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What are your podcast pet peeves? I hate guests
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Live show rebroadcasts
I don’t like them either. I think it’s how quick the quality lessens, like they’ll do the intro in a studio all nice, and then when the live part starts the sound just goes to trash lol
Especially when they don’t edit them.
Not doing ur research. I know people are fallible but it annoys me when they are talking about something that I know the answer to and I gotta sit there in pain🥴
oof yeah irritates me so much
boring guests, bad mic quality, taking forever to get to the main topic mentioned in the title
inside jokes ☹️
one podcast that I really love had 5 guests on a one time and it was horrible
That's not a podcast at that point that's a meeting.
Everyone is still talking about body counts 🙃
Giving out info that’s untrue/talking aimlessly about a topic that could have been easily researched
I have to recommend @datspod. They’re pros at this shit. @iamntyrell briefly summarises the key facts of every topic they discuss, then the others pitch in and they dig deeper
stories that get cut off and never get finished
"that's a good question"
Gutteral utterances from the interviewer. "Uh huh" and "yeah" and "for sure" and stuff like that. It's extraordinarily distracting and a clear difference between a pro interviewer and an amateur who doesn't understand audio. Just ask a question and shut up. How is that so hard?
Have *something* to say. Let your show be *about* something. What seems like stimulating conversation to you and your friends may not be everyone's cup of tea.