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What are the two command line tools you can't live without. Mine: awk & jq
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| (pipe) doesn't count or else I would have said that ;)
Do you think sed ever gets jealous of awk or vice-versa
Let me grep on that a bit and I'll get back to you.
No, they meet over beers and complain about Perl
sed: “I edit streams!” awk: “I match patterns!” Perl: “I S U B S U M E”
SNOBOL: I was processing text before it was cool sed, awk, Perl: OK, boomer SNOBOL: 😢
They have a supportive relationship where they cheer each other on for their strengths and support their weakness (and both sigh at gnu extension)
sed thinks that awk's name is a bit pretentious ;) After all, ed wasn't somebody's actual name ...
Do you have anything to do with the medical device company, Abbott?
I now picture sed and awk as Bert and Ernie (respectively). Thank you 🤓
*PerlLover80 has entered the chat*
I almost exclusively use (g)sed, and mostly just simple regexes. I only come across awk sometimes on SO, to be honest. =)
Yeah, they have an awkward relationship.
They are both jealous of grep
I have failed code reviews for gratuitous use of grep|awk and grep|sed.
Well yeah, sed/awk have regex matching, grep was probably unnecessary.
Gawk at the greps of my wrath. That's what she sed, mawkingly.
Well, it’s complicated…
Awk is my '{ print $7 }' tool of choice.
AWK is a full programming language (even if most people only ever use it to print a field by number), so vice-versa? No. :)
awk is much more elegant than sed. It's normal to get jealous 😎
I use sed over awk out of old muscle memory so hopefully sed is feeling not too left out.
Almost anytime I use a pipe now I think of the last line from your ode to pipe and chuckle: "I hope this post helped you learn something, if not, just pipe it to/dev/null."
Who needs pipe when you've got <()
Dammit, I was about to say pipe and grep, but I'll have to go w grep and xargs
Is pipe a command?
Was legit about to reply with | .
Navigation related ones that I can't live without: ls (duh), broot (an interactive ls) and autojump (jump to any dir you've been before).
I had to really think about it since pipe is out. I think I will go with Expr
find and xargs
Oh I love xargs, now I don't want it to be jealous I didn't choose it
Am I allowed to pick busybox? 😬
I feel like pipe and xargs are so essential they're out of the competition automatically
There’s a handful of indispensable command line tools, and I think jq is the only one I can think of that has appeared in my career, which tells you how young I still am.
Find is the one that appears in just about every Makefile I’ve ever written though
How do y'all live without grep
It's hard to choose!!!!
I guess if I have shell builtins, I can implement xargs myself, mostly, so maybe grep is a better choice?
You're gettin' too serious on me
How do y'all live without cd and ls
Find had always been my best friend. Took many years to discover a use for xargs, and now I use them both 50+ times daily.
Limiting it to two is so hard! My commandline text grinding toolbox is mostly composed of find, xargs, grep, sed, and awk.
nano and python
History | grew
Crap, I should have said sed.
yeah, or in my case: | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
If I had all my shell history and did a sort | uniq -c | sort -rn I am sure that would be in the head -10
appreciating this comment very much
I've done this so frequently it's now an alias in my dotfiles as sortrn and sortn (for whether to reverse or not)
I should have picked curl
I assumed it was implied.
If curl is your favourite, you will love httpie even more.
find and grep (ripgrep)
lately: ripgrep (rg) and fzf
This feels bleak :)
“ssh” and “nano” (or “vi”, or “pico”, or “emacs” depending on what is installed)
There are systems without vi(m)?????
I know... hard to believe isn’t it
Maybe it is restful
sudo and dd is even bleaker ha ha
xargs and recs
ripgrep and tig
tig is a lovely piece of work
WHOA I'd never heard of z thanks!
also try it works with multiple directories so I can type "j d8 d" to jump to /mnt/c/www/d8smartsheetweb/docroot -- I can't just type j docr or something because I have many docroots :)
A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line - wting/autojump
Seems to have more functionalities, trying out, thanks! 🙌
I've been using FASD for a long time. It's superb.
Reminds me of autojump ( but I'm not sure it that does frequency as priority the same or not.. I will check out z
A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line - wting/autojump
Surely that’s the first man page to reference House of Pain
I will start to use z for sure
ripgrep and git
Of the ones mentioned find/xargs, but also irb (better than any GUI calculator app) and (on MacOS) open.
Why use ‚find+xargs‘ if you can do better with ‚find ... -exec cmd {} +‘?
It can be quite a bit faster to run the command once with N arguments than to run it N times. Also sometimes you need all the files at once, e.g. zip
alias open=‘xdg-open’ # sort of fixes that om linux
egrep and awk, most def
Does that mean you grep with awk?
Sounds like a Galaxy brain meme in the making
z and rg (ripgrep)
ag and curl. Well, it's not entirely true, I can live with grep instead of ag, but it shortens my life a bit.
awk and jq as well. I think the first is a staple (picture related) and the later a result of so much YAML everywhere, especially on that thing we all know.
I had to fix a bash script an ex VP-of-platform at my last company wrote that was literally “sed to remove line N to line M from this systemd unit file” and I’ve never wanted to strangle someone I couldn’t physically reach more in my life.
xargs and grep
This is mine lately, too!
except my bash history is always symlinked to /dev/null. Don’t remind me of my past, bash.
jq and autojump Not sure if shells count but fish is indispensable for me.
dig and reboot 🙃
grep and mpsyt
I wish I didn't have to read the manual every damn time I use awk, because it's so confusing 😂
Bat (cat with syntax highlighting) and grep.
That one also encourages you to type "man bat"
function and alias 😎🤓
To be different: sort & comm
Do you prefer comm to diff?
I use them in different ways. I mostly use comm with sort when processing lists of things to feed a tool like xargs (clever use of uniq often works here as well). I use diff for visual inspection or to feed patch.
fasd (like z but for everything, not just directories) and bitwarden
split (hangs head in shame)
hmm since a bunch of mine were already mentioned I'll throw in zgrep and zcat :)
Holy shit how had I never heard of ack before, this is amazing!
I raise you ripgrep (rg). It has a lot of similar convenience behaviour like respecting .gitignore. It’s written in Rust and incredibly fast. I use it to search a 6 GB code base with regular expressions and it flies.
ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern - BurntSushi/ripgrep
I mean take a look at ripgrep's repo, it literally beats sift in and if you're not convinced
I use pt even though I know ripgrep is superior. I'm just a Go fanboy. I still haven't finished the article about ripgrep though, it was very interesting.
Why does that page say GNU grep doesn't support "ignore case", "print only filenames that contain matches", or "print lines of context before/after matches"? It looks like a bunch of ack's features can be boiled down to having a built in "find".
Shell (bash) and Make
I've never heard of ack.. Is that when an awk regex goes wrong?
Find all the things.
IPython and psql
grep and ls I guess ( ctrl + l ) is not a command else this would be my first choice.
That’s clear, which I literally typed out, for ages, until a couple of years ago 😂 The joys of pairing ❤️
I just found myself walking along the street lol @ the readme of thefuck
ripgrep and less
The best software ever written: grep!!
sudo !! 🤦‍♂️ and hitting the up arrow key a hundred times because I forgot what the command line flags are
Alias and vim On Friday I tried to fix a bad Ubuntu install that was missing EVERYTHING. All my favorite keystrokes were missing and I couldn’t use alias to have it remember them - so here I was typing in all my favs like a monster. Then I had to use nano :(
less and grep (or the fancy modern replacements like ag), but limiting to two is a bit unfair I think because ls, cp, mv etc are so fundamental, I couldn't do anything without these either. Or good old make or even dd of course. :)
python (with one liners) & git
sed and seq
Damn, I’d also need bat I think (also, gawk better!)
sed no one ever
shutdown and poweoff, lol
Fzf and kubectl (although I wish it wasn’t so)
Can't live without zsh, git, grep, awk, sed, xargs, httpie, head, tail, vim, visidata, less, and probably many more. Also, can't pick any two from them.
cd .. netcat
Ack & xargs for me
`grep -ir` and `sudo nice --19 top`
Close runners up `git push` and `vim`
Cowsay and cowthink
ssh & sed (also grep too)
There are so many, but I would have to go with grep and sed! BTW, your choices come a close second.
fd & rg - find & grep, only accelerated & made concurrent
There are many. But if I can only pick two, it's git in vim.
grep and expect
I'd say 'fuck' but I really enjoy going '!!'
I use @elibendersky hack…, and the winners (non-bash-builtin) are: 9389 ls 33047 git Yay. (cd is the builtin winner)
love this type of threads, always end up discovering new and exciting tools
You guys never change directory ? cd is amazing at that.
grep and cat
Might be basic, but grep and diff. diff has helped me fix loads of stuff over the years. grep has helped me find loads of stuff.
No one has said tree yet... And I'll throw out espeak as well (even though I wish I knew morse code well enough to use the cw version)
ripgrep and history
i hereby endorse leif
I wish that make was taught outside the context of software builds. It would be so much less intimidating.
I wish people used it for other kinds of scripts too.
I wish that all these CI tools took a page from make and make like tools and made dependencies a first class part of their language. I've been thinking about this a lot with GitHub actions that are limited in some fairly sad ways.
IRL: grep & nawk Alternative World: m4 & find
The least glamorous but correct answer
I was definitely thinking ls and cd.
Except `cd` isn’t CLI tool but shell built in.
Couldn't agree more...
Those aren't command line tools...
ln -s and the man page for ln-s
Oh, I forgot: sort & join It's so difficult just picking two!
j (autojump) and the (ripgrep)
Depends on the day. Finding weak systems - Nmap and msfconsole Fixing permissions (Folders and file shares) - icacls and for Daily uses - get-aduser and set-aduser
*dir not for - stupid autocorrect
If you haven’t seen it before, rq is a nice alternative to jq
ack and history 😁
nmap & dig (I do a lot of network things)
It's like choosing your favorite child.... But I find I get really frustrated when a system has more and not less. To clarify, I mean less. I need less. Like the command less. Darn geeks and their names.
Would it be fair to say: You can’t stand a server less less?
I like less more than more.
sed and xargs.🖐️
I think I need 3. Find. Xargs. Grep.
sshfs and (cliche) vim
Grep and sed. Then vi. Prefer command line perl to awk.
grep, xargs
ag (the silver searcher) and xargs
httpie (I’m lazy, sometimes it takes just a bit longer to remember curling syntax) and lsof
top and kill -9 😵🔫
I'll file more than 2 pairs but in different groups openssl: check web certs, random passwords / wget sshfs/openvpn: all your base belong to u git/ls because symlinking dotfiles dies my tool for storing shell history in a database:}
git and vi ... although I guess vi is an editor
Xargs and sed here. Vi too if I get to pick a third one
Mine: history and grep Cause I am too lazy to execute previous long commands with params usage: $ history | grep (some-word-in-previous-command-to-executed)
...too lazy to re-execute...
lsof and ncat (the one bundled with nmap, not the crappy bad one)
Oddly enough, git and cat
fzf + ripgrep
pwait and awk.
grep and less. I used to use find a lot, but now VS Code is a much faster find for most of my searching within a codebase.
+100 for each, especially when working remote
Screens with named windows are a godsend; now I just have a window open for every directory I need to be in and every script I need to run
I only learnt about jq a few weeks back. It's _so_ handy :D (for anyone who's one of the ten thousand, it's like sed, for json)
ripgrep for searching and bat for catting files with syntax highlighting
I could only choose 2 fzf is my next one. Combine it with bat and fd for file search and preciew and it's like unlocking superpowers
socat and base64 (not really my favorites but this thread already has my favorites 🙂)
z and fzf
Perl(5) and Emacs
Yeah I was trying to decide if Perl was cheating. I guess Perl and “grep -P” for me but only because I run emacs in X so it’s not a command line tool ;)
Console != cli... I feel like editors shouldn’t count
My bad. Emacs is an operating system and Perl is a religion. (Or did I get that backwards?) ...that said Perl is incredibly helpful as a command line Swiss army chainsaw.
Perl!!? Dave!!!
(Grey hair intensifies)
Ls & ssh - yes I'm a noob 😁
Ctrl-r and man. ;)
autojump, jq, hub, lab
Ag (better grep) and hub (GitHub cli)
the pipe | 🙂
z & jq 👨🏻‍💻
I'd go with gcc if I had to choose something versatile
cd and pushd
ripgrep and git (fronted by Emacs of course) 😁
do curses stuff count? if so, ranger. The other one has got to be grep and variants like ag
sed and grep solve a lot of problems for me
sudo and ssh
I wish I knew awk better, it seems incredibly useful, any tips or script snippets that are some of your most useful? My two tools would be grep (yeah I know) and diff
Here's one way of adding custom command line options to Awk scripts... #!/usr/bin/awk -f BEGIN { for (i = 1; i < ARGC; i++) { if (ARGV[i] ~ "^--flag=") { _flag = substr(ARGV[i], 8) delete ARGV[i] } } }
It be possible to call other executables from within Awk scripts... #!/usr/bin/awk -f BEGIN { _path = "~/" cmd = "ls " _path while ( (cmd | getline _line) > 0) { print _line } close(cmd) } ... which may or may not help with code reuse.
grep and xargs
grep, netcat, awk & jq
I was going to say fzf and git... but then... モ history | awk '{ print $4 }' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head -n 2 6750 git 1215 cd
Grep and xargs
adding ag and fzf to the growing list here. lots of good stuff in this thread!
Awk is useful but I've only ever used awk '{ print $2 }' to get the 2nd / nth item in a line of text.
tee & vi(m) Not my favorites, but when needed they save the day
My response before reading the replies to this is ag:… tig: but I'm pretty sure I might have found some new necessities in this thread. Thanks!
Text-mode interface for git. Contribute to jonas/tig development by creating an account on GitHub.
"mkdir", "cd", "codium ."
It’s so funny…awk is on my list too….but I almost exclusively use it as a wildly overblown tool for printing space separated values in a pipeline…since I can never recall how to do that well with anything else.
Same, until I discovered “cut” which didn’t exist when I started.
Cut is the exact one that messes me up...awk defaults to splitting on almost any generic white space (tabs, etc)...cut doesn’t and requires shenanigans to make it work.
yarn & node :3
Definitely xargs and jq. Honorable mention to curl and sometimes perl (it’s legit as a command line tool). I’m sad to say I’ve never taken the time to learn awk
My command line fu comes from a different age. Thanks for pointing out jq!
If you want something similar that comes with libraries and a formal specification for the query language, check out Didn’t know it exists before I joined @awscloud ...
Only 2? Cut and sort.
Vim and grep :)
I thought about this a lot. First thing that came to mind was "ls". Then I thought it was git. Turns out my favorite is "alias" :D… I'm partial to lsd in this ^
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
Shutdown - f - r - t 00 (this has come in handy a few times for me)
But tool wise, I loved PSTools until PSExec was used in malware
git and “cf push”
using: history|cut -c8-|cut -f1 -d' '|sort|uniq -c|sort -n git and ls 2nd and 3rd were dot and launchctl, but that's because it takes 5x as many tries to get them to work for me
Awk and grep Also cd is all what I need to get where I want 😉
Windows: runas and wmic Linux: nano and man
DTrace and man
Kubectx , kubens - for my kubernetes world
$poweroff & $npm install _ _ _
docker-compose and ssh
(Possibly sensitive)
grep and tail
Sorry, can't reduce my list to only two. Only know that 'jq' isn't even amongst my top 100 (though I knew about it).
awk and grep. sed a close third.
"brew" and "brew install coreutils"
This thread is gold! Thank you
make and grep I wish I could jq everything though! Need to find more tools for beautifying stdout without having to open up vim everytime (love it but not for just reading files)
ag and fzf
bash builtins, because fuck forking, and rg (ripgrep) because who has 4s to grep the monorepo when rg can do it in 100ms?
vi and that as far as I got and got stuck...
cut, sort (bonus answer: Perl one liners)
I just learned about jq last week and I'm now more powerful than I've ever been. Literally lifeblood
Shout out to 'find' and 'sort'
history, and grep
Killall node 😂😂😂
cd and git ;) jq. Seriously?
nix and runhaskell.
ssh & less & grep
i probably pipe ~60% of the commands i run into grep. just for a laugh mostly
Hmmm 🤔 ack & sed
idk I'd have a pretty rough time without ls and cd 😂
Not a tool technically but learning chmod when I started with linux was something I'll not forget
grep and sed. Embarrassingly, i only use awk for splitting strings and printing the output. In 0th place is obviously sh, becaus would could live without scraping the output of a subprocess!
The silver searcher
Sorry to be negative: kill and reboot :)
If I picked only two I couldn’t do my job... well at least. Haha.
rg (ripgrep), sed
Both of those seem like they point to a fundamental shortcoming in the shell. In bash I feel like I spend way too much time trying to parse and capture output. That is why I have been considering switching to @PowerShell_Team
grep and find. But so hard to choose just two. 🤔😀
tail & grep :-)
grep & xargs Love to use it to open a bunch of files on vim: $ grep -lR expr | xargs -o vim -p
grep and find. Find is so powerful with -exec.
autojump and a tiny utility for searching command history: function how { history | grep "$1" ; }
actually I stopped using autojump and started used fasd instead
Commit confirmed 5 and shutdown
grep and alias
history and grep 🙈🙈🙈
If you press Ctrl+r you can then grep search your bash history
Or switch to zsh and you get prefix-matched history all the time.
Yeah that too, the reverse search on zsh is much better as well
This might be my best command tool actually Ctrl+r
I know I use that too but I like the overview
Also the `history | grep blah | grep blah2 | grep blah3....` etc is super handy
Or you can put ‘set -o vi’ in your shell and use ESC-/ like a normal person. Let the vi vs. Emacs flame war begin!
Emacs with evilmode, flamewar over
The only way I could accept the end of a vi/Emacs flame war ending with a single comment is if Emacs stood for “Epstein murder a certainty, sweetheart”
ls, cat, vim, ack, htop, tmux, curl, wget. Just from the top of my head.
cat and ls Can you imagine using CLI without them?
In bash, C-r to search through history, and "readlink -f" because why risk passing in a relative path as an arg when you can use a fully qualified one?
httpie and less
ll (out of the box alias for ls -l on hpux).
WordPress cli JPEGoptim
grep and I can't decide between sed and awk
Awk + grep = ❤️
kubectl, docker, curl, grep, git, all of them.
I taught myself awk to the point of learning how to write things that looked more like Perl with an odd lack of sigils in it... then basically have only used bash+sed in its place, since. I think I have to go with jq and bup, because more structured data is Good.
(Possibly sensitive)
Honestly though, I'm not sure this is a category that can be honestly narrowed down to two entries. find (or fd or fselect), grep (or ack or rg), sed, xargs, so many things in moreutils and coreutils… The command line is an ecosystem where tools standing alone don't thrive.
`pwd` and `ls` I am constantly lost. In the command line and in life.
vim & find
| git which command is sed to kill ranger, tig and kub-ec-t-l.
git and fzf, though thefuck is a nice buffer for if git asks you to git push -u origin master.
I use the NodeJS version of json instead of jq. And HTTPie. More pie! 🥧
There are programs I'm more attached to, but usually the first two things I end up installing are vim and aptitude.
tracert and ipconfig. Am I doing this right?
Yes, but they’re spelled “ifconfig” and “traceroute”
and of course xargs
I will settle for busybox and python 😄
Find and grep are the ones I use the most.
I don't about *the* two, but... rsync and fdupes
grep & vi (if that counts, otherwise find)
What's z? Hard to Google
yup but this one has no python dependency
Is that beneficial in practice? I'm a big fan of reducing deps but python is fairly ubiquitous
Judging by the commit history z is a re-implementation of another one he made called j which is an re-implementation of autojump, and he's also made another re-implementation called j2. Busy chap!
grep, vim
Awk and xargs definitely
strace to see what vendor products are doing and awk to analyse the output!
I like awk too, but I can't live without fzf anymore.
Why does everyone love jq so much. It’s neat but, meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
history and grep
Nc and curl ☺️
Namp for the win though
I feel naked without my zsh history 🤔
Zsh history with fzf. Can't work without both.
would like to use awk more but I use grep and jq the most, and curl
tput and echo... also am i the only one irrationally upset about that use of ampersand
grep and awk, and I keep forgetting how powerful they really are.
grep, ufraw-batch
To many to only pick 2. egrep, sed, awk, curl most used for sure.
Please and thank you
I learned about jq two years ago. Changed my day to day overnight. Such a good tool.
Awk & grep
gnu parallel & sort
I've found bat to be useful for piping yaml output (kubectl) to for syntax highlighting
avoiding the “obvious” — although i’m more likely to chain cut, sort, uniq, sed, grep, or write perl, than I am to write awk… I’m gonna submit “pv” and “ack”/“ag”/“ack-grep”.
also for others reading the thread, if you like jq, you might also like: - yq for yaml - hclq for hcl
I should use awk. I tend to use cut. And history.
awscli & curl
Anyone know an improved diff utility for directory trees that can easily ignore file patterns? Bonus if it integrates with vim -d. Lately I am merging a set of terraform modules/Ansible roles between projects which have been improved in each.
Git and dot (graphviz)
Screen for remote work and head+tail for getting a quick look at the many CSVs I look at each week
Speaking of which.. I'm trying to use sed command on azure DevOps pipeline, no success :(. (with PS I didn't get error but the file not change either). Some tip please? ☺️
I know it’s not a command line tool - but for me: LaunchBar and its clipboard history. Dozens of times a day
ag and fd.
I'm a sysadmin so I'm tempted to say something like strace and tcpdump, but if you snooped on my shell history over the past half a decade the truth would probably be ansible-playbook and vim 👀
Oh and the snarky answer: cc and ld
seq & find. The former I like a lot in for loops. This also made me interested in what I actually use the most, and my zsh history is 10K lines so probably pretty representative:
Generated by…. I suspect `ls` would be at the top of the list, if it weren't for zsh automatically doing ls after cd.
screen & tail
tail -f and grep
Tail and grep are my workhorses
make aliased to ninja.
ssh + | Even though a pipe is sort of cheating. Without these I’d have a much more difficult time
Just to pick some I haven't seen listed. Tab completion & ssh.
htop and cowsay
git and... uhh... ls 🤣
netstat and awk
htop, ncdu, grc...
jq + aykamko/tag
fzf and npx 🤩
Just wanted to say I love jq. And that if I try to evaluate this query we’d be sitting here until I die. Too many good choices!
ripgrep and parallel
i need to relearn jq every bloody time i use it. (multiple times a week)
xargs and grep Gota do that log file hunting
If you don’t already use jq for formatting/transforming JSON logs I highly recommend it too
ripgrep and fzf
tbh if I didn't have grep or sed, I could awk it there is no substitute for jq when parsing json i'm partial to column in addition to these
I wish I could awk things like how I plan in my head. But, for me, if you look at my command history, it's probably cd .. and ls -la 🤣😂
sed, echo, xargs, netcat .. almost daily used
Grep and history
history and grep 😅
fd and ripgrep
fzf and ripgrep!
nohup! so great for running scripts in background
Definitely grep and find
Grep and xargs. Hands down.
cd and ls 🤡
pdsh + dshbak
ssh and vim
sed and rg (ripgrep)
wc and cut
My brain just reads as Netflix and chill. Lol
Haha. I guess I can see that
Grep and stern, assuming vim doesn’t count. Do love me some awk tho
So much, but at least these two: ssh and ripgrep
at the moment it is `git` and `make`. While I like git, I surely do not enjoy make that much, but it is essential to simplify the build process around our apps (Go-based). personal favourites would still be mc, tmux, zsh, ssh, rsync, etc.
Apt and python
I just can't live without Linux!
grep and cut...all day, erry day...
grep & cp
history | grep
I use awk a lot too!
sudo and history
ripgrep and perl (so hard to pick just two!)
Mine are probably xargs and jq
Shout out to xq and yq though (however I've yet to find a good yq implementation)
Honorable mention for pv
Haters will try to put my down but I honestly like nano a lot and use it at least once a day
git and curl ❤️
ripgrep and jq
Curl | sudo bash
cat and grep
Awk, sed, grep, cat
bedtools, samtools
Autojump and diff2html
ls && pwd && cd
pbcopy & pbpaste
I'd have to go with pushd/popd, and msbuild
pwsh and powershell.exe
grep and xargs ("perl -nle" too, if that counts)
Ssh and history
awk and grep has helped me save my time really.
I’m in management, so my tools are: 1. Clicking “Create Story” 2. “Hey, can you handle this? Thx”
man.... And any other afterwards 🤷
['grep', 'awk']; The most common patterns I'm using on the CLI are "for x in $(command | egrep -i 'something' | awk -F',' '{ print $2 }' | returns-single line strings); do action ${x}; sleep 1; done" & putting hosts in a file w/ansible alias to run sudo '${x}' on all.
awk and yes
Learnt of so many cool tools!! For me it’s ack and screen
grep, awk, sed
Cd and ogr2ogr
Thats what she sed
tmux & vi
perl and I have no second answer
Maybe not essential, but I've recently discovered "rename"… I.e.: rename 's/\s+/_/g' *
Vim, JS, awk, xargs
Ssh and sudo
Grep & wget/curl
there's something other than a command line?
help and set (on VMS)
Classic: sed and grep. I never manage more than {print $2} with awk, but that is useful enough. jq is my new favourite!
Mine are htop, ps and find.
my history says: ssh and ls
Professionally gw & docker. Others git / ctrl+r+r (history). I'm confused though...are they tools, cli, just commands...because I learned the terminology from dos in 1997, when the 5.25" floppy disk had to be inserted to boot up. They used to call it command.
grep & sed Once you use them, you're generally working with a simpler problem.
ssh and ls. I probably use these every day along with their various flags.
netcat, dmesg - they usually save the day in complex issues
rg and an in-line Perl interpreter
As a network engineer: ping and traceroute 😬
They're all 13/10 don't make me choose
fd and (previously ag) rg
eval 😂 And since is a good one instead of tail (but either)
For sure: grep Does screen count as command line tool?
Brew and ls 👩‍💻
Just two is tough. Awk, grep/egrep, cut, sort, head, tail and even sed get used to often. I think awk & grep are probably the top two though.
I'm surprised, my guess would have been different!
Without a doubt: ag
grep Also, instead you can find out by using commands history, awk, sort, uniq on your terminal!
ls l grep <..> cat ..
It depends on the day. Sometimes cut & sort🔠, others curl & jq, others pgrep and pkill 😅...
If only pipe.. aaand grep and code :)
less and grep, and pipes
htop and netstat -plant. Need to know which process to take out the back and discreetly shoot in the head.
Do Logout and Shutdown count?
Fzf, nmap
npm and cargo
cd Ok but really a command line tool, since it's a built-in to most shells, then emacs :)
!$ & !(last words)
sed awk and grep are my most often used
Just two? Monster :(
bash (is this valid?) & dig
jq & csvkit The latter is amazing for handling CSVs at the command line, since they are inevitable in #DFIR
Similar to ripgrep, ack.
Shutdown and grep
Grep and jq - staples of json log search
Grep and nano. If it must be a piped command then grep and sed.
Powershell and git pay the bills.
whoami and whoami
ls and awk definitely
less and feel
I work with repo a lot, so I'm going to throw in a vote for `yes`
bash and jq Honorable mentions: sed, ag, and parallel
Grep and xargs
Strings and sed with vi coming in third
castnow + subliminal 🥳
less & colordiff
xargs / tr (/ awk, but you mentioned that already.)
tig comes pretty close
For data science, csvcut and pyenv
Ouch that's hard... cat & grep but find & ssh is are up there
Parallel, screen and cowsay.
I mean, is `git` in my history file 4865 times? Yes, but git is a given at this point. 😆
I would say grep and jq