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“Why do you need a 1TB MacBook Pro? You’re just an iOS developer!”. Well…
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Why IS Xcode so big, anyway!
Pretty sure I’ve spent more time cleaning out the tvOS DeviceSupport folder than I have doing tvOS development
I think computers should be coming standard two TB at least nowadays.
Reminds me of this picture I made back in 2017. (And also why I bought an 8TB MacBook Pro:
I wish I could, 1TB will have to do for now :P
4K video is a real killer.
No kidding! I have a NAS Expansion arriving tomorrow for this very reason.
You're on a whole other level than me, Ben! Maybe I'll get to that level of sophistication one day, but right now I'm just relying on Backblaze 😅
One extremely difficult problem with a single HUGE volume is that backups are a huge pain. Backblaze is great, but if you need a bootable backup *now* it isn’t as helpful.
Yeah; I had to get a replacement Mac last month and ended up getting one 20GB "essentials" zip from Backblaze so I could carry on working while a much larger downloaded completed. I should probably look into a NAS that can handle Time Machine.
When you do I’ll be happy to share my setup details with you. I’m a happy Synology user and just doubled down on that ecosystem.
That would be really useful – thank you! It's not something I want to think about to be honest, so I'd rather splash out and buy a box that gives me 5 years of worry-free life 😅 First hit on Google was a MacWorld article recommending this:
WD 32 TB My Cloud EX4100 Expert Series 4-Bay Network Attached Storage: Computers & Accessories
I have the older version of this… Upgradable ram, runs Plex if that’s your thing, I have it running Docker containers for Unifi Video, Pi-hole, and Homebridge. The software is really super useful.
I also have the 2013 version of this NAS. I swear the built in Time Machine server is more reliable than the one in macOS. Been really happy with it.
I have one of the smaller synologys at work and every few months Time Machine tells me it needs data consistency check, which fails. Aside from that, they’re really easy to use and manage.
I think this is just Time Machine being wonky. Not unique to Synology, but perhaps over wifi. FWIW I have gotten this too, but mostly has been solid (across 4 machines)
Yes that is my understanding too - the more I researched it the more I found people having the same issue with any networked Time Machine. For large video file archives I don’t see the benefit in TM so synology is perfect for me.
Lazy tweet to Synology user: can you get an SSD only solution? I’d like a device with just m2 ssd drives. I can’t find anything like that on their site. I find their site to be hard to navigate though.
2 of my 8 bays are for SSDs (2.5”) and are used as a cache to speed up reads and writes. The new one allows for a single m.2 I think
I shoot 4k but only have a 64gb 11 Pro Max, half my life is off loading video when I get home lol
Oh my god I couldn’t deal with that. I use up 600 gigs of the 2 tb iCloud Photo Library just in videos
I also got the 256 pro max though
Half-Life 3 😂🤣
I suggest you try hazel app, which can be programmed to eat old downloads, screenshots, xcode dmgs and presumably iOS versions.
How are you backing up this monstrosity?
Are you guys trying to say 128 won't be enough?
What’s the name of this app again?
Xcode is unreal with the amount of cruft it leaves behind. It drives me insane.
Great! Just bought the new 16 inch with 512gb.....
Come on. If you clean it regularly it doesn't take up that much. I do it often. I have a 256 GB SSD. I also moved the Derived Data path to an external SSD.
If I “clean it regularly” I have to wait for it to re-do the “preparing debugger” support when I reconnect a device for which I don’t have the necessary support files. I test regularly on several different devices / OS combinations.
I don't mean delete all :) I mean delete iOS 12.9, 13.0, 13.1 support files when 13.2 is on your device. But I also don't test on a ton of devices. I'm an autolayout wizard :)
Throw Android Studio on top of that and 1TB is gone pretty fast.
Look for Xclean in App Store. That helps you with that.
(Possibly sensitive)
Do you know of any downside to deleting old device support directories? I’ve always kept them, based on superstition more than anything.
When you want to use that particular device model / OS combination with Xcode again, it’ll have to “prepare debugger support”, which can take a while
Good point. Someday I’ll have to write some automation to delete them based on last accessed date.
What what? How is XCode over 130 GB?
I love Darkroom BTW <3
Thank you Guilherme :) much appreciated
Have you messed with Darkroom on Catalyst? Curious how easy you see it being able to release a Mac app.
In the early days, yes. Got it to run and we're excited about it but we didn't have the bandwidth to support Catalyst _and_ iPadOS, and we chose the latter. Catalyst is still very much in our roadmap though
Damn! Thats quite a lot...
React native and flutter 🤪
Shit dude, that’s terrifying!
Ug, don't get me started. Also the drives increase in speed as they get larger. As most compilation is io intensive, faster io (and ram) has noticable impact. We changed our dev team to 32gb ram. Saw a 30% bump in some cases.
And this tweet isn't event counting the 70gb+ that Catalina takes on HD, Apple should promote the available space on HD instead of the hardware size. 🤦🏻‍♂️
yeah, cleaning up every few months is part of the job :-)
It's even worse when you do Android development in addition to iOS, on the same machine. 🙈
I’ve been hearing that for years from designers, and regular users, not only storage, but hardware specs. It’s like some for them are unable to see that, for designing, they use programs we developers programmed, same with games and all...
I'm just a fucking gamer who does the occasional Photoshop. I didn't reset my computer for a year thanks to the lack of Windows Rot, and I'm already running out of storage. May God have mercy on my soul.
(If you really wanted to know... This is a 1TB MBP 2018.)
I agree... and things become worse when you also need Android Studio and its emulators.. (@walmyrcarvalho will understand me hehehe) ♥️
I just installed Android Studio and all the emulatores, jdk, and all the stuff last week and couldn’t agree more.
So 8TB gives you room for a couple virtual machines?