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The newsroom just got news that the Dallas Morning News is laying off 40 people amidst a “restructuring”. We’re told about half of those will be from the newsroom.
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So many talented journalists are leaving @dallasnews today who will announce their status on their own terms. This should be another grim reminder that local news is at risk, and with it a vital part of democracy. For now, there's still a paper to get out.
Dallas Morning News lays off 43 as company struggles with revenue declines 
As the newspaper industry struggles to stem declines in revenue, The Dallas Morning News on Monday laid off 43 employees in its newsroom and other...
It's a reminder that most journalists are useless, and no one cares to read their corporate, state sponsored drivel any longer.
A bit harsh, but yes we get tired of the lenghts the press resorts to in creating a narative. Somebody linked to a CBS news story in a discussion with me. I had to stop at the second paragraph:
haha nice. This is good for a laugh, but the power of the subversive press is very dangerous. The development of mob journalism in the last 5 years is insane. The future of a truly free press is citizen journalists, donation based subscriptions, decentralized communication, etc.
Agenda journalism has been around much longer than 5 years. I recall October surprise journalism being used against Reagan. Recent change seems to be that rejection causes them to double down.
I was referring to the sort of attack, hit piece journalism we see on twitter targeting citizens, high school kids, etc. I'm not sure the press was ever free, but we haven't had decently honest press since before World War II.
Very sad. Local news is very important.
Good riddance to more #FakeNews
4% reduction is not that bad. The paper is losing money.
Easy for you to say. You still have a job.
If it’s anything like the Houston Chronicle, I can understand why: Extremely one-sided coverage with rare investigative reporting. Outsourced NY Times, LA Times, etc. articles.
Not really that vital. Sorry about your loss.
Maybe it's time to reevaluate your strategy in what news you actually deliver? Perhaps an honest and unbiased approach may be more profitable? Liberal and leftist propaganda doesn't really work very well anymore....just sayin'
Why the layoffs? Poor Management not adjusting to changes? Less demand for local news compared to national? Too many reporters? It would be interesting to know why as opposed to just saying"this is bad for democracy ".
Talented journalists like whom?
But on the other hand, given Trump coverage, nobody in media deserves a job anymore. Learn to code.
Honestly. Locally news has little to do with democracy. I see a weather girl, a sports guy and a human interest team. Very little investigative work.
You have no idea what @dallasnews is, do you? Read articles before commenting on them, please. And local news is the lifeblood of democracy. Buying a local newspaper subscription is a pure act of patriotism.
More papers can’t do more investigation work because of smaller staffs and need to fill daily edition takes higher priority
Correct. And subscription dollars are needed to resolve the problem.
You are correct. A newspaper used to be diffeent. I agree. But, alas, I’m still correct when I see them today. I grew up with the AJC. Good paper isn’t today. I wish they were stronger.
So do I. But many are doing the best as possible with limited resources, especially at local level.
Happened in our town.... @ChieftainNews .... hasn’t been the same.....
U can get ur news on internet or OANN or livestream.
Virtue signaling to the end. U corrupted urselves by creating an echo chamber where 95% of ur industry shares an exclusive ideological perspective. Then u decided to shamelessly weaponize it against the other half of America. Now you’re getting what you deserve. Good riddance.
They don’t represent the opinions of the majority of Texans, who do not lean left like DMN does. This is inevitable.
I dropped them for being too far right, especially coverage of Mueller indictments and Russia probe.
Trump Curse Again!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 Suck It Leftists!!
Dallas news is democratic propaganda. People dont care to read the biased stor ou ra anymore. I live in Dallas. When you alienate half the county, you can't expect to stay in business.
We still have local fox 😀
'vital part of democracy' aka vital marketing wing of DNC.
Awwww. Who’s gonna write all that “fake news” and be the Dem lapdogs now?
Enjoy the 26 weeks of U.I. and then learn to code....
For what it's worth, it might help if you had someone who was reporting factual statistics on DFW home sales at the real estate desk. Pretty sad when the real estate "editor" is conflating total home sales with "'preowned" sales. Just saying.
Maybe paper should have gone back to Journalism 101.
It's a grim reminder that there are still 'career' positions at McDonalds and Walmart for self motivated individuals willing to work their ass to the bone. #hobomessiah Enjoy.
Totally terrible no good news. Sending my support from afar.
I never like to see people lose their jobs but most journalists have stopped being journalists and become political commentators with an axe to grind against conservatives and the president.
Another one bites the dust... #FakeNews
How is this apart of democracy? It’s a failing news agency. Bad business dies. That’s it. Do better TOM
When you publicly endorse the corrupt Democrat Presidential candidate and employee #NeverTrump biased “journalist”, you get to publish your own obituary too! 🤷🏻‍♀️
It's 2019. There's plenty of local news. Also, we live in a constitutional republic. Had to correct you there.
take an AntiTrump and antiConservative stance in RED TEXAS and then act shocked when people stop buying your paper. did you see the same happened recently to the Arizona Republic?
Pretty soon all the #NeverTrump publications will be gone.
Did some rich Trump supporter buy it?
Perhaps if you had reported the new objectively rather than in a manner designed to promote your "progressive" political beliefs, you would still have a job.
What do you call the Dallas morning news laying off 46 liberal activist reporters? A good start!
How bout just reporting the news, instead of, say, liberal propaganda? DMN, along with most news outlets are dying for that very reason.
Talented but a dwindling market for it. Advertisers won’t pay a premium. Looking at retweets and likes, with the exception of reorg announcement, there seems to be little engagement by the public with these writers. The market doesn’t see value.
It’s too bad I’m blocked by @dallasnews
Geez...that sucks...
This makes me so sad. I really ❤️ @dallasnews.
Wouldn't hurt if journalists knew what kind of government we had...
Feel equally for those who got the axe and those who remain that will be expected to pick up the slack with zero compensation.
Democracy doesn’t revolve around @dallasnews @CNN or @FoxNews
Forgive me for being so harsh but you guys have to understand the way the real world works. You think that simply being a journalist makes you immune to harsh economic reality that everyone else must face.
Join the club. CBS closed our bureau in 2016 and others across the US. Tough to find work, not everyone understands in this day & age the difference between good & bad reporting . I wish those who got cut, better luck than I have had. My 30 years mean nothing to modern HR folk
Maybe the root cause is the staff that wrote from the premise of "democracy" or mob rule instead of America being a rule of law Republic. All bias starts with a false premise.
Many of you have kindly expressed a desire to buy drinks for the journalists affected by these layoffs in Dallas. Cassandra is organizing the bar tab here.
People have asked if they contribute to a tab for those who were laid off today. Yes, we will hold something for our coworkers who'd like to participate. Those who can't be there, I'm working on getting mailing addresses for them. Venmo is @ cassandra-jaramillo
What an incredible shame. People, if we lose our free press we'll lose our freedom. Buy and read your local newspapers.
Set up a GoFundMe please. Will be glad to contribute. Sad to see dozens of journalists lose their jobs. People need to support their local newspapers and buy a subscription or purchase one at a newsstand every day. We do (different city). A free press keeps us free. 📰🗞️
Yikes. Sending y'all positive vibes and hoping for the best for everyone. That's such a loss of talent right there.
Gut punch. Hang in there, let us know when there’s a solidarity tab to fund
Sending you and the rest of the newsroom good vibes!
This is horrifying. The dismantling of local journalism is what's killing journalism in this country.
Wrong. Newsrooms selling salacious lies is the reason local journalism is dying.
Not supporting local journalism is killing journalism. And everyone loses. In this case, @dallasnews does brilliant work that, if embraced by readers online and in print, is embraced by advertisers. And survives. The trend is heartbreaking.
You're both right. Or both 1/2 right.
Exactly. Widespread ignorance has consequences...
Sinclair will be doing all the reporting from now on.
Sad to see this. The slow death of local journalism will only lead to a less-informed society. All the best to the 40 folks who are now looking for work.
It also enables local corruption. Imagine what mayors, councilperson, police chiefs, etc., will try and get away with once they realize the Metro desks have been gutted and few constituents are paying attention.
Trump loves chaos. I truly believe it's the only way he can get hard...that, and knowing someone (preferably a child) is suffering.
I think that’s the point. Kill local journalism to keep the masses uninformed. Easier to manipulate that way.
People stopped watching and stopped buying, it’s not a grand scheme
What's the saying? Democracy dies in the darkness?
Democracy dies in reality TV presidents
He's so very far past pathetic. As are GOP legislators who back him. They need to ask themselves whether they work for the people of the U.S., or just him.
They don't ask those questions. They work for money. Their only skill is being able to slim their way out of responsibility on real issues and create fake outrage
it’s “learn to code”
All by design. Have you seen 10pm newscasts?! It’s one human interest story after another. Purposefully withholding real news from populace. Shameful.
Prayers to those people 🙏🏾
very sorry to hear this. godspeed.
I guess they decided to wait till after the holidays
That's what happens when only propaganda is reported and not the news
Quit telling lies and maybe you’d sell more papers and have more viewers. Americans are Happy to see the fall of Fake News MSM.
This is terrible news for all Texans.
Consider thanking advertisers via email who support the paper. Activism needs to be more than negative backlash. When companies support the industry, it's notable. Consumer feedback has impact. And a simple digital subscription provides data that brings in $ to pay reporters.
Sadly true. All print newspapers are having this problem. I grew up in the newspaper world. This biggest problem used to be the price of ink.
What I've been told, but haven't independently confirmed with vendors, is that the cost of paper has grown with the demand of at-home delivery and use of boxes. We do know that newsprint is incredibly expensive. But some of us just love holding newspapers. It's part of life.
Yes! A very tactile experience. My dad once told me that you hear the news first from the radio, then see more of it on TV, but for the whole story you have to get it from the paper, and that's what you tape to your fridge and cut out and carry in your wallet.
Lifetime reader here & cancelled subscription 7 yrs ago when I got WOKE & sick of @dallasnews reprinting ‘news’ from WashPost,NyTimes,LATimes. Leftism ruins everything without real balance.
Well, I hope you'll reconsider. Media outlets often share national and international stories that may be of common interest to readers so that resources may be devoted to local issues that directly impact your life in Texas.
It was hard to give up my daily DMNews habit. Paid attention to where national news items came from for a year. Only once in a blue moon did they ever print anything from WashTimes or WSJournal.
You raise a point worthy of discussion. Part of the reason certain newspapers are used for content, and not others, is due to affordability. The common ones you cited have revenue arrangements that make their use possible. Your local paper is trying to provide you everything.
Ironic since “news” is not what people are interested these days.
I’m sorry bro. To you and friends and everyone there. Fingers crossed for y’all for now ...
Figures... @dallasnews produced actual news. There's no market for that anymore.
Oh, man. Please let me know if there's anything you or anyone close needs. Keep me posted on everything.
How about an inquisitive, demanding public that demands diverse, well vetted news along with intelligent opinions and will not accept bullshit?
I'm so sorry, dude. That's horrible. We'll be thinking of y'all at the Chronicle
Ugh. So sorry to hear this. Hang in there and sending so many good vibes.
Really good timing, or is this fake news?
Maybe there’s a wealthy Dallas investor that wants to give you a 1 year runway to figure out a revenue model. $5MM should cover (40) people plus some expenses, right?
owner Jerry Jones or @dallasmavs @mcuban ? Maybe it’s not good to have a sports team owner have a paper...but that caliber of investor?
Bezos tried that with WaPo and it isn't going so well.
That still doesn’t solve the problem of a long term revenue strategy.
That’s what the money would be for them to figure and prove out. Hence my use of the word “runway.”
The industry has been trying "to figure and prove out" for a decade. And they've spent a lot more than $5MM looking for solutions. I was in the industry for 30 years. It may last 10 more years, but newspapers are heading to the same fate as Sears, unfortunately.
Somebody (or likely group) will HAVE TO figure out how to make actual news valuable or we are headed for some dangerous territory as a society without access to any format of reliable information about world affairs. Not every person can spend 10 hours a week fact checking right?
Lots of wise people - plenty of wise people as well with deep pockets - have tried to find the answer. Hopefully it exists.
Oh that’ll solve it- just throw $ at it. The @dallasnews lost their way esp. the past few years & disconnected with their readers.
I’m not saying to throw money at it; I’m saying invest in a company these people can re-organize around. If you’re saying the writers stink that’s another story. Can’t comment on that since I’m not familiar with the paper or people but they’re out of work now - so 💵 is needed.
Local writers were fine. Problem is that DMNews reprint EVERY day articles from NYTimes,WashPost & LATimes. Local readers tired of the obvious slant & only in small print will locals know that the articles are reprinted.
So sad. I greatly respect the free press in general and the DMN specifically, and I respect the work that you do.
Very sorry to hear this. Thinking of all of you in Austin. Reach out if y'all need anything
So sorry to hear this!
Ah, shit. To you and everyone I know there - good luck. Keep kicking ass and pushing limits.
I'm sorry. Thinking of all of you. Hang tough.
Ugh I am so sorry to hear that. It will be a really rough day for journalism—you can't do the best work without the resources.
Local journalism has never been the same since the Great Recession wiped out so many outlets & crippled many others.
I’m so sorry to hear this, man. This is awful. If you or anyone over there need anything in the coming weeks, let me know.
hope DMN maintains. Great resource in DFW. Good luck
horrible news, I'm sorry y'all
So much for those tax cuts
Restructuring usually means : “we’re letting go those with more experience, who might be more qualified, because they cost more, and keeping those we can pay less, who will do more than their job, albeit poorly.”
That’s exactly what it usually means!
I’ve been “restructured” a time or two. That why I told corporate America to kiss my furry ass goodbye.
This is awful news. Thinking of ya'll. Let me know if there's anything we can do to help.
That is a big layoff. We need to support our local papers.
Hate to hear this. Prayers for the DMN. 😞 #JournalismMatters
How is this happening when the @dallasnews actually had some really groundbreaking journalism regarding Trump and Russia over the last couple of years? What the hell?
It’s probably why it’s happening!
Yep, when half your actual customers realize you've gone full #SJW #TDS you lose them. Get woke, go broke.
Groundbreaking?! They reprinted it all from NYTimes/WashPost/LATimes.
No they published a web of ties that the major outlets at the time hadn’t. Some still haven’t.
Pretty straightforward. No one is paying to read anymore.
Because whole swaths of the American public think news like that comes free and apparently just falls out of the sky and onto their tablets. News industry is partially to blame, but so is a population that is indifferent to being fully informed on competing viewpoints
Thank @POTUS @GOP WAR ON JOURNALISTS... It's getting REAL up in here...
Hate it. Good luck to all affected.
Slow death that you all caused. Should have reported the news instead of your opinions.
hey Lesa, nobody's coming to your job and telling you you're not scrubbing the toilets right, so shut up
This is awful. I'm so sorry. We need y'all, now more than ever.
Looming Darkness of consolidation continues
Ugh, terrible news
Jesus Christ man not again. the industry is broken, hang in there
Yikes. Thinking of you all.
Sad to hear this. I have been reading the Dallas Morning News as long as I can remember.
Which senatorial candidate did they endorse in 2018? Thought so.
This breaks my heart.
Yikes. I remember several years ago when The Dallas Times Herald went under. Another sad day.
Hedge fund restructuring is kinda hard with a wrecking ball and a blindfold. Award-winning and skilled journalists don't deserve this. Subscribe to @dallasnews -- they print stories but the ads print money.
The pure partisanship of the media agencies is turning people off... the MSM made themselves irrelevant with pushing fakenews and journalism will forever be impacted by it! People just don't trust the media anymore... you no longer provide a product that the public wants...
How depressing. Strong local journalism is critical for a strong democracy.
Sad for your team and for your community. God speed, bud.
Noooooooooo. This is tragic.
That Hillary endorsement in 2016 was costly.
If only my fellow Texas voters followed that wise DMN advice we’d not be caging children on our border and 2 trillion dollars deeper in debt today.
Excessive use of the word news.
Gannett chased out its old timers last month and is prepping for another big slash in its newsrooms later this month, or so say my former Gannett colleagues
As another riffed newspaper veteran, I feel your pain and @DaveLieber does a great job. DMN, though, didn’t help its credibility by endorsing Hillary, reflexively bashing Trump and generally veering left of its remaining readers.
This has nothing to do with HRC or endorsements or anything else -- newspapers are cutting staff because they can, to protect the shrinking profit margins they need in order to get hedge funds to stay invested in them.
Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Today’s newspapers and their “news partners” (including former competitors) have become echo chambers of political/predictable homogeneity. Amid all the talk about diversity, where are the independent thinkers?
is one of the few enterprising journalists who reports from a taxpayer perspective. Most reporters/editors are content to be conveyors of established political/corporate interests, making them little better than Chamber of Commerce shills. Readers won’t pay for that.
What do you expect when you alienate half of your potential audience? The DMN is a one-sided liberal rag printing fake news, especially since @RobertWilonsky was hired.
First thing I thought, too.
Unreported on MSM--I don't get it. Scared of losing access to GOP lawmakers? Corporate heads being paid off to have this quashed? Something's going on & it stinks!
it's because it's an ass-pull of a story. Pushing an anti-Trump agenda all year in 2018, obviously pushed away DMN readers.
Judging by my RSS feeds this hasn’t been ignored.
I’ve been “restructured” before. It sucks. Good luck man.
Horrible news for Texans. Hard hitting journalism is critical in one-party states like ours.
🙄 Yet you can always move from the “big fat red state” you live in.
you must not live along I35 -- it is the Democrat rich using the poor
Maybe DMN should try hard hitting journalism?
What’s their equivalent in California for the republican point of view?
I used to live in Dallas. From Fort Worth. Subscribed to DMN. 2 neighbors worked there. 1 w/ byline. Live in Bexar Cty now bcs it feels better than Metroplex but wouldn't pay a dime for the newspaper anywhere. Drop the partisanship and report the actual facts as news. Too hard?
Texas is a horse backwards pub hellhole
I hear CNN is hiring.
The newsroom just got news that the #Dallas Morning News is laying off 40 people amidst a “restructuring”. We’re told about half of those will be from the newsroom.…
The newsroom just got news that the Dallas Morning News is laying off 40 people amidst a “restructuring”. We’re told about half of those will be from the newsroom.
Get Woke Go Broke
This is a gut-punch. I am keeping you and so many of my friends there close to my heart today.
If there’s anything normal Texans can do (besides have a subscription) please share. Though I live in ATX & grew up in HOU, THIS is my goto paper.
Your “goto paper” just reprints articles from NYTimes,WashPost & LATimes—do you ever read the top/bottom of each column to see where it’s from?
sorry to hear about this. I've known many folks over the years who were laid off from the DMN :-(
So sad. Please people, support local journalism!
That is terrible! You can bet that the less local ppl know about local issues, the more likely some carnivore will come around to fool that ignorant population.
ugh, sorry dom.
Thanks Brian. Rough day over here.
What, are they going to distribute ads, the funnies, Cowboy coverage and blank pages.
That’s bad.
That's not good.
So sorry to hear this.
I'm sorry. I too am losing my job in the media industry due to "restructuring". Stay strong, I feel and share your pain. 👊
Pretty soon we won't need a press.
Damn. Local journalism uncovers local corruption. @dallasnews
We have the Observer for that, thankfully
What awful, devastating news. I'm so sorry.
That way they can’t cover as@many storylines. Excellent plan if the owners want to please Trump.
Really sad and telling that some people HAVE to bring politics into everything.
Was the paper recently bought out?
You can always drive for Amazon. And for those mourning the death of "journalism" consider this: these "journalists" slit their own throats with all the fake and biased news coming from every single major outlet today. Sorry, but you reap what you sow.
This is so unfortunate. Probably because the jack ass(es) in Washington are writing their own headlines
Just do what Trump does, keep them on working without pay.
Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed. Get ready to enjoy the "100% employment" statistics.
I am sorry to hear this news but this is precisely what happens every single day in the real world. The rubber has to meet the road at some point.
Is Mike Wilson still editor...?
It’s happening everywhere
Hearst has been doing much the same in South Texas with the Hou Chron and SA Express News
Any more”news” from the DM“news” about “news” lay-offs half of which will be from the “news”room ?
“That’s awful.” #Sideways
Maybe other media figures will see that writing BS articles and then retracting three days after will affect their careers.
Is this a Sinclair owned station?
ugh I’m so so sorry, Dom
This is exactly what the Denver Post did last year. The print newspaper industry is on its last legs.
Wait half? After the last layoffs?!? That means half of WHAT? Holy cow!! Support local journalism. For the love of God, PLEASE!! #GoLocal #SupportLocal
Hard to support local ‘journalism’ when all they do on front page is reprint stuff from NYTimes,WashPost & LATimes. Over it & their agenda. Talk about being ‘out of touch’ with their readers OMG. Parroting national Dem narrative.
Actually, this paper leans a bit right. But, hey girl, you do you...and maybe read a bit more than your timeline. #SupportLocal
Nope. Not when they endorsed Hillary and O’Rourke. & over a year hardly any reprints of natl articles from WashTimes or WSJournal etc. So nope. Haven’t leaned right in quite some time. They reap what they sow. LOCALs buy subscriptions & DMNews forgot that.
Ugh I hope Gannett not involved
They don’t want you around when they start taking Texans land to build a whatever it is they think we need. #mexicowillpayforthewall
this is awful. sending good vibes your way
Such a good paper. So sorry to hear this.
Horrible news. This hurts our city, our Dallas journos are amazing.
I’m so sorry. That sucks.
Like McDonalds laying off Big Macs and fries. I just will never understand how cutting those who are the product makes the product better.
Based on current revenue models, the actual product is the reader, and the customers are advertisers.
So that makes writers with expertise what exactly?
In a free content model, then yes the readers are absolutely the product. But if you pay a subscription or if content is independent of advertising, the reporters are the product (or part of it).
Oh no! The newsroom has done amazing work & been a go-to during the immigration debate.
I hope the geniuses at DMN can convince me to keep my print sub to what has become a broken newspaper. Because I’m skeptical.
A truly unique & horrible feeling. So sorry, man. Thinking of y’all from my Statesman desk.
it continues....
As a loooooong time subscriber, this is heartbreaking.
What horrible news. I am so very sorry.
Wow..that's terrible. Hope you won't be among those laid off.
You mean a conscious breakdown in providing the public unbiased news for them to consume in the face of massive technological changes has actually lead to repercussions? Huh. Never saw that coming.
This is not how to improve news coverage. Went through too many similar situations, and despite what management says, the product is never better because of it.
So sorry to hear this!
Sorry to hear that. Damn.
Lemme guess - local content will be replaced by syndicated punditry.
So sad. We need strong local journalism now more than ever.
Changing face of news media
That hurts to read. I know a lot of good people there.
Awful news. DMN was my fav paper to buy & read when I lived in Dallas. Still buy it when I’m visiting. Much love & luck to those impacted & their families.
If you weren’t so far left maybe people would renew their subscriptions.
And by you I mean the Morning News!
How many people work in the newsroom?
I'm really sad to hear this news.
People stopped reading your fake news a long time ago
I’m sorry, y’all. 😔
You migh not have lost those jobs if your newspaper had not taken its liberal slant and stayed conservative.
Jesus. This sucks so much.
Am sorry for those being laid off!
So sorry to hear. Thinking of you all today and sending good vibes down to Texas. (I still remember how it felt when I was at the Birmingham News the day it announced massive newsroom layoffs several years ago.)
Not a good thing anywhere. Sad
Sorry to hear this. With lots of news on the Internet, papers get hit the hardest. Hope those people can find work right away.
The Statler ruins everything it touches.
My heart goes out to them. My daughter worked there a few years back when they were in the midst of layoffs. Such a stressful time. She's now employed as a communications strategist for a university and loves it.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Been there.
Local journalism has been in decline for decades. Some attributable to “24-hour news”, but mostly to “cut and paste” journalists that the public not willing to pay for anymore. Still a need for hard-hitting, informative news, but that’s now coming from mainstream media.
Oh my gosh, so very sorry. My husband was a journalist for more than 40 years until Gannett abruptly laid him off in 2016. My sympathies to those affected.
Please lay-off every single person who decided it would be a swell idea to endorse Sid Miller. Then, ask them to return every penny they’ve been paid since that time.
Seriously, you’re in the most progressive city in Texas- A Town notwithstanding- yet your opinion board all carry cult member cards for the exact opposite of progressivism, and most of y’all’s straight news is conservative slanted.
Millennials are taking over. Millennials aren’t conservative. You even bought the coolest weekly in Dallas- and squandered that. Who’s running your business ops, now that I think about it?
lost all credibility as a serious big city paper when they endorsed Miller- or anyone Miller-esque. Did ya not realize Big D voted damn near 70% for Obama in 2008? Would you open a Neiman Marcus in Pleasant Grove?
I am a 1st place (all divisions, SMU, TCU, Baylor, A&M, etc.) opinion writer (TIPA). I’ll run your editorial department, well, and good.
That’s scary
My station, @WUWF is currently looking for a managing editor. And the position is open to print editors who are willing to learn radio…
OH NOOOO.....!!!
This is terrible news. I'm sorry.
Bummer. I'm here in San Angelo, TX and pay for paper delivery to help support journalism.
typical bs. The downside of capitalism: Human nature (more specifically: greed).
Twitter is partly to blame... right?
Great. Because the country can afford to lose more journalists now. SMH.
It sucks, because more “papers” are being taken over by large companies that tell them what they can/can’t print. This adds to the dumbing down of America. Stupid people elect stupid politicians and goes downhill from there.
as they say, it's a start 😀Keep up the prog anti-american anti-trump bias and go the way of the dodobird #fakenews #pravda CYA
Just when we need more robust state and local journalism. Such a loss for DFW/Texas.
Blame national fake news media. Trickle-down.
That is bad news.
It’s sad but not unexpected when the @dallasnews just reprints stuff from WashPost, NYTimes & LATimes every day. Used to be daily reader 34 yrs; stopped when I got WOKE.
Well, so little had been going on...
Local newspapers are more important than national ones. How can Mrs Smith advertise a bring and buy sale for the local church in the New York times? Keep it local.
Conservatives at Dallas Morning News and other #corporatemedia outlets: last hired (if at all), first fired.
So sorry to hear this.
Factual news is optional in the land of @JohnCornyn and @SenTedCruz. How else do they expect to keep the state red other than willful ignorance?
"I reject your facts" ~ Nancy Pelosi, yesterday. If you didn't read it in the local paper, you know why they're struggling.
Didn’t Dallas Morning News endorse Beto? But yeah, totally on the same page with you in the land of willful ignorance.
Because who needs news now?
Sad trend continues
Circulation is in the crapper. Hardly anyone takes the paper anymore.
Is it cynical of me to think that if your need people are being handed what to say/print, you don't need nearly as many of them
Is Louie's still open?
Sure... why not.... why pay people to "report" news when we can just "create" it. OPINIONS are not news people !
Good, they will have plenty of time to go freelancing and show us the non-crisis at the border.
Tragic, and a trend fueled by an incessant attack by our own government.
Weird how no one seemed to care when Obama was bragging about destroying the coal industry.
Sad to see lost jobs, but it’s a sign of the times.
I’m so saddened to read this.
This is awful. I’m sorry !
Terrible news. I’m so sorry.
It’s happening here in Cleveland at the Plain Dealer.
If the DMN returned to being a great newspaper, it would not be dying. Going the path of unhinged left wing lunacy brought about its demise
Might be time to forge an independent alliance among those that are being laid off?
Must be all those newly created jobs.
All CIA agents I assume
One of the tarriffs was on Canadian paper for news papers. Raising the price for our endagered press by 30% Trump is attacking the free press in more ways than just rants
The fewer news people on the beat the better president Pinocchio looks.
Love it. President Pinocchio!
Small 'p' on president. No indignity too small for lardass.
Sad to hear this. I am a digital subscriber and read daily. Not excited that a lot more news will be whatever AP is reporting. Local journalism matters.
Hang in there with us Tillie 🙏 There’s no word that this is going to result in more wire copy.
As a 25 year, 7 day a week DMN home delivery subscriber, I am so SAD! We desperately need our local investigative reporters or our state/nation will continue to be torn apart by corruption,
This is just terrible. I’m so sorry. Each round of these layoffs leaves another wound in the affected newsroom and the industry as a whole.
Where is Jeff Bezos when you need him?
That is what happens when the news becomes propaganda for the left instead of reporting both conservative and liberal opinions. I haven’t bought a paper since 2016. For heavens sake they endorsed a socialist for governor. ☹️
America is almost finished
Time to stop sending "thoughts and prayer" and time to start subscribing and supporting these important institutions of our democracy!
The struggle is all too real at all too many newspapers.
Time to learn how to code.
Not good; but, alas, not a surprise in this news environment.
Less fake news on the street. Winning!
Learn to code, DORKS!
This is what tHump and his minions dreams about. The fewer points of accountability the fewer fact checkers the better. This maybe a vital philanthropic cause that could save our America. Who will be our heros in a struggle for unaltered facts? How can this be done!?
Yes, because there are so few left sided media sources left.... 🙄
We need journalists & truth seekers. Especially NOW! #FactsMatter
Very sad. I was at the Washington Star when Time folded it in 1981, and several newsroom staffers and reporters went to the Dallas Morning News.
I’m sorry for your loss
This really sucks. Everyone loses when things like this happens. How many people work in the news/editorial side of the paper? I think people have this image that it is hundred of people but I assume that it is already a pretty stealthy operation.
I am so sorry. 😦
Horrible news not only for Texans, but the nation as a whole. Particularly at a time when honest journalism, integrity and accountability are either called into question or outright attacked.
I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with all those impacted. It is such a tough industry to keep afloat. I'm from Chicago, and our news struggled for years (and still is), hence them potentially selling out their soul. I really hope the best for everyone. 💜
Happened here in Denver too
Yeah turning to state run TV
Not really surprised. I was a subscriber for 2+ decades, finally cancelled. Provided feedback when asked (twice), none of it was followed.
Local AND *real* investigation journalism is dying a slow (and sometimes a not so slow) death. It’s very, very sad. I wish investors would invest in real journalism instead of the next app that will tell me what famous person my poop most looks like.
So sorry. This is tragic.
So disappointing.
So sorry to hear this... I've been through it and it's excruciating.
That is a shame, and it's misguided. And if they think hiding the news behind expensive paywall is the answer, that's wrong, too because that just hides the news from those who need to hear it most.
The paywall can work, but the product in front needs to give readers incentive to pay. The @dallasnews website has been a poor user experience since the 1990s. Today, it’s no different: slow-loading, hard to read, buggy, unprofessionally designed, and full of intrusive ads.
True, but it's not just about the tech. If the solid reporting doesn't remain because layoffs become too deep, few will pay for wire service filler. My objection to paying is also that it walls off poorer readers who can't afford to pay, but need to be informed, nonetheless.
This is incredibly sad. I was a reporter and then a copy editor and I loved my jobs. The death knell was sounding when I left my job nearly 20 years ago. #BoycottTrumpsAddress
So sorry to hear about this...
Too many left-wing endorsements in a red state. I’m sure they’ll all find jobs working for cnn & msnbc
#FakeNews leads to #RealUnemployment. #getwokegobroke you can try other ways to make writing fiction pay off: Hollywood, books, etc.
The self-destruction of local journalism. Bad for the citizenry and the Republic.
hmmm who did they back in the Senate race?
The result of their liberal only views
Newspapers are dead.
Anybody know what the Editor/CEO/owners earn?
I wish I were rich enough to donate to all local newspapers and stations. It's sad that these hardworking, passionate, experienced journalists are losing their jobs at this critical moment when the Nation needs their service more than ever.
This breaks my heart. I’m so sorry for the journalists. I’m so sorry for my hometown, which will be a lesser place.
And the editors still don't put anything out worth reading. Leftists don't read or don't like to pay for what they read. My condolences to everyone there hurt by those poor choices
Why do news organizations use language like "restructure" when in any other case if we were reporting on cuts in other industries we'd call them cuts. They're job cuts. Period.
When news is no longer news and has an agenda this is the results!
Think. The country is in Awesome shape so far as jobs and work go. This is a deep state clean out‼️
I read this news on twitter...
I am sorry to hear that
'Cuz we think we oughta read news for free or almost free. My NYTimes subscription costs me $4/mo/yr & my WaPo will cost abt the same when I go off the $1 rate...Tough biz now. Craigslist started the loss in ad revenue. Google & Apple need to buy newspapers to keep them free.
I'm so sorry for you and your colleagues @dallaasnews.
At my funeral, I want a eulogist to say I’ve merely begun a “restructuring.”
In the age of Trumpaganda, the truth is a pretty hard sell in certain areas of the country.
Yeah and will probably hire back on a "piece" basis.
Without journalists to shine light into the darkness. Democracy dies.
Right wing DMN is floundering.
Sorry to hear this Dom
Thanks for thinking of us Mark
Keep up the good work Dom
Channel8 does that on a daily basis Nyberg imagine a News station that the weather broadcaster doesn’t show up for work only Channel8 great team and management staff they fire someone ever week. Nyberg is next Alyssa is the new anchor time to retire Nyberg
Duh! You are in a dying industry. Save yourself!
I'm so sorry y'all. I was laid off from a local paper last year. Still stings. If any laid off journo wants to talk or vent or just scream at the gods, my inbox is open.
I hate this sort of news
If local news actually didn't try to be so friendly to local governments and LEO's just to gain and keep access, maybe reporting local corruption would be something local readers would be interested in reading, instead of sanitized, homogenized pablum. Warm milk is for sleeping.
That sucks. How bad is the content they produce? Are they doing real journalism or leftist propaganda? They have probably caused their own problem.
Very sorry to hear this. Journalists are more important than ever.
Bonus !!! Fake ... lies .... BS
wow a different way to enact censorship
To be expected; newsapers are dying.
Lol that's what happens when you back Clinton in 2016, in Texas😂
Exhibit A of what happens when you turn your paper to the left in a solidly right state.
Portland Oregonian going through exactly the same. Again.
Very sorry to hear this.
Very sorry for these reporters and their families. I know so many people who have stopped taking the DMN bc of its political bias. Unfortunately opinion was substituted for national news. And now local news will suffer for it.
Get rid of the newsprint angle. The printed paper is the buggy whip of modern journalism. Cut out all that production and distribution cost and use that money for reporting. Everything's a day old in print. Online is the car. Print is the horse and buggy.
Hate this. 24 years of my life in Big D. Times Herald went down in 91. That was hugely disappointing just as this is.
This shouldn’t just be a Tweet generating support & sympathy! This should be a national news story, a headline in print media, breaking news on every network! Enough 24 Hour Trump Headlines! The headlines need to scream the consequences of Trump, not Trump stories! Best of Luck!
This sucks. Thoughts are with you and your colleagues @Evan_P_Grant