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What's everybody's favorite thing from today's WWDC sessions, or that they've found in the iOS/macOS betas since yesterday?
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The new “magic move” animation stuff in SwiftUI:…
I've got to admit, the new matchedGeometryEffect() SwiftUI modifier makes UI design look like Magic Move – now we can all copy Apple Music 😀… #WWDC20
Wait, Do animations like this have to be provided from the system? Or is this something to do more with transitioning between different modes/screens?
The fact that we’ll most likely get Windows 10 on ARM on Apple Silicon Macs. It’s basically going to end up being a driver issue, but Apple seems open to the idea of dual booting and virtualizing 3rd party OS’s. Android on Mac Hardware might even become a thing.
Was that in a session?
Windows 10 on ARM wasn’t specifically mentioned, but both dual booting and virtualizing were mentioned in the Platforms State of the Union. With Apple allowing us to run 3rd party OS’s, we’ll be able to run an ARM OS of our choice as long as we’ve got driver support for that OS.
ARM Windows is not a product you can buy. It exists in some form for ARM Surface but it depends on Microsoft to actually release it for other devices.
This is a boring one, but I’ve been blown away by how fast iOS 14 is. Everything that used to hang or lag in my SwiftUI app is now buttery smooth, and even just going through the OS is very snappy
Same here amazingly fast even on my X.
Small thing I just found out from @MKBHD's video on iOS 14 — Accessibility setting to double (or triple) tap the back of the device to perform actions
Lol, that was gonna be mine. Although I have found it triggers pretty easily on double tap.
This is a great one! I tried triple tap for screenshot, much easier than the standard way
StoreKit testing? AVAssetDownloadTask making a single request instead of byte ranges? Proper list collection view layouts? Hard to pick!
AVAssetDownloadTask single request!? 😍 stoked for this one
Yeah! I haven’t seen an announcement of the change or even a related session on the schedule but I pulled out an old test app and hooked it up to a proxy, and no more byte ranges. Way faster downloads.
I mean there are few enough docs, so a whole session would be out there 😂! Nice catch!
the search box in the fonts panel on macos is loooooong i love it
Universal search is huge for me. Works great and is fast!
So far, the new widgets. The smartstack really feels smart even with limited options
FaceID and TouchID on the Web
Doesn’t this already exist through iCloud Keychain?
I always struggle to put my phone down before bed, so the new bedtime feature is killer for me! A close second are the new accessibility features, specifically sound detection which seems game changing.
Did you know this feature already exists in iOS 13 in the form of "Downtime"? Find it in Settings > Screentime
That didn’t have shortcut automations or watch integration though right? I feel like those 2 things really make it useful for me and convince me to put my phone down instead of scrolling through Twitter 😅
Down Time will stop you from opening Twitter and other apps. Try it.
Oh I totally forgot about that feature - I'll try adding it to my night routine!
I personally love the new iPadOS sidebar. I've long had a sidebar in my app but this new system implementation is much better and I can't wait for the video on how to implement it tomorrow!
(Also praying that it's easy to implement! This is a major part of how my iPad/Mac Catalyst app functions, so I'm reeeeeally hoping its not too hard.)
It’s really easy with SwiftUI. It’s basically a list with a special style in a NavigationView. But I can’t find how to do it with UIKit.
I swear if this is something Apple is making SwiftUI-only I'm gonna be so mad
Oh good! This will go well with my current setup then.
Not sure if new to iOS 14, you can press and hold the back button in a navigation bar to see full history stack.
Didn’t know, it did. Nice!
Yes, it is new to iOS 14. It's been reported many places and doesn't work on 13.
I've been wowed by how well iOS is sliding into macOS! BaseSystem is practically an iOS-style ramdisk with patchd/ramrod/mobile_obliterator(!)/friends without any usage of .pkg. (Shared code it seems even - has logic to exclude modem fw.) Also: WebP support! (VP9 next please? ;)
VP9 is already in the Apple TV on A10 to support 4K in tvOS 14, will be interesting to see if it eventually makes it to desktop.
I have a bunch of Table Views that only exist because I wanted them to display in a UIPopover on iPhone. I hope to replace most of them with UIMenus. So much better than the barely documented hoops to jump through to have a UIPopover on iPhone.
Still amazed at the future prospects of Macs on Apple Silicon. Can MacOS on iPadPro be far away? Perhaps as a dual boot option?
Agreed. I’d quite like a system where if an iPad Pro is undocked it’s iPadOS, undocked it turns on the rest to be macOS (then eventually just a unified appleOS)
I love that the search has a automatically selected “best pick” and action. You never have to move your fingers to top of screen to select.
Glad this wasn’t just an iPadOS thing!
The same is true of App Store searches - it automatically selects a best option.
Incorrect. The auto selected item is almost never accurate and living your finger is required to select the correct selection.
Matches every time. Can you provide an example?
This slide in the Vision hand pose session made me chuckle. 😅
Amazed by possibilities of Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap! Enables running any Shortcut or app by tapping the back of iPhone!
I love how they’ve added sandboxing for your photos app, so you can choose which photos an app is allowed to see
Do you have a link?
Can’t find a link, but here’s an example, I choose which photos I want Twitter to be able to see
Amazing! I disabled photos access to almost all apps because of that.
Excited for the removal of “self.”
Do you have a link?
Stackable square widgets. Occupy the same size as the 4 apps they replace, but way more data visible.
SwiftUI updates didn’t break everything 🎉
I was sort of hoping everything would break so big steps in the evolution of swiftui language were bigger
New Core Location settings to pick the accuracy level an app can access… so say, Facebook could only know what town you live in, nothing more detailed.
More native SwiftUI views!
im assumign we need to wait for the next beta to see this
As a web/Python developer who has followed WWDC for years but never got farther than toying around in Xcode, fully SwiftUI apps using the App protocol rather than embedded within a UIKit ViewController makes me think I’ll get farther on a personal project this time. 🤞
Yes I’m more encouraged too to have more than superficial look in developering iOS apps now.
Nearby Interaction framework. Mind really blown when they also demoed it in the Simulator.
Not the biggest or best thing but I’m delighted there’s a standardized argument parser module for Swift command line tools.
Have you heard the new sound the Mac makes when you screenshot? It’s super clean.
Oh, and the pop-up on iPhone when you paste from your Clipboard.. it tells you the app you’re pasting to, and the app you’re pasting from. Seems like good clarity around use of the Clipboard with regard to Privacy.
The PencilKit improvements. I made a simple "draw on a map" concept a while ago and this could supercharge it. Keen to give it a go very soon.
Three-colum UISplitViewController. It makes it easier to take advantage of the iPads big screen.
ARKit (+ RealityKit): Technically super-impressive year over year. Each WWDC I think: “You can do that *at all*?” And they do it in real-time on a phone or tablet! Only problem is I don’t have any current ideas involving those 😀…
By watching "What's new in managing Apple devices - WWDC 2020 - Videos - Apple Developer" talk, I just found out, that iOS will randomise the MAC address when joining a WiFi network!!! (Check at 22min 20sec) Will be fun to see how my company will approach blocking devices 😬
Scribble Scribble Scribble! I want to scribble on everything on my iPad 🙂!
As a web developer, WebP on Safari. 😛
Wait! WebP on safari!!?? Does that mean WebM support as well!!??
Wasn’t mentioned in Safari’s release notes so I guess not. 🙁 A Rene Ritchie video was talking about AV1 support though.
Apple regals you native devs with innovative features, us web dev folks are cheering for a feature introduced ten years ago.