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Who uses RSS? Please do reply if you do.
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RSS coming to @HackCurio soon :) so glad many people do use it. Twitter is a horrible place to keep up with certain sites.
The irony is my youngish web dev was like "what is RSS." We gotta spread the gospel
No feed, no read!
You know when you launched it I went to add it to my RSS and I remember doing the sad trombone noise out loud
Haah our bad. But it's coming soon and then I will announce it!
Sometimes I think of twitter itself as “an incredibly poorly managed RSS feed”
Early on every Twitter account produced an RSS feed. Pity they killed it.
Thank you!
I still do. Primarily for webcomics and blogs. Used Google Reader until it went Tango Uniform, shifted to Feedly. Also, my podcatcher is basically a wrapper around RSS.
I looked for the RSS feed for something yesterday, because I wanted to use it. Does that count?
I'll stop using it when they pry the angle brackets from my weak paws.
All the time. Actually just set up so newsletters I subscribe to come in my RSS reader
If podcasting counts, then yes. [The Geologic Podcast is at Show 645, established in 2007.]
Sure, thanks to amazing @FreshRSS!
Hit that 1k source limit in my feedly recently
Yes. Feedly is my aggregator jam.
Yes, theoldreader is a great way to get the headlines without getting blasted by blocker-evading ads, cookie notifications etc etc
Yes, everyday !
I read news via RSS everyday with the Reeder app! Thankfully most sites still support it, though I have had to hack on a few sites via
RSS Generator - FetchRSS
Free online RSS generator. Create RSS from any web page. Build RSS feed for your site or generate XML for personal usage
I do. Am fucking incensed it's been almost killed.
Everyday through @feedly!
I don't understand how other people live *without* RSS.
Been using them for decade at least and after Google reader was killed I've setup my own TT-RSS. TBH almost always I'm at least month back on.
I run my entire site @Metacurity off RSS feeds, which I then put through a machine learning system
For netvibes
Yup, via @feedbin, which also handles newsletters (well!) and twitter (mixed results for me, seems to work for some).
Feedbin works so well for me that I hadn't visited their blog or support site for years - and so only just a few months ago learned it handed newsletters! Completely changed how I consumed newsletters (and improved my email inbox).
so much that i wrote a frigging RSS reader because i was unhappy with the existing ones ;)
if a bit unfortunate ;)
I’m going to check this out! How does it compare to rss2email?
it's like rss2email but the "email" part is a plugin so it can do other things than "email"
I started learning python a few weeks ago so I'm definitely going to play with this. thanks.
Good old thinderbird allows me to
Hell yes hundreds of feed in @feedbin
Me too, simple, works and I don't need a mega app that gets updated all the time
Love it with reeder on iOS and readkit on Mac
I do not directly, but through @juliabloggers yes (and other aggregators)
Still using Inoreader! RSS FTW!
yes, via thunderbird. I use it to follow a number of subreddits and github repositories, among other things.
I do, mostly to follow podcasts.
I do! And I wish more websites had RSS.
And in answer to your question, I use RSS several times daily! I use @feedly, pay for the premium version. I still like Twitter for the unexpected links from smart people, but the sheer density of fascinating news from a RSS reader cannot be best
is there a go-to resource for good feeds these days? mine is still full of weird Tumblrs and dead blogs from 2009
Try @feedly — it has a feature for searching for RSS feeds by keyword. You wind up finding all *sorts* of awesome blogs and sites cranking out great material
I do use Feedly, but haven't used their discovery. Thanks Clive! I think it's time for me to return to RSS
Refreshing my RSS feeds was one of the best things I did last year. I started over and found lots of good stuff. Also, the Google alerts feeds in Feedly are fun for esoteric topics/people.
I use Feedly too. Even the basic version is great. Still follow dozens of blogs using it!
I do but it's getting harder. @euan is an advocate for #RSS i don't understand the hashtag #RSS_MURDERED_MILLIONS
Harder to find feeds to aggregate.
Gotcha. I suppose I tend to be interested in sources that use it rather than more general sites.
I do. Couldn't imagine doing my work without it.
A huge benefit of RSS, for me, is that it is devoid of algorithmic sorting (unless you optionally *want* a reader to have that). It’s amazing how many more nuggets of interesting news I find when it’s delivered purely in reverse chron
Same! I know I'm not missing anything I might care about.
Yep yep. The marginal weird posts that would get totally left behind in the algo popularity contest are sometimes where I get my most valuable ideas. Indeed, given the nature of my work, information that is popular *right now* is almost completely useless to me
This is why I don't use first-party Twitter clients (except for functionality which they now deny to third-party clients).
What client do you use now? Feedly?
Yep. It's really nicely designed!
Been using it for ages and it's the best. Occasionally prefer email newsletters for high-volume news sources.
Podcasts, IFTTT pipes (that mostly deal with podcasts), following news sources and old acquaintances w/Feedly
I totally do love RSS. And I find it is a Really Sensible Solution (pun intended) to non-periodic content access.
Yup. Every day.
I 🙋🏻‍♂️
Couldn’t survive without it.
My blog has a Bray rwcommended RSS feed but I believe the concept is obsolete. Entry to my blog is via links in social media. And then most only look at the picture in the link and no more.
I do: NetNewsWire is my companion
RSS is still great: Noisy, overwhelming, too much, but great. I'd rather have too much choice than not enough, which is where we're heading.
Oh yes absolutely. I wish it was more prevalent.
Me! Every day. Usually multiple times. #Feedly is my friend.
I do. And I’ve been building a pseudo-reader solution to deal with it :)
Who doesn’t? Although many don’t need to know it’s under the surface making stuff happen.
I still read most of my content from @feedly. If a site puts content on their home page, and not in their RSS feed (and not Twitter, fb, etc) then I don't see it
Still do, but less.
Long time TTRSS user.
I do. Using Feedly via Reeder. Though testing out NetNewsWire to see if it's better. For all my art, design, web dev blogs.
I do. I love it. I can't imagine browsing the internet without it. I wish more sites would use RSS.
I do. Together with since a few years.
Yup. Mostly on NetNewsWire 3, no less.
I rely on it for probably 2/3 of my online long-form reading
Which RSS reader do you use?
I've been using more or less since Google killed Reader; $5/mo and I'm very pleased with it.
I'm team @NewsBlur myself, really like their apps and the people are generally very nice
I use it everyday.
I do. It’s impossible otherwise...
I know @gamingonlinux wished more people would provide RSS.
I navigate the internet via RSS with newsbeuter everyday
Still use it all the time. Using Feedly these days:
I do, still.
Yup, mostly consumed by Zapier and turned into something else these days
Absolutely. It's one of the best ways to follow news, blogs and plenty more. Social media is just noise.
🙋‍♂️ Still getting my news from RSS feeds
Absolutely. I’m not going to go visit different sites constantly.
Without RSS the web has no sense
All - the - time! #WordPress and #Joomla offer native feeds. No reason any site you visit should not be providing a feed. #rss forever :)
Yes, theoldreader
All day every day
Built a test WordPress news aggregator website last year that relies on RSS from several dozen websites. Looking for an alternative to using Facebook. Will revisit that project soon.
I do, for reading news and for research, where RSS parsing is much easier than web scraping.
I do! 🖐🏻
RSS is not dead and never will be
yes self-hosted ttrss
No RSS, I don't read it. I use tt-rss for managing anyone I want to read regularly (news, blogs, comics)
Yes, both as a reader and a generator.
o/ (are you trying to kill your mentions?)
I do!! Everyday!
Me. Even for Flickr.
me, but much less than before, only a couple of sites, mostly friend's blogs...
I do - and I suspect there are lots of people who are "using" RSS unknowingly because it's being used "under the hood" of many services...
Yep. It powers our news sharing. It’s So useful.
It’s the only way to keep up.
Yes, but only for a very specific case. To add podcasts to @acast for shows that is not in their library.
I dooo. :)) Set it up recently. Which reminds me, @lemire Please consider including entire post history in your rss instead of 10 latest posts. Thanks!
My feed is complete, look at the xml:
Oh. I understand. You’d want more than 10 posts… I can’t put the whole history… I have > 1000 posts… that’s not practical, it would overwhelm your tools and my server, just in terms of data volume.
I have increased the count somewhat, but it can’t be “all”. I have been blogging since 2004!!!
Use it and publish with it!
Use it everyday bc I have the control over what, how, where and why to consume the feed compared with twitter’s algorithmic biases
Most of my reading is via RSS.
I do when I can...
(Possibly sensitive)
I do, I make an app called @newsbite_app too. Can’t imagine how I’d keep up to date with over 300 blogs any other way.
Sure thing, the world would be worse without RSS ❤️
For journals and podcasts
I do, since 2006!
I do. Every. Single. Day.
All the time. And one of the best things to use it for:
I Still do. But less and less.
Sure! It's how I hook my blog to Facebook and Twitter.
I use Slack as my RSS reader. Primarily following releases from a bunch of open-source tools and libraries we use. Helps me keep on top of updates.
Also, if you subscribe to podcasts, you’re using RSS and might not even know it.
I’ve been a happy @feedly user since the great reader sunset.
I use #RSS and #Atom if possible
Same. It's the bestest.
I've been using Feedly ever since Google Reader was sunset.
and RSS keep me sane
Several times a day. It's a key tool in keeping up on things for me.
Still do for all my list of web comics to read
I do. It annoys me that RSS lost popularity, while at the same time newsletters are still a thing
Me. Every day.
No idea how one could manage lots of different sources of data on unpredictable schedules without it. I particularly appreciate being able to have feeds of specific searches on sites like Reddit, as well as having lots of blog and Tumblr updates in one place
It's also good that many older platforms have it as part of their basic infrastructure, so that even if there aren't explicit links to any feeds because the site author has no idea what RSS is, there are feed at predictable URLs anyway
As in, feeds? I use them all the time, because I listen to a lot of podcasts. If a show does not have an RSS (or Atom) feed, I have no way of knowing about it
If RSS didn't exist, I wonder what walled-garden, algorithmically sorted, botched on, data hoarding bullshit Silicon Valley VC-backed start-up "solution" would be invented today?! RSS is a living relic from another time, another internet… a better internet. Like a crocodile 🐊
By "garden" I mean, of course, "poisoned well"
I do use it everyday, it's my most important tool to keep up with the world (tech and non-tech news)
Yarp, for security feeds to create zendesk tickets.
I do! FreshRSS + reeder
Rss is the best way to keep yourself up to date with news. Especially for tech websites. Im using that for 15 years or so 😊
Every day. As do almost everyone though they don’t realize it. Podcasts of course, are distributed via pointers in rss, as are much of the news and articles we all read.
I listen to Podcasts, therefore I use RSS :)
something for Windows -> NetNewsWire -> Bloglines -> Google Reader -> FeedAFever -> Feedbin
SharpReader was the "something for Windows"
Freedom from algorithms and tailored front pages
Yes, absolutely. Typically via @NewsBlur. It's pretty much indispensable for me, and I don't regularly visit sites that don't support it.
I use it to pull content from a site to import it to a new site when rebuilding someones website.
I do, all the time!
I've been using TTRss for about 8 years. I'd love to build my own to solve the little issues I have with it but it does a good enough job that I've never bothered.
Atom or RSS to subsribe to news from various sites. Also for some podcasts.
I definitely prefer RSS over all other ways to subscribe to updates
I still do and love it. Access to information without all the twitter drama.
I use selfoss.
I do! numerous times a day!
Yep. For years and years 😉
Totally do..
teach it too
Yassssss! Looking to work around / minimize dependence on 3rd party social platforms and RSS is an essential piece of the puzzle.
I wish content was still available in that format with a proper reader.
A lot! I use @feedly and @pocketcasts daily. I really don’t understand how people not using it do without in order to keep up with all interesting news sources
I use rss with the import function on @googlesheets
Hooray for Newsboat!
I do, and I will always do 😀
Absolutely! Probably 60-70% of my daily information intake comes through @feedbin
Yes, I still use RSS, primarily on my blogs.
I use it for all my news and dev blogs
Of course I do.
Maintaining a Feedly Board powered by RSS myself.
TT RSS although would happily switch to another open source offering at this point.
That's the only reliable way of getting updates from the multiple sites at once.
Religiously in feedbin
I grab stories from a few blogs with RSS → IFTTT → Instapaper.
Yes, I check Feedbin multiple times per day.
I do, but I to read facebook via RSS with a method to follow semantic topics outside of my, let's say, "bubble." is the zuckless news:
I even pay for my reader, but don't read as much as I intend to. Still awesome.
For both blogs and podcasts.
Came back to RSS after a hiatus. Because @NetNewsWire.
Everyday several times a day to keep up with the news of around 10 websites.
I do. @NewsBlur everyday user here 🙋‍♂️
🙋‍♂️. Can’t do without it.
Yup. I read my feeds every morning
Yep, of course. NextCloud News.
Yes, if you include podcasts.
I do! I wish more sites supported it. (I use it to aggregate on @feedbin, btw.)
It's rare that I find a site that doesn't support RSS actually. Most CMS provide it and some URL spelunking can usually dig it up. Main challenge is with news sites that article limit and don't offer authenticated RSS for subscribers.
I've run into sites that just don't have it -- modern sites. Sorry I can't remember which ones right now, or I'd name them.
Webcomics! And blogs, and... podcasts 😉
I use RSS all the time with @feedly because I like to intentionally curate my news rather than have it jammed down my throat my newsfeed algorithms deciding what I like.
I feel that RSS was the glue that connected the decentralised web. But I think the big platforms killed it off because you couldn’t track people the mother load through it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I use it every day, via @Inoreader - i don't know what id do on the web without it.
I'm still using feedemon.
RSS remains the best way to follow blogs and stuff.
Feedly uses it, and sometimes can handle anti-social blogs that don't have RSS.
I use it for personal reading and I use @Inoreader to power @SavageBloggers . Also, podcasts, but users don't realize that.
The. Best. And I will never get over google reader.
I sure do. And not only consuming but implementing it in new places as well.
Unfiltered, a real feed without „AI algorithm“, for me still the best method, also with @feedly
Yep still do
RSS is so important for academic research (saved search results in EBSCOhost for ex w full article summaries in view). Google Reader used to handle this perfectly. @feedly & others are not great at it - authentic. issues & only shows last x days max. Does anyone have suggestions?
For as long as I can remember.
I follow a few sites via RSS but usually it's to keep up with my podcasts. RIP #AaronSwartz
For keeping up with so many blogs and a few comics, and for so long that Twitter showed me this became @wingedpig liked it.
I happily use RSS.
Feedly has been my go to since Google Reader died!
I do indirectly. I have a RSS to Email service for local email. I also have a Twitter to RSS service. Then I bet you know what happens next.