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iOS 13 has felt like a super-messy release, something we haven't seen this bad since iOS 8 or so. Definitely needs a lengthy period of consolidation and bug fixing; Apple's adding more and more flakey layers between HW and UI, and many subsystems need much more battle-hardening
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I've thought for a while now that Apple should announce iOS releases more like a 'season pass'; here's everything coming in the iOS 13 timeframe, but not all at once. Maybe developer betas get features/APIs early, or opt-in things. Apple needs a better content release cadence 😂
A looot of users telling me that iOS 13 has been a straightforward, stable beta without major issues. As a user, same! Unfortunately, if you dig a little deeper behind the scenes, everything is on fire. For developers, and for Apple, this was not an easy development cycle
The whole 13.0/13.1 thing is crazy!
What do you mean?
The fact they both exist and are coming out in the same month is unprecedented
It’s been a disaster for me…as a non-developer.
iPhone XS and iPad Pro
What issues have you encountered ?
White screens, app hangs, Mail sync issues, iCloud sync problems (before Apple rolled back their changes), App Switches gets stuck when triggered via CMD+TAB…
Even as a non-dev I’ve had as many issues as previous betas
I’m on 13.1 beta and still having a ton of issues with the share sheet just not allowing me to quick share to my contacts via message and Shortcuts just crashing to springboard. The share sheet especially feels like a hot mess.
One thing I can definitely say that the performance has degraded when you compare it to iOS 12. They spent one year optimizing the performance in iOS 12 and its evident in iOS 13 that it’s not there anymore. Also iOS 13 has a lot of unusual UI bugs which are not fixed in 13.1 😑
Also the new iPhones are shipping with the buggy 13.0 firmware which makes it even worse. You pay $1000 and you still can’t expect a smooth experience on iOS especially when the previous years release was the best performing iOS ever.
I’m using the 13.0 GM on my iPhone X and I’m seeing the opposite - everything feels faster: Face ID, spotlight search, launching apps especially
I have a lot of crash on my ipad still so...
I have good stabilization on the iPad 6 gen
Most people who don’t know anything about anything, don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t see the bugs when they happen and get star struck by features.
Yes. It's been quite nuts with 13.0/13.1. Apps that worked perfectly fine with 13.1 beta 1 broke majorly beta 2 onwards. I expected more betas to flow in for 13.1. Not to mention a lot of the promised features are now broken down over 2 releases.
yeah i’ve been on 13 since beta 1 and haven’t seen many issues at all
I’m on iOS 13.3 beta and it has been the most buggiest out of any iOS beta that I’ve tried. My keyboard doesn’t appear in Instagram, WhatsApp etc. and most of the apps have been crashing out of nowhere recently.
I love this! iOS Battle Pass. 😂
Interesting way to build hype ahead of time for features too 🤔
I’m still confused how 13 on an iPhone will coalesce with 12 on iPad and Mojave for iCloud reminders.
So you're saying wait til 13.1?
I kinda just wish they’d break things into App Store apps more. Why are calculator updates and bugfixes in Mail tied to OS release?
They functionally sorta do this already for some features every year, though I don’t think it’s ever on purpose. The fact that their whole business is structured around the iPhone makes it so they need to do almost EVERYthing in September lest they screw up their YoY financials.
And the video player was broken in every single release...
I think with their recent track record of missing delivery of features that pre-announcing a “season” worth of features would be particularly dangerous for them right now…
I wish they would just break out app updates. I enjoy the constant app updates when I use android.
A million percent this.
I believe the time has come to change the development cycle from 1 to 2 years. With well-defined milestones and some of them exactly matching the hardware releases, …
… also not to make things too hard for Apple's marketing people. But without the pressure of the unreachable deadlines of the current annual cycle.
I’d like a sort of “loot box” system where you can perform various tasks to unlock different features of iOS, but the really good ones take like years to get and then you can have iMessage flair to show off to everyone else. Why they haven’t done this yet is beyond me
$999 iMessage IAP to get gold lasers that fire with every imessage you send and instantly get on a list of people who should be launched into the sun
That is a good definition of scrum and explains well the problem of arbitrary deadlines set by marketing teams.
iOS 11 was also kind of similar, and it didn't really get fixed until 11.3 in March. Let's hope that they're much faster this time and that we don't see another release in the future like this.
the yearly cadence needs to stop.
Nothing wrong with a yearly cadence as long as features are released throughout the year, not all right in the first half of September.
Or maybe they just don’t line up two years of updates for one release.
Oh you forgot 11 already 🤭
13’s beta 1 is waaaaaay stabler than 11’s first release!
iOS 11 and 13 just can’t be compared in terms of stability... argh, I’m getting angry just by remembering iOS 11 🥵
Bingo!! 11 was the worst release ever. I’d take an early 13 beta than go back to that mess.
I always avoid using beta versions because I want my phone to be fairly stable, I know 13.0 is buggy but should I jump the gun and upgrade come Thursday?
You'll be fine. iOS 13 is mostly fine for users, and will be even more so when all the third party apps update this week. If you run into issues, it's only for ten days until 13.1 comes out
Reminders is royally fucked up across my devices. Reminders... 😂
iOS 11 was worse. That release is what caused me to switch to Android.
The bugginess and performance issues of 10.0/11.0 is what lead Apple to tout stability and performance improvement in iOS 12.
No way. iOS 11 was a million times worse imo. People forget how bad performance really was in that release. It took until 11.4 until things were somewhat ok, while 13.1 is shaping up to be solid.
Worst ones: iOS 8, 9, 11 Best: 6, 10, 12, 13
No. iOS 10 was really buggy but everyone forgets that because 10.3 was really stable.
Other than that tho, I agree.
idk, iOS was way worse, even stable versions. 13 beta has some bugs, but overall feels fast
Kind of wish the ‘tool’ stuff like SwiftUI and Combine were split out in a ‘preview’ state earlier. 3 months just doesn’t seem like enough time for feedback and churn. Wonder how much dev time that siphoned off.
Sounds like people in your replies are confusing end-user stability with stability for developers? Is that the real issue with 13?
iOS 11 was pretty buggy...
It pains me to agree. Though I do believe that they partly implement this so-called season pass strategy by seperating features into the .1 releases.
Not taking a chance with ios 13. I need my ipad and iphone to sync properly for work and 13 is only supported in iPhone so some of my work may not sync. Waiting for 13.1
I’d personally suspend judgement until the official release on September 19. Beta software is always gonna be buggy; that’s the whole reason they have a public beta program so users can help them identify bugs
Looks like someone forgot about the infamous iOS 11...
Just curious, I run 13.1 Public Beta right now, will that be an issue when I go to activate my 11 Pro on Thursday?
Only presumable issue you won’t be able to restore for your iCloud backup during setup (assuming you made a backup in 13.1).
Go through activation process quickly without logging into your account, download & install 13.1 beta, erase all content and settings and then you'll be able to restore from iCloud backup.
Assuming there will be 13.1 beta avaliable for iPhone 11 models, lol
... also, yesterday was a first time, that I had to roll back from beta #macOS on my #mbp, because it got unbearable. Sad times for Apple software engineering.
You’re ain’t serious are you? iOS 13 is great and iOS 13.1 is also great
iOS13 beta is worse than iOS12 beta but is waaayyyy better than any version of iOS11
the only bugs i've noticed are in instagram sooooo 🤡🤡🤡
Given they do yearly releases, the marginal cost and time do execute ‘season pass’ features outpaces the calendar. IF things turn out to be flakey or architected sub-optimally due to the calendar, then doing less in the release is the practical answer.
The iOS 12 release was a great one since they focused on performance mostly. They need some better processes when they work on new features. Most importantly to not mess up things like iCloud.
12 was v. bad if you develop Health apps. 12.4/12.4.1 the worst ever releases in memory. Unacceptable that many customers should have to power devices off and back on to get a working solution after a software update. I swear they’ve hired an ex-Windows person to head up QA.
While this is true, the fact that public beta iOS 13 came out ~two weeks after the first dev is incredible. Most stable yet, IT IS early days and flakiness is bountiful but speed and features are in abundance..
Omg yes. I don’t remember a time where betas where that bad. Lack of documentation and bug fixes really made me think if we were gonna have something working correctly by the end of September. We didn’t
Dude ios13 is the least buggy beta 😂😂
It’s been a long road of deployment process decay. It’s worse every year with hardware and software.
You can call me crazy, but I don’t have too many bugs on iOS 13 GM. There’s the occasional bug here and there, and they aren’t reproducible every time. They are nothing that I would say ruins the iOS 13 experience. Your results may very though!
How's the battery life on iOS 13?
wish everything is look nicer if steve still here.
Will updating iPhone X to iOS13 mess up reminders on iPad Pro for interim, as iPad OS has to wait until 30th?
And you using beta and complaining?
That’s because it’s very close to final release.
Why is everyone getting a bad experience with the betas except me. Only issues i had were in beta 1
I only remember iOS2 as truly horrible but nevertheless I’ll wait for 13.1 then
Interesting, from a user perspective has been relatively stable here vs iOS11 which felt much worse, but guess it’s all relative depending on your config or a feature you rely on is broken in a beta.
Yup! At WWDC I thought “there’s A LOT to look into” in terms of SwiftUI, combine, catalyst etc but didn’t think the work to support the new version of iOS would be so big, too.
You either forgot about iOS 11 or didn't upgrade till it was 11.3