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#awswishlist AWS::Kinesis::VideoStream (Discovery of missing support is always disappointing. Ideally always day 1 cfn support...good thing it's always day 1? 😅)
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There was some chatter in the AWS slack CloudFormation channel of folks kicking around the idea of making the CF resources open source so the community could smooth over missing pieces & add things as they pop up. ^ this would be huge win IMO #awswishlist
That'd be amazing. Given GitHub/npm are leading software distribution (and are obviously going to integrate with Azure ARM ... would be nice to gain some confidence AWS is going somewhere with cfn/SAR/custom resource registration.
Yeah a registry of drop in custom resources that you don’t need to host yourself would be fantastic I know SAR exists but it never quite clicked with me how SAR apps jive w/ the stack I’m deploying The single region limits on custom resources, layers, & SAR is also not ideal
Think you can use SAR to get around the region thing (but ya... being candid: it is a mess and additive change isn't fixing it aaaand they just slept on the two largest software distribution channels in history because they probably think having a lead means they're keeping it)
Yeah it will be interesting to see It seems like we are a couple years out from majority of devs jumping on module train being directly imported from URLs. If/when that happens I’m not certain the npm acquisition is as enticing? Will web standards win? Stay tuned to find out
Node has inertia to go another decade at least. And the expertise of the npm team joining forces w GitHub is something you cannot price. They will have a strangle on all languages unless something 10x better happens and I don't even see a glimmer of that elsewhere. Maaaybe gitlab
Additive speaking tho I'm sure we will see contibued explosive growth of Deno. But that doesn't mean node, java, ruby, python, PHP, etc have anything to worry about.
Thanks for sharing your #AWSWishlist, Brian! I passed this along to our Kinesis team for review. 😀 ^RC