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Folks! I'm happy to share what we've been working on: πŸ“£… Playwright is like Puppeteer, but cross-browser.
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Awesome! Since you've moved over to playwright, does this mean that puppeteer will not be supported anymore?
Puppeteer is taken care of! (cc @mathias) But we put all our time and effort into PlayWright.
So you'd recommend PlayWright as a pseudo replacement for puppeteer?
Absolutely! Once we hit v1.0, we'll recommend it across the board!
Awesome, already started to investigate how we can do an internal upgrade to playwrite for stencil's e2e test suite, without requiring users to make any changes. Love how similar the API is πŸ‘ Can you think of any "gotchas" before we get too far?…
if you find any "gotchas", please let us know :)
looks awesome! :)
This is awesome. have a question would this work for sites where we have windows auth/sso?
Hmm what's "windows auth/sso"? Can you please file an issue to the playwright github repo - we'll figure it out there :)
This is excellent. Solves a major problem we have with web browser testing today. Really excited to see this develop!
would it work in new edge browser?
cool, can’t wait to try it:) Am I right that there is no kind’a tutorials publicly available around that?
(Possibly sensitive)
oh, thank you for these details! will try
Cool, any plans wrt IE?
lynx support would be nice too :-P
Does lynx support JavaScript? Maybe not as crazy of an idea as it sounds. Could be used for some super fast unit tests.
i do not think so, but who knows! :-D
Huge congrats!! This looks amazing!
Cool! Also why is it published by Microsoft?
Looks great, i think we now need jest-playwright.
This is exciting! I'm writing a piece on it πŸ’―
People, this is an amazing project! Really exciting work!…
This playwright project seems amazing. I am incredibly excited after reading its README. Like Puppeteer, but improved, for all browsers, and for all operating systems😍 so many use cases come to mind! I dreamed of Firefox and WebKit support 😱
Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers - microsoft/playwright
Cool! We have been looking for this for a while to test both iOS and Android web apps.
Very cool! This is what I always hoped Puppeteer would become!
Awesome. How many things we can automate now?
Hey, is the below true? Are you in communication with anyone at Mozilla (eg., @digitarald)?…
So, uh, this is no more cross-browser than Puppeteer was; it is reliant on large patches to Firefox and WebKit (and the Firefox patch looks very similar to that of puppeteer-firefox, which is almost certain not to land, given other work on CDPish support in Firefox).
Andrey Lushnikov on Twitter
“Folks! I'm happy to share what we've been working on: πŸ“£ Playwright is like Puppeteer, but cross-browser.”