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Shooting at Walmart in Baton Rouge. 2 store patrons get into an argument. Both brandish weapons but the person shot was a bystander and not a part of the argument. Sure glad the good guys with the guns were there to help. WTF.
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'Mass shooting' 🙄
It’s NoT A mAsS sHooTinG So it’s oK
When did I say that? And it appears your caps lock is glitching out
That’s what you implied
Not even a little, but I'm not surpised you reached that conclusion.
Yes you entirely did actually but okie dokie
You're trying to shit on me for correcting someone who misused a word, but you'd probably call the FBI, Oprah, and the Secret Serviceif if I called you by the wrong pronoun. 🙄
Well for starters I’m not trans but you should most trans people actually don’t have a meltdown when you misgender them by accident they simply correct the person but if you’re doing it intentionally you are trying to be a dick and the person has a right to be mad
My point exactly.....
What are you talking about
If you didn’t think that then why did you even reply to the tweet
Uhhhh, because there wasn't a mass shooting in Baton Rouge....
Yeah but your missing the point it’s not about if it’s a mass shooting or not
Then what's the point? That one person got shot? That two idiots with guns did stupid shit?
Yeah basically that two idiots could get guns they shouldn’t have had and then shoot each other putting a lot of innocent people in harms way
Do you know if those firearms were legally purchased? If so, big deal. Cars and malpractice kill way more people than guns. Should we ban/regulate cars and doctors?
Yeah I think we should regulate cars and doctors to make sure violent or bad dangerous drivers don’t get cars and to make sure that doctors know what they are doing and don’t accidentally or even purposefully kill people.
There's already a driver's test and doctors go to college and require certifications. You can't take all risks out of life, the government DEFINITELY can't do that. Sounds like you're and authoritarian who wants more control
I just would rather less people get killed guess that’s not a hope we both share
I just don't want people's freedoms to be taken away because of a, relative, handful of people.
I just don’t want dumbasses to have guns I don’t want to ban anything just think it shouldn’t be as easy to get them
You need to read the book Tribe by @sebastianjunger. The responsibility starts in your tribe. Your house, then your neighbors, then your larger community. In big cities, you can be surrounded by 10,000 people but not know anyone and feel completely alone. THAT'S the issue imo.
I'm done ranting out you. Enjoy your day.
You know how many people were shot in Chicago this year? It's a culture problem, not a fucking gun problem.
It’s both I agree Chicago’s fucked and gangs are a serious problem but also there are people who should not have access to guns getting guns and then killing people.
What the hell does a good guy with a gun have to do with 2 guys getting into an argument...
Because that argument is used against gun control, claiming good people with guns will protecting irresponsible bad people with guns
Well maybe they were both bad..
So where is the alleged good guy with a gun that’s supposed to save us all, you know the reason why gun control is such a stupid idea
What do you consider a mass shooting?
That’s not even a mass shooting but go off sis
So that makes it okay?
No, just stupid
I didn’t say that. I just don’t enjoy the spreading of misinformation. Don’t put words in my mouth.
So in other words you are entirely okay with people being shot and in certain cases killed
Lol where are you getting that from? All I said was I don’t want to see the spread of misinformation. Tell me, did you stretch before that reach?
But it doesn’t take away from the crux of the point
Nice sign !! Now make one for Baltimore one for Chicago and one for Detroit !! Ohhhh wait you didn’t bc doesn’t fit your agenda !!!
Glad to know you support people getting killed
Absolutely not. Humans are humans the ones killed in El Paso or the one killed in Chicago (600 in 2018). The point is: you mention what is fir your agenda and avoid what is not fitting your agenda
Yes you do because you are literally using entire people’s deaths as a means of forming some sort of “gotcha” as if anyone said gang violence in Chicago is even okay
Chicago 75 years under DemocRATs control and the strictest gun control laws
Okay and I’m not a Democrat I’m a socialist so what’s even your point
Ohhh a Comrade !! Antifa member also??
Antifa isn’t an organization it’s short for anti fascism.
Dude it is an organization with local membership city by city
You wanna see local antifa I can send u links
Anti fascism isn’t an organization
There are entire programs dedicated to attempting to stop violence in inner cities by you in no way give any support or attention to hose because that doesn’t fit YOUR agenda
Tell me about those cities under DemocRATs control last 75 years and the strict gun control laws
Because gun control isn’t nationwide and the access to guns in this country is still extremely easy
Easy?? Tell an example comrade?? buying online and delivery by amazon ??
A 19 year old was able to get a gun with no trouble at all and casually kill 19 people...
I think is wrong!! But remember 18 year olds are Army and Marines with guns also. Some young people are very responsible persons. Some tens gang member use guns also
So in other words you’re okay with 19 year old white supremacists mass killing people
Am not OK . I want nobody killing nobody not matter the race. Is wrong not matter who that is my point. But you ignore ones killing each other every day in Chicago , Baltimore and Detroit as example bc doesn’t fit your agenda
Except those aren’t ignored since there are programs in place to try to deal with that
Programs in the last 75 years!!
You’re the one actually ignoring that and the proof is that you didn’t even know about those programs
And what is this supposed to prove
They are an organization they have finances and they recruit and they train and they meet and plan
No they aren’t. Is fascism an organization
Yes you have KKK or fascist organization in USA and white supremacy organization and groups and also Antifa and several gangs Mexicans , Black, centroamericans and so on. Recognize the truth in both sides. Violence Is wrong in any side
Nope copout, answer the question, is fascism an organization.
Answer and explain how
Also most shootings are done by legal gun owners
tHeY sHoUlD aRm ThE cAsHiErS
Why not they want to arm teachers and everyone else 😂😂
AnD tHe GrEeTeRs ToO😂😂😂😂
Do you look at what happens in Chicago each weekend with gun violence? Or just the ones that push your agenda?
Figures, nothing happens to the morons waving guns around, but rather to an innocent bystander.
See that’s the main problem. We need to give all the gun owners their own state. Then I don’t care if you have any gun laws at all. The only people getting shot them are the same assholes that insist on owning them.
I wouldn’t lump all gun owners together, like any group there are idiots that give the rest of the group a bad name. For every responsible hunter, plinker, or competitive shooter, you have these two yahoos.
Yeah, see, that's a shitty, dangerous ratio.
It’s not a ratio it’s an example of good and bad gun owners. And no i’m not getting into that “good guy with a gun” bs.
Just like the drunk with "liquid courage", this is "Steel courage". If they didn't have guns, they wouldn't be breaking bad. They wld have yelled at each other & took their asses home but a bystander got shot. Idiots who don't respect the weapon shouldn't have a weapon
Yep! Sounds like Louisiana!
At this point you guys have said that about literally every damn state. Just say it like it is. Sounds like America.
You are purposely being disingenuous.
This world is going crazy thanks to Trumpand his BS
Blaming Trump again? Lol. Am I allowed to say this is Obama's fault? Or is it only applied to trump?
Trump only Nick...only black guys are allowed an opinion these days apparently
He still has the most lol
Yes he sure does
There’s gonna be hundreds of mass shootings by white people if trump loses the election next year
I agree there will be that’s what he has turned this world upside down in just a couple years!
Has nothing to do with’re just nuts
No the people who follow him are crazy and I mean literally ! Takes a crazy person to kill another, and this is what your President has done promotes crazies to do these things.
Two dumbasses pulling guns on each other in a store obviously aren't good guys.
Not a mess shooting
We need rules for these situations. You shoot an innocent bystander; you are put in a room with that person or someone they designate. You are unarmed. They get the firearm of their choice with as many bullets as you fired at them to shoot at you. #BatonRouge
There should be counts for number of incidents and shooters dead or alive in 90 days. Just a thought.
Aaaaaaaaaaand it wasn’t a mass shooting. Big yikes for you
One person getting shot is not a mass shooting. If it was there are hundreds of mass shootings every day in Chicago alone.
And apparently not good guys either.🙄
One person injured is not a mass shooting, watch how you use that phrase.
Who are you saying the good guys were? Didn’t see any in this story.
I don't disagree with the sentiment of the post because I agree that more guns doesn't mean more safe. You could speculate one of the people pulled their gun in self defense though, but not the point. However, I don't agree with the picture since it's not a mass shooting.
summer tyme in the city.
Thoughts and prayers from spineless hypocrites hand greased law makers in 1, 2.....
The only thing a good guy with a gun does is hide his shame behind it. And occasionally leave it unlocked for his kids to accidentally shoot each other
Oh yeah let’s all carry guns everywhere WTF
What could possibly go wrong🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Maybe it isn't such a bad idea, that way we can cleanse the world from these idiots. Only problem is that surely some good lives will be lost in crossfires.
Argument over who got the last slim jim and six pack of pabst blue ribbon or some other equally important topic I'm sure
Proof no one cares unless there are multiple casualties. Went from trending at #1 to #9.
A mass shooting is defined as more than 4 people being killed. It a mass shooting was just where 1-3 people are killed then all these cities like Memphis, Chicago, or New York would make us have over a thousand “mass shootings” every year.
New york? Lol I would almost bet my life New York has a lower murder rate than the city you are currently living in.
Honestly it probably does have a lower murder rate than where I live. That’s not the point I was making either, The point I was making is that if a mass shooting was defined as one person losing their life then we would have thousands nationwide
LMAO! 2 people with guns got into an argument, or as I like to call it "Every half hour in Chicago."
Who said they were good guys ? Bad guys carry too. Get it pencil dick ?
Not mentioned: Those who didn't bring guns into the Walmart didn't shoot anyone.
This is what I said. Nobody should have guns bc literally anyone can have a bad day or be in a bad mood and a gun in their hand doesn't mix well. Also, there's been lots of cases of accidental shots. Heck, people gets into fights all the time and their mind is clouded by anger.
Good guys with the guns shoot the bystander without a gun.
Obviously they werent good guys
I'm waiting to hear the bystander was standing there filming for @Twitter and @YouTube fame. You never get in-between two Cajuns. But, let's be clear, this is not a mass shooting.. it's likely a redneck standoff over the number of items in the quick checkout line.
When police arrested the suspect you think they weren’t carrying firearms
Most nonsensical thing I've read today. Desperate. To assume fate always has the path of least resistance. Fate didn't teleport good guys in to save 100s of stabbing victims this week around the globe. Be mad at fate. Not people carrying pocket knives.
But this was not a mass shootinb so...
This is an idiotic tweet on par with the people who jump up and say, “Hey look, global warming is real” every time a hurricane hits. So dumb and so annoying.
Um, you do know a mass shooting is defined as "4 or more fatalities besides the shooter" right?
This isn't a mass shooting just two idiots with guns. Shit like this happens daily, why is this being used to push political agendas?
This is why people should NOT carry weapons.
Good Guy with a gun gets the bystander killed