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I’m finding that Catalina introduced LOTS of little delays involving Finder integration: displaying open/save dialogs, displaying changed files, starting moves/copies, deleting files… What did they DO to this OS? It’s been declining for years, but this is an especially bad one.
I love waiting 3-10 seconds for new files to show up on Finder, even opening and closing windows to check if they made it
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SAME and i'm on a fresh install
If has nothing to do with combine. I promise.
I just like blaming reactive for things.
…they integrated iOS' file provider APIs 🙃
Did they? It still says iOS only in docs. ☹️
Worst Mac OS update in a decade. Taking options away from users with no focus on optimization was just stupid. Whoever was in charge of this release needs to be demoted and they need someone else to come fix it.
I reckon it might be all those security checks that also plague the OS.
Am I the only one that can’t search within a folder because spotlight searches in the entire Mac no mater what option you choose?
I default to "Search the Current Folder". Works fine.
even in an external hard drive? Don’t you have search results outside of that folder you’re looking into? I do, it’s maddening. Ex: Looking in a folder called “Conservatorio”, searching in the current folder gives results of a parent folder called Webs FTP Backups. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I swear I’m not being a dick here but if you sampled processes you’d probably get a good idea of where the work is going. And I’m also not being coy. I’ve got a rough guess but no data to hand.
I can’t rely on it to stay on overnight through a clone from super duper any more. I get up each morning to find it’s rebooted itself mid way though. It’s a fucking mess. A surface book is looking mighty appealing at the moment.
Or a Dell XPS 13 - mine is excellent. I picked up a friends MacBook at the weekend (admittedly from about 2012, jeez that was heavy in comparison).
I like them, I had one at my last gig. I want to be able to sit on my couch and do photography edits in lightroom on tablet. Through no fault of Apples though (more Adobe’s), my iPad isn’t working out for that.
Or kernel panics? I rolled back all my devices to Mojave finally. Just couldn’t take it anymore.
There’s a correlation between @siracusa no longer reviewing the OS and the OS’s quality. Just like when the teacher stops checking homework.
Yeah, you have to resort Finder dirs for new shit to show up. It's like Windows 95 or something.
Catalina + Drive = more time with my family.
Also often can’t turn off WiFi. It just keeps looking for networks for a full minute. Then finally turns off.
has a lot of clean-up to do for the next Macos. Maybe they will call it Macos Snow Catalina? 🤔
I did a spindump while my machine was going slow and noticed finder was stuck trying resolve a network URL. I immediately turned off iCloud Drive and I have had zero issues since.
Apple has more resources than ever. MacOS is very mature software. I don't understand how it is backsliding like this. At this point they should strongly consider dropping feature releases and just focusing on getting the core of this working right again.
Was on the fence about upgrading two computers, definitely holding off now.
Catalina is insanely buggy/slow/crashes more than any recent macOS release I can remember. :-/
Couldn’t agree more. My 2018 MacBook Air randomly restarts daily.
El Capitan still rules.
oh thank goodness this isn't just me
I wonder what it is. On the Windows side, a mouse click issues close to 250,000 calls in the kernel and loads 15 megabytes of data...Modern OSs seem to get more whimsical with hardware needs because everything is so fast, but it still adds latency.
Taskbar Latency and Kernel Calls
I work quickly on my computer and I get frustrated when I am forced to wait on an operation that should be fast. A persistent nuisance on my over-powered home laptop is that closing windows on the …
Now how many times did we hear that a release was a refinement in line with Snow Leopard from a macOS keynote, but these latencies only seem to go up, where's the faster bit? So as cliche as it is to hope for a true Snow Leopard that ONLY cares about these things...That.
And another thing! Wasn't dropping 32 bit supposed to have the benefit of dropping years of cruft, no more loading 32 bit libraries into RAM, no more fat binaries? Why is everything worse?
In all seriousness, I was looking forward to getting a 16” Macbook this year. Holding off because I don’t want Catalina.
So glad I spotted this tweet, thank you! I have a 4 yr old iMac that I just resurrected and I've honestly been wondering if I need a new Mac. Everything you mentioned (plus running in a sim) are soooo sloooow, I figured it was a hardware issue. Not a good look for Apple.
Speaking of finder annoyances, is there a way to force-refresh a directory? Nothing worse than downloading a file or taking a screenshot and having to wait ~30s for it to appear
Although I rather like it aesthetically, I ended up downgrading back to Mojave as it seamed to have killed a third party peripheral that I relied on. Never downgraded as OS before.
Catalina is such a pain that I’m considering switching to Windows or Linux after 20+ years of using Macs. Such a shame. I used OSX Panther for a task the other day and it was wonderful!
You can pry High Sierra from my cold dead hands
My 2017 Macbook reboots when I shut it down. PRAM/NVRAM reset doesn't help, Diagnostics doesn't report anything. Wimdows with a bad third party drivers used to do these things 10 in times of Mac vs PC ads, but at least they had documented ways of debugging it.
Oh gods. I thought it was just me!
I am honestly using G4s on 10.4 and 10.5 and having a perfect time.
I don’t understand how a super mature, boring OS can have regressions like this.
🤷‍♂️ lack of competition on iOS/MacOS? If they had to compete, i feel the world’s most valuable company would have better stability. But they can get away with not doing that cuz people are going to buy their stuff anyway
it is so much better for regular users. actual features we need and use. sorry it’s not a computer for nerds anymore
It’s awful! Every time I take a screenshot, or even save anything to the desktop... Sometimes, it’ll only show up after a restart.
iOS is the new macOS.
I’m not on Catalina because some of my “professional” audio software still doesn’t officially support Catalina. I miss Logic a bit, but I’m super glad I’ve gone to cross-platform DAW. My desktop is already windows (👍), and my MacBook Pro will likely get replaced this summer.