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Given the propensity of tech companies to be actively evil, I am going to say "nothing good." (I mean really, the old Google motto "don't be evil" is such a freaking joke at this point).
Is that robot's face modeled on Lil Tay, the child "rapper"?
it's the turbotax robot so probably
Researching and developing new lobbying strategies.
she has more eyes than you know
You win Twitter today.
Is that Google's expenditure or Alphabet's as a whole?
you know in the piece it's phrased like it's google's but I bet it's alphabets as a whole in which case... even more intriguing and also maybe just like $4 billion for cars and whatever's left over on everything else?
That's why Google/Alphabet has a brighter future than Apple.
i heard that apple copies a lot of google features. rule of thumb says that knowing its possible is half the budget
google shows them something is possible and they impliment it. The old rul e of thumb says that knowing its possible is half way there so that sort of fits. google does all their ground breaking for them
And about 4 times that of IBM.
Things apple isn't doing: ✔️ Glucose eye thing ✔️ Self driving car ✔️ Internet balloon thing ✔️ Iot ✔️ Security research for other companies ✔️ Vpns for journalists ✔️ Cloud platform ✔️ All that other shit
✔️ Machine learning research!
But Animojis, you know.
Honeymooners reboot
Come visit Toronto.
they... bought toronto?
Quayside is a hefty sum but it’s still primarily Sidewalk and in the millions; that number for Alphabet is bonkers
free brain implants tho
“Surrender pronto ...”
Unassailable advantage is expensive
Well I’m hoping you get the movie reference tbh
they are carrying apple from what i heard, and given the scope of ther project id say the biggest cost is probably design and market research. The hardwarse compoments already exist for the most part, If they are developing a new camera that could take some money
Not Google+ anymore! Thank goodness.
(1) Self-driving car (2) weird blue sky things to getting the internet to places it isn't (3) purpose-built server-side hardware (4) how to get into the health sector (5) VR/AR (6) home goods (Nest, Home, etc.) (7) ... immortality?
FWIW, Facebook is also investing in (2), (3), (5), and to a lesser degree (6). IDK who bears the R&D costs for the Google-branded phones, or how they account for their software development spending.
1, 2, and 4 are mostly not under the Google umbrella anymore.
Music festivals?
I think that's a rounding error.
This is the IBM or Xerox playbook when margins are fat and look perpetual
Free food and cocaine?
The 2019 budget for the entire state of Michigan is $56.8 billion, for reference.
I put more faith in Google than Michigan.
State motto: if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.
That's more than NASA's budget.😲
If they are like me most of that is opera subscriptions
Chat platforms
I’ll take offerings in #healthcare and #finance verticals for $10, please Alex...
To be honest, I prefer them spending it on crazy stuff instead of sitting on the cash. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Colossus the Google project
Google's P/E is almost 42. That means that whatever they are spending $24B on has a discounted earning value of over $1T.
They are building The OASIS
Probably reinforcement learning (cough random search cough)
Wonderful Toys for Batman.
Do not ask questions to which you do not want answers...
Need more messaging apps
#AI boi, soon it will take over of your persona... (quote me on that boi)
Little text ads, sold at auction, shoveling incomprehensible amounts of money into the shangri-la of nerddom.
Same with apple, what they spending $10 billion plus on every factories to build products?
Google Glasses II
Apparently they are burning through a lot of money with DeepMind
International cloud regions, undersea cables, overpaid middle management ...
How bout you post the entire article here instead of monkeys having to subscribe?
You don’t wanna know
They forgot to turn off that 4xl?
Mostly kitchen snacks but also expensive engineers
Time travel 🧭 🧳
Gobbling up talent and Mountain View just in case?
You really want to know. Google is getting into everything. Their MOD is to be like a giant octupus with its tentacles everywhere.
Building products and then killing it 1 year later
AI that will ultimately usher in the singularity and destroy mankind
Chatbots, most likely.
That's about the same as the whole Italian economy spends on R&D (€23bn GERD in 2017 - Eurostat).
Acquiring the worlds Profs and PHD students!
They are working on Google++ and something called Google Wave, gonna be big!