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Last year’s Android P was just as much of a shameless knockoff of iOS - both in features and aesthetics. Google does this every year. They still haven’t kicked their habit of blatantly copying Apple.
Google is just the old Microsoft.
I just learned that I can do a bottom swipe on iOS from this video. lol
Narrator: They did not.
Can’t wait for an iOS UI and UX refresh so Android OEMs can copy and paste the following year.
Do you really wanna go down this road? Apple has copied plenty from others.
They both seem to be "taking influence" from WebOS.
*sigh*… without the iPhone, Android would have been stuck in the nineties.
Evil doesn’t have shame.
Only thing Google copied are animations, but even that is till better on iPhone
John - Apple also steal from other OS and apps etc - notification centre etc so all fair game.
Apple didn’t steal anything from other OSes. Both Apple and other OSes got those things were from the iOS jailbreak community, though OSes with lower quality control ripped them faster. Since jailbreakers no longer exist, Google has no source of “inspiration” except Apple itself.
Well, they did bring dark mode sooner...
But iPhone X iOS took the gestures from Palm Pre webOS?
Why so serious y’all. Wait. I just stole this line from #thejoker
It’s a ripoff but it’s also so much worse. Look at that back gesture.
Gestural navigations are frustrating if the animations have lag. Let’s see how they hold up on cheaper hardware.
I mean yea. But Apple has stolen from google and others in the past too. Pull down notifications, card based multitasking, etc.
This is a really weird take. No mobile company today, including Samsung, has to give two craps about accusations of copying. What they're all doing is a load of work and well differentiated from each other.
Wow, that’s blatant.
Hey, dipshit, that's the webOS interface.
Yeah it irks me every time the reviewer never mentions the fact that those gestures are just like iPhone. But to be fair, google will say Webos did it first.
Give them *some* credit: they have at least also copied the Privacy settings from iOS. Finally.
Interaction should be standard across all mobile platforms. Best implementation wins, users win.
Exactly. I’ve been enjoying dark mode and live captions on my iPhone for years now.
Hey @tim_cook, you should sue.
What, if anything, would you improve about the iPhoneX interface? What, if anything, do you think google should improve about their interface? If Apple have the pinnacle of gesture interfaces then what is the benefit for Android in changing to the detriment of the experience?