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Anyone have any good podcasts to recommend? Both software related and not Also if anyone has any podcast app recommendations for android, let me know!
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Strong Songs by Kirk Hamilton. Listening to entire back catalogue rn. It’s so happy and so interesting to dig into why certain songs are special.
Can vouch for Podcast Addict. Especially if you remove ads.
i just installed the google one b/c there were a bunch of options and i wasn't sure if the others would work with android auto. I'll give pocketcasts a shot
PocketCasts is soooo unbelievably nice and thoughtfully made. As much as I hate the phrase "it just works", it's the most appropriate app on my phone for that phrase 😅
Can confirm: pocketcasts works with Android Auto, and is generally pretty great 👍
has been maintained and improved for years and years and it's been great from the start! 100% worth whatever they want to charge for it (not enough, probably 😂)
If you have Spotify it has podcasts now and it's been a little better than pocketcasts since the new pocketcasts design.
Pocket Casts is my only recommendation for today. 🙂
is pretty good. Podcasts: Economics: Planet Money, The Indicator, and Marketplace. Kids: Wow in the World, We Got This
It’s a long shot but if you’re into soccer at all That Peter Crouch podcast is absolutely hilarious.
i love playing soccer - but not a big sports "fan", so not sure I would be into a podcast about soccer?
Maybe give the first episode a listen and see what you think. It’s very, very funny. One of the guys is a professional, ex-international soccer player and then entire podcast is centered around what different aspects of being pro player are like.
- The Noded Bitcoin Podcast - Tales From the Crypt - The Stephan Livera Podcast
covers some really niche topics and makes them super interesting. Yesterday I listened to an episode about sand and had my mind blown 🤯.
cool. this is exactly the kind of rec i was looking for, thanks ;)
its pays you to listen to podcasts no strings attached. Use our code: Realtruth for 300 free $$
- Seminars About Long-Term Thinking - Animal Spirits - Crypto Voices - Venture Stories - Conversations with Tyler
Pocket casts is a great app, think I paid a little but we'll worth it
This is obvious but the @tferriss podcast is essential
last week suggested me "Fall of civilizations" and it's a 10/10 super worth Also, @MagicTavern & @PotterlessPod are 🚀
I just discovered @SoftSkillsEng but it is amazing, I always learn something new from them. Also all episodes have a fun and friendly feeling
and @reasonablysnd are 2 great podcasts about sound
"2 great podcasts about sound" that need to collab!! 😂
I gotta get off my quarterly release schedule! :D
I've been enjoying Ologies and Gastropod for interesting, non-tech content. If you're interested in ever escaping this rat race, I just started listening to ChooseFI & it seems good
Freakanomics is my favorite
Venture Stories by @eriktorenberg continues to lead the pack for me
+1 for pocketcast
For the app I use @pocketcasts, works well! Also, @amber1ey and myself have started a podcast on the intersection of tech and health (mental/physical) called @FullstackHealth. Let me know what you think if you give it a listen!
fwiw i also use @pocketcasts and love it!
is really great! There's a wide range/variance in the content, so it might be hard to find stuff relevant enough for you to want to listen to, but I always discover something new and interesting. The recent episode on PHP w @keithmadams was really insightful
Thank you! This is why we created as well as our mobile apps. They might be useful to you.
+1 love your interviewing style. The question you ask are spot on, and it's a great two way conversation.
Much appreciated. Let me know if you ever feel we are failing to meet those standards.
Tech related - Fragmented, gcp podcast by google Non-tech - askGaryvee, @mastersofscale
I like listening to Android Developers Backstage, usually in realtime.
The @a16z podcast covers a hybrid of tech and startup topics with high caliber guests.
I use @pocketcasts for quite some time now and I really like it. It's compatible with Android Auto and the UI is very user-friendly. If you speak French or want to improve your French, I'd recommend @android_leaks but I may be biased 😅🙃
is producing #SelfMade which covers entrepreneurs who made their own way and have been successful. The Fwiz and recent John Robinson episodes are great!
I saw The Tim Ferriss Show has already been mentioned. @thescrumpodcast is also pretty good. Especially the #AgileJeff episodes. App wise I'm all in on @Spotify. It's just too convenient to have both pods and music in one product on all platforms.
I wish they'd make it possible to play both music and podcasts at the same time, on different devices or on the same
Your first million by @ArlanWasHere
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and @acast for listening
What Bitcoin Did is great when the technical guests are coming in. He was Tech noob so asks very basic questions.
Some of my podcast recommendations:
My mentors, in podcasts: 1/3 - @IndieHackers - @thepitchshow (Gimlet Media) - Startup (Gimlet) - @HowIBuiltThis (NPR) - @SoftSkillsEng - @RebootHQ - @mastersofscale - @a16z podcast - @FrontEndHH - Product Breakfast Club (@Jicecream & @jakek) - @reworkpodcast (@basecamp)
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Some favorites that I haven't seen pop up yet - @BookBytesFM , #Ghibliotheque, #LegacyCodeRocks, @WritingExcuses . Podcast Republic is my app of choice at the moment.
There's only one podcast app: podcast adict. Recoms: Philosophize This, Partially Examined Life, Welcome to Nightvale, Dreamboy, Alice isn't dead, Myths and legends, Fictional.
Pocket Casts is the best app
I just downloaded the Google Podcasts app, it's pretty sleek & I recognised a podcast I like straight away
Also @ChatDjango and for software I just use play music.
If you are looking for great #podcasts covering different topics about Security, web / mobile development, DevOps, AI and many other IT related topics, check where you will find a collection of 95+ podcasts!
The history of Rome :) and the phileas club
Developer Tea is also good. You can find it on Google Podcasts.
True Crime: Criminal, Who the Hell Is Hamish?, The Dropout, Slow Burn, Bagman Economics: Planet Money, The Indicator Politics: All The President’s Lawyers, Ezra Klein Show, The Weeds Food: Eater Upsell, Sporkful Culture: Feminist Frequency Radio, Pop Culture Happy Hour
Social Science: Invisibilia Misc: This American Life
My favorites are Planet Money and The Indicator... I recently switched to Spotify for podcasts
"My Dad wrote a porno" for British hilarity
is the best podcast app out there. The discovery experience is amazing!! Additionally, the features that enable playlist curation are very convenient.