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Getting multiple reports of ad-blocking VPNs or other network-wide ad blockers causing failed downloads for @NPR podcasts (and possibly others). I’m still looking into specifics, but in every case of reported @NPR download trouble recently, disabling ad blockers has fixed it.
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Not Podcasts, Really - if autoinjecting ads is required for your RSS feed to work you’re an abomination
No issues using @guardianiosapp app. @NPR downloaded with no issues.
Not just NPR. Both my wife and I get “No internet connection” when trying to search for shows or view the list of all episodes of any podcast. The only adblocking we have is Eero Plus.
Yeah whatever the ZScaler service that Eero Plus uses for DNS/ad blocking is seems to be getting in the way of downloads/checking for new episodes.
I experienced this with PiHole. I had to whitelist the affected sites. I think it’s because they usually have a “metrics” or “tracker” tag associated, and it assumes it’s superfluous, and blocks it.
I can confirm experiencing both this issue and the work-around
Hmm. Not seeing any collections when I try to add a new podcast. Is that related?
In the case of CBC podcasts older episodes can be downloaded. Currently not using a VPN and have no network-wide ad-blocking, and I've tested on several networks.
Not. Gonna. Happen. Related: @NPR is a cancer on podcasting.
are the main proponents for replacing open podcast standards with their proprietary bull💩 in an effort to more effectively “monetize their content” and “track user engagement”. Blocking podcast downloads for people running ad blockers is just another shot across that bow.
Thank you, @OvercastFM -- we recently transitioned ad vendors and yes, we've identified this is happening to some of our users. We're planning to make changes in the coming days that should solve the problem. The disabling blockers is a solid workaround - thank you!
CBC new podcasts not downloading, fyi
Radio podcasts also not downloading for last 24 hours. Not a network issue as happening across cellular and multiple wifi networks. Appears to be app related as Apple’s Podcast app not affected. Is Overcast blocking CBC?
Hmmm. I wonder if related to the VPNish thing Cloudfare just released this week?
Cloudflare is adding a free VPN to its app
More speed and security.
None of my @CBC podcasts downloaded today...
I have not been able to play a podcast since the update. The app keeps crashing right after opening. If uninstalled and reinstalled, after login in and re-downloading all contents, when i hit play it crashes and goes back to crashing at opening.
Still having problems with the CBC podcasts. Not using an ad blocker.
These suddenly no longer work on Overcast 1. CBC News: The World This Hour 2. CBC News: World Report Still@work on apple itunes When I try to add using the URL it says not recognized as a podcast