy and slimy. Ewwwwww!
All adjectives and imagination. Not a fact anywhere in all that blabbering by @JoyAnnReid
You know all about slimy, grimy
It's also apparently a tried and true Trump business rule.
He brags about morals being weak in his movie
Nailed it! 🔥
I think you are reading from the Clinton playbook. Just ask Samantha Power (Obama foreign policy adviser) HRC is a monster.
This is actually just a question.
ROTFFLMAO for the fake news comment. It's all u got. Can't come up with anything but Fake News. #PutinGrabbedTrumpByThePussy how bout that?
Oh believe me, I got more than that. I am just having fun.
Put up or shut up poser. Or are you a Russian troll bot?
Any news from David or has he gone to plug himself back in. Troll batteries don't last as long these days.
IDK how we win without them; what's important is the FACT that you lost WITH THEM.
what's fake?
Easy. Use it as an advantage. Far left Hollywood isn't an ally
It was easy. We just voted for the best person to lead us. And we will again in 18' and 20'. Liberals will never get the WH back. We own it!
Y do u lame poor little liberals keep saying bot? Its so stupid. U lost an election. Sitting around bitching about it wont win the next one.
The Libs lost more than an election! They're the bots, just don't know it. Then, Joy Reid wonders, "how do you win"?
Thanks Obama... The Democratic Party Is Decimated! | SUPERcuts! #412
Thanks Obama... The Democratic Party Is Decimated! | SUPERcuts! #412
Well aren't you a special kind of stupid.
Yes, leading us straight to Hell.
actually, the truth, trump Jr confirmed it dumb ass
it could be the smoking gun
You win preaching to the choir. You win by promising things that your voters need the most. When you can't deliver, #MAGA ppl will blame/run
There's only one way - through coordination.
and then, how do you win with a mathematically totally improbably 1% margin in key states? How do you get 70% of day of vote in FL?
MSNBC and others dropped what they were doing to give Trump a platform b/c ratings more important
So is this the BIG STORY that we heard a newspaper was sitting on...or is there more??
I was wondering about that. It was supposed to come from WaPo...
These are measly scraps. Story is bigger. Many people. Many crimes.
By having a 100 million followers/fans on Twitter that think he has all the best words, 140 at a time...believe me
See "bloggers add trolls" above.
bitch is off the rails
Maybe these "A-list" consultants are out of touch. Maybe the internet is changing the process. Shouldn't we learn and evolve as a result?
You're really flying this silly Flag.. LOLOLOLOL
They won because this is who you are.
"Anti-fascist," anti-Trump protesters applaud speech comprised entirely of Hitler quotes. Yes, really.
Think we still need to check the voting machines...on election day, Trump felt a bit too sure of his win along with Kelly Anne. #traitors
I agree. Their confidence unnerved me. It was more than hopeful projection, it was complete confidence.
That's easy maybe the A list consultants and advisors aren't really A list. Like podesta is d list at best
Data? U mean fake news polls? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤣👎🏾
When you're loathed, hope your opposition is too. HRC was a dismal candidate as well.
This is a core truth. Thank you! ❤️
This is the essence of it. Most Trump followers say polls are fake news. NO. They were on target. Trump won because of Russia/GOP collusion.
Maybe hrc is to blame? No? U don't want to touch that huh😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤣👎🏾
This is a crew of misfit wannabe mobsters that Tony Soprano would be shaking head at.
Russia is the answer, along with gullible Bernie Bros, Jil Stein bros and alt-rights who enable Putin!
I vote for who I want in primaries. Jackson, Brown, Sanders. Then I vote for the party nominee. That's how elections work. Are you from PUMA
Bernie Bros are those who didn't vote for Hillary or voted for Trump in the election!
You overthrow the government. Yes. In America. This is history. Now. March, strike, call, shout. It's up to ordinary folks now. Act.
through voter suppression.
You win by beating a bad candidate and will never be President!
He won peddling the most historically valued coin of the realm: fear of, hatred for, and anger at..."the other"
You alt-win. (You set the stage for profitable opposition). Oh but oops, trump couldn't even lose right. He "won". Now he's sick of winning
Lol "most Americans"? Thats funny. No Joy u are the minority. Thats y we beat u and will continue to beat u over and over. Get used to it. 😂
You did poorly in arithmetic, didn't you.
Ua 306 to 232 i think it was. Lol what a slaughter. Big time loss for the libtards. Lol
Joy, all good points. And so sad that they seem to be true.
Joy, the Republicants are his bitches, they wont confront him for fear of being slapped in public, including the Vietnam hero
The data didn't say he "can't." It said it was unlikely.
Let's not forget the built-in gop slime: gerrymandering and voter suppression. Those didn't hurt.
This is the perfect exemplification of not learning from this election loss. Sociopaths.
The party officialdom are also responsible. McConnell, Ryan, & Priebus must face charges. Merely voting them out is not enough.
the polling was incorrect. Overaampling. It was an outsider's race and the DNC shoved a popular outsider to the side and lost.
It also helps that most Americans loathe the candidate he was running against too
Not sure, just ask Hillary and her minions
We voted for Trump because we didn't like Clinton. It had nothing to do with Russians. God, get over it already
Some did. But surely you don't think Russia invested all their time and $ in all the hacking and propaganda w/out expecting an effect.
I'm consistently told Goldman Sachs expected nothing in return for support of HRC, so...
I totally agree w/ you that being beholden to donors is not good! Especially problematic when benefactors are a hostile foreign nation...
I'm glad we agree on that pt. As for Russia, we (the U.S.) have done far worse over the years to others & there's little proof here. There..
... are far more important issues the Dems and the media should be focusing on right now. This is 'red scare' territory, which is dangerous.
Get a grip open your eyes. I am for neither party but trump is a disaster. How can u not see this.
More pathetic fake news from yuo
Oh, this is painful. What none of the data gathers could factor into their predictions...Russian influence .@JoyAnnReid
You realize YOUR candidate lost to this supposed deplorable pu**% grabbin reality star fake populist mess? Right?
With an assist from Russia. Try to keep up
What effect did Russian hacking have, ill wait while you look it up. Youre not gonna like the answer
Ill give you a hint: "Voter rolls"
Thats real. No matter what bad crap you say about Trump, Hillary lost to him. The more you say the worse she gets.
With their bots and meme pushers it is clear that the Russians used racial animus in the US to win the election for our so-called president.
Apparently you and 'most' Americans weren't paying attention when the Majority voted him in office.
The majority didn't, jackass.
Do you understand arithmetic?
Trump easily won the Electoral College and most states.
Ding ding machines were rigged
Cowards, maybe, bt @maddow piece on Warsaw restaurant bugging suggests it's possible GOP leaders r kompromized; think DC is immune? #treason
Are you talking about the duopoly?
When you lack evidence and you are @JoyAnnReid you just make stuff up. #fakenews #nostandards
Take your msg (something she lacked) to the ppl not the pollsters. #Trump out worked her in all aspect of campaig..poll said he had 0 chance
I guess you missed the part in Wikileaks where the DNC will skew the polls.
U R not giving credit for the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia Trump brought forth from folks who no longer had to be "politically correct."
People loathed Hillary even more. She barley campaigned, had no message. I don't even feel like she asked for my vote.
That's what I said! How were ALL the polls wrong? All of them?
How do you lose when 1st you rig a primary and then spend twice as much as the only candidate America hates more than you? #ImWithStupid
Unbelievable Republicans are cowards to tRUMP or worse traitors to our country.
Bravo. This is a quote for the history books.
She lost because she was an awful candidate. Did trump make her take that money from Goldman? Set up a private server? Nope.Her fault alone
How do you hack an election that a majority of it is cut off from the internet and based on paper ballots? XD
Joy, the Democrats lost because 63 Million voters saw through the #DNC & #HillaryClinton collusion to screw #BernieSanders.🤡
Half of country is now "most" of country? The hyperbole!Lady,u wonder why the distrust is so high.Check yourself. Already wrecked yourself.
Shorter: Dems ran a candidate with an uninspiring message and massive unfavorables...
You don't think RNC funneled any money?
Especially when you really have NO party.... just your brand!
geesh - that's what Bernie was missing!
trump and his family committed treason, and the biggest thing they got... was donna brazile fired ahahahahaha
U one tired ghetto cry baby. Is this the best you have after over a year of Russiagate 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤣👎🏾
Ghetto baby? That's the best you can offer? I mean, if you're going to be a racist POS at least be up front about it. Cowardly fuck.
Campaigns and elections aren't pretty. Expect leaks/hacks/tapes/oppo research and sensational headlines.
Mueller didn't add a lawyer with expertise on the Russian mob to his team for kicks and giggles
You win it with "the party"'s help...
I'm just amazed at how many otherwise conservative people they have convinced that Russia is our friend/buddy/pal.
That's is the tragedy, that they did get the GOP's help. When Mitch Mcconnell shut down advising America of the hacking pre-election.
Even if it's Watergate redux, @GOP enabled & extended this & it's morphed into a Nazi-embracing authoritarian-leaning threat to democracy 😱.
Russiagate may reveal that two parties engaged in slick unethical practices that damaged our democracy & led to enemy invasive assault?
Great analysis joy. Just great
And why the hell are these people following you like lemmings now?
The stakes are high, though. You've got the presidency of the US on the table, and a dangerous and powerful ally, Vladimir Putin. We lose!!!
#GOP is quite happy at the #helm.
The @GOP betrayed democracy itself when they ignored all the warning signs and chose to cling to the Trump Train.
How do you lose with the help of both your party and the MSM?
W/o any qualifications either.
Its easy Joy, we just vote. Lol just like all of the special elections that we keep winning. U are way off. Most of America loves Trump. 😂😂😂
To seal the steal Breitbart start a campaign on Article V Trump has already used Fox air his views on failing constitution & legislative 🤔
I disagree. The Republican Party was the wind beneath tRump's sails. Speaking their deepest truths, strengthening their basest of bases.
Don Jr's "banal evil" story paints him as a "useful idiot." But is Manafort too? & the ties to the banks? Kushner? Bannon? McConnell?
The GOP is definitely complicit.....
Regular cheating wasn't enough for them - the worst type of cheating possible is the Trump family motto - treason!
A huge part of that is the role the media played by giving Trump all that free press.
Are you forgetting the ppl who voted for him? They wanted the swamp drained. He's doing it. He's setting things right again.
Complicity isn't help?
Can we call it, instead, "Russ-a-Lago"?
Or how to commit treason. Or how to sell out your country.
the most coherent, understandable explanation of this mess. DT was a dirty, unethical win-at-all-costs bus man. Same 4 campaign
Are you sure no GOP help?
Trump is a Russian agent.
maybe stop colliding with media to screw over ur opponents- that's what did her in, besides other scandals
especially the Electoral College (scandal)
Not be Hillary Clinton
Russiagate? I don't think you're being fair to the Rosenbergs.
Re-Election today with no interference!
During the campaign, Russia had already launched massive attack to denigrate HRC & support DJT. He needs what phrases to use via Putin.
The Trump campaign created a traditional campaign out of bizarre parts. Oppo research done by hackers. All data done by RNC. Free media.
Or how does a rogue candidate win the Electorial College?
Lol this is what happens when Trumpsters don't have a good defense
Why don't need to defend against fake allegations.
Huh? Cmon OJ Simpson had a better argument then you Trump Trolls do to this..
From the guy who says " white nationalism isn't white supremacy" 😂 Well done, being on the wrong side of history, Dave
Oh yes sir! We'll get back to complaining about Shakespeare in the park and Kathy Griffin right away! Also... CNNs almost dead! Feel better?
have a drink!
Greed and want. They don't need squat.
Maybe Donald Sr. Doesn't really know them, but his whole inner circle does.
Yep! All closely connected & chummy.
This shows intent
Russia's group of greedy ruthless bastards met our own group of greedy ruthless bastards, then we were all screwed.
at first it seemed like russia co-opting trump team...might look like they initiated the treason/espionage/collusion/coordination?
And this part of your tweet is the most important
(2) So Trump was at Trump Tower for some part of the day in question and met with one of the people who was in a room with a Russian agent.
Please, please never ever utter the following: a) nothing burger b) there's no there there :)
Unlike Hillary and the Clinton Foundation???? Who you wholeheartedly supported, if I remember correctly!!!!
So when do we hear that @BarackObama is to blame for not stopping #DonaldTrumpJr from meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign?
Hey Lynn, I'm with you. We'd best NOT hear anyone blaming @BarackObama
They are mobsters at heart, if not in behavior.
It is not unfamiliar territory for them that is for sure.
Have I told you lately that I love you? 😂
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Missed our Joy this weekend! We ♥️ JC, but we missed your pretty smiling face! 😊
The Trump Family is a Mob Crime Family and all people they bring into the fold have to pledge "loyalty" to the MOB!
Follow the money silly! What part of selling your soul to the devil, (Putin). does Trump not understand? #45 knows who VP is!
You're talking about the Clintons and Podesta, correct?
They were set up like bowling pins. Fools. Such easy marks for Putin
Can we add that our gov't needs to act now and at the VERY minimum take away Kushners security clearance???
Maybe a good time for some #taxreturns to put all of this to rest?
And the so called "group of 8", especially #McConnell have lots to answer for, after #trump goes to jail.
Right. It's what they do. There is not on scintilla of interest in the wellbeing of others.
Mueller and his team are licking their chops
Joyce, how much do you make a year, or are you paid for each moronic tweet u post
its called #LeadingWithYourValues. the values of this #GOP are crystal clear.
Awesome thread joy...!
I still want to see those taxes. I still think there's more. Too many incident with Russian contacts.
Money grubbers. The best thing you can say about that family.
while the elite dems and gop just take their blood money from the likes of exxon and pHARMa
Do you not make a living off of these same people? So in a sense, you are doing the same, but your paycheck comes from the left...
They had all these back door investments going on forever. Hiding assets, breaking sanctions. Now they are out in the light, somewhat late
Because they've known Trump for years?
It seems likely that Trump had been in debt to Russia since the mid 90's so getting an in with his campaign (since he's Dumb) would be easy
Yeah and he decided to run for prez after 20 years ...genius
The very definition of collusion or in my opinion treason.
Do you have real news to report?
Do you have meds for your delusions?
Seriously Mr. Weissman? That is Joy Reid you are addressing.
No she's a useful idiot of the left
And you're an uneducated sheep.
👆👆👆👆 Typical Trump dupe. Thinks "real news" is only that which is regurgitated by the "Great Leader".
Here's some news, Steve Bannon hates you and every other Jew in the world. Yes, including Jared and Ivanka. Don't stop sending money though.
You're heart must be breaking.
Maybe because the candidate has a financial obligation he needs to take care...🤔
And that they would have so many ppl in the American government compromised when the were done. Probably most successful operation ever.
Willing CORRUPT helpers.
And the help continues! ...
They (and us) never thought we would seriously entertain such an incompetent and corruptible candidate.
If u can't find real evidence, then frame it...dossier fusion gps was involved in setting up this meeting
They have been plying republican waters for years, they knew they were getting a host of "useful idiots".
Preach Joy. Keep preaching.
An entire political party of helpers
The @GOP have always been traitors. They were willing to accept the Russians help. A lot of them also took their money.
This is a pattern. Trump, his children and their cronies have cuddled and colluded with Russia for far too long and it's time to talk 🔥⚖️🚓
Better st psychology
What blows me away is the Trumps and Clinton's used to be friends, how would you like a friend like DJT..
Agreed. And the future holds?
Sounds like an amateur mob mentality. Brazen. Above the law. Careless. Don't care.
GOP is complicit b/c they accepted Russian $ to help fund their takeover. Which largely explains their silence in the face of treason. SAD!
they all seem to clamour to meet with the russians. Hottest ticket in trump town
I have no doubt Jeff Sessions assured them that they would have.
the willing helpers had an asking price $$$$, loans to repay and have zero regard for their own countrymen/ women
You mean like Obama, who knew about It and did nothing?
Hit the jackpot w/trump & current GOP. Scary that @GOP won't put country above party when our democracy is at risk. Must be in on it too
Trump and family are in hock up to their eyeballs. Erasing debt,money laundering,scamming the poor this crew has done it all!
They had met donald....
This and the Koch brothers make for a mighty stupid right
I'm older, and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. How an entire campaign aided by Russia stole a Presidency. Mind blowing.
And that's why the disbelief when Trump won. Because it wasn't true.
From one party no less
White rich racist! Trump has unleashed a devil in America that was waiting to pounce on democracy!
Hey Joy. At the airport in ATL checking you out.
They realized that the moment Trump couldn't get loans in USA.
Your on fire tonight!
Have you thought that Russia may have done worse than you think? They have nothing but allies in some of our neighbors secretly.
None of the better known ones.
Joy Reid, it is clear you have no bullets left. You will grasp at anything. Each week it is something different. You cannot back it up.
Russians apparently have been doing this for decades. Most Americans will not conspire w foreign enemies though. And most were not duped
Trump has been their punk ass since the mid-90s. But to imagine the @GOP would be such a bunch of traitors, that's the jackpot.
They set Trump up for years, sending oligarchs here to spend money. @HillaryClinton was right,
They've tried it many times before but couldn't find any takers. Then one day they found the perfect idiot. The rest is history...
"willing" is spelled PAID
And having all those helpers, there is no way in heck that the election was not affected!
Remember what @selectedwisdom Clint Watts testified? He said Trump was willing to use Russian tactics and active measures AGAINST Americans!
Damn you need a daily show! But msnbc is too scared to give you a slot. But Greta Van Suspect is good! How is this real life?
is the most knowledgeable and brilliant investigative journalist ever. A woman so intellectually powerful to the average viewer.
Here's a clue, appealing to their greed & lust for power may have done the trick.
Putin has been waging full scale hybrid war against the West for about 5 years now.
Trump to the rescue of Russia! Such an honor!
It was a bonanza falling in their lap
here it is in a nutshell.
Trump has an uncanny knack for becoming so awful that others have to stand beside him. That was his debt strategy.
Our system of checks and balances proved inadequate for the task of fighting off #TrumpRussia.
Slogan: For the Few, The Proud. The Not So Brave. The Republicans. (Since 1993!) @lasesana @joanwalsh @Lawrence
Who could've ever imagined in 2017 our great nation would be destroyed by a reality TV host!I am sickened
Sanctions relief will be ultimate quid pro quo, but even wo/that, this is aid and comfort to enemy who wants to undermine democracy.
America has nothing to gain from Russia, we oppose Putin's ideals, economy there is weak, corrupt. What possible interest does this serve?
Except to keep Trump and GOP in power. No national interest involved at all. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Treason.
I was a Republican all my life until you could see serious change several years ago. As the party became hateful and angry I had 2 leave it
Wonder if GOP knew exactly what was going on and just sat back. They're complicit.
Oh but please don't forget to give @VP his due! Alleged Christian lying down with vipers - #complicit traitor
Amazing how these nimrods, bungled their way to temporarily suspend operations. However, they left a good trail. Patience all.
Once a party has lost the confidence of supporters it becomes a long, sometimes impossible road back.
This seems far more plausible. None of the key players are politically sophisticated; simplest answer usually the explanation for crimes
So... when will Rep party disavow to reclaim that respect? If they don't do it before the midterms, the conversion will be complete
With a few exceptions the @GOP has managed to destroy their party by enabling & ignoring tRump's destruction of the presidency & America.
A party that supposedly did some soul searching & realized they need to reach out to Americans collectively. Remember that? What. Happened?
and now? the #GOP? THEY OWN THIS.
Wow, this tweet is the scariest of all. Hillary thought many were anti-Trump, but instead they all jumped in support of Trump. #Coverup
It appears that Putin's tentacles go far deeper into the US right than might think.
I also find it amusing when some of them are like "Where is all this hostility coming from? I didn't expect this!!!"
Why this is all going down so quickly. Has it even been 6 months?
When your entire campaign to obtain power was 100% based on lies, why not lie on a few security forms? TRUMP LOGIC 2016/2017
So where r the prosecutions? Start with the forms ... at least they would have to stand down...
Yeah @JoyAnnReid they shoulda coulda woulda been smart to use Bleach Bit?!
They have made a slew of mistakes that would land anyone else in jail, except this group. Why is that?
Not the sharpest knives in the drawer! The Trump circus is a very bad comedy of errors and far from funny
Boys and girls - just remember one thing - they nailed Al Capone on Tax Evasion. The devil is in the details. He will go.
I've been calling for tax returns since BEFORE election. Mueller has the power. Needs to use it now. Follow the 💰 notaxreturnsnolegitimacy!
True ...but after he killed scores
But they all ultimately knew they were making deals w/enemy of America. Now Russia is coming back, demanding recompense.
Their arrogance led them to believe they would get away with it all, too.
They all took the 'don't worry about it; when dads president it won't matter' option, which is quite satisfyingly backfiring on 'em
This nonsensical tweet storm is proof that affirmative action simply leads to a further reduction of humanity's collective intelligence
It's like an administration, but more Keystone Kops, than West Wing
A "mistake" is taking the wrong off-ramp. Not INTENTIONALLY leaving out information to cover one's butt. @VP @FLOTUS
You are a bitter, scorned woman with no facts. You should investigate why black women are aborting at a 3to1 ratio.
I'm convinced they don't know the difference between the truth & lying #LiarInChief #99problemsandthetruthIS1 #thestupidispainful #ITMFA
Thank you for this - The glaring, undeniable TRUTH about republicans ....
AND they seem to get away with it all. This will all be forgotten about tomorrow, which bothers me the most. Sad #pleaseendtrumpnow
Because they assumed Trump, as the "owner" of the adjudicative agencies, would take care of these "mistakes," right?
Presumably. If you win, you control the investigative agencies. But then Comey refused to play ball and Sessions messed up & had to recuse.
I believe many of the mistakes were due to the lack of Government experience of many on the transition team (not an excuse for Flynn).
Similar to Felt's telling Woodard, Nixon administration wasn't very smart.
There must be a shit storm of paper that the Trump admin falsified. Whose gunna track that?
Did they lie or did they conveniently forget...done in dark...daylight comes.
Yes collusion! Anytime you lied you were in your right mind!
They thought they'd get away with it that we would embrace @realDonaldTrump with open arms &succumb 2 his every whim BOY were they mistaken!
So when the poor starts flying I think it would be prudent to gather the Trump passports before they seek asylum w/their godfather Vlad
Their judgment was blinded by greed & illusions of power, etc.
I'll buy the book!!!
It feels like it will only be a matter of time before the big one drops.
What a load of horseshit. Watergate started with an ACTUAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. You're still investigating to find the crime.
Patience grasshopper.
Oh we have the crime simpleton. Lieing on Gov't clearance forms dragnets a usable group. Just like Watergate. To turn and get the rest
Oh, I'm not saying trump and his flunkies aren't dirtier than a day old diaper. But there is NO evidence of collusion or interference.
Kenny give it up. They colluded with a foreign enemy to win the election. Sorry you got duped but you did.
Uh huh. According to who?
Looking for a citation here. Please name someone who has objectively and authoritatively stated that there's proof Russia influenced the GE.
You'll get crickets every time you ask that question .....
Oh, there's an answer. "Some know-it-all asshole sock puppet on the web." It's a weak answer, but it's an answer.
Put down the orange kool-aid
Don't confuse my contempt for your McCarthyist war-mongering with support for the Toddler King.
yes, I wonder if Flynn is talking to Mueller.
He's one guy I can't wait to see get his just desserts.
... both scoops!
Nobody believes your lies anymore
I think you meant to tweet this at the Grifter in Chief.
Nope. I aimed it at one of the many fake news Trump haters.
So you still believe Trump's lies...too funny.
It's adorable that you believe the liberal press. Adorable and stupid
Yeah I should believe some random dude with a mouthgina on Twitter instead. Your ignorance is both spectacular and profound in its fullness.
See now there's a good example of stupidity. Can't even follow a conversation.
Yet you seem so worried. Guilty?
Don’t forget Steve Bannon and the Mercers.
Reading your tweets regarding to @nytimes article on Donald Trump Jr and Clinton like...
That's nothing but pure conjecture from the most racist person on MSNBC. Terrible shame that people like you are willing to see US fail.
Social media and you have less followers than me? #TellMeSomethingElseYouAreNotGoodAt
Sorry, I'm not a follower-whore. Most libs love to say anything to rally the troops.
Don't get bogged in name calling. Tell us what is wrong...What is the "truth"
The core of the truth is that Dems thought Obama would simply hand Queen Hillary the crown, w/o so much as a whimper from the GOP. Wrong.
They didn't take Trump into consideration, and slung everything they had at him to see if something would stick. Nothing did. Still doesn't.
What does that even mean "Didn't take Trump into consideration" . Yet you didnt mention what part of her thoughts were wrong
So, now that Trump is the president, the only thing they can do is get him removed from office with the help of the paid-off msm.
That is, BEFORE he does too much damage to Obama's legacy. Now they're even fabricating stories from "unnamed sources" hoping for a miracle.
Who is this "they" you are speaking of. Which fabricated stories. You keep doing this "general" bullshit. Can you be specific please?
Problem is there is a select few w/ their head on straight that see right through it. They're rallying the troops. Won't fall for fake news.
You're adorable in your ignorance.
I'm heterosexual, but thanks anyway.
That's what you tell yourself when you check out Grinder.
And who has their "head on straight" what does that even mean? FFS would you try and have a coherent thought with facts?
You just suck at social media...but go with lying to yourself.
No foolng you. You're smarter than me by half.
At least you recognize your betters.
Your mastery of insult is only outpaced by your mastery of social media. Did I type that slow enough for you? Now that's in insult.
If you think I know how fast or slow you typed something, you really are a complete dumbass! Lol! Thanks for the laugh!
Its your play. Tell us what is wrong with it. Oh wise one
You are on 🔥 tonight!
Haven't you heard, he's a 1%er now.
The hypocrisy on Flynn is staggering.
This element does not get enough coverage, thank you.
Flynn - an embarrassment to the uniform
Bring them all down!!
Man you are priceless. DO NOT STOP. We need you.
Yea they bad, but my Aunt died in the Bosnian genocide because of Hillary, so they're not as bad to me
Do you think Hillary Clinton is secretly Slobodan Milosevic in disguise? Good grief.
Nah, she just talked Bill out of his campaign promise to intervene because it would overshadow her healthcare bill (that failed)
So forget the people who started and waged the war; it's some American's fault for not telling her husband to swoop in and end it? Ugh.
He was going to as he promised. She didn't want her little bill to lose press coverage, thus a preventable genocide was allowed
Simply untrue. Your own made up story to fit your agenda. Or are you a paid troll/bot?
Bosnian genocide? Because of Hillary? You're joking, right?
Well, dad can pardon all of them.
Is proving to be the biggest sycophant around. Ignore the #democrats illegal activity and fry @POTUS. Your lines are boring
Ignore the democrats illegal activity? LOL. Nothing was ignored. There were investigations. Now the investigations are about Trump.
We're talking TREASON. And you're all, "But the Democrats ..." Weak sauce my friend.
Treason for what?
illegal activity? Name them.
Post Obama DNC conspiring against Bernie, the unmasking of names, meeting in the tarmac, off the top of my head
oh yeah? Tell me: did these right wing conspiracies lead to prosecutions?
Pelosi using the air force as her personal airline, Schumer Pay to Play
you're citing unverified bullshit on right wing blogs. Once again: what did the legal system say about all this?
Anthony Weimer, Corrine Brown, Greg Giancorte,Chaka Farrah, Jesse Jackson. All convicted.
what about the names in the first two tweets. What happened there?
Pelosi was actually caught.Look it up. Schumer Isn't official yet. I have you specific convictions. You asked I informed. Do u feel stupid?
as for Schumer, why are you saying he's guilty with no conviction?
Why do you bots act like we don't have the Wikileaks lol
and what came out of Wikileaks, sexy?
That Dems are pedophiles, which we already knew from Cathy O'Brien 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Hillary Clinton molested Cathy O'Brien and threatened bills victims, that guy is equally as sick in the head.