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There's a reason people are reacting to Chrome like this. This isn't an overreaction over one single event. It's a delayed reaction to a pattern of bad behavior. It's contextualized by the very messed-up power dynamic between Google and the open Web.
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It’s a pattern of behavior by Google that concerns people 🔹AMP 🔹Auto-integrating Google services 🔹Maybe we'll kill URLs? 🤷‍♂️ 🔹Don't overreact! Also we're hiding www and m now.
When people react with concern about Google, we get these excuses: 🔹Native is killing the Web! We have to do this 🔹User research says X, we do X 🔹The UX is much better; you're just being a reactionary
It feels like we're being patted on the head as a reactionary idealists when we complain. "Oh, stop complaining. The Web is basically a Google product anyway. Now log in already."
Switching to Firefox is a good reaction, but it only makes a difference in the political dynamics if we can cut Google's market share. It's not enough to "just switch." We have to protect the open Web from what appears to be a growing bad impulse by Google to run the Web alone
without Google money Firefox can’t exist, let’s not forget that
Firefox gets money from Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and others. Gets money from Google because the users use Google, if users used DDG more money would come from DDG. (I don't know the specifics)
Let's add qwant to the pot
All the money Firefox gets from Google, it puts back into the open web..... into the commons. Google just tries to lock the web down. The 0.5 revenue Google puts into Mozilla is the most pro-web money Google is spending.
I want to hate AMP but the web has some problems. It’s rotting in too many places.
Completely agree about that.
we really need antitrust, that's the calling
I've gladly moved away from Google Services, except keeping Gmail account and a separated YouTube account. Hope that will change in the future.
But they only hire the best of the best.
Also: Dart aka Dash. Chat dropping XMPP support. Killing Reader (= dropping RSS support.)
This is true with the over use if aws
If you're referring to the .Dev thing with "killing urls", they never killed anything. People knew it was a public domain and still went with it. Shit happens, get over it. About the rest, even though it might be good for UX and all, it's scary that one company can do this.
Try #Brave , built on chromium and tracker free. The web isn't free, we should start paying for the web with money rather than sacrificing our privacy to pay for the web.
is also a nice Chromium based alternative!
What, they want to be neo-AOL now?