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"The Library of Congress has recently begun to acquire podcasts as part of its mission to collect and preserve sound recordings. We have identified your podcast 99% Invisible as one that we would like to include in our collection..." 1/2
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"...We consider your podcast to be an important part of the cultural and historical record. (name redacted) Manager, Podcast Preservation Project Library of Congress" SO EXCITING!!!!!!! 2/2
It’s the revolving doors episode
It’s true! It’s all true! CONGRATS!!
Wow!!! This is huge.
they used to keep tweets too - probably have a bunch of yours!
it's where I do my b\est work
Congratulations to the whole team!!
Please don't tell them about MBMBaM
Congress should erect an monument to Glass Shark
Ask them for a tour of the cave stronghold!
This is fantastic! Looking forward to an episode of what this means and looks like.
oohh, that's a good idea
99% Invisible is probably the only show that can do an episode about an email and make it interesting without adding fiction.
I'm so happy for you, congrats!!!
Somebody's angling to get themselves a challenge coin.
Congratulations! Very well deserved.
Awesome. (This could be an episode)
Congratulations. I can think of no other podcast to be picked.
So cool! May your podcast last longer than the globe in Fire Station #6 in Livermore, California.
Congrats, that's fantastic!
Amazing and so well deserved!!
Congratulations! Well deserved.
Congrats! Well deserved!
A wise decision. Well done!
This is genuinely amazing and also some good news for the day!
Guess, you and your gorgious team have just become a timeless piece of human history! Congratulations!!
That is amazing! Well done 99pi team!!
I wish I could "like" this more emphatically. You're a GEM <3
You freaking deserve this!
that’s incredible, congratulations!! an honor well deserved
AHHH congratulations this is so cool!!
holy shit congrats!!! so cool!!
Congratulations, Roman, you've earned it. One assumes Smart Stuff is on the list as well.... 🤔
Wow! That’s huge, congratulations 🍾🎉
omg this is amazing!!! Congratulations!!!
That’s well deserved
Congrats! So deserved. I hope you get a plaque! (to of course always be read)
Congrats! It truly is such a lovely podcast. Thank you for making it!
Yesss! It TOTALLY IS ❤️ That is so cool.
Amazing news. Congrats!
So cool! (And well deserved.)
Congratulations! Well deserved 😄
I cried while making my coffee when I read this and thought, “now I can say ‘I heard it on a podcast from the library of Congress.’”
That is fantastic and well deserved. Congratulations!
Does that mean people will be able to “check out” your podcast?
I wonder how this works with dynamic advertising. Kids of the 2130’s are going to hear Robot Roman doing ad reads for trips to Jupiter.
Make sure you include the ads. That's always an interesting part of old media. People shipped MATTRESSES in the MAIL? So, if it was SPACE, how was it also SQUARE?
“Important part of the cultural and historical record” well yeah of course!! Congrats @romanmars and @99piorg team!!
AMAZING! congrats y’all 💕
This is almost like when my live report from the driving cab of a snow-gritter, bumping along an English country lane, made the 'golden moments' of BBC Southern Counties Radio and is now in a random audio file along with other golden moments. Not sure what they will do with it
Obviously it's much better than that of course! It was just my only relatable accolade...
"Important part of the cultural and historical record" has got to go into your email signature, and become a core merchandise slogan now. I would buy that coffee mug, tshirt, and tote bag.
Oh, I do think I’m going to add it to my bio. Ridiculously excited
So well deserved. You have my favorite radio voice and it deserves to be heard generations from now :)
Well done, you beautiful nerds!!
CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved! 🎉🎉🎉
Mazel tov!!! This is wonderful!!!
Congratulations Roman. The 99% Invisible podcast is an informative, entertaining and important part of America’s cultural heritage that should be preserved in The Library of Congress.
Wow! Congrats to you and the whole staff.
Yesssssss! 💙 none more deserving. Always and forever my favorite.
Congratulations!! This is amazing news 🙌🏼
The whole body of work, or just specific episodes? Either way, congrats!
all of it, from what I gather
Brilliant. My six year old just got a mini inflatable sky dancer for his birthday and I literally said out loud, to a child, "There's a great episode of 99% Invisible about the history of the sky dancer, if you want to listen to a podcast with me..."
did you listen to it together?! sounds like it'd be a blast!
Well deserved and thrilling!
Congratulations! Your work definitely deserves to be preserved.
jfc that’s amazing! Huge congrats!!!!
So well deserved!! 👏👏👏
Congratulations. Your work is pretty evergreen and should be interesting for generations
Congratulations! Your work is amazing and I'm glad many future generations will get to enjoy it.
Makes perfect sense. A wellmade podcast that documents interesting aspects of contemporary culture and recent history. An excellent choice for preservation. Kudos, Roman & Co.
In the future, some brave archaeologists in a fedora, digging the the Library records, will hear a scratchy, barely recoverable recording, and begin his quest for the lost city of Emeco chairs.
Amazing. Goosebumps to think of “This is 99% Invisible. I’m Roman Mars” Being played by a curious student long after we have all gone
INB4 the % symbol brings down the whole system. Congrats!
They would be missing out if they didn’t. It’s a fantastic show, Roman. Keep it up.
Congrats. Very well deserved!
Awesome! Curious if they requested a particular format for preservation - WAV file? CD-R?
Wow! I love so much of this! 99% Invisible is very deserving, and so are podcasts in general.
fantastic! one of the best podcasts out there. congratulations!
Nice! We should chat definitely about a Podcast Magazine feature!
Arts category!! On my list !
Congrats and well deserved.
Congratulations - your team absolutely deserves it! Cow Tunnels forever!
Wonderful news, congrats
Very cool and true in my opinion too. It is interesting to read someone stating that it has been decided by someone that something is historically significant. Good reminder that history is a construct and we need to be aggressive in making it inclusive. But how?
I would love to interview you for Podcast Magazine! I’m the Arts Category director & your show is on my list for a feature article #podcasts
This is so well deserved.
Excellent! I am always reminded of one of your eps. My friends are going to get tired me starting conversations with "Oh! I was listening to a podcast about this..."
Will be great juxtaposed with trump’s speeches.
So RAD! And well deserved too!!
Congratulations! Well deserved. The question on my mind now is: Will the % sign mess with their cataloguing system?
Only if they drive Mazdas. But seriously, I'm curious. I'll ask.
This is the sort of niche comment that is there for the beautiful nerds!
Hey @sommerfeld_paul does the % matter for indexing? I'm not sure why you'd know, but might as well ask publically haha.
As far as I know, it's shouldn't! Cataloging practices are to capture the title as it appears on the "item," in this case meaning how the title exactly appears.
Trump con law next ;)
This is awesome!! Congrats Roman!
I told them Inside Podcasting wasn't really ready for this kind of exposure. I guess you were next on the list. LOL Congratulations!!!!!
Just waiting for my letter to arrive. Any day now...
That’s so cool!
Well done. Agree completely
That’s super amazing! Congratulations!
The sweet sweet taste off historical significance.
Well deserved!!!! Congratulations!!!
So awesome. Congrats!
Wow! Congrats to you and the team throughout the years. Very deserving.
Totally appropriate and well deserved. Congrats to you & the crew.
Great news! Congratulations!