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I am buying
Apple CEO Tim Cook might be futilely trying to sell something that nobody's buying. #Privacy @karaswisher
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Same. It’s the wider arc of trust.... stay on target.... oh, also another stock to buy... #Target 😁 #trusteconomy
So am I and so should we all! Privacy is a necessary precursor for freedom of speech, yet we don't seem to value it like we do freedom of speech. I think it's because we have no idea how bad it can get, but this new life insurance issue might give us a clue...
This is the life insurance story I was referring to…
These tips—based on insurers using social media data to set premiums—are stunningly dystopian.
If Facebook isn’t careful, they’ll eventually be in a position where Apple has something to gain by dropping FB app from their store. Unlikely but possible. They’d better stop playing fast and loose with data real fast.
Lots of buyers. People join social media loudly and leave silently
I think Scott's on to something-- maybe no one "trusts" the companies that make all their products in 2019, but people (not me, certainly, but "some of my best friends") trust #AAPL a lot more than they trust anyone else. THAT'S what they're selling, however in/accurate the hype!
Me, too, literally. Every time I buy an iPhone, I consider switching to android. Privacy/security is one of the main things that keeps me returning to iOS.
Without privacy, things get ugly. Just look at the Stasi.
Of course you are, because you are a coastal elite, Apple fangirl. They can do nothing wrong in your eyes. They have plenty of problems. And now that the iPhone sales are slowing look for them to do lots more snaky stuff to create revenue and justify their market cap
This is about privacy; not iPhone sales. Are you going to wait until we have a social credit system like China's before caring about privacy?
I’m splitting the tab with you.
If you have leftovers you’re putting on eBay, give me a heads up 😎
One has to understand and feel the consequences to “buy” this. Millennial told me recently we know we have no privacy why even try. It comes with technology. 🙀
Yep. I’m all for it. (And we all know he’d wipe the floor with the FB douchebro in a cage match.)
It’s amazing how people thing privacy issues are only related to online companies. People have NO IDEA what your credit card companies, loyalty cards, etc .. are doing with your data. It’s wild ..
I’m buying in spades. What’s troubling is that – as many have said – privacy is now a luxury good.
I'll take two.
In 2014 survey by GFS, only 35% agreed with "I don’t mind if data is used by free service for targeted advertising." In late 2018 survey, 71% of people confronted with their FB profile categories said they had no idea that FB compiles data and creates such profiles.
So are we, of course, but far too few are buying despite Facebook, Google et al. abusing users' privacy rights for years
Privacy is not being bought because people aren’t aware of its value just yet and they don’t ..It’s an awareness problem.. by the time they become aware it might be too late!
You and Buffett!
Yup. I think there will be a market for products that provide data privacy. Sign me up.
Maybe @tim_cook should stop listening in on iPhone owners’ FaceTime conversations. That’s how he can better respect privacy. FCC should be investigating and levying massive fines on Apple. We don’t want to hear apologies.
This is like the Newton, few understood the potential but later it became an iPhone and everyone said oh, I want what your selling. This is forward thinking for a company that doesn’t need to sell its customers privacy to make a profit. I’m buying.
I'm Also Thinking To Buy ☺️. L. O. L
Me too! And with a little education, waaaaay more people will be buying privacy, too, IMO.
Is it because you have connections and are personally invested
Been "buying Privacy" for the last 12 years or so.
Oh yeah. @timcook sparks joy. (Read even a small part of Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" and it'll provide the necessary motivation.) Apple aint perfect but it's better.
This could be a key differentiator for Apple, they work to protect your privacy and ensure your personal data is not surreptitiously exploited👍
I’d like a subscription. Ongoing privacy, please.
I think people will buy privacy. I dont think they’ll want to manage their own bank and security as many in crypto believe. But absolutely there will be private alternatives. I think he needs to buy DuckDuckGo or at a minimum stop promoting google as default Safari search.
They have a search engine for 27 countries already Try put down in the home screen and type something
but if FB is never penalized financially there will be no incentive to change.
People vastly underestimate the thousands of small decisions Apple has made over the years and millions of lines of code to make this work. You can't bolt on privacy. This is deep, deep work.
Case in point: Apple Pay NEVER stores your credit card number in the raw, never becomes visible or accessible to anyone at Apple. And they did all that when everyone else accepts the status quo of storing credit card numbers. Apple does unnatural things to make this work.
This!! And why I always use Apple Pay wherever I can.
We are buying too! My father buys every iPhone when it launches & gifts all of us. We value our privacy. Apple Pay rocks. My bank rewards me for using Apple Pay. It reduces their risk of paying for fraudulent purchases.
I dont know whether ppl notices on their CC receipts or not that Apple even issue a virtual CC number not ur real CC number. Ppl will start buying Privacy the moment there’s a leak of of some data from Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
I'm buying so much I need to buy calls, to enhance the buying!
Me too. Not just privacy -- respect for the dignity of us as humans -- not monetized product cycles. Get it!
Will there ever be a a very simple standard form to opt in or opt out ... ?
I am buying three
I am selling!
I’m buying, and my family is, too.
Stealth marketing in broad daylight. While the competition is distracted with notches, Apple is building their next moat.
I mean, I would like to buy, but I prefer Android for almost everything else
I’m very bought in to this.
MDN article seems to be written by some naive person who is just trying to gain attention. I value privacy a lot.
Not sure what it will take but the tipping point is already pasted. People user FB but no one I know trusts them or isn't ambivalent about staying. Meanwhile, the next generation is not coming on board.
Count me in too please
I’m buying. I don’t want bad players and large data companies spying on me.
I just bought 3 in 2018, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, and an IPhone.
In the long run a great investment, people! Don't think shortsighted.
And willing to pay a reasonable amount more for some vestige or appearance of it.
Hey, that MacDailyNews article is all just quotes from your article!!
Their progression from swipe unlock to touchid to Face ID contradicts their stance on privacy. Why the need to collect and THEN protect more and more intimate personal data? They want your fingerprints and face, that’s why..
Written anything about self-Sovereign identity yet? #OwnRoot Buying = structural outcome Begging = waiting to be provisioned methods by benefactors Leaders lead. A future that works is still unknown innovation. Voices + actions.. Kill the silence, dont just parrot the noise.
Me 3 and I speak for 3 others too.
Time will prove Apple was mistake for humanity.
I’m totally buying. I just wish they’d stop using that Tim Cook photo where he looks like Grumpy Cat. He’s not a grumpy guy.
Buying. Playing the long game when you can is smart, plain and simple.
900M active devices would disagree....
Me too! Privacy & Security is #1 for me, that’s why I’ll never switch to another platform. My former co workers at Apple are the most incredible people I’ve ever met. I miss working by their side.
To be fair, not everybody value their privacy equally. Many people are happy to give away their physical address, email address, personal info, and credit card number for free shipping.
Privacy will only be for the privileged.
Everyone is buying. This might turn into the smartest power play we’ve seen in a long time. #DontKnowButWeWillSeeTho
Smart money will be on privacy. As smart phones become the core of smart devices, including medical monitoring and even medical controls, security needs will be clearer to mainstream consumers.
This is the kind of stuff you could/should be talking to @DKTechAmb about on @Recode podcast...
I am buying and will pay a premium
I will always pay for privacy...except for this tweet which I give freely.
I bought a lot already.
Me too. In case any company out there cares. I’ll pay extra for privacy.
He read the shifts and plays to them well. I'm British (but think of myself a European despite the mess over here). But I'm also sec guy and have harped on about this for decades. People matter, ppl buy stuff. Abuse their trust - lose the sale.
Sadly, if we examine all of the largest break-ins and security flaws of the last 10 years and the associated market cap impact to the companies, it doesn’t look so good for people who care about privacy.
Did this year for this reason
Ultimate luxury now. You want a new halo, privacy
Me too....Tim Cook is a real leader.
Buying ... never had facebook app on my phone and don't use it anymore
If Steve Jobs comes up from hell and offers his entire fortune....then MIGHT consider getting an iPhone...
Do not bite the apple.
Wimpy tweet of the night. Yawn.
You and me and a few billion people. It's just the data pirates who keep repeating "no one cares about privacy" but they've overplayed their hand and the public is onto them.
I really dislike the IPhone but it will probably be my next phone considering his moves on privacy. I won't be happy about it necessarily but I'll be a customer because I value giving money to a company that makes the effort to safe guard the data they gather about me.
Same here. Will continue to pay apple premium as long as they work hard to protect our privacy. Their refusal to unlock phones for law enforcement is a feature not a bug.
There are so many articles online bashing Apple that you have to think it’s some sort of a commercial troll army. It reeks of corporate propaganda.
I just bought an iPhone X, so I’m all for it.
I literally dumped an Android and bought an iPhone solely because of Privacy / Security.
is in the minority to suggest that every one should get off social media for data security reasons. $fb proved it. Cook should mind his own business.
Most folks who are paying attention are too.
Play the long game. FB & Google might win the first few rounds, but Apple will win the bout. This is the perfect PR cocktail for the Apple brand.
Weird that the end consumer is not mentioned once. Who cares if it doesn’t matter to the stock market/ $fb - it matters to the customers... the ones at risk. Cook is playing the long game. Putting the customer first will pay off for $aapl if not this/next quarter
I am buying too. Plus the fact Samsung stole intellectual property makes them a permanent won’t buy for me.
So you are telling me that Apple never give a backdoor access to anyone ever??? 🙊🙉🙈
Still buying...
Sign me up.
To me, Apple's safeguards give them a competitive advantage, which they should expand on & use to market their products. They could position themselves as a "good" tech giant, especially now that Google has completely reversed their motto to "DO do Evil."
EU is buying. GDPR is only the beginning.
I’ll buy too.🖕🏾
I agree. I think Cook’s position on privacy is very important, and as the facebooks of the world, it will become more so.
Written anything about self-Sovereign identity yet? #OwnRoot Buying = structural outcome Begging = waiting to be provisioned methods by benefactors Leaders lead. A future that works is still unknown innovation. Voices + actions.. Kill the silence, dont just parrot the noise.
Also buying.
Bought long time ago (yes, as you and many more, too).
It absolutely matters. Facebook and google both need to be taken to task over their violations.
is #Ebola. Nobody needs or wants Ebola. If you are using Facebook, you are being killed, in public, with your consent.
Purchasing since 2010 when I canceled FB & adopted Mac