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After having a non-zero number of tabs open in Chrome on my phone for the last few years I finally reached Tab Zero. Decided to disable Chrome and installed Firefox Preview. Doing my ever-so-small part to rebalance the web away from Google. Next up: doing the same on desktop.
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Why do you want to rebalance the web away from Google?
Blink should not hold a monopoly on rendering the web. Ironically, Chrome started in part to avoid the very same thing with Trident in IE. The current power imbalance means Blink and Chrome can partially impose their will instead of being beholden to the user and standards bodies
I will make the switch also. Thanks. Always on your footsteps!
Brave on Android and desktop, trying out Firefox on desktop. Chrome sits and pegs cpu- lord knows doing what
Any plans on writing a Firefox extension for SDKSearch?
Yes! Although I think it already just works. It does in Opera, at least.
check out @vivaldibrowser, it's from one of the original Opera browser co-founders
I made that switch a few months back. quite happy with it. /cc @firefox
New cv skill: can work with both chrome and firefox :p
I've done the same, in the opposite direction though with desktop first.
Inb4 techcrunch tomorrow: "Employees are protesting Google by switching to Firefox"
Lol, most 0th world headline ever.
I could totally see it. I still remember when recode or someone said we had a secret meeting in London to discuss making swift the primary Android language
🤦‍♀️ Would be very funny, actually, since Google's involvement in the web is one of the things I actually like most. I'd frame it.
Ib4 the next thing you know, Google buys Mozilla
I wish there was a tool that can migrate or sync the tabs between Chrome and Firefox.
You can just export from chrome and import that HTML in Firefox.
Can't leave Vivaldi on desktop, way too powerful compared to chrome and Firefox :s
I switched quite some time ago, both mobile and desktop, don't miss anything, actually like it more on desktop, lighter. Mobile is about the same, maybe a bit slower (not FF Preview though).
Whats your opinion on the Brave browser?
You know what, I’ll do the same. I’ve been postponing it for quite a while
You should try the Brave browser for the desktop.
FF has some pretty nice social media tracking blockers :)
You'll regret it :D Google is king whether you like it or not
Bromite - Chrome based, privacy oriented
The one we need to worry about is Safari. Inexcusably bad browser for the resources Apple has
Absolutely. But I can't do much there except not use it on my MacBook. They do seem to be the worst actors on the whole in the web ecosystem.
Funny thing is that the web would be much better off if Apple just switched to Blink & V8. But yeah...
Sure, but Netflix runs in 1080p on Safari. Whereas it's just 720p on everything else 😔
Oh yeah? Never noticed. I only really watch on my laptop when traveling
Wait don't you work for google? This speaks volumes then lol
but firefox eats too much memory...and cpu
Chrome wasn’t built in a day
Switched to Firefox focus about a year ago. Turns out I usually don’t need all the fancy sync stuff on mobile and would rather have the zero tracking for when I Google “pants robot”.
When I reach tab zero I’m going to Disney World.