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I worry Apple will think about killing the iPad mini again, which they shouldn't. It's such a wonderful little device.…
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It’s the only one I don’t have currently in my household and probably the one I want most but I’m hoping for a refresh
Same. I love ❤️ the original size!
I'm with you. I've had every iteration of the mini. It's the perfect size (for me) for consumption.
Thinking about getting one.
💯the iPad Mini is a severely underrated device that in the proper hands is a daily workhorse 🛠…📣keep spreading this message🙌🏾
Long live the iPad Mini!
Another really great mini use case.
I went with the Pro Max thinking it could serve as an iPad mini type device as well as my iPhone. It excels as an iPhone, fails as an iPad. I wish I had purchased the iPhone mini + iPad mini.
Yeah, same reason why I “downgraded” to a Pro “Regular” the last two iterations from the “Max”.
I only have an iPhone because of the Apple Watch. My around the house “phone” is the iPad Mini while the iPhone sits on a charging pad all day. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’d rather have a cellular Apple Watch and the Mini.
Heck - I’d like to see them throw an M2 into a Mini. Such a useful device.
Perhaps story changes for many if it ever gets an M1 to support desktop
I’d love an iPad mini Pro! It’s the perfect size but I miss the Pro screen.
I also love my iPad Mini. Perfect for reading, thumb typing, and traveling.
I simultaneously want both the absolute LARGEST iPad Apple will sell me and also the absolute smallest iPad Apple will sell me
Co signed. It - w a magic track pad and keyboard - is my work device for 99% of things at this point. And, of course, my 100% consumption device. Long may it run
I dream of the day (He typed on his iPad Mini at a local watering hole.) the iPad Mini “Pro”/M1 arrives. I have always loved the form factor and would happily carry it around and plug it into monitors in appropriate locations. (Just in case, I hope you are listening, @Apple .)
It is a niche device and I don’t expect this device much in the wild. As their own marketing shows, it is targeted for specific audiences like doctors, pilots etc and not a general context device.
Used by many professional pilots. There’s still a demand for this form factor.
What’s been your experience with apps scaling their text? The last time I tried a mini (I want to love it!) I had a jarring experience in some apps, almost felt like iPhone app running at 2x.
Yes love mine as well. My 12.9” is primarily for work and the beloved Mini is for personal.
It’s a great consumption device but it’s not great for pencil apps. I tried but found it’s too light / small to write on. It’d be great if they kept the design, dropped pencil support and reduced the cost to match the base iPad.