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Excuse me, it is 2019, where are my Arcologies
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I'll have to settle for this. HARRUMPH
Would be real bad luck if the fire disaster spawned on those few tiles
I still play this game all the time
Oh wowwwww this takes me back! Also lol!
I’m on the iPhone SimCity BuildIt version - I like the graphics, but it’s limited in many ways, limited infrastructure play, & no Arcologies!
If you didn't surround your mayor house in parks and water you were doing it wrong... I never went as far as putting a police station right next door though.
The year is 59624? Someone's been playing for a LONG TIME.
Oh my goodness the nostalgia
This is eerily similar to my own palace projects. 😂
Plymouth apparently.
Not sure they arrived yet but my bet would be on Asia to see the first of these.
If I keep eating too much, one day I might become an Acrology
Also interested in building a space to live for 3 dollars a person.
The only two things I was promised in the future that we actually got are the dystopian fascist police state, and the tracksuits.
we cut too much transit funding.
Oh sim city 2000, I remember that from when I was in elementary school.
I've been there! It's not very big
Size isn't...oh, nvm
Looks more like the forest arco.
I thought so at first, but remembered he's got Blue Origin in his portfolio too, hehe.
Somebody use the urban redevelopment kit so all the Arcologies are branded after tech CEOs. Launch Arco is Musk's BFR, Forest Arco is amazon Prime Housing. Plymoth Arco is amazon HQ. Darco is Facebook.
When I lived in Seattle, I wished I could take a pic of the balls with the Space Needle nestled between, in the shot.
Reticulating splines.
$200,000 for a launch arcology is a real bargain.
So is $1 to clear an acre of land
I always took the money in the game to be in thousands of dollars, so really $1,000 to clear land, 120 billion for an arcology.
The Simolean exchange rate was never really explained. But I like that 1/1k comparison.
Is this simcity 2000? Possibly the greatest or at least most addictive game ever made.
I rememver SIM Farm. Do you?
Yep, though SimTower was the only other one I really got into. So many sim games lost to history now.
I was thinking of that one too! And sim earth
I’m definyteky@an allle guy but growing up we were a PC family. Funny thing about sim far and it’s minimum system requirements were system 7.5 fir Mac and windows 3.1 fir windows.
I know I can run sim farm on a modern Mac if I run old windows versions within a vm since macs use intel. Oh and when the family first hit the game it ran on a 486 with win95 upgrade version
But if unwanted to play it on classic macOS it aitkdbhwve to be system 7.5 all the way upto Mac OS 9.2.2 which I believe was the last classic Mac OS version released if I’m not mistaken
I believe that is correct. My wife’s still upset we got rid of our last Mac that ran os9 because she can’t play Caesar III anymore.
One of msny reasons@i have kept my 2009 MacBook and 2006 Mac mini around is because they have combined audio in and and separate audio in and out respectively and it’s all pure nostalgia.
I managed to save the Athlon XP 1600+ cusyom build the family had during my teenage years@because my parents@were going to throw it out and I wanted@to run Linux on it plus it has a 200GB and a 120 GB hard drive in it
Combined that’s more than the SSD on my 2013 MacBook Pro which has a 256 GB SSD but having 16 GB of ram 5 years after I bought it sure is nice since I slept extra to get it in the durst placr
And the copy I have is a CD rom.
Well, there’s @factoriogame But don’t blame me...
There’s a reason I haven’t bought it ... yet.
Yeah, I had a weak moment. Btw:…
Holy shoot, that’s insane.
And that’s only a small part of what’s possible. It really is insane, but in a good way. Now if only I didn’t have a life too...
I'm still waiting on my (commercially viable) hoverboard and jet pack first...
Did anyone actually build anything but the launch arco?
IIRC the others had fun animations.
I stayed in a full service condo building in Irvine last year. Closest thing I’ve seen so far. But I like Arcosanti in Arizona better
Ohh la la, what’s it called?
I want a Barkology. Dogs only.
$120,000? The past really was a different country
Build more bloody arcologies
You’ll want to get Heatherwick on that right away. Don't worry they can start work before the budget's been signed off.
Holy nostalgia. I used to build cities in sim city 2000, and THEN go play sim copter in those cities. When I got bored of putting out fires or directing traffic I would cheat code the Apache and destroy the place. 12 years old was so much fun.
I thought I was the only one who ever bought sim copter!!!! A little cathedral anyone? Sim tower???
I had sim tower too. That game was hard. I loved all those games. I wish I could play sim city 2000 again.
You can I’m sure! But looking to newer sim cities is fun too. They are largely the same in concept with a shit ton of more graphics / buildings. A few years ago (before kids) when my wife was sick with the flu I played sim city 4000 for almost 2 weeks strait...
Does *anyone* remember yoot tower or did I just out-maxis-nerd this thread?
Haha I know of it, I never got to play it though. Also I wrote a song about SimTower for @marioke so you're not winning the Maxis nerd war
Did you finish the song? Because if not there is still time for this nerd war to be won...
No... still need to add that extra bit. D'oh
Not loving how @holly is trying to win this fight using music... my second greatest weakness (after exercise)
Whaddaya mean TRYING to win. I've won
Just declaring you won in a British accent doesn’t make you the winner. See: brexit. You at least need to finish and share the song!
FINE I WILL and i'll sing it as well
Is it done yet?? How about now? Now?? I’ve seriously been thinking about this too long but sim tower has enough fun quirks to be worth a full on musical!! But I went on TV and have 2 deadlines today so I have an excuse
Fineeeee.... We can let this one slide... (bear in mind I didn’t actually expect this to happen but if it does??? Wow)
I’ve seen the new ones but would like a lightweight s2k. I don’t need the graphics of the new one.
Pretty sure EA is basically giving it away these days
Just pay with a sense of pride and accomplishment, right? 🙃
LOVED SimCopter. I really wish it would get remade.
I think we cut too much funding, sorry
Well thus takes me back. An elegant game, for a simpler time.
I loved those launch arcos
It turns out building cities horizontally rather than vertically is cheaper. Who knew?
Wow that takes me back, seems so long ago
I know it looks like 1985
Ahh! The glorious misspellings of the age!!
Whoa I never got that -- what did it mean?!
If you built up enough launch arco's to fill the map, they would take off, you would have an empty map but same population.
I often wondered about this. was that message the entire reward or did you actually get to see them take off? I never got this far in the game.
You did get to see them, depending on platform.
And the income generated afterwards was amazing
On the PC version, they would just "blow up" the same way as if you took the bulldozer to them. You kinda had to know what was going on to not think that everything had just exploded without warning.
Renraku hasnt been encorporated (in the UK at least) so there is plenty of time to get the SCIRE on the go for 2040.
Ooh the original Sim City!
Oh no, this isn't the original. The first one was top down monochrome on ZX Spectrum
Look. This is how #Hype works. In my #Opinion, this is particularly true of any large-scale 'green projects' currently being promoted in #Architecture.
right next to the godzillas
I'm pretty sure The Barbican in London is an arcology. I like to think so anyway as I walk around it.
Probably the nearest we've got :)
How about the Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong?
Why would you consider it arcology?
The Barbican? b/c it is a neighbourhood built basically as a single building. (I think the launch engines are just a rumour tho)
Yeah, it's a sort of arcology lite, a bit like the dwarf skyscrapers version of arcology, which must be self-sustainable energy-wise.
I like how the domed gardens remind me of Silent Running
I have only passed by outside of it, one day i will muster some bravery and actually enter it to see the inside!
Sorry, that was on branch #344. You got stuck on #117, but hey, YOU got FB instead!🎰🎉
Imagine we didn’t get Facebook, but had tons of racists settling Mars
Can add it to the list right below flying cars and hover boards, lol
I can’t think of these now without giggling at @donoteat1’s observation that this is one of the only attempts to simulate public housing in a city-building game
Homeowners Association nixed it.
How do you know we're not all living in alt reality Darcos? Or the matrix?
I always thought the Darco looked cool. And it had those bizarre sub-dwellers, whom we regarded as a novelty before we started electing them.
I never built Arcologies, out of principle. It all seemed too silly and unrealistic.
Ha come on, dream bigger in sim city 👏🏽⚡️👩🏼‍🎤
The Plymouth Arco was the worst thing on Sim City.
I always imagined those as some hellish Future World version of Kowloon.
😊😊😊 SIM City 2000 😊😊😊
For the first few episodes of Ascension, I pretty much assumed they were on a 1960s launch arcology that had launched.
Arcologies have been unlocked. We're still paying off our 7% interest loans, then we have to wait 35 years for enough money to build one. We just need to put things on cheetah speed for a while.
I keep typing FUND, taking out a 25% loan, doing it again, and then going to the bank expecting a ".%" loan that pays me millions of dollars a year, but the tellers just look at me awkwardly.
there were few better feelings in the history of the video games when you realized your city would make $100 a year over the interest payments and eventually be OK.
When I was a kid I heard the name "welwyn garden city" and totally imagined it to be the same as the arcology on the furthest right there...
Bahaha I went to school there and that is hilarious
$200,000 for a launch arco. Oh simcity, thank you for setting unrealistically low-costs. Don't even get me going on the population, I mean what the hell. We must address this real national emergency.
Although we’re screwed on Arcologies, we do have Open Data, Data Engagement, Equity Programs|Programmes 😅, and Civic Usability Testing; and besides, although we’re screwed on flying cars and colonies on Mars and the like, we do have Dick Tracy watches, so there’s that. 😇 😅
crazy! I was thinking exactly the same the other day.
When I get done reticulating splines
we're all waiting on the inevitable dead space architecture future
<sign> I wasn't able to save up $50 for the version with the extensions that included arcologies and the $20 version of the game didn't have it.
I remember these in SimCity 2000!!
Launch arcos are desperate for the toilet
Took the river bus to Battersea the other day and St George Wharf, Vauxhall comes pretty close.…
I love sc2k!
I absolutely LOVED SimAnt
Lol this was my next favorite glad someone shared
I loved the arcology system.
In the time line where Hillary won.
nimbys killed them
Gah, story of my SF life
In Manhattan.
Maybe I don’t come into Manhattan enough but what the hell is this
unprecedentedly titanic mood
We would have them but we choose allocate our resources towards giving a tiny sliver of our population food with gold as a garnish.
Zoning and NIMBYs killed my arcology dreams :(
the Launch Arco needs to go pee
Omg. @wheatpond I just connected arcologies we talk about to simcity🙃
always worth holding out for the launch arco. Accept no substitutes
But also like what's going on with Plymouth and Darco tbh
plymouth def looks like where the party's at
Plymouth Arco = 55,000 ppl living in an ESPN Zone
Is “arcology” a reference to the dome like mega cities written about by Peter F. Hamilton?
whoooah, I just flashed back to like 9 years old.
The launch arco always looked to me like a robot waiting for his friend to tee off in golf
Well the Plymouth Arco is not environmentally sustainable and you know it.
I don't know how to put this nicely: porntipsguzzardo
Came here to say this.
On PC it was the much nicer IMACHEAT
Full stop, nobody bought anything but the 4th one in that photo.
Now I want to play sim farm lol if I can find the CD that the game came on, then maybe I could do one of 2 things. Pull out the old family pc or install a virtual machine of winXP on my 2013 MBP and install it In the vm
Why can’t we use the “fund” cheat?
DARCO???? it's all black??? like some kind of sith fortress??? is that what we can call ecogoth? can ecogoth be a thing
Topics covered: Arcology — how to make it a reality / as a platform for human and planetary transformation. Very unrealized methodology tho
But then there are ecocities and eco technologies + design concepts
Oh, this is fascinating: Norman Foster(!) designed Crystal Island, a proper arcology inside Moscow, but it lost funding in 2009 global econ crisis and was postponed. So close, yet womp.…
Holly, this question has been bothering me a ridiculously disproportionate amount of the time since I saw it 18h ago and now. Thanks, mate.
Hahaha sorry not sorry
I always thought the launch Arco was a robot doing the twist, or mid golf drive. It even looks like it's carrying a club.
Thanks, now I'll never unsee that.
I'm not sorry.
As a top-left, can confirm the accuracy of this chart wrt favourite arco
Carai! Classico demais
Wow what a throwback. I got nostalgic.
Oh jeeze, I just felt a ripple in space-time as long lost memories came pouring in.
subsumed into conceptual bricolage
Imagine building anything but Launch
Nice you have it for the PC I have the same game for PS1
damn good memories, launch arco was my favorite
Reminded me of these Italian buildings, sorry; it’s al I got…
Holy shit there's an image I haven't seen in a very long time. What a delightful nostalgia blast this morning. Thank you! ^_^
Holy cow... that brings back memories !! Lol...
"More real estate than real estate." Tyrell ReMax.
I love this tweet but only Plymouth Arcos were available until 2050 and let's be real nobody wants those eyesores
Did you click on "info"?
Oh my god! The nostalgia! 😍
china is now trying a small version of space-based solar power :)
That's so weird - I just had a dream about Arcos yesterday. And yeah, I should definitely live in the penthouse suite (mouth?) of my own Darco by now.
I really want these to be a real thing. It would make sense…wait, that’s why we can’t have them.