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Can’t think why? 😂
Wow that’s awful sorry
Do you think there’s even a small chance that it has to do with your spelunking?
Nailed it. This guy violates NDAs and the Developer ToS and then complains when action is taken?
But then he couldn't pretend to be a victim! "Apple bad!"
I guess the problem is not giving an explanation or ignoring further contacts
No explanation needed. It's in the agreement he signed: "You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or attempt to derive the source code of any software or security components of the Services, Site, or Content"…
I think he’s complaining about the lack of communication.
It’s a really strange world where the tech community rises up to defend the TOS of the world’s largest company
There's a difference between defending the entire ToS and pointing out someone is lying and begging for sympathy after facing the consequences of clearly and openly breaching a very reasonable part of the ToS on multiple occasions.
That would be the obvious answer.
Lmao good luck with that. It's very clear why they did this. Break the rules, get punished. Very simple.
What specific rules exactly?
The Apple Developer agreement that he signed and agreed to, in addition to several NDAs. "You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or attempt to derive the source code of any software or security components of the Services, Site, or Content"…
Where can you see he broke rules?
Just look at his twitter account... This is literally all he does. He breaks NDAs and the developer agreement by reverse-engineering beta software to leak unannounced Apple products. He does this all the time, it's basically what he's known for. You new here? lmao
do you have beef here? You’ve replied to every comment with the same!?
A lot of people don’t know the facts here! Do you?
No, but when I read your first tweet it opened my eyes. It’s like you have an agenda or beef with this guy for some reason?
He’s playing the victim here and pretending he didn’t do anything wrong. His account was closed because he’s violated agreements he signed many times. I’m providing facts to everyone who is pretending he’s innocent.
Whether he knows why or not, I do think Apple should at least tell him the reason and not just close an account with no feedback. Why do you feel the need to make sure everyone single person knows? Say your piece and get on with your day. You come across as having a lot of hate.
Why do you care? Are you his PR guy or something? Lmao. He broke the rules he agreed to follow, and is asking people to feel sorry for him because he got punished. I don’t feel bad for him.
😂 not at all. I read his tweet and started reading replies of which you replied to all of them. Just seemed rather odd. Thank god for online vigilantes 👍🏼
I didn’t reply to all of them. Only the ones who didn’t understand why his account was closed. :)
And yet, there are others on Twitter that do the exact same thing and they still have access to their developer account.
He’s the best at it.
Many of them are smart enough to either have more than one developer account, not using their real name. He wasn't.
And I suppose you're ok with those who don't use their real name?
It's not me who has the problem with it, it's Apple. If you're stupid enough to break the rules using your main account under your real name, I'm not going to feel bad about it.
Oh wow man. I didn't know this was a problem for you 🙁 I hope you can find a solution, this was messed up for them to do that.
No it's not. He broke the agreements that he signed.
I mean even if he did I think they should definitely reach out and say that he broke the agreements. Not saying he did or not because I only know as much as what was posted.
He did. That’s very obvious.
Please do look into this
He broke the developer agreement and NDAs many times lmao
Keep making noise dude, You will get this sorted out! Best regards.
Making noise about what? He violated Apple's developer agreement in addition to NDAs. Break the rules that you agreed to, get punished. Seems very simple. You're going to pretend he didn't do anything wrong? 😆
can unlock it for you 🙃
Hope this gets sorted out — I *love* AirBuddy for macOS!
Thanks Joe, I love making it
That doesn’t even make sense the president can’t interfer with the free market system for a reason
Apple kills his dev account in a means to stifle and slow leaks.. Does absolutely nothing, but shine more negative light 😖
That’s mean the have a surprise for the next apple event? 🤔
They don’t like all that spelunking!
Correct, since it violates the agreements he signed. Are people actually surprised by this?
Hope you get it sorted 🙏
Thank you Marcus, me too 🙏🏻
There's nothing to sort. You broke the developer agreement and NDAs, so you were punished. Seems very straightforward, actually.
They the ToS
Very strange!!!🙁🤨
No it's not. He violated Apple's developer agreement and NDAs numerous times.
Probably yes. But it’s no problem to send him a message😉. Because now they will do this the next days, I bet😉.
Oh that is awful. I hope they fix your account!
Será que é porque você antecipa vários segredos? 📱
Apple: He does stuff we don’t like. Permaban him immediately!!!!! Never allowed to do anything ever again!!!!! One of many reasons I hate apple and wish someone would make a better product so I could leave their hellish grasp.
"Stuff we don't like"... um yeah... the developer agreement he signed and agreed to, in addition to NDAs. Break the rules you agreed to, get punished. Seems pretty simple.
Yes, we get it, you think he broke the developer agreement. You also seem to have an axe to grind. Replying over and over with the same thing is not helping your argument.
It's not a matter of opinion. He's clearly broken both the developer agreement and NDAs numerous times. I'm far from the only one here saying it.
What “argument”? He’s stating facts.
You know there are terms and conditions, as well as an NDA that you sign when you get a developer account, right?
No, general logic has escaped him.
Yes. I have also read the terms as I also have a developers account. Last I checked it doesn’t say anything about disclosing publicly available information or reporting on information provided to you from an outside source for news reporting.
What a childish viewpoint. He didn’t just do something they “don’t like”. He broke many rules and NDAs... He’s an adult and should be held responsible for his actions (as any adult should). When you get caught for making those choices, don’t cry about it.
I hope they will resolve this soon. Keep your head up!
Good luck! @Apple you better fix Gui's account
I’ll take care of it for you. Hold my beer...
why are you not tagging @Apple ?
This is the shit that terrifies me day & night about being an indie iOS dev. I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop -- knowing there's no one to call & no one who can help
Depends on if you breach NDAs or not.
This has happened to ppl who breached nothing, for absurd reasons (like the way they used their credit card for ad spend etc). The thing that terrifies me isn't it happening, it's that there's no phone number to call to talk to someone who can help. There's only waiting.
Any legitimate claims get lost in the sea of false claims, such as this one. Apple doesn't have time to investigate so you all get nothing! Go Android!
Lol. Don’t breach NDAs and ruin people’s hard work for clickbait. Simple.
Dude: I love his work, and his views… but he’s repeatedly violated the terms of the developer agreement, reverse engineering the OS to divulge features, etc. He cannot be surprised.
Surprised you don’t just call out @AppleSupport
Hopefully gets fixed soon as I enjoy your apps and your podcast. Thanks for the great work.
What?! Hope they get a grip and fix this ASAP…
I’m going to buy one of his apps now whether I need it or not. Support!
Tried writing a mail directly to Tim Cook? That worked for me once with iCloud issues where the support was ignoring me over and over again.
Wow that’s an awful experience! Let’s hope it gets fixed soon enough 🤞
Thanks Tobias, I really want to put those CoreImage skills into practice 😄
What's awful about getting punished for breaking the agreement that he signed?
we have an issue over here.
No issue at all he broke the agreements that he signed.
You’ve violated the terms of your Apple Developer account on many an occasion, so you can’t be surprised. The only thing I’d side with you on is that Apple could have done a better job at telling you that you did and that’s why you are removed.
Exactly. All of these people rushing to his defense and acting like he didn't do anything... 🙄😆
Hit me with the info because I don't know what you guys are talking about lol
Google him/look at his Twitter feed. He likes to find nuggets of info in developer builds and posts online about them. Here you can select the Developer Agreement in a language of your choice…
I can't quote the entire thing here, but one example: "You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or attempt to derive the source code of any software or security components of the Services, Site, or Content"…
And how does this specifically apply to Rambo?
Um, are you familiar with him at all? Lmao. Reverse engineering beta Apple software is literally all he does, violating this agreement he signed and NDAs for beta software. Just look at his twitter page.
Go and read the agreement, read his Twitter timeline and work it out for yourself. He has infringed on multiple parts of the agreement, on many different occasions.
He’s legendary for finding advanced hints within NDA’d beta software of unannounced products and have been the #1 source of leaks of products such as the Series 4 Apple Watch in the entire Apple Community. We love you for it but you had to know Apple would take action eventually!
He did a lot, USEFUL stuff for other developers. So, in a way, you are correct.
Too bad he decided to break Apple's terms (which he agreed to) and is pretending he's a victim now that he was caught!
god that’s frustrating, best of luck getting it back quickly 🙏
Thanks Riles! Otherwise there’s always AltStore 😄
Why would they give it back? The part he's not telling you is that he's broken the developer agreement and NDAs lmao
Hope Apple will resolve this problem. Good luck and thanks for your beautiful apps(I love AirBuddy).
Thank you Marco!
It's not a "problem". He broke the developer agreement he signed and NDAs numerous times. Break the rules, get punished. Seems pretty straightforward.
You have no idea why they did it? At all?
I think we might…
Yeah I was just being a little shit ;)
that "Magical" Apple experience once again. and yet people think they can do no wrong........ #sheepEffect #Cult0fApple
He broke the Developer Agreement and the NDA, bud.
They’re still mad that you leaked the Apple Watch series 4. :)
And iphone x, xs and xs max
Probably so, given that he's broken the Apple developer agreement (which he signed and agreed to) numerous times, in addition to NDAs. I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.
Do you really have to reply to every comment in this thread? Wtf man, what did Rambo do to you? Do you have some kind of personal vendetta?
He can reply to anyone he wants, y'know? Besides he has a point.
Um, no. He broke the agreements that he signed.
Rules are rules. NDA one of the biggest. Got to be careful with this app development stuff. One wrong move and you might be banned for life.
You typed out this comment and don’t see anything wrong with it? That’s some weird stockholm syndrome
Ooof! This sucks, let’s hope they get it sorted ASAP!
Not breaking the developer agreement he signed and NDAs would be a great start.
Apple doesn’t have a support anymore. I think. When I have a problem as an usual user they ignore it.
can you sort this mess out!
You state you're just an indie developer trying to make good software & have no idea why you're banned. This is a bare-faced lie. You leak information and reverse-engineer apps. iirc you've admitted to using your own dev account to do so. That's against the dev agreement and NDAs
Has he blocked you yet? lol He's blocking anyone who points this out.
Not yet, I can still see the tweet.
That’s terrible, i really appreciate what you are building. Keep us updated.
Hope you get your account back soon.
Why would he? He broke the agreements he signed.
hope that everything will solve asap. I love your work. Keep it up!
Thank you Costantino!
This is your fault. You knew this would happen. "You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or attempt to derive the source code of any software or security components of the Services, Site, or Content"…
That’s why clever people have different accounts for development and for spelunking.
What is spelunking?
The electronic equivalent of going into a room you were explicitly told not to go into, and in his case it was a legal document.
It’s ruining people’s hard work by violating Apple developer agreements and spoiling launch of a product or service or hardware because you’re desperate for clickbait. Karma.
If Apple doesn't want it "spoil[ed]", don't ship assets and code for it to the public. Did he violate the agreement? Probably. (If that's the issue, they also must be explicit about why.) But Apple is 100% responsible for any "ruining" of future products that happened. Ffs.
Did he violate the agreement? Yes. They were explicit in the terms and conditions which you *also* clearly haven’t read. Ffs
That's brutal...
Regardless of what @_inside did or did not do that Apple may or may not like: if they're going to ban him, the severity of that action should be matched by giving a clear reason and a body of evidence. If they are not willing or able, they choose to embody dystopian big tech.
As a fanboy, I love your work Guilherme. As a former Apple employee, I can assume you can guess why they've taken this action?
My Prayers are with you in getting your account back to normal
I take back the retweet. I found out you broke NDA
I hope it’s just a weird unintentional problem!
I would think there are grounds for Apple to sue you in civil court. But they won’t for public relations reasons. You choose to publicly expose secrets about their upcoming releases. And you act as if you should be offended by them locking your account. You’re ridiculous.
And yet, other developers do the exact same thing and they still have access to their developer accounts....🤔
They're smart enough to use a separate account for that, not their main development account with their real name... lmao
Or post it publicly.
Best of luck, this is an awful situation nobody wants to be in. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope, Apple will fix your situation asap and will do better in the future as our indie dev incomes are mainly based on doing business with them…
Nobody has to be in. He violated the terms of the developer agreement for clickbait. Don’t do it. Simple.
This is not ok and it seems Gui didn’t deserve to be locked out of his dev account. Please help Gui Rambo our and unlock his account as quickly as possible!! Thanks @pschiller @pavanrajam @settern @iMuggle
Narrator: he did.
How? What did he actually do to deserve to be locked out of his dev account?
He breached the NDA associated with a developer account. The one we all agree to when we sign up. He did it not once but multiple times. Amazed he’s had so many chances TBH.
Does the NDA only cover developer releases or public beta releases as well??
Public betas are different but not still not sure about hacking and recompiling.
Well I sure hope Gui gets a response ASAP because these types of questions need to be cleared up and its ridiculous that there still isn’t a response. Hopefully with @gruber posting about it and others, Gui will get answers in sort order.
Btw, even if he did break his NDA, it is NOT acceptable for it to take 3 months to get an actual response to *why* he was locked at of his account. I’m a proponent of the @AppStore but it taking this long and STILL not having an answer for something this serious is terrible!!
This happened to me when iTunes "rejected" my podcast submission. I tried to appeal, contacted their customer service several times both by e-mail and phone and got nothing. I still get creator update e-mails though like they did accept it. 😂
If Faze Jarvis was an Apple developer... 🤔
tu procurou né velho kkkkk
Paging @Jury Hate to call him out....
pls help for this issue
Sounds like you don’t like their NDA about sharing beta stuff to the public.
Maybe to avoid your discoveries :)
Any guess why they locked you out? 🤔 What do you think?
Are you using any private API’s?…
Been there 😬🤫
Também ! Tu fica frustricando tudo e descobrindo as surpresas deles 🤣🤣🤣 viu ! Quem manda ser Gênio do coding ! Show de bola Rambo ! Teu trabalho é incrível !
I hope things will work out for you man. Keep it up!
Well, the reason why is kinda obvious. Lol. Right?
I hope your account gets reinstated and that you continue your work from another account (on Twitter)
Why would they reinstate his account when he's violated both Apple's developer agreement and beta NDAs for years now? You're going to pretend he hasn't done anything wrong here?
Torcendo para que tudo se ajeite.
Ouch, it’s rough to be a renegade, but I hope they let you off the hook with just a warning
Consequences. You want to break the rules but get credit for doing that?
Impressed by the number of haters who love to follow and learn from you but on the other hand desire your ban. I wish Apple fixes that soon.
There's a difference between desiring three ban, understanding that this was bound to happen eventually, and disliking the fact he is blatantly lying and begging for sympathy for something that is entirely his own fault. It's a shame, but entirely reasonable.
There are a lot of assumptions here - since Apple said nothing on the matter, this is simply conjecture
No, there's only one assumption: that his frequent and blatant breaches of the dev agreement and NDAs have caught up with him. Those breaches are facts that he himself publicises. It's also a fact that the statement of "just an indie developer..." is intentionally misleading.
Agreed, so many plain jerks that no doubt benefited in some way. Or complained about some arbitrary-looking rejection before
It feels disingenuous not to mention probably the most obvious explanation for this: your own spelunking of the code to publicly reveal unannounced features and products. I mean, I love your work, but isn’t that sort of obviously relevant?
I feel that Apple should at least explicitly state that he broke the agreement terms. Besides, - I’ve seen apps rejected for violating something when similar apps with the same issue were let through for multiple updates
The point is, I have nothing against enforcement as long as it’s consistent and clearly communicated, and I feel like @Apple could do a much better job overall
It’s written in the contract that you sign as a developer, it’s even told in every developer release that the NDA is valid... so don’t whine then if they are revoke your account... Apple just had to do it earlier already!
Feel sorry for u, maybe it is time to unite together to protect ourselves from Apple.
Oh wow, I can’t imagine the amount of frustration you’re feeling at this point. Hope you hear from them soon.
What were you expecting?
Man I really hope that you’re heard by Apple, you make wonderful apps and do not deserve this :/
They did the same to me without explanation =/
That sucks. In India we have a super helpful Apple developer relations team with direct contact to someone from their team. On multiple occasions they have directly helped me with several issues which otherwise would’ve been ignored or taken a long time through standard process.
That’s an awful experience, especially the one-sided silence. I hope it gets sorted quickly! 🙏
Typical unhelpful @Apple
It could be for ever, not temporary suspension: take note of Leo Laporte who has been banned by Apple Inc from Apple events FOR EVER: both Leo personally and all internal employees of Leo’s TWiT LLC. So think about what to do if it is permanent/FOR EVER! Sorry man.
You knowingly and deliberately violated the developer ToS. Having apps in the App Store doesn't excuse you from the rules that everyone abides by. To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. You know exactly why you've been locked out.
Se, ao menos eles tivessem competência para fazer um excelente Airbuddy…
They blocked my account too for no reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no explanation, no nothing
Wonder why :D
Since August??? 🤯 That is pretty scary. Sorry to hear that, and hopefully you can get things resolved with Apple now that this is out there and getting some attention. And hopefully that doesn’t affect @chibistudioapp… 😬