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Getting tons of reports that Overcast is crashing or getting killed in the background after about 30 seconds of playback on iOS 12.4. Any other iOS devs hitting problems like this? Any ideas? It seems to have resulted from 12.4 itself, not any changes to my code in that time.
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Energy logs aren’t helpful: the only entries I have are showing it getting killed for higher CPU usage than I think is possible in my code (e.g. 900% over 16 seconds), and the stack trace is all just _dispatch_workloop_invoke with no other context.
I haven’t had crashes but have had an issue on 12.4 where controls from control center or the lock screen don’t work/update properly. Also trouble skipping from my car’s Bluetooth. Good luck!
It’d probably be useful to get a sysdiagnose from folks experiencing this issue; you’ll get .crash files that spindump will generate.
Do you have crashlogs from App Store connect? If Soringboard terminates your app, you typically get a message at the top of the crashlog indicating the issue. We had similar issues with CPU time exceeding limits. Maybe a missing beginBackgroundTask?
Sometimes when I add a new podcast, and set a few hundred episodes to download, this will happen. I assumed it was because it overloaded my iPhone SE.
I think that happened to me yesterday, but only once so far.
The watch app is unstable right now as well.
FWIW I noticed this in the Beta iOS 13 1-5
I’ve not had crashes but frequent pauses requiring needing to hit play over again.
I am not an iOS dev but have 12.4 and overcast 2019.7 and have no issues.
iPhone XR running iOS 12.4 here. Regular user of Overcast. No such issues here.
I am having no issues on latest overcast beta and 12.4
No issues here, listened a lot today. Do a poll maybe on wether BLE headphones were used for those users it crashed on. I notices issues with my AirPods since 12.4
I've had some springboard crashes while overcast is running in the background, and general slowness. Usually requires a full reboot to fix. I was blaming on 12.4.
happening to me on @doppi_app, although it’s not super consistent. when reproducing with the debugger, it’s usually a crash on some random thread with not a lot of useful info. i thought it was my code ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Had an iPad on 12.4 that would just stop playing the podcast for no reason. Would need to press Play to restart. But no app crash.
Not sure if it’s related but I’m getting a odd disconnect/kill/ Bluetooth kill after opening Waze immediately after starting a podcast on overcast. iOS 13 DB6 and overcast beta.
The only time I had the happen was a beta you pushed out a week ago. I had been listening to the watch and resumed playback on the phone. The only way to stop it was to quit the watch app from the dock.
Not helpful, and likely unrelated, but I’m tired of my headphones disconnecting/not being seen by my phone.
Not a problem here whatsoever. Can’t be a generic 12.4 issue that applies to all users.
Not seeing it as a dev, but as an Overcast user, especially when hooked up to CarPlay, I find I launch Overcast, then have to kill it, before it will launch properly and work.
Interestingly but probably not relevant, I suspect (but can’t confirm) they changed the behavior of Screen Time in 12.4, such that it kills background activity when the time limit is reached.
Luckily for me, it hasn’t affected me yet (iPhone XS on iOS12.4/OC2019.7(776))… but good luck tracking down the issue. Hope it’s not too painful.
I don’t have Overcast, but since updating to 12.4 Spotify has gone screwy and the MPNowPlayingInfoCenter keeps going out of sync and i can’t play music in any other app unless I force quit Spotify (even if it’s not playing anything) ... might not be related but worth mentioning
Memory pressure?
I’m on 12.4 with 2019.7 and have had no issues at all
No issues here - XR on iOS 12.4 with Overcast 2019.7. Someone else mentioned Watch issues and no issues there either for me.
possibly related to the crackdown Apple is making on background API usage ? I thought that was for PushKit on iOS 13 though.
I don't know if there will be iOS 12.5, but some devices like iPhone 6 Plus will not be able to upgrade to iOS 13
No issues. All good here on 12.4
I just assumed this was an iOS bug, not an Overcast bug. Says a lot that I trust Overcast more than iOS’ audio playback control.
Check this out, helped us debug similar problems recently…
Running 12.4 on an iPhone 6 (I know...) and getting constant crashes. I first noticed it yesterday, but the problem fixed itself after a power cycle, and has worked fine ever since — until an hour ago. Suddenly it’s unusable.
Problem with bugs like these are you risk people trying your app, getting frustrated, thinking it’s garbage, deleting it and never coming back
No issues here on 12.4 and usually when this happens I notice
Just happened to me in iOS 12.3.1 and overcast 2019.7. The screen was locked (iPhone was in my pockets) and I was listening a podcast on my AirPods. Overcast was not the last app I used before locking the screen (Twitter was).
The audio simply suddenly stopped. The lock screen didn’t show any audio activity. I had to unlock the screen and launch the app again to continue listening to the podcast (I had to hit the play button, too)
I used it for 5 hours yesterday plugged into my car(not CarPlay) with no problems and another 4 hours today (speaker and Bluetooth to Bose A20) with zero problems
Just below iOS 12.4 and not crashing. I love your app and will update and test it if you like? Been looking at the red update dot for a while.