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It's that time again. Sitting in the room with the entire Lambda PM + DA team talking about 2020. What do YOU want AWS to build? #serverless #awsLambda
I am literally sitting in a room with the rest of the Lambda PM team planning 2019. What do YOU want us to build? #serverless #awslambda
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Running on GPU optimised instances. Fargate can do that, Lambda can’t.
We could also use Lambda custom runtime + GPU hardware.
Faster starting times inside a VPC
oh thats coming soon! low hanging fruit at this point :-P
Simplify everything! :) - simplify how to create websites (e.g. serve assets from AG or make ALB start at $0?) - simplify using RDBMS (e.g. remove/simplify VPC stuff? better HTTP API?) - keep making SAM better (it simplifies CF and serverless apps) And solve coldstarts! :D
Millisecond billing granularity (current setup is not great when most executions are < 100ms).
maybe more for the apig team but: streaming! http/2 push and/or server sent evennts and/or webrtc data channel api …all nice opportunities to for a better real time story and perf
1. Add lambda funcs as a cloudfront target. 2. Use cloudfront origin access identity for auth to those lambdas
Build an easy-to-use, visual drag & drop no-code app builder à la Bubble and Amazon will rule the world. Not kidding.
1. Streaming HTML responses. 2. Streaming HTML responses. 3. Streaming HTML responses.
More than 500MB in /tmp (attach EBS?), millisecond billing
You mean EFS? EBS would be odd since it can only be mounted to one instance, what about the rest of your Lambdas running concurrently?
No echo (similar to CF) on environment variables
when you encrypt yourself you get that today right? are you talking about just in the console?
Yea sorry! On the console!
I use the console in demos. I find people engage better with the UI than me showing them a load of additional code to run lambda code. I haven't found a way to "no echo" the env variables in console. Encrypt env variable works fine when handled in code.
A new internet!
Cloud 3.0 - Data Centric Computing. Point and click front-end with abstracted Appsync backend - we identify, classify, build relationships, reporting needs. You decide how to store and protect it. OK...maybe 2025?