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I am *really* enjoying Catch & Kill. Like A LOT. The subject, the story telling, @RonanFarrow, the sound design ❤️❤️❤️ For me, top 5 of 2019. Unfortunately what SUCKS are the ads. There *has* to be some way to have ads in shows that don’t feel SO OUT OF PLACE & not relevant 1/
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The kind of budget that I assume the podcast has for production et al should also include creative for podcast ad creation + appropriate partnerships Listening to the 1st episode I was instantly turned off by the in your face pre-roll before I even heard the darn content! 2/
I totally get the need to have sponsors. I have ZERO resistance to them. I ❤️ sponsors, they really make the world of podcasting go round in so many ways But taking the highest bidders or closing deals w/ them should also include brands & partners that enhance THE STORY 3/
They need to in some way ADD to the very relevant conversation that Ronan is so expertly bringing to the table. That's the magic of podcasting. YOU can actually break all the rules and do it your way. The reason most of us podcast is because we ran away from irrelevant ads 4/
Independent podcasters aka those of us that have NO BUDGET, no team, etc do a much better job negotiating w/ our own sponsors and building relationships w/ our partners (and our audience) because we go above and beyond to communicate the value PLUS share why they are relevant 5/
Yes, it takes more to do that, for sure, but if you have a TEAM and budget, for goshes sake negotiate to hire creative just for the ads! Someone like @lisaorkin, just to put out a name. She is a master at JUST THAT - it cannot be that hard… 6/
The industry was born out of the need to disrupt business as usual. It is disheartening to see such little progress in ad incorporation with these high profile, high performing podcasts. They have a chance to break so many molds. 7/
I mean.... just adding a tiny bit more personality would do LOADS! Not all of them totally suck. I love the way @PreetBharara does his ads, and I especially love @julito77's ad reads for @InTheThickShow - they are fun, personal and full of personality. Ok, enough... /end rant
I agree Preet does a great job.
Yes Elsie!!!! 🔥🎙🔥
Thank you Elsie? I agree hire someone to do your ads. It a whole expertise on to its self.