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How do you know the leaker signed the NDA?
It was me, and I'd do it again
Pay your taxes, big man.
I pay plenty of taxes and save just enough for sushi, Pokemon cards, and premium cat litter.
Cute deflection Mike!
Amazon should be nationalized
Let’s define “plenty of”, corporate shithead...
Stop using the cat litter for tweet content.
NDA that requires a public employee to protect a company's non-trade secrets is basically a used napkin.
How do you know the leaker was a public employee? Maybe it was an Amazon employee or a real estate consultant etc.
The poster did not say the leaker was a public employee . The post seems to be to whomever is leaking the information.
Everyone knows it's going to D.C. You hack.
You shouldn’t go to an area run by Democrats.
Have to. They need educated employees.
You're not doing Amazon any favors with this tweet. It's right out of the Trump Twitter Threats playbook. Delete it.
And you're not doing your company any favors either, genius. I thought discretion was a given in positions such as yours. Apparently not.
This whole site selection process stinks. Keep it up leakers!
Maybe it would be a favor if Amazon didn't go to crystal city
This is a terrible tweet.
Life belongs to us. We should have the freedom and time to discuss with our communities about how we want to live. It’s a shame you’re so busy trampling on democracy you don’t have time to discover the pleasures—the form, the color—of a used napkin. It’s not like your pig NDAs.
I'm the leaker!
Wow must really suck when other cities will give up and you lose the leverage to extort more concessions from the DC metro area. My condolences.
HQ2 in VA has been an open secret for a long time.
Mike, I found a video of you making this tweet. Luckily I didn’t sign an NDA.
"economically develop this, motherfuckers" what a move
Why are city officials signing Amazon NDAs?
Maybe you should be worrying about the employees who were injured and killed in your fulfillment center then rebuking somebody looking to give your Lex Luthor looking boss a huge tax break he doesn’t need or deserve you corporate hack.
Is this confirmation?
Brilliantly said. Leaks and disregard of NDAs jeopardizes big projects. Unless the leaks are intentionally being done by the company. If so, internal politics or negotiations may be involved.
Eat butthole mike & dog
You make Amazon seem like a terrific partner to work with! I wonder if @JeffBezos would approve of you sliming a potential partner online? How do you know the leak didn’t come from Amazon?
The statement seems to be to whoever is leaking the info. I as a Seattle person find it interesting that now that the city is talking employee head tax & income tax they make a 2nd head quarters outside of their home state.
Odds are it did. This news broke in Bezos’ newspaper, what a surprise!
Hard to determine what a "favor" is in this complex context. But glad you are so certain
People will start respecting Amazon's NDAs when Amazon starts respecting BOFA.'s Atlanta.
Grella not even worthy of a Jabba gif?
Who gives a fuck about the HQ2 location? Amazon is just gonna avoid paying taxes again and treat the workers in the factories like slaves.
Well, sure. But you get the added bonus of explosive growth that will make it impossible for young people to buy a home. And your kids will live with you into their 30's. You'll love it!
Ahh the sweet taste of wage gaps and unregulated business.
Thank Mitch McConnell.
It's ALREADY impossible to buy in nova, and even renting is getting dicey. Some friends of ours are leaving because their rent increased 100%. There are basically no laws protecting tenants. When HQ2 comes, this area will instantly become SF2.
Too late. Seattle already claimed that title.
Somebody died at one of their slave I mean fulfillment centers today and this hack is tweeting this nonsense. I’m as free enterprise as they come but whomever proposes breaking them up is getting my vote.
To put this to a lighter note, is this tweet now worthy of self promoting?
All hail Lord Bezos!... the bringer off all things in two days or less, free.
Until they replace them with robots.… "Inside a warehouse the size of seven football fields, hundreds of robots pack roughly 200,000 boxes each day and ship them to customers across China. Four humans babysit..." #AI
Yeah, but if it means I get my package of tube socks in a day I’m all for this until my ass is on the line. Says every amazon customer.
I'm all for capitalism & progress. Together. Hard to buy those tube socks without a job & unregulated markets can and DO produce such outcomes (recessions, crashes) with enough perverse incentives...hard to believe it's been 11 years since the financial collapse.
I live in Seattle. This is 100% accurate. But the Tesla dealership in you’re area is about to triple their business.
Buy a house once the HQ2 location is confirmed IMMEDIATELY. You'll make 6-10x what you invested.
Those sound like great reasons to give a fuck, though?
Stop doing everything in secret then.
Though, I guess we should thank you for publicly confirming what the inside sources were leaking.
Statements like this are why I do business with Amazon only as a last resort.
Just move to Austin and get it over with,
Yes move to Austin, you get all the traffic of the 405 in LA at rush hour and all the heat of Phoenix with the added benefit of humidity. It's goddamn paradise. Oh I forgot the mosquitos
austin is the biggest DUMP now. totally ruined. no public transit, horrific traffic, and a lame old downtown which is totally oversold as being hip and cool. its a DUMP.
Yeah, million dollar condos along the lake downtown. It’s a total dump.
It's not a dump but downside is no longer worth the upside. When I moved there in 04 there was little traffic and it was very affordable. I could accept the 6 solid months of 100 degree heat and the redneck politics of the state. Now it's expensive and crowded.
Now I have great weather, better food, and no one tries to kill me on every bike ride. I have epic road and MTBing right out my front door. I commute to work with the Pacific ocean as my view.
Conejo Valley. I have the Santa Monica mountains, PCH and foothills that lead to Ojai at my finger tips.
Ha. Spent my teens in Santa Monica. It is paradise.
I will say this my girls had a great upbringing in Austin. I'm happy for that. Though Texas is a f'd up state. Wingnut central.
Austin’s a haven.
yep, hepatitus, HIV, drugs. good stuff. and massive inequality, basically tech workers live like kings and everyone else is a slave. good stuff.
Well I am in tech.....sorry you didn’t fit in Mick.
so am I, tool, and live in CA. and make plenty to live here. christ you NPCs are annoying. go on, prattle on with the party line.
Geez Mick, why so angry. Obviously you have some issues to deal with. Go argue somewhere else...
suggesting deplatforming or silencing your opposition, you must work in tech. good NPC response, if you dont like what someone says, remove, block, deplatform, and dehumanize. you are building what the NKVD always anted.
yeah, because when most people dont think like you they are the nuts
This is the state that came 300 votes short of electing a woman to statewide office who said Obama was a male prostitute and a Muslim spy. Yeah they don't think like me.
He’s got issues Mike. Let’s cut him off. He can go cry into his glass of sake.
Except your up in the Valley.
Not that valley. I'm in Ventura County
yeah if you are down with extreme left politics CA is heaven. (until you run out of money because the fed+state+salestax+taxes+fees+bondmeasures+propertytax add up to 60+% taxes) but yeah, if comparing austin to CA at the same price (which is nearly the case) CA fares better
It is expensive AND crowded. That’s why I live just north of campus and hang out w ex college buds. It’s quite nice.
The redneck politics? What ? Do you think they wanted you to move there with your attitude ? No. So move back to California.
This is the state that came 300 votes short of electing a woman to statewide office who said Obama was a male prostitute and a Muslim spy. Redneck politics.
Any statues at the Statehouse of Abraham Lincoln? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Oh yeah Texas chose Jefferson Davis...
😂 Yes, a democrat. The Dems are what they are &have evolved because of their leaders to Alinsky Marxists.Texas is still Red but now that the Californians have come there to get away from what they created in their home state,it is now becoming what they left.
Interesting that you instantly identified me as a Dem because I pointed out that Texas values a leader that wanted to break up our nation so his side could still own humans as property as opposed to leaders who worked to preserve and protect our Union.
I am not identifying you as a Dems. You have called all rednecks dems, they're not. 😂
Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit is it Bucky.
yes, yes it is. there are far better places in the USA to spend that kind of $ and live FAR FAR better. ive lived in NY/NJ/WI/MN/MO/TX/CA/WA/CO/NC - so yes, i _KNOW_. get out more
Ha. I’ve grew up in LA, went to school in a Boston, lived in SF, Milan , Grenoble and traveled all over the world. So yeah, I get out. Austin is still cool.
I prefer smart 😁
Summers are hit. Yes. And Mosquitos bite. And traffic sux, although not quite LA. But the rolling hills, steep climbs, laid back vibe. It’s cool.
You left off the angry drivers who try to kill you on every ride. The views suck here.
Plus you have to put up with 24/7 UT worship
Leaks happen. Deal.
I’m sure whoever is leaking this doesn’t care
Memo to Amazon: Thank you for NOT selecting Houston. And good luck to the city that Amazon eventually does choose b/c you're going to need it.
Pittsburgh and Kansas City dodged a bullet.
I'm cheering for Northern Virginia. I live in Maryland, and we will get some of the spillover effects without the absurd and crippling tax breaks and so on Amazon is demanding.
Rent is already a ridiculous $1400 for a 2 bedroom in the hood here. I’m sure Amazon employees don’t want them anyway.
Maybe that was their intention? Not a lot of people looking to have their local municipality pick up the tax tab for a billionaire shithead like Bezos.
Take your HQ somewhere else. Northern VA is doing fine without you. Traffic is already a nightmare and you're going to raise taxes on everybody else to pay for the infrastructure you need. F-that. Go to Indianapolis or some place that actually wants you.
May I kindly give you some advice, Mike? Next time you are angry about something work related, don’t tweet.
His bumbling response shows why secrets and opinions are just too hard to keep to one’s self. In an era of leaked information, is it a net positive or negative to keep rewarding leakers? Lefty’s like it until they hate it.
Wow you seem VERY prepared and respectful of the city that will be home to your next headquarters
Keep leaking!!!!
Hey @JeffBezos, this has to be enough to consider literally anyone else for this position, right?
Oh yes, I forgot to @ him. @JeffBezos, a warehouse is collapsing and this guy @MikeGrella is tweeting this.
Don’t be a tool bag.
Some would argue that @amazon isn't doing Crystal City, or whatever city it selects, any favors by locating #HQ2 there.
That was my thought process. Glad it's not coming to my state tho. I wouldn't want my tax dollars being used for the gobs of concessions, regardless of the lottery winnings if it happened to be located within a dozen or so miles.
Please elaborate.
boohoo, go cry to daddy
If by "not doing any favors" you mean "causing Amazon to choose somewhere else" then you're doing ME a favor... a resident of 22202 who would like to continue living here and not pay $3,000/month in rent
I pay 4000 a month for a 2br apt here in Bellevue WA where most tech people from Microsoft and Amazon live... 4000 a month and absolutely a bore of a place where men are nerdy and ugly and no hot chicks around...
Based on your Twitter feed, I suspect Bellevue is not too crazy about you, either.
Lol, Bellevue is full of first generation Asian legal immigrants... And at least half of us are conservatives... Asians are not really minorities in Democrats eyes... We make too much money and don't bomb enough buildings to be considered minorities
There are around 35,000 Asian people in Bellevue, and you think that at least half are conservatives? 😂 At this point I’m wondering if you’ve ever even been to Bellevue.
Making a lot of money is actually irrelevant. Asians don't make that much ( if exclude a few people from India) but b/c Asians are too small in numbers and (unlike Natives & blacks) don't trigger terrible history. Also not that many Asians (excluding Indians) run for offices.
Amen Kevin! Also a 22202 resident and would like nothing more than for Amazon to shove on out!
I’m right there with you guys. I’m legitimately stressed about this. There are so few apartment buildings here...we are totally screwed if this happens.
Hell I don’t live in Crystal City but I do live in Manassas and I’m looking to buy my first home.. this is stressing me out too
Me every time I hear about Amazon possibly coming to NOVA knowing my family wants to buy a house in the next couple years:
Well Amazon will come to DC one way or another so you can't breathe a sigh of relief even if they choose something else...
I literally cannot afford to live in any of the major NOVA counties as is. Living in a 1% blue state sucks.
Become a government a bureaucrat that has regulatory powers over them. They are right around the block for the bribe.
Maybe I can interest some of you to sign on to @ORArlington’s petition to the county board to not give Amazon tax-payer funded subsidies? We had some actions over the summer - we’re planning some more.
Sign the Petition
Arlington County Board: Say no to tax breaks, subsidies, and incentives for Amazon's HQ2
Did your elected officials submit your city as a candidate? What did they offer Amazon? (Huge tax incentives, I'm assuming). I'm so glad #Boston didn't get pick! Sorry for your situation!
And please don’t come to 20148. Schools already overcrowded.
So...are you saying that your neighborhood belongs to you alone and that no other human beings should be allowed to live and work there?
I guess there’s always gotta be one with a reading comprehension problem.
I'm also in 22202. And I moved here because I was priced out of my previous Arlington neighborhood. On Tue, vote for the county board candidate that you feel takes affordable housing more seriously as an issue. It's why I'm voting for Matt.
So buy somewhere instead. I live nearby and like hundreds of thousands of others here feel this would be great for our area.
I'm thinking about a condo but I'm not a fan of owning and I'd bet the prices are already going up speculatively. Personally I think the area is already great and was a fantastic enclave of more modest housing prices close to DC.
Thank you, Kevin! Amazon should go to Indianapolis. A place where they need 30,000 more cars a day on the freeway. NOT NoVa.
Sounds like someone wants to get his boots licked a little more... This whole HQ thing so sad and pathetic.
Should have picked Detroit or Flint, Michigan.
Bite us dude we don't want your Politically Correct hipsters infesting our county anyway. #MAGA @cspanwj
LOL you sound confused about where you live? Have you ever even been to Arlington?
Thank Stormy daniels for turning ndas into unenforceable wastes of time people ignore the consequences.
Hope it's actually @CityofMiami . Come home Bezos!
We keep our mouths shut in Atlanta...just sayin’
Memo to Amazon flack - threatening your employees is not a good luck. Also a bad look, staging a pathetic game show asking municipalities to shower you with tax dollars.
And before Amazon even confirms it, this 699 sf can be all yours for almost $350,000 ... Imagine what will happen once it's confirmed....
Halt doch einfach die Fresse du Hodenkobold.
calm down, mickey
I can't wait to nationalize you guys
Who are you? Lenin's ghost?
What is wrong with you? You think you can treat everyone else like underlings inside your company?? Just because you foster a toxic culture inside your company don’t spew it out on those outside. Have some class dude. This is embarrassing.
This is an ego tweet. Amazon, as a public company, cannot afford to be spiteful. If Amazon would walk away from a city because one person can’t honor an NDA, then stockholders should sell. It won’t though, this is just you trying to sound big.
Gonna nationalize you bud
If only you were still up there to help keep everyone in check..
it’s in the public interest to know which town you’re shaking down for the best tax dodge possible. Stop crying your tits off about it
Did you mean to send this from a burner?
Genius retweets the article.
Gonna nationalize the shit outta you jags
How about focusing on selecting the best possible option and worrying less about whether the announcement is a surprise?
What, like playing host to a new amazon site is something special? Amazon is becoming like Carl's Jr. in "Idiocracy"...
your company created this shit fest.
I know right why are people treating this like it's information the public should have
when companies become too powerful they either become Robber Barrons or worse Fascists.
Doesn’t Jeff owns the @washingtonpost 🤔 why would they report this Lol #someonegettingfired 😭😭😭
You might think it But to put this into writing unfortunately makes you come off like a complete jerk and know it all. I could care less if this goes to Arlington.
Or fuck yourself and your NDA, you sad little grifter.
Why not move to an area that actually ~needs~ the jobs and the economic boost?
Sadly @JeffBezos has a mansion in the DC area so he presumably wants to have HQ2 near it and near to the Pentagon officials who give him his fat data hosting contracts.
actually it's good that it leaked and the level of secrecy and lack of public input was disgusting, thanks
i wanted to do a clever reply but you already did the best one
this is actually useful as hell, in that it will give my friends time to get their shit together before a once-livable neighborhood (for the area) becomes a $3000-per-studio hellhole.
ALL cities should leak the plans of the New Slavemasters.
Praise 🙌🙌🙌
Your problem that the leak occurred. LOL!
Sunshine is the best disinfectant.
Thank you for screwing over the working class of NoVa.
A Crystal City location sure will make it a lot easier to nationalize and asset-strip your company
His company IS part of the gov't. 😂
Haha! Problem with leakers? You’re not gonna like being in DC.
We're much more hush hush in Boston/Somerville/Cambridge : )
You know this tweet is ridiculous, right? People talking, excited about news, are assistants hearing about conf calls, seeing paperwork, city employees processing permits, etc. No NDA. You can’t have detailed discussions w/o people knowing. They’ve known awhile.
bitch why is it a secret
Releasing this info is in the public interest. Now go back to licking Jeff's boots.
Fuck Crystal City VA and fuck Amazon
unbelievable that the public was given information about what their government is doing. infuriating
Hey, genius, stop extorting money from municipalities!
Keep leaking people
Pay your workers and let them use the bathroom like human beings.
Has it occurred to you that the leak wasn’t intended to help the bud🤔
Or the bid 😉
RE: Ridiculous Tweet Not to mention some sources giving out most info are from Amazon, probably people that know employees on the selection committee. Using common sense while tweeting is always a good idea.
Not to mention YOU validating rumors by your tweet. I guess I shouldn’t be so disappointed when people in responsible positions show a lack of common sense. But, a little restraint when handing out “tongue lashings” is also a good idea.
pay your workers a real wage
I think that’s finally starting…
I know what ever city picked, it will have God's blessings....JOBS JOBS JOBS and a family of employees who will live, grow and give back to the community...
thanks for those who own homes there that don't want to slave to Amazon can start setting nice high prices for their homes and start prep their moves.
Seems strange that you would validate/verify the leak like this…
Pot, kettle, black. You are not doing Amazon any favors with this tweet. Especially with your collapsing warehouses and all.
Why does it need to be secretive?
Nationalize Amazon.
whatever town "wins" this from #SCAMAZON will be utterly destroyed. more traffic, horrific housing shortages and a total destruction of infrastructure followed with massive tax breaks to scamazon so the public needs to foot the entire bill. Richest man needs a tax break.
I really hope you have a 11:00 am meeting with @JeffBezos to discuss the professionalism of this tweet because lack of professionalism in it leaves much to be desired. You really come off as a colossal jerk...
Homes are already nearing million dollars and it’s already one of the most expensive and congested places to live.
Yeah this is real bad. You should definitely not put it in VA because of this. Or DC. Or MD.
Crystal City is a horrible selection. Good luck on traffic clogged & tons of traffic lights RT 1. Flight restricted National. No room for new housing. Should go to Loudoun. More room, Dulles, close to AWS, better interstates, more land for houses, Metro on site and tech corridor.
ahhhh nice, scour North America, make all these cities wallow and beg for your precious amazon dollars, then just put it in DC lol
We didn't want you anyways #Austin
What a ham-fisted, impulsive tweet that reflects poorly on your judgement...Worse though is that your Twitter tantrum unnecessarily impacts the many talented Amazonians who’ve worked hard to build productive, positive partnerships with cities across the world.
Is an Amazonian like a Googler?
Not like it was a secret that crystal city is under consideration- JBGS pulled back a condo site plan to retain more office space in an area full of vacant office buildings... just wrap up your process and make an announcement so we can get on with our lives one way or the other.
we should treat your company's property rights like a used napkin.
F secrets and tax giveaways.
The heck with NVa! Come to Philly! We have cheesesteaks! Beer! A weird-looking lightning statue! And we need a major influx of new people to water-down the hideous Philly accent! COME TO PHILLY!!!
Don't expect much sympathy from the public after making cities jump over each other with subsidies.
Can someone explain to me how a tweet can have a link to an article that contains the tweet? Did they edit the article later to add the tweet? Trippy Escher-style journalism
We found the one person in America who thinks NDAs are meaningful. You're a trooper, Mike.
Interesting info on Crystal City, but isn’t it mostly turnkey? Buy out the developer? As leases end, don’t renew? Already supports 60,000 workers.…
In light of the leak I'd like to reccomend an alternate site.
It was probably an Amazon person that leaked, since many ex-Amazon employees work at the post.
You're not doing Amazon any favors by suggesting it would change its choice for #HQ2 because somebody leaked its selection.
So you're saying that #miami is still in the running!
There's still time to pick Toronto. During the era of Trump, it's best to have almost half of your company beyond our borders where he can't screw with it.
So amazon is unofficially confirming the report?
No one gives a shit about NDAs, and it’s the media’s job to figure out what’s going on.
Glad to know the largest company in the history of the earth is a mob operation.
your company sucks and should pay the taxes it owes
Virginia. A right to work state (anti union) and no legal protections for lgbt. Way to go amazon.
Bezos just wants to troll Trump. Unfortunately, there is a price for us in the DMV.
Amazon isn’t doing crystal city va any favors. Fixed it for ya.
Thanks for the confirmation.
Mike, I favor Xtal City as the HQ2 location. And, respectfully, should the Amazon Economic Director be tweeting about this?
are... are you sure you’ve ever actually listened to any of billy bragg’s music
Charlie, huh?
As others said, residents of VA have a right to know far more than allowed thus far. The aggressive NDAs are legally dubious and most certainly undemocratic. @JeffBezos does a good job countering accusations that Amazon is arrogant and monopolistic but your tweet makes it plain.
Memo to the Amazon Director of Global Developement. If you're so afraid of a city finding out you'd like to open your big fancy building there, that's all the more reason the public deserves to know. Also, get fucked.
your boss’s paper is the one with the scoop so 🙀🤷‍♂️🙊
Everybody knows HQ2 is going to Dibley
Might want a better attempt at #PR.
NDA are the equivalent of a used napkin.
You sound like a nice person.
Tip for cities vying for HQ2 - Before Amazon, Seattle was super cool, no traffic, no pollution, great music. Post Amazon it’s just tech bros and their ugly condos driving around like they’re in a video game. That being said, please open HQ2 ASAP so Seattle can be cool again. 😎
You just described San Jose and the Bay Area.😂😂😂
They’re systematically ruining every cool town in America. But at least Bezos is going to space! 🙄
I'd be glad to help him make it to space.
Here’s a different take: maybe amazon and the elected city/state officials should be more transparent about the negotiations and implications to the citizens who actually live there. And stop treating the people impacted like like it’s none of their business.
i’m gonna treat You like a used napkin
I refused to sign one of Amazon's onerous, one-sided, greedy, unethical NDA's. The only thing they are good for IS used napkins...and wiping bottoms. Stop exploiting people unfairly then trying to hide it.
Yep, loose lips sinks the 🚢
Our ruling class is made up of of gangsters. Heck they probably celebrate that. Bezos and Trump - two peas in a pod.
Mike, I speak for all of us in DC metro area when I say: we are SO sorry about this leaker. Please don’t let one POS who has friends in the Wash post spoil your view of Crystal City. There is nothing worse than a dirty, low down rotten leaker!
I’d say lick some more boot here but I think you’ve maxxed out
Ok show me the boot. Where is it? Don’t worry Mike—we will tar and feather @xieish as well!
Newark NJ should say thank you if they aren’t chosen. The #AmazonZombie eats the living, leaves them homeless and raising prices beyond the horrible salaries it pays its workers (even at “minimum wage increases” they now offer). Seattle is struggling with this now.
Do you really believe having H2O in Crystal City is a favor for the people of the area. How arrogant to think that this is a good thing for an already crowded overpriced area. Sure cities like Detroit/ Cleveland would benefit but NoVA only benefits Amazon. This needs to be public
Could I get a copy of that NDA, genius?
Hey Mike: fuck your stupid company and its secretive effort to plunder from taxpayers. Get fucked, parasite scum
lol. All of Jeff Bezos' assets should be seized & Amazon should be nationalized.
Unless they move the federal government, leaking the plan won't matter because that's the main reason Bezos wants to be there, dipshit
“Not doing any favors” says the org leeching tax benefits from whichever city throws itself at Amazon’s feet
Yeah because the citizens shouldn’t know you are extorting them in the process
As a matter of principle, NDAs signed by public officials in the course of public business should not be enforceable in the first instance. Think of the chicanery they could hide.
What a positively cretinous response from you
Why would they have moved anywhere else? If you're from this area you saw all the signs.
Stop killing people and pay your taxes.
Crystal City Sports Pub... what more do you need? No one else has that, Mike.
No worries, Amazon is definitely going to be required by local politicians to build tens of thousands of units of affordable housing for displaced residents as part of a community benefits agreement
There goes the neighborhood
That’s a nasty, threatening tweet.
I’m grateful for this contribution to Drac watch 2018
Someone messing with your shakedown?
Hi Mike, you and your company are parasites that are directly responsible for the destruction of our society, and of the earth. I hope you never sleep soundly again.
So if this was a leak and it breeches an NDA ... doesn’t this tweet seem to confirm the leak and similarly breech an NDA? 🤔
Cry more, it's entertaining...
I love how the taxpayers of cities are supposed to bow down before one of the richest corporations on Earth & shell out tribute in the form of billions of dollars of tax breaks in order to get them to move in. Ditto with NFL stadiums. Crony #Republiconomics at its finest.
Pay taxes you parasites
People like you and shit like this are why I’m happy I don’t work for amazon anymore. You already wrecked Seattle and this poor Crystal City place is next.
You and your entire company should be imprisoned for extortion
Love the notion that the brain geniuses behind a trillion dollar company would spend two years and countless resources analyzing the perfect logistical venue for their new headquarters to spike the best choice in the 11th hour because they're petulant pieces of shit
excuse me sir would you mind licking my boot??
Chicago has plenty of room to build more housing and @amazon would increase rider volume to improve our public transit. Wish they’d pick here.
As the owner of a detached home in Arlington, this is excellent news!
So genius - you and Amazon rigged this "search" from day one, and those other cities are supposed to be worried that you're not going to get Crystal City to drop their pants as much as you want them so? F**K you.
WTF? Suggest you step back and stop sounding like a Trumpliklan. Do we understand son?
Please be True, Pittsburgh doesn't need the Bullshit that Amazon would cause.
So, it's true? Or, at least, it was true until the leak?
NDA’s are serious & real, but then again there are no secrets in Commercial Real Estate. #CRE
The replies to Grella's threats are on fire, especially the ones from Seattle.
Or better yet, leak how much our local gov'ts are giving away to the world's most valuable corporation
Somebody sounds a bit salty, but more importantly, not ready for prime time. Memo to this Amazon guy complaining about media scrutiny: You're moving to Washington DC. Seattle's media is puppy chow compared to the East Coast. #Triggered #NobodyCaresAboutYourFeelings
You boss owns the @washingtonpost so this leak to the Post is no surprise
Feudal lord threatens villager, tells him he'll destroy his village, 2018
Bravo! I appreciate a good tweet.
“Waaahhh who informed the taxpayers we were trying to grift before we were ready wahhhh”
Citizenry of Crystal City, VA: *literaly will not benefit and will in effect suffer greatly from this* You, a genius: Maybe Crystal City VA has a Genius Loci, and it would feel better about itself if property prices increased?
This is extraordinarily unprofessional. As an @amazon shareholder and professional money manager, behavior like this from senior management is concerning.
Everyone who leaks info about your shitty company is doing the entire country a favor.
Alternative take: NDA’s are bad.
Omg this is such a relief I was sure you were coming to Austin
hey, nice crystal city ya got there... would be a shame if somebody *cracks knuckles* dropped their corporate headquarters on top of it
lol awful company. Get bent.
The number of headquarters Amazon should have is zero
No one wants you here. Take your NDA and go bilk some other town
you probably use a lot of napkins on that second chin of yours don't you mikey
mike.........what if jeff is the leaker
Is that an official @amazon statement? As a resident of #CrystalCity, maybe you all shouldn’t have treated this as a reality tv completion when it’s peoples lives you’re going to impact.
Government officials owe a duty of transparency to constituents. Government shouldn't make secret deals or promise billions in public funds to any private entity, esp. 1 of the wealthiest on the planet, without public input. Sorry if that hurts @amazon mgmt's feelings.
Memo to the douchebag mega corporation that doesn’t need billions in tax breaks. You’re not doing any favors for the city that will be the #HQ2 selection. Stop treating peoples tax dollars like a used napkin.
do everyone else a favor and eat shit
Slightly rude welcome to the “potential” new #HQ2 city. Can’t people be a little excited for economic development?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
This is just a cover, mike is the leaker...
Hey Mike, how is your day going?
Some NDAs prohibit the parties from disclosing the existence of the NDA. I'm sure you read it fully before rage tweeting, though.
get over it you vampiric fuck
Ooooo, Mike Grella carries a big hammer! But, Halloween is over and you’re still scaring the hell out of a lot of home owners in Crystal City. Big Bad Amazon.
I don’t think it’s the homeowners that should be concerned. It’s the renters. Homeowners can sell their homes at a nice profit and move elsewhere. Renters will see higher and higher rent year after year. As a homo I wish Amazon chose my city.
a day later this tweet is still really gross and dumb. happy sunday.
I thought someone looked up bezos’ plane flight records and determined NVA. Hardly a NDA violation.
Thank God it’s not Atlanta! We full!
neither is amazon. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Hey Mike? How much do you typically offer or infer in bribes to city councilors during the HQ2 search process? Asking for a friend.
Amazon treats everything and everyone like a used napkin. You are the public face of a sinkhole.
Stop with the bullshit fake tension.
Towns: our mayor had sex with a pig to get a chance to submit to hq2 Amazon: let’s just go to the place with the best tax breaks and proximity to underpaid techs.
Just set up your next headquarters on an artificial island 600 miles off the coast of Maine you vampires.
You must be really good at your job to get away with a tweet like this.
Glad I canceled Prime
Uhhh. You just confirmed it.
A trillion dollar company should be de-privatized and owned by the people.
Your company will be nationalized or shattered into so many crystals.
You planning on reinforcing the walls at your new sites or nah?
Don't worry. I'm sure Mike will get in a lot of trouble on Monday. I work in the Corporate office and can tell you that this is not going to go down well for him.
you’re a parasite dude.
Why the need for NDAs? Who's the competition?
Tons of self loathing Prime addicts on this thread.
Ps Amazon. You suck for doubling my home’s value overnight
Sending thoughts and prayers to residents of Crystal City. 😵
Crystal City is the name of a neighborhood and doesn’t have a mayor
have you considered Antarctica?
It was probably Amazon- they are hyping this and dragging it out ad nauseum. Fuck Amazon, buy local!
Interestingly, one of the first mainstream news outlets to cover the leak was washington post! Thats also kinda cool to know that Jeff Bezos does not interfere with free press...
You know what's also not doing Crystal City, VA any favors? Amazon.
world would be better off without you
shelter pets suck. I get all mine from mills and I encourage other people to do so
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Are you implying that the Bezos-owned Washington Post is spreading fake news?
I’m just thankful I don’t have to commute on I95 anymore.
I would love to see Amazon come to Crystal City. With the DoD exit and available real estate to modernize, it's a great match. That said, I would also love to see Amazon conclude its prolonged negotiating strategy.
Amazon's approach to plotting the wholesale takeover of an existing municipality, turning it into a company town:
It is a shame. @JeffBezos and @amazon could have made a lasting and significant difference to #baltimore. A city with an amazing soul who needs someone with vision to love it up and leadership to clean it up. #nova is already overdone
Trouble in Paradise?
This is what happens in a county with 1 party rule. Vote them all out.
… and that would be what we call confirmation! Thanks for the information!
So I guess journalists should be unbiased, unless your company owns the paper and forces them to sign an NDA? GTFO of here with that BS... You just lost any credibility, good luck out there!
Ok, if you stop searching your fulfillment center employees after they are required to click out. Deal?
Why would the Washington Post leak a confidante within $AMZN? The WAPO & $AMZN are owned by the same person. My bets are either Chicago or Atlanta. Why? Similar to the reason the powers that be put an IVY league school in Chicago (Univ. Of Chicago).
Rush to buy a cheap house here ASAP !
The best thing that person could do for their city would be to piss you guys off enough that your plague of a company decides to go ruin someplace else
you're gross and weird and we're going to use all your money to pay for housing and healthcare for everyone
I use NDA as toilet paper 😀😀
Pfft, no one cares. Some insider will figure it out, spill the info, make a mad dash to buy up property and inflate prices to maximize profits. Besides, what do you care? All you see is billions in profits. Stop acting like we peasants matter to you. We don't.
It's a little crazy. The DC area is already expensive and congested.
If it were me, I would use your NDA like a piece of toilet paper
You’re right! Arlington should be punished for this AED member’s indiscretion. @amazon should locate it’s #HQ2 in a different jurisdiction. That will teach them a lesson!!!
NoVa is a great location for Hq2 but crystal city is not. This location would make traffic inside the beltway even worse and not be an attractive workplace for executives that have to commute from the western suburbs. Only Mr. Bezos would benefit due his commute from DC.
If you select nova, stop by get some pokemon cards at my store, if you dont ask for price match with Amz.
So the people who actually live there don't have a right to know what's going on?
The fact that it takes a leak to discover potential deals between the govt and Amazon in the first place is disgusting
Ah yes the jobs that they will create there will be so horrible for the city. Can't have it both ways.
I would hate to have Amazon headquartered in my city. Plenty of others feel the same.
This secret reality show over a real estate transaction is lame
Capitalism at its finest.
Hey Mike bad news but Jeff Bezos will never love you sorry
Bro you might want to reconsider appears no one wants you
Amazon is a cancer, and it looks like in this case, it was thankfully caught early
You’ll never find me!
Good! Don't come
Your company is a straight up mob organization. Stop acting like you care.
you haven't received enough negative feedback for this, so: this attitude is why people hate you guys
Economic development more like economic destabilization am I right?
History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of man Mike Grella!!!!
It’s good actually and I hope amazon is damaged, however slightly, by this and that the people of Crystal City can use this information to drive you leeches out
Jeff doesn't care about you
this will be like Foxconn in Wisconsin. Tax payers taking it in the pants. Thanks Amazon!
Translation for those who don't speak Amazonian: "If we end up having to pay a nickel in taxes I will find you and break your goddamn toes!"
How's being a corporate welfare queen going? Find a city with enough rubes in government to bend over for you?
NDA's are kind of meaningless, taking the time to determine the trustworthiness of a vendor is what matters. Perhaps you should not skip that due diligence in the future???
Your tweet doesn’t seem to be going over very well.
What is Amazon up to? Crystal City is chock full of military contractors and their lobbying groups.
Your company should pay its taxes and be thankful we haven't seized the means of production
My guess it’s going because it gives you easy and close access to government bureaucrats and elected officials Making it easy for you to bribe them.