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I’m not a Christian anymore: a thread. After 40 years of being a devout follower, 20 of those being an evangelical pastor, I am walking away from faith. Even though this has been a massive bomb drop in my life, it has been decades in the making. 1/ #exvangelical
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Dave. There are way more folks in your situation than you might imagine. Look up “The Clergy Project” for some help & solidarity. Good fortune to you on your new journey
I can't agree more, The Clergy Project will help you to deal with this transition.
Hm, Clergy project hey? Let me look it up......
Would like to hear your thoughts on the ‘clergy project’ once you’ve dived into it.
He needs a personal encounter with Jesus and not with any book.
Well, without the “Book” as you call it, a personal encounter with a dead guy, apparition, or ? Would be thought a delusion. How could you know the difference?
I'm glad you are walking away from anything that lacks integrity. When the system betrays you, get away.
I have found that the system may betray me but Jesus never has.
I’ve never been a believer or organized my life around any religion, so it’s hard for me to relate. I find your story fascinating and I hope you find, like many people do, that life has so much to offer without delusions. Enjoy your rebirth!
Lucky you...a good number of us are really messed up and irredeemably bewitched with the so-called faith pursuits
My parents were skeptical of the motives of the clergy they encountered and turned their backs on organized religion. I was never forced or even encouraged to believe anything about the supposed supernatural. I thank them for this.
This is a great thread. Like you, I tried. I buried myself in all things God. It was all a sham.
As a gay kid raised in a family where church was something we fairly regularly “did,” I, like a lot of Christian LGBTQ kids, came to realize that the faith is a sham at an early age. Messages @ home were I was loved; messages @ church were I wasn’t. I chose godless love!
Godless love is better love.
Godless love is just love without being passed through a filter of hate.
You've come to the right place, yhere's lots of us former believers here, welcome!
there's*....damn fat thumb. .
I read you whole thread. Lots of similarities here except I wasn’t in full time ministry (did go to bible college). My heart goes out to you. Your journey will be lonely sometimes. Feel free to DM me any time you need a friend
agree, me too. It will be lonely, but you will find many others like you. May I suggest an artist community? Arts and spirituality are closely linked. And artists are usually some of the kindest & compassionate people - and the least judgemental by far. Open heart and open mind!
Same. If not for being queer, which accelerated my exit, I would be this thread. Very sobering.
Sometimes I open twitter, to find tweets that cause me to laugh, cause me to think, and a few that cause me to shake my head. Today, I opened twitter to find this — an honest, raw, sincere story. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your newfound freedom, I hope you find peace.
Sometimes it takes a tragedy. Sometimes it takes the birth of a baby, or the spark of an idea backed up with fact. You either understand and learn, or fall back (continually) on the comfortable mattress of "faith."
I can't imagine what you're going through, but I am sorry that it's something you have to do. I hope you are with a group of people who are supporting you, and that whereever you end up it'll be happier, healthier and in a much better place than you were in.
Wow. Truly moving and I'm not easily moved. Though I'm always a sucker for brutal honesty in regard to the self and the choices that have to be made.
Thanks for sharing your experience. As a recent ex Christian who was a devout teen and child, I empathize with your story. You were way more involved than me. Best wishes in the next part of your life.
I think this man needs a friend right now. Someone who understands.
Thank you for posting this thread, and IMHO you have all you need to move forward on your reality path. The first steps are the hardest... has a program for ministers leaving faith.
Thanks for your honest introspection. Myself and others have felt these things as well. Anger at the betrayal of faith, at our gut for plodding through unanswered prayers and hearing hate spewed from our pulpits. You are not alone. It gets easier to accept over time that you /1
Are the captain of your fate. No one died for your sinful nature* and you can love and be loved despite and without some divine authority. Remain diligent, your years of indoctrination will call you to question the truths you have realized, that pain may be the worst, but /2
Even those who saw never much more we that hv not seen...and yet the bible said "blessed are those who did not see and yet belueved" whether we believe it or does not change the fact that Jesus died for us...and yes, He sure did...
“It doesn’t change the fact that Jesus died for us”? What doesn’t change is that it’s not a fact. However much you say it, however much you believe it, there are no contemporaneous reports that Jesus even existed let alone “died” on a cross. Sorry.
Even in your heart, you know the truth but you keep looking for ways not to believe it...the heavens and the earth and all it's creatures says that Jesus lives...
Thank you for sharing your journey.
Much love from New Zealand, you're not alone x
Hey fellow Kiwi
Hello there! 😊
I'm #101 lol
I broke a hundred, I'm so excited I may have fush n chups tonight to celebrate
Powerfully put. Thanks, and welcome
Welcome to our community.
Plod on, live your life, smile, be loving, be generous, be happy. This one life is everything you make of it, and when you have no breaths to give, know that you return to the cosmos that in a singularity you were conceived. My best to you and welcome to real life. /end
Thanks for your story. I often wonder if I'd have ever walked away if I'd ended up getting married to a Christian or had gone to Seminary like I'd thought about at one point. I'm sorry for the pain you are going through, but it does get better, and being authentic is so freeing.
Been searching for that word as I read this thread. Authentic!! Perfect.
I'm right there with you, though I was never in full time ministry. Every where I looked I found corruption and abuse. It's so freeing to finally admit to myself and others that I don't believe any of it anymore. I'm so much happier away from Christianity than I was in it.
I have the opposite story. I left atheism to become a Roman Catholic
Thank you so much, Dave, for sharing this painful first-half of your life. Thank you for your heart.
you might find this thread interesting
Welcome!🙋‍♂️ I'm sorry you had to experience that. Its honestly hard for us who were in that world to bear witness to what goes on. I hope you can find the healing you need.
Mat @KyleKulinski @GodlessEngineer @logicked I thought you might want to read this.
The person finally left Christianity, despite being a minister. Something like 20 tweets about it.
oh the original tweet you responded to isn't showing up for me...
He’s coming on the show tomorrow
Beautiful thread, Dave. Good luck for the future.
There are support groups for people in your situation.
Stay strong, I was never part of the church, my parents didn't raise me that way. I've found more love through the godless then those who follow.
well done Dave - thanks for sharing - awesome story well told - hopefully you will be able to bring some others along with you #atheism #losingfaith
Thanks for posting Dave. I grew up a pastors kid and can relate to a lot of this. I'm encouraged to see a spark of compassion in your tone and not just a bunch of all-consuming bitterness.
Please, contact the clergy project. They are there for people in your exact situation. They are there to help. Things will get better. ❤️
This! Please @DaveGass3 do contact the Clergy Project.
Check out the Atheist Community of Austin. They do shows and meetings for non religious folks. They can also help you find non religious groups in your area.
Amazing story, completely can relate with finding more love and compassion from those around me who have never attended church than those who are devot. Welcome to a new life of freedom from guilt, manipulation and oppression! ❤
I don't think Christianity is about the things you mentioned, I get humans have twisted and it is more manipulative and oppressive, but Christianity when practiced is far from that, it's beautiful
Yeah, no! #ChristianSharia is just as bad as the Islamic version! It’s all downright evil, and it’s asinine to keep trying to pretend otherwise!
History and the Bible say otherwise.
I very much agree w/you, but just imo, modern organized religion in so many ways has become so far removed from the roots of early Christianity. I've seen so many things in churches that are all wrong & would indeed turn people away from the faith itself. That's why I personally
separate God from what the contemporary church is....
I read this man's thread and was like "All of these examples have zero to do with having a relationship with God."
Perhaps God didn’t make a relationship worth it.
I agree, it is quite laughable
No one has a relationship with God. Some of you have a relationship with your own imagination.
Everyone has their own path in life and he definitely has the right to his feelings and perspective...but I feel that churches don't always represent what and who God is. It's a collection of people w/human frailty & fault.
And some of them make huge mistakes & hurt people in the process. My family's had very bad experiences with churches. I've heard of a lot of corruption in churches. Which is why I'm good w/a personal belief in God apart from "the church".
None of that goes against what I wrote.
Didn't say it did, just sharing how I felt. I understand how ppl sometimes can get disenchanted when they see really bad examples of faith. I've seen huge ones. Which is why I mentioned I had to separate the two (modern church & God) for my own personal understanding.
I only oppose this view because if everyone adopts it, Christianity as a united religion is done for, we would have everyone staying away from church & gathering to worship God in their hearts & homes & that has it's adverse effect, changing d church culture for better is my view
All of that corruption and shady shit happening in churches and in the name of religion is done for reasons that have ZERO to do with God, Jesus, Allah, The Bible, The Qur'an, Buddah... This dude wrote 50 long-ago texts complaining about everything but a relationship with God.
And none of it seemingly had to do with faith, for that matter.
He missed the Gospel. God doesn't promise health and wealth, an easy marriage, or any of that. He promises forgiveness from sin, and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.
I'm done with it. Dude is asking people for money to pay his bills. He was THAT kind of pastor.
How does one have a "relationship" with a storybook character?
How does one look like an egg?
If you're referring to my Twitter avi, I dunno how to break this to you...but it's not representative of my IRL appearance. There's this concept online of using recognizable images for identification purposes, even if they don't function for meatspace identification
Well Christianity is so fluctuating in views and has a horrible habit of changing books to fit political interests even in it's violent founding its had to have a relation with a God based on Zeus who is really an asshole. But I mean...ehh...
Devout prayer and scripture study have nothing to do with God? Okay. The man listed everything associated with Christianity I know of short of wrangling snakes, speaking in tongues, and screaming at poor people outside of abortion clinics.
Dude said he lost his faith because his marriage failed and people he knew got sick. Then he started asking people to send him money so he can pay his bills. YOU can believe what YOU want but I have never met a Christian or Muslim with devout faith that would do that.
Dude said he lost his faith because he didn't see Christianity work, at all, for anyone. You can believe what you want, dear, but when people lose their jobs and their whole life they've built up, it doesn't hurt to ask for kindness from people. Good folks are there for them.
But the one exists and the other doesnt. Well, both do as human constructs of course. Both are an idea, an story. But the church at least has an physical manifestation.
Anybody can call themselves a Christian. I actually don’t like that term. It’s to vague and watered down for that reason. Believing in Jesus isn’t a religion. It’s a relationship. The Bible is very clear on that. And that’s why the gate is narrow and few will find it.
Early Christianity spread using what would be considered abusive cultish behavior now, ie hoarding food and then giving it out only to people who would join the club. While it wasn't the only means, it was a prominent method. It's a brainwashing technique as old as sand.
Humans approach to something doesn't define it, because people decided to do that doesn't mean Christianity is like that, read d Bible sometime
Stop turning every discussion into a sales pitch, it's fucking creepy.
Say you can't comprehend my words or you don't want to accept another view, either way it is fine
I comprehend 'em, I just vehemently disagree and your idea of "accepting" another view is scrubbing my brain clean and turning me into you. Try the Tao Te Ching, it's a better read and has better morals.
U misunderstand me, I gave an opinion I felt you were ignorant of, but since you are aware and choose to ignore, den my work here is done, you can whatever you want to, It doesn't really matter
Understand =/= servile agreement.
Well, of course YOU have found and practice the REAL and TRUE Christianity....right? There are always a few in a crowd. Except of course when push comes to shove their versions never line up either. But thanks for your efforts to guilt shame is into...something.
To whom are you addressing with this weird guilt shame remark? I am positive it could not be me. As anyone could clearly see, my replies were solely based on what I personally observed in the church, that I understood disenchantment w/faith at times & everyone has their own path.
Of course not your lengthy protest demonstrates, you aren't in the least concerned you might among those.
You keep stating those facts and I'll keep supporting them.
Guilt and manipulation. YES! As a "recovering Catholic" (aka atheist), that's the lasting imprint the church left on me. It's so easy to be guilted into doing something or to guilt someone else. I am learning to not do either, hence "recovering."
Here is the thing: all that hurtful shit, all those feelings, you can go to bed tonight and put all that shit behind you. You spent a lot of time in it, so now, spend very little separating from it. And whatever crazy shit you ever wanted to do that it kept you from, do it.
What a journey. Glad you made it out the old cave. Don't let nothing drag you back.
Look into @HomebrewedXnty and #processtheology. It helped me after i left Christianity too.
Thank you so much for sharing. It might not feel like it now, but you're brave and courageous. And you're not alone. <3
Sending so much love to you. <3 It's a scary step to take but there is a lot of life on the other side.
Thank you for sharing. We are here to listen and support. My mother was very involved in the church but when she decided to divorce my cheating father they judged her fiercely. She now says that church life is constantly trying to be something your not and nobody can be.
Much of what you said resonates with me. I'm an atheist and my mom is still a believer but even just leaving the church made her so much happier and fulfilled! She has now been happily married to a wonderful, loving man for 15 years, travels regularly and still does "good deeds"
but the "good deeds" come w/o the price of spreading "the word" first. Just helping humans for the sake of helping humans.
I wish you all the best in your newfound freedom! Just be you, for the sake of being you.
Being a Christian is more than attending a church and being involved in a group. I see it as a way of life - just be a good person and respect others. And honestly, any good Christian would never judge you or your choices. You do what is best for you and sod the rest!
Replace "christian" with "person" (after the first sentence) and absolutely nothing changes in that statement.
Sure. But I still am a Christian so used it the way I felt best. :-)
Understood, it is how I used it for the 1st 20 years of my life too. Just trying to point out that it is bigger than that. Being a good human is something to really aspire to.
Thank you for sharing, Dave. I’m going to follow you and wish you the best of luck. You’ll get through this and trust me, you are not alone.
Welcome. There are many friends here
I don’t know you but after reading all of it, I feel like I really do know you. So many shared feelings. And like all the others already here and more that will come, THANK YOU for pouring your heart out. Cathartic I’m sure for you.
Welcome to the heathens, my friend.
This gave me a chuckle. Thanks!😁
Good for you Dave. Wishing you all the best!
Welcome to the land of reason and clear thinking.
You said that right...
Hahaha he doesn’t realise how lucky he is, he escaped with his soul and compassion is still intact!
You are not alone. I had a very similar experience. Bible College graduate, pastor's wife, preacher etc...left after years of church abuse...finally free.😁
Just saying all this makes you a better human. Keep on being a good human
This is a hard thing to go through, my friend. Hopefully you will find a support system to help you go through this transition. It's a big one. I am a Christian believer myself, and I experienced much of the struggles you have shared. I hope to be a supportive voice to you.
I would like to add, hopefully without being too presumptuous or in any way intruding on your process, that it need not be an "all or nothing" proposition. Evangelicalism, Biblical Literalism, and Young Earth Creationism are NOT the only ways to be a Christian.
The All or Nothing choice between Fundamentalism or else total Atheism is a False Choice that is often a manifestation of the kind of black and white thinking Fundamentalism programmed us with.
I would suggest that keeping options open for OTHER ways of understanding and expressing faith. Yet I recognize that belief in God AT ALL can be difficult in such transitions. I understand that.
When I went through my own deconstruction, I considered walking away from my faith entirely. It wasn't necessarily that I didn't believe in God. But I seriously considered the possibility that God was an ASSHOLE, not worthy of my time.
When I looked into the abyss and considered a life without God, though, it filled me with despair. I chose right then to trust in God even though I was still mad at him and still did not understand. I have never regretted that choice.
But the faith I had after that was very different from the Fundamentalism that I had always believed in. I came to approach God and the Bible very differently. My faith no longer required me to turn off my brain and reject obvious scientific truths.
I no longer felt constrained to treat Genesis as literal history. I found that science and faith were NOT contrary to one another. I even came to believe in the Big Bang and Evolution! Why couldn't God create everything through natural processes?
I discovered that Biblical Literalism and Young Earth Creationism were NOT a requirement for Christianity. I found out that for most of the last 2k yrs MOST of Christianity interpreted Genesis and much of the OT Allegorically, not literally. It was Literalism that was new!
Anyway, it gave me a different way to understand Christianity. Evangelicalism isn't the only way to believe. Give yourself room to explore if OTHER ways of believing work for you. Don't make it an all or nothing choice.
This is an insightful take.
This is a little closer to where I've ended up. I found a church I might go to if I were going to go to church; I'd say I have a relationship with God. It's not as fearful and full of obligation as it was as an evangelical kid.
Thank you for both for articulating this. I did it too, and people on both sides of the aisle find it so weird that I managed to quit fundamentalism without quitting God - most people really do see it as an either/or. I feel a bit less alone for hearing from others in this spot.
Pretty interesting take. Never heard anything like this
Really? Evangelicalism is less than 20% of Christianity. That means over 80% of Christianity IS NOT Fundamentalist. There is a whole wide spectrum of ways to be a Christian outside of Evangelicalism.
I really love your take on this. I struggle daily with God vs Religion. Can I believe in a God; that every church I've been to seems to view differently, and not very loving or kind. How does Church claim to love; and yet spew so much hate, and cover up so much pain.
Why does the church feel the need to cover up bad people, in order to "protect" God? Why do so many denominations believe in the same "I am" and yet denounce the interpretations of bible of any other denominations.
Therein lies the dilemma. To me it’s a very personal thing. I do my best to treat people regardless of their belief system with compassion & kindness. If that makes other Christians be it. I’m not living for them
I blame the humans in the church. At least live by the “hate the sin, love the sinner” mantra. It’s really not that tough to be kind
While I see your point, we are all human. I can't put myself into a place week after week that allows things like homophobia, child abuse, sexism, cover ups, Trump support, hypocrisy, Joel Osteen; To thrive; while professing to love, and want people to follow Jesus.
Fortunately, I haven’t seen these things where my family goes. I guess I just found a good church. what I see on the outside truly disgusts me & I hate that we get lumped in with them. Im one person & I do my best. That’s all we can do. Osteen...ugh
Ugh sorry. I want to believe in a God. But I have such anger and resentment to church, religions, the bible-- How can you be a Christian but reject Christianity?
I believe that people can cloud the belief system. I totally understand why you can feel that way. I try to follow the Jesus model. His life lays a blueprint on how to treat others. I can’t understand why many Christians don’t get it
Most people are content with a bit of truth they’ve found and never continue the journey toward more truth. Even fundamentalism contains truth, but is a woefully inadequate and seriously misrepresentation of the full understanding of Xian faith.
To me it’s an ongoing journey. I’m trying
Yes. And it helps with a community of helpers!
It IS a journey. I think that may be the biggest thing I've learned in this process. Everyone is on a journey. Each person's journey is unique. And not everyone is at the same place in that journey. But despite those truths, we are NOT alone. We can journey together while
allowing each other the freedom and the right to be on the journey THEY are on, not the one you are on. We can help each other along the way. Your journey may be different from mine, but I'm sure there's things you have experienced that I can learn from and vice versa.
I'm not suggesting a "do it yourself" religion. I don't believe in the "Church of One". But we are all unique and our relationship to the Divine is different. Our gifts are different, our journeys are different. But from a Christian perspective, that's a GOOD THING!
I was going to quote a Bible verse, but given the nature of this conversation, I don't think it would be appropriate or constructive. Suffice it to say that God MEANT for us all to be different, not all the same. So much grief comes from forcing people to all be the same.
I believe I know a verse that describes what you are saying.
Me too. Followed you BTW. I like the way you think.
The Tower of Babel; making everyone speak different languages. 1000 yrs down the line and each language produces its own doctrine, and it's own interpretations of the original. Everyone is confused, and no one has the original untranslated truth.
Honestly though it's the hypocrisy of the church. An individual church may have leaders of integrity, but to watch almost, if not all heads of denominations remain silent on abuse, homophobia, Sex assault, Sexism, Racism,
To allow a narrative of hate to permeate the congregations, and to not call it out. To bring it into the light. Ignoring it, hiding it, denying it to keep the tithes rolling in, and bums in seats. Church just doesn't seem worth it anymore; there is no moral authority left.
As many of our sisters would say, this is largely due to the "Bros Club" of Patriarchy that needs to be broken and balanced with a few more X chromosomes.
I don't disagree. I'm just not sure at the moral code many church ladies live by either. Although someone like @R_Denhollander is certainly someone I'd like to see in a leadership position. Truth to Power.
One body, many parts. And each unique in our gifting.
Try Atheism for Lent by Peter Rollins. It’s an online course, available now even though Lent is over. You do have to become a patron to get content but for me (at least) it has been/continues to be TRANSFORMATIONAL. Yes you can follow Jesus w/o the trappings of “Christianity”
I understand. People suck. Christians suck. Churches suck I think those three are somehow related. Christians need to be better. Churches need to DO better. People need to chill the F out. We are all on a journey. But some people act like they've arrived. They haven't.
You’re right. We all can do better. A person is smart. People are dumb
I love a quote I heard once... "None of us is as stupid as ALL of us."
I was more talking about your entire post not just the last one My bad if I wasn’t clear
This is a similar take I have on religion. I was asked by those in my church how I could become a geologist since I was a Christian. I asked them how those cancer treatments were working for their relatives since they’re based on many sciences, including geology.
Im very similar, I consider myself as mych a Christian as when I was a Southern Baptist Evangelical Biblical Literalist.
I'm an atheist, but I'm glad you were at least able to have more flexible thinking and able to open your mind to ideas even while still having the comfort of the belief in a god. I think it's a step forward, and not saying you will become atheist but most deconverts do start with
these kinds of changes in mindset, so it's actually relatable to some extent (I hope that doesn't scare you off haha). I don't mind if christians become flexible like this instead because it has way less damage than a fundamentalist thinking.
Fact is that MOST Christians are less than literal in their approach to the Bible. Evangelicals only make up less than 20% of world Christians. Most of Christianity is NOT like Evangelicalism.
I have heard of people becoming "Liberal" Christians as a midway step towards Atheism. But that is not what this is for me. My faith in God is stronger and deeper now than it ever was during my Fundamentalist days. And I myself am WAY less full of shit than I was back then.
I understand, my point was that you have left the damaging part of the religion(denial of logic because of things written in the bible), which is a good thing. I still think it was a relatable step, we simply ended up in different paths.
My faith is still made up of Paradox and Mystery, don't get me wrong. I still believe in the Miraculous. But my faith doesn't require me to deny obvious scientific facts. But the whole of the Christian faith is Paradox and Mystery
Christianity IS Paradox and Mystery
Everything in the Christian faith is a paradox.  “You must lose your life to save it.” “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  Jesus is fully God and Fully M…
In the end, it DOES ultimately come down to faith. But faith need not be blind. Faith need not be at war with science. Faith need not be absolutely literal about everything in the Bible. And it DEFINITELY doesn't have to be hurtful and harmful to people.
Thanks for your thoughtful reply to this thread Thomas
Welcome. Just found out some disturbing info on the OP that may put a twist on this whole conversation, tho.
You can say that again!!!
I believe differently than you, but I have had a different life. If you are more fully yourself now? Happier and healthier now? This is exactly where you belong!
Congratulations on doing a very hard thing. I hope you are able to access some of the resources available for people in your shoes. I wish you all the best.
Very well articulated. I can't imagine the upheaval you are going through. Find the good people, there are lots, the majority in fact.
I was in a cultish Christian college campus ministry. Long story short, I left Christianity & started an 18 year journey that led me to Reform Judaism. Weird for a Baptist/Catholic. Got my DNA results & was shocked. % Jewish. Follow your gut & heart & you'll be better for it.
tagging as they share deconversion stories. They help us all and so many are similar.
Got some bad news for you. If you were truly born again, you would still be growing in your faith-since "the Holy Spirit dwells in you." As you "walked away," you were a false convert, and the proof is in your conviction.
When you walk away from one thing, you often walk towards something else. Walk towards love and truth that isn't based upon fear of a non-existent being. Welcome, friend.
Much of my music chronicles my Evangelical background and subsequent exodus. Hope this helps. We're all in this together. #Exvangelical
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Thank you for sharing with us. You're absolutely not alone. I hope now you get a chance to breathe, even if it's amongst rubble. 💕
Excellent thread. Very honest and insightful take from someone who was on the inside. As a life long non believer, thank you for this glimpse into what must have been the hardest decision you were faced with. Good luck on your journey.
Thank you for sharing your journey. It took a lot of courage and strength for you to make the decision you did. You are an inspiration to others that are rethinking their devotion to religion. Best of luck in your future.
Much respect and love friend Life as an atheist is a good one I may be half your age, but if you ever need to talk reach out I went through something similar
Welcome to the real world
I also walked away from church and organized religion 20 years ago after realizing that I was in a hate group. Several things led me out. I no longer believed in the fairy tale started by men and I knew that the "God" I believed in was of love...not hate.
I have never felt more free or more like what a real christian should be, kind...compassionate...non judgemental and forgiving. Good luck to you on your new path. Be happy.
That is a hell of a lot to deal with. I never went through that as i was never a believer but I hope you find what you are looking for on the outside: People trying to do the right thing because it is the right thing and not because they need the grades for an afterlife.
Welcome to the world where you can breathe freely. And such a wondrous place it is, now when the "great planner" has exited the picture. I'm still amazed how long I was able to convince myself to keep up the hallucination. I wish you all the best. Recovery takes its time...!
You are describing so many things that are similar to my journey. My husband and I both worked for the church as pastors. We separated sometime after we quit and left, the response we got from Christians after our separation made us walk further away. We are still picking up (1)
The pieces, the wreckage extended to every possible area and it’s taking time to put things together, some may never be put together ever. All that to say, I get it, I’m sorry, you are brave, it sucks, thank you for sharing, and you are not alone ❤️.
Dave, what courage, vulnerability, & heart work this thread is. May you continue to rise in authenticity with all the adventure, growth, change, & wider your heart will love with no conditions. May you find inner strength in the hard days & embrace the joy on the good days.
Very powerful thread. I can understand all you went through. Through your new truth there will be peace.
Balance is important.
Good man. If only more people could break out of their evangelical conditioning. Like my parents. Evangelical Christianity duped/destroyed my family and prevents my mum from seeking professional health for mental health issues her delusional "relationship" with god compounds.
This is the exact place I was dragged to London to attend 757 coach from Luton to Finchley Rd then walk up to VCC followed by spending hours raptured by boredom/observing the mentally unstable behavior of the congregation.
Victory Church Hampstead Bible School
Victory Church Hampstead Bible School, Hampstead, United Kingdom. 182 likes. In Loving Memory - RIP
The guy that took over from the dude you see in that video [I think I remember him being second in command while I was there] was a sexual predator.…
This is pure Baptasia fodder. If you're unfamiliar with what that is... You're in for a treat. Whoever made these videos is a GENIUS!…
Holy shit!!! I just went down the rabbit hole on Facebook and discovered a picture of my parents at that very church. My mum is in the red dress on the far left and my dad is to the left of the dude in the back to the far left - he has the blonde hair.
I wish I had your compassion. May your life be all you wish for it to be.
Welcome to reality, brother. Your heart seems to be in the right place, but thru no fault of your own, you were indoctrinated by/into a corrupt system. I went thru much the same. Reprogramming can be quite painful and may take years to fully escape those chains...
...keep in mind you are not alone. The atheist community here on Twitter is amazing. Reach out and you will find many a welcoming hand. I wish you the best in your journey...
Absolutely agree the atheist community are are real source of strength for me. It sounds like you have done a lot of soul searching to get to where you are now. You know you have done the right thing and that’s all that matters. I hope you have a good support network around you?
Sorry to say that you never fully break free. The brainwashing haunts you in unexpected moments. But it’s worth fighting to be a better human being.
Great thread Dave. Good on ya
I applaud your courage and honesty. The next chapter will be wonderful.
Thank you for your honesty, wishing you the best for your future.
I had a similar paradigm shift in the late 90's, and while not as rocky of a road as yours (got to be tougher to do as a pastor, stay strong brother✊), it was worth the effort to go through it. Thanks for sharing your story Dave, it means so much to so many More than you know
I had an encounter with the holy spirit at a young age, a joy that brought me to tears. However, I also realized that religion is flawed bc ppl are flawed. God is Love, & to quote a song "Who am I to think your glory needs my praises"
Imagination is the most powerful tool we have.
Yes, myself along with 60% of the world's population have powerful imaginations
Come. This path is rocky and hard. But truthful and honest.
Welcome it took great strength to break away, hope this is a great and amazing journey, if problems arise there is always Good luck keep in touch with your new community 😃👍🏽
The Clergy Project - Religious Leaders Beyond Belief
The Clergy Project provides support, community, and hope for deconverted religious professionals with its Online Community of Forums.
Excellent thread on a subject that's not talked about very much, despite the fact that so many people walk away every single day.
Welcome to reality, logic and reason.
Was raised in a strict evangelical church. Questioning things since grade school. I studied philosophy and psychology in college and I wasn’t struck down by lightening. great writers out there that can show you a better way...Dyer, Tolle, Chopra, Buddha, A course in Miracles
Welcome to a life of free thinking and rationality. Have faith in youself.
You tell your story well...I’m sure it will speak to those that are questioning as you did, and perhaps will allow some the opportunity to begin the questioning process as well. What’s actually true is important, and I hope you continue to help others find their way out
thank you so much for sharing. it’s relieving to hear someone that understands you.
Well done you! Remember religion is ALL BOLLOCKS!
This is powerful stuff. What you’ve done takes a lot of courage. I hope it brings you peace.
Thank you go sharing. ❤️
Now you can live your life to the fullest and under your own terms. Congratulations.
Thanks for sharing this, you aren’t alone❤️
Sounds all to familiar and I am sorry for the pain you are going through. As a fellow exvangelical I just want you to know you are not alone and life will be OK and get better.
Welcome to sweet reality.
Same here brother. Spent my entire childhood in church. I was about 40 when I decided to rid myself of any doubt. I debated Christians and clergy trying to get answers. All of it was BS. I finally came up with one question, why did God make Eve knowing she would sin?
Welcome to the community!
Amazing journey 👏🏻👏🏻 welcome to the light
This thread left me speechless
The only thread I've ever read from start to finish. Touching and relatable. Please take care of yourself.
Congratulations. And I wish you all the best for the future.
Welcome to the world Dave, let logic , empathy and compassion for your fellow man be your guide. Be a good person and set an example. Time to start living :)
Thank you for this, and please know you’re not alone. I grew up in a very Catholic household but, their ideologies never sat well with me, and after a terrible experience with a priest, I never went back. Church shouldn’t dictate ones relationship with God, & with the world.
Ugh. Thank you for this.
Great story! I was raised in the church and left 5 years ago.
You'll be alright, mate. You're in good company.
What an amazing and moving story. I'm sorry about the personal struggles you've had to endure but blown away by the courage you've shown. I don't want to trot out platitudes but I sincerely wish you all the very best and hope the future brings you happiness.
Excellent well done sir. I hope this inspires others in a similar situation. Life can be amazing, it’s up to you to make it that way. It doesn’t need lies and fairytales to make it wonderful. Keep us updated how it all works out. Have some you time now 👍
Best wishes for this period of trauma to pass, and good luck with life. There are good people everywhere. (From a British humanist.)
Please never stop sharing your story. I grew up in the fundamental Baptist faith. I doubted everything and asked questions constantly that never were answered. My mom was abused by my alcoholic father and the church shunned her for divorcing him. Organized religion is a scam.
Wow what a moving story! Thank you so much for sharing. I strongly rec @ProjectClergy and @danieldennett's groundbreaking book: "Caught in The Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind" I know you'll feel better and better embracing what is real and true. Congratulations on your brave step.
Congratulations and my condolences on losing your former life. I know how scary huge changes like this are, but being true to yourself is important. I wish there were something I could do, but it seems like you're going to land on your feet, even though it's rough right now.
Congrats on getting out. It isn't easy, for the many reasons you detail. All the value that exists in the universe is value we make together, which makes it all the more rare, precious and important. And don't worry, you will find community. After all, most people are non-Xians.
Good man 🖒
This was the most powerful thread I have read. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine how lost you must feel. But you have found your strength too. Remember nothing lasts forever, not the good times nor the bad. The clouds will clear, & the sun will shine in your world again.
I can’t imagine what that kind of separation for a former life is like. But welcome to liberation. It will get better. Continue to be the best human being you can possibly be. I’m happy for you. You’ll get to the point where it feels less like a loss and more like freedom. 🙌🏾
You, my dear, are a wise one. Your perception and understanding is rare and enviable.👏👏👏
Congrats @DaveGass3 All it takes for the faithful to see the truth is the application of the same degree of due diligence that they would apply in selecting a college, doctor, lawyer, new vehicle, etc.
Congratulations, brother. Enjoy your freedom.
I feel for you. I left 10 years ago. Those I love the most still hurt the most. It causes rifts in the firmest of relationships. But I still say it was worth it.
Amazing how similar many of our stories are. Welcome brother.
You won’t miss it. You are free of fairy tales and guilt. Live a happy life as a good man🙏
Evolution just makes sense doesn't it. The bible on the other hand... not so much.
This is such astonishingly similar to my story. I left the church a decade ago, under almost identical circumstances after a crisis of faith. For me, it was a moment, an epiphany that a God that is love would not knowingly make it easy for me, a WASP to find salvation... 1/2
but make it impossible for someone born in the forest of Papua New Guinea to ever have that choice, and go to hell. I realized the message was "I'm right and you're going to hell" every time I delivered a sermon, or evangelized. I was living judgment, and not love.
I have no faith but your outline is raw: organised religions are appalling institutions.
Dave, I used to be a Christian minister as well. It is hard to realize your faith is a sham. I feel you. My life is not nearly as hard as yours but I understand your suffering. Keep going. You can do it. You aren't alone.
The story incredibly parallels mine. I preached and led from my father’s pulpit many times. My exit wasn’t near as messy, but I’m incredibly pained from lying to impressionable children and youths.
I figured this out as a preacher's kid at 17 yo with the help of #FrankZappa (the religion part) confirmed it a few years ago. I worship nature and believe in science. I think almost all religions will be dead by end of 21st C.
Sir you just gained a follower. I was intrigued on everything you wrote based on an honest view on your life that many can relate to. I'm happy you found your path. I'm looking forward to reading about your new discoveries. Good luck
There are many ways of still being Christian but #Exvangelical and some great writers to explore your side of The Pond like Richard Rohr, Barbara Brown Taylor and Jesus Seminar veterans like Marcus Borg. Have you explored?
you didn't actually read the thread, did you
Yes. Evangelicals often assume theirs is the only spiritual path so those leaving often feel that the only alternative is to be atheist. I saw that mindset as a theme in the thread. Am I wrong? Are there comments here from #exvangelical ppl on a different spiritual path like me?
Keep your fath this is your life There is good and bad in this 🌎 Your solution is faith
Thank you for this. After trying to be a good and faithful servant to the church, I realized that the negative message of sin and misplaced self-righteousness of fellow churchgoers was impeding my spiritual search. I walked away 15 years ago and do not miss it. I wish you peace.
Welcome to the godless side. We have cookies and unconditional love. Hats off to you for putting your conscience and your own mental health first. Because of that, you will be fine :)
Am I welcomed too?
Pretty much as long as you follow Wheaton's Law, which states: don't be a dick.
I consider myself a Christ follower & will not ever judge another person’s decision. I will try to understand & offer love support. You’re right as is Wheaton...don’t be a dick
Oh the irony of that
Oh, am I horrendously out of the loop on something?
Good for you! It takes courage to leave religion. I like Jesus, though. He wasn’t the “son of God”, but he was a revolutionary man. He taught about love and forgiveness during a time of Roman oppression- that’s incredible, so it’s no wonder his followers wrote him as a deity!
I was raised a Christian but never really liked going to church. I also love Jesus but have distanced myself from many of his followers.
This must've taken so much courage. I hope you find love and joy in your new humanist life.
While I have no where near the complications you have endured, I did grow up Roman Catholic and started moving away from the church years ago. Now...I guess I'm what you would call an atheist. And you are correct, so many non Christians that are much more accepting and loving.
You made the right move. Never question it. This is what freedom feels like!
Dude. You're pouring your heart out too soon. I tried.
Everyday countless crimes are committed around the world in the name of one religion or another. Thank-you for your candour, and I hope you find fulfillment.
Hi! Welcome to the club lol. It’s been about a year for me.
Thanks for sharing so openly. I relate to a lot of your experiences, although I wasn’t a paid minister. It’s incredibly painful to walk away, but for me it has been liberating and wonderful as well. Way more peace and love out here than I ever found in church.
I totally recommend @SethAndrewsTTA, @604Atheist, @Goodbye_Jesus as wonderful people with similar stories to share, who you may draw encouragement from.
I find Seth to be a comfort. It's good to know other atheists who came from such a strong religious background can have a fulfilling life outside church.
Absolutely!!! Any religion.
He was the first atheist podcaster I really got into. I love his gentle approach and the way he always looks for good in people and life.
He keeps it on the positive. I appreciate it. Neil, I'd like to hear your story one day! I've heard mostly Xtian and JW deconversion stories. Not one Jewish story.
Ooh yay! Can’t wait to check that out
I actually JUST watched your April 1 video this morning omg 😊👍🏻
You're a damn #goodhuman...10 minutes in, brother!!! I am in awe of you.
Seth is an amazing human being and I'll be chatting with him on Monday June 10 @ 4 pm Pacific.
I met him at Faithless Forum and we chatted for a bit and he said he'd be down for it.
Excuse me while I embarrass myself fangirling over that! I would love to interview Seth (and you!) but I probably need more than one episode’s worth of podcast hosting experience 😂
Damn! Takes a lot of courage.
Always happy to hear that a man or woman realizes that they dont have to live their life getting ready for the end of it and begin to Just Live
I'm gay, and believe me, being gay and believing in Jesus can be a trial, but I will never let the bigotry and hatred of haters kill my faith and hope in Him. My God is nothing like those Trump idolizing "Christians". He is loving; He proved how much He is too! 😀
The logic and reason side of life warmly welcomes you!
Logic and atheist in the same sentence?
Read the sentence again.
Congratulation on taking the red pill. It will be hard for a while but you will be fine. RT @HopeAfterFaith
The shift can be truly traumatic. Make sure you have people you trust and can't talk to. There's a lot to process. Best of luck.
Look up the clergy project. Set up for ex clergy, they might be able to help you with work or retraining.
It is a painful decision, and it will take time to be at peace with it. I also came from a strong Christian background, and I will offer this - you have made the right decision, and a more fulfilling life awaits. Good luck.
Phenomenal thread, thanks for sharing! I hope you finally find peace!
His name is an anagram of: Gad Saves He seems mostly legit. He should start a something called "Gad Saves" it'd be amazing for sure as this guy can probably dictate very, very well. Money trouble: Modest Needs i'll find ya!
Be brave and strong. The world is a beautiful place without the guilt and sin✌🏽
I am reading "Asimov's Guide to the Bible." He points out a number of passages that don't make sense in the English versions, and suggests how errors may have crept in during copying and translating. But even the original manuscripts had problems with anachronisms, he claims.
Excellent book. Very thought provoking.
Thank you for sharing your story. It heartened me and I am sure many others needed to hear this too. Know that you are loved and appreciated just the way you are.
Wow, amazing story! I never understood organized religion. Around 7-8 years old, I started asking questions with no satisfactory answers. It all seemed so unbelievable, with so much judgement involved. Religion is quickly fading away...
welcome to the club!
Echoes of my own struggles within the Mormon church. Now devoutly apathetic about religion, but I believe I am a better, more loving, more tolerant person.
I applaud you for walking away from a long held belief. I walked away many years ago myself and still get contempt when folks find out I'm not a devout practitioner of christianity. I hope you find your true self and way on your journey and good luck on future endeavors, sir.
From your experience, which of these have Christian churches thrown in the towel on? makeup jewelry revealing clothes dancing attending movie theatres smoking & drinking male-only leadership intimacy outside marriage salty language and suggestive jokes tithing at least 10%
I'm sorry it took you so long! Welcome to the other side. It's clear, sunny and vengence/judgey free. You didn't lose everything, you woke up. If everyone else did the same, there actually would be peace on Earth. Religion ruins everything.
Wow. I hope you are ok, friend 😀
Bravo, Sir. Best wishes.
Ohh man. I'm 40 and my story is similar. I leave my faith cause that don't found the answers to many questions. I'm still searching. But I don't reprime myself anymore. I love sex and naugthy girls and I accept my lustful nature.
Thanks for sharing. The deeper one is in means the harder it is to leave. For me, losing my dad at 4 and being told it was "god's plan" stopped making sense in elementary school. Suffice to say it wasn't that hard for me, but still took many years.
Wow. Thank you for sharing your pain and grief. I would hug you if present. You are not alone and your burden is not one you have to carry alone. May the seed be given the grace to die in order for rebirth (whatever that looks like) to occur. Peace.
Thanks for sharing. My experience was similar, but probably only a fraction as intense. More than 10 years on, some of my family relationships are still strained, but overall, things are good. I'm much more comfortable with myself than I was in the faith. Hoping for the best!
I look forward to reading this thread. The difficulty of leaving is, in and of itself, a testament to the coercive and manipulative nature of religion, I believe. I hope each day away you will find it to have been the beat decision you have made. I haven’t regretted a moment
Congratulations on the awakening. Feels good to be free, right! You have my support and I am sure so many others have your back too.
Congratulations on making what must have been a difficult decision. Welcome to the rest of your life. And you are right. Religion is all about controlling the masses. Been happening in all societies in one form or another since the beginning of time. Good luck.
Welcome to the enlightenment
We atheists accept you for who you are and are happy that you are true to yourself. I remember my grandmother while eating dinner with my mother and step-father in a public restaurant asking me if I believed in god and I said "no." I was 17 at the time.
My husband is a Baptist; I am Catholic. He refuses to attend mass with me, so I was attending his church. Last year we were at an event at his church where the hypocrisy, pettiness, and meanness of the people at my husband’s church was visible. He stopped going to church.
Then make him attend mass with you, he might see things differently there.
Hey. You’re so loved and you’re not alone. I hope your new path brings you healing.
This phase of your life is going to be what you've been searching for all along. Welcome to the real world.
There’s still plenty of time my friend. May this new journey fill you with joy and wonderment.
I wish you well in your journey.
I, too, tried to make traditional "christianity" work for me. It didn't. Religion is for people who don't want to go to hell. Spirituality is for people who've been there and don't want to go back. Find your spirituality. Blessings.
It gets better my friend. My father was a pastor and it took me 50 years to shake the indoctrination. I was completely ostracized by my family for 3 phone calls no emails. That has changed now and we all get along great as long as the ONE ISSUE is not discussed!
A great, heartfelt thread.
Are you a member of generation x? Is your father a boomer?
My father was born in 1924. I am part of the boomer. generation.
Oh,they is just a theory that people who are religious only because of family line tend not to flow well in it.also most boomers are religious on their own accord while Gen X had it forced down their throats. The beauty of religion rest in free will.
Which religion? The Abrahamic religions do not allow for free will. Their followers claim the have it, but that isn't supported in their scriptures.
I do know for certain that one of Christ major teachings was ‘free will’ this is a scriptural fact. I can’t say for the others though
Ask Job about his free will. Also, serve me or die is not free will
Job? You know what a Christian means right? Service has it’s ultimate reward(which is part of the ‘guide’ I spoke of) also by free will I mean not forcing anything down anybody’s throat.
The book of Job proves humans do not have free will. You might want to learn your religion before you try to piss near the big dogs.
Job could have ended his life though and thus exercised his free will, could he have not?
Sure Does that show that he had free will when the omniscient god used him to win a bet with a fallen angel? He lost everything. Did he choose that? Deserve that? Bring it upon himself?
Job had no say in that, of course. Whether the dialogue between God and the challenger entity (wasn’t a fallen angel btw) is meant to be real or simply served as part of a parable that tried to explain evil and suffering, that’s still not quite clear to me.
It was fiction for sure. Free will does not exist in the world view where an omniscient deity requires worship or death. Nor does it in one where said god can do as he please whenever he wishes.
Basically the idea is that the deity presents humans with a chance to freely choose to live with it. If the human refuses, the deity speaks him or her out of existence. Worship is optional. I don’t see any compulsion here, right? You aren’t being forced to worship God, are you?
Worship or I will burn you in hell doesn't register with you as compulsion?
Hell is the state of non-existence. It’s allegorically used to convey an image of non-existence, or separation from the deity. It does not mean that those who decide against God will be physically tortured forever.
Based on what exactly? Where did you get this from?
Because the bible says that ‘the wages of sin is death’, and that God came to redeem mankind ‘so that no one perished’. In my view it’s clear that the only consequence of making a decision against God is to perish/ to die/ not to exist.
Did you skip the part about fire, brimstone, and gnashing of teeth?
It’s the use of allegory. The bible is full of it. The Near Eastern literature of that time consists in great part of different genres, allegories, metaphors, parables, etc. Have you ever read Egyptian or Babylonian literature? Have a go and see what you think.
I have. You're the only person I've "met" with this particular take on this.
I think it’s fairly common among those who studied biblical literature. That’s the stuff undergraduates cover in the first year. Can’t read ancient literature, translated into English (partly poorly), with our post-modern 2019 eyes. It just doesn’t work that way.
I'm guessing you are not from America. You don't sound like an American christian.
Nah, I’m from Europe. I’m aware of the American Evangelicals though. What can I say. I argue with some of them almost the same way I argue with atheists, lol.
Well, as an Apostate, let me just say that I find it refreshing to speak to someone who seems to have a more reasonable take.
That’s nice to hear, thanks. I’m very much anti-religion but pro-Jesus myself, if that makes sense. It’s sad how much of a role churches can play in alienating people and turning them away from God. It’s freaking tragic.
I life in the South in America. It's absolutely insane. Bible literalists, fanatical evangelicals, Young Earth, and Flat Earthers are everywhere here.
Take the OT ‘genocide’ problem. Despite being ‘utterly destroyed and no one left alive’, the Canaanites appear over and over again in the narrative. Yet every time they get completely destroyed. Obvious use of hyperbolic warfare rhetoric. Egyptians, Assyrians do the same thing.
I would gladly choose non existence over eternally worshipping the Yahweh super villain. It’s fortunate that this entity doesn’t seem to exist outside the stories. Additionally, a few billion theists disagree with you; many Christians, Muslims, etc believe in a literal hell.
This is a little difficult to parse out. Why do you think god speaks people out of existence for not worshipping him?
I’m sure there is no coercion in Christianity,sure they are guides you follow in the religion. But you coercion can’t be used to keep a person in if they don’t want. Jesus thought about this.
Most boomers were baptized with out their consent, forced to go the church of their parents, and indoctrinated with that church's particular brand of Christianity~ usually guilt and shame. I don't know what planet you are living on.
Well then let’s say they never asked the ‘questions’ generation after them are asking
When children are told they will burn in eternal fire for asking questions, they tend not ask... that and they would get a whipping according to biblical recommendations for discipline. They kept their questions to themselves for self-preservation.
What? Nah kids are allowed to ask questions in bible study...I don’t know about where you are from though..also discipline is for misconduct and not to combat critical thinking.
You are correct. You are not familiar with the Bible Belt of the U.S in the 1950's and 60's. Count yourself lucky. Bible studies of that era had nothing to do with critical thinking, and most of them still do not. There are just a lot fewer people in churches now.
Religion has been used to sire many people and the brainwashing starts from childhood,whilst they try to block objectivity. But a child should always ask questions
Lol, seem par for the course for most families XD
If you question your faith and walk away from it, the least Christian thing your family and friends can do is to ostracize you for it. The truly Christian thing is to love, and hopefully through that, bring you back into the faith.
That is how it should work in principle, but in practicality it often does not work that way. When I left, I wrote a 28 page letter to my family explaining the reasons for my decision. That might explain some of the consternation.
Then I’d say your family weren’t true Christians! A true Christian would listen, try to understand, maybe offer some things you hadn’t thought of, but then let you go with love & peace if that was what you truly wanted. But I think the US form of Christianity is not Christ’s!
Thank you for sharing what I am sure was a trying process, a part your personal hero’s journey.
Thanks for sharing your story. So similar to mine, minus the professional part. :) You earn a follow and my virtual support for your new journey.
Your story is not rare, the details may be unique but there are many just like you. You’re not alone and I’m sorry for the things you have to suffer at the hands of your former supporters.
All the best to you and your path, whatever that may be. My path has been different in that, as a geigh and someone mostly “unchurched” growing up, I had no use for the religion of my ancestors (Christianity). After life created some cracks, the water found its way in... 1/
There’s no money in Big Atheism, but you can sleep at night knowing you’re no longer in the abuse cycle. Welcome!
Cultural Jew/atheist here: Thank you for this testimony. It takes courage to do what you did, let alone to talk about it in public, to strangers. Bravo.
Ok @iamforbes go return to group chat by force.
😂😂😂 ffs
If only I were a fly on the walls of your group chat 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lmao mehn Jonny you don chase me reach here 😂
Omo almost tempted to say “you’ve said it all”, in fact, he’s said it all
I know right!!! And the amount of “truths” here is scaring me.
My only advice to you is to go back and read the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. He wasn't here to set up a religion. He came to abolish that and instill a lifestyle which survived till the time of Emperor Constantine out of his greed for control established a religion.
I love this. That was the beginning of politics in the faith
There is actually no politics in Christianity. It's either you are like Christ or not. Judaism is what the old testament was. Christianity started with Jesus. What happened years after his death is different. I have so much to say that 280 characters can't be enough.
There was in the early church especially with the influence of Greco-Roman culture and philosophy.. But I agree with you. Christ love and kindness reigns supreme over all.
There were arguments and yes, Paul started deviating from the teachings of Christ. He started including his doctrines. That was when I knew it won't be long, Christianity would accept other teachings that contradict it.
They were not just arguments. They were atrocities, they were politics, they were different factions of the faith. There was the crusades, and the inquisition. And there was also the issue of canonisation of the text. Which text should be added to the scripture, and whatnot
Ooh, the early church I meant was the one controlled by the apostles and Paul. By your description, it has already evolved into a tool of control in the hands of "men" in Rome that's why they did all the crusades to have a larger empire to dominate. They even sailed to Africa.
I’m always seeing you on threads like this😁
😂 I was just walking by and I decided to chip in.
Sending you a butt ton of hugs, dude, because it’s hard and it hurts. ♥️
I'm sorry for your loss but glad you are living for truth now. I'm still Christian but left my synod a few years ago after they were publicly espousing bigoted, supremacist political ideology. I hope you come to peace and understanding and wish you the best. 💕
This must be terrifying. I’m sorry you had to go through this kind of suffering (and see others suffer) just to be able to live honestly. I never had to go through this kind of loss to leave religion, and I sometimes wonder how people do it.
...a la Henri Nouwen. I ended up in the Episcopal Church at age 40 and felt at home at age 40. I’m now 52 and NO evangelist; it’s VERY personal and hardly perfect. Church for me is a strong music program and litergy and LOTS of theological latitude. 2/
Oops about the double age 40!
I walked away from organized religion, but will never give up my relationship with Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus and His teachings.
That’s actually the problem , I hope he realizes it ... God is love and Christianity is a way of life , to be Christ-like, the problem is religion especially “organized religion “, and that’s actually what he walked away from, I hope he embraces God’s love .
He also said the he realized that he was spreading lies. So I think he’s done with believing in god/jesus as well. And I understand him, the bible is contradictory and inaccurate.
Sometimes I forget how fortunate I was to walk away in my twenties.
I pray for you. You will be fine
The minute that is not possible, I would walk away in a second. As would my [same-sex] husband. My point: be ok with walking away if that’s what works, but also know that there are non-binary opportunities in the spectrum out there if desired. /End
Brave enough to learn a better way. Wishing you strength and patience. It is freeing to be godless❤️
This took a lot of guts to write out. Being honest and authentic with yourself is not easy. It's sad when church 'family' abandons you.
What an incredible thread full of truth and love. 💕 Leaving religion behind will make you a better person. It’s such a shame that the more devout you were, the worse damage to your relationships when you leave. You will rebuild your life and it will be better.
Welcome to the truth! You're like Neo who has unplugged. The earth and cosmos are truly awesome. I hope you find your place on this world and the happiness you deserve.
This is a tough thing to. You lose so much but eventually you gain new things and you move on and heal. Good luck!
I've never met you, but I nearly wept reading your story. I'm so glad you made the difficult choice you did for yourself, and I'm so sorry you suffered for so long. Today starts the rest of your life, and I can promise you this: you won't regret it 💙
You are very brave and strong to have made the decision you did. Life without guilt and fear and shame is costly but worth it. Being true to yourself and living a life full of love and happiness is possible without an invisible friend. I wish you all the best!
What a thread. Thank you for sharing. You’re not alone, Dave! @NiceMangos
Welcome out, Dave. I too put about 30 years in as a devout Christian, picking up a few religion degrees and years of pastoral ministry along the way. 5 years as an atheist now. The transition wasn’t easy, but my new life feels GREAT. I wish you the best second life you can make.
I was brought up Anglican/Church of England what you call Episcopalian. I lost faith at age 14 as my questions were not being answered honestly 1)
Welcome from another former Christian. It's a beautiful life over here.
Wow. As a trustee of a church, and getting to know the inner workings of my church, too many of your points resonated. It’s tough. Im sorry for all you’ve gone through and i hope you find the comfort you seek n
Stay strong ❤️
Here for this! You're not alone! Thank you for sharing your experience. So bombass!
thanks man. Your podcast is speaking life to me right now.
Two things: would be be interested in being on it? Or in our closed Facebook group? And have you heard of The Clergy Project? "The Clergy Project provides support, community, and hope for deconverted religious professionals with its Online Community of Forums."
I would LOVE to hear you on @thelifeafterorg. The work Brady & Chuck are doing with this podcast is so important. It's been like therapy for me and so many others.
Thank you! That means so much to me!
I’ve never heard of @thelifeafterorg, but now with this thread, I’m doing to have to start listening. Leaving religion has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but it doesn’t make the trauma go away.
You don't have to put stuff like this out if you left your faith don't inspire other to do so too God works for me if he doesn't work for you give him a try once more after that do as you please
Read your thread. I have been an atheist for most of my life. I am and always have been happy with my life. Wonderful wife, wonderful kids, one of which is adopted. I hope you find the same happiness in your life too. Everyone deserves that.
This is a beautiful thread. I realized, after a lot of pain, that if there is a god, god is no Santa rewarding the good, & prayers aren't answered in any way that makes sense in a humane, moral way. It is easier and more loving to be spiritual than *Christian*.
First you say 'marriage wasn't what was promised' then the rewards of religion were another false promise. You talk like a child who didn't get the right christmas present.
This thread has been an eerie look into the future I nearly had. I walked away younger and I gave up less, but it still made me an indescribably better person. I hope you find the same things. =)
I'm glad this is resonating with people, and good fortune to you all.
Welcome to Life in the Real World. It’s tough, ugly and painfully Beautiful 🧚🏽‍♂️💜
I attest that it’s the serous that walk away so wounded from religion. The ones who go all in .
I'd like to understand if I read you well... You never experienced a healing for a sick person you ever prayed for?
You are an honest and brave man, Dave Gass.
Good luck on your new path.
This is such raw, authentic beauty and power. Thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️
Congratulations. Enjoy your new life. <3
Yeah I played the latest God of War as well, turned my whole life upside down.
Brave post. Thank you for speaking your truth. I have a feeling you will enjoy getting to know people who live moral, values-based lives without the dogma of any particular religion. Just keep leaning in... it’s a journey.
Thank you for your honesty and bravery in coming out. You are not alone. Welcome to living a happier, more honest, and more fulfilled life!
Wow, that was so well put, amazing thread. I have an evangelical brother and he’s so intelligent, I often wonder if he feels the way you do but is in too deep. I can’t imagine the courage it took, the social suicide is what keeps a lot of people in it for sure. Thanks for sharing
Social suicide is such a perfect phrase for this situation. I know 1 female friend who is stuck because she's over 45 and trying to find a new social group would be very difficult for her, and so she's stuck in this land of make believe to avoid being desperately lonely.
Good on you 🙌🤗the road ahead will not be easy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am here for you 🤝
Holy shit this could have been me if i didnt switch to a school that had saturday sports and and a large focus on science and math. I can thank people like Christopher Hitchens Richard Dawkins and Richard Feynman for giving me a life of learning and wonder.
Dude you need a thread for this? It’s simple. In the great words of George Carlin “, which I was till I reached the age of reason...”
Great thread Dave, good for u, u can live your life now. There r still a great many forces out there seeking to influence nd control us, breaking free of one allows the others to fall as well, bravo
I'm sad to hear of your experiences, but glad to know you have grown and are now strong enough to break from the abusive system you were in. In case you've jit heard of it, The Clergy Project may be able to help you move forward:.
The Clergy Project - Religious Leaders Beyond Belief
The Clergy Project provides support, community, and hope for deconverted religious professionals with its Online Community of Forums.
Why did I have a feeling I would find you here? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
My transition was not nearly as dramatic/traumatic as that. But I definitely can relate with the change being pretty much a complete overhaul of lifestyle and social position/status.
Much love. It is difficult, but being honest is most important. I respect that.
You’re the man, Zach. Don’t let anyone make you feel any other way than awesome.
It's incredibly brave of you to be open about this now, where you are. I'm sorry the process has been so rough for you. I spent my teens thinking "this seems unlikely," then just sort of drifted away. Best wishes for this new phase in your life.
Welcome to the real world, Dave! There are many of us who have made the painful transition away from religion who can identify with what you went through. Dan Barker and many others are former clergy who came to the same conclusion as you did. Visit
The Clergy Project - Religious Leaders Beyond Belief
The Clergy Project provides support, community, and hope for deconverted religious professionals with its Online Community of Forums.
and there are those who never got infected and saw it was bullshit - me at age 8, when I shed all the other fantasies like Father Christmas, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and RW economics
Thank you for sharing this difficult story. My heart breaks for you, and I hope things will get better.
There are many of us out there. My story is much the same. DM me if you need connections- we are everywhere . Also, yes to the clergy Project. I was on the board there
Thank you for sharing. I served in the church for my entire life as a worship minister and ended up walking away. I can't ever go back. When I share my story I usually get brushed off or my church is brushed off as unusually abusive. "Not all churches" gets thrown around.
I am so happy and satisfied with the life I have chosen in a way I never imagined would be possible. I am no longer afraid of dying not do I struggle to find "purpose" or fear I am missing god's will.
You're not alone. I hope you are comforted to know you've done the right thing. We must not accept lies. We must always be ready to accept difficult truths, and reject dogma. None of us has the answers. This is the first and most important truth.
Your courage is commendable. I think you’ll find a whole new world of people willing to accept you for who you are. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.
Congratulations sir, not everyone has the courage to really do what's necessary. I sincerely wish our country would own up and do the exact same thing...
I'm proud of you for being honest and speaking up about it. As a 16 y/o I've never felt loved or accepted in a church, I've only felt like I'm not "Christian enough" and that that would codemn me one day. Even admitting to myself that I don't know if God is real scares me.
Thankfully for me, I became aware of the problems of religion at a young age. As a young girl, I wasn't allowed to serve in my church, but my brothers were. When I asked the Nuns and Priests why, I was told we don't ask such questions. When I questioned inconsistencies I found in
the bible or church doctrine, I was again told we don't ask such questions. Why did I have to go through a priest to ask forgiveness, why couldn't I just talk to God myself? I was always shushed, and by the time I was 14 or 15 years old, I knew why I was being shushed.
The problem isn't really with belief or not in a deity greater than oneself, it's in the religion of it.
Living life honestly is worth it. Things will get better
Well done: you’re a brave an honest man. The reason there’s conflict between science & the bible is science keeps disproving the things the bible says is true. Believing the bible is what makes you Christian. Understanding the bible is what makes you atheist.
The problem is you think that Evangelical Christianity is Christianity. I couldn’t last one minute in that “church.” It’s a joke and a perversion. The fact that you existed as a “pastor” is scary. You’re right to walk away but I’d look into several times a week therapy.
Welcome. Grew up Catholic. All my brothers and me were altar boys. Ended up marrying a Buddhist, a devout one, so was really needing to be honest. Still married. She is Bhuddist. I am atheist, as are our three kids. Love life, work hard for life and family and friends.
Finally coming back to me !!! Reality!!
You don’t need “religion”. I changed from full atheist after reading about biological cellular exchange between humans and their environment. It made me feel connected, not just to man, but to everything. I don’t pray, but it’s an ever-present comfort.
Much love oh, I was a warrior for Christ for a while myself. The fact that it took 40 years for you to see your chains is regrettable, but at least you actually did eventually see your chains. You have the rest of your life to do what is necessary for you to actually enjoy it.
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Im sad to read this and it begs many questions. But God is faithful regardless
That's a hard path for you, I hope you have the support you need. Well done for being strong enough to admit these things.
Dave, thank you for sharing. My exit from faith was sooner and seems less complicated than yours, but you share many of my thoughts on faith and their surrounding communities. Find your happiness. Be well, friend.
The Church to me is divine but contains sinners. Many of the sinners play power games, head games and are not seeking conversion of their hearts. They have not become servant-disciples. This is a cross I have to bear. Heaven is for later.
Your posts make me wonder what kind of lousy churches you went to. Ive seen many miracles. Seen more than i could ever shake. The american church is a sham that the rest of the world mocks. You need to go elsewhere and actually find God.
This thread was very moving. I'm glad you realized your environment was toxic and abusive and walked away from it. That's extremely courageous and I wish you the best.
I hear you! Former Catholic priest here, also walked from faith.
I would love for you to share your story too.
Good for you. Perhaps you can inspire others to ask questions, to think for themselves and be brave enough to embrace this life instead of suffering to try to get to another one.
I rebelled early, dropped out as a teen and never looked back, yet your story resonated with me. May you find peace, health and happiness.
Walking away is rough and messy. It does get better though! I've been an #Exvangelical for several years (before I even knew there was a term besides "backslidden" for it). I think the hardest part is the loss and change in relationships. People I was once super close with are
now standoffish. I'm not gonna lie and say everything is sunshine and rainbows, there is grieving for the death of friendships, the change in dynamics. But overall, I am much healthier and happier. And I finally have peace...I think because I finally accepted myself.
As I read your message I want to thank you for sharing your journey. Also never mourn the death of a friendship, if it ended it’s because they were never true friends to begin with. 💜
In all honesty, I'm not sure that last part makes me feel better. 😬
Don’t let it get you sad. I meant it as be happy you can chose friends that will cherish and be there for you in good times and bad.
I understand your intent. I'm just processing "they were never true friends to begin with" .. Please bear with me. So for some of my friendships this may hold true. However, for the friendships: I had a friend who we were really close, grew up together, considered each other
sisters. She stopped talking to me when I left my abusive marriage. I think I deconstructed too quick for her and feelings were hurt. She blocked me without talking to me. Maybe this makes her Not a True Friend. But she was there for me up until that point. At least on my part,
our relationship was genuine. I guess I'm trying to say that "they were never true friends to begin with" makes me feel like everything we went though together before she stopped talking to me is invalid and meaningless. That it was a waste of my time and energy because
she wasn't as committed. I'm not angry at you or anything. Just processing emotions from what you said. It is a lot to chew on and mull over.
I see you were hurt deeply by those your loved and trusted. That’s take time to heal and to trust people specially when they take the side of who hurt you or ignore you. Is your ex and her husband friends or family? If you don’t mind my question.
When I went through my depression of my group of friends only one was there for me to lift me up and get me excited about life. The rest didn’t bother to text to see if I was ok. That to me says: “if you can’t be friends at my worst then we can’t be friends at my best”.
That was my epiphany. I realized I was fun when I supported them emotionally, a great friend. When it was me I was boring & a downer. One said to me “I just wanted to leave you alone so you would get over your funk”. Never asked me if my issue was deeper than a funk.
Please don't tell someone what to feel or not feel.
I've been made aware of some things since I first made this tweet…
Okay, so let's talk a bit about Dave, shall we? Last night I got a DM pointing me to some red flags about this guy. I was tired and needed to get it to bed, but passed it on to friends and they came across some interesting info. Dave may not be what he seems.
I wanna read more stories like this, I wish a hashtag could spread around about it so I could read through them. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have to come to terms with living in a delusion after so long. I got lucky, my parents didnt try hard and I never bought it
Breaking from religion is...liberating. Many moral, decent, loving ex-christians here in Tweeter. In fact the none affiliated (The NONES) are now a huge percentage of world population, including finally the 🇺🇸. You will be ok!!
Welcome to true freedom!
Not to be judgemental, it's good you awakened to truth & facts. My enlightenment came much earlier, at the age of 6 yrs - those bible stories were too ridiculous to be believed at that age - I'm amazed more folks don't wake up to these myths sooner.
Wonderful narrative. Sorry it took so long but be aware you may feel like you need to justify this decision for the rest of your life ... please don’t! This is your 1 go around. Enjoy it. Make it yours. Don’t waste any more time.
Almost exactly like my life for 12years but the death of my dear mum after 1year of intense prayers with fastings cleared my eyes. I took a critical look at Christianity and found out that all the promises none is ever fulfilled. I walked away. Christianity doesn't work.
Sending you love. ❤️ Know that your future will be filled with more happiness and serenity as you learn to be yourself. I believe in a higher power, but I think people screw it up when we define it for others and try to have control. Breathe from your belly to relax.
Welcome. You are so welcome. Be free!
I’ve never met you, but I know you so well. I don’t know where you’re coming from or where you’re going, but I live where you are. Come on in, the water is fine. Let’s hang out a while and have a beer together.
Right there with you. I’m an #exvangelical too.
You need to be true to yourself. The part that struck me about your thread? It’s true, people on the fringe do get the most out of religion.
Pushing young earth creationism as essential to Christian belief inevitably lead me out as the science is massively overwhelmingly against that assertion
The gender binary was a pretty big one for me as someone who wasn't strictly male or female in mind or in body.
Thank you for sharing that and I wish the best for you on the next part of your journey.
Understood, I’m still a Christ follower but it’s just me
Dave, I will pray for you. You are looking at people, not God. God demands faithfulness. He already gave all, now it’s our turn. When you give as much as He did then you can complain. And I doubt if you can walk away now. Once He has us He never lets go.
I’m hanging on. The journey has been worth it. Prayers for you (meant in the best way).
Though my journey away has been much shorter I have seen much of the same things, elders asking us to donate more privately because they can’t pay the bills, rampant misogyny, homophobic tendencies, and the single most hypocritical group of people I have ever seen.
My family has tried to brainwash me with apologetics videos once a week, church on Sunday, and preaching at me the rest of the time. Christians, though some are good, tend to be some of the most controlling and dangerous parents. I will NEVER forget being told
“What did god make you” after they found out I was Transgender, the constant sly remark about hoping I don’t end up a girl, the accusations of just not listening hard enough, the flagrant and mentally abusive rhetoric that has caused me permanent mental damage, and severe
Self doubt problems and wishing I could be the child my dead mother wants me to be. I may be a jerk on Twitter, I’ll admit to that, I made some mistakes on this account that will probably bite me, misphrases, misconceptions, and inflammatory remarks.
But the things I have said even can’t add up to how inflammatory the church crowd can be. Stay strong, you may have lost your whole life but you can build another. Love yourself no matter what because people are crap and religion blinds people to how damaging they can be
This took courage, I can especially relate with the P.S., having had a particularly messy departure as well that I've regretted, but the fundamental leaving being correct. I'm still conflicted about my relationship with my mom, wanting to rescue her from her treasured captors :'(
I wish you well, Dave. You should write more if you aren’t already. Many will benefit from your thoughts.
I haven't seen them, but you have the Biggest nuts in the room rn. Congratulations! I hope you make it count for the millions who don't know they have a choice.
Thank u for having the confidence & bravery to know when even simple logic is telling you this is wrong. I grew up home schooled in a strict fundementalist house but abandoned any Christian lifestyle when I turned 18, tho until recently I was mentally bound to it. I am now free.
I understand, to a small degree. I left when I was 24. I don't know if anything a stranger could say could ever help you, but you're welcome to DM.
Courage. My word. It didn't come it doesn't matter. ❤️
I find this sad, but certainly wish you well on your journey ... happiness, my friend
With you brother. 50 years brought up and observant Catholic, and resigned from Christianity and religion. ✊️ You're not alone.
And then you die and realise there's God 😂😂😂😂
May peace, love and strength surround you.
Religion, church, the evangelical movement --the books, the seminars, the church camps, even the Bible readings --those were never the real Christianity in the first place. / May you someday find your way to a real relationship with God, wherever, and in whatever form that comes.
The road ahead will sometimes be difficult and lonely, but it’s worth it. Welcome to freedom.
Thank you for this. Stay strong. And when you can’t be, there are tons of us out here who get it. We got you.
Welcome to the ranks of the quitters. 😏 Your eyes have been opened, and you’re free. Enjoy it. It’s very brave of you to walk away from it all.
Nothing fails like faith.
I so wish I could share this with my daughter, who is struggling a lot with her faith right now. I grew up a devout Catholic but have been an atheist >15yrs. She is moving closer to agnosticism but is still too scared to admit how strong her doubts are. 1/x
We messaged about it a couple days ago; I think she’s also scared of losing her network of friends & support. She’s been through some rough times the last couple years & needs them right now, so I can’t blame her. I’m just trying to be there as Dad for now, not “atheist Dad.” 2/x
But maybe I will send it, to let her know that she’s not alone in those doubts, and that there are new friends to be made. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story @DaveGass3 . Welcome to the other side, to freedom from guilt & fear, and to a new beginning.
(((hug))) I am sorry that you tried so very hard & still lost so much. I am happy for you though, that hopefully now you can be free of all that and just BE. A human who is. You deserve Love and acceptance. You should also be able to give it freely. Enjoy your Life! ❤️
That's sad. We need more (REAL) Christians that know & reflect God's true heart, not less.
Religion was hijacked long ago by those seeking power and control. Also not a fan of the whole ‘women should be quiet and submissive’ thing either.
He just finished saying that it’s not real. He doesn’t want to be a Christian of any kind.
He was a "real" christian. It failed him.
Well-written and beautifully stated. Your intelligence shines through. Thanks for your bravery. Everything is going to be alright. You're free now.
Welcome to the #Exvangelical family. Bring your truth and your pain and your shattered pieces and your healing process to the table. You are loved.
I'm still in church but I hear what you are saying. I want to give you a hug.
Oh, and you should follow @amateurexegete , in case you don’t already. 👍 You probably have a fair bit in common & will get along.
For what it's worth from this random internet stranger, I wish you nothing but the best in this new journey and am proud of you for wrestling through such a challenging experience and being honest with yourself.… is a blog I often went to when I was struggling with my own deconversion. Leaving Christianity was a frightening and confusing experience at first, but the blogposts there were reaffirming and put into words ideas I couldn't express.
Godless in Dixie
At Patheos Atheist, Neil Carter chronicles the thoughts and struggles of former evangelicals who have left their faith and now find themselves learning to [...]
Try not to sex any children on yer way out.
What a story, how brave you are, if you have children I hope they understand!
You are welcome here. I’m sorry.
Welcome to freedom ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for your honesty, humility and courage. And welcome, Dave Gass: You are -- very much -- not alone. You just spoke for a lot of us.
Welcome to the un-fold!
You know what worries me? That this might not be the Christianity that Jesus intended and envisioned. What if the people in charge are interpreting things wrongly? What if they can't shake their biases? So many what ifs.
Welcome to reality, it's tough finding out but liberating as well.
Reading your tweet it seems like you did not have a personal relationship with Jesus or God; nor did you understand the scriptures you were reading. No where in the Holy Bible does it say that we won’t have trials and tribulations, that people won’t die or marriages end
This is a great weight off your shoulders. You will see.
Jesus tells us that we will have trials and tribulations but to count it all joy for He has left us His peace and victory. He tells us He has hope and purpose for us...thing is we must get aligned with His way of life. Please reconsider your decision. Forget religion seek the son
what a thread...❤
I hope the road ahead is one of peace. You don't have to be afraid anymore.
Surrender to Reason.
Amazing and brave story! I was never deeply part of the church and even I felt deeply shunned and ostracized, something that hurts 20 years later. Hopefully your story will help reduce the pain and encourage more to reassess their beliefs
Let's see this God move a speck of dust one millimeter.
Welcome to rational life and logic. And that's a genuine statement.
That sounds like an incredibly rough journey. It takes bravery to think for yourself and to be honest! Secular folks need communities so much today. If you want, your skills could go to perfect use in bringing people together on open terms, to serve the world we have.
My friend Bart Campolo calls it a slow death of a thousand cuts. As a former pastor (23 years) and Christian, it’s a long hard road. But it’s worth it.
Yes! Time to live your truth. I wasted my best earning years in the ministry. I wish I had that time back. But I have the rest of my life to be me,no matter what.
Your courage is outstading! Welcome to this side of life, friend. I hope you find the love you were promised and wasn't given. I hope you find freedom and, mostly, happiness.
Welcome to reason and reality. The world is a better place when we shed superstitions and myths.
This whole thread and comments showed me that there is still love and compassion in this world.
Evangelical here; 43 wasted on religion. Then going to Liberal Christian, Buddhism, secular Buddhism and then finally giving it all up.
I even went to Southeastern Bible College in Lakeland Florida. Lol!
Sending you so much love!
Welcome. I hope the change works out well for you. Regardless it is best to accept the truth. Best wishes
It has hard to walk away from one's life. I sincerely hope you're happier living your truth.
Many non-believers have similar stories. Majority of us were raised in some sort of religion. Walking away from it is one of the hardest things one can ever do. The beginning is the worst & it gets better. Much better. Stay strong and know you're loved, understood, & supported.
Very interesting and very powerful. I'm very sorry it took you so long to figure all this out, but very glad you have, and have had the guts to walk away --at great personal cost. I welcome you to the brotherhood of those *not* living for lies, and wish you the absolute best.
I have nothing but the utmost respect for the honesty and strength it took to share this. Thank you. ❤
Congratulations Sir, it's ok if you feel good now. Let me say that God is not angry when you leave Him. Disciples of Jesus left him as well. There is nothing that happened to you that didn't happen with Jesus. When you serve the "church" rather than Christ this is what happens.
I’m in my 40s with a family active in a conservative evangelical church. I’ve missed less than 5 Sundays my whole life. I’ve been a deacon, taught bible classes, led singing, all of it. Now I find myself in a situation similar to yours. All I can say is thank you and I love you.
It's so hard to keep maintaining unquestioning faith. Especially when you have to defy or ignore your own intelligence. Good luck to you. Welcome to human and scientific reasoning.
I walked away after being accused of something (albeit minor) that never happened. The same person who asked me to leave over a false claim was later removed from the church for adultery with a much younger college student. So there’s that.
You the man, welcome to the club and never stop not believing.
Congratulations on finding the freedom you've been searching for your entire life. Well done.
2. Jesus never promised you will be free from earthly problems. Indeed you will face them. The devil won't let you be because you are a Christian. Church work is also not Christ. If you spend all your time working for the church you will be frustrated. The church is not Christ.
John never knew you dis vast in the word anyway never regretted the day we both share same thoughts abt naija
Evangelical Christianity is the source of all the hate, bigotry and intolerance that our country is in the throes of. Authoritarian, absolutist thinking, blindness to what is real and true about life, clinging to false ideas that cause pain to others. Trump followers.
You, unfortunately, are very right. The church is not what I believe it should be. It’s just a means for people to make money at this point. I’m sorry your life was ruined but glad you’ve found some peace. I’m sorry people hated you. I hope you’ve found people who love.
its ridiculous how people get so caught up in a myth. Im glad i was able to walk away when still in my early 20s before I got married and began forming lasting relationships with members of the church although im still in the closet with my parents.
3. Jesus warned us not to rely, desire solely on miracles. When miracles don't happen you will be frustrated. Jesus didn't come to perform miracles but to deliver the world from sin. Anything else is to build faith yet if you don't believe you won't get it. Serving God is simple
so many people live in fear of losing their entire support systems by declaring they no longer believe the can close their eye and think really hard any make shit change. its really really asinine. smh. much love to you brother. sorry it took so long.
but you only have 2 lives. the 2nd starts when you realize you only have one..... welcome to your second life.
Thank you for your transparency. This level of honesty is admirable
(No comment)
4. We have made it a burden for us. Miracles are not adverts, God has not gone commercial, there are things He won't do. In His words these things will happen including you walking away. But God remains God whether you believe in Him or not. You will suddenly become popular
5. denying Him that is alright. People do that every second. Well I wish you well. When next you have the opportunity know God and serve Christ not the church.
13, 14, 18, & 19. Very true and very powerful realizations. Good luck in your new path.
Hey man. I did this same thing at 37 in 2012. We gave a lot of similar experiences (pastors, speaking etc.) and this resonated. Anyway, I wish you the best.
Being kind to others is so systematically underrated. You did your best & now that includes being true to yourself. A break comes with much grieving. The upshot is that you allow yourself to shine, knowing there are others who will accept you & love you for it. All the best.
I am sorry that you feel you can’t be a Christian without a shitty church & tradition that you wisely reject. We’re out here! Blessings on your new life where meaning is abundant without miracles
I admire your honesty and bravery. Sad that it had to cost you this much. It takes time to think through your own ideas about morality, the nature of reality and Man's place in the universe but I am sure you'll be a lot happier with the answers. Wishing you the very best.
Took your time 😎
Finding/accepting your own truth is hard with little to lose, let alone a life you built. I’m very happy for you & the life you’ll find living in your truth. Grew up in the church, and chose to stay away in my adult life for similar reasons, albeit with lower stakes. Best to you!
Amazing journey, obviously fraught with frustration and angst. You damn sure gave it your best shot for a long long time. I hope you find what you are looking for in your “new life”. Thanks for sharing this eye opening thread. Peace.
Well, I’m 34, been Christian since 18 I didn’t read anything that was convincing enough to leave the faith, looks to me you must have bought into the view of the Christian life is perfect, read what Paul went thru, perhaps the disciples, oh well hate to see you go brother.
Welcome to the other side. I know well how much walking away can cost you. I promise it gets better from here on out. The world is so much bigger, brighter, and most amazing than we were taught. #Exvangelical
This is so true. I am now a traveller who's seen many cultures/people/religions. All different but same ethos of control. I appreciate, I tolerate but as an atheist, a people watcher, I even celebrate. What a wonderful world. One life: enjoying it in peace is the only commandant.
the next to last panel should read "people who want your money because they speak for . . ."
Great thread! Welcome on our side!
So much of your journey mirrors mine.
It breaks my heart to see that you couldn’t see past the imperfection of people to see our Perfect God. By any scientific standards, the fact that your heart is still beating, and the Earth is still turning, are miracles, my friend.
I totally respect your story, and you have a right to it. This whole thread was answered at the top....a seed was planted that never went away! Honestly, no matter how much you read the Bible or did “Christian things” it’s evident you ALWAYS had doubt.
Try non dogmatic progressive Christianity .
Thanks for sharing. Remember it's really about the journey 🤔 And life can be simpler if you don't have to treat Leviticus as anything but a historical artifact 😉
I have just one WORD for you Sir... In all 40 years, YOU NEVER ENCOUNTERED CHRIST... PERIOD!! YOU WERE NOT SAVED...
this is exactly what the man was referring to...... loveless, non empathic folk masquerading around as christians.... and it is your type who easily become church leaders guess what Jesus would have called you?
The issue of SALVATION is one that does not involve emotions at all.. Check through the New Testament.. Stop being childish thrown about by every wind of doctrine (opinions ) and humanistic learnings.. SELAH!!
If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.Romans 10:9 whats your own definition again?
Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;
7 That being justified by his "GRACE", we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Titus 3:5-7... you know you are one of those who christ wood have called a white-washed sepulchre.... youre proselytizing only makes men worse
My coach and Pastor!!!!!!!
“For by grace you have been saved through faith ALONE, and that not of yourselves; it is the GIFT of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9. you can interject where you feel competent to respond. how did your own salvation come through?
So have you encountered Christ yourself? Never judge the man's view, there are so many people trying to find their faith.
Cradle Catholic here, who lost faith when there was no way back from divorce and the hypocritical Church deemed me “lesser”. Felt huge loss. Drifted away, Not a clean break, finally found peace. Loosely practicing Taoism and the belief that God is Love, and God is in everything.
I read your whole thread. I’m still a Christian, and I wish you so much peace. I can’t imagine the pain you have endured. You are courageous and I appreciate you sharing this part of your journey. ❤️
Welcome to the "dark side". There is comfort, healing, & yes, love to be found here. My hope is that you enjoy your newfound and hard-won freedom, and that you flourish.
Being Christian is not a “thing”. It is having a personal relationship with God. If after 40 years, you haven’t seen God, Jesus or you haven’t encountered the Holy Spirit, then you to directly ask God what is happening. There is something missing.
Reading The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr. This book gives me the only context in which I could ever call myself a true follower of Jesus Christ. There is no “Christian” church anywhere that will ever capture and control me again.
That was a hell of a story. Stay strong.
This thread bothers me because it’s about your relationship with people and institutions, but not about your relationship with God, which is what Christianity is. I am sorry for your pain, and do not mean to dismiss it in any way. God bless you.
You are not alone in this place.
Great thread. I identify with so much. Welcome to the real world. It’s not so bad. The hard part for me was disconnecting emotionally from absurd beliefs I had worked so hard to internalize. The intellectual disconnection was easy. Lots of friends & support can be found here.
You are free. You are brave. You are so strong.
Where I come from, apostasy is a good thing. It means you opened your eyes and saw the flaws. Embrace the title of apostate, it is something to be proud of.
I grew up in a fundamentalist family. We went to Swaziland for 4 years as missionaries when I was a kid. I wanted to believe, I craved to believe. You are not alone. My journey was not as painful, but we ended up in the same place. Welcome. 😀
Welcome to the other side. May the next part of your life bring you joy, wonder, and genuine human connection.
So, What are you going to do to make up for all the terrible shit you inflicted through brainwashing you profited by, stroked your ego with, and kept women away from gender equity through? Despite your existential crisis, you need to spend decades fixing the harm you caused.
If you're ever in NM, look me up, date me, then dump me. You have a 100% certainty of having a better life after leaving me. Hand to god. My life didn't change for the better until I accepted my 'curse'. I'm willing to take One for the TeamFaith. Seriously.
Congrats, You’re now liberated 😀 Enjoy.... Organized religions (cults) biggest scam in human history.
Great thread, thanks for sharing🙏🏻
Thank you for sharing. I hope that living your truth continues to set you free. ❤️
My heart is full of love & compassion for you. How brave you are. How full of integrity. I trust this journey that is unfolding for you will lead to grace and joy even as painful as it is now .
Dave, thank you for sharing your story. Many people in my life have traveled this same difficult path. It will be hard for the foreseeable future, but know that there any many of us out here that will love and accept you as you are. Hugs from this humanist out in California.
Thank you for sharing. I definitely can relate with your story and upbringing. I hope you can find more happiness and peace going forward with your life.
I applaud your search, I would just ask you to consider that it may have been what you were taught to think about God and Christ that was too narrow and maybe you will find God and Christ again in a broader and wiser way. All the best on your journey
Been an agnostic atheist since I was 11 and I had a lot of the experiences you mention. I've never been a believer in any sense, but I'm sorry for what you've lost and the pain and upheaval you're experiencing. It's okay to mourn this. I hope you find a path that fulfills you.
So, in those 40 years did you ever have a personal relationship with God/Christ? I saw and experienced much the same as you, but it drove me to remain, making myself a window shining His light and love in the darkness. His power is greater than any darkness the world offers.
He obviously never did .. the reason for this sad ending. Christianity remained a theoretical framework to him.
Hi Dave, I feel you! I have had all kinds of doubts for the past 10 years. Lately I’ve been following some astrophysicists who say that their study of the cosmos led them from atheism to Christianity. Of course I want to be a believer but it is challenging! 😘😘😘
I'm still a believer in Jesus, but no longer in the religion that bears his title. I read your thread with deep sympathy & a large amount of empathy, understanding, and love. I wish you the best on your new path. From an #exvangelical Jesus-follower (not a "Christian"). 💙
If you know any other believers like you who doesn’t believe in the ‘system’ try and start of a fellowship together (share scriptures and other sources of inspiration) that should help you grow not just in spirit but in love (try reading about the early church again)
Thank you for sharing your story, Dave. I hope you find strength in this trying phase in your life.
Religion is a hard thing to come over. It becomes so routine that you find yourself often falling back to it in dire times. As an ex-Christian (Catholic and Mormon), it was hard as a child escaping from my mother’s influences. (1)
I realized over time that I wasn’t fearful of God- I was fearful of my mother, and what she would say if she found out about my lack of faith. I told my mother of the truth when I turned 18; I told her how I would rather believe in what is logical to perceive with my eyes (2).
I told her I believed that science, chance, and hard work were what created us humans, not some special design. She didn’t understand me at all, only saying “But I know God is true. I know he exists.” (3)
Her reply begged the question: “If we were intelligently designed to be... intelligent, wouldn’t God beg a creator as well, due to his intellect?” She had no answer. She pushed me away... she didn’t shun me, but it felt like she didn’t respect me as much.
I wasn’t trying to be rude at all, but at that point it taught me how cruel religion can be if taken too seriously- It hurts families. It hurts me, as a person. It hurts to hear that Atheists don’t have morals. That we’re all just... killers. (5)
Atheists aren’t immoral; we just have our own way of teaching morals that benefit others. At least, a lot of us do. Besides, as the saying goes, “Everyone is born an Atheist.”
I'm happy you had the courage to leave a toxic situation, and happier still you've found a secular group you feel welcomed into. All the best for this new and exciting chapter in your life.
I read your whole thread, Dave. Not once did read about what the Holy Spirit has said to you. When we get saved, Christ sends the Holy Spirit to abide in us, teach us, remind us and lead us to all the truth. Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.
When you follow Christ, not the religion, He Baptizes you in the Holy Spirit because it is utterly impossible to live according to His Word without the help of the Spirit.
You also talk about the church as loveless, a system rife with abuse, etc. That’s true. And that is why the Bible teaches us to look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith not unto men.
Dave, this is the most honest, raw piece I've read in a while. What insights and courage! Sadly your new freedom is hard-won, but you will never be alone. My heart goes out to you, and I wish you every happiness on the forward journey. I, too, am contemplating dropping da bomb!
I would be happy to interview you for my podcast "The Phil Ferguson Show". Maybe it will help, maybe you can help others with your story. PM me and we can set up a time.
Please @DaveGass3 Phil is a great interviewer & has an amazing audience
You should write a book about your experience. With this thread, you have the basic idea there, the tone and the appropriate level of language. Just continue writing, you're on your way.
Congratulations, man!! Feels good doesn't it?
I walked away from working in student ministry, and it was the best decision I've ever made for myself. My quality of life has improved so much, and yours will, too. ❤️
Perhaps start by moving away from kansas if there's nothing left to hold you back? You may get more jobs in places less er religious... Oh and I see a book coming! Your honesty about the religious establishment is so refreshing!
(No comment)
That was beautiful and well-said and no matter what you have an accepting and loving if distressingly geeky atheist community around :3 Expentecostal here
There is truth in everything you wrote. I wish you well wherever you are.
His thread maddt gann
I am speechless
What do you think about his decision?
I cannot say he did d right or wrong thing.What I can say from my little understanding about Christianity is he never practiced it with belief he was only practising expecting results. My life alone is a testimony of his wonders and nobody can change my beliefs in him.
Absolutely the right message we need to hear Dave thankyou. In my experience also it is the ‘fringe’ christians - those who don’t take it too seriously - who often live with love acceptance and generosity of spirit. Ironic really. Peace to you. Life is not a flawed dogma.
I think you mixed up religion and Christianity. Religion acts all nice and fake. Christianity is allowing the Holy Spirit to direct your life. I'd have been shocked if you said the Holy Spirit disappointed you. Give Him a chance. You won't regret. Blessings!
I was in my last class in Seminary and met this same cross roads. I never finished that class....never will
last month I got a call an uncle who had devoted all his life to serving God, leading people to Christ, never even got married just so he could be free to serve, just died like a dog. No hospital no miracle could save him.
So many thoughts and emotions from this thread. Been down a very similar logical path to disbelief and pulling away. Dave, you seem like a terrific person and I welcome you to a freer second act of life. It won’t be easy but it will be more enjoyable.
So sorry sir. I once came to this point. Then I saw where I missed it. I was bitter but I couldn't deny that what I had experienced was real. My mistakes: 1. Expecting people to all be Christlike. 2. Not factoring satan into the equation: the deceiver, thief & killer. Can we DM?
The best parts of religion are the architecture and the stat holidays. Congrats on your new life!
Have you ever looked into the faith Seventh day Adventist ?
There is nothing wrong with what you're doing and I say that as a Christian with a strong faith but 0 attendance policy with any church. Spirituality, love, kindness,etc is what is in your heart.Don't let anyone bring you down and keep feeding your mind and soul. You are loved!❤
Omg there’s more ppl like me
2 chronicles 16:9 for the eyes of the lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong towards those whose HEART are perfect toward him.
It’s all a myth. A powerful one that has a strangle hold on American morality and politics and fundamentalism and judgments and shame about sex and orientation and survival in a multicultural society but nobody talks about that.
This is a very interesting read, but I know when people practice doctrinal Christianity, it’ll tire you and have you shake in your boots because you’ll lose focus at some point without even realising. I’ve been here (though not a Pastor) but can relate to this. I was wrong also
God has never “opened any doors” for me. He has never done miracles for me. He has never paved a way for me. Fuck that.
You are wise and courageous. ❤️
Try Catholic Church denomination. You may find a happy union. Thanks
Thank you for this dearly honest thread. I know it must have been tough to do this. But also important. I've had a similar journey, and I'm more at peace with life and love having walked away. More power to your elbows
Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t imagine what a painful time this is for you. Having experienced the pain of divorce and rejection by a congregation I served, I will tell you that it will get better. You will find wholeness and wellness. One day at a time.
Very powerfully written- thanks for sharing.
So powerful. Some of the most I un-Christian people I've met have been churchgoing Christians. Some of the most loving, agnostics. The world can be beautiful and I wish you every happiness as you find your new place in it. I'm sorry for your loss but you will survive this 💛
I'm glad you could come out of the fakeness that surrounded you. It's hard to I pray this next phase brings you all the love you need. Jesus loves you deeply regardless of the sham of people.
I was raised a christian, but never "felt it". The thought of it was good, but I never had that deep down belief. I want to believe in something, but I believe in science. I call myself an agnostic for now.
You want it to be true. You are told that it is the devil that is making you doubt something that should never be questioned. In ernest, it is all man made. Religion holds back real humanity.
what do you think about this?
Well it's safe to say you did what you had to do... God has been amazing and kind to me so let's stick to what works for us.... Different strokes from different folks....
What I admire most is you have the courage and intellect to realize evangelical Christianity imposes a structure upon individuals. It impedes the greater potential of life experiences Christ desires. You are now living the true heroic life of dying to the old experiencing the new
I never believed in God, but for long time I believed in people, now I believe only in myself and my closest.
Of course if you are faking it and going undercover to convert us, it won’t work. But we don’t mind you trying.
You are incredibly brave for having been able to leave the church after it was such an important part of your life for so long. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you
I've never been religious, but even though I can't relate to stories like this one I find them fascinating and i hope people like you can recover and rebuild themselves. Best of luck for you on your future endeavors!
Enjoy your new religion :) hopefully this one will bring you more happiness and answers some of your questions.
Hi davegass... “YOU exactly know what happened to you in the Christianity”. I just want to encourage you with a very few references .. Kindly read these... these are for you...👇
Thank you for sharing your story. A book I found helpful when I was leaving the church was #Godless by #DanBarker. There is life, love, and hope on the other side.
I've always known that religion was just a manipulative tool of oppression, thank God u are free at last! 🤸
I’m not religious, but keep this in mind: People corrupt faith, your deities do not. Your God is still the same God you fell in love with, as is your faith. Use your faith to set a tone and example, and never let the greed of man take that away from you.
Much love from Nigeria, you are not alone Dave❤️
take it or leave it, there are embarrassing facts in this thread that we all shy away from
What people do in the name of faith, baba was not really saved, the conviction was not there. Faith is in believing even if he doesn't bless you, it doesn't stop God from being God.
He answered this particular comment In number 23/24 thread.
The truth is their are so many anomalies in the church today that we just accept as norm or in the name of I am here worship God and not man.
If he accepted Jesus was his lord and saviour then how was he not saved? He believed in God didn't he? He served him. So how was he not saved.
In as much as i may agree with few of his points about the "church" in doesn't make me i hide the truth from been said; that yes the church of now as it faults which we mostly all know but hide from it. When he said people died, did God promise u to live without death ?/ 1
When you pray for people and they don't receive miracles did you ask them if the have forgiven freely? They don't hate or fight, the love all the way Christ asked us to.
Thank you brother, when a pastor prays for you and you don't receive miracles, you should examine yourself
And the pastor?
If he's indeed a pastor called by God not all these hustlers we have here
Your marriage didn't work out clearly because from his words, he is hurt and refuses to forgive. In life one major law wins over every other law the bible gave us, that is Love, if you don't have or practice dis, then u have nothing
His issue is somehow complicated,
Truly, He failed in a part which he his not aware of, a Christian of 40yrs, and you lack they key word in d bible with all ur readings "love" its a pity Holy spirit didn't reveal it to him.
It would have been better if you say you are not a "church goer" again than come out to say you're not a Christian. You can serve God in your closet if you don't believe or agree with church doings
And is quite unfortunate that churches are no more sensitive to most critical happening's again all what most them are after is funds and not souls
But y'all chose to ignore the part where he mentioned all his doubts were proven the moment he left... Christianity or the church today is quick to castigate and crucify you the moment you do or question their modus operandi
That's why I will advocate you read the bible, understand yourself By the inspiration of the holy spirit and not follow all that Daddy says
ur wisdom no go dry
Your story echoes mine deeply. I could have written this, barring a few details. Six years in, I don’t regret the cost one bit. The sense of freedom and personal integrity is worth every bit of pain. I wish you peace.
Thank you for sharing. I grew up a Christian as well so I can related with some of the things you said. I hope you find a defining path in this new chaptee of your life
So sorry it didn't work for you brother.I'm also 40 ds yr. Have had many questions which books n men haven't answered but I find peace in a personal relationship with God.It still works for me.I still have struggles but my Bible doesn't promise otherwise.Peace 2u
The key Phrase here is “finding peace in a PERSONAL relationship with God”. Very important.
"But I find peace in a personal relationship with God".
this is who I stand with
True that, true that. He was looking up to the church(i.e, people) than to God. We are not called to be religious fanatics, we are called to have a relationship with God and to love all men. I hope he finds peace though. My heart reaches out to him.
The understanding of faith was not clearly understood. But I believe this is a necessary step for him. God is better seen from the depths, light is not always appreciated until darkness has persisted for a while. If God wills it, he'll return home to his father
The parable of the prodigal son was told for the likes of these. May the Holy Spirit be with him through this phase
I find answers in the Bible, even non spiritual answers. I see the Bible as a life manual to all. It has its benefits if abided by genuinely. Abiding isn't what saves you, it only guides you. The problem in your marriage might be a result of some of your own shortcomings...
Certifiable! Even the Saviour of the world faced tribulation and conflict on earth but He had the Word for He was the Word! No true Christian can do without living through these experiences.
This is my experience, too. I stopped serving the "system" and I feel like I am now,walking much more honestly with Jesus, and with the scriptures as flawed testimonies of others' experiences w God. Here I find love and grace, and preach it.
God bless you
That's it, ones u know what u carry n you believe beyond the seeing, you shall always have answers....👍🏽👍🏽
if the bible is your answer to anything - you are asking the wrong questions and not asking the right ones
Strength for the journey.
This is what us sane people have always known. That religion - in all its forms- is a load of crap. It’s sad that you were forced and/or allowed it to take half your life from you. Good luck in life from now on. Enjoy!
Dave, as a ‘thinking evangelical’ thank you for your brave honesty. I wish I could hug you and say sorry. Had I been raised a hyper-fundamentalist and sucked into the stupidity of inerrancy I could well be where you are. I pray you find those who will love and treasure you.
Why is love so hard for christians? It's so simple and yet it's the hardest thing for us. So little love in the church 😥
You need to ask the Holy Spirit for a personal encounter. He needs to reveal himself to you.
Sad to see you go brother. It's sad but modern day 'god of men' hav done much harm to the faith. Believing has become increasingly difficult these days. But I still look through the shaft and believe. All the best bro, but know that the other side doesn't have all the answers 💗
Thanks for sharing your brave and inspiring journey, Dave. Much respect to you.
there are alot of human flaws in your story, most of which weren't caused by God but were permitted because you permitted them. 1. Abusive parents can happen to anyone. 2. Toxic marriages can be walked away from. God doesn't have to perform a miracle.
3. We tend to dictate to God alot how miracles should happen for getting the little ones he does. E.G. for every person you buried, you pretty much witnessed safe delivery. Twice as much. 4. Even Jesus didn't have his final prayer before crucifixion answered. 5. YOU SURVIVED!.
It's actually very sad to read that in the end you mainly walked away from faith because of Christians behaviour who were not acting like the bible commanded them to behave. I pray that you heal from those wounds and that you come back to God with a new heart as the prodigal son
Hopefully, u come outta the closet as well coz u were never a Christian! U couldn't separate church from God. When Jesus saved the thief on the cross, he hadn't bn church b4 but he died a Christian & went to heaven. While pushing ur AGENDA on Twitter, rem Saul's experience 👍
I am not a Korean but a Korean learner. There is a phrase in Korean that I believe it has a really deep meaning "고생했어요" which literally means "You had a hard time" I wish you a new happy life
People are coming to the conscious awareness that religion has been a sham for so long which it’s primary motive is to enslave people much like coloniyamd slavery... Sorry bro it took you a long while to come to this realisation.. I took my bow long ago..
Believe all you what but the truth stares you in the face
Read this guys thread @Otto_Orondaam then maybe we can come back and have a chat, I respect your beliefs though
All those people are fools i pity the people the confuse on TL even Satan have more follower's, if you look deep into @Otto_Orondaam and @DaveGass3 the have their own gods that they believe a and worship
So you have believed every line , hook and sinker if the bible?
As you are now if all your friends know everything about you they wouldn't regard you again, God is mysterious you can't know him all, i don't go to church often but i read my bible and i believe it so much and my children will follow, i can't let canal people to confuse me
I have never and will never live my life for friends, this pattern has led people into being depressive and living fake lives all in a bid to please friends and their standards. You gotta be logical in your dealings with people, LIVE and I hope you make them Know this too
That's what i'm telling you,this people want to know everything about God which is impossible, going to church can't make you a good christian because most of them are hypocrites, keep your relationship with God only read your bible often,matthew, marck, 1st & 2nd corrinthians
Right from the onset,I let them Know who I am and what my beliefs are, relating with me it’s at your own discretion, you don’t force people to want to stay with you and if you already have that habit, PUT A STOP TO IT, Be who you are
That’s just how to live in this social media life, believe and do what she’s you feel good.. Everyone will definitely adjust, there ya enough pain to go round
Yes always know the full story before you judge, don't let people make you to believe on their phylosophy always most of them are hypocrites
I never needed anyone’s advice or rhetorics to come to my conclusion, since I was a kid I had always had reservations about some of the sharp practices that has been happening in the church and no one offered credible answers, went round still same storyline
All this made people not to believe in God anymore,the church is not God, but i still don't condenm the church but the main christianity practice is reading your bible often
There are many religion in the world today who don't even believe in Jesus and God why is it only christianity they have to be woke on, more christianity is individual believe not in church,some things in the bible was not said to be understand quickly
Babe, I don’t know you but I like your temerity at defending what you believe in so you gotta understand my stand too
Even from ages not everybody believe in God and not everybody will believe and it is getting worst not, everybody want to leave a free life, sometimes religion is a guardian that guides people, i hope this people use the same energy on islam
Congratulations sir😊 Very proud of you (sincerely mean that even though I don’t know you and you might think that’s weird)
Hell await you
Christianity is basically a Love based relationship between You and God,not between you and the bible.I am a Christian and regard the bible as just a book of myths.....with useful stuff scattered here and there. You are still a Christian though, because you seeking answers.
Shedrack Meshach and Abednego looked at the fire and said even if God wouldn't save them, they wouldn't succumb. Dan 3:17-18. Because they had an understanding of whom God is. My heart goes out to you but you need to understand Christianity isn't solely about prosperity. 1/
Temptations and trials are bound to come... but trying of your faith teaches you to wait on God (James 1:2). You read the Bible like it is just an ancient story and you sound like you have never really encountered Him. 2/
You just believe he exist and he is the solution to your problems. I am not perfect, I am not even living half the life he wants me to live but no matter how far I stray from God, I can never question his reality coz I have felt it. I have experienced his power. 3/
That is what you need brother. We require power to be children of God (John 1:12). Power to overcome principalities, depression, to raise the dead and heal the sick.. By strength shall no man prevail. This strength and power is only found in the holyspirit, (Act 1:8). 4/
It is the assurance through the storm. That even when we are cast in the fiery fire or thrown into the lion's den we shall overcome. Because HE THAT LIVES IN US is far greater than any tribulations. 5/
Questioning the existing of God and asking why people are dying of cancer would only limit your chances of really know who he is. He will bless whom he would bless and show mercy on whom he will show mercy. 6/
He is our father and he sees what you are going through but you need to open up to him to step in without questioning the scientific possibility. Peter could walk on water because despite how impossible the situation looked... 7/
he decided to look on Jesus the author and finisher of his fate. You can't receive anything from God if you continue to question and doubt him (Hebrews 11:6). Lastly, Christianity isn't a "system", it is a lifestyle. Living your life in accordance to Christ's principles. 8/
It is not living your life the way you have seen other christians do, it is your personal relationship with Christ. A connection to YOUR FATHER. It isn't just about praying for the solution of a temporary worldly problem, IT IS OUR HOPE OF SALVATION. 9/
So I urge you today brother, to seek him, not with earthly principles but with the help of the Holyspirit. Be desperate for Him. With all your heart! Coz only then can you truly know Him. Jer 39:13.
The way back is Jesus is still open. You may have spent forty years fortuitously on the works of God. Now just come back and receive the love of Jesus. Miracles, signs and wonders are real when we approach God sincerely and truthfully in faith. Jesus loves you always.
Did you ever read Qur'an in all this?
Thankyou for your honesty. May your release of the belief systems that no longer serve you be eased by the knowledge you’re not alone. May love and connection in unexpected forms find you ❤️
I am SORRY for your PAINS & HURTS, DISAPPIONTS & FAILINGS. I pray that the AGONIZING CHRIST will continuously lead & guide you at this stage of your life.
Funny how you claim to have read the bible 24 times & never mentioned the Holy Spirit. He is the one that will bring the life of the Supernatural into reality for you. He will teach u all things including love, marriage, etc. Oh @DaveGass3 I wish u would just give him a chance
Welcome to reality.
Unfortunately, all this means you were in a religion, and NOT a RELATIONSHIP with God. This is an amazing story to show just how unfulfilling a religious lifestyle is. That even after all these days, it hasn't brought you anything positive. That system is a religious one.
However, the LORD calls us to be in a RELATIONSHIP with him. To live according to the Spirit, and not the flesh. This is the Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. A religious system is man-made and will NEVER bring what God will bring!
what do you think?
Sounds like a lot of different factors and a lot of trauma.
Yep, not necessarily Jesus, just a lot of religious routine and trauma. I'd love to know how he became a pastor but that's not the right question for now. Sad stuff still.
He sounds very grieved. My heart breaks for him. But you’re right
I've said a prayer for him. I believe he's not lost. Also, cap's combo is quite the name!
Yup, absolutely bro. Feel so sorry for our brother, may God heal his hurting heart. Seminary won't offer you nothing but knowledge, reading the bible 24x won't either that's routine none of this can you find scriptural. He said you prayed in Faith and nothing happened....
No he did NOT. FAITH is a revelation of the finished work of Christ. Praying with Faith is saying LORD NOT MY WILL BUT THINE, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE. He definitely went about it wrong. My dad told me, son do not go preaching if you haven't met God at the backside of the desert
I hear you, but I’m not here to debate his decisions. I’m here to offer love and prayer for someone who’s hurting.
This is deep. However, the best religious service we can render is humanity which really drives us to the realm that God exists. You give and you get back in multiple folds even you never expected it and when you needed it the most. What is more spiritual than that.
Deeper connections with peace of mind should be what you'll gain doctrine connections. Never stop seeking, because you haven't found him. Full liberty mislead
Jesus loves you.
Brov, you've been sooooo fixated on what you did here, what you did there and I understand you haven't gotten results. But, there's a Spirit, a person whose help would help you make sense of these. Just talk to Him, read up on Him. Don't go just yet
While I was not as deeply intertwined in Christianity as you, I understand some of what youre feeling & the consequences. I walked away abt 15 years ago. Good luck on your journey, the next few years will be hardest but youll find your new path ❤
It will get better. Being honest with yourself & others , will open up avenues to be truly happy & content. Just because people want things to be true doesn’t mean they are x
I thought you leave Christianity and coverting to Islam. Turn out I was wrong. Please consider Islam. It is the right religion you should learn and guide you to a peaceful life.
(No comment)
Man was a product of the letters The letter killet* Never really knew Jesus on a personal level basis. Reading the word is different from knowing him. The god of this world got to him. I'm sure he'll come back.
Couldn't agree more People who think Christianity should follow a process always end up frustrated. And it all falls on the Question Who are they listening to ?
But that's the problem with Christianity. Anybody can just buy the book and start claiming whatever they think. So that's why people are frustrated.
Wish you well, sir. With that kind of thoughtfulness and honesty the next 40 years will certainly be productive, fulfilling ones.
Well done. It's a courageous act and must have been very difficult for you. But welcome to reality. You dont need miracles. Pick up a telescope and look at Saturn. It'll blow your mind.
Mate at work brought his quite powerful telescope into work many years ago when I worked nights in IT..not much to do🤔 Pointed it at Saturn...I could not believe the little white pearl I could see and the amazing rings...blew my mind. Received lovely telescope for my 60th 😁
Shame it took so long to see religions just control people, religious books written by men not gods. In saying that, belief in a creator is logical. ( not human looking ) we need answers to unanswerable questions. A god gives us a possible answer if nothing else.
Sorry to hear your tale. The universe is a creation of God; religion is a creation of man. I suggest you go to your local Unitarian-Universalist church — you will be welcomed, hear stories like your own, and hopefully find spirituality without dogma.
Congratulations . All the best. K
Hi Dave. I am sorry for everything you have been through. I am a Christian who believes in miracles, i have seen people get healed. I pray for a miracle over your life so that the power of the Spirit can be made manifest over your life. Hang in there. God bless you
Welcome to freedom. It's a great place to be, with lots of lovely people. You're in an excellent position to help others find it too. All the best to you. 😀
The system is so corrupt and ripe for abuse I dont understand why people bother calling themselves Christians From my experiences with 3 different religions all I learned was gossip is prominent, lies are necessary and God is a tool for power Which is so sad cause theres... 1/2
Genuine good in the teachings of the bible and some really nice people who follow it but too many others shove it down your throat make you see it there way and dont take no for an answer. I am glad you found your way though just wish it was sooner
So sorry for your pain. I hope your friends and family can come to accept your decision.
You are not alone. Sometimes u just need a little encouragement,i advice u speak to @RandySkeete
Just read your thread while I have no doubts about organized faith being for the most part a trap and the belief in God is not as firm as it used to...the more I look for spirituality in the kind things and simple acceptance of the goodness of individuals who just dont hate...
The happier I have become
Brave man. Respect.
I can relate to your story so much. I won't say I have walked away, I'm more like a fringe member who doesn't care so much either way. I have no hopes or expectations, I guess I'll just watch and wait.
Thats me i will certainly walk away from this religion businessince and fir good
I don't know about that, I think I'm still a believer. I know there is a spirit in the sky.
When I am asked why I left the Catholic Seminary, my response is, "Christians." Love, and Peace to you brother. Now you will have empathic Forgiveness, Love, and Peace. To be human is divine.
Whatever works for you mate. And anyone who chooses to ostracize you rather than show you love, pray for you/with you to find peace and wish you the best was never really your true friend or family
They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. (1 John 2:19)
eastern orthodox church is for you
I could not be happier for you. It can be difficult to shed our former skins but you will find nothing but love and tolerance from the people you were taught have none. Kinda ironic that there is more love outside of religion than within. Enjoy your life. I know I do.
I felt heartbroken reading through your thread. It's a sad thing you suffered all that in the hands of men. Worse still is that you couldn't find love among those who professed it. This would've been my story a couple of years ago but then, love found me & everything changed. 1/
I moved from a community where unnecessary man-made rules were the tenets of our belief to one where love is a lifestyle. Yes, I have been loved. I have received miracles, lots of it. My faith in God became strengthened & I am still a Christian. 2/
Many might not be so fortunate as there are many business men hiding under religion to push their enterprise. A lot of people fall prey to this and God takes the hit; it's quite unfortunate. I pray that God heals your heart & give you a fresh start.
I wish you well in all life brings your way. It's a tough spot to be in, but for your own mental health, I'm sure you've made the right decision. Love and hugs.
That's largely heresy not blasphemy, mind. You can still be a Christian.
He is still a Christian. Doesn't know it yet.
You are mad, there is a God
You've not lost anything mate. You've gained your true self. Welcome to the truth if what faith and religion really is... a complete and utter scam. Love is absolutely more available when you love for loves sake and not because the 'book' tells you too.
A brave thread. As an ex-Catholic, I wish you the very best and offer 2 pieces of advice: 1: Remember that this has framed your whole life. Give yourself a break while you adjust. 2. Let go of any resentment as quickly as possible. It will just make you miserable. All the best.
it needs a lot of courage to be open like this. take care and take your time
The most painful part of this thread was the reactions of the church members consolidating all that you were running away from. It is a pity that people who bear God's name would do that. My love bro. May you however encounter Jesus in your sojourn. HE IS REAL
I understand you bro. But, i too have seen the other side you are going into. All I'm reading here is more of religion. I did this for God and served God here and all that... God Almighty is not amforceful. He is all loving. I came from the area you are going to this new love.
What a journey…. The things we do between the cradle and the grave….. There are many layers to religion, and the most superficial one is the belief that some MAN with an excel sheet is counting u your sins and occasionally giving you a hand-out.
God Almighty met me at my lowest point when i thought he never was, he showed me he is real. People go through a whole lot. But, religion is a destroyer. God Almighty is not about religion. God Almighty, is reality. Jesus is Lord!
What is the way forward man of god?
Not a Christian, but the least I understand about religion is that it promises nothing on earth. It doesn't necessarily make the earth greater for you. If you believe in hereafter, in Faith, you live for the hereafter and whichever reward is therein. I hope you find peace 💟💟
This thread reminds me of one of yourtl tweets @Kdubtru
{smile} Thread reminds me of me, like 20years ago. Also reminds me of this from Stephen Hawking’s « Brief Answers to the Big Questions ».
I'm deeply sorry you had to go through all that. I pray you find true peace and true love in all their purest forms. ❤❤
Dear Dave follow your parh with honesty. You seem to be a fine person. As for me i cannot dismiss Jesus though i understand the heavyness you felt in the system. You were on tracks and never had a real opportunity to exercize your free will. read Khalil Gibran poetry and farewell
You were worshipping God for the benefits and not for who he is..
So sad to hear you were living such a life. Christianity shouldn't be like that but unfortunately it sometimes is thanks to our imperfection. I hope you find happiness going forward and I hope that you find God, if he is real (which I believe he is)
Lol. Just make up your mind and subscribe to the idea 😂😂
What idea?
Not sure what you mean by make up your mind sha but I'm firmly on the Christian side 😊
😂😂😂. Just pulling your legs... I feel you man
He will find Him. He's real.
Sounds like you’ve left the world and found Christianity:) Check out Bertie brits on YT for some extra knowledge (if you want) Much love ❤️
It’s not coincident that my name is David too
25 Tweets Of An Exvangelical . Good read
Some of the best people I meet, have tatoos, swear, get drunk and love each other, and welcome anyone. Some of the worst people I meet, go to church. Thanks so much for sharing, good luck for the future. Live by truth, not fakery.
You were just a passerby not a Christian. The Lord does not abandon his people esp those whom He called to be pastors/priests. Satan is using you
Re-read 19/ of this thread.
Lol. He did. It's called selective amnesia.
Wow, u really sound like the religious dudes that made him walk away from the church...he needs Ur prayers and love not this....have u ever cone across of the parable of the lost sheep in Ur Bible?
Typical Nigerian response.......think critically about the things he said
Nah ur type be the problem
19 & 24 There's something very honest about all this. I guess he put it out cos he could not reach out to everyone personally. Good man i think. Go with God and live your life.
Fron your story, the church also contributed to your leaving which was not fair , wish you did like David who encouraged himself in the Lord instead of the people. God still answers prayers and miracles still happen. May your hope in Him be restored, amen.
Have you been in touch with @ProjectClergy? A project set up by non believers to support clergy who are in your position.
I hope you find peace in your new life.
Dude this kinda strikes deep with me. I may not have been a pastor, but I was devout. It's pretty massive a thing to walk away. But I hope you find the peace you need outside of the faith. There's a lot to find, I've found, once I released myself from the church.
Much love and good luck to you, my brother in apostasy.
Sad story. I pray you find answers to all the questions you have. I also pray that you have an encounter with the supernatural.
Until we destroy the word religion, before the world will true find peace and happiness. Religion is the cancer wrong with the world. True happiness is within and it can not be given or force into your life with any form of sprit.
I've walked this path, it was obviously a lonely path, and of course, it still is... I denounced the Christian faith at age 23, and I've not regretted for a second.
Sad story Dave. Really sad. We can only hope and pray for him. It's sad too because Twitter threads never tell a complete story and we might never know what really happened. It reminds us too that faith is God's work, not human effort. We receive it by grace, we don't create it.
I mean... was pretty clear with what resulted in his lack of belief. Inability to suspend disbelief and constantly fighting with cognitive dissonance needed to convince him of religion. I see this the opposite of sad. He stopped lying to himself and accepted his own criticisms.
"I see this as the opposite of sad". Yeah, you don't. I do. We probably share different frameworks of assessment. Fair.
I'd say his frame of assessment is the more important one here. And he's clearly relieved.
If you put out your views on a heterogeneous public space like Twitter, then you are inviting not only responses that reaffirm your views but those that question or see them differently (whatever the subjective basis or otherwise they may be derived from).
They never said you weren't allowed to have your beliefs on his situation. Just said his view on himself and his events and transgression take priority, no matter how public.
I think you are very brave. I wish you peace and healing. I was in an Assembly of God congregation many years ago and came to pretty much the same conclusions. I think you will be much happier in the long run. 💕
I pray that love finds you and fill your heart.
I respect your decision, takes a lot of courage. However, the fact that one is a Christian doesn't mean things are just going to be rosy. Life would move on you just like it does on every other persons. What makes the difference is the endearing strength God gives.
Bravo! And remember there is another community of supportive atheists to whom you can turn for help.
More grace Brother, all things work together for your God.
O God, pls don't allow him to go empty handed. Show yourself in his life, this sheep must not be lost. God the greatest Shephard, pls answer in Jesus Name, Amen.
Fascinating and extraordinarily brave to be honest with yourself and walk away from everything you have ever known. Time to build a new reality and understand based on your own observations, relationships and experiences. Good luck in your new life.
Hi Dave...funny we bear the same name. Really sad experience you have had. Faith, hope and love. The greatest among these is love. You don't believe in prayer anymore I guess. Still, I pray His everlasting Love finds you. We all need a personal experience with True Love. @dadepo.
You will probably find some comfort and wind back in your sails if you follow @C_Stroop. He has threads and links about ‘exvangelicals’ and the difficulties and eventual free air they find. I was a born skeptic and never had to walk away with so much invested, but I wish you well
I respect your decision, but I can't ignore your attempt to paint Christianity as am empty place with no supernatural or real power to it, and every true Christian knows that is not true, you served God for over 40years and you didn't feel or see anything from him? Well I have
One of millions, brainwashed and hoodwinked by organized religion the world over. All to control people. Best wishes for the future.
you might find this interesting
Hi Dave, reading your thread made me understand that u put much of your strength in the church obligations instead of searching for the real saving grace of God. It’s more or less like the heart was far elsewhere. I want you to know that God didn’t fail you but the church did.
🤝 spot on bro... absolutely spot on. God didn't fail him, the church did
Sometimes we so much rely on people to show us the way and those people are capable of failing us.
And you have to be man enough to deal with your own failure...
True guys can be in a place where pastors are just all about their own agendas and not God's agenda. When that happens, you search until you find that place where you can grow. I've definitely been in churches where I knew I was completely just socialising
You’re not far from the truth, many of these so-called men of god or churches have their own personal agendas.
Congrats. Welcome to freedom.
I'm a Christian,been one all my life and I'd like to let you know that there's nothing new under the sun. What ever you went through, people went through worse and Never abandoned Christ,I've experienced the supernatural, infact I'm a product of it myself.
Knowing the Bible doesn't equate to knowing God, Preaching the Gospel doesn't equate to knowing God, it's why we can have fake pastors. Point is God never fails anybody, I don't know if you'll read this thread, I hope you do I pray God lights shines towards you.
I've seen God's power first hand, I've even been a conduit at some point,Jesus is real,even more real that the things we call reality. Dont give up hope. For one last shot; try listening to Chris oyakhilome on YouTube, may Give you a different POV. Stay blessed!
I gave up on religion too. I decided to just be a good person (in case there really is a God) and I've been fine with that ever since.
Wow. This is the longest thread I've read in a long while. Sending so much love to u. I hope u find peace and love.
Be free be happy... You just found your Christ.
Stay strong, Dave. Love exists & there’s plenty out here for you.
I am sorry you went through this and I know it will be hard, but it will get easier, may not be quick but it will eventually happen.
I see bravery and strength, enjoy your new life🙏
Welcome to unconditional love, sweet company and just real life. Big hug for you for what you are going through right now!
I John 2:19 😔. Sorry that this is applicable to you. Praying for your reconciliation with Christ.
All this while you had no faith in God. your perception of the things around you, completely overshadowed your believe in God.
I have prayed for you. God will grant you the supernatural experience that you seek Much love.
God will keep you and give you peace
Walking away from religion and man made laws is always refreshing but find your personal peace with God is essential... Peace..
A personal relationship w/the Lord is more important than participating in a church. I worship Him, not the place of worship. I work in the hospital almost every Sunday, I try to show others His love on that day. I have problems with many churches and I still love Him.😢🙏🏽✝️
Good for you, now you are ready to ve a relationship. One not defined by man's values but by you. Welcome
Sir, @kingsleypst I have been following your teachings this past month. I’m not sure if you’ve read this, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this because this is kinda worrisome and could discourage a lot of people.
Hey @Matt_Dillahunty, maybe you can help this man.
Best decision ever, I assure you...
I pray God will intervene in your situation but the issue of faith is not in the doctrines or literary appreciation of the bible but the personal relationship with God. I pray the Holy Spirit will intervene and convince you Himself. Amen.
It may take awhile for you to untangle yourself, but you will create a new reality and will come to embrace your liberation. Chronicle your journey! You'll need to look back at it occasionally.
might like this thread
It’s a tough one when the church turns on you.... but I was “rescued” by a church and family that didn’t ask questions about my lack of faith and questions... I pray David finds Christ personally devoid of the prejudice of men
Thank you for sharing. Very insightful and also heartbreaking.
Yeah, too bad people are trying to make atheists look like violent, unsympathetic maniacs.
I’m sorry for the way they treated you when you decided to leave. Love conquers all. I’m Christian, I love you and Jesus loves you too whether you leave or you stay. ❤️
In fulfillment to the word of God that at the last days the love of many will grow cold. Only Jesus can save!!
thoughts sir? 🤔
I gave up religion years ago. Most people are terrified to admit what you did even though they think it too, when I am challenged as to why I don’t believe, I say I don’t believe in Santa , the Easter Bunny or a societal crutch to be a good person
May Grace find you since you couldn't. As a preacher what did you learn from the story of moses, children of Israel and GOD? Remember the 40 years gap? He is God Alone, there is no room for argument
Mental and emotional freedom supercedes all. Dogma is dangerous.
You were never a Christian. Christianity works and millions of believers can testify to it. You are the problem, take responsibility and don't blame the church or the Christian faith.
come and say something
(No comment)
Know what your problem was? You believed the wrong things abh Christianity. 2.You didn't believe in the right thing - Jesus.
You will be fine mate
You know the annoying part about this? This guy just openly denounced Christ but we get to go to the same hell as him for just stealing meat from the pot. It doesn't sound fair to me tbh.. 😟
Steve Farar-finishing strong
Congratulations, Dave. That Kool-aide was gross anyway. Besides, your man, J, wasn't one, either.
Listen mate, you’ve made the right choice. Just took some time to get there. As a non-practicing atheist (I just can’t be bothered with any of it) I say welcome. Just find your happy place and you’ll be fine. You can be virtuous without being pious. Just remember that.
Sending you so much light and positivity. And I hope the love you found in other places continues to be true and to grow and make rebuilding easier. All the best🐥💙
There's nothing wrong with walking out of everything but I'd appeal that you don't leave God..... you have all my love and support. I pray all goes well in every endeavor and the amazing support system you need surrounds you. 🤗😘
Quite sad about your 40 years of being a Christian without your beliefs not matching reality.The Forty years from your thread here were Christian activities without a relationship with the Actor-Jesus.Did you at any time 'connect','surrender'or 'give' your life to Jesus?Try again
The Flying Spaghetti Monster still loves you.
Welcome home. I'm only sorry you had to suffer for so long before you made it.
Weirdly enough, I'm not convinced this means you're not a Christian anymore. From the thread, it seems like you truly value love and acceptance, and you realize that our works don't earn us any special priviledge with God. That's the most Christian thing I can think of!
Don't worry about what others think, or how things look to them. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. You feel Christianity is a sham, and you're upset that God didn't come through for you in the times you really desperately needed Him to. That's totally okay.
You don't need spirituality to focus on love. Love yourself through this trying period. Don't let the criticism break you down. Love others. Life is hard for most people. As a human, you are limited in what you can do. Do something, and don't feel guilty you can't do more.
The church created "Hell" to prey on human fear and to control. Humanity and love should be our religion. Im happy you are AWAKE.
Because Churches have eviate from God plan, churches have turned to social gathering and business ventures instead of place of worship. Just reconcile with your maker and have peaceful conscience. Wish u the best.
One thing is bn a Christian n another is “experiencing” God. Until u experience God,u will not really understand. All I see is a young man keeping all the commandments not knowing God is not really the way we see or think he is. I never knew about all dis until I experienced it.
what do you think happened here?
I think he was being religious. No where he stated an encounter with the Holy Spirit. He needs the Holy Spirit for his answers not just books
God bless your heart brother, he never had a remarkable encounter, and I pray he does eventually.
Problem right there. He had zero encounter. No real and personal relationship with the Lord.
it's great that you got the chance to discover things for yourself... Religion/Religious leaders don't want you to question reason/faith... Because the magic man in the sky makes everything ok and he gets mad when you doubt him.
Religion versus Spirituality.
Religion is just spirituality when spirituality gets power.
So sad! There is still a world of difference between "being in Church and being in Christ". Try the love of Jesus Christ before quitting.
Can I send you to Zomba Mental Hospital in Malawi or St. John of God house of peace in Malawi on my bill? A great holiday destination.
best decision you’ll ever make. thank god.
Hi Dave, I truly appreciate ur sincerity & openness, I wish a lot of people could be more real. My name is Joel, I’m from Nigeria, I love Jesus genuinely but without the religious cloud you had. I heard ur call for genuine friendship, I would like to be ur friend if u don’t mind.
You’re doing great Dave!
Sorry for your experience, I pray you find God again. Amen.
please read articles from and books of William Branham.
Sad that it took so long to figure this out for yourself, but good for you that you can now really figure out who you are. You will eventually be much happier.
Jesus will find you now. You’ll run but run into His arms. Lol
Thank you for the accuracy.
This thread has to one of the most honest I’ve ever read. You are not alone, many people feel the same as you...
What an inspiring history!!!
Welcome to the side where there’s no light or dark. It’s just what it is
Even if I walk out from church do u still pray and move close to God
pretty interesting read.
You are the most confused human being I have eber come across. Your thread is at best, selfish, misguided and ignorant. Have a nice life ahead
Hello ❤❤❤ read your story & suppprt you. It takes a lot of courage to leave something you've always known x
It takes strength to walk away from everything you believes was the truth. And the longer you believed for, the harder it is. Wishing you all the best Dave. It's never to late to live in the truth and light with the universe. Welcome to love, peace and happiness.
Key words, "it's never too late to live in the truth and light with the universe". I'm glad you made the transition and thank you💯🍻🇿🇲
My spiritual journey was very different from yours, but I have arrived at a similar destination. Thanks for sharing
It's unfortunate that in all your years in ministry, you didn't quite have a personal encounter with Jesus. I pray He reveals himself to you in a personal way someday. Shalom!
I couldn’t get myself to read to the end. Because this message would have been a lot more offensive if I took the time to.. Simply put. It don’t matter what you worship shitty decisions are shitty decisions. “Marriage not what is was promi...” FOH. Kmt
So with you, brother. Indeed love IS patient and kind, but you don't need religion to live it or go to church to find it or tead the Bible to know it. Be well. Thanks for sharing.
I’m glad the faux happiness, burden, etc has been lifted off you. Wish you the best in this new phase of your life, never be afraid to ask questions.
I turned to the old ways of our ancestors years ago
Hello Dave. I wish you love and light. It may be difficult to steer away. It still is for me, but you are on the right part. ❤️
Please read face to face visitations with Jesus by David e taylor. I got it from amazon. It's not abt christianity it's abt Jesus appearing to Him and answering questions. All the best
Don't think he needs more fantasy.
I assume u r his PA
How e take affect me........
Hello Dave, many people with the same concerns as yours have gotten the answer to all the questions of which they failed to get from the self proclaiming Christian religions..... Please visit this site and you won't regret..…
I have diligently gone through your tweet and immediately one thing becomes obvious. You have believed that all you did and knew was all there was to do and know. Your expectations were wrong cause I hv a completely diff nd tangible experience from yours. Love will yet save you.
way to go!
You're also telling the story of what I would've done had I not left in my mid twenties. When I had, i was doing 5 events a week, teaching, writing bible studies, leading youth groups, attended bible college. Walking away cost me a lot. But it gets better. It's worth it.
This is my experience minus no. 8. I have seen miracles- big ones. I have interacted with the prophetic big time. But still I stopped fully identifying with the faith- it's now a buffet relationship (I pick what serves me). I am now open to other truths
I’m so sorry to hear that.
When I started deconstructing, it was difficult for me to figure out what I believed. I was convinced that there was a path that my life was supposed to travel and that I’d irrevocably strayed from it. I was lost and anchorless.
But after a lot of darkness and struggle, I found that God was still there for me. The very reason why I couldn’t buy what fundie faith was selling was that I knew God and that evangelical product wasn’t it.
It took me a while to separate what I had been sold about God from what I knew experientially.
At this point, I’ve been out of any church for a few years. I don’t know if I’ll become involved in one or not. You are correct: there is a lot that is wrong in churches. Maybe more than can be salvaged.
I’m not going to tell you what to do at this point. I think that these times are holy grounds where we can tear down the opaque veil that has been over our understanding and perhaps really see God and meet with God.
I think that we have all had enough of prescriptives. They are only used as a crutch to substitute for experience.
You can be active and serving in church without having an encounter. What you lacked in all your journey was an encounter with God. While we appreciate you for coming out. Seek a quiet place and ask God to reveal himself to you. God bless you.
The letter killeth but the spirit gives life. You have understood faith from a parochial viewpoint and your existing ideologies have formed the basis of your belief system. The word of God is meant to mold your ideologies not the other way round. But love will yet lead u home.
He's home now.
Every where you go Jesus Christ is not far away He is right there with you. Let me borrow some words from Jeremy Camp's song. Jesus Christ made it clear to us, His followers were to face hard times but Jesus Christ has over come and Jesus Christ will see us through
My great uncle/aunt a priest/nun, told me God/religion was not real. They both said that church and religion were made up by man. They said the truth was in the love people had for one another and to just be kind and help those that need help.
Why is no one talking about the Holy Spirit here? Where does His help come in? Think on this Dave
Think on what? Shared delusional behavior?
Welcome to the “other side” 😀
Hey! I respect the decision you have taken. I have no idea the experiences you've had but I'm sure of one thing; God will find you. I'll pray for you and I'll be waiting for your testimony. It might take months or years but it will surely happen. God bless you.
I am sorry you went through this. It's sad that a person spends so much time in church and never meets Jesus.
huyai pano and take your time reading this
Wow 🙌🏻🙌🏻Amazing story !It is a grave disappointment when one realizes that religion is an absurd ,man-made myth .I was 45 when a long process of critical thinking took me to the same point - to let go of a god that was never there . Well Done 👍🏻.You are not alone 😊
This is so real and so true. I have copied this and placed this on my FB page. I do hope many many people read your story. I certainly have and worked away from Christianity 20 years ago and I am a better person. I still count my blessing with my wife, kids & grandchild & friends
Your story reminds me of @BishopPearson . He was pastoring a mega church when a spiritual revelation forced him to reevaluate his beliefs. When he started preaching the truth, people left in droves. It takes courage to do what you did, especially as a pastor
Sending love and light your way. Big 🤗🤗🤗 from Lagos, Nigeria. I read your tweet and I can relate to an extent. I pray that God surround you with people who will genuinely love and care for you. Life has a way of throwing shades at us but we need to be resilient.
On your journey think about the fringe people a little more. Those of us on the fringes understand the Bible. We are not fettered by someone telling us what to read, what to believe, or worry about where we fall in the congregation. We are also free to see other pathways. 1/
Relax. Let go of your guilt. Dance as if no one is watching. Free yourself to see the world and your place in it unbound by organized religion. May peace be with you on your journey. ❤️
We must shun each value system that dehumanize us.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes you with open noodles. I don’t know you, but I am impressed with your ability to realize the truth.
Have you ever heard/read "Bhagavad Gita"?!
Definitely understand. I went to seminary and was a youth pastor in China. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was walk away from christianity. There are good people out there on all sides and you find more of them I found.
Now you truly are saved =] Welcome to real freedom.
Oh dear Dave. It's okay to not be comfortable in religious. You should however know that, either you're in or out, God loves you absolutely and crazily. He wudda actually died if it was just you. So, reach out to him in your own language and with your own set of rules...
... Not in anyone else's. You have a right to build a personal relationship with him. Love him your own way, seek him your own way and let go of the religion. Sending so much love and Light your way darl. If you need a friend, my DM is always open dearie. Welcome to freedom!
I'm so glad I walked away at an early age ... I can step into adulthood a free, Godless man.
All I have to say to you is that faith was not the problem, but the religion you were into. I’m catholic and I know my religion has made a lot of harm by following some rules the religion has. But the love of god is beyond the rules of men and their understanding of scriptures
It's just mythology.Take comfort in it if you like, but it's nothing more than that.
Hello sir, I'm so sorry about your experiences. I can only imagine how you must feel. However I can testify by the mercies of God of the supernatural. I pray you find grace to help in this season and also pray that you experience God's love in tangible measures. God bless you.
Its a shame it took so long but I'm glad you've finally allowed yourself to enjoy life. Having seen videos and read other similar stories I am aware of just how much guts that would have taken. 👏🏼 A world free from the poison of religion would be a much more peaceful world.
coman see another one of those who have finally been saved from the shackles of religion..... Bro @DaveGass3, you're welcome to reality!
Ps- do you listen to @whosyourgodcast ? It's amazingly therapeutic to anyone who has walked away from organized religion.
Congratulations. You’ll never regret your decision. The tricky bit is now trying to understand why sane, rational people still believe in imaginary gods.
I'm always glad I made a similar decision from a young age.
You never truly looked up to God, but mere mortals that fails. Just recently, God came through for me. He is a Living God and sure answers prayer. You don't need human approval, but God's. Even in your new journey, I pray you have a personal encounter with Him. Cheers!
Hugs to you. We have stopped attending church in the last year or so. Found we can find love (God) in helping others and working with groups that do. The church was full of hypocrisy, fighting and lacking love. I hope you find peace.
Thank you very much for this,all my love goes to you as you begin a new phase in your life. ❤️ Your point on how religion was designed to exercise control over its adherents is very evident in my country, as is in other 3rd world countries. Knowledge of this could save nations… This 👆negates a lot of things you said in this thread. May God heal your heart, and help you find the right path for you.
The Aslan House Story - Dave Gass
The Aslan House Story - Dave Gass
Two words hit the nail on the head ‘maintaining control’ I’m sorry for your personal suffering but I am pleased that you have realised the Worlds oldest fairytale is just a story. You don’t need religion to be a good, decent & moral person!
I'm not here to judge you. God has all the time been here waiting for you at this zero level, the point of sincerity. Having tried and failed to do it your own way, relax, let God reveal Himself to you. Let Him work it out in His time. I wish you well, brother.
I read your whole thread. You are not alone and you are loved.
please go through this thread
As someone that became a Christian, I have a different experience, I know Jesus, he answers prayers, he healed my marriage & it is now what I thought it will never be. I don't know all the bible but I opened my heart & it's just awesome
Hugssssss.... I pray you find healing, peace and love.. 🤗🤗
The church today is quite in contrast to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus was fearless but people have been made fearful as Christians today. The church I attend presently, I heard of how the pastor connived with land grabbers to send people out of their land possession ...
Since I've been very reluctant to attend the church. The victim who told me the story, himself a Christian is very bitter up till because he said he was about finishing the house when the incident occurred. Just as Bro Dave said, it's worse when you engage in church admin ...
There you experience a lot of things that cannot even be found among unbelievers. The beer parlour now seems better because there people express themselves but in church, most people are pretenders. However, all said and done, the practice in church shouldn't be a premises to ...
leave the faith of Christianity. My senior brother told me that since he stopped attending the church, he's been a better Christian because it's been between him and God. Bro Dave, the fact that you express love means God is still in you because God is love.
Welcome to an endless future. Fear no more.
I think you had an epiphany. 😎👽✌️
got thru this thread my boy.
Jesus still loves you. Despite all these, always remember that.
Only the living can love, so love the living. In the joyful gatherings of friends you may find what Jesus--and many children since--did not see in the religion of his parents.
Thanks for telling your story. I lost my evangelical faith in a similar way over a decade ago. It was costly but I look back and have zero regrets - except wishing I'd had the courage to explore my doubts more thoroughly when I was younger.
Sir, in all your statement you never mentioned your encounter with the Holy Spirit. Somehow, you sound so mechanical because Christianity is a thing of the Holy Spirit. If you didn't receive Him you would hardly do well as a Christian. Your situation is rather unfortunate!
thought of you when reading this thread.... Great read
I pray you find the inner peace you seek.
Hoping things work out for you Dave - brave decision - keep well
Wall of text highlights.... I had a shitty job where I spent all day talking shit, I worked out it was all bull shit and quit the job. Now I don't know what to do with my life.
Your faith was weak anyway ...
I had the same, I was born and raised 8n a Christian setting, I went through teenage ministry, kids ministry, But in high school though still a devout Christian who reads the Bible every morning and every night and praying the same, I had doubts, I had questions that the Bible
Imagine if this guy grew up in Nigeria in a Nigerian home. Hmmmmmm@m
Sending you strength, love and acceptance from Canada ❤️
Chale I no know what ago talk sef?? We for discuss this thing in the group honestly. Because I really conf.
Ow yh sure
Like I don't even know what to say.
But at the same time not shocked, cuz the Lord spoke of it
That people will walk away from the faith.
Yeah ...see Hebrews 6:4-6
... Never seemed to quite answer, I'm still in my early 20s but I left it all at 19, it didn't make sense its too burdensome and this has been the happiest period of my life, I'm free, I found love in places and from people I condemned and they've been the best. Humanity ❤️
So sorry you are going through all of this. I hope it is better after the dust settles and you find out who your real friends are. You did the right thing. 💜
You've been practicing religion in Christianity but Christianity is not a religion. It is not about longevity in the Church neither is it about the scriptures you've memorised. The Bible said that the letter killeth.
Breathe. And admire the moon and stars. We’re all on a journey.
Don't you know that once you're a Christian the next thing to do is to receive the Holy Spirit. Paul asked the Ephesians Christians, have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? For you to live a vibrant and successful Christian Life you have to receive the Holy Spirit.
Oh. He wasn't doing it right for 40 years! I bet he feels such a fool.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. He will guide you into all reality. He will make you understand scriptures and give you the revelation that you require to live a successful and vibrant Christian Life.
Why the need to tell anyone?
Jesus was betrayed by his disciple Judas, he was flogged, crowned with a thorns, stripped naked and crucified. Have you experience any of these apart from the crucifixions? Haven't you read about the great things Paul suffered for the faith, did he look back?
Your courage and resolve is inspiring. I hope your actions will help many others do the same.
It was never going to be easy but if you really read the bible like you said. There's no better place to find real peace than in presence of the most high.
It takes a very strong man to admit to living a lie, especially with regard to religion. Stay strong and be happy. It's all we've got brother.
Thank you for sharing. I have nothing but respect for you and i wish you the best.
The Bible states in John 16:33.."In this world you will have tribulations but take heart because I have conquered the world" Words of JESUS, He for saw what His children wud go thru.I always tell folks, "Do not confuse us with your truth,I know WHOM I believe in"Find ur way back!
But you quoting the bible to somone who doesnt believe in it is pointless. Its like somone quoting the Qoran or the book of Mormon kuwe who doesnt believe in them.
He says that he was a believer, guess he read that part and he will understand...When we turn our eyes upon JESUS and we look full in His wonderful face, the things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and Grace
Yes. But now the bible is just a book to him. Just like we believed in fairy tales kudala
He cannot be a minister for over 40years and have the Bible just a book for him. It should have been his raisôn d'etre and never living up to mere mortals
He literally says in the thread why he stayed in and it wasn't because he thought it was true. He was trying to find truth and found that the bible was not the place to find it.
See the Bible is an inspired WORD,men wrote as GOD inspired them & being what it is,it is self explaining & if one sincerely looks for its Truth,they will find it there in. Note that I'm not pontificating or acting holier than that.GOD gave us the power of choice& each to his own
The only thing that I know is that there is no perfect religion as there is no perfect church or person BUT there is a perfect GOD. While we are this side of heaven, there would be heartbreaks and disappointments.. Our choice is how we respond/bounce back after each calamity...
How do you know god is perfect or exists? What proof do you have to convince me?
The answer will probably be 'coz the bible says so'
No. Reading the bible is what made me become an atheist. Yes, you are acting holier than thou because you're saying if you were a true believer you'd never turn from god. I'm here to say that's absolutely not true.
I suggest you keep reading and searching. The truth is out there, your open mind is a gift - use it.
Wishing you peace, dude.
Remember that friendship with the world is with with God. Don't stray from the kingdom. Look for the nearest Christ Embassy Church and submit yourself to the Pastor and he'll counsel you. Make sure you receive the Holy Spirit before you leave.
Jesus still loves and cares for you. The good part is, he will never stop loving you. I'm a christian Christians and I'm sending all the love I can muster your way. #JesusNeverFails
Look for messages by @PastorChrisLive and listen to them over and over again and you'll be convinced that there is more to Christianity. It is not a religion.
I'm with you here bro, I understand comments that will disparage your experiences, just ignore them. Christ himself will understand you and save you as he reads this as well
So many things resonate with similar experiences I had in religion. I was In for 30 years. I'm a humanist now and I am much happier. I compare it to being able to see in color after only seeing in black and white. Good journey on your new path.
Nigerian pastors will say. "God is testing u"
Good. Free your mind.
Cc @SheskoLee @KeenyIce Read through guys. This is an eye opener.
Be prepared. Some will labelled you as faithless, led astray by devil and the Psalms 14:1.
I walked away from church after being in an evangelical church for about a decade. I just don’t believe God sends people to hell. Period. I told God I was done with man’s teachings, I wanted him to show me who he is. I found him in nature and other spiritual teachings.
Ultimately returned to the Congregational church I wa in for y