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After 2¾ years, today is my last day at @Google.
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I guess I'll never find out what was in this package that was shipped to the Pittsburgh office instead of my home office.
It’s ours now!
Vish is coming for you.
Where did you find such a specific gif lol
His vantage point though...
literally all i do is practice now, we'll see soon
You gotta get in the car man.
He's gonna miss all my super important tweets and come crawling back
I can't abandon Kevin
I also never found out what the task awaiting me in Workday was.
Wish you all the best for your future.
Complained too much about Inbox going away /jk
Lots of babysitting, for now
Enjoy family time, when that gets old we have kotlin, rust, 0 barriers to open sourcing everything we work on and all the storage you'll ever need.
since you can't babysit your own kid I really hope that this means the Little is getting to have a sweet socially distanced Elmo and Friends party with you presiding! 😄
Enjoy it! Meanwhile, we'll submit you to Guinness for world's most 🤑 babysitter.
I feel you. My full-time job for the past few weeks has been to take care of my two-year old. Gotta prioritize what's best for you and your family.
You have done so much for the community❤... Best of luck for the future 🎊.
he didn't say he'll stop contributing but that he's leaving @Google. I actually see it as good news for the community.
I thought you worked for Square.
what to expect next...
Pumped to see what comes next with ya. Have learned (and continuing to learn) a TON from you and your work. Good luck, man!
Thank you very much, Sir. A new adventure begins.. good luck!
All the best for the future endeavours @JakeWharton .
All the Best for future endeavours Jake👍
Good luck on your next endevour. I can't help but thinking about a place like JetBrains where you could keep contributing to the community like ever before. After working on the toolchain, this seems like the natural step forward :)
How awesome would it be if he started crushing it with the kotlin team? Language, Flow, and IDE support just to name a few things off the top of my head.
That's for the best. Wish you settle in somewhere much better.
So, when are you joining ddg?😂 just kidding... your contributions to the community are valuable, even for devs like me... keep it up & bestbof luck for the future, there many things other than working at google😂😂
May the Force be with you💪 Where will you go ?
Woah. Good luck on your new journey!
Wish you all the best for your future
Almost 3 years already? Time surely flies...
Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
After 2¾ years at google, today is "Ronaldo and Messi's" last day at @Google 🙌🙌🙌🙌. Congratulations!
Wishing you good fortune on your next adventure cap.
Good luck to your future endeavors
Good luck and wish you all the best for your brightest future ahead. Can't wait for another contribution in the future 🙏🙏
Damn. Wishing you all the best...
Where is the farewell party taking place today?
Kitchen island. 5pm. But nobody is invited :(
No Google Meet link ?
Now you can free criticise for Inbox going away or bring it as open source.
Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community. Wishing you the best in your next Journey. 🚀🚀
Oh to be able to write my own ticket. You don't even have to apply for jobs you just say your interested and the door opens (if that company knows anything).
Best wishes for your future Best wishes for your future endeavors.
Why ? 😅 They didn't want to bring you back Inbox ? 😏
time flies, I'm curious as to where would you go next, but I guess we'll know soon enough. Finally, you can update your bio and keep complaining about them closing Inbox.
Wish you the best😉
😱 where could he be going next, Tesla?
Fired or left 'cause you felt like doing so?
🙏 Lord Jake is moving to another heaven
All the best!! 🥳
Good luck on your future endeavours!
wish you good luck for your future endeavors
Congrats on escaping the beast.
Did they ask you to work on "Butter" ? 😛
Off-by-one bug in ``?
Jokes aside, all the best for your next adventure 💪
Our lord and saviour is moving to another realm guys
It’s all about inbox, isn’t it
Good luck for the next phase (wanna spill some tea about flutter now?? Y'know since you're not bound by the corporate ppl anymore)
I guess this is what everyone might be waiting for 😂😂😂
Wishing you the best Jake. Can't wait to hear what you work on next. Good luck!
For all your beautiful contributions to the Android community and ecosystem. Respect! Good luck on the next adventure.
Wishing all the best for your future. Amazing journey coming in 💪
Congratulations 🥳
Godspeed. I'll be following you onto the next horizon.
How would you describe your journey at Google in one word?
Guess it's time to dust off the microphone and make a phone call #hesleftgoogle
Start a new company!!
Why Jake? Why?
All the best for your new journey
Good luck for next challenges. Hope we will get more new ideas and codes😀
All the best Jake. Respect from everyone in Android community.
Cheers to your next adventure :)
Jake was deprecated in favour of JakeX
When people searched for how to architect their code. Your code was the architect . Congrats on your future.
good luck for your next adventure.
Thanks for all the work you've done for the community. I hope you get through this healthy and whole.
(Possibly sensitive)
Congrats for leaving google
If u can/will - What all projects did u work @Google , other than ktx?
Best of luck Jake, thanks for your contributions to Android, hopefully you'll be able to continue and will be able to speak freely about certain other platforms now #butter
Well! News! Good luck. Look forward to hearing about the next thing.
Should we consider it a good news for the community? 😃
یاد تو افتادم ^__^ @itisAli_
Good luck in your next thing!!
good luck!! Waiting to hear about your next endeavour.
You rock papi! Wish you all the very best! :D
Congratulations Jake. Wishing you the very best in your next adventure
Good luck with your next step. we will miss you at Google IO.
I Hope I can still find you when my daily Android/Kotlin problems arrives. Wish you the best :)
Wow. This is breaking news! Future of Kotlin is in good hands!
best of luck
So now you are free to start Flutter development ;)
My condolences @killedbygoogle. We will mourn your passing.
It's his last day before he's killed by google, right?
No. We don't joke about killing actual people. It's not funny this time or the hundredth. :)
Idk I found it funny
All the best man 👊
Good luck Jake. Enjoy your time with the new one that's definitely worth it 😍
I don't think we had a chance to meet while you were here, but I heard good things about you from colleagues and heard that you did Android development. Good luck with your future endeavors. Perhaps we will get a chance to meet some day.
is there ever a moment when @chethaase is not trolling everybody?
All the best with tour next move.
Wow, time really flies
You can finally talk openly about Flutter!
Looking forward for another shiny Android library Jake. And for the record Picasso will be always my favourite 😁
Well done Jake 💙
Goodluck. Thanks a lot for the things you did for Android while there.
You're and you'll be always an inspiration for #Android developers! Have a good days ahead! 👍 Keep inspiring!
You're a legend, man.
good luck sir. thanks for all contribution.
Might be a wake up call for you to actually start your own Google type of company have the skills to do it can do it friend
Interesting. Where to?
Thanks for all you've done and continue to do Jake👏🏾
Hope we have enough #Kotlin advocates at Google after you, don't want Flutter taking over.
Woah. Good luck on your new journey!
Good luck for your new chapter 🙂
Will you do code reviews please?
is returning to his planet
They got tired of you roasting them from the inside?
Amazing Jake, Respect
Are you still going to be around in the Android community / OSS community?
Ugh, I remember when you were still working at Square, time surely flies. Best of luck.
Have a good and quality family time ! Good luck to your future endeavors, Flutter is next ? @Reptx would you bet ? 😊🤞
I hope you will keep continuing your open source contribution. All the very best, Sir Jake Wharton.
Thank you for everything from ActionBar Sherlock to ButterKnife