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When you realize that when you get to work tomorrow no students will be there
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Anyone who isn't excited has clearly never lived in a residence hall where the washing machines are now *ALL* open for the first time in months.
leaving my towels in the dryer for theee hours without a care in the world 😎
Nothing is bigger than the little things.
Being able to run an errand while simultaneously doing laundry is such a luxury.
I’ve only been washing the essentials till I have free-reign of the laundry room this month and don’t have to watch my clothes for students taking my loads out.
Personally, I'm a fan of being able to use the bathroom without having a student ask me a question while doing our business.
Not for those of us on the quarter system. My school still has two weeks left. Enjoy the quiet for us, semester schools!
Sending you love, light, and so many blessings (from whatever deity/higher power/lack thereof you choose!) you can do this!
Every time I see "Happy Summer" or "I hope you're enjoying the end of the semester!" #deathtothequartersystem #3weekstogo
Every @HumanOfHigherEd post about this, angry about working over the summer, was me when I ran summer conferences while my fellow editors were off not working 80hrs a week and ruining retention of students for their respective campuses. The feelz are reelz.
And, shocker, the students I work with feel the same way. We're all ready for summer. A short, short summer.
My students are all 1000% ready for the year to be over. #DeathToTheQuarterSystem
Me remembering this so I can be productive at work for the next couple of weeks without interruptions
Then summer camps start up...
The people who are so pressed about this are cracking me up. Exaggeration is classic humor; mild excitement depicted as euphoria is hilarious. I would literally die for my students and they’re the only reason I‘m still in this field but a lighter load for a couple months is nice.
Also just gonna say that for SA pros with mental illnesses a lighter summer load can be crucial, so you can miss me with your holier than thou mess.
Can’t imagine what words you use to actually describe inappropriate and disgusting things
I’m glad I was open with my students about being glad to having a short break from them so I could catch my breath after basically working 28 days of April and the final two weeks before and during graduation
That’s bad OD and or bad habits if working 28 days in a month. I don’t wish this for you but both sides take work whichever it is or both.
OD? I mean, definitely not ideal and I have been chipping away at my slush fund of hours, but I’m the advocate for work/life balance in my office
Organization development. The org is one to control systems, structures, and supervision practices. How much of the pie are they contributing to work not working v how much is on you leaning into pitch too far?
It took me forever to backtrack where the convo started. I LOL’d (and was disappointed) to find it was this [all too relatable] meme. I’ve been counting down the days to summer on my calendar since January. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Apparently you’re a bad educator who’s shaming your students 😱
Or a GREAT educator that shows up authentically, models the need for self-care, names life’s actual realities, and recognizes when its time to take a much needed break. 🙂
Not only is this bad and sad, but real educators are still working with students over the summer, paid or not. #itswhatwedo
Regardless of the meme, a lot to unpack here! The gate keeping of what a "real" educator is concerning. A lot of higher education folks show up in a lot of different ways (assessment, planning, and conferences) even when they aren't working directly with students.
True, but the notion of celebrating the absence of students is just odd and unprofessional.
Do you work with students?
asking for an anonymous parody account
I’m glad I never had a humorless teacher like yourself.
So if I'm an educator with a mental Illness who needs those times to downgrade then I'm not a real educator? Or if I want those times to be with family, go on a trip or do some thing for me then I'm not a real educator? People like you make me glad I didn't go into teaching.
you shouldn't work when you're unpaid. that's exploitative and also illegal.
Maybe we're excited students aren't around so we can handle all of the bureaucratic busy work universities dump on us throughout the year. Perhaps your university doesn't have metrics to meet or scrutinize predicative analytics like it's a crystal ball.
At an institution that has a vibrant Summer I and Summer II schedule and I continue to support students all year long while they are on their co-op jobs. However I do celebrate since my wife and I live-on for her reslife job!
as a student, this is also my reaction for a campus empty of students. people who criticize this post by arguing that it hurts students, i don't understand it.
There are many things in this world to be upset about. This meme is clearly not one of them. #sachat
Seriously for all the many injustices facing students and staff in highered and student affairs the mass of crickets on those issues is maddening esp when so much angst is dedicated to something like this. #sachat
Not sure if this is my place, but I just graduated from undergrad and as student leader, RA of 4 years, and rising SAHE grad student. I can say these memes are funny and accurate to the mood of summer break. ANYONE should be able to get excited for summer not just us students.
This is your are the future and you (and your peeps) will shape it. Keep your sense of perspective and humor!
This is hilarious! Hi @humansofhighered got a follow from me.
the bathrooms are SO clean during intersessions!
However... somebody left a full adult diaper in our bathroom yesterday, which made us fear for the infrequency of the intercession cleaning crew 🤢
A lot of people responding to this need to take themselves less seriously. Lighten up, Francis, and grow a sense of humor.
The only shame in this tweet was using the Blue Jays...😂😂😂JKJK But seriously, as somebody who works in the quarter system, pray for us as we still have a few weeks left before we can bask in the glory of the slower pace of summer.
All of these upper echelon administrators must have a great view from their ivory towers.