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The people who manufacture bathtub trays seem to have no idea what women actually do in the bath and I find that strangely comforting
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Love sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a [checks notes] small undressed salad
You know it's not a complete bath without a glass of red wine, a tiny latte, and an empty mug. Ambience brought to you by a phone video of a woman playing a ukulele and a handful of rose petals where your undressed salad normally goes
As a woman, I enjoy painting my nails in the bathtub while simultaneously grabbing handfuls of cornflakes, reading about global warning, and watching people playing lady and the tramp with a giant sandwich
This company has figured out what women really want while bathing: half a bottle of j'adore perfume to continually spray while nomming on cherries and sipping an electric blue cocktail
The EXCESS in this photo! White AND red wine! Green AND purple grapes! Eight kinds of cheese! And the piece de resistance...not one, but TWO phones
Look if you're not chowing down on waffles and hot dogs while gazing at stock photography of the ocean then what are you even doing
In short I have learned that I am apparently bathing all wrong and will rectify this immediately
Now then. There was a well known journalist on twitter asking it there was one of these and I googled and tweeted it to her. She thought it was the bee’s knees. I guess our ablutions are all varied. *NB* if you’re going to do electronic devices in the bath. Don’t charge them!”
NB If you use electronic devices in the bath, please plug them in.😁
This is bull. I prefer red wine and chocolate with whatever I’m bingeing on my iPad 🤷🏽‍♀️
What tha AF is that????
This is the thread I needed today. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laughing with gratitude at the adorable timing of this hilarity !!! Cheers.
Well you never said what women really want in a tub tray. ;)
It seems ludicrous but these are real products that are made by several companies. Apparently, some people really do like taking very long baths while indulging in the products presented on the samples. Google bathtub trays.
Where as in real life it just gets used for easy to reach bog roll for someone on the toilet
Just wait until you get into the exciting world of bucket baths.
I want to smash subscribe on u so much but then there r pronouns in your Twitter bio and some weird fraction with letters that is probably supposed to signify that you belong to sum sort of forbidden homestuck quadrant where ppl fantasize about being abused by Anders Breivik sooo
This thread has me in stitches
What kind of music do you make?!
I found you via this *hilarious* thread but after reading your bio I think you must meet @samantha_ege, if you haven't already 💜
I love how weirdly photoshopped these are
This thread was epic! Apparently I’ve been setting up my bath tray all along.
Best thread I’ve read in such a long time.
pls read this thread because I am creased
This entire thread is hilarious!! Love
Oddly, I am reading this on my phone while soaking in my tub. Just me, water, bubbles, phone, and, uh, you and your tub images. Hilarious!
read this thread 😂😂😂
's GIF/JIF thread was hella funny but this thread is a whole nuther level of extra.....
I’m just gunna leave this here... if you know, you know
This is literally the best thing I have seen in ages and I want you to be famous for it, but only famous to good people
This is one of the nicest things a stranger has ever said to me on the internet. Granted the bar is very low, but still
I will not rest until you are Twitter Famous™️ enough to go on a morning talk show or your feed is so overwhelmed with trolls that you put a hex on me, whichever comes first
This is America, why not both
I like this one, which not only has a jar of shells and a large shell, but also four small shells lined up like they think women are running confidence tricks out of their bathtub:
I don’t even know what this means and I’m laughing
At least there’s an unused bar of soap. Sort of bathy.
Puts my row of dolly mixtures along the edge of the tub and Kindle fire propped up on the laundry basket to shame 😂
Oh dear I have fucked this badly.
WHERE is your salad, Kate? Have you no cheese??
Not even one cherry tomato. Fail.
And why would anyone have a mobile and a tablet in the bath? That's even weirder.
I have an iPad mini in a waterproof case. That’s it. No tray needed. Oh and a couple of cans cold seltzer water so I don’t dehydrate in my Khaleesi-level hot bath.
What better time than this thread to use this GIF
Hilarious thread! Love it!!
I took a bath earlier and had none of this. I had no idea how much more I could get done.
I legit wanna try out all those insane bath things now
Where are the ashtrays w smoldering joints?
You’ve obviously met women IRL
There isn't a book in one single photo.
Feels like how you relax after you ride your Peloton in your million-dollar condo.
If I’m ever in a tub by myself long enough to need a video and wine please just shoot me.
This was hilarious and spot on. I totally need to rethink bathing... 🤣
Coffee and something to read might be fun if the water didn't cool off. Also there's the "dropping the book/ipad over the side" concern...
I have definitely been relaxing wrong. I just set my iPad on the toilet lid and read an Entertainment Weekly until I get pruney.
You're not alone in bathing all wrong. Do you know, some people don't shower for days, then proudly brag about it? They should get into a bathtub. All alone. Stay right there until they've drowned. Unhappy turned out to be an ungrateful fuck AND a rapist. So Happy got up and left
God I've just been using soap
None of those bathers have sufficiently warm baths. Unless the bathroom is full of steam it isn't warm enough. Electronic goods should be fizzing and failing.
You're going to need at least five bath trays. Or five bathtubs.
Wait, other people ain’t doing this?
Just wondering, why in all of these photos people have their expensive electronics, literally inches away from a lot of water?
My bath is only relaxing if the suction cups on my bath pillow don't try to slide down the side of the bath, taking me with it. Also, my bath time entertainment is me trying to get both my boobs equally covered in bubble peaks. Am I doing baths wrong?
I can’t stop...
Can some please order all of these and recreate the pictures??
I do have one of these trays and I thought their photoshopped pictures were laughable too! As someone who takes many baths a week to combat is my setup! Minus my phone...but it’s nice being able to catch up on tv shows while I soak.
When you get triggered by bath trays
OMG, this thread was exactly what I needed this morning! Thanks for starting my week off with laughter!
Honestly the best thread I've read for ages
I think I've been bathing wrong all these years. A new housemate introduced me to the "bath pillow" a few weeks ago and now I wonder why I ever claimed to know anything
😂 you're not alone...
It's all explained by the attentive yet shy gentlemen-friend she recently met at the Alcoholics Anonymous/Excessive Compulsive Symposium.
I found the photographer 🧐
Thank you so much for those. They are some of the funniest pics I've seen in a long time and I've been laughing heartily.
You need to open a restaurant based on this concept ASAP 🛀
Sounds like a quote from a Jane Austen novel ;)
Just realized I need a new bathtub tray. My grandson has converted mine into a landing strip for wind up seaplanes...and it's all rusty. All I need it for is a BOOK.
How do you get to the taps to top the bath up with extra hot water with such an array of things infront of you.
Also, if you’re not Caucasian, you obviously don’t ever partake in a relaxing bath at all.
1. Thanks for this thread, I needed the laugh this Monday morning. 2. I agree, not only have I been bathing wrong, probably been living life wrong too. 3. At 37, I'm officially so behind on life thanks to these photo-shopped over indulged ladies of the bath queendom. #Sigh
why do none of these women have whisky?
Whatcha reading there with yer single malt? I see the word dumbfuck and Duarte is it a bio 😁
Hah! No, it's one of the later books from The Expanse series. Recommend!
Ooh. Tell me more. What kind of books? Mystery?
there is definitely a big mystery involved, but this is gritty scifi, a bit of a space opera but without quite as many characters to follow as that genre tends to involve. i love the books, and i'm loving the tv show--read the books first! starts with "Leviathan Wakes." enjoy!
This is not me in the bathtub. Rose petal on my shoulder as I sip red wine and eat grapes in the soft glow of my candle. I’m in and out. It’s a bath. Everything doesn’t have to be so glamorous. Not my tub, not my life.
I'm a man. When I'm in the bathtub, I read books, write down notes, and/or talk to my cat, who invariably is sitting on the rug just outside the tub.
As a dude who tries almost daily to have a bath, I am sad at the lack of male models and also now aware that I need one of these trays. Would make watching hockey easier.
lol sure give it a try
I get in the bath with myself, soap, a flannel, a back brush - and a pint of tea that I keep at the tap end. (I don't do bubble bath as the sound of all of those popping bubbles irritates the hell out of me)
Brb, opening a new subreddit r/BathAdWomen
I think you covered everything
I for one am Okay with the upgrade in decadent bathing.
That is hysterical! I have bubble and an occasional glass of champagne and a dog trying to jump in with me... the tray would never work! 😂🤣
My favorite part of this photo is the placement of the picture at about 6’ just banged in next to door frame 🤨 and the pupper of course
Where’s the s’mores??? MY GAWD THE SMORE’S NEED TO BE THERE!! Pffffft, all women need & use in da tub is “Shower Bob” let’s be real 👌🏽
Aside from trying to keep your shoulders and knees under the water in the poorly sized standard bathtub what is one supposed to do cause all of those scenes require even more work.
Really, this is what we should aspire towards:
Where's the soap? Yes, doesn't it. 👵
Last bath I took was with sushi, a bottle of iced tea, and funyuns
LMFAO THESE WOMEN ARE HAVING FULL COURSE MEALS COMPLETE WITH SERVICE WHILE IN THE TUB! Haha Also, bubble baths are gross. You're stewing in your own juices. Are you bathing or basking a Turkey?
Now I kind of wonder how GUYS are supposed to bathe. Have I been doing it wrong this whole time, too? Do I need to practice more often?
You are the new #peloton
Only way to rectify anything is to immediately buy random food, a tablet and a fancy bathtub tray
As if my cat would let me have a sweet set up like that in my bath. "Nope. This is mine now" *knocks everything into the water*
I’d have thought than rather than all the clutter, just time, soapstuds and a strum would be the more enjoyable/relaxing?
This thread is great!
You might as well rectify it since you seem to have a lot of time on your hands in order to make so many tweets. You could do it in the bath!
You win the internet for the day!
God damn I'm rolling reading this thread 😂🤣
Hot Dog and Waffles. I could go for that for breakfast. 😋
is that a cinnamon raisin hotdog bun?
I also like to imagine cats walking on all these things
the top heavy vase of flowers would immediately bite the dust
now I'm thinking about the yoga like practice of balancing plates and dishes well enough to deliver this whole tray to a customer
there is so much to unpack in that photo. like is said cinnamon raisin bun toasted while they're eating another half slice untoasted with a fork? also it seems like the hot dog needs condiments but I have no idea what would complement the sweet +savory combo
The suspect coffee and hotdog pastry look like East Asian snacks I’ve had.
Pretty sure that's a malformed pain au chocolat?
The hot dog bun situation is worrying me. It looks like an asiago cheese bagel and I both want this to exist and also believe it’s probably a terrible omen.
I think it's a weird version of a Kolache. Open faced because they want you to KNOW there's a hot dog in there.
I think it’s an Asian hotdog pastry, supported by the coffee drink that looks like the kind they have at East Asian grocery stores.
Flying Business Class?
OMG I am giggling so much reading these😂
If you aren’t supposed to swim until 30 minutes after you eat, is it the same for having a bath?! 😆
sorry, that is clearly a failed attempt at a sausage roll. But just imagine all that flaky pastry in the suds :-o
😂 literally you have killed me
I think a robot set designed this
This coffee is from a place called BARISTA. in what fresh hell does this bath lady live? LEGO town?
It was all looking so lovely, and then I noticed the disposable paper cup...and lack of a knife to cut the waffles.
They sell coffee drinks packaged like that in grocery stores in East Asia, as well as hotdog pastries. But I think we already all knew where these products were coming from.
What is with that hotdog? 😝
These setups read like the work of bumbling aliens going undercover as American capitalists in a hilarious buddy-cop rom-com
Gonna be honest: This is the life I want to get to
I'm concerned about the rose slug damage on those rose leaves. Nobody wants rose slugs in their bath water. Perhaps a spray bottle of permethrin should be placed on the tray?
The to go coffee...
Is that a hot dog on a raisin bread bun?
This picture hurts my brain & I thought Tulsi Gabbard was confusing.
And apparently you got a coffee to go... to take into the bathtub
Makes sense to me, but I have this nagging feeling that most people don't break glassware or ceramics as much as I do.
So a to-go coffee so’s not to break but also a kindle phone iPad and wine glass 🤨 hmmm. I think props forgot the Latte so they subbed in the paper cup from craft service
haha the creator had a props dept & craft svcs haha
All these tablets and iphones over a bath of hot, soapy water terrifies me. It's like they're being held for ransom.
The fact that people bring food into a bathroom is destroying my very soul.
I used to get into an endless anxiety loop when I'd get home from work too dirty to sit down anywhere and too hungry to deal until I turned to bath snacks. Your germ phobia doesn't worry me.
People who say things like this act like they don't know food grows in dirt.
Love too use my expensive lotions and balms in the bath tub so they rinse off immediately.
I believe this model in particular the arms fold down and it turns into a bed and breakfeast try (I research these heavily because I want one.
the flower arrangement! the flower arrangement! i just can't! That is so much effort! The level of extra!!!!
I mean I'm at least more likely to be eating the hot dog than the salad
And simultaneously moisturizing
I could get behind this one
Hey, I have that serum!!!! It's totally not for use in the bathtub! 😃😃😃
Is the garnish on that drink an apple wedge?
One has to wonder, how does she manage to ooze into the bathtub around a week's worth of produce and all her very expensive devices? And what's with the single rose petal on her shoulder?? I'm so confused...
Is that a takeaway coffee? that an unripe quince?? Hardcore
This was my favorite 😂😂😂😂😂
By the time you've got back from the coffee shop and run the bath it will be cold. Or could you run an over hot bath run for your coffee then strip and get in as the temperature is now perfect and coffee is hot.
Why lotion? Face cream? A WHOLE APPLE!
One. Entire. Apple.
& yet a razor-thin apple slice on madame's kir royale
😂 I didn't notice that. Too funny!
Hot dog, waffle, buttered toast and a bowel of almonds. That’s like two meals and a snack and there’s not syrup for the waffle. This is a travesty
With a bleeding heart in a bud vase
I feel like someone smoked too much weed before ordering food props.
Wgat is this... the carb lovers breakfast?
And if that’s a hot dog bun, it’s gone moldy
How would you organise getting the bath at the correct temperature for bathing, waffles and hot dog plated up and even go out to get a coffee!?! The logistics in planning this are immense. You've either got cold coffee, hot dog or bath 🤷‍♀️
That's where the chamber maids come in
living your best life?
We've been bathing all wrong all along 😅 Now we finally know how to celebrate #WaffleDay properly 😂#MorningsMadeEasy
Nothing quite as relaxing as finishing a hodgepodge dinner and organizing your digital life in the 10 minutes before the bath water cools.
Who are they kidding. If you can rustle up a hotdog and a glass of red with a microplaned potato garnish before a bath, then surely you don’t need a barista to make you takeaway coffee.
Why does this look like a full hotel breakfast buffet 😳
Going out for takeaway coffee before getting into the bath to drink it definitely is a vital part of my self care routine.
I want to know when the take away latte was purchased prior to the bath
The adverts for this tray r totally sexist! I’m a straight man and I love me some bath time! I might have to buy me a tray!
Thank you for saying what we are all thinking! I prefer hamburgers while I am taking a bath but to each their own.
On cinnamon waffles of course
don't forget the take out coffee! because before you take a bath, you need to stop to get a latte to go.
Take out coffee goes so well with three kinds of bread, salted almonds and (..maybe hefe-weizen?!? in slightly the wrong glass?)
Yeah right baths are for relaxing not doing things we are not like men who likes to read the newspaper while pooping- troublesome device probably less relaxing to set it up and dismantle it
Is that a to-go foam coffee cup?? Did she just get back from 7-Eleven or something? 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂
Needs a large potted plant, or a mini xmas tree.
All I can think is that’s far too much bun for that hot dog.
My fav is how most of the photos have a complete face care regimen.
Everything you noted in this brilliant thread is troubling, but the waffles-hotdog combo is a total deal-breaker. 🤢🤢🤢🤮
“I’m on an all-carb diet!”
Gotta carbo load in the tub
Question...with all of the time it takes to load down your tray for that relaxing bath time, has the water gone cold? Also, does all the fruit and vegetables consumed make your digestive system do things not conducive to bath time? Know what I mean? I think you do.
What's the hot dog doing there? It seems out of place in all the opulence.
Ooohhhh my god WHO MADE THESE
Don’t forget the extra slice of untoasted bread on the side.
Bahahaha 🤣
This one looks the best tbh
Those almonds seem randomly placed-along with everything else of course but...
My cat would steal the hot dog, knock everything into the tub and scratch me to bits trying not to fall in the water!
This one with the takeout coffee...did she take the whole tub through the drive-thru?
I might need help getting out of the bathtub if I ate that much! 😂😂😂
Who the he'll eats food on the bath
Imwan at this point just go to the tableeee!!!!!! I'm stressed
Okay... this one I can get behind in a serious way. Just this one.
I'm trying to be health conscious *continues eating undressed salad*
Waffles, a hot dog, and toast. Makes sense.
Freakin’ bath water will be freezing cold by the time you get through all the stuff on that tray
I can't decide whether the people producing these are lazy or high. Honestly I'd prefer high because this level of laziness is just insulting.
My moneys on high. Very. And they’re boys. 12 year olds.
Is that McDonalds coffee cup? 😂😂😂
I'm fairly certain that the hotdog is supposed to be bangers and mash. Which is actually delicious.
Need the obligatory bowl of baked beans to make your own bubbles for the bubble bath.
Here for the comments...
I feel stressed just mentally multitasking the waffle and a hot dog making with running out to get coffee 😓
well, now I just asked Mr. Badger to get some hot dogs on his way home. I was tempted, but did not ask for waffles.
Just order the tray now....
So a steaming bath, with bread on a tray just above it. Did any of these people ever do a tiny bit of science/physics. Or just common sense. Soggy sandwich 😂😂😂
Waffles and hotdogs 😂
This whole bath tray subject and tweets has destroyed my life. 😂😂😂😂😂
Now that's what I call bath time!
dude idk why this thread is making me think of you lol
You don't want to know what I would have on my bath tray.
I’m convinced that’s a slice of raw potato on that drink. 🥔
I don’t see any syrup for the waffles. An don’t know about hotdog with waffles just doesn’t sound good.... ohh no ketchup for the hot dog.. can’t have that
lmao this one in particular
Maybe the hot dog was a sub for 🥓?? Any ole pork’ll do
Ha ha good thing you got that coffee TO the tub
I must admit, deep inside i am now convinced I do need this bath tub table!! 😂💕
My only fear is that my phone would land on the water... I think I wouldn't use it for electronics...
*setting up a netflix binge in the bath* Missing one thing... Ah yes, coffee to go
Glad I’m not the only person that prefers my hot dogs in the bath tub
This makes me never want to bathe again.
At least this one has cutlery.
This makes me feel less bad about eating sandwiches on the toilet now.
At least this smart bather has her coffee in a heat-retaining covered cup. Those other dimwits no doubt had ice cold fancy lattes by the time they got everything arranged and got into the water.
Haha these are brilliant!! Obvs you would do all of this things, on a regular basis. Totally normal 😄
Why are you stock-shaming me? I feel stock-shamed. #StockPhotoEnthusiast
Coffee to go, for those days when you are on a rush and your bubble bath needs to be quick
Hot dog and waffles, sounds heavenly. But I’m confused about condiments. Mustard, ketchup, syrup, sugar? So many decisions.
I never eat hot dogs with waffles anyway...let alone while scubbing my privates in a bathtub.... sigh. I guess I'm the weird one? I have been doing it wrong? LOL
I’m dead 😂
I didn’t know this was even an option...all those showers I wasted.
Are we not going to talk about the vending machine coffee?
Am I supposed to lotion up & THEN get in the bathtub? Or lotion while bathing & it eating a whole apple? & I hope my crackers don’t get soggy while I’m talking to mom & husband simultaneously
What is this strange hole in her body? Is she an alien? WTAF?? I’m a little frightened now.
Omfg argh
obviously it's the rose petal dispenser she had installed in her clavical. #solarpunk
Oh, that’s better than my alternative, which was that it’s a living entity burrowing into her shoulder, and sticking its tongue out. Yes, I have nightmares with surprising frequency
My hope and I feel attacked. Please stop spreading proof of our existence. The government is relentless
damn typo, of course I meant my damn hole...but still, us aliens hope we're not found out about
Fuck yeah TWO galsses of wine & an entire cheese board 😂
She’s not alone, the night photographer needs some food and drink too!
Maybe she’s having a friend over to join her? 😉
steve i want you to look at this picture and tell me that that would be physically enjoyable for anyone involved. you're going to flood the cheese tray, steve, you're going to get scraggly white hairs all over the grapes, Steve. go take your own bath
The single rose petal on her shoulder 🤣
And nowhere else. There’s no sign of any other petals...
There is another hint of a petal that is falling into her… shoulder hole? 😟
I'm pretty sure that's a shell! I think she might have come up through the drain from the sea, and I bet she's pretty disappointed that she didn't come up under a better bath tray!
Oh god, that is so obviously a photoshop.
That is some seriously body defying photoshop they did on her shoulder unless she's got like 6 joints hidden in there. Must be why she needs all that food in the bathtub, alien metabolism.
She has a cubby for a razor in her shoulder. And a pink razor in it. If that is not correct could someone pls clarify bc I am skerred.
That's three cameras staring back at her and food crumbs in the bath.
There's someone else in that bath!
Those boards are bloody good tho!
Let's not forget ... we adore artfully placing petals on our should Trés chic
Don't forget the single rose petal on her shoulder...
Imagine the biceps you’d need to lift that off nd get out? She’s trapped under that forever.
Decline of the Roman Empire reimagined in your own bathtime.
A petal has fallen into her...collarbone hole(?) It’s tickling like mad. Imagine the scene 2 seconds after this photo was taken.
Had to go back to see what you were talking about and the collarbone hole made me so uncomfortable 😣
😂😂 He tweeted the word “hole.”
Ok gross. That is a big hole.
I mean I would use this if one or more mobile phone holders could be a port decanter. Also three is the optimal number of cheeses for a board. I'd question the need for two candles, but those dyptique duos now, I see the logic. This is space-age luxury
Note how happy she looks with all that cheese!
I see a horribel accident whe she wants a sip of wine. The glas is stuck and those tasty crackers falls down along with that knife and fork.
This is the one that is most like me.
And ONE rose petal! Where did it come from?
It’s so obviously photoshopped onto the bath. It looks like it’s levitating.
I'll have this tray please. No need for the bath though.
Yeah I’ll skip sitting in the pool of my own dirt and just eat this bomb-ass snack
Omg I die. That's a lot to get through in one bath, it would require multiple hot water top ups. And the petal on the shoulder.
What about the petal IN the shoulder?
Eight kinds of cheese! #lifegoals
Somehow this is the worst. Cheese? In the bath? Cheese?
she's expecting a friend
Genuinely the least relaxing bath I could ever imagine having
Plus, all of that shit and she hasn't got a proper bath pillow?!
Who doesn’t enjoy Brie and a bath?
This is too much, I cannot take all these phones and tablets so close to falling to the water, I would also need all that wine to calm down
I have so many questions! Waterproof devices? Dry hands in a bathtub?
God me too, I am hyperventilating just looking at the pictures.
And a pink rose petal clamped limply to her shoulder
I fixated on that too. A single, damp petal.
TIL one of the differences between women and men is that women have holes in their shoulder.
This seems like too much preparation for a bath.
Personally I find it tedious when there’s only 2 kinds of grapes, but that’s just me.
She appears remarkably relaxed for someone with a large hole in their shoulder. Must be all the cheese.
It's just a place for her to hold the hummus.
It’s for storing the rose petals.
Jesus Christ lmfao
Maybe the hole is to place her grape seeds & orange rinds in.
I literally snorted 😂
That is so creepy. It also looks like it’s a knee, not a shoulder, with a forearm attached.
Oh God there’s a petal in there 🤢
OMGWTFBBQ. I didn’t notice until you pointed it out.
OMG that's CREEPY! 😱😆😆
We need CSI "enhance" capabilities. What's going on there?!
Why order the sharing platter if you have one of those short sit-up Japanese baths tho? Is her partner under the water holding his breath? 😲
Brilliant 😆 Tbf I did once put pizza on the tray but in hindsight it was a mistake
Is this model meant for extremely thin couples who can fit next to each other in a normal sized bathtub?
The cheeseboard is killing me...
And a rose petal! don't forget the rose petal!
So much ado about the rose petal. Y'all act like you never forget to take yours off when you bathe.
It’s a home for that extra rose petal.
These are killing me
HAHA I am dying. These are ridiculous, thank you so much for sharing.
Why do they all have a tablet AND a phone (or two)? Like accidentally dropping $300 worth of electronics into the bathwater isn't enough?
This is incredible
It's as if she lives in the tub! No reason to leave.
Everything but washing yourself. Soap is a disguised apple
And... one rose petal.
“Working from home”
Opulence.... you own everything.....
I love bathing with cracker crumbs
Five minutes later, the cat knocks the whole thing into the tub with her.
Dang. I should take more baths. I had no idea it came with cheese and booze.
Two phones, two glasses of wine, and an abundance of food. Do we think she’s expecting a little bathtime company?
How am I even supposed to bathe without my Tuscan cheese board?!
Why bother having a bath tray if it can't double as a cheese platter, I always say. Now excuse me as I adorn myself with a single petal.
One work phone, one personal phone, and the distinct possibility of cheese knives falling into your bath water when you reach for a sip of white wine 🔪🛁
Love to make sure my work can call me while I'm busy stewing myself.
All I can think about are soggy cracker crumbs sticking to me in the water. *shudders with disgust*
This is the best one 😂😂😂
This one seems the near tbh
It's pelaton bikes all over again but with horrible Photoshops.
This is the best one, yet! A large cheese spread goes so nicely with a bath soak. 🌺
When you've got your burner phone soak side right by your legit one just in case your mark calls while you're on the other line.
Two fucking candles?! 😂😂😂
One for the plug, one for the load
DAMN, she's living the life! And here I thought my baths were fancy what with all the bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade, dollar store bath bombs, and hand selected Liquid DnB mixes playing from my jury-rigged computer speaker setup.
This lady is definitely some sort of dealer. Those are burner phones. 😂
How else to afford such a diversity of cheeses?!?
A Diversity of Cheeses ought to be the title of something.
An almanac of New World cheese. 🧀
Or she's got a phone by government assistance. I recognize the white phone, I have it.
We need to go deeper!
I bet she shits in the tub
Two phones AND two candles!
Psst... those are speakers
Get that rose petal off of me!
My home office setup, essentially.
Wait! two glasses of wine, two phones, two candles, enough cheese for a party. What does she know about that rose petal that I don't know?
She is in it for the long haul! Don’t bother her until next week!
Honestly of all the weird bath trays, this one appeals to me most
And yet the trays seem pretty questionable re: having sturdy places to put electronics. One bumb and that tablet’s taking a swim
Ya know...if that all got knocked over, it would make a FANTASTIC giant cheese soup!
What is it with all the electronics and these trays? Are we supposed to believe that someone wealthy enough to risk the inevitable submersion and ruining of their phones and tablets would buy a cheap tray for their personal tub-loungery?!
In fairness, a nice cheese plate would pair really well with the wine I normally drink in the tub, not sure what I'd need 2 phones for though...
Well I think in all honesty this makes sense if TWO ppl are taking a bath together. But it would have to be gigantic or a jacuzzi? Lol
I can't stop staring a the hole in this woman's neck. That's some *really* unfortunate posework or compositing, or both.
Lol! I believe it’s her right wrist.
That's what I was wondering! But everything has been so warped on that woman.
Perhaps she’s waiting for her wife?
Take those precarious tablets and phones out and this is exactly how I'd use a bath tray.
ok this one made me hungry
Her shoulder looks like a knee
And the one solitary shoulder petal
Two totally differently fragranced candles too...
I love how just one overzealous knee-cross or leg-stretch can totally kill two devices in one hot second Yeah I always place $600+ electronic devices where one little hiccup can turn them into wet bricks But hey luxury
The anxiety this gives me cannot be understated
Maybe her friend has just ducked under for a moment...
I don't always eat while bathing but when I do I choose crackers.
What is up with her collarbone tho?
This picture is so obviously photoshopped that it is physically painful.
This comment was made _before_ I saw the hole in her shoulder. The insert of the bath table in such sharpness—despite her hand right next to it being blurry AF—was apparently much more important to my mind than the obvious failure of anatomy!
Two phones and a tablet. She's obviously addicted to sports gambling
Milk and orange juice, always a winning combination
I want this bath! A while fecking picnic to myself? Yasss queen.
I'll be honest, I'd take the cheese.
Maybe she’s expecting company
It looks like an airline meal!
You didn't mention the two candles. You must never forget the candles... 😎
Actually Sharon, I support the 8 types of cheese. In fact, I would replace everything else on that tray with more varieties of cheeses. Make the whole tray out of cheese. That’s what I’m talking about.
She's having a picnic w two boyfriends at once via video chat? 🤔
carefully understated on the rose petals this time.
Maybe she's lactose intolerant and can blow more bubbles after she devours the cheese board?
Wow.... that is a meal!
I think in this picture her boyfriend has just nipped out of their romantic bath to go for a wee
Now this is my kind of s bath, half the Waitrose cheese counter is on there! @KitBrouns @pattapee @SarahJezza @princess_claret
😳😳😳 Please explain this thread, this is a thing...? 😐
Apparently so. Hilarious
Awesome! I approve of the cheese..not sure brave enough to have devices above the bubbles though 😜
Now I'm going to spend my day googling "lady bath trays"
I was about to send this her too!
And always candles
You cant forget the rose pedal on the shoulder.
can't get a bath pillow though
well that'd just be ridiculous. who keeps a bath pillow.
Looks Photoshopped. Like that tray wasnt even there when she was in the bath
whole damn buffet in the bathroom
In fairness, I’d horse into a good cheeseboard pretty much anywhere.
Every bath should be a lavish patrician experience
Where did that stray rose petal come from?
Three devices and two glasses of wine. Swap the glasses for carafes and we have my perfect bath.
Is that a pomegranate? Buck wild.
I think her partner must be on the loo. Once they’re back in, it’ll all make sense
Interesting petal placement, think they confused her for the bath 😂
The deluxe edition
how does she load up the tray once she's in the bath?
love to reach across an open flame to get my phone
Her collar bone is like extra long too. Like the photo editor had to extend her collar bone longer. Lol is that Strawberries and Pomegranate?
Bet she’s mad she forgot the barbecue.
That excessive bathtub tray hints that this woman must be making up for not being invited to a party. That’s more food than I offer guests at my house parties.
I'd put an ironing board across my bath and do some multitasking if I could but the only safe way would be to use an iron heated by coals as used in the Victorian times 🙄
And I’m led to believe if she moves even an inch and that petal falls off her shoulder, every possible natural disaster will occur simultaneously.
With all that fruit and cheese that had better be a scented candle.
Don't forget shoulder petal
This one is nuts 🥴
Just imagining dumping all this as a I step into the tub.
It’s not a bath tray. It’s actually first class on a Singapore-based airline.
surely this is ideal for your early morning bath club ?
I was going to say the strategically placed rose petal on the shoulder 🤣
I’m soooo entertained rn.
Two phones for surround sound.
That’s a cheese board for like 3 people - this bath bout to get pornhub.
Probably 2500 in electronics on that tray but a folded towel for a bath pillow? 😂 priorities?
How could they manage not to throw their phone in the water?
Has anyone mentioned the perfectly placed, lone rose petal placed on her shoulder?
They had to be racially equal with the phones.... one’s white and one’s black. Obviously.
On tonight’s episode of Naked and Not Afraid ....
You should take consolation both are iPhone
Look at the smile on her face. There’s clearly a second person in the tub.
me in spirit
And the towel is not a sopping mess! She needs to teach a bathing class. FML.
Who TF ARE these people?! I dont know anyone who says, "you know what would go really good with this coffee... 8 kinds of cheeses and ...actually 8 cheeses n a glass of red sound great. How do I sign up? Do they offer childcare. Kinda a biggie there #momlife
This is the same person that rides their Peloton bike in their high rise apartments
Could it look more photoshopped?
How long does this woman intend to bathe?!?!?!
no room left for petals on your shelf? You always have your shoulders!
She has both a chip and a hole on her left shoulder. Is this a side-effect from living in a bathtub?
Finally, a place to put my bathtub charcuterie
Looks like she plans to be there a while.
This is so she can claim her bathroom remodel as a business expense for her home office. And she has a device for each social media account. Those essential oils and Thirty One bags aren't going to sell themselves!!
The purple rose petal looks like the slime my kids play with ... maybe it’s a token reminder of the hell she just went though to get her kids to bed
She must be a lawyer and one of them is her FirmPhone.
Don't forget the lone flower petal on her shoulder!
Reminds of the old expression: “he can eat crackers in my bed [bath] any time..”
With that much wine, one hopes she doesn't pass out and drown.
How long is she planning to stay in the tub? Is she trying to beat a world record? Being held prisoner? A mermaid?
Two phones and and iPad. This fictional woman is way too comfortable with having expensive electronics (without cases, no less!) near water.
Who has time for all that?!!
Maybe she's lactose intolerant and wants to turn the bathtub into a jacuzzi...
An entire cheese board! Incredible scenes.
She looks like she has a massive hole in her neck
Not to mention the #ipad and dueling scented candles:) 🕯 #sensory overload
All that excess on the tray and then only one rose petal and a folded up washcloth instead of a bath pillow. I can't even.
Is she expecting company?? It would appear so but where will they go?
You just can't see the guy/girl she's with... under the tray.
My baths are too hot to eat. Impossible.
You’re not supposed to eat a bath though...
Crackers in the bath though.
Good God, where’s the spigot?
How do you eat crackers with soggy hands?
What you're not gonna do is make me audibly laugh while in the bathroom stall at work. Rude.
And one lone flower petal 🤷🏻‍♀️
I quite like this one 😂😂
It just looks dangerous. Two phones and a tablet and candles and all that cheese? Why not ruin all your electronics in the bath at once while throwing cheese in frustration.
Tell me why she got a whole buffet on her bath tray.
This is what I imagine flying first class is like. Just... all the wines and cheeses and grapes.
Clearly you don’t take baths with anyone else
What's with the ONE flower petal? Where did it come from? I don't see any others. She seems awfully pleased that a random petal is in her bathtub. Personally, I'd be concerned I had a ghost.
I'm laughing so hard at this 😂😂😂
the lone flower petal on her shoulder, though. #imnotworthy
And a rose petal on the shoulder for good measure
Where is the towel to dry off my hands before eating the cheese and crackers? Do these women not get their hands wet when getting into the tub? Why don't any of them have stickers over their phone cameras?
Does she have a hole in her shoulder?
One for the plug and one for the load
I prepared this in the...
Two phones and an iPad in the bathtub? Sure, it’s all fun and games until one of them falls in the tub. Are we sure this isn’t a ploy by Apple to get women to buy more products? And what’s with the single rose petal on her shoulder?
And some really bad photoshop
Double fisting that wine!
Girl, this is us.
Love to eat 8 kinds of cheese in the bath, fall asleep, and drown
She is not going to finish all that food before (a) water goes cold; (b) bubbles disintegrate; or (c) she has to get up and go to the potty.
If she pees in the tub, it solves both a and c
And the one rose petal that got away😂
She’s clearly a drug dealer with those two phones.
Is that a rose petal on her shoulder?
It is clearly a setting for two. The other person got out to take a photo
My favourite piece of relaxation in the bathtub is having a single petal placed on my dry arm.
I’d just like to know if she buys single rose petals or buys in bulk and makes them last by only using one at a time.
Okay, I'd actually consider doing this one if I had one of these tho. Double wine, plus multiple cheeses is the best honestly.
She has one rose petal on her shoulder lol I'm so lost
😂😂😂 pretty much your bath routine
Don't forget the Single Shoulder Petal
are you still living this life
I feel like her husband has waaaaay too much life insurance out on her & he’s posting this crap on the ‘gram right before he accidentally drops an iron in the tub, electrocuting her & blaming it on the cell phones. ...ya, I watch too many murder mystery shows...
She's not alone. She's watching her husband go to the bathroom and feeding him grapes & wine.
I didn't choose the Bathtub Tray Life. The Bathtub Tray Life chose me! #SoakOrDie #Rockin2Wines
Hey! I want this bath tray... Cheese.. that's what I want to do when bathing, eat fabulous cheese!
Maybe she’s expecting company
She put the dark colored iPhone, grapes and wine on one side and the lighter ones on the other. If you don't color match these things, what are you even doing with your life.
That’s a lot of grapes. 💩
Clearly living her best life
Cuz the first thing I think of when having a bath is doing all the things a bath is supposed to save me from
Nothing more relaxing than having 3 grand in electronic equipment hovering precariously over water.
Oooh she’s expecting company in her tubtime
the flower petal on her shoulder sjsjdkdk
She’s a drug dealer
Do these bath trays fit in the dishwasher?
This lady was just trying to enjoy her soak when some digital artist photoshopped a bath tub tray into her way & a flower petal(?) onto her shoulder. #Madness
This one looks like a very confusing crime scene.
Love the giant pine cone 😂😂😂
It’s really exfoliating. I really need to get a bathing blouse like that.
I trust your bath tray form is thus strong? This certainly looks like Siôn’s cheese portions 🤣
She’s HAVING A BAD DAY, OKAY? Can you just get off my back ab- - ummm, her back about it? 😂😂😂
Thats a LOT of cheese even for me out of the tub
Maybe she’s expecting someone? LOL!!!
and a working bathtub she can actually fit in.
You’re not living until you’ve had a bathtub charcuterie board 🍷🧀🥖
And a giant blob of melted wax on her shoulder for extra enjoyment.
The grapes are still frosty even amidst the steam
I particularly like the pink rose petal precariously balanced on her shoulder.
Looks like she’s doing some analysis on her husband’s phone because she has some strong suspicions about his internet history.
Dont forget the solitary petal on the shoulder - it’s not bathtime without it!
It’s the finishing touch of the petal on the shoulder that does it for me 😂
2 phones and iPad, 2 glasses of wine wtf!
The second phone is a power move
Cheese in the bath ? What decadence is this ? It's like bloody Caligula. Somewhere there's a rejected photo of a bath tray overflowing with wotsits and a six pack of blue WKD.
Damn this is the one. The dream😂
is this how you used to take baths when you lived by the radio station?
The cheese and fruit platter has me beyond weak
pills , yes, she misses her pills.
I don't think I could resist also piling on stacks of baby photos, antique signed books, and important tax documents, just to ensure I've endangered as many expensive or priceless things as possible by placing them above a full bathtub.
Someone else must surely be in there with her...
Add the latte and this is me in the bath.
cheeseboard bath!!!
Lol, sign me up right now, who wouldn't love a cheese board bath
She must be waiting for a friend who prefers white wine and green grapes (and owns that second phone). Perhaps the friend just hopped out to use the toilet?
Ok but that's water, not white wine. What is she, a peasant?
And the petal. Don't forget the petal.
🤦🏻‍♀️ there’s so much wrong with these trays, I don’t know where to start. But, at least I’m not the only one who thinks it’s totally wrong & gross to eat in the bath. I’ve always been disturbed by this.
Pink moths are running for cover in her collarbone and she’s grinning like a basket of chips. That’s bathtime meditation for ya.
I hope she put together that cheese plate before she started running that bath or that water would be freezing cold. 😂
This is really dream tier self care imho
this reminds me of zoella and her ridiculous lush baths, but better!
The photoshopping is 10/10
You know a man created and designed this ---bc he "knows women" fantizing that he would make millions of dollars off of this idea. Oh, the crazy realities of the American culture. Is anyone in touch with reality anymore?
That's a full fucking buffet.
They tried placing that rose petal on the 1st tray but it buckled under the weight and sank to the bottom of the bath. Luckily all females listen to Celine dion: my heart will go on, on a constant loop whilst bathing and the day was saved!
Should Kevin Gates be the one in the tub?
And the random petal on the shoulder 🤷🏾‍♀️😂
No comment about the petal on her shoulder?
I too have a shoulder hole that I use to store petals in.
Lol the single rose petal 😂
Maybe it’s just me , but all those set ups make me terribly ANXIOUS 😟
I feel I've not been utilising my bath tray to its full cheese potential.
AND an artfully placed rose petal - just the one mind you as those two phones probably used up their photoshoot budget
It’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the tub.
Well obviously she’s a drug dealer! Hence 2 phones and all that spare cheese money 😁
Better question is, what about the crumbs😫
I'm all for snacks in the bath but crackers is where i draw the line😂
Yeah I'd agree with that haha tbh id just stick with a drink at most lol
I have to say, cheeseboard in the bath is a DREAM. I am 100% down for all baths to be just like this from now on.
These are really funny. Thank you for the laughs
That rose petal strategically placed on her shoulder.
Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 and why the randomly placed petal on her shoulder!? Haha 😂 😂 😂
And one rose petal daintily placed on my shoulder
I properly cracked up at this thread! #LifeGoals
The single rose petal on her shoulder just murdered me
Last time I drank red & white wine at the same time I was not looking to relax, I was looking to hard-erase an evening out
Have a look at the others though Will, there are more variations of this theme 😅
The one petal on her shoulder will make all the difference
Is that a rose petal on her shoulder ?
Is she having a dinner party?
And a rose petal on her shoulder! *sung like partridge in a pear tree*
Just A Side Note No Phones, No Tablet Yes, Wine , Yes Cheese But Hey It's Your Bathtub Enjoy 🙂
What about if the tablet is fudge tablet, would that make the cut 😉
And the flower petal on her shoulder lmfao
This is what a United Airlines business class port & cheese course aspires to. It’s absurd.
There’s no way these are real stock photos, right?!
Sure just throw in a toaster (literally) for good measure!
Let’s not forget the necessary petal on her shoulder
How relaxed can you be with SOOO many electronics near the water!
I kind of want to take this bath...
Just once I want to be this rich. You have to think that the bath would be cold before that is all gone
HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN IN THERE? Is she even alive???? The candle has completely melted down forming a lovely liquid top and that takes FOREVER
How long does she intend to stay there? She’s going to prune up.
This one’s my favorite @ProfKimball - so much cheese & wine!!
And the rose petal on her shoulder?? Kinky minx.
And the perfectly placed rose petal
She is not alone in there. He just hasn't come up for air!
Between the two phones and that evil grin, I'm convinced she's moving weight
Oh wow. Starting to feel like I’m really not using my bath tub to its full potential.
Sadly, my charcuterie board does not span the width of my bathtub. I will have to regroup and try this again.
Oh single-shoulder-flower-petal, you’re just too much! 😄🌸#WomanLaughingAloneWithSalad
This one with all that cheese would be the most relatable to me. 😂😂😂
But only a single rose petal.😢
I'm assuming she spent so much on the extravagant cheese board that she didn't have anything left over for a bath pillow, hence the janky folded towel?
This one is sending me. 😭
Her invisible friend also enjoys baths but has entirely different tastes in wine, grapes and cheese.
It's a shoulder button instead of a belly button. It's an iney.
Gotta get that triple speaker experience somehow
That one stray rose petal on her shoulder...
It's like a GD cruise buffet
I can't even remember the last time I had a soakie bath. Unless you count me giving the dog his bath!
the single flower petal on her shoulder
Obviously there is two people in the bathtub. Haha jk
Obviously, the design team couldn’t agree in what to use for the picture and they go with EVERYTHING
Hope she doesn't accidentally drop that cheese fork..#awkwardERvisits
Omg & crackers?! This is insanity.
This can't be real I refuse to believe this
Oh wait.... it has 2 wines and 2 phones because her boyfriend is joining her. 😇
She’s having guests later!
I don’t make a full in supper as complex as that.
Just how long IS this bath?
What the fuck is happening on her shoulder?
Then a spider drops down from the ceiling and she leaps screaming out of the tub, spilling phones, grapes, wine, and cheese into the water. Now if someone got a video of THAT...
When that tray topples over I hope she has a third phone on backup.
you have no chill I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
...because Americans
This is not a bathtub tray, this is a cheese board
These people are just going to shit in the tub.
Give her her break. She's had a hard day. I'd be willing to bet she got puked on at least twice.
Two candles and one single rose petal on her shoulder!
Was just about to jump into a nice relaxing bath, but got so tired preparing my cheese board that I now need to take a nap.
I draw the line with cheese in the bathtub.
This is my dream scenario
The Red wine is for the man under the water, that's why she has a smile
I swear to God, half of that is going to end up in the bath. Just picture the chaos if the phone rings, and she has to get up quickly.
Where's the rose petal on her shoulder come from?
It might be a cyst, in which case, I'd recommend that she have a chat with her GP.
This woman is French, that's a fact XD
what's with the 'whirlpool hole' in her neck? is this the latest fad? can you get this at waitrose? #AskingForAFriend
And two candles. This is opulence.
Everybody knows: Two phones = drug dealer bather.
And one random flower petal only on yer shoulder & none in the bath
you're not very good at matching lighting when you doctor photos
LMAO! Yes...the excess and extra in this photo is overwhelming. And you know some marketing "professional" was paid to actually think about this, plan it, set it up, and then photograph it. Someone TOOK TIME to make this shit happen. I'm dying.
How did the rose petal land on her shoulder and why does she think it's charming/amusing/not terrifying?
Fully on board with the idea of a smorgasbord of wine and cheese at bath time
this bath tray ensemble is a bit of you 😆
This is basically a whole sacrificial altar, presumably dedicated to some aquatic deity. 🧜🏽‍♀️
And one *delicately* placed flower petal
The same cocktail you had at breakfast with your cornflakes.
I can't look at that cocktail without my brain reminding me of the garish blue dye that's added to the 95% alcohol paint-brush cleaning fluid we used to sell when I worked in Wickes. There was methanol and bitrex in there too. I can't imagine it'll go well with the cherries
Ha! Wickes furniture!! Not really related to this thread topic but I can remember the countless times my parents used to drag me thru a Wickes showroom floor looking for the latest in late 70’s living room decor!
These people REALLY want to destroy their iPads!
Half a bottle of j'adore 😂😂😂
That angle of the tablet will make it impossible to see what's playing with the reflection😣😭
Disappointed that thon cream thing is a towel and not a farmhouse loaf.
Ok wait that's the same neon blue cocktail and french manicure set but literally everything else is replaced Is there an alternate universe where women do their nails in the bath drinking blue cocktails And I somehow got stuck in THIS ONE?
that is not the amount of makeup I would expect most women to wear in a bath
That iPad looks like it’s about to go for a swim
The arm of the caddy isn't even resting against the side of the tub right. It should fit with the groove, which typically has a non-slip sticker on the end of it. As it is there, it's not that way.
At least this tray looks like it might actually have been in the original photo.
Madam, I always have a lush, smokey eye whilst bathing
I think Bed, Bath & Beyond will now have to have a whole section if their stores for these.
That can't be a cocktail - I reckon she still likes WKD Blue and has just poured it into a martini glass so she can pretend she's a bit fance.
why cant it be a cocktail?
I worry about the i-pad - OOPS
Hilarious, my bath is full of toy cars There is not usually space for me 💗
اهم شي عطر جادور نفس اللي عندي.
Why on earth are women in a bathtub with any technology at all never mind phones AND iPads!! #UnplugTheTub
Not to mention the number of them! Can’t have a bath without at LEAST 1 phone and at least 1 tablet of some sort! 📱💻⌨️🛀
wth is the ipad resting on
I thought she had an entire loaf of homemade bread (Towel) and couldn’t understand why you weren’t mentioning THAT.
Do you not always have a fresh, crusty loaf of bread with you at all times?
I guess I should, huh?
It’s upped my carb intake, but been very handy when I’m about to say something I would later regret. Just rip off a hunk and chew until the moment passes
"Seeing red, let's have some bread!"
One cocktail? Just one?! During an entire bath?! This tray is definitely not for me...
Unless the tray can support a whole bottle of wine and a rack of ribs, I don't need it.
Shes Clearly A Drunk.... And I'm Not Sure That's Perfume vs More Expensive Alcohol...
If I did this I can guarantee that one of my 3 cats or my puppy would knock all that fancy shit right off the tray into the bathtub ruining my luxury experience. But that sums up my life in general so....
As long as ive got a bottle of wine sone bath bombs in the bath and my fave music i dont need anything else, why would anyone need perfume while in the bath? Thats just silly lol
That’s WKD. The ONLY drink worth slurping in the tub 👌🏼
iPad dancing dangerously on the edge between dry and not so waterproof. 😳
for your viewing pleasure
Where is she spitting the pits in this scenario?
I am actually this extra sometimes 🤦🏾‍♀️
I had no idea what I was missing all my 63 years. Usually, I jump in the shower, wait for the hot water to come up, and wash at top speed, praying that the hot water and the water pressure hold up until I’m done rinsing my hair.
Is she bathing with a full glass bottle of j’adore Dior??
Olives? Or cherries?
Whee do you spit the cherry seeds?!
I dont think i would want to eat in my tub🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ok I could get behind this one
I love the fact that they think we would bring an iPad anywhere near a bathtub. That shit is staying far away from the bathtub, where it can stay dry and protected
Sorry I thought that was the mouthwash in a fancy glass
this is hilarious
Mmm lovely, bit clearly not attached to a decent waistline
Nomming on cherries 🍒🤣🤣💕💕
Nomming on cherries 😆
My husband @BarryFAULKNER11 has been known to bathe with one sport on his iPad, another on the radio, and a glass of malt whisky. Me? I shower as quickly as I can.
Nothing relaxes me as much as downing a big glass of windex while soaking in the tub
Don't forget about getting electrocuted when that tablet falls into the water when you ever-so-lightly bump the... (bench?) putting your cup back down.
Where do you spit the cherry pits?
Girl you are amazing 🙌
That’s funny! that a slice of zucchini?
I, too, put on a full face of makeup to bathe; do you not?
this thread I’m dead
*warming gdammit
Global warning scares the shot out of me
You were right the first time. Humanity is in trouble, just look.
If you paint your nails in the bathtub, are you stuck there for the next hour waiting for your nails to dry before you can get out
I think this picture just smudged my nails...
And I thought wine with mac and cheese while bathing was multi-tasking. This is a whole other level.
Can we talk about the Kat von D lipstick please
I also enjoy all these things at the same time, gender neutral bath tray when!?!?!?!
And what’s the situation with the soap dish?? Is it floating? Does it have an invisible attachment? How does it stay there? Why doesn’t it sink? How do they expect me to relax with all that soap dish action going on???!!?
I thought that was a floating mouse pad 😳
I’m a guy so this is pure speculation. But I am sure the average woman doesn’t want to worry about dumping breakfast, electronics and alcohol into her bath.
I pictured a big dog jumping to join her.
This whole thread is hilarious. In all seriousness, to me the whole purpose of a bath is to unplug and stop multitasking for 10 whole minutes.
Link where to purchase cuz I need like five
You can do your nails in the tub! Is it waterproof polish ?
Might as well put room for a toaster too
And cocktails and lip gloss!!
Good thing there’s lipstick on your tray so you can reapply after eating the cereal. Never know who might wander into the bathroom from the street.
I'm more curious what kind of demon does their french manicure in the bath? Love the iphone leaning on a candle tho.
“I find for ultimate bathtime relaxation the cocktail of choice is an Adios Motherfucker - up of course!”
Show me the dunce doing a french manicure in the bath and I'll show you someone who shouldn't have enough money to be buying marie dalgar serums to hoard.
“Oh, just lady things”
It's important to be comfortable and well accessorized before reading about how we're changing the climate.
As a woman, I enjoy painting my nails in the bathtub while simultaneously grabbing handfuls of cornflakes, reading about global warning, and watching people playing lady and the tramp with a giant sandwich
I think this is my favourite of all the examples you listed! 😂
🤣 Dry cornflakes and a Mojito -- they get me.
That picture looks like one of those "G-rated porn" photoshops...
Let's be honest she's way more into it than he is
"Couple eating fast food. Man and woman treat big hamburger with ham. Friends give burder junk on white background isolated. Enamored people eat huge sandwich. Health problems due to malnutrition."
Stock Photo By Poznyakov
Couple eating fast food. Man and woman treat big hamburger with ham. Friends give burder junk on white background isolated. Enamored people eat huge sandwich. Health problems due to malnutrition.
Don’t forget applying lipstick. As we all do. In the bathtub. Also, that’s KvD everlasting liquid lipstick. Which is kind of the opposite to what I generally use my baths for. But hey, I’m not the boss of baths. Go put your longwear lipstick on; it’ll withstand the cornflakes.
Cornflakes and cocktails. That’s all I want with my bath. Also I think I’ve just come up with a name for a blog?
As a woman taking a bath, I also need to make sure to always wear lip gloss to go with my face mask.
I can't paint my nails without mishap normally. Dog only knows what would happen if I tried to paint my nails in the tub
I assume the overload of activities is so that they can have one photo to convey its supposed versatility rather than half a dozen. That said, some of the proposed activities are just ridiculous.
I never knew Andorian Ale was the preferred potable to be paired with dry cornflakes
I thought Romulan ale was the blue one?
They're both blue! I'm sure Shran has a space-age bath-tray for all his Andorian Ale/ i-Pad love-letters to Jonathan Archer/ antenae emollient needs
Does the Lux soap thingie float?
And a breakfast martini 🤔
What is that terrifying unidentifiable drink?!
A glass of electric blue ? I’ll have three thanks 🤢
I'm going with Berry Blue Kool-Aid!
Don't forget an electric neon aqua blue cocktail that looks like was created by something your 5 year old would think was cool.
Fancy just lying in your own dirt
A high degree of dexterity is required to avoid cornflakes denting or sticking to your newly painted nails I imagine
You know what goes really well with water that I’m sitting naked in? Nail polish
I guess that tray is for you then
i wonder if thats windex in the glass
Blue Curacao cocktail. But yeah, probably Windex for the photo.
The poor woman appears to be resigned to her fate.
Don’t forget applying Kat Von d lipstick
I wanna see the “after” picture where the woman burns her hand on that too close candle, spilling her blue drink onto her now ruined laptop, which upsets the iPhone, that topples into the tub, and now she’s holding her face in her cornflake nail hands crying with frustration.
“Cornflake nail hands” 😂😂😂
Lady in the tramp bit got me good - I’m done
is that a listerine cool mint cocktail?
Ah yes.. Looks about right. 😂😑
Nobody has EVER painted their nails in the bath
I don't pack that much if I'm going away for the weekend
I mean, who DOESN'T apply Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the bath??????????
I’m pretty sure that’s shrimp fried rice.
And your lip gloss be popping 👄
We have figured out those cornflakes are actually.... AN UNDRESSED PASTA!!
Looks like Chex mix.
When it comes to bathtub trays, everyone should ask themselves this question: “Am I Truman Capote?” No. Cool. No bathtub tray.
not saying this would be the best thing you could ever buy me, but it would be very close 😂
Do t forget, you need to reapply your lip gloss too.
I HAVE THAT TRAY!! Only it turns out that the rim between my wall and the tub is too narrow to keep the tray in place so I have to hold one side up the whole time to keep my wine, latte, iPad and cheese from ending up in my petal-strewn bubblebath 😭😭😭 #dreamsdie
I have this exact bath tray, and I can confirm that the only similarities is the tablet and a candle. The rest? Shampoo and conditioner. Shower gel. My boyfriend's shower gel. Empty shower gel. Razors. Probably an empty can of Coke I forgot to take out...
Cereal eater envying the giant scooby snack? Because bath ladies are envious?
Let's not forget the Kat Von D lipstick. Everyone applies lipstick in the bath....
I also like to bath with a bowl of granola and a blue martini 🍸
these look like hotel ads from 2009ish
Poke @M__ia 😁 concept!
also: kylie lip kit
Well, they can't touch you for it 👍👍👍🌷
Don’t you hate it when you get in the bathtub and realize you forgot your lipgloss? Planet LadyBath is a strange and distant place....
I don’t think my hot water would even last that long. I take a bath specifically to get away from such things, to relax and actually bath.
all while drinking a cocktail! 😂
Martinis & muesli, 😂 Also lip gloss in the bath. Last makeup step 💄 first? Apparently, there’s no limit to what you can do in the bath with a bath tray.
💀 at this one.
Wait, wait ... tell me that isn’t lip gloss on the right hand side of the tray?
This is the best one ever, like what are the two most unlikely things ever to do in the bath? Paint your nails and eat cornflakes. I have tears 😭 of mirth. Made my otherwise mediocre day, thank you.
Sometimes Susan just stares blankly into the abyss.
Also, she bathes in her clothes.
Well, some days are particularly stressful 😅
This is the best one yet 😂
I wish I could get at least 5 min of relaxation in my bath. Every single time I take a bath someone has to use the toilet ..never relaxing.
Omg this cannot be real!
do ladies typically chase cornflakes with a Romulan cosmo? no judgements just curious
By the time I have eaten my cornflakes, sprayed on some perfume, painted my nails waited for them to dry fully and watched a movie my bath water will be cold I'll have caught a cold...ahhh choooo where are my tissues...not on my bath shelve !
All do it all my life wrong: got two of them ~ one for each #cat ....
Is that cornflakes or bombay mix? Because if it’s bombay mix, that changes EVERYTHING!!
Nothing says balanced meal like dry corn flakes and a cocktail
That’s the one I have lol
*accidentally eats soap*
I see she loves to read fiction while bathing. Global warming has taken a beating though. Try something worth your time, like immigrants who murder Americans. It’s breath taking and best of all true!
My daughter gave one of these exact trays to my husband for Christmas. The only part of these staged photo shoots that they get right is the iPad and iPhone placement. Sometimes he also enjoys a soak with Kindle. Never had espresso, rose petals, etc. involved.
This one has so many odd details! An unlit, unused candle? Make up?? That odd looking cocktail? 🤨
And the all important breakfast cocktail.
This ones my favorite so far
Twitter fucking kills me. You guys man, you guys.
Drinking a coffee in a hot bath, swiftly followed by a red wine, with ALL my make up still on, is heading for disaster....
Is that muesli?! I lost it when I got to the part about the sandwich 😂
Looks like you have a cocktail, too.
And put on lipgloss ...
Jeez would not like to be in that bath after you, must be like sitting on beach!
The bathtub tray for the woman with devastating ADD.
bruh theres a whole fucking tube of kylie lipstick. i-
hi i'd like to report that santa got me one of these for christmas & it is worth the investment perfect for wine & barrio in the tub
Ok, I might have to invest. ONLY if I have a place to hold my bowl of cornflakes.
She's reading about how we're destroying all life on our planet with plastic but, ya know, either way it's complete annihilation so six of one/half dozen of another.
don’t forget applying lipgloss 😂
With a pale nude lipgloss at the ready, so you can just smile better, Susan, just smile!
I have soo many questions lol
Don't know about you, but I always have a blue hawaiian cocktail with my cornflakes. 🤷‍♀️
And of course the blue cocktail in a practical martini glass. With a citrus wedge, no less. They captured my bath routine.
I haven’t taken a bath in 20 years. Who has time? Showers it is!
And applying lip gloss
omg i will die laughing 🤣
This thread made me laugh out loud! Not only is there nail painting going on but I also see what appears to be a lipgloss too! Is she planning on a Skype date in there? 😆
enjoy this graphic
I especially like the floating soap barge
The separate mouse caddy, tho...
While also applying your Kat Von D lipstick
And then my phone fell into the water, & the iPad followed, & my beautiful meditation came to a sorrowful close.
The lipgloss tops it off for me 😂🤮
The lady and the tramp giant sandwhich had me rolling
Everything is possible once you sip the mysterious blue beverage.
Gosh, you are a strange one! Well, each to their own ;-) It's a nicely made tray though.
Ya know, some dummy will try to use it taking a shower.
And this is what happens when a man designs a product for women
are you in heaven or
because this seems like the insane senseless relatively harmless indulgence heaven was made for *hides*
Is that on a Viking cruise? That espresso is severely tilted.
A latte that’s at a strange tilt but a wine glass that’s not....
How much time are they spending I'm there to need THREE different drinking cups??
Why are those obviously photoshopped on rose petals the funniest thing about this
She needs to update her apps AND her system software. Probably too busy trying to learn Photoshop.
This one is comedic genius. I really think they might have been trying to be funny
Regarding the tiny latte and the glass of red wine. What goes up .....must come down...I guess.....
That's how the water stays warm
I’d drink wine, maybe even coffee, maybe, but three drinks?
I can’t even imagine that heartburn.
The rose petals *are* the undressed salad.
How do you use this with wet soapy hands ?
Why an empty mug? Do they think you're going to drink the bath water or something?
Wine AND coffee in this one. That's some interesting polypharmacy going on there...
What planes of gravity are acting on this image!?
She might end up peeing in the tub if she drinks all that and can’t move her tray fast enough.
It's got to be impossible to not be fully relaxed in this bathtub! 😍
Lmao these tweets are just sheer brilliant 🤣😂😂🤣
This is hilarious 😆
Always a good combination, electronics and water!
She’s going to have the shits because nobody does coffee and wine
Where are the earplugs to drown out the sound of a small child hammering on the door as soon as you submerge yourself? #reallife
Empty mug must be for toenail clippings
Serious question though: does red wine and a latte even taste good?
You need an empty mug; where else will you mix your obligatory bath time Cabernetpuccino?
That's a lot of beverages
Wow! You’re really milking this one for a bit of attention seeking, huh?? 🤦‍♀️
Not to mention those rose petals are photoshopped into the advertisement
Geez, how many drinks does this person need in the bathtub???! Wine, coffee, and whatever the hell is in the other one?!
Just let it happen. Bring three vegan friends in the tub with you
Those bananas are extra green, so they might be in there for a while What kind of monster takes tortilla chips but no hummus, salsa, or guac. Ya gotta have something to dip them in besides tepid bath water. Wtf
* tiny, poorly-photoshopped latte
Baths must make her really thirsty.
Yes some choices need to be made here-either the phone or the tablet or cappuccino or wine. It’s a bath not a Business trip!
Whoa, party in the tub.
Three drinks! How long is she staying?
And is she sitting in her own pee?
I think the rose petals are photoshopped
You know all those tablets are going straight into the tub. Lololol
Not to mention a $900 tablet that 99/100 times will end up in the fn water.
😂 I can’t stop laughing! Who comes up with this stuff?! Men who don’t know women?! This is simply hilarious!
How do ypu wash your ass with all that stuff in the way
Those petals ARE the undressed salad
She wont be rested after all that coffee!!
Look at that tiny woman watching the phone. If she falls in she'll drown 😲😏
The empty cup belongs to her carer who is just out of shot scrubbing the toilet
Ah yes, nothing quenches my thirst during a hot bath like a piping hot cup of coffee
There's some decent games on that iPad
I mean. Who doesn’t enjoy speedballing with coffee and wine during their special lady bath time?
You need one of these to you can have a tablet and a phone with you in the bath without getting either of them wet.
So many drinks and screens!
If you sneeze with this with you in the bathtub, or of you have a cat, its RIP to about $2,000 worth of electronics. Not to mention any broken glass.
Who has App Store and settings in the location your emails, browser and messages should be!?
I'm laughing so hard at all of these.
LOL I don’t think that’s possible prepare all that stuff and have a hot bath and have a hot cappuccino. And not drop your iPad and iPhone in the water !
I'm worried about all those expensive electrical items so if that were me I'd also want a copy of my house insurance (laminated) for when I inevitably dropped one in the bath.
This thread is 🔥
Well, so, for me, it's less about the tiny latte, and more about the @lacroixwater.
Latte and wine.. Sounds like a relaxing night of diarrhea..
Bath time is complete as long as you don’t put your hands in the water - stay in the same position or your tray will look like the Titanic. Ps where’s the face mask 😷
This is so false. When I do take a bath (which is like never) I’m not gonna be reading Home & Garden while inhaling wisteria petals and eating chocolate covered strawberries. I’m going to be freaking binge watching Real Housewives and scarfing Doritos while my body gets prune(y)
(Possibly sensitive)
Cracking me up. So true! All I want is to soak. Period. Don’t want to worry about knocking things in the water 😂😳😏
So I’m not the only one who saw the video on the phone and thought, for a second, it was a photoshop mistake that left an actual tiny woman sitting on the tray, right?
Oh, new OS update, no wonder she has to chill.
It’s a makeshift ashtray
You know you’re having a bad time when you’re drinking wine and coffee at the same time
Three drinks in the bath! She'll keep having to get out to wee!
Sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the beauty of this like ratio but I couldn’t not like it. I feel such shame. Brava.
It's all good until the iPad falls into the tub.
When you’ve decided solid foods are actually the problem.
How many drinks do we need in the tub, anyway?
Three beverages for one bath, sure.
I’m all for a book, a glass of wine and a candle but... where the hell am I going to put my bon bons?
I don't get it - she's got a salad... why isn't she laughing?
She should smile more
She doesn't have a fork?
there's not even a fork. she's gonna sit there eating raw red onion slices with her hands, bath all filling up with squirted cherry tomato juice
Someone give her a fork!!
just staring at the apps
That's the best part of my bath: just staring at a bunch of icons on an iPad.
They quick closed safari so you couldn’t see the stuff they watch on pornhub
Love to dangle my preciously expensive electronic devices above certain death. It’s relaxing!
I use my phone in the tub… Kinda makes me wish they made bath books for adults
Omg that iPad precariously dangling over the water...
yeah like WTF??? technology should be nowhere near water
Presumably that is autumn?
I mean, her name could be Autumn, but I don’t know why you’d presume that
Crying at this sad little bath salad 😂
I don’t see a fork. Or even a Klobuchar comb. I guess she’s just going to stick her face in the salad and chow down.
Well, it's undressed, so she could just eat it with her fingers?
Love to sit in the bath and stare at my apps. No need to watch anything on my iPad, just looking at the icons will do
“Ooh, that icon just moved!” (Sips more wine) “No, no, must have imagined it again. Remaining vigilant though.”
I need one of these immediately.
Nae cutlery - they've not thought this through🤔
I am not above using my hands to eat a peice of cucumber, like the classy burd I am.
This is an even better idea with a tablet than it was with a book in the older stock photos.
I find its always best to be undressed in the bath! 😂
There's the joke I was looking for! And if I hadn't found it, I was going to say something similar.
At least this one isn't drinking wine and a latte at the same time😂😂😂
Tbh there are mornings I need both.
salad is crucial for holding the ipad
I mean how can you even see pixels without cucumbers, amiright?
that ipad would sliiiide all the way down without tomatoes
What is that to the left? Looks like a role of white tall kitchen trash bags.
So this checks notes thing started out as funny but has gone the way of "Sir this is an Arbys" and "Drop the Mic"
pretty precarious ipad placement
Amazing alliteration
And all the lit candles in a bright room. Because...extra
I don't see any bath sheets.
Too much multi tasking - you should be taking the time to enjoy each of these things on their own.
retweeted this hilarious thread and now all I can wonder is if @BeachBunnieBabe is using her bathtub tray to hold a small undressed salad while she takes a bath?
The whole thing comes with a person already in the bathtub
Nobody actually does the bubble bath with rose pedals, wine, and a candle do they? Do they?
Wine and candles, sure.
Is it wrong that all I can think of is if I were try this, I'll be the one fishing the soggy petals out of the tub and schleping the salad plate and wine glass back to the kitchen?
And no silverware?
Wow! Now I love food, but like any woman who loves food I know salad & baths don’t mix, firstly you would waste the food if it fell in the bath & secondly is it assumed we might love food so much we couldn’t go the duration of a bath without needing a snack? Literally 1/2
Everywhere else is a better place to eat a meal...maybe not a bouncy castle 2/2
Undressed salad is relentlessly amusing, thus making it the perfect tool to unwind after a stressful day.
…I’m stuck eating undressed salad these days. Do you realize how many damn points and calories are in salad dressing? It’s obscene
I get the wine and the candle, but who eats anything in the tub?
Why you gotta call a man out like that?
You know that Sally Two Phones is warming a tube of anchovy paste somewhere in the bath water to spread on those delicious steam-wilted premium crackers.
This is not a salad. It is a veggie tray.
Fucking salad 😭
you'd probably actually sit in a bath eating a bunch of raw veggies, wouldn't you? 😆
I note that she is obviously fond of eating her undressed salad with her fingers, seeing as she has seemingly neglected to bring a knife and fork.
And petals
is there even any water in any of these baths?
I really like the red wine glass holder to stop it being knocked over. They have really thought about this.... a lot
I anyone has ever eaten a salad in the bath, they need help.
I’d end up pouring my wine onto the bubble ffs 😂
I think you need to meet the Peloton man. 😂…
Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house
Yes. I love eating salad on a small plate. My cherry tomatoes will never roll off into the water ever.
Sorry, the concept of bath time salad stretches credulity too far...
Just relaxed for 2 secs and the ipod had a little bath too LOL
I don't know why anyone would ever get into that filthy tub to begin with
That little towel will barely dry her top half.
No fork either
This seems very Australian, takeout bath tray 😅 But I see you are American 👍
Got me wanting to try this with a hot plate of shrimp fried rice! LOL
Living her best life
I wonder if that's the same salad that Kramer made in the shower...
omg that is just what i was thinking lol
(Possibly sensitive)
(Possibly sensitive)
When is your Ted Talk on bath tray etiquette because I want to buy a ticket
That she will be eating with her fingers.
Can't blame the women who loves to relax in the bathtub with all the comfort accessories. It's a great way to unwind after a hard day, eliminate stress, rejuvenate, and by the way, research shows that taking a hot bath can help burn more calories.
Small salad you eat with your hands... which is exactly how I eat salad after drinking wine on an empty stomach
After drinking wine on an empty stomach, eating salad with your hands makes a lot of sense
That undressed salad has no fork.
Only a matter of time before some idiot run an extension lead in as their tablets battery is running down
There's a good reason for the salad to be undressed: it's going to take a bath too. Where do you think it'll end up when the bather knocks over the glass of wine, soaking the tablet, and the ensuing reaction sends the tray, tablet, and candle, flying? 😉😋
Swap that weak salad out for chicken fingers and we might have a realistic scenario here
Bathtub chicken fingers … Go on
What is this sorcery?!?!? I have a son that likes to barge in the bathroom to have a shit just in time for my arse to hit the water... Do people bathe this way.. I have not had a quiet bath for 9 years!! 🤔
I live in this world with you...
Do people not lock doors in the rest of the country He said as if his wife didn’t do exactly the same things
Did Kramer prepare the salad?
Haha 👌🏼🤣
What a sad little salad 🤣...I’ll stick with my McD’s cheeseburger 🍔 while in the tub 🛀 #notsorry @McDonalds
Its stupid really, as soon as one of the kids tries the handle on the door one knee shoots up in reflex and the entire thing ends up in the bath
I hope you enjoy cramps
Any food in the bathroom is a no go, period. 😩
Of course it’s undressed. It’s in the bath.
Nobody does salad and red wine
Thats not even salad😂😂😂 its just come cucumbers and broccoli with some red cabbage on top
It is a thoughtful touch, the slotted thing to keep the wine glass from tipping over. Of course I would forget it was there and topple the whole tray by lifting the glass straight up.
Theres no water in the tub
My bathroom floor would be flooded rotten with the number of times I'd be nipping back to the kitchen for extra condiments.
the rose petals in the water and the small rolled up towels that after you try to knock over all that shit on your tray you goin to be cold as fuck and want a regular towel
And an iPad just dying to jump straight into the tub! Absolutely! 🤦🏼‍♀️😆😂🙄
It’s also very important to eat the salad without any cutlery, and to do it while staring at iPad’s home screen.
Is there a spot for the salad dressing bottle?
Where’s the ashtray and a pack of B&H?
I wish my wife would eat a salad. 😕
These ppl get it. Give me the entire bottle bitches. And, a leash??
- just ... just read this whole thread. It’s so great 🛁
I don’t know about you guys, but I always have salad dressing in the tub. Undressed salad? Those monsters.
This is the best one I’m crying 😂😂😂😂
This is priceless! Of ALL the things.
The game of risk with the I-pad / tablet is too much for me 🙈🙈🙈
And an iPad 3 seconds from toppling backward into the soapy water.
As a woman who actually bought that tray table for my tub, so I can read my kindle in the bath... it is shit and broke. There is NO WAY it would have held a damn salad. Even if you left the dressing off.
Also with no fork.
Me: They should have a table for use in the bath 🤔 Wife: *buys this tray* Me: Awesome! *places iPad, occasional drink n herbal medicine on tray* This ad is ridiculous. If I set this up for my wife she’d walk right out n later question how much it all cost
I don’t know about that. The raw broccoli florets suggest crudité platter.
I love how the only thing standing between that tablet and it's watery grave is a very thin wire?? 🤣
I think it's hilarious that no woman in the history of stock photography has ever put dressing on a salad.
What in the actual F with this one who wants to eat a salad while partially submerged in hot bath water are you freaking kidding me
The salad is something Kramer would do!
I once tried to eat a salad in the tub... dropped it and had salad “in the tub”. It sucked.
Wine and salad combo?? where's the cheese???
Has anybody seen the Instagram gals post pics of themselves eating a pizza while in the bath.
Yes, which presumably she is going to eat with her fingers...
Points for that wine glass that looks bigger than the iPad! Imaginary Bath Lady must be in the #Resistance 😇😎🍷
that ipad is a bit too close to the edge #
Living dangerously with an iPad in the bath. This is the new version of jumping out of a plane.
Is she supposed to eat that with her soapy hands or will she be throwing it in the water for exfoliating purposes?
it’s just cut vegetables, not a salad. (there’s no fork
The glass of wine is larger than the salad
Who the hell is touching an #iPadPro with wet fingers? How do you use the touchscreen? Does anyone want to risk dropping a $1,000 iPad in the bathtub because you couldn't be away from @facebook for 10 minutes?
Omg I was sick all weekend & took several baths. Here’s what I used my tray for: face scrub, loofah, razor, body soap, fresh washcloths, cuticle stick, mani scissors. iPod for music was safe on my vanity, away from the bath. Too bad I didn’t have a full catered dinner too! #gross
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you can play chase the Tommy tomato....if you can find it, that is
Guess it beats a bath while chowing down a bacon roly poly😅
I’m sorry, a what? I have no idea what that is but it sounds delicious
Older British food, you have a suet flour rolled out, add bacon, maybe some butter, or salt, but that it needs a great deal because of the suet, and bacon, can be cut up or strips, however you like, with diced onion, roll it up like a spiral and bake it
A salad WTF 🥗😮!!!!
Why not go the whole hog and have a roast dinner
and no cutlery 😂
The tablet is giving me anxiety.
Exchange the salad for a full bottle of red, get some real housewives on that tablet, I'd sit in there all day, actually I do that most Sunday's 😁
But I love eating with wet soupy hands, they give the meal any additional flavour & moisture it may need. Have you never used bubble bath as a salad dressing?
No ranch dressing?
Will you wouldn't want to be dressed in the bath.
That salad is trash and that iPad is definitely going to get water damage
I have never felt the urge to eat while in the bathtub. Here's the 'lower end' version of the tray, in this scene from the gross movie Gummo.
Couldn’t they throw some basil leaves in with those rose petals!? All edible of course.
The scenes when the cat jumps up on that
Lol am i in the tub or on a plane? Who cares?! I’ve got an undressed salad, my total fave!!
Lettuce & bubbles, I can for the record state I have never wanted to eat salad whilst in the bath...🍷 Wine far more compatible companion.... 😉
Why is “drinking booze in the tub” the assumed standard of relaxation for women? 😳😂
Ah, a glass of wine. Because when I think of relaxing in a bathtub, the first thing that comes to mind is GLASS.
I think her spouse is busy riding a peloton:
Replace tiny salad with box of cheez it’s and I’m good 👍🏼 Also, lose the rose petals because I’m not cleaning that up later.
And my iPad waiting to fall into the water.
It makes me nervous just looking at it!
This is GOLD! What a world i’m missing out on...
That iPad is definitely going for a swim at some point.
Upgrade this to spaghetti and ice cream and I’m in.
I'm really interested in the logistics of one person getting that tray on the tub
This looks like a cry for help
Thats not a true reflection. She should be laughing at the salad
Do you think it comes with fairies to put rose petals in your bath?
Need the small undressed salad, for maximum relaxation
Who eats in the tub. The tub is for getting away from your family so you dont kill them all.
Yes, reminding us of our body image with that salad. Why wasn’t it 🍟 instead.
My hardest laugh of the day. The specificity: “small undressed salad.” 🛀🏻🥗
What is with the salad 😂..what if the salad all falls in the bath .. laying with ya tomatoes and salad leaves 😂😂 ... I must however get one of these bath table thingys 😬😬
Should have been a deconstructed undressed salad with dressing on the side.
I personally love to make toast when I'm in the tub like a freshly warm buttered toast and some soapy water really makes for a good night (Btw don't put a toaster in the tub it bad)
Which you apparently eat with your fingers
women doing what, where, with salad?!
I would have guessed some green tea 🍵 a glass of wine 🍷, some Milano’s, and an iPad for Netflix.
It has to be Undressed. It’s in the bath.
Doesn’t she at least get a comb to eat it with??
If you replace the salad with hot Cheetos, now we talkin’!
It's weird if I'm undressed but the salad isn't. It just throws everything off.
I thought the towel was a roll of trash bags.
I wouldn't mind so much except that she always wants to go someplace after one of those baths, and I'm her designated driver.
This dirty cow has done a wee in the jug she was supposed to use for her £2.99 bottle of vinegar from the offie #bathtrays
I also like to have my $700 tablet precariously balanced over a bath. That's not just a salad, it's a *load-bearing* salad.
Time to shake your lettuce 😉 Oh wait, that’s broccoli 🥦 Ewwwwww!
Well, you wouldn't want that salad to fall in your bubble bath fully dressed!
Salad dressing is the TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
When you’re cutting calories on meals so you can maintain your wine habit.
And looking at the iPad home screen?
She is going to get electrocuted by the iPad . Does know one know how to be safe anymore.
Would it make a difference if the salad was dressed?
My iPad would fall in!
Remain immersed to wash out , WHAT.
awesome. just waiting for the ipad to hit the water.
lol I love that she is drinking both a latte and wine
Nothing like that refreshing blend of stimulant and depressant.
unless she's going to just stay in the tub for like 7 hours, and the coffee is for AM and the wine for PM
I feel called out. Full disclosure: I did that once.
🍷 must breathe.
Why would you NOT stay in the bath for seven hours when you have a whole tray of supplies to keep you going. I mean it's the only reason I ever get out of the bath - needing to access things that aren't within arm's reach of the bath.
If you pee in it enough, the bath even stays warm.
Maybe that's what she needs all the wine and coffee for.
I thought I might come in here and be a bad man but I see you've all beaten me to it. Carry on.
This whole damn thread is just.... ALL THE WIN. ALL. OF. IT.🤣🤣🤣
🤣 can’t even, putting my phone down for the evening
I was hoping someone would bring this up. Coffee and wine and all...
I'm sorry for dragging you into this rabbit hole.
how did the lady get a latte with foam art in the bathtub. Is she in a KC Peaches?
No she did it herself, because like all of us she has so much free time 🤨
Glad to have to whole Mackay clan together in my notifications
I'm so glad I wasn't the one who said that.
It seems like a small appliance to keep the bath warm would be easy to make. Do they make such things? If not, am I going to be rich now?
No, because nobody actually stays in the bath that long.
I’d recommend a wet suit.
PMSL. Luckily I’m in the bath with my phone right now.
So you got jokes...CTHU!
Totally what I do! And dang but I do love sipping a cool latte whilst sitting in a tepid tub coated with a film of deflated bubbles and exfoliated epidermis the next morning!
That’s how I do it 😂
Oh, the shriveling!
Naw, it's hair o the dug efter a heavy sesh, wi a shot o caffeine tae wake her up.
I'm guessing it is an 8 hour bath.
How does she reach the taps to add hot water every ten minutes?
Ambitoedextrous - able to perform tasks (such as turning the tub water on and off) using your toes.
Exactly what I was thinking.
Whole new meaning to ‘going for a soak’
Will bathrooms of the future start including a wine fridge and espresso machines?
Jajajajja I also was thinking, how long is she planning to stay there??
but the water gets cold so how does she let some out & fill up with hot w/out displacing the tray? 🤔
Too much cleaning needed. Add some bleach.
the perfect white lady speedball that not how it's supposed to work
She should having Irish coffee!
That’s how I usually roll (although not usually in the bathtub...)
It’s like an Icy Hot...for your brain.
Titration, it’s all about titration.
They call it The Poor Man’s Speedball
Why did this make me laugh so much?
What it means to be a woman
That’s call “Balance” by the amphetamine crowd🤣
Depress➡️stimulate➡️ repeat🔄
That’s what Irish Coffee is for! #savages
I’ve done it before, not gonna lie
Breakfast of champions 🍷☕️🍷☕️
It sort of screams “American” to me.
The tingle means it's working!
They call that speedballs where I’m from.
I actually do that irl tbh. pro tip: time it to finish the wine first while coffee still warm.
(Possibly sensitive)
Next up is bathtime happy hour: Red Bull with a Vodka chaser.
Keeps you on an even keel.
The rich white lady's speedball
Definitely need this photo of my family to remind myself of the people I probably took this bath to avoid.
it's the classy version of a jagerbomb
it's a brunch bath -- hungover from the night before.
It’s the adult’s 4loko.
Like I’ve done that but not in the bath, at the start of emergency benders when I still feel bad from yesterday
Hmm. I just had a very fine espresso and am now finishing my glass of red wine.
It's about the only part that makes sense imo
The only way to truly live !
Who has the time time to drink them separately! Not this busy lady!
Does she rinse that empty wine glass and cup in the bath water ? I don’t think such vessels will taste nice with residue hints of Parmolive about them . Surely it would totally ruin the Blue Nun and Mellow Birds ?
I'm pretty sure it's a flat white. This is clearly a *sophisticated* lady after all. #bathista
She’s obviously a mother of small children.
Never mind. A mom having the time to take a bath alone (or at all) is also completely unrealistic...
The thinking woman's jagerbomb
One for up - one for down. Thats politics innit.
A speedball, and a bath!
It’s Red Bull and vodka for us classy ladies over 22.
Gotta mix your uppers and downers.
Her kids must be bad as hell🤣 or her mans a cheater🤣
Bathing speedball
Gotta keep it balanced.
She’s going to be super dehydrated
The empty mug confuses me, tho.
It's like drinking grapefruit juice right after you brush your teeth 😖
That’s the first thing I noticed
Free Trade organic equivalent of a jagerbomb?
Chaotic evil
I have to say that of all the wrongs on these trays, the wine & coffee combo I could definitely live with.
First you drink the wine which makes you sleepy then you drink the coffee to avoid falling asleep from that relaxation of the wine I kind of understand it..
Maybe she wants to - how do I put this - encourage her digestion?😂😅
And that other woman has a latte and a second coffee cup!
Who doesn’t?
For this go getter gal there’s no in between ☝️
There can’t be water in that tub or else everything including her perfect coiffure would be sweaty and wet. Dry ice maybe?
I’m quite concerned about the proximity of her updo which likely will contain flammable styling products to the tea lights.
Did someone already do "I like my wine alatee " 😂
At least now I know I’m not the only one to start the day like this 😉
The comments are hella funny!
Ok that's another myth crushed- I'm starting to run out of things to believe in ...damn you to hell advertising people
Thank you so much for reminding me of this song. This made me laugh so much when I was younger 😂😃👍🏻
My favourite video of all time. Bye, off to youtube!
I have always found a neck pillow and one large glass of Cabernet to be sufficient.
Affirmative couple of wiffy candles
Definitely! But like the music those should be outside the tub.
The male version should include a small lathe, a walkie-talkie, some WD40 and a roll of duct tape. :)
Bathtub turning would be kind of awesome, though ...
also in true stock photo fashion the man will not be wearing safety glasses while using his tiny lathe
I just checked. I have my mini lathe, wd40 etc here. Will try to set up a picture tomorrow. Stay tuned!
I am holding my breath for this!
I would replace the wine with duct tape any day, for my bath tray.
I don't know you but you've piqued my interest
Following for this
Triply ditto-ed here!
Needs a two stroke engine and grill attachment.
This absolutely better happen!
You better deliver now, or leave us all severely disappointed ☹️
I live in Munich, Germany, so it is early noon. I will post once home this evening. Stay tuned!