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Unemployment got boring. I'm joining @Tailscale. More:…
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That was quick! 😄
That was fast. ^^
It was a nice 12 hour break, free from any corp access.
If only you got that HVAC source...
Oh wow! Congrats to @Tailscale and you!
Yay I just started using @Tailscale yesterday!
Looks cool! Need to try it out.
Wow, that was quick! Congrats @davidcrawshaw @apenwarr.
OK This looks awesome. I remember way back in the day using a little vpn called "hamachi" that just magically worked ... now that I could actually use this kind of tool in earnest Tailscale looks like the modern incarnation!
good. tell them about IPv6, it's 2020 ;)
You don't need to tell us. We know about it. I even referenced/linked it in my blog post. But we're also sick of waiting for the magical ponies to save us. It's been long enough.
I meant IPv6 inside the tunnels not outside.
Oh, yeah. The current scheme is not sustainable. We know.
(Ya gotta admit the 100.x.y.z addresses are kinda cute, though, looking a bit like 10.x.y.z... :))
I think our DNS should be
Damn, beat me to that most perfect comment!
Im flying west at the moment, I have relativity on my side.
Next you'll be there
No, my next move isn’t tailscale, guess again.
Just come build stuff at Micro. We can cruft together.
Betting something like Cloudflare, or DGraph..
I just won a bet. Great news!
Ooh I did not expect it was possible for Tailscale to be even more interesting but now it is! Congratulations, sir!
thank you for your contribution to golang
Congrats! I was calling it as soon as I saw @dave_universetf joining
I would've joined the same day, but, uh, reasons.
Happy you found a new gig, Brad! Looking forward to what you build.
You know you have a domain mismatch between google sso and everything else right? Smelled weird.
I don't follow. What's wrong?
You appear to be using but when you sign in with google it says "to continue to" and then there are some redirects.
Tailscale creates a virtual network to connect your devices to your services directly, no proxies required.
We only just bought and we haven't finished migrating everything to it. It's on my very long todo list. Sorry for the confusion.
Tailscale creates a virtual network to connect your devices to your services directly, no proxies required.
This was exactly my assumption. And no need to apologize! I am quite familiar with "very long todo lists." Good luck with the company!
Harry always bringing the support!
Congratulations and my best wishes!
Wow congrats to all involved!
Congrats Brad. I visited the site and I came out a bit confused. Either I am not smart enough to understand TailScale's use case, or some landing page optimization is needed there. In any case, good luck!
Congrats to you! And also @davidcrawshaw that will be so much fun :)
Whoa congratulations!
Shorter unemployment than mine - I at least took a whole weekend.
TIL about @Tailscale Looks like an awesome product that I need to set up RIGHT NOW. Congrats on the new role!
Congratulations! Can't wait to see/use what you all build. :)
haha, you took your time! 🤣
Wait. You joined @Tailscale in the same week I set up my account? This is not mere coincidence.
Same here! @Tailscale is looking awesomer by the minute!
Wait, no, all I did was get on the waiting list! Guess I have to bring @bradfitz on my podcast so he can activate me on air! Lolz. Wait, could @Tailscale have any application to cloud native/k8s workloads in a mesh-y kind of way? This would be a great episode! Brad??
oh man, you all are putting together a hell of a team. can't wait to learn more. congratulations!
Congrats! I look forward to seeing the open source bits. I've been buying RPis and experimenting with shadowsocks to build something similar and I'd love to just leverage better building blocks than, say, VPNkit and HyperKit.
I had my money on you joining the HVAC company to rewrite their platform. Congrats anyway.
Will you still be involved in bringing HTTP/3 to golang ? (If you ever were)
I never signed up for that. :)
As the net/http maintainer I assumed you would have been involved :)
As the net/http maintainer, I'm wise enough to know when to say no. :)
Can you share your wiseness, I’m really curious!
Love it and it didn't see that coming! I am a big fan of @apenwarr
Yeah but why don’t we have ramen anymore then
Yeah that is bullshit!! Come on out here! [actually might I be closer to NYC soon]
How do you feel about next Saturday?
Works great yea 👍
i don't know you, but i can feel the itch you've been in to. good luck o/
Here is something to help you ease into your new job. 😆
Pretty cool company, congrats!
This did not surprise me 😂
So FAST !!!! :) Congrats !!!
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Well done @dave_universetf :)
Congratulations on continued healthcare coverage! Vote!
You might be greatly overestimating our quality, maturity, or competence as an employer. (working on it :))
Now I really want an RV
Good choice, Avery is awesome!
Good fit. You and Tailscale. I wish you have more fun at work again.
Whoa, so @apenwarr, @davidcrawshaw, @dave_universetf, and you all at the same startup? High expectations here.
Looking forward to dashing your expectations in at least interesting ways
That sounds pretty cool. Haven't heard it before. 😎
Congratulations! That was super quick
Congrats! That's an ambitious goal.
That was quick! Congrats!
I can't believe @apenwarr and you are in this together. You're going to rewrite the internet.
I think we're both scarred with wisdom enough to not want such a broad "you touched it last" responsibility. 😩
I didn't know you left google? Congrats!
Congratulations and Good Luck!
Plot twist: Google will buy it
That took even less time than I thought it would.
Do you have a pointer to the RPi CAN bus project? Looking to do something similar.
Whoa... That was quick.
Congratulations! Really looking forward to what you come up with.
I just read your article. Sounds like a cool project. Curious — isn’t IP address spoofable?
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻good luck
Should I consider buying Tailscale stocks then?