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No, because it doesn’t work on streams — only downloaded files. (This is why in some podcast apps offering silence-skipping features, they don’t actually skip any silences when streaming.) I use the lower-level AudioFile and AudioConverter APIs to decode audio streams.
Hey @marcoarment Do you use AVAssetReader for smart speed on Overcast?
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Curious if you have any analytics to see what percentage of users still stream podcasts instead of downloading them?
Are you using a custom INPlayMediaIntent to provide Shortcuts to resume audio playback and enable/disable SmartSpeed?
Think how much faster you could compile that code with... A BRAND NEW MAC PRO!
Pretty sure that AVAssetReader + AVAssetResourseLoaderDelegate would let you do streaming (I.e. BYOD). Not that it would necessarily be better than CoreAudio APIs, but it should work.
Thanks so much for the reply! I am a noob self taught iOS dev. Digging through these frameworks boggles my brain 🤯. Nice to have a direction where to look for the solution!! Thanks again 🥳🙏