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We sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, their campaigns, and Democratic caucus-goers.
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As the Iowa Democratic Party has confirmed, the underlying data and collection process via Shadow’s mobile caucus app was sound and accurate, but our process to transmit that caucus results data generated via the app to the IDP was not.
Importantly, this issue did not affect the underlying caucus results data. We worked as quickly as possible overnight to resolve this issue, and the IDP has worked diligently to verify results.
Shadow is an independent, for-profit technology company that contracted with the Iowa Democratic Party to build a caucus reporting mobile app, which was optional for local officials to use. The goal of the app was to ensure accuracy in a complex reporting process.
We will apply the lessons learned in the future, and have already corrected the underlying technology issue. We take these issues very seriously, and are committed to improving and evolving to support the Democratic Party’s goal of modernizing its election processes.
Your future? So you are planning to sabotage Democratic party even further? Are you a Russian op, designed to ruin Dems?
If it's corrected, why are they releasing only 50% of the results? What did Pete pay you guys to do? Why did you choose the name SHADOW?! Who's in charge of assuring your app is secure? #IACaucus #iowacaucus2020 #iowacaucus2020 #IowaCaucusDisaster #ShadowInc
It’s time to stay quiet and lock your account.
Hey, great job screwing up what is essentially musical chairs. /s
lol you remind me of the seinfeld episode where george parked in a handicapped spot and his car was trashed. i believe your best day is behind you. @iowademocrats #IowaCaucuses2020 @realDonaldTrump
They seem to think was minor hicup. They made us look like incompetent jokers. Trump is excstatic, Shadow thinks all is going to be well
shadow is done, kaput, finished...they deserve all the ridicule heaped on them. but so does the Iowa Democratic Party leadership. My 3 best clerks could have counted the votes in time for your morning coffee.
You should all be out of a job, for blowing this. How embarrassing. It's infuriating that all of you working at Shadow will undoubtedly fail upwards from here.
Brings me such joy to see the DNC trying to sabotage your candidate. Nothing better than seeing the worst that America has to offer get screwed over again and again.
saying the quiet part out loud now lol
I hate democracy too :)
can this statement be attributed to a particular person in leadership at Shadow?
Probably the CEO that is married to a Buttigieg adviser.
The lesson is, don't let a for-profit tech company build infrastructure for public elections.
But pretty funny they think they’re getting that contract again. This is the industry standard apology tour, in a thread, literally about the unnecessary risk and chaos caused to our democratic process. Pretty. Funny.
Google and Amazon are laughing at your post....
The lesson is hire a competent one. Good luck finding a competent non profit tech company that doesn’t have their own motives.
Tech never helps with elections, it just adds more vulnerabilities.
You know you're posting this on Twitter? For-profit, handles billions of messages a day from millions of people a day.
No, the lesson is, don’t let a bunch of incompetent Democrats run anything more complicated than a lemonade stand.
No it's what Kathleen said
Yeah, that's it, sparky! You got it. Glad you were able to regale us all with your pearl of wisdom.
Privatization of public services is so naturalized in the USA that it goes without a second thought that the Democratic Party would rely on a private, for-profit company to tabulate votes in a public election.
And because it is a private company, there is no public oversight over its coding, funding sources, or potential conflicts of interest.
But, given that the Democratic Party is happy to take millions in corporate donations (i.e. is not a 'public' party in a real sense), their choice to contract Shadow is not surprising. We need a workers' party that is accountable to its members, not corporations.
Yes, you’re exactly right because “public employees”(government employees) and/or those who work for non profit organizations are ALWAYS ALTRUISTIC. Congratulations, Comrade, you’ve discovered the solution to all problems.
The profit motive corrupts exponentially more people than simple incompetence
Sure, keep on defending the for-profit model. It's worked so well.
The “for profit” model has lifted mankind out of the dirt over the last 300 years. In the last 30 years the model has provided unprecedented wealth for nearly all people including for the first time in human history there is enough food for all to be fed.
hmm wonder why those people aren't getting fed though
The .001% appreciates your credulity.
Made up of DNC insiders who got the contract because they're insiders, not because they're competent.
*That’s* the lesson? OMFG
That is NOT the lesson, Kathleen. The lesson is don’t make selections of private companies based on the fact that your friends run said company.
Don't let a Clinton-related entity build infrastructure - election wise or other.
Whose CEO is openly pro-pete and is run essentially by a bunch of ex-obama and hillary staffers.
No profits for ANYONE!!! I sure the hell hope you don’t have a savings account!!!!
And don’t let Buttigieg send them 21k to help develop it.
And accept money from campaigns
or let them accept donations from candidates
Except the caucuses aren't public elections and they didn't build infrastructure.
But it will not be used in Nevada, correct? For the credibility of our elections, right?
We are happy to answer any and all questions on our process, funding, and vision. #Transparency is of the utmost importance.
Are you a Client Success Rep (ie, customer support) or are you in leadership at Shadow?
this account is only an hour old and most likely fake.
correction: clearly fake.
But clearly funny
He seems serious
Question: What gives you all the unmitigated hubris to think anyone will ever contract with you again after you fumbled this badly and this publicly?
Question: why haven't you jumped off the roof yet?
Did you have any sort of test plan in place? Integration tests? Stress tests? UAT with a select group of users at multiple levels of experience? Jeez, even friggin' unit tests? Were the platform constrains (OS versions, etc) communicated to the users? Was there user training?
Did you factor any of this into your accelerated project schedule?
I wanna know if they even did a pen test
Considering people were tweeting the PINs for the app, I don't think that's even something considered.
I'll bite. Please identify the purpose and extent of Hillary Clinton and Pete Buttigeig's influence and funding in your company.
It’s a fake account answering questions. Haha.
Yep, i gathered ;)
Will you release any of the underlying source code that ran the applications? Do you have database transaction logs ro prove these updates are legitimate? To what ends was the app made resistant to external attacks?
What user education was provided by Shadow? How did a newly formed IT company with party ties land a contract to build the system for the IDP? If you continue to build election infrastructure, will you release your funding information? There's a few to start
Client success rep?! clearly an oxymoron
That’s a fairly common title in a tech company. It’s a sales/customer service type role.
Maybe you should have made *Coding* of the utmost importance. And then thrown in a dash of Competency. Know what I'm saying, Turp the Derp?
LMAO this account has been live for all of a week. Ya'll should seriously consider a new line of work.
I have questions. Have you ever heard of something called QA? Did you know that software should be tested before release? Is this your first time developing software? Final question: are you embarrassed by how incompetent you are?
Can the app run Crysis? Also is there anyway you could have f’d this up more than you already have?
Tell me something only a real Shadow Client Success Representative would know!!
You canNOT be serious right now. TRUST = Communication x Transparency. You (+ the IDP) #failed that from step 0. 🙄The mounting anger is less with the unforced technical errors & more with your Firm unwittingly sowing the seeds of distrust in election processes. You had 1 job.😡
Why didn't you disclose Pete funding your incompetent company that wasted the time, money, and passion of so many people excited about their candidate? Smells like corruption to me.
I have a question. Why is your name Turp?
Bunch of rats. Didn't you guys receive like $21K from the Buttigieg campaign? Doesn't the husband of your CEO work for Pete?
$42,000 from #MayorCheat
"Shadow Inc"—a previously undisclosed caucus vendor Iowa's Democratic Party kept secret that supposedly created IA caucuses' app—is an appendage of "dark money" group ACRONYM & has "other private investors." FEC filings show it paid by Joe Biden & Pete Buttigieg's 2020 campaigns
Oh wow, off by a factor of 2. It's only twice as bad as I thought! I want to die.
Great company to invest your money in. These guys are going places.
It goes without saying, but it's probably not the best move to name your app "Shadow", massively drop the ball during its world premiere, then hide under the desk with little to no updates on what went wrong. I think you really need to up the transparency and communication.
And a little "due diligence" couldn't hurt. (It's called "testing".) (So, our best explanation is "incompetence" or "corruption".) (Flip a coin?)
My thoughts too. Who were the clueless guys onboard with that company name? Sheesh.
this company should immediately seize to exist, there is no "learning and fixing" this
This is what Pete would say after he destroys American working class
seize the means of existence
I would be updating your resume (but do not include this debacle you all created) for you will soon be poor and unemployed.
Could’ve picked many other names to call a company
Fraud Guarantee was taken though
Totally Not Shadowy, Inc
all good, it was only the first results in the election that will determine the fate of american democracy. but this apologetic tweet makes it all better.
What was the underlying technology issue? Go as deep as you want.
Just here for the ratio.
Can you explain what the flux is going on? Like what have you've been doing for the last 17 hours? Like the actual process of fixing this? Why is taking so long? More details on what actually went wrong rather than a vague statement?
Nope. Just liquidate your assets and leave us alone.
What makes you think there's going to be a "future"?
There isn't going to be a next time. You're over
Probably best you don't tweet about how bad you messed up the caucus results before we even have the caucus results that you messed up. But a bunch of your employees worked for Hillary's campaign, right? Guess we know why her campaign failed.
I would LOVE to know how much of the coding work was outsourced
You are correct.
Y’all messed up something our society has been doing since like 6 BC. Nice work!
An app created by a tech firm run by members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is taking heat for the unprecedented delay in reporting Democratic caucus results from Iowa. @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness
if your takeaway is anything other than "pivot to meal delivery or some shit and gtfo of democratic processes" it's not the right takeaway
I am sure it was just a developer making some mundane little mistake
Both developers Dmitry and Yury are nice guys.
They are just two wild and crazy guys
Is it true your CEO is married to the communications director for Pete Buttigiege's campaign? And there are other ties between your company and the Buttigieg campaign?
Modernizing election processes creates much more risk for fraud and what happened last night.
Will you have the "fix machine" ready for Nov?
Cute that you think Shadow, Inc., as a company, is going to have a "future" to which it can apply these "lessons."
They’ll change the name. Move some people around to different positions on paper and continue on like nothing happened. Happens all the time. Just rebranding.
apply it by staying away from politics
Future???? Maybe Ukraine will contract you
You sure do glow in the fucking dark
I definitely have to laugh, too, that your (supposed) goal is to help with unimpeachable and clean election results, and you chose the name "Shadow," haha.
No you won’t and no you don’t
No one is ever going to let you or your employees near an election again.
You guys are finished lol
Anything to keep Biden protected, right? No Iowa boost for anyone if it’s not your guy.
You had one job...
There should be no future for you.
This is rookie cheating efforts, get with Hillary to learn those senior level cheats
the election process does not need to be “modernized”
It could be done if done right to speed up reporting.
In the name of transparency I think your CEO should have to divorce the Buttigieg adviser she is married to.
So code for we now know how to modify our system to ensure that we can guarantee who wins based on who we are told has to win? How much were you paid to build this load of crap?
blah blah poo poo pee pee
Translation: we are supremely incompetent
How do people who suck so bad at their job get to keep their job?
You regret and apply lessons learners? You think you have future? Are you on bath salts?
I am a software engineer and this is complete bs.
Why did you not remove yourselves from all involvement in vote tabulation if you have received financial compensation from two of the caucusing campaigns? Why is that not a conflict of interest to be concerned about?
I literally did a competent version of what this app is supposed to do for a weekly CompSci 102 homework assignment in 2008. Someone please give me a million dollars to fix the Democratic Party.
Probably something that should've been caught and fixed before last night, yeah? Something you should have taken seriously BEFORE fucking up the entire thing, not after. I mean it's only one of two main functions your app has. How do you not catch such a glaring issue?!?
Imagine failing this big and being allowed to give it another go, amazing
a very important lesson to learn is that u are bad at ur jobs
Obviously orchestrated. They are great at their jobs. Mayor Pete declared victory too early and now their ties are coming out of the Shadow.
This wasn't like you mistook the Kansas Chiefs for being a Kansas team. This was a historical and epic fail. A fail so huge how can it be overlooked. It's not a "let's apply lessons learned" kind of event. It's a YOU ARE FIRED. event. hahahahaha
#Iowa should sue @ShadowIncHQ #Shadow is a mess #Iowa will lose their Caucus system. Brings in 100s of PPL living there. Journalists, PPL traveling. Also for the teams it cost momentum and joy. A LOT of PPL are hurt. First term voters. It's a MESS. #USA #Bananarepublic
It's a "you had one job" kind of event.
Why are campaigns donating to your company? What is your relationship woth the superpac that attacks Bernie Sanders?
Or you could close up and find decent work that actually helps people. Nobody was asking for this crap.
You guys will learn your lessons when your executives are sent to jail for election fraud
no you won’t. you won’t have any clients to apply it for. you’ll be looking for a new job in a week and your work for this company will follow you around like a stain for the rest of your career
In other words..the app didnt work as sold and wasnt tested effectively. In addition pic wasnt told until it was too late and trust broken while you spin narrative. Any org that give you trust in future would be foolish
Delete your app and account
As long as you take “these issues” seriously, well, you’re good to go. We thought maybe it was, like, a Groundhog Day joke or something.
You have no business developing software. This is rookie incompetence. Transfer of data is *basic* functionality.
What was the "underlying technology issue"? When are you posting the postmortem?
They failed to account for people with actual accounting being able to dispute their proprietary black box app?🤔
learn to code
shut down your company and never try to do this again, thanks
Apply pressure on the accelerator and point your car at the nearest brick wall.
we don't want or need for-profit companies administering our democracy for us.
You have no business, as a private company, recording Public Election results. Disband your company.
I don't think you deserve another chance. On the other hand, we definitely deserve transparency, not only on your massive fuckup last night but also on who funds your organization. #IowaCaucuses #Iowa #IowaCaucusDisaster #iowacaucus2020
Why was it necessary for Pete camp to pay you so much money?
You could have created a mobile FAX app and had the precincts take photos of each stage in the results. A simple spreadsheet, prepared w/formulas, & data entry in triplicate (or more) would have done a better job. #KeepElectionsOldSchool #PaperBallotsCantBeHacked
Better now than in the future w Our 2020 Election I hope...u aren't doing that one..right?!
go away. do better things with your lives
Just delete not only your account but your entire company.
Lol this implies you truly think you will ever be trusted with this job or any job like it again.
Shadow should look to strategically partner with WeWork
Sincerely hope none of you ever get to work in technology roles related to elections ever again.
They’ll all fail upwards and at least one of them will become a cable news pundit
American exceptionalism
Not just technology roles. They have to place in politics or elections. They should be audited, investigated, and probably put in jail.
not a chance, it's the ultimate grift! you can charge the campaigns (meaning OUR money) for something for which the results can never be measured! I'm sitting here trying to imagine something _I_ could sell to these morons, spending other ppl's money!
Investors Rush to Scrub Ties to Firm Behind Iowa Clusterf*ck
The frantic cleanup put a microscope on one of Democratic Party’s fastest-rising digital stars.
They are already working on the Nevada app!
I wouldn't let them program a microwave to heat my velveeta
I have an odd feeling they won’t.
i sincerely apologize that the dog ate my homework and have taken the necessary steps to address the underlying dog related issues
What is your address?
there should be absolutely no future for this company. you're all grossly incompetent.
i hope you get DDOS'd out of existence.
you're going out of business. Juicero, Theranos, Shadow.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What sort of morons would trust you to implement your app in future elections?
Nah... mission accomplished for you guys.
this ratio is going to be BIG
For profit you say? Well, not anymore. Better update those resumes.... And maybe leave Shadow off of 'em?
Oh, I can think of something I'd like for you to commit to...
I could build your app in Excel without using a mouse. cc: @Wu_Tang_Finance
Only The Shadow knows. Now go back to your corner.
Do those lessons include not getting caught rigging our democracy for paid clients like #PeteTheCheat ? I noticed u gave job opening for Wordpress dev. For a group afraid of “Russian haxx0rz” that’s literally the most insecure CMS to use. #2020electionheist
Cant you people just make flappy bird knock offs instead
The underlying issue is the arrogance and smug self-assurance that led you to push out an untested POS app for a reliability-critical job. This statement makes it obvious you haven’t fixed *that* underlying issue.
Hopefully after this, no one else in the Democratic Party will ever use your services again.
You’re company should probably not be taking any money of any kind from democratic presidential candidates. But you did it anyway.
Lol the lesson learned here is that for-profit tech vultures shouldn’t be anywhere near administering elections, and your mere existence is a sign of decades-long institutional rot.
Hahahaha what a joke
Consider talking to @AdaptiveCLabs, especially if you'll have further involvement in further @TheDemocrats primary season.
Just file Chapter 13 and reorganize under a new name, Shady, Inc.
If you were serious, you wouldn’t be trying to implement e-voting at all
You should be committed to dissolving the corporation and disappearing forever.
Lesson 1: Learn basic project mgmt principles. Lesson 2: Learn about mobile app development lifecycle methodologies. Lesson 3: Take several seats until you’ve at least mastered Lessons 1 and 2. 😳🙄
you people sure fucked things up #fail
There is a future but it won’t include Shadow.
Disband your company!!!
Is this a parody account?
Ask plouffe 😂🤣
it appears so... well... a parody company would be a more apt description
lol is this fucking parody?
No thank you. We've learned enough. Your company is wholly incompetent to be allowed to touch ANYTHING with our elections going forward!!
Is anyone surprised this company has ties to Hillary Clinton
Where are the results then?
Democratic party: Oh, we can't tell you who developed the app cuz that might make the company look bad. (app crashes) Right because waiting until the entire system crashes and one of the most important elections gets thrown into disarray looks a LOT better.
Do you offer all your customers software that isn't tested and doesn't work? So tell me, how did you get the contract to make the app in the first place? Was there a bidding process or was it a good ole boy thing, since many of you have campaign experience?
Well that’s all settled then!
Please don’t let this company decide Nevada’s election. They said today some results might take up to a month to validate in Iowa!
I think you should handle all the dems elections. Good job!
PS Nevada already ditched your app.
Cease operation, and return to the festering startup hive from whence u came
Pretty sure you're out of the political business.
This is too little, too late. Having Clinton ties also gives you ZERO credibility also.
Read: OK Hillary we’ve opened the door for you!
Sorry, the future may not exist given the stakes in the upcoming election.
The mistakes you made were fundamental. Through ignorance or by design, you have no business continuing with this contract and in the interest of security and democracy, you need to bow out.
Wow! So you learned how to properly write some computer code in less than 24 hours! AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT!
Hopefully you’re never used again
Who funds you? How did you win the bid for this project? What is your relationship to the Buttigieg campaign?
We can only hope nobody ever uses your services for elections again.
I think they should handle everything
The Democratic Party is even stupider than I think if they let any of you anywhere near anything they do ever again.
You hiring? No way I could be as shit as you
You guys are going out of business and no one who works for you will get a job in politics ever again, I don’t know how you could be so delusional to think otherwise.
Instead of doing damage control, I want you to realize that your company is finished. Theres no way that people will trust you with a contract after this debacle.
You better not be anywhere near the democratic process again
You've corrected the underlying technology issue, but have you tested the correction yet?
How about "modernizing" the process by going back to hand-marked paper ballots. You should not exist as a business.
You’re everything that’s wrong with this technocracy
No you need to be fired
Who the f*** paid you?
lol fuck off forever
shutter your doors and go to hell
Oh man. I bet you people wake up every day so proud of yourself. Make sure you pat yourselves on the back, next time you get a chance.
I wanna know why you guys are connected to @PeteButtigieg 's campaign..
You have to ask, should be obvious!
How about that Mayor Pete money you got? Has that been spent fixing the issue?
You broke every rule of software testing and deployment. If the market functions at all you'll be bankrupt in a week
Time for a name change and rebranding
*modernizing its electioneering processes - FTFY
Why did you take money from candidates? How is that not a conflict of interest?
Apply those lessons by refunding what your were paid and getting the fuck out.
lol future. yall going bankrupt
Why would any one employ you to do anything ever again? You should go out of business.
We expected nothing less from the Hillary cult. Thanks for not disappointing!!!!! #PresidentBernieSanders
Good luck with that fanasty of Sanders getting president.
-Ralphie "I'm helping" gif- Please stop. We don't need or want your "help.". We need paper ballots and public elections with no corporate interference.
Give back the cash and self immolate the firm, thanks
way to inspire trust in the entire process, everybody. feels like this election is gonna be a real doozy!
Nice try, Hillary team. Silicon Valley is gonna get taxed HARD. Go screw elections with Pete Buttigieg somewhere else. #Buttigiegisarat #DNCRigged #PresidentBernieSanders
Donate #MayorCheat’s payments to your for that broke ass app to charity then
For the obvious added value they bring to the table
Get em, Wiges!
Can you point me to any software companies that are not for-profit?
This is how capitalism works sweetie. If they screw up, they don’t get paid. In the socialism model, doesn’t matter if you screw up. Everyone is a winner and loser at the same point.
For the love of sweet baby Jesus, PainDontHurt, can you please think about why it's a big honking issue that a for-profit third-party app, that of which was funded by Buttigieg's campaign, would be counting VOTES? Use your brain.
This apology is written like a middle schooler who stupidly threw a rock at a girl.
Because they want to exist in the same category as our prisons, healthcare, higher education, and utilities do. Plus 💰💰💰
Just go away
I certainly hope you are not any part of it. And that they reconsider this BS, immediately.
Future??? Lol... I see lawsuits and congressional inquiries in your future... that's about it....
your best buds #PeteTheCheat and @neeratanden are quite happy with what happened, so you know.
No one asked for this shit and no one wants it. We don’t want to “modernize” the election process. We want free and fair elections with paper ballots!
we can explain: we are a for-profit company
...We arent explicitly malicious, but we'r trying to sell our hack solutions, designed to fit w/in, if not below, the minimum requirements to save us the highest amount of profit, to people who arent accountable to u, yet can force u to suffer the consequences of our crap product
But I thought privatizing everything would make it more efficient
You give us money/power, we declare mayor Pete victorious. How's that for efficient?
If DNC or state party organizations continue to contract this company, can we say this party doesn't have accountability?
What is accountability anyway? It's just an idea. Vague. We don't even agree on the metric used to determine it. This is fine.
For starters, give the money back you got for this disaster of an app. Until then, all your words are meaningless.
It's OK. We're just deplorables.
You have failed the American public. Give us the code. #DebugTheNation
You all belong in prison.
no no no no no no. You people deserve to go to prison for attempting to rig an election you definitely don't deserve to continue on
You guys should never be involved with another caucus. You are both incompetent and unethical. #IowaCaucuses
Future? What what fucking future do you all expect to have in this industry? 😂
You did this on purpose.
Your tech is shit. There is way better methods to approaching election technology. You failed and should feel the consequences. I hope you fold as you should not be granted another contract from anyone
I think Howdy Doudy here should run for President. The mayor looks well qualified for dancing with the stars lo
how much money would you say you owe Iowa caucus goers right now
Nothing you say should be trusted and your incompetence amounts to wasting so many people's time, money, and passion. You all should be ashamed. But what else to expect from a company called "Shadow" who keeps important info in the shadows.
You should refund the money they paid for this cluster....
Literally none of this matters now and you should have never built this app.
sounds like you shouldn't be in business with the democratic party or at all for that matter
Dude you should be in jail
Uh you should be bankrupted
Hey @DNC I’ll do this for half their price. DM me
Please take a long walk on a short pier. Thanks!
We don't want to modernize it. We want proof on paper.
Even a newly-recruited Shadaloo guard could make short work of you, fool!
Can you please clarify where your offices currently are?
Those tweets are ... coming from inside your house!
No "NW" in DC address? Are they even American?
Job Opportunity! Shadow, a Democratic Digital Firm seeks a Client Success Representative to respond to incoming requests for help, manage the client-facing help center, and any client training. @ShadowIncHQ…
Hillary's basement
The same place Acronym's office is. For real. People are finding this stuff now.…
#Shadow's website lists the same WeWork 1342 Florida Avenue Washington, DC 20009
Least trusted name in applications now. You tried and it didn't work. U got caught & weren't prepared for the consequences. Now we will see how trustworthy your math is soon enough. I expect we will need to go through the process several times before we get an accurate count.
in a just system you clowns wouldn’t be allowed near a democratic election for the rest of your lives
You're done. Start another business. You are not entitled to our hard earned donation money. We need to flip Senate seats.
How is it you think you still have a viable company?
do you think you might have done some testing? anything?
I would like to see what your load testing (and testing cycles in general) look like, and what results have looked like leading up to the vote (was it stabilizing leading to the night? remaining the same?). Also would like to see what the team size and timeline for dev was.
Your app is a disaster!!!
Lol i would say y’all are finished, but the DNC is actually incompetent enough to hire you again, so who knows
Neither you nor the DNC should have a future
Your company is trash, you bungled one of the most important events of 2020, and you should all resign in disgrace.
This should be it for you. Existential fail.
Personally, I think your app was a major failure and therefore you should go out of business. Even as a Millennial, I don't want to vote via app. Because of their vulnerability to being manipulated.
You are doing a great job! You should continue to handle all the dems electoral practices lol
Great point. Hackers can get into anyone's machine.
You can just keep your hands off of our democracy! 🤬
You have no future. No one in their right mind would invest in your technology at this point.
Sadly that's probably not true. Most likely they'll fail upwards like their peers
We don’t need apps for simple math and accounting. Just leave it.
I, for one, truly do believe that you will do a much better job fucking it up next time
When your company goes under and you are all looking for your next step, at least you all have time to learn how to code for real this time
their next step should be off a pier, into the ocean, imo
shadow inc should go to the Hague, bitches
Fantastic apology, guys. Looking forward to seeing you ruin ever more crucial democratic processes as you inevitably fail upwards in the DNC
You're never gonna make another dime in development but hey I'll cut you a deal. I'll give you your last 100 bucks if you publish the source code of the app after the results come out.
how bout you as a corporation just disappear off the face of the planet...
"Shadow Inc"—a previously undisclosed caucus vendor Iowa's Democratic Party kept secret that supposedly created IA caucuses' app—is an appendage of "dark money" group ACRONYM & has "other private investors." FEC filings show it paid by Joe Biden & Pete Buttigieg's 2020 campaigns
Mayor Pete: $42, 500 Biden: $ 1, 225 Created by former Hillary folks?
In any other period in history this would be a huge scandal. Today it is just Tuesday.
Shadow? More like Shit-o!;!;;;;!!!!
Tell us everything about the problem. Lots of us are understandingly suspicious of what happened and would appreciate a detailed account of how this happened. Nobody will be using this software again anyway so you have nothing to lose.
Please stay out of issues of public interest forever. Unmitigated disaster.
I wouldn't use your app to tabulate voting for homecoming Queen and King.
get the fuck out we don’t ever want to see you again
I’m sure you will! We’ll be over here organizing for Bernie
We should not be using tech for things like this. Paper ballots only.
Iowa does have paper ballots
Not for this caucus they didn't, otherwise we wouldn't have this mess.
I caucused last night. There is a paper trail. Everyone who voted filled a form and printed/ signed their name and candidate name. If the candidate was not viable you could select candidate #2 on the back. Before you left each voter knew the votes/delegates for each candidate.
I believe they are manually entering. While app is new, Iowa has always had paper ballots. Keep in mind our process is not secretive. You can see who everyone voted for. So no conspiracies - Iowans will look at the count both popular vote and delegate and QA what is listed
Why “Shadow, Inc.”? Was “Shady Elections R Us” taken?
Fraud Guarantee was, sadly
I came here to say this.
shadow stands for transparency
Delete your app, delete your account and go learn a trade of some sort
Are you guys incompetent or corrupt? Or a bit of both?
I would have been fired for this kind of botched rollout, abd any company I've ever worked for would have suffered a massive financial penalty if they rolled out like this. Where was your stress testing and QA?
What “future” are you talking about? The only reasonable path forward for Shadow is to delete the software and disband the company. Nobody can trust you for anything, ever, and your brand is worth less than nothing right now. Your continued existence is a liability.
If you pulled this big of a failure at any of the tech companies I’ve worked for you would have been fired several hours ago.
need to address this immediately. This company is completely unfit to participate in any election.
Hell, yes. @xkcdComic is even more reliable than @dril for always being there.
This is a perfect illustration of why the government needs a Licensing program for software development. You wouldn't trust a building designed by an unlicensed architect? A Dam inspected by an unlicensed engineer? Why do we trust our democracy to unlicensed developers?
Are y'all joking or really this daft?
NOW WAY you use this stuff in next states. Get a telephone team ready and good PPl who can handle Excess and good telephone listening techniques. Maybe use FAX Machines. #STOPTHISAPP
You knuckleheads are about as independent as a tick on a deer. Pay to play eh?
No, shut down, fire everyone, and never, ever, get involved in politics again
You absolutely should not have the opportunity to "apply the lessons learned in the future."
You should NOT be involved in any more elections.
perhaps you should have looked at real standards like FedRAMP and NSA NIAP. Anything less is a clown show by amateurs.
Dear @ShadowIncHQ: Why should you be involved in this process at all? All Iowa needed was paper forms, a fax machine, a dozen decent data entry personnel, and an Excel spreadsheet. Please just go away.
Have a press hearing with a ton of professionals from both sides of the team.
Do yous guys make voting machines too? That would be kewl.
Well I sure hope “apply the lessons” doesn’t apply to our elections because there’s no way you should be allowed to be involved after this. Also, yeah, for-profit. Nice. Stay the fuck away from our elections.
Super. Take the $42,500 from #MayorCheat and donate it to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thanks.
Interesting idea, but please don’t funnel that money through any of the trump* charities that might still be out there.
wow. Learning lessons is good. Being transparent is great. For the sake of transparency, can you help us understand how you can work with both DNC and one of the candidates and accept money from both? Thank you.
Did #PeteTheCheat invest in your app? I'm gonna dig and let's see what we find? #FakeNews cheats
I hope your company ends now. Enough damage! We have Trump to deal with, now our own are sabotaging us! You people! I hope some Dem campaign sues you for everything you got. You made us look like jokes!
The advertising the Iowa debacle has given, may make the “for-profit” part of this statement, a bit more challenging...
Companies that process vote results need to be banned from taking money for candidate services
"complex reporting process" i.e. a simple web form with authentication. The whole process would have better if it were paper. Actually, we're relying on smartphone pictures of the paper for actual news now. If it had to be tech, should have been open sourced. Good job.
I have the same question. What is complex abut typing numbers into a field?
I am a career software engineer. Literally nothing. The biggest concerns here would be security (authenticating the users, making sure its not manipulated/hacked/available to the wrong people). All this is fairly normal everyday stuff. Still though, paper. This is exhibit A.
They had already developed a text messaging service for Pete. Surely they could have had the results texted to a number and had those messages parsed? They had already accomplished the same thing!!!
I could have had a Google forms made up for this and it would have taken maybe two days to ensure it worked as expected.
Biden's and Pete's comments.
Pete's comments here as well as the connection tom steyer and priorities USA.
No one pays $50,000 for a secure text messaging app. That’s pure bull shit.
Can we see the git commit that fixed the issue?
Was it something like: if (caucus.winner() == 'Bernie') { return new Error('There must be some mistake') } ?
It's so weird that the story on this has changed so many times. Why not stick to one story, like the original: "ACRONYM is thrilled to announce the launch of Shadow, a new technology company that will exist under the ACRONYM umbrella".
ACRONYM launches Shadow
ACRONYM is launching Shadow, a new technology company that will build accessible technology and tools to enable campaigns to better harness, integrate and manage data across platforms and organizations.
Independent 😂😅🤣
For-profit and Democrat party?
it’s not a complex process in the slightest
Bruh you ever tried to count? Shit is whack
Squishy flesh-bags keep squirming around and moving.
e.g. the day before, the Superbowl had to process the tickets of 62,000 people in one building and get them all to their seats. And the game started on time.
Glad to see your app will no longer be used in Nevada.
When you say "independent": What % of Shadow is owned by Acronym? Acronym initially reported it had "acquired" Shadow but now says it's only an investor. Can you clarify the relationship?
also Acronym is listed as Shadow, Inc’s technology partner for P2P messaging and data messaging, otherwise known as “the backend”
Acronym lists shadow on their list of for-profit companies which they operate. The same people who work for acronym work for shadow. They are lying
Point of order, you’re not “independent”. It says so right in your bio.
Maybe we shouldn't be using private companies to help with public elections...
For profit? Not anymore! Free market gonna bite you in the booty.
How does a non-profit invest in for-profit companies?
How is 'entirely comprised of former HRC staffers & cashing checks from Buttigieg's' campaign considered Independent? The DNC needs to terminate their contract with you immediately
Took y'all long enough. What did Pete pay you for?
Cool! Got info about the CEO being in the tank for Pete too? Also why ACRONYM a non-profit is investing in a for-profit company and then distancing itself from it?
I would look up the term private public partnership and the ideology associated with it. I recommend this book.
Yeah, that ideology is a proven failure. And public-private partnerships are about public entities partnering with the private sector, not non-profits combining with for-profit orgs.
To me it is about the ideological defense that has impacted both the nonprofit private sector and nonprofit public sector.
Advertising campaigns as well
I guess if that was your goal, you could say you failed. Like, at historic levels.
You literally made the process worse
Hello, did you select the name "Shadow" because "Fraud Guarantee" was already taken? Thank you for your time!
Shadow was launched by former staffers to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, including Niemira, Krista Davis, Ahna Rao, and James Hickey, according to professional biographies listed on LinkedIn
Only non-lie on this thread.
i love how capitalism is ruining out electoral system
Well, under socialism the election process is even worse.
Attacking the people who want to create more transparent election processes is a great way to ensure you won't get them.
We need publicly funded elections so we can trace the dollar from the treasury to y'alls bank account and FOIA the shit out of your private 'for-profit' records and correspondence. As is, you just get to kick back, cash checks and laugh.
You failed miserably
Optional? Did any not opt to use it?
should have learned to code
thank you for letting it be "optional," The Shadow Company! i love you!
Y'all remember Juicero? Well...
you're going out of business. Juicero, Theranos, Shadow.
How do you account for the donations from both the Buttigieg and Biden campaigns, and how a Buttigieg campaign advisor is married to someone in a high position?
Yeah, accuracy in making sure you rig it for the man who gave you more than $42,000 #MayorCheat!
Please cease to exist before you screw anything else up. Thanks.
Is the source code for the app available? If not, how can you expect people to trust it?
You are the problem, not the solution
Ensure accuracy = allow cheating
"For profit." Yet another failure of capitalism.
Your name is literally Shadow
And you utterly botched it.
Did they list “rat fucking democracy” in their list of skills on LinkedIn?
A for-profit company in charge of election results... hmmmmm, what possibly could wrong?
you're fucking grifters. Disgusting privatizing grifters.
If the app was just an “optional” extra then why the fuck do we have to wait for you to fix it in order to get any results
Im sorry, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that apparently i live inside a childres saturday morning cartoon.
What does “independent” mean in relation to @anotheracronym & @taraemcg who claim responsibility for ‘building’ Shadow?…
With Shadow, we’re building a new model incentivized by adoption over growth, with a deep focus on building the underlying tech infrastructure that will enable campaigns to use the most effective new tools in smarter ways & better integrate + leverage data across platforms.
You shouldn’t even exist in a real democracy Kindly GFY
you're an incredible example of the sinecures that plague the democratic party, and i hope you experience nothing but shame and embarrassment for the rest of your lives. cheers
Will you be changing the corporate name to "Out from the Shadow"?
I hope they get their money back!
Interesting that a “for-profit technology company” that developed an app to be used in elections evidently only employs one person with extensive programming experience.…
Also interesting is the fact you apparently abandoned your listed address a month before the Iowa caucus and no one seems to know where you’re currently headquartered.…
I visited Shadow Inc.’s address listed in the Iowa Dems’ disclosure filings. It led to a WeWork in this trendy Washington alley (steps from Maydan and La Colombe). But a receptionist told me Shadow moved out last month to an unknown destination. ???…
What did profits from Pete earn him?
Whatever happened to good old ballot papers
“Independent” lol. But the Acronym CEO wrote this tweet, right? Tell the truth.
Because a phone call and accurately reading the numbers it’s so hard. Or a scan of the actual tabulation is so hard to forward. Need an app LOL
Wait, so it the App was optional? So why are there still no results? Sounds like you guys are scapegoats, or helping to rig it.
ah found the problem right here!
you are not necessary and are actively destroying democracy through your existence
I think we should sue you!
Yeah all of that is the problem. Did you write unit tests?
Maybe you should learn to code
Independent? Hahahahahahahahaha
Botched a counting app. Were the kindergarten kids at the local schools all tied up?
I hope they sue every person who worked at @ShadowIncHQ. Everyone!
For god's sake can anyone ever tell the truth? When you say you are "independent" you imply that you are unbiased and free of the appearance of impropriety. But it's very clear the opposite is true. So I'm going to call you liars, whether you think it's fair or not.
A caucus is a place where people vote out loud, in front of witnesses. Explain why you were involved in the first place, @ShadowIncHQ.
#REFUNDIOWA @TheDemocrats Stop using for profit technology companies run by craven political operatives for vital public functions, you are devaluing the whole political process. But I guess that's the point, to LOSE to Donald Trump, right? #IowaCaucus #PresidentBernieSanders
Naked, blatant corruption. Thanks for helping to expose the rot at the heart of the democratic party.
Can you explain this?
Well, at least you set a "goal". And what a great job you did at achieving that goal! Well done. Top notch work! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 /s
more like a shit company
Sounds super legit and not at all worth looking into or criticizing. Great work by everybody on your team dudes
The only thing accurate about the caucus was that Democrats can't do anything right
If you're "Independent" then you shouldn't be taking money from @PeteButtigieg and you shouldn't be working with ex-Clinton aides.
So what you’re saying is: you’re part of a self-dealing scheme with the #DNC to profit off of elections? I think the goal of your app is to make $$ first... but feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken @ShadowIncHQ
I don't understand what is complex about adding numbers.
Shadow is an independent, for-profit technology company that contracted with the Pete Buttigieg to build a caucus reporting mobile app, which was optional for local officials to use.
Did #ShadowInc see any ethical or credibility problems with creating the official vote tabulation app for both Iowa & Nevada while also contracting with campaigns for specific candidates?
Is it weird I read that in Morgan Freeman's voice?
better question: does the consultant grifter class have ethics?
Hope bernie deports you day 1
fffffooooorrrr ppppprrrrooooooffffiiiittttt
Who are your principles? Your .io website about section only says "technology veterans" Who are you?
This doesn't make sense. If you had all the data, then why didn't you put it on a USB drive and walk the thing over to @iowademocrats . It doesn't explain why the phones weren't staffed.
We're glad to hear from you. Please feel free to provide TONS of info in the name of transparency and debunking conspiracy theories.
Release the raw data, cowards
This data you're about to unload on us is as cooked as an Enron earnings report
While you seem honest, and mistakes happen, I humbly suggest you release the full source code with version control history of these apps and their servers, so as to alleviate doubt & suspicion over the reporting. #IowaCaucusDisaster #IowaCaucus
Or, you know, not have computers and software in a space where they weren’t presently required. Like pretty much every election expert is calling for.
committed election fraud last night. They won’t release it. They’ll all be exposed as Pete staffers and will go to prison. @gjniemira get ready to rot. @TomPerez you’re next. #TomPerezResign #LockShadowUp #IowaCaucas #RiggedPrimary @DNC @iowademocrats
They won't because no one will force them to. We the people have no leverage, which means the DNC has no reason to serve our interests.
Also, open sourcing the server code isn't enough. We can't verify that their servers are running the same code that's open sourced.
I hear Hunter Biden is available to fill that CTO position. Only he can fix this.
so you had one job, and it went undone.
oh well if you can't trust the group named "Shadow", who can you trust? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
did not affect the underlying caucus results data? They r still counting due to 'discrepancies'. Your #s werent accurate, and i doubt that whatever #s are availible are just hand written notes, if that. There is a reason why they can give 50% today- they dont have all the results
Everything worked, except the part that didn't.
Your funding presents a massive conflict of interest not to mention you lost all credibility in less than 24 hours. Stop fucking with the electorate.
Don't do Nevada. Get out. Now.
They aren't. Nevada issued a statement.
Then why is it taking so long to report if you have the data
Because they have to verify their data with the paper trail to confirm that their data wasn't wrong, bc it fucked up... rendering their app entirely pointless.
Then why are they saying that all of the data is there and correct
If I'm reading it right, they're merely claiming that all the data people entered into the app from the papers was correct... which means the app was an unnecessary waste of money. The paper clearly worked fine, and caucus workers had to do 3x the work.
Who care if the numbers caucus workers entered from the paper trail was correct, we knew that was correct, the transmission of the data was all that matter for the app, and that part didn't work. It was useless.
I’m not going to take your word for that.
Your fundraising data is already public
If your incompetence (#ShadowInc) did corrupt the #IowaCaucus election results you would publicly deny it until forced to acknowledge it through litigation, right?
Yep that sounds totally reasonable and we have no reason to doubt you whatsoever, dude
we are pretty sure that the purpose of the "app" was to change the numbers. This is what the DNC does - they rig elections. Great job.
Feel free to share the factual sources for your conspiracy theories, otherwise you are no different than Russian disinformation bots.
you just said "russian disinfo bots". I rest my case.
thanks. I already being called a "conspiracy theorist russian" for saying this. which means I'm on the right track.
You have a good observation. This DNC is very sketchy and they are know for rigging elections now.
Nope, the purpose was to 'crash as needed' for cases when a delay in results and giving something else to distract the voters would help the establishment goal of preventing progressives from touching power! Working as designed!!
IMHO it’s not the Dems. It’s the Russians purposely embarrassing them to further turn the voting public to distrust the system. Trump has started already interfering.
We are happy to answer any and all questions on our process, funding, and vision. #Transparency is of the utmost importance.
This is a fake account lmao
Transparency from a sketchy company named "Shadow"
You don’t trust someone named “Turp”?!?
we're all doomed lmao
What did the Pete campaign pay your company for?
Unfortunately we cannot disclose the purpose of those payments because of an NDA. I can say at this juncture that they had nothing to do with the appointment of a Pete campaign rep to our results-vetting committee.
I appreciate your transparency but the result of this mishap is a grave injustice to a candidate who deserved better. I think Shadow should bow out of all future involvement in electoral politics. This year is too important.
OK, hilarious . . .
What a big fuck-up! After this fiasco you guys should consider focusing your Energy Into gardening, poetry or macramé #ShadowInc #ShadowPete #shadowgate #ShadyInc #IowaCaucusDisaster
Apply for a job at Tesla as a Custodial Engineer
I'm sure it's all going to plan, gentlemen.
Thanks but think your gonna be going bankrupt soon
For all 1700 precincts. Many of us are willing to go through them 1 by 1.
And then they should release their internal documents or @wikileaks will do it
Even if Sanders is the clear winner?
Yess, if he lost fair and square then we would have had to rethink our strategy but we are in the dark. Bernie conceded the primaries he lost to Clinton in just needs to be transparent
I don't think they even have all that raw data. People were taking photos and sending them in via email to IDP.
Hell, sending them by pigeons would have been safer and quicker
Good luck digging out of this hole.
Nice fuckup dildos.
You failed. That's all anyone will ever remember. Justifiably.
Change your name too!
I think the name Blackwater isn’t being used right now.
They can call us conspiracy theorists, but it's bad optics at best.
Agreed - I’m not thinking it’s conspiratorial, but the optics are shitty, and that’s all conspiracy-minded professionals (and hobbyists ) need to keep the shadiness of Shadow/establishment DNC narrative rolling. Just an unbelievably horrible way to start the 2020 elections
Just checking, do you believe Trump colluded with Russians? Checking for ... conspiracy theorists..
Bolivia's elections were delegitimized for less-bad optics.
The article is a bit deceiving by saying the Biden and Buttigieg campaigns paid tens of thousands of dollars. The Biden campaigns portion of that was $1,500. Buttigieg’s was the rest. Kirsten Gillibrand had several payments to them also.
Accurate information?
To be fair, that wasn't an app doing the math. That was just plain common core math fucking up. #IowaCaucusDisaster
WOW! That’s far from accurate.
Discounting any shady stuff, it seems like the math was done correctly
Vote counts don't match up with attendees on all of them either
The attendees count includes the undecided. I can neither verify those numbers nor explain why the undecided has to count
1.36 rounded UP to 2... next line 1.36 rounded DOWN to 1.
Exactly - look again at your math here. See how you have it as 4, 2, 1, 1? That'd be right. But that's not what's there...
This is correct - If the total number of delegates awarded is LESS than the number to be elected, additional delegates must be awarded to one or more groups according to the following rule: • An additional delegate will be awarded to the group with the highest decimal below 0.5
Just like the precinct captain, you didn't check your math either
"4, 2, 1, 1" ≠ "3, 2, 2, 1"
Yes, that worksheet is wrong. I should’ve mentioned that
Well yeah, you should have, because it kind of invalidates the point you were making. You're right to explain why some people get extra delegates, because people don't understand that - but when your point is "the math is right" it helps if the math is, in fact, right.
You started a new account just to correct vote counts lol Nice spread sheets btw :)
Haha thanks for your support :)
EXCEPT for the bottom left one, that should’ve been 4-2-1-1, not 3-2-2-1 (and a coin toss would’ve been avoided)
There is more to this math than simple rounding up. It’s also based on the delegate count and how they are awarded.
1.36 rounded UP to 2... next line, 1.36 rounded DOWN to 1.
If there's a tie, they toss a coin for the extra delegate.
Well, and the whole process of finding a babysitter or getting off work, then possibly getting bullied by your neighbors who can see who you vote for and demand you vote for Bernie or whatever. And what if you are disabled or sick or too old to stand around for hours.
Exactly. If you understand that and look at each sheet, you can understand how each vote tally was made, and how they’re accurate for the method. The problem is how the caucus system works, not any nefariousness or human error.
1.36 rounded UP... next line, 1.36 rounded DOWN. Caucus results are normally available by the end of the day. Today, around 4 or 5, we'll get maybe 40 or 50% of the results. Yeah... that sounds legit.
I think those are "accurate" in the sense that they did coin flips and other weird shit to award partial delegates.
Nah bro. Coin flips are the cornerstone of our democracy
I was a precinct captain in Washington for the 2016 Democratic Primary. The numbers do add up. Each precinct has a set number of delegates to the county/state convention. The extras are usually assigned to the higher vote getters to round up. Agreed on beforehand.
lmao in the 3rd image...1.36 rounded up to 2 and then right below it 1.36 rounded down to 1. solid.
Not it looks like every sheet needs to be checked over
You think the app is responsible for the handwritten information being transmitted by human beings before inputting it into the app?
No, but I do think that an app, when given inaccurate information can't be considered accurate.
To be fair, I think this is an issue with the Iowa Caucus, not Shadow
Absolutely. My point is that Shadow and pundits are saying we're going to get accurate results, I'm not sure we will. Normally results are available that night, today around 5 we'll get 50% of the results? WTH? Pete says he won. Bernie says he won. It's a complete disaster.
tech boys are ruining the world. thanks for the jargonized explanation, though.
It's almost as if you didn't do any integration testing....
Says who? What evidence can you produce to support this statement?
You know the paper documents ( which were written out in front of members from every campaign and live broadcast on peoples facebook and twiiter).
lol, you say this as if anyone has any reason to trust you
Sounds like they get their money back.
So the "app" part of the app didn't work, huh?
The code gets complicated when it's designed to change votes to help the DNC's preferred candidate.
confidentiality integrity ACCESSIBILITY??? Not sure which would be worse: having 4 years to prepare for something so consequential and screwing it up so royally Or If there were some cyber actor who messed w/ your app using a zero day exploit (aimed at causing confusion)
Lolol. Whoopsie!
Did Pete write this?
Resign immediately.
Yes, because data just randomly changes from collection to transmission, I often send emails and they change to something offensive on the other end, usually after a night of drinking. This really does happen and isnt made up at all.
You guys didn't stress test... obviously Basic shit here guys
what about the dude tweeting out pin codes you fools
Please do the same thing in Nevada. Highly entertaining.
You could have had them all upload their results to Instagram or had @GoPro sponsor live streaming the whole thing on YouTube. There could have been transparency. Instead y'all did this. Governments have been toppled for this sort of "irregularity." Tread carefully.
Is this in English?
‘It works on my machine; no I didn’t test it on the staging environment, that’s what we paid the QA firm in India to do. Did they do it? I dunno I only care about my pull requests’
Are you all trying to give Fraud Guaruntee a run for their money?
Dude I can get a script made to export a csv from any database through a sql query in like 20 minutes, what the fuck are you doing?
Also, several precinct captains have said that they were unable to even load your app, let alone upload results, so uh, are you lying about your app working or are they?
I love how they're phrasing this to conveniently leave out the fact that their data is incomplete lol
So if I'm understanding correctly the phone app collected the data fine, but couldn't send it to their API properly. So their server got incomplete data and the actual data still lives on people's phones.
Supposedly, but some people literally couldn't load the app on their phones to even input the data that was collected, which is why they were on hold for hours last night.
On that note, was that hotline going to someone putting the data into the app's server side database or some other database? Were they going to reconcile these with each other (assuming they were separate)? Lots of unanswered questions.
They made the app with a shitty visual language called quickbase. They literally don't know how to program and they don't know how to debug the app that they got hired by the DNC to make in their WeWork
im having flashbacks of having to support shit software by defunct vendors written in filemaker in the mid 00's
Wait...could you share a source on that? I'm having trouble corroborating with a quick search and I'd like to be able to pass this on to others.
Actually not super clear on the details, but here's Shadow's product Lightrail which I figure they used to make the app (they call it a political "universal adapter") I heard the name QuickBase getting thrown around but idk what the connection is there
At Shadow, our mission is to build political power for the progressive movement by developing affordable and easy-to-use tools for teams and budgets of any size.
(Possibly sensitive)
Top rek! They were caught with their pants down this time, nor epileptic Hill nor large Mike can save them. It's over, their illusory power & (((money))) tried & failed. #QPosts no. 916 will fix the DNC good
As accurate as Hillary's servers 🤣😂🤣
And you expect us to believe that because....?
So much for blaming old people for their incompetence!
Well, there’s still the environment... so...
‘We received the data no problem.... the results we put out.... not so much.’ I assume you all are changing those LinkedIn profiles a bit...
Maybe, I don’t know, QA and user test your app before release. This never should’ve been in the wild.
Refund the money to the Nevada Democratic Party and tell them you're sorry and they should use the old system.
"You know how to TAKE the reservation. You just don't know how to HOLD the reservation. And that's really the most important part of the reservation: the holding. Anybody can just take them."
It’s almost like your company is an utter fucking failure
Show us the data and prove zero connection either financially or labor based to Mayor Pete
You named yourself Shadow and you're surprised that people think you're a criminal conspiracy? I mean, you're probably not, but jfc you sure tried to look like one, didn't you?
Delete your business model
How tf did you not bother testing that ahead of time? Who tf would ever hire you for anything ever again?
What about all the data you couldn't collect because your app didn't work?
Why don’t you just release the data? I’m pretty sure if you’re on twitter you can handle excel
How do you say Shadow in Russian?
Depends on how you intend to use the word, but I suspect you would want "покров".
You Mean 2 Say...
I’m am sure the underlying data and collection process was sound and accurate. It was a coding issue somewhere in the ratfucking phase that went array. #UnrigItShadow
You literally couldn't figure out how to transmit gathered data over the Internet? WOW
Wait. I was just watching CNN and people are saying they didnt recieve any training on the app. What story are you going with?
Hopefully there will be electioneering charges brought upon you all.
Are you viable?
You had ONE job to do and you blew it. Nobody should rely on any of your products from this point forward.
release your source code
🤣🤣🤣🤣 crowdstrike and their derivatives are all CIA and will never comply even with a court order
They probably have CIA in their code. Lol🤣 Find the owner and you'll have the answer
how much were you paid for what could be accomplished with a Google Sheet you huckster frauds
So very very true. The technology already exists and has worked perfectly for years.
Tried and true, like the refreshing taste of Victoria Bitter
VB: Victory (for) Bernie!
Glide app. Duh. 10 minutes, done.
Ah but a google sheet would have historical data and the ability to tie this to people and we want this thing to be as opaque as possible to uh... Correct The Record.
i’m running a bot in google sheets that is probably more technologically profound than the app they developed to pick the fucking presidential nominee
Now you just have to marry someone on the Buttigieg campaign and you're in!
I recommend entering Pete and Chasten's polycule
"The Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, the app developer, a total of $63,183.91 in "professional fees" in November and December, according to a campaign finance report filed by the party in January." As per
What We Know About The App That Delayed Iowa's Caucus Results
Iowa Democratic Party officials said a new smartphone app designed to speed the results actually ended up delaying them. Last month, NPR reported on security and other concerns with the app.
A google sheet would not have accomplished what was clearly the goal of this endeavor: give a compromised “third party” complete control over election result reporting
and don't forget taking $170k off a couple of local political parties and Pete Buttigieg's campaign for three months of amateur programming.
Shadow Inc wishing they could've stayed in the shadows a bit longer
About 60k which is honestly way too cheap to create a custom app for something as important as this. Shows these guys either had no clue what they were doing or had funding from elsewhere and basically took a hit on this in order to use it as a case study
Exactly but the majority would have been spent on security and authentication as the data wasn’t a lot to handle...amateurs at best!
Look at this shit lol…
The details of Shadow's epic fail keep getting worse. They deployed the Android app through a free version of TestFairy, which caps the number of users at 200.…
This looks more like a scam. They pocketed a lot of the budget and did the app on a shoestring - which even for these types is shocking to me. So shocking that I wonder if there was not an ulterior motive
FYI it was actually $113,370.78 from IA and NV combined, plus $42¼k from #MayorCheat's campaign
9) That's in addition to payments from the Iowa and Nevada democratic parties' payments of $63,227.91 and $50,142.87, respectively. (That's $113,370.78 from local parties for software that doesn't work. Purchased in total secrecy. For some reason.)
Charles Sprickman on Twitter
“@delmoi @ragingfoodlady Nevada and Iowa state disclosure pages. and will give you:”
Most of the people on their team have little experience and have only worked there for a year or less.
Hey guys, they invented something truly innovative: an #app that transmits #data. Not surprised there have been a few speed bumps as this #tech is rolled out, but excited to see what the future of data transmission applications holds!
Yah, this is bleeding edge stuff. We better hope Iran or North Korea doesn't get ahold of it.
I called this a week ago. I just didn't think big enough. The app wasn't used to depress later caucus voting... it was used to depress later primaries. Iowa is not "delegate rich," so the true prize is momentum. That is what you helped steal. This is election interference.
Please, write these tweets more carefully. It sounds like engineerese. Please write in clear English, as you were taught to do in high school.
It's more like the Dems are rigging the election with your help. corruption runs deep
...but other than that, the caucus went really well
Or, it worked as planned in the case where progressives were doing better than expected & the establishment needed a fiasco that would distract the public from the MAIN FUCKING PURPOSE of the Iowa caucuses! ie. media attention for the winners, not some stupid % of 41 fn delegates
Release your code.
There is no code, they made it in Quick Base because they have no idea how to write code. Trying to decide if they're corrupt or incompetent is pointless, because they're both.
Dear #ShadowInc, can you forward my questions to the @iowademocrats?…
Dear @iowademocrats & @TomPerez, could you explain the thought process behind using a company (#ShadowInc) to use a vote tabulation app that was also being paid by specific campaigns, eg Buttigieg, Gillibrand & Biden?
Thank you for shaking everyone’s faith in our democracy even more. You couldn’t have made a better case that this shit is a failure and we need international observers.
Didn’t you test it?
You must have a very low opinion of observers to assume false authority from your co-conspirators over at IDP means a thing.
Oh, so the accuracy rate failed miserably going from "Shadow" to the IDP. Did your team realize you couldn't fudge the transmitted results once you learned a verification process at the caucus sites countered your relayed results?! DUMB
You and the rest of @anotheracronym -- all assets of Hillary's ongoing war on Democracy -- knew perfectly well what you were up to. How does it feel to be the new faces of @DNC corruption run amok? Trump will run with this right through Nov, and he'll be right. Dems are slime.
literally worse than tinder
In other words, your app is completely broken and was almost certainly an ill-considered idea from inception. Let’s hope the Iowa and Nevada parties get the refunds they deserve.
How can you prove the "underlying data and collection process" is accurate? Will you release the code so Americans can see for themselves what happened? Full transparency should be the goal since this is an American election.
lol, why would we believe anything you say on the matter?
Ah, now the predictions shift to something I know about. I predict in Iowa - no unit tests - no linting - no type annotations - no build script - too few specialists on the dev team - too little money - timeline too short - no discipline from client to rein in complexity or scope
was it Russia or the Democrat Poop Touch? Go with Russia you can sell it much easier than a gigantic turd
Return the money you took from Pete for America
We're supposed to believe you, fucking Batman-The-Animated-Series-ass Shadow Inc?
So your app was literally worse than paper? It was compared to paper to validate it, but it wasn't as immutable as a paper record? Well done?
Major major major fuckup!! A royal fuckup!!
"I believe you," said nobody.
Not suspicious at all.
"Pete Buttigieg didn't win so we have to cover for him. Please be patient"
Your process for taking bribes seems to have worked fine.
Then why is it taking so long to release accurate info? DNC did not confirm this and hasn't been transparent about any issues
And why couldn’t they just have a normal mail-in primary election like Colorado. Let people stay home. We had a disastrous primary caucus four years ago, with so mich turnout people weren’t even allowed in, we learned Let us do ranked voting with a first, second, & third choice.
Don't you have like tens of millions of dollars?
lol you guys were in way over your heads, huh?
maybe you should have tested this a little more?
That's like saying the patient died, but the wheels on the ambulance didn't go flat on the way to the hospital. 'Good job', guys.
It's a feature, not a bug- you built in a deliberate flaw that would crash the app if Sanders won (and he did, and you know it!!)
Wow, that’s is some masters level conspiracy theorizing. Isn’t it much simpler to chalk this up to the usual “people think tech will solve everything because shiny” combined with the usual roll-out bugs and glitches due to lack of testing and also rural terrible internet.
Dude. Bernie eas clearly the front-runner and nothing DNC cando about that. This time it's rigged against someone else. You know his name.
wat? who might that be?
So you didn’t think the “transmit and collate the data” part of it all was worth thinking about? ... Why am I not surprised? To be honest, I’d ream you out and cancel the contract before you got to the stage of fucking up so badly.
To create a user interface for the input of the numbers is the easy part. The database connection, hopefully via a secure transmission, and the back end are the more critical elements.
Please do the entire country a favor and just disband the entire company
Show us the source code.
Bank: "Our method of accepting your money was sound, but our process of transmitting your money was not."
you had one job
So is it the app or is it the Internet structure of Iowa unable to handle that much info at once. CNN says last step
oh ok that makes it all better
Hillary Clinton for America’s former staff ha! ha! Busted.
Please release your client list.
It's protected under CIA confidentiality.
Hope you're all looking for new jobs. Even the company that owns you is wiping any trace of this outfit off of their website.
With bleachbit? Or a hammer?
Go make some decks like a real technology company.
Are you going to refund whatever the IDP paid you?
Why would they refund anyone. It worked just the way it was supposed to.
OMG. I do IT security and use testing writing; this is in my wheelhouse. How do you not perform rigorous user testing weeks if not months before launching that app? Who does a new build 2 days before the go-live date? Are you serious right now? 😳😳
I’m self-taught in IT, but even I know your approach was off. You’re the IT experts. How do you allow this to happen? With everything at stake in 2020, you pull these bush league shenanigans? I just can’t even right now...😳😳
And how it possibly can fail? Isn't that just simple survey, you check some names and send it? I can't imagine that being so hard...
No shit! Not only user testing but also performance and load balance testing!!!
burn in hell
Did anyone check the internet stream?
they're gonna blame the russians again aren't they
Russians could never be as effective as Shadow
You should have been more forthcoming with your various conflicts of interest
I'm super duper proud of you guys... You read it exactly the way I wrote it for you...😍🥰😘
I’d say that was a victorious explanation.
Treason for those who want it
We all make mistakes.
why tf would you name a company building vote tallying software "Shadow"? Are you literally the dumbest people on the planet?
If it is the internet not the app Libby for gov to put latest transports in for internet for voting in all states
Democrats: ‘Comrades, we are sorry that we lost the Iowa caucus results. We are losers.’
Oh... well in that case all is forgiven... I think you might have to do a bit better than that... #IACaucus #IACAUCUS2020 @DNC @iowademocrats
Why is your company name Shadow though...
Totally sounds like they aren't secretly sinister, no no not at all
They accidentally typed ‘ow’ instead of a ‘y’ when they first wrote the name. Their actual name is Shady Inc.
Be careful asking those types of questions. I don’t want you to accidentally get suicided by the Clintons.
Hilldawg hired the Russians again 😂
The app didn't kill itself.
To is waiting until after Nevada to commit suicide...
Bunch of rats. Doesn't the husband of your CEO work for Pete? Didn't you guys receive like $21K from the Buttigieg campaign?
I'm sure Pete was happy that the ~$50k his campaign sent your company bought all of this sketchy ass shit. Congrats on removing Iowa from first in the nation status though!
I like the "We will apply the lessons learned in the future" touch -- as if to say "you haven't seen the last of our 'accessible, user-centered tech infrastructure'."
We sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, their campaigns, and Democratic caucus-goers.
Here for the ratio
#PeteTheCheat doesn't mind Take your time interfering with our elections in the interests of your donors! #MayorCheat #NeverPete
Your app didn't kill itself.
no but Hillary did get them some plane tickets, a gym membership, new Jacuzzi and a free meal specially prepared by her
Jeffrey Appstein
No need to apologize I think you guys did great, really no way to improve on perfection.
And with such a long history of secure election technology services, I'm sure this is a one off
It's cool, I don't think anyone noticed.
Was there a delay?
Hahahaha! Great response !
(Possibly sensitive)
HAHAHAH ! favorite comment today 😂😂😂
#TweetOfTheDay right here 👏👏👏
Good bit, now support Bernie or log off
dang it, that was a genuine LOL comment. Nice one.
Fuckin' genius comment. I nearly choked reading it, lol.
(Possibly sensitive)
No one is talking about it today. 😎
Perhaps a dry run for November?
im here for the ratio
you fucked up
Did they, though? I suspect it’s all going according to plan.
Yup. They stole Bernie's press moment. By the time the results are out in full, it'll be far too late for the victor to get the same press coverage as they could have had the results been delivered last night. This is as dirty as politics gets.
Fuck em. We don’t need their press. This is ours!! The revolution will not be televised. We must take fate into our hands!
Fuck yeah! They've already started playing down Iowa so it seems as if they knew Bernie would probably win. And the awesome part is, they played this shitty card at the very start, so we have time to call it out and fix as we go into more important elections.
Oh definitely. I mean that’s why they’re not releasing the results. If anyone but Bernie won they would’ve released the results by now. Absolute worms about to get plucked by Bernie 🦅
No way... they didn’t realize Sanders would have accurate app recording... no one was supposed to find out anything about the app, who paid for it and who was behind it. They fucked up.
Like they always do.
Gotta rig it for old joe
Lol, prove you didn’t tank it on purpose so Biden wouldn’t get called out for his disastrous performance or show that Bernie won just like when you worked for the Clinton campaign
Learn to code....its easy according to Biden coal miners can just learn it.
Just admit Bernie won. The longer you wait, the more it will hurt the candidates you were trying to help.
So did you return the monies paid you for a defective product.
apology accepted. haha just kidding
Results or no results. Your credibility:
Some sketchy company nobody ever heard of is the perfect fall guy for the DNC here it’s crazy
Live on Gulf Coast, weak routers cause apps to lag, hurricanes cause excessive use and lag happens so would mass voting
This Pete's company
Do you understand the SEVERE public relations nightmare that came not only from a buggy app, but also calling yourself “SHADOW” while your staff was connected to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, which ALSO declared victory without evidence? Because WOW
Probably best you don't tweet about how bad you messed up the caucus results before we even have the caucus results that you messed up. But a bunch of your employees worked for Hillary's campaign, right? Guess we know why her campaign failed.
Flaw or feature?
We see you we have the real results you and Pete can go have your circle jerk now..
Pro Tip - We in the real tech business use a process called “TESTING and Debugging” to avoid a mess like this.
That's an old methodology. Now in the agile mode, you let your users test.
Users always tested, old or new school. What’s not valid methodology is testing live in production- that’s called vapor ware junk.
Nono, real badasses deploy changes directly from their local machine to the Hyper-V production environment!
There was no reason to bring an app into the equation. As soon as you mix personal devices and voting, every compromised device becomes a possible attack vector and targetting these people for attacks becomes much easier. Stick to paper, you are not smart enough to use apps.
Just to make sure, if its not obvious - my comment was ... tongue in cheek.
I’m reading that they “designed”, built and deployed in less than 3 months. Not sure there was *any* time to test.
3 months is a long time for this. If you can't test - don't ship it. This is not some beta silly game - extremely high risk. Has to work perfectly in the first and possibly only use. I'd not touch this with a bargepole.
If only there was a book the guys from Shado could have read. Like "Software Development for Dummies" or so! /snark
It was tested last week and failed miserably. Kind of like impeachment, it was rushed out the door anyway.
Sorta what I would expect from a company called Shadow.
Don't assume those bugs aren't really features.
Imagine what would happen to you if you delivered that? This was a way to funnel money to a friend a` la Biden/Ukraine.
You really thought a bunch of former @HillaryClinton campaign staffers thought it necessary to debug an app designed with a fix in mind? They thought they could make the #TomDobbs #ManoftheYear story become a real thing.
Coding, they also do coding. :)
RIGHT? You test the entire pipeline weeks ahead of the rollout. And once that’s done, you keep testing it under different scenarios to make sure it works. And you write the testing costs into the proposal, because doing things right costs $. Just... incompetent.
Genius. So you test things before running it for real? Who would've thought of something like that!? I've had a great idea: what if the people who uses the app had training? I give you this billion dollar Idea for free.
How about a process called "eliminating conflicts of interest"?
Exactly, and for something this important, they should have had dozens of people on it for months. If someone doesn't agree - just look how bad this makes them look even after spending hundreds of millions of $ on ads.
say hey to Pete for me, ya rats.
Paper and pencil.
Even Russians could never hope to be as effective as you, Shadow! You accomplished something that would seem like an anecdote just days ago. You should be prosecuted!
Ha ha ha. Guess who going into bankruptcy
Who in their right mind names a company charged with creating an election app "Shadow"? You BEG for you credibility to be questioned. I honestly thought it was a joke when first saw the name. Next time, if "Transparent" is on the brand identity name list, pick it.
Shadow is a really weird name for a company
The gang goes to Iowa...
The Gang Helps Reelect Trump
This episode would make me feel so much better about this
It's always Sunny in Dems Iowa caucus
*winces* Oooh buddy .I don't think that crew gonna have any luck mining coal after that whole 'c*ding' thing didn't go to well for them. Hey, maybe they could try their luck at journalism. Pretty sure a walk-on could do no worse than @Acosta or @brianstelter .
The gang fucks Iowa
🤣🤣🤣. I foresee
This is the best tweet on here.
Learn to code. Literally, please learn to code.
I guess the @iowademocrats threw you under the bus, eh?
Like a parking lot volunteer at the State Fair.
The app committed Arkancide with 2 shots to the back of the head after it was discovered that it had Bernie ahead of the approved DNC candidates.
Coroners Report: Four projectiles removed from back of the corpses cranium. Obviously self inflicted. Case closed.
Just another example of too much technology.
Can you put the conspiracy theories to rest and explain why Buttigieg’s camp payed you around $100k?
Delete your account.
learn to code
Taking money from a candidate in the election which your software is tracking, the data of which media outlets are reporting, it looks bad. It looks like #fraud. Clearly you are too stupid to write software, and also apparently too stupid to avoid the appearance of fraud.
When you align with the Democrats, your demise is inevitable.
I don’t believe you.
You were instructed by the DNC to not release the results because it would hurt their chances of winning the upcoming election, don’t lie.
Was rigging the results of the #IowaCauca for the @DNC a feature or a bug?’s Hillary? We’re not the fools you think we are.
Why is Pete funding you? How is this acceptable, we should sue this company.
Get the fuck out. You had years to build this app and it was never tested. #IowaCaucusDisaster
Get a better PR department or I dunno, close your doors.
People have been telling you it was broken for months.
So when are the results coming out? Minutes, days, weeks, WHAT?
This is one of those times you with the company's name was "Secure Data Systems", "TruDATA", or "Horizzons Data" know, something generic instead of super-cool yet shady sounding like "Shadow, Inc."
respond to my job application nerds
nothing an apology won't fix but if you'd just put out numbers that said Bernie won 99% that'd also help appreciate your honesty
Corruption lies at the heart of everything you do. Everything @HillaryClinton touches turns to corruption. Even @JoeBiden
You are destroying democracy!
shady shadow, inc.
You’ve made s mess of things. Didn’t you test your app?
Y'all making Iowa look like Florida right now.
Appropriately named - votes in a shadow... #IowaCaucas
this will become the greatest ratio of all time
Juggalos for Steyer
please never do anything for anyone again you total incompetents
move fast and break stuff, amirite?
Close up shop or rebrand. You're officially fucked.
We'll go back to what we are good at, screwing up the Obamacare website
Bless your heart
You think u have a future in elections? Buahahaha
Shouldn’t your company’s name be SHADY instead?
Look what your poor development has made me made me like a tweet from Mark dice
Ha ha! SHADY! Get 'em Mark, that was clever!
Shouldn't your last name be DUNCE instead?
(Possibly sensitive)
Crowdstrike LOL
I thought it was Boeing. #Crash
It’s a subsidiary
Response of the year right here
Subshadiary? (Sorry)
It really is "on the nose" isn't it? Might as well have gone with RigTheElection Inc.
don't you have to go call the cops on a rap song or something dumb dumb
Maybe kushner companies already has taken it? I mean sure you’d take a 99 year lease off their hands with the building is half rented and was the worst purchase in nyc realty.....but Qatar has a lot on their hands with trump and kushner, so they did about shady
Ironic comment coming from the MAGA crowd.
My thoughts exactly!!
Shadiest name suits them perfect
Nope shadow is the perfect name for them with ties to @HillaryClinton as we all know she is the true leader of the shadow government... just have to connect all the dots.
It is even better than that... from their website MEET THE SHADOW TEAM We are campaign and technology veterans who have built and implemented technology at Hillary for America, Obama for America... 😂🤣
Awww did you come up with that all by your big boy self?
Please stand up, please stand up!
Correction. “Have Been” soon 🤣
Or DIPSHITS. Or both..."this app brought to you by SHADY DIPSHITS."
😂🤣😂🤣why SHADOW! why. Instead of Something like Light Inc or something.
When they said the app was reporting inaccurate results, it was rigging the primary just as it was programmed to do, but there was too much data being collected by Sanders to pull off the rigging, so they dumped it, but #MayorCheat stuck with the plan & declared victory anyway.
Dear Shadow Inc., Dude. I was a Gold medallist in Electronics & Comms engg & a qualified Telecomms & Networks engg Granted, I'm not an app developer. But here are some thoughts on your Shady app… There's no way to verify any fraud in your app. Here's why:
Not shady at all.. Just like The Intercept, when a company's name sends you a message, don't ignore it.
Remember, last time @Tim_Canova results was 5% in *every single demographic*? This CANNOT happen *UNLESS the code* EITHER Sets a ceiling value of 5% for each demographic & Mr Canova got >5% in each (as such capped at 5%) 2/
OR Sets a constant predetermined value of 5% for each demographic A dumb engineer/coder would take the latter lazy route 3/
Since you are using an app for vote casting, you can literally use innumerable filters at different levels each with tailored filter algorithm employing endless parameters. 4/
These filter algorithms at various stages can then act as gatekeepers which determine the validity of the vote and hence determine whether or not a vote gets counted. 5/
There's absolutely no way to verify the process from end to end -- from the app on the user device to your final node which puts the results out 6/
Endless possibilities to commit fraud. My God, Consider the fact that this is an app on a smart phone Endless parameters for filters. ENDLESS WAYS. My brain is exploding with overwhelming just thinking of the possibilities for these multi level filters. 7/
I bet the dumb coders most likely went for a dumb algo. But oh my, I see endless possibilities for future use What's preventing you from making the source code open for public scrutiny? Too scared that crip nerds like me might blow open it? Keep doing you, Shady Inc & DNC 8/
They should also probably learn to code...
No, the point is to be *unprovably* evil.
Mark it's literally already named Shadow
Shadow: Raid Legends
Excellent joke sir
Instead of being bad they should instead be not good. Lol I’m very funny
If only you were this critical of the Republicans
Shadow, tech firm that describes itself as a group that creates "a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology," created Iowa Democratic Party app, said New York Times. LinkdIn says its COO, CEO, CTO & Sr product mgr worked for Hillary pres. cmpgn
right, mark!
You could say they used "loaded dice" you Trumpanzee.
(Possibly sensitive)
Nice! I'd tell them to 'learn to code". Apparently, that ship has already sailed....
More like Shady AF
#ShadowInc Envisioning progressive tech since 1984. Coming soon, our new apartment cubicle sharing app for that long needed cool weather retreat... with free 24 hour security monitoring!
delete your account
I totally want to but stock in your company.
Disband your organization.
You are done! Get out of our elections!
A company with the likeness "Shadow" being put in charge of safeguarding important voter info is #peak2020
No, thank YOU for the comedy and entertainment of the past 18 hours. It's been epic! #IACAUCUS2020 #ShadowInc
It's actually @troymprice and @iowademocrats plus the @DNC who should be taking the blame here.
thank you for this, all is forgiven
I’m just glad Democrats wasted money, time and political capital. Oh, and looked like idiots in the process, can’t forget to mention that.
Who tf doesn’t QA an app that’s literally going to be used to verify an presidential election. You’re either extremely incompetent, or aiding mayor CIA
Are y’all stupid or incompetent? Asking for a friend.
no wonder u guys are called a shadow... working in the shadows to undermine the votes huh ahahaha well thats the joke of the day
Also the world
America thanks you for singlehandedly eliminating Iowa as the first in the nation political event. Now it can hold its caucus in June and be ignored.
As an Iowan, I hope that happens
We expected more from you Shadow Inc, a company I knew nothing about until yesterday
You have to admit the name is reassuring. Evidently "Crime, inc." was already taken.
According to google there is a Tv series and a film noir by that name - don't want to get brand confusion.
Fraud Guarantee was, in fact, already taken.
Fraud Guaranty was also spoken for.
Probably the governer of #Iowa will sui this organisation for billions. This position, with all these PPL, media and visiters and campaigners brings in millions. Now this will be a paper ballot state. Less income. Because of this debacle.
Even the logo looks like a Pete Buttigieg campaign logo. #MayorCheat will never be president.
Exactly wtf is going on
they've been in the shadows
This is your version of thoughts and prayers?
HILLARY! Is that you? 😂
Plenty of people are bad at their jobs. You lot still take the cake.
Don’t worry, it’s not like you completely ruined any legitimacy to the results and consequently upended the entire process. That would’ve been horrendous if you did. Like, definitely worth feeling like an irredeemable shit for the rest of your life type error. Don’t worry :)
I'd say it went about as well as could be expected from former Hillary staff.
Delete your account and your worthless company
Sometimes a catchy company name will turn around and bite you on the ass. #shadyshadowinc #Yanggang #trump #Election2020
So that is the official Bernie response now? That Pete orchestrated this whole thing? You're ensuring 4 more years of trump as you split our Democratic party (a party Bernie does not belong to). I'd be careful about that. 4 more years of trump will finish the Republic. Sadly.
I'll translate that for the folks who don't put in blue eyedrops every morning:
If Bernie is cheated, you will have four more years of Trump
You had one job.
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? ...The Shadow knows."
A little too late for an apology,no? You should have had this shit figured out way BEFORE the caucus.🙄
Now explain why you were able to get this contract. Were there bids? What's your history of making competent voting apps?
It’s still so fucking funny that the company is called Shadow
Shadow? Really? Creeps.
how inspired for a dark-money Dem firm to call itself "Shadow"
Looking forward to your eventual quiet rebrand and subsequent fuck ups in 2024.
This ratio is beautiful.
But your company had nothing to do with what happened
Hard to imagine why anyone would agree to use an unproven app for a situation where paper has been demonstrated to be safer, cheaper, unhackable, and easily audited.
technology fails, Nasdaq jumps 🤔
Do they think we will accept anyone other than Bernie as the winner in this shitshow???!
Lol. They don’t care. They’re pretty sure you’re not going to do much about it.
Quick question: why is it that literally all of your employees are former hillary employees and why did you accept big bucks from mayo boy? Seems just a bit curious!
Yeah about that..
You and the DNC should also be sorry for trying to hide the fact you created this app from the voters.
shadow incorporated
This one made me laugh the hardest 😆
This was a catastrophic failure by your company, and no Democrat should ever trust Shadow again. #PaperBallotsNow
You’re insufferable. Your little app is unnecessary. Your work obstructs and intrudes on our democratic process.
It is all okay now that you apologized "sincerely." We're perfectly fine with Clinton Alums ratfucking elections. #TomPerezMustResign
Here we go again!!! Right back where we started from in 2016! More voter fraud connected to HillaryClinton! Well,, how about that???
The DHS aren't any more reliable.. lol They are the same ol trying to keep the 99 percent in check.
I (genuinely) don’t know that her point in sharing is 4 DHS help so much as 2 highlight cozy relationship between it, Shadow Inc. & Pete Buttigieg. —> How national security mandarins groomed Pete Buttigieg and managed his future
The insider: How national security mandarins groomed Pete Buttigieg and managed his future | The Grayzone
Pledging to “end endless wars,” Pete Buttigieg claims he has “never been part of the Washington establishment.” But years before…
Yeah. That was my bad. I started to make another tweet explaining I was just responding to the info in the graphic, not her.
By "cosy relationship", you mean that his campaign bought software from them? That's like saying that because the campaign bought Microsoft Office, and the IDP used Excel to tabulate results, there must be a conspiracy.