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UPDATE: Earlier today, we made a change to our web server caching configuration that resulted in the same RSS feed being served for all NPR RSS URLs. This caused podcast apps to act as if all of our podcasts had changed their titles and added hundreds of new episodes.
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Thanks to all who reported this issue. The root problem is now resolved, but it may take some time (up to 48 hours) before the change is reflected in your podcast application. We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for transparency and quick attention. See you again in a couple of days.
Thanks for letting us know what's up!
What if rather than “whoops! Big mistake!”, you actually helped un-fuck this cluster and gave a comprehensive explanation of what was impacted? Not likely to donate to a product with the customer support mantra of “good luck with our incompetence!”
I can no longer subscribe to certain podcasts through apple (ie up first). Will this be fixed?
I find your sorrow credible
Nope. It ate my Wait wait.. and replaced it with Guy Raz’s... and I can’t get Wait wait back...
Aha! I saw "Keeping Secrets" in my NPR Politics podcast episodes list and thought, 'Ugh, Trump, now what?'. Turns out, it's an episode of the TED Radio Hour!
Glad to hear there was a fix. Not sure if I’ll have to unsubscribe now, because Up First was replaced with Pop Culture Happy Hour. Is everything going to revert back automatically like how it changed?
I was wondering what happened! Thanks for the info!
48 hours is an unreasonable wait...
Up first and the indicator aren’t even searchable in the apple podcast app right now. Are you sure this is fixed? It crashed my phone with how many episodes all of a sudden downloaded. I’ll just delete all my npr podcasts until it’s fixed if necessary.
Thank you for being on top of this. Between you and me, a little freakout happened.
I have subscribed to some NPR podcasts, but I am now getting podcasts I didn't subscribe to. I am getting all the episodes and it is filling the storage on my iPad to a point that I can't download the podcasts I want to listen to.
No problem, thank you! We just love @UpFirst!
Thank you but I’m sooo sad 😢 this podcast makes my commute so much better! You are missed.
And this caused many fans to unsubscribe from all your feeds to keep sane. I got almost 700 episodes in 30 mins.
Or don’t use automatic downloads? Turn this to OFF in podcast settings.
"NPR RSS URL" Three consecutive three-letter abbreviations! Not something you see every day.
thank god - was wondering where my tax deductible donations were going --- jk, I don't give you money, but I do sometimes listen (aw geez, now I feel like a dick)
Thanks... I think...
I hope my feed is fixed in time for the next @NPRItsBeenAMin. Or I can just listen to the last six months of episodes that downloaded all over again.
Oh boy! 😳😳
It was a Freaky Friday situation!
It’s still randomly subscribing me to podcasts you offer and deleted my subscription to “It’s Been a Minute...” and I’m not able to resubscribe. (It doesn’t show up on the apple App Store.)
and @NPRItsBeenAMin This happened to me too. I’m especially peeves because I was halfway through the latest episode when @samsanders vanished from my feed AND when I was trying to get myself psyched for the Des Moines live show.
Really sorry about that!
No worries! It wasn’t your fault. If nothing else, having you like one of my Tweets will likely be one of the best things that happens to me this week. Bonus content: Dog Photo:
legit thought my icloud got hacked or something.
The important thing is that I helped.
Thought my phone was just going crazy...or me. Both are just as likely
I was willing to believe that Terry Gross and @nprfreshair arejust that prolific!
Please don’t do this again
Get ‘em, T. Barf.
Yeah, why is @NPRItsBeenAMin suddenly Planet Money?
My @nprfreshair feed is filled with Story Corps episodes... ?!
I tried listening to my NPR Up First and it was Car Talk from a week ago and my other NPR podcast was Fresh Air randomly
I saw this. I was so excited. :) Then they all disappeared.
Interesting way to get us to try new podcasts ;)
And I thought it was God telling me to listen to @NPRinvisibilia.
Who says it wasn't?
Really glad I have my podcast settings to only download when connected to WiFi. I was away from WiFi today and my data-sharing buddy works in rural areas and depends on data access to do his job. This error easily could have left him stranded. Love @NPR but #BeBetter
It was a mistake, they apologized, and your data buddy was fine. #BeUnderstanding
I think you either misunderstood my Tweet or took it out of context. I simply wanted let NPR DC folks know that issues like this can cause more havoc than “Gee, I need to delete these extra downloads.” If my settings or the weather were different, someone could have gotten hurt.
Also, you appear to use my term “data sharing buddy” with condescension. I could have said “best friend, who, like me, was orphaned before turning 35,” but it didn’t fit in the tweet.
Also, @CherieAmours if you looked closer, you’d also see that I sent puppy photos to the kind NPR hosts that responded because I will always love and support public radio and the people who make it. Here’s a photo for you too, because it seems like you need one.
That’s okay. I’m sure I remember to resubscribe. It only took me 2 years the last time.
Will we have to add/resubscribe to the podcasts or should it recorrect itself? Many do not appear at all right now.
Yeah, we’ve all made mistakes to our CDN’s caching config. It happens. 🤷🏻‍♂️
And this is why you practice in a test environment before deploying to prod. So annoying and my feed is all screwed up now. Apple podcast app.
As long as my wait wait don’t tell me isn’t affected 👍
Thanks for posting this. I thought I was going mad.
So now we have to delete hundreds of podcasts we already listened to, or will they happily disappear?
Seems like @theindicator and @planetmoney are still mixed up. Both are called Planet Money and share the same logo.
is still missing for me. Gotta make sure I don’t miss my @samsanders hot takes.
Oohhhhhh.... that explains a few things!
was changed to Planet Money and is still unavailable to download through Apple Podcasts.
I can now no longer find Wait Wait Don’t tell me in the Apple Podcast list? Am I still subscribed to it even though it’s gone?
Thanks for the info! I can’t find Up First anywhere, so my morning has been all weird but I’m sure it’ll be back soon.
You also subscribed me to a new podcast and now my phone keeps trying to download 145 episodes over and over
Still messed up in PocketCasts. Ouch!!!
And you’re trying to sell us on a poll you did? MAJOR FAIL
It appears that NPR News and Up First was removed from Apple Podcast, any idea when it will return #dailyroutine
I didn’t know it was re-naming them so deleted the ones that I thought were randomly showing up. Now I can’t find Up First to resubscribe and it’s 6:10 AM in the morning and I am in withdrawal!
Hah, I assumed it was apple’s fault and cursed their name the entire walk to the subway
Aaaahhhh I was wondering why I had 100 episodes of Planet Money to listen to and no NPR News 😂
I was just going to ask!! I couldn’t find @UpFirst at all in my podcast app. :(
You also deleted @waitwait from the iTunes podcast app
Once it’s ironed out will our subscriptions return to where they were? Currently subscribed to some podcasts I wasn’t and not some I was. Also, will apple podcasts still indicate which episodes we’ve already listened to?
Bad day to work in IT at NPR. I now know how addicted I am to @UpFirst and @samsanders It’s Been a Minute! Hope issues are resolved easily.
Thanks! You’re enabling my morning routine.
I was suddenly subscribed to Planet Money and Up First was also showing up as Planet Money. Bright side is now I listened to Planet Money for the 1st time and loved it. So thanks for the glitch?
Is @UpFirst coming back or...?
Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes! @nprhelp has resolved the problem but it may take up to 48 hours before the change is reflected in your podcast application. In the interim, you can listen to today's podcast here:
🔊 Listen Now: Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Up First on NPR One | 14:01
Y’all need some QA testing 😉 Thanks!
No joke, I was concerned that @UpFirst had been cancelled. After searching twitter, you got me to (temporarily) download NPR One, so there’s that!
Things will return to normal soon! @nprhelp has resolved the problem but it may take up to 48 hours before the change is reflected in your podcast application.