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Built-in virus protection, a battery that lasts all day, and automatic updates: welcome to the new way of doing things.
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Shhhhhh! You'll wake the sheep.
So Apple isn’t good now google is good with censorship.... what tablet is worth the money nowadays? I know desktop will always be the best but for school and managing home stuff... what the hell is the best and safest? None probably, huh?
Stay away from tablets. Get a small form factor laptop install a Linux distro like Ubuntu or Mint instead and go from there.
Thank you. Hope it isn’t too complicated. I should have ended my last tweet with “for a family with no deep computer knowledge.”
I'm sorry this comment doesn't help you now, but maybe keep your eye on the purism Eventually they will make a tablet that respects your privacy. Could be many years away
Will it listen to me on the toilet, you snakes?
Probably, just like every othe phone and company
When you're doing your business while doing your business... you Chromebook.
Handy to keep all the necessary equipment in the same room *wipes ass with Chromebook before realizing mistake* AWWW MANNN
Sorry don’t trust google anymore either.
Their YouTube purge was the final straw. Kind of Swampy in that part of California.
Can I have a free one?
I got a free CR-48 back in the day. Don’t think they do that anymore.
Okay, so can I get a free Chromebook?
Cr 48 is a Chromebook
How do I get a free Cr 48?
You'd need to start w a time machine to get the original free offer But I bet you can get one super cheap on eBay or CL....
Honestly, as I don't have a time machine I'd rather just wait and see if the the actual Google Company twitter, would be willing to give me a free one.
We've gotten enough "Free" stuff from them and Facecrook already.
No we haven't. I want a free Chromebook.
"Built-in virus protection"... "automatic updates"... "new way"... 🤔🤔 whoever wrote this tweet clearly has no knowledge of computers. "Built-in" I think you mean downloaded before purchase. Automatic updates is a NEW WAY?!?! 🤣🤣🤣 this entire tweet is just embarrassing
(Possibly sensitive)
Sweet! It will even track your location after you turn location history off.
Food for thought, look at the window platform and the pci card expansion covers, every building connects the universal human body in different anatomical processes
The Lord Eloi Is A Better Way to Understand Man&Machine and how they "com"plete each other, Eloi is God's name in Greek
Say yes to the company that went after schools and made sure every kid was exposed to a cancer-causing wireless device. Neurological damage, DNA damage and opening of the blood brain barrier. Besides that and all the glitches, they're great. Thanks for nothing!
Google sucks, but there is no evidence that wifi causes real harm on any scale worthy of concern
There is plenty of evidence that exposure to microwave radiation causes problems. For 40 years they've known. Once, there was "no evidence" that cigarettes, mercury, lead, glyphosate, and asbestos caused problems either. Then there was.
Please read the actual research. You are relying on what the industry says. The research says something totally different. Please look at he NTP Study and the Ramazzini Study and the re-released Interphone study. People who know the least laugh the loudest.
Yeah, no. I did investigate this about a decade ago. This is a stupid issue to waste time on. Do you have some mental health issues? Maybe low grade social anxiety?
people are so brainwashed by the industry they can't even see the truth. Useful idiots I believe they are called. Did you research what the industry was saying? Try looking at nonindustry funded research. You might learn something.
Are you an anti vaxxer too?
Just read up on NTP and Ramazzini. Its negligible at the rate were exposed to it says. Aka just like background radiation that the Earth emits. You're own defense is against you. At least the vax people had one paper... To bad that Dr has new evidence it's false, and is sorry. Yes the industry is telling us the truth and the independent scientists are just lying for the hell of it. The industry making trillions off of this technology is totally honest and forthright. Can't convince some people regardless of the evidence.
Says the person using a device that has wifi
Do people still not understand the difference between the internet and wireless wifi? You can access the internet safely via ethernet. No wifi needed. But it is clear the industry has brainwashed a bunch of people to think they have no choice but to use wifi.
I really wish the Alex Jonesians would stay in their paranoid corner of Twitter...
Except that everything will be wifi in 5 - 10 years with the implementation of 5G. And whoever told you wifi gives you cancer is bat 💩. It's non ionizing radiation.
Pixelbook for $1000 though naw playa 😂
It's a no from me, dawg!😂
So when will pixel batteries blast longer than 4 hours?
That doesn't sound good, Matthew. Try these steps to troubleshoot battery drain on your Pixel phone: Let us know if that helps.
Google is the virus always spying and tracking people . Even when they turn off the settings . Who protects citizens from Google ? Asking for friend .
They should pay us to take one.
Long battery life and automatic updates = nefarious motives
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"You Chromebook" or "Your Chromebook?" Ouch guys.
Shining the Chromebook.
It's "You Chromebook" They are using it as a verb
It even comes with virus protection built-in! Macs don’t even have that! Oh, wait...
Tell that to the teenage boy who hacked their impenetrable servers for over a year. Is that's just the one who got caught? Hire the lad!
It's a fantasy to believe Macs are immune to malware. The fact that malicious code nearly always targets #Windows is a testament to Apple's negligible computer sales relative to #Microsoft, which usually claims ~95% market share. But whatever, back to my #Linux box...
That’s not necessarily true. If there’s a small subset of the population that is particularly vulnerable, you should expect it to be exploited too. Specially since 5% can still be millions of expensive machines. Good nuff for attackers Market share * exploitability
What part of what I said wasn't true? As far as I can tell, you're more or less elaborating on my central point - that macOS is most definitely susceptible to malware.
And Chrome is bloatware! 👎😡
I have a Chromebook. I regret it.
NEVER trust CIA owned GOOGLE!! You will be spied on. Our company won't even let us install Google Chrome due to its background meddling.
And it will track your location too! It’s wonderful. If you ever travel to China, @Google will make sure your device is compatible with the Communist firewall so you can’t get real information. Hooray for Google.
The Pixelbook is $1000? A MacBook can be found for less than $1000. The Surface Pro 4 can be had for $899, and it will still run Chrome. Google, you need to rethink what you are selling.
if you needed an excuse to crack a ginger ale, today is Hank Chinaski’s birthday. #postofficetopulp
A better excuse than most, Brew. Thank you, and cheers!
Flock-you Google! You are worse than China.
Can it track me constantly and act as if its a God?
Funny? I thought Google was the virus.
New, From the company that spies on you over your objections and helps enforce communist censorship for profit: it’s a laptop with a battery, antivirus software, and updates! Wow, groundbreaking!
Can't wait to be able to actually do local software development on it without chroots and hacks!
Have a nice day, Google. You have now blown the worlds largest economic wet dream.
I heard chromebooks are being outclassed by other laptops right now though.
Lol dude #Chromebook is outclassed by freaking single boards nowadays. @thepine64 & @librecomputer's respective flagship boards blow Chromebook specs out of the water for under $100. #Google's "computers" are trashy toys engineered to broaden their global surveillance apparatus.
Cool, a Linux computer just for writing under $100? Swoon. I know what my wishlist will be sometime.
What are you even talking about? My @thepine64 #RockPro does anything a #Chromebook can & more. If you're inept at #SSH, a monitor & HDMI cable is all you need for a GUI. Plus it's not portable, so you'll be spared the indignity of being seen in public using a Chromebook. 😉
Google chrome book watching u after u disable location services
It will track and record everything even if you switch it off. 😆😆😆
When America realizes that you are the virus...
And it knows everything you’re doing.
Just wish I had access to various software downloads like c++ JavaScript etc.
No, I don't.
Google, you ARE the disease. Plus you are advertising on an app that censors free speech of certain groups. Congratulations on condoning twitter’s actions. Twits.
Hmm since I don't work much and the Google apps are hard to shut off to save battery why not have xkill,,,
How bout a duckduck book, lol. @DuckDuckGo
They would riddle it with proprietary software. They promote iOS!
Built in voice recorders and trackers too right
Remake the Nexus 5.
Mine bricked after update
"Built-in virus protection" meaning "built on the #Linux kernel." Leave it to #Google to try and lay totally undeserved claim to free and open source software that they'd gladly kill if given the opportunity (see: #Fucshia).
Well it is built in... Can't get another virus on it when the entire OS is a virus itself.
Just because it comes with Chrome OS factory installed doesn't impede you from overwriting that trash with an alternative OS of your choosing.
Yea never buying a Google product. Never. Under any circumstance. Too bad they've reaches their tendrils into every smartphone so you can't truly escape them.
You're kidding, right? You have enough of my information!
Why did Eric Schmidt provide a separate server for US political elite,... in North Korea? Trying to avoid any FOIA? Hiding email drafts. What gems are left over from his rule at Google? Google is completely dishonest, IMO
So it’s an iPad. That costs hundreds of dollars more because... it folds? I mean, I could buy that, or I could just keep my iPad.
I pads are worse than these. Get a device with a free os.
Or get a cheaper, more durable kindle and sideload whatever appstore you want. The Amazon appstore sucks but the device works great.
I already have the iPad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
unless of course its google you need protected from🤔🤔🤔
The new ChromeBook's here! The new ChromeBook's here!
No My R11 Cant Run Pubg Mobile Fix That
youre all naive if u think google is the only search engine tracking you.
And a computer that will censor you when you use the wrong words. #YouTubeCensorship
Built in privacy invasion, shadow banning, content removal the works! Lol
Does it automatically censor non-leftist content?
Oh, I get it it! You're using "Chromebook" as a verb! Clever, if I was seven.
Can I install a full version of Photoshop Lightroom on it? No? I no Chromebook.
Stop. That's garbage malware.
Why don't you climb out of our business. Quit tracking, listening, and watching. You say protection, but that means the exact opposite, right?
Built-in security: We know where you are every second!
Google should be in a federal penitentiary!
(Possibly sensitive)
But can you open .exe tho
But can I watch @infowars on it if I want to? Or did you ban it from that platform as well?
Don't forget to disclose that Google tracks customers location even when they turn location off. Google is the virus.
Add the ability to use a Mobile Data E-Sim with Google Fi and fix some of the Google suite products (docs, cells) so they don't have issues converting into word and Excel and I'd be happy. The format always gets messed up and you can't insert equations.
I like how this ad links to the Twitter homepage.
This campaign is's really really bad. I get you're trying to recreate two-word marketing success that Apple had, but 'you chromebook' is If the powers that be see this get at me. I run campaigns for medical device manufacturers. This is simpler.
Battery lasts all day because nobody wants to use the piece of junk.
But will it run fl studio?
Just another tool to track people by no thanks.
Where's the developer version?? Need to run VSCode and Node natively
Please. You steal all the good of Linux and then put the trash of software on it. No thanks.
STOP TRACKING YOUR USERS and maybe we'd consider buying your products!
Fabulous, and new tool coming from the company that scrubs the things THEY think we shouldn’t read or have access too.
🤔🤔🤔🤔 let me test one for a week and I might consider
Do not forget it is also great at tracking your movements even when it says it’s not 😂
I'm waiting for a device similar in form factor to an iPad or a surface pro running Google chrome
So you can spy on us more? No thanks. #DuckDuckGo
The struggle is so real. I ate three hotdogs today. I was hungry and they tasted real good.
I like this tweet. This is why I'm on Twitter
Government and corporate control of personal devices
Is it better than Micro Soft?
It does everything and tracks everything you do and say. #BigBrother is here. Sign up now!
Updates not optional?
Also free data mining and cyber extortion for wrong think. Violators of social progressivism will be unpersoned.
And tracks your ass even without you knowing it..... 😐
Screw Chromebook. Windows is better.
Which laptop is that in the pic?
Are these laptop game sopurted? And os is android ?
I blocking this ad in protest.
LOL - no thx! You r already watching us......
You Chromebook? Seriously? How about Yo! Spypad or Your Locationbook. Yeah those are just as horrible. Buy a laptop with Windows 10 or Linux and use Bing or anything but Google for search. You're a creepy invasion of privacy spy company.
Isnt it a larger phone?
Google is evil.
Tracking your information, s and silencing opinions we don't like: welcome to the new way of doing things.
The scary ever-watchful magic of #google. Forget i said that. Actually, "#Alexa! Remind me not to use chrome." Wait... "#Siri! Stop the..." Hold on just a minute... "#Cortana..." Okay maybe everyone needs to learn how to disable these things and stop giving away their #privacy.
Please update your spell checking services, otherwise I'm going to buy a MacBook.
I thought the point of a Chromebook was to be a cheap, internet only device? These prices are the same as a full laptop.
yet they still cant download anything or put it on desktop
But does the virus protection protect against @Google's invasive software and programs?
Also, permanent record of all communications, locations, and any media which passes through it. Don’t forget to mention that.
Also will @Google be monitoring my free speech and silencing me if I say what they don't like? You know... like what China does to their people.
A laptop you can count on to spy on you and sell you like a product.
>automatic updates unsubscribed
That’s great. You buy an electronic device then they sell all your information for more $$
And built in censorship! Don’t forget that!
Hey google, care to chime in? I have a LOTTT of @Apple products, so the road to switching will be long, and costly, but I feel SO DONE ✅
Really sorry to hear about your iPad 😞 Apple Watches have the same 1yr warranty, unless you splurge on Edition/Hermès. I wonder about repair cost? Not sure chromebooks will be more reliable, especially cheap ones...
This statement is bullshit. A Chromebook is the laptop you give your mom to check e-mail and play on Facebook without getting viri. It's not what you buy to play @RocksteadyGames or to update the routes saved on your @Garmin inReach.
Never use Google products if you value privacy & security, they are just another US corporation that takes advantage of people. Note they keep billions of dollars in profit overseas to avoid taxation.
Virus protection? Lol Google is just like a virus a virus to those who place hi value on data security/data privacy. Remember: Gmail & Google search is not private its virtually public. Theyve been known to route data to employers.
“Built-in Virus” FIFY