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hi #audiofictionsunday #audiodramasunday, I had two @Podchaser #audiodrama lists which I can't navigate/browse due to the site inaccessibility with my screenreader. Can anyone reproduce this in a nice navigable headings, or just text? audiofiction names are not shown for me!
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starting with @Podchaser the good I can read the list title, and the follow creater and creater name are accessibly labelled, every eps are separated into headings, play ep button are labelled correctly, and I can read the list and ep description with the duration, and list date
disappointing @Podchaser the most importan, the podcast name are only shown as unlabelled button so a blind user will never no podcast name, there're strange numbers below each ep heading, I can't save or like the ep, there's no share button showned to my screenreadercan't share
next, @ListenNotes the good I can read the list title, creater name, list desc, all buttons are labelled perfectly, I can sort ep accessibly I can play, save and share eps with my screenreader, I can load more eps if any podcast name and ep name with info are shown perfectly
the things to be added @ListenNotes it's hard to navigate to the next list item, in this case the episode as it is not structured according to heading, it will be great if this feature is added, and always ensure the site follows #w3c and #wcag guidelines,
next, @podysseyapp good most of the buttons are labelled correctly, every information is presented accessibly to screen reader users, adding to library, recommend and thumb up all are labelled and I suppose doable with screen reader, "not tested though" the player is accessible
things to improve, add heading nav for each episode, use html5 player for more accessibility and try to ensure site are #wcag and #w3c compliant thanks
To these three key players, do contact me for any accessibility help, it's a community and let's thrive together,
To conclude, though @Podchaser is richer with features and users, most features are inaccessible to screen readers and I am really optimistic that things will change this year, and@ListenNotes and @podysseyapp are #accessible to screenreaders with care and improvements to be done
the absent of podcast name is really a big issue if list are curated with only podnames like the #audiodrama lists that I shared earlier, hope you can prioritize #ux design and #accessibility
on a last note, #accessibility is a design principal, not a feature that can be added later, this apply for site, mobile app and in any design of any project! #a11y
btw @ListenNotes player are is to the minimum where I can play with the play pause, and speed box, but others like skipback and forward are not labelled, need to play a guessing game!
I can press play, but then I have no control or whatsoever to my media, I can't reach the player, if I reached, I lost my way as all the buttons are unlabelled and I only know it's a player due to timestamps! hope you can use more accessible player!
may be you can try this player , able player, fully accessible cross-browser player
Able Player
Fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player.
This is really good feedback, thank you. In AblePlayer I learn that some browsers can produce automatic transcriptions. I'm off to have a play with that.
I've tried to test this pages with safari on my IPhone, it takes so much of my phone's memory and the screenrader became so sluggish and inoperable!
as much as you roll out new features, i really hope that you care about #accessibility and mobile-first design!
in a big list like this, it is really unpleasant and totally inaccessible for me evenn to navigate the page on windows with my screenreader
Hi there! Would love to talk more and hear your advice for making our site more accessible. Can you please send us a DM so we can start a conversation?