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✈️ I’ll be headed to #ACES2019 tomorrow, and it so happens that this is the first time that I’ll be flying Southwest. Is there anything that I should know about the way that Southwest does things? (I already have EarlyBird Check-In¹, if that helps?) 1.…
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Boarding is the main thing. You line up by your boarding number, and since you have early-bird you’ll be among the first. So when you get on, just pick any open seat.
Also, I think Wi-Fi is a reasonable $8 for the day.
Ah, that’s helpful—thanks for that! And $8 for Wi-Fi doesn’t sound too shabby either.
Make sure your devices are charged if you plan to use them. No power outlets on SW.
Ah—that’s good to know!
They don't charge extra for a checked bag, which is nice. And they tend to be a little more forgiving about mishaps (missed flight, need to cancel, etc.), although the later is just my personal experience.
That’s all good info—thanks for that!
Also, Southwest flight attendants are funny and act human. They are also super helpful if you need medical assistance, as I discovered in December.
Ah—that’s all good info. And I’m glad to hear that you’re okay after the December stuff!
I was fine, but my husband was not. He's better now, though. I had a bruised knee ahead of my Qantas flight back from Australia ... the flight attendants on our flight were not nearly as helpful.
Dang—I’m really sorry to hear that.
If you have a ticket, you'll get on, that's most important., Set an alarm for exactly 24 hours ahead of the flight to check in. If you have delicate luggage. want a specific seat (window) or like being closer to the front, it's nice to be early, I got B58 yesterday. it was fine.
Seeing as though I had C-3PO levels of antsiness about all this newness, I signed up for Southwest’s EarlyBird Check-In, which I think automagically checked me in? For instance, their app says that I’m in boarding group A-46 for my first flight, which seems good?
V good! Before you (A group) board, there are platinum people/military/babies. At the gate there are places to stand 1-30 and 31-60 for each letter. Sometimes people futz about being PERFECTLY in order 46-47-48. Other times, lax. Bon voyage!
Right on—that all helps a bunch? Oh, and just out of curiosity, since I already have my assigned boarding group from having EarlyBird, is there much upside to checking in before I get to the airport? (I’ll also have a checked bag, if that might makes any difference?)
I think EarlyBird... is the check in? The whole reason to check in is to get the A-B-C group number. Checking a bag means you'll need to talk to a human and hand it over at the counter, but you've already checked in to the flight.
Okey doke—I think that more or less makes sense, then. And thanks for all your help with that!
No problem, I'm happy to destroy some obstacles to the #ACES2019 good times. ☺️See you at the spelling bee/loitering in the bar with @sesquiotic, @CWWilkie, @czelticgirl, @Mededitor, etc.
I can’t make it this year. I’m so sad!😞 My boss’ sister is getting married out of town the same weekend, and we can’t both take off at the same time. Post a ton to Twitter so I can play along from work. I will miss you all.
You’ll be missed for sure—and here’s hoping that we’ll be able to catch up in 2020!
noooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO gifkosdplkgv
What she said.
Will you be there, too, Brian? (And yes, I just shamelessly retweeted that bathroom tray thread.)
I will! FSM willing and the creek don't rise.
Absolutely—I can’t wait to see yinz and clink glasses at the bar! 🍻 #ACES2019
I've missed you guys — feels like it's been a year!
I think you still need to get a copy of your boarding pass, eh?
True, or have the QR code on your phone in Apple Wallet or the email confirmation.
On other airlines, I usually get my boarding pass when I check in at the airport. I don’t tend to print my boarding pass at home since I typically check a bag, and gotta stand in line at the airport for that anyway, eh? So that’s kinda how I was going to roll with Southwest (?).
Yes, you will be fine doing that. Old-fashioned, but fine.
I’d like to think of the printed boarding pass as super posh, because you have to stay in that habit for international flights!
Our Ashley is just that kind of old-fashioned gal! She'll be wearing her gingham frock, no doubt. 😁
You jest—and deservedly so—but you may have inspired me to try out a smartphone boarding pass! I have some questions in case I try that— • To check a bag, do I just go through the kiosk steps to print a bag tag? • What does the TSA agent scribble on if not my boarding pass?
Sorry, that was rude. There is no scribbling with the electronic passes. Presumably, the big master computer notes that it has been used.
The smartphone boarding pass is all you need. Just keep it "live" so anyone who needs to see it can see it. No paper necessary. (I LOVE IT!)
Neat! I think Imma give that a shot, then. Oh, and I have one more question—I might also be tempted to try curbside check-in for the first time too. Does one tip those folks? And if so, what might be an appropriate amount?
That I don't know. I always go carry-on only. Sorry.
i usually do a fiver for one bigger bag, $3 for something smaller, and $10+ if there’s a bunch of them or they’re super heavy or difficult
Do tip at curbside; $1 or $2 per bag is the usual. I do the latter and if I check two bags I just go w/$5.
Righto—that works!
Nah, no worries—it’s all good! All taken in good fun :).
I jest because I think of you as *particularly* tech savvy and up to date! It is *I* who prints out boarding passes when I get to the airport. I've only had a smartphone for about six months and have never had a boarding pass on it. 🙃
Oh, that’s kind of you to say! And ordinarily I’m quite open to trying new gadgets and gizmos—but I guess that I just had a thing that worked and didn’t feel much need to mess with it this time around. 🤷🏼‍♀️
If @FriendlyAshley used EarlyBird, then a boarding pass should have been automatically delivered.
Southwest’s EarlyBird FAQ implies that I’d automatically be checked in (…). And while the Southwest app sent a push notification with my boarding-group assignment (A-46), I didn’t get any check-in emails, and I don’t seem to be checked in yet. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hm. Are you within 24 hours of your flight? EarlyBird checks you in before then, but I think the boarding passes don't generate before T-24?
Yeah, my flight departs at 2 p.m. tomorrow, and while I have an assigned boarding group, the Southwest app isn’t showing me as being checked in yet.
Huh. Well, I'd go ahead and push that button and see what happens!
I guess I’m checked in now. :)
I love Southwest! Find your number in the row (you might have to talk to a person or two to get accurately lined up, but also in A group it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re in your correct section of 5). Pick a seat when you board!
er, the boarding row. It’s two rows, 1-30 on one side, 31-60 on the other. They very much trust you to figure out how to map your boarding pass number to the proper place.
I think I almost follow what you’re saying? For instance, it looks like my boarding group is A-46. So when you refer to there being “two rows, 1–30 on one side, 31–60 on the other,” are you referring to the two sides of the gate or the two sides of the plane?
there’s a cool little row of pillars that are numbered at the gate. The tvs will show A 1-30 on one side, and A 31-60 on the other, and the pillars will show the more specific numbers. I think it’ll make sense once you’re there. And then on the plane, you can sit anywhere.
Righto—I think I’ve got my head around now :). Thanks!
my strategy is always to head to the back of the plane and grab a window seat, you do you. Heading towards the back also imo increases chances you’ll have an open seat beside you.
Early Bird will help. G8 crews r Gr8 🙂! STRONG ALL-CAPS advice: put your overhead stuff directly above or ahead of your row, bc/ having to go back for it will put you among the last de-planers. In-flight mag recently cut back on sudokus 🙁. Your cash is no good for 🍺 or 🍸.
Those are good tips—thanks! And out of curiosity, since I have EarlyBird, is there much upside to checking in before I get to the airport? (I’ll have a checked back, for whatever that’s worth.)
Can’t answer that bc I’ve never checked in b4 showing up @ the airport. (Same with hotels. I’ve got a bad, possibly genetic case of the don’t-count-on-it-you’ll-just-jinx-its.) Happy happy #ACES travel. Please tweet early & often!
For whatever it’s worth, it’s not just you—I’m hesitant to count on things like that myself.
I love Southwest! My favorite thing is being able to check two bags free.
I can’t complain about that!
What Brianna said. You want to check in as close to 24 hours ahead as possible for a chance at a good seat. They board in numbered groups, and if you're in a later group, you're looking at middle seat, back of the plane, all overhead bin space gone.
It so happens that I signed up for Southwest’s EarlyBird Check-In, which has just assigned me a boarding group of A-46. So I guess I’m on the right path so far?
Yup! My husband checked in for a Southwest flight yesterday exactly 24 hours ahead and got B7.
That’s the routine outcome the last few years: tee yerself up for the 24-h boarding pass rush (I set my alarm), get a B. Last fall I got an A, was 😃. It was an ultra-rare underbooked flight. I put up *both* arm rests & stretched out on my SWA sofa. Wishing you all the same!
Thanks! I don’t want to get my hopes up for a Southwest sofa, but you never know, eh?
A-group? Mega-score.
These letters and numbers don’t mean a whole lot to me right now, but if that’s a good one, then yay for that!
Also, your chances of a flight attendant making the announcements fun are much better on Southwest. Been on several flights where we broke out into applause at the end of the flight.
I like the sound of that!
<British accent> “Should this flight become a cruise, some lovely masks for cruise wear will drop from above ...”
I'm also flying Southwest to #ACES2019, leaving Wednesday morning. I was just planning on showing up at the airport and hoping someone there tells me what to do. Now I fear I haven't prepared well.