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That Pixel 3 XL is pretty ugly tho
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still gonna have a clutch camera and The Best Android though so I don't see myself caring too much
maybe this is the year to get the small Pixel but I also kinda doubt I'll be able to help myself
Feeling the same way. I hope the haptics on this year's small Pixel aren't trash. That would be a shame with these nice new haptics we got in Pie.
yeahhhh I'm not willing to go back to that buzzy mess, the XL has definitely ruined me to other phones that way.
I don't even want to attempt to use P on the Essential phone for that reason.
I have a feeling that's the path I'm taking, although not because of the notch. I got a Pixel 1 mini because the difference in screen sizes wasn't enough to justify the massive phone. I went Pixel 2 XL because it was a massive difference in screen sizes due to bezelzilla.
I really really *really* loved having a smaller phone this last year. I hardly dropped it, it fits into every pocket, and it's comfortable to keep on me during outdoor activities. (It certainly saved my ass during SUP two weeks ago.)
I'm going small this year. The Pixel 2 XL was way too big for me
The small Pixel 2's bezels turned me off, but that's the perfect size for me. When I saw that the Pixel 3 is like a small Pixel 2 XL in terms of bezels, it was over for me
Not having enough RAM has made my Pixel 2 XL so damn LAGGY. Thinking the smaller 3 as well
Stay with the 2 another year ?
This year is all about the small pixel.
Will it be your daily?
Going smaller this year. I want one handed usage back and hell no to that notch
What can one plus do to become the best android device? I think the gap is thinning quickly (even before 'the notch')
camera camera camera, also, actually sell through a channel that US buyers use.
also: haptics that aren't terrible and auto brightness that actually works. And better touch latency optimization. And Verizon support.
Every Android phone has shit haptics (except LG) so it’s nothing Android phone users aren’t used to. And I have never been happy with auto brightness on my Pixel (Oreo or even Pie). I always found Apple’s implementation better.
I do not understand this haptics argument.
I feel the same way. Do you think a phone with OnePlus will land with a carrier? Maybe like a Tmobile or they'll provide credits if you bring your OnePlus over?
told me they're talking to US carriers right now. So that's clearly a thing they're trying to do. The Q is whether they can get through the certification gauntlet.
I'm sure it's hell to get through that. However - That'll be huge.
The big three things the Pixels having going for them are UI Smoothness, Camera, and 3 Years of day one software updates. Honestly, I’m getting a little bored of the Pixels..maybe all phones are boring as your wrote. But Google’s lead in those three areas are getting smaller.
But has any Pixel looked good?
That Pixel 3 isn't looking too bad, honestly
I think the 2 XL is a good-looking phone, much better looking than the original XL
Yeah but this is particularly ugly
The most beautiful, for its era, Google phone remains the Nexus One for me. Everything was perfect, including the texture and how it felt in the hand. It was incredible work by @Arubin and HTC.
I really did love my Nexus One. Wore the paint right off the back I used it so much.
At doubleTwist, we gave one to every engineer and QA employee at the time, with "doubleTwist" laser-etched in the back. They were very happy :)
Rubin actually gave one to @jonlech before it was publicly released or announced by Google.
galaxy nexus was probably my favorite.
Why would they do that notch to us? :C
I think the Pixel 3XL is making me understand Trump fans more closely than anything else has--I'm genuinely liking the design in large part because of how enraged it makes the users of /r/android
Still not having wired headphones and charge at the same time, no sell for me.
The bottom bezel is what's ruining it for me.
The 3XL looks ridiculous. Who the hell in Google allowed that design?
I wonder if the design was HTC or Google people. Either way, I'll be waiting for Pixel 4...
I'm not going to buy the XL, but eventually the pixel 3
Google design team need to do better job than this. This design is a suicide.