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I think there's room for a podcast app that positions itself as being for the *serious* listener — the ones juggling dozens/100s of shows. Main things I'd want from it: — Daily, ongoing, and short-run shows get treated differently in the UI — Better tools to make playlists
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As it is, it's actually pretty hard in most podcast apps to keep track of limited-run 6-ep shows — even ones you really want to listen to! — if you're already subscribing to lots of more frequently updating shows too.
100 percent. Something with folders, starred shows, and a history tab that allowed me to play next in series would have my money.
I've been sitting on a domain to try and work on this for a while now. I want to listen to serialized shows in... serial and nobody does it well. Or at all.
In my head, I've had this titled "library mode" because the types of shows in there are more like books, to the daily podcasts magazine/newspaper example
TIL there are people juggling dozens (or even hundreds) of podcasts...
I currently have 5,568 starred episodes across 372 subscribed podcasts. I'm not gonna say it's healthy, but we're out there!
Good God! Are those past episodes or ones you haven't yet listened to? I might still argue that being a serious listener (or reader) doesn't necessarily imply such high volume, but to each their own.
is probably the best I’ve seen for “I subscribe to a lot of shows and want to have both automated and manual queuing”
Castro Podcast Player
Castro makes it easy to manage lots of podcasts, and enjoy the best episodes of all your favourite shows.
Triage view, top picks based on listening habits, all shows or per show queuing prioritization, etc.
Right, but there’s still just one queue, right? I can’t have one for daily news shows, one for comedy, one for serialized short-run, etc.?
Yeah, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Apple Podcasts, etc all do the playlist thing but the automation pentameters aren’t around show attributes. Hypothetically they could be since shows have category tags and apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts already surface expected release cadence.
I just wish @pocketcasts would let me sort shows into folders like app folders
You can do that with filters, it's just a big pain to set up
...which is why I’m making an official feature request to @rustyshelf
would you use a commenting feature that lets you send recorded audio to the podcaster?
Isn't twitter enough?
I have one additional request: an app that makes it easy for me to find the episodes I started listening to but haven’t finished (or does that already exist?)
That does exist! In Pocket Casts, there's an "In Progress" filter. I think other apps have similar
Ooh thanks! I may finally have to change apps
What do you use now?
Whelp. I use Downcast, which seems to have such a small user base, it never even gets mentioned.
I was a Downcast user, but switched to PC maybe 3-4 years ago. I think it, Overcast, and Castro are all pretty good.
Yeah once you’ve got a habit - and dozens of pods downloaded - it’s hard to switch
The apps that allow OPML import/export are the real heroes
Ok credit to Downcast: I was just able to make my own “in progress” playlist. The only problem is all those episodes with a few secs left, the ones I stopped before the credits were over
That "skip 45 seconds" button is your friend in such cases
The skip button is my friend in many cases 😬
I’d add to that list “desktop or web sync,” because I can’t manage 100s of shows from my phone.
Thankfully Pocket Casts does that now
Can we add a feature for the app to read out newspaper articles? 👌