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Nothing to shit about if they don’t have smart speed
Still way better. Never looked back since I went Premium.
sorry man. SHERLOCKED!
Hopefully audio API as well
Elephant in the room: Shit
Still holding out for that big slide that mentions "audio intents in WatchOS"
podcast on Apple Watch 😥
Thoughts and prayers
I guess it was bound to happen eventually. (I’m keeping Overcast, though.)
Smart Speed continues to prove its worth
Don't worry, your not sherlocked
And let me guess, they won’t be adding any of needed API changes for Overcast to support it.
Please tell us your doing a Apple Watch podcast app?
Overcast has had an Apple watch app for a long time. :)
Damn. Time for you to pack it up and call it a day, I guess.
Will still stick with @OvercastFM 🤗🤓
Let’s see if they have the courage to give you the APIs for Overcast in the sessions.
Doesn't even matter. Still using Overcast, never want it on watch.
Don’t worry, he talked so little about it, maybe no one noticed.
Sorry, the Sherlock got you! Overcast is still my app
if it’s anything like the podcast app, it will be just that..
Maybe with new hardware?
Marco: “Shit.“
On the other hand… I just live watched your likes count on that tweet rocket to 300 in under 30 secs o.o
Wanna bet wether you can turn the wheel for volume?
Don't worry, we'll never switch away from Overcast!
That’s got to hurt. Sorry man.
Was counting down until this tweet.
Hopefully you’ll get API’s you’ve always wanted
You said it about 4 times this morning !
Still love my @OvercastFM , I just wish I could stream to my @Sonos and sync.
I've heard that AirPlay 2 is coming to newer Sonos devices "soon", super excited for that for this reason
Yeah, but then I'd have to buy new ones? Eesh.
I’m going to use Overcast anyway. But I have to tell you I wouldn’t have downloaded it if watchOS supported Podcast from the get go.
If it can’t play at faster than 1x and no smart speed, I won’t be moving away from @OvercastFM especially if I can use Siri shortcuts to start overcast.
I've been waiting for this comment :-)
They'd have to actually make the main Podcast app good for this to count
FWIW, I am not going anywhere. Overcast gets a lot more developed attention than Apple’s podcasts app, by far. I hope they open up some more hooks, though, for you to use.
Third party background audio support just announced? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smart speed has saved me like 110 hours. Overcast isn’t going anywhere.
Audio Controller API in the word cloud.
They’d need to fix the god awful main podcast app before I’d even use it. Assume you’re talking about watch podcasts.