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Something™️ is happening with the Google Play Music/YouTube Music situation in September/October.
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Does it make a difference with the crap that Google has been spewing out the last few years?
Hopefully a backtrack and Google Play Music is staying around :)
Oh for fuck’s sake
One more service is going to die, Play Music RIP
I'm scared, YTM is so not ready.
There are artists with entire catalogs missing in YTM that are on Play Music.
I'm so torn because if they kill GPM without fixing the myriad of issues YTM has, I'd really like to switch to Spotify, but Spotify doesn't have music uploading and I have so much music none of the streaming services offer.
get on this, you could potentially inherit a large swath of customers if you just add this. And no I'm not storing all my music locally on my phone like a caveman
I think there's some rudimentary music-lockering with the desktop app. I haven't tried it myself.
I've done some googling on the topic and it seems the solution they offer is that the app can play local music files which is not a solution at all
I used it once and never used it anymore
At this point, I bet they shut down both
Both apps will now just redirect you to Spotify.
A third one joins the party
Yeah, I'll bealive it when I see it. 🤔 YTM has now been out for year, and it's still horrible. GMP is completely neglected.
What sucks more is that they already had something really good on their hands with Play Music. My *SOLE* complaint with the service was and is the 1,000 song cap on playlists. Remove that and add MD2 (maybe even dark mode ) and it would've been perfect.
That wouldn't be too Google-ish, would it?
*holds finger eagerly over F key*
Final transformation into Google Music?
Wait what? I love YouTube music
Google becomes sentient
That's helpful. Thanks!
I feel like I'm the one person who like YT ad free youtube is cool.
I love YTM also. I've tried just about all of the services.
Stephen, it's your moral obligation to dish. Please, for the love of God, tell us.
I thought it was during the pixel event?!?!🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄
I predict it's going to be like the Android Messages and Google Allo thing. Make Google Allo, then kill it off, adding all of it's useful features back into a rebranded Android Messages. Thus calling it Google Messages. YTM == Allo && GPM == Android Messages
Android messages isn't an online messenger, yet
Godammit they're shutting em both aren't they 😰 making half assed apps and then shutting down without giving a damn about the existing users😡😤 I might as well start using apple music at this point and stop doing anything with ytm!
I've had tracks disappearing from my GPM for 4 years, google "looking into it" for 4 yrs, with no resolution. It was fucked for 4 yrs. It will be merged with YTM, so ads unless you pay a sub, no more uploads, forced to stream, dwindling catalogue. Shuts down in 2 years.
Consumers are no longer important to Google. Only business/enterprise users.
Hi Jase, we've previously announced it, but nothing is changing in the near future with Play Music. We’ll share update when any changes are made.
Eventually, it will merge; but not before we support key features such as uploading your personal collection, playing local MP3s on Android, importing your library content/preferences. We’ll provide plenty of notice but right now, we can't share any specific dates.
From the horses mouth.
Videos make no sense in YT Music
I. Just. Want. To. Import. My. Playlists. From. Play Music. I have over 100 songs in a playlist, and if you think I'm gonna go over to YTM and add each song MANUALLY, I'm afraid not son
Didn't they originally announce it for March/April/May? 😅
is the main thing keeping me in the Google ecosystem anymore. If/when they kill that, then goodbye @Google for me. The removal of @YouTube Red a few days ago cancelled my YT and PM subscriptions and I almost didn't sign back up.