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This is why i use ad blockers and a pi-hole server........ request map of nytimes.
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....and the pihole doing the heavy lifting.....
❤️pihole. Where do you get your block lists from? Also checking my last 24hr almost 50% lol
o_o meanwhile im sitting down here at 130k
Nice!! i use a bunch of different ones. i have them collected here :
Can you share the domain blocklist?
I'm absolutely amazed by the tons of crap my pihole catches.
lololol the bmore sun is like the baby of that almost
omfg wtf are you doing @baltimoresun Request map for viewing a page on Bmore sun website. that's insane.…
this is why i run so much shit on my phone so that all my data isnt consumed by just scumware and ads......
What are you running? I could use some better stuff on my phone doing this.
How is this going to bypass the paywall?
Can you share your block list?
What did you use to create that chart if I may ask?
This is the Daily Mail ( Someone should put up a website-of-shame that collects all these images, tbh.
I have available if anyone wants it ;)
I’ve made VPC group in @awscloud that has #pihole and @OpenVPN. I then configure openvpn dns to go through the pihole. Runs on free tier pretty well.
That sounds very interesting. Do you have a blog post or gist with this setup? Would be cool try it out :)
Any reason why you chose AWS and not another one, like Digital Ocean?
Most experience with @awscloud. I also have lots of FT credits
The most infuriating? They (the @nytimes) do the same when you're a paying subscriber. How is that okay?! Dear NYT, the reason I'm giving you money is simple: so you don't need to a) show me ads and b) sell my data to finance your journalism. Please get it together!
They're trying to squeeze every penny they can out of you.
I think @BristolLive puts the big newspapers to shame with selling out user data. Should you lazily dismiss the cookie consent banner, it flings your usage data at 298 third-party vendors (plus Google). 295 requests. 10 seconds to load. More ads than content. @addyosmani
I really don't understand why people use pi-hole. It's 90's tech and it will slow your connection down considerably.
DNS is still 2020 tech too. How does it slow your connection down?
Maybe I'm forgetting... I installed this ages ago and it did fuck all other than what a hosts file would do. I was pretty unimpressed with it.
It really needs a gateway js translator if it's going to work. That's going to need to intercept TLS as well. What a pain in the arse. The whole internet is broken.
It’s just blocking DNS that is associated to ads, trackers, and malicious domains. You could accomplish the same by editing your host file for a device, but this will work for any device that uses it for DNS. It won’t slow you down, it’s not in the middle of every connection
Actually it will slow net access down if the endpoint doesn't resolve.
Which endpoint? Pi-Hole returns a fake address, it doesn’t just drop the entire request. It will still “resolve”. I’d agree it’s possible for some things to become broken, because they may depend on having a certain domain available and responding correctly at all times.
You’re right though, it’s not perfect and not meant to be. I spent years dealing with operational issues at an enterprise for TLS inspection and web filtering. Just don’t do it.
Good luck modifying the /etc/hosts file on your iOS tablet or phone that connects to your localnet.
If you only have one computer then sure, a hosts file might be easier initially. If you have a Mac try Gasmask. Pi-hole runs on my home server blocking ads for my entire network.
Pi-hole only handles DNS requests. By using it you benefit from a net gain in speed by all the requests being blocked.
I wonder what the end-to-end energy usage is with ads, vs without ? No wonder the planet is burning.
How'd you generate this?
I've known about pi-hole forever, but can't leave pfBlockerNG. It does everything pi-hole can do and more. Might spin up a VPS and do something similar to what another user mentioned.
I’m curious how this graph changes between paid accounts and free, do you have both graphs? In your opinion, what should this graph look like?