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I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe is rather lacking in soft pants. 🤔 So I’d love to get your recommendations—what are your favorite soft pants, friends? PS Bonus points if they might be decent enough looking for a quick jaunt to the store or the like. 😅
my boyfriend has been wearing sweats so much he has started calling normal pants... "hard pants"
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OMG, I have been waiting for someone to ask so I can recommend these wonderful Old Navy joggers.… They do require a little extra care, though. Cold delicate cycle, I think. But they are sooooo comfy. Not too short, as joggers often are.
Oh, those sound pretty great—thanks a bunch!
I wasn't sure about them b/c they're very thin. But they don't cling, which is what I was afraid of.
I like the sound of that!
Zella daily leggings and Prana summit pants
Ah, right on! If I might ask, are there certain things about their leggings and pants that set them above the rest?…
I like the sound of that—big thanks!
I am wearing a pair of Zella yoga pants that look a lot like the Barely Flare ones on that page. Had 'em for years and they still look great; I've worn them like fancier pants under longer tops.
Nice—I like the sound of that!
Oh, nice! I can’t say that I’ve heard of Pact, but they look pretty promising. If I might ask, do you find that their sizes tend to run large or run small (or perhaps neither)?
They run pretty true to size. The fitted shirts I had to go a size up.
That’s good to know—thanks!
Look at Universal Standard! They're pricy, but they are A++ for softness
I'd also look at their loungewear category--I'm not sure how much it overlaps with this page :)
Oh, right on—that’s good thinking!
Look at the Leggings Depot brand. I have both their leggings style and joggers. They are so soft. Inexpensive too.
Oh, I like the sound of that! And out of curiosity, do their leggings happen to also have pockets? Either way, they really comfy! PS If it may be of interest, I also tweet about words and language at this account, @FriendlyAshley. (Feel free to follow or not—either way works!)
No pockets on the leggings, but the joggers have excellent pocketsssssss
Heck yeah—yay for pockets! And just to check, is this this the right site for Leggings Depot? It seems as if they only sell to wholesale buyers or something?…