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My wife, date night after 3+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas. We’ve asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal at Allen, TX location. We gotta quit blaming #COVID19 for crappy service.
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hey whats up wife
this is why she left you, harold
dude i totally get it i also have shredded cheese on fajita disease and this is literally worse than racism
Omg I was this many days old when I found out I apparently also have shredded cheese on fajita disease! Thanks for the diagnosis. Is this like some kind of extreme lactose-tolerance?
Lactose on fajitas dependency! Gotta try it myself, sod it, the intolerance and its consequences
She’s literally so super lactose-tolerant that she can only eat things covered with cheese. I can relate.
I too have cheese on fajita disease but I’m not gonna just... tweet it out.
Extreme lactose-tolerance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
omg thoughts and prayers. do you have a gofundme? should we set one up for this poor couple?
I’ll get on it, just let me solve every real problem in the world first.
that'll take what... 18 minutes?
“The Shredded Cheese on Fajita Disease” sounds like a newberry award winning children’s book
“it’s the only way she can eat fajitas” 😂 hope they hock a ‘rona loogie on your plate, entitled babies.
I'm sorry it's my fault we saw your shredded cheese on the counter and my wife took it because it's the only way she can eat Nutella crepes.
This is just to say I have eaten the cheese that was in the icebox and which you were probably saving for your fajita Forgive me It was delicious so shredded and so melty
Thank you for this.
You are quite welcome! Nothing I love more than a William Carlos Williams parody.
William Carlos William FTW love this
God I love you
This thread has produced a Twitter meme / bit hall of fame, a virtual who's who of jokes. I hope we get therapist dialog format.
William Carlos Williams! ❤️
I love me a William Carlos Williams parody, and love to write them.
I’ve reported this tweet for my attempted murder
One of my favorite poets, and one of my favorite poems. Well done.
Yum! Plums and cheese!
This tweet wins the internet today.
Dyyyying. SO funny! 🤣🤣🤣
This is the funniest thread I’ve ever been on. Thank you for your contribution.
Stay home forever. We’ll slide the cheese through your mail slot.
Please make sure you shred it first.
And don't take 18 minutes to do so
Just turn your mail slot into a shredder and we’ll shove a block in.
I like the cut of your jib.
It’s the only way she can eat fajitas!!!!! Is she okay?
Is she three?!
She's lactose inintolerant.
AAAAAHH! Don't DO that! You'll make me horror-vomit!
If she was my wife she wouldn't have to wait for cheese
Hope she's ok tell her I said that
hope she sees this
You married a 5 year old lmao
Please I just want shredded cheese
Showing good restraint by not calling the cops over this.
That’s what she said....often is my guess
my wife would never have to wait 18 minutes for shredded cheese. You should be ashamed.
It's so messed up how he's treating his wife. I would get that cheese in 17 minutes, tops
What is wrong with you people? 16 minutes for cheese or your money back.
Look, I am trying to be generous
15 minutes... a quarter of an hour is long enough... i bet they're not even sizzling anymore.
If I get my fajitas and the cheese ain't bubbling, I'm fixin' to start a troubling
if my cheese isn't stretchy, things about to get sketchy.
If your cheese ain’t brain addlin’,
If my cheese remains to be unseen, I will just sit here while catching COVID19.
If my cheese ain’t steamin 🔥 💨 get ready for a reamin 💪😡
I just made nachos and a cocktail.
if my wife dont see the cheeses, you better pray to lord jesus
14 minutes or I'm putting my mask back on and leaving.
Hombre I bring my own block of Oaxacan to the fajita joint and just start tearing it like a phonebook in 2 minutes flat
Now this guy’s got it figured out
You guys are disgusting. Any wait time of more than 15 minutes for shredded cheese should require a weekly cuckhold session with the person of her choosing.
If you’re not getting your wife cheese in 14 minutes, she’s finding it from someone else she told you not to worry about.
Buddy if my wife spends 13 minutes cheeseless, I deserve to have her find it elsewhere. That's on me.
Come on guys, any more than 12 minutes without cheese and my girlfriend is grating me alive.
if the cheese ain't there in 11 minutes, I will stand in the corner while it fucks my wife. It's called being a man
My ex wife once waited for shredded cheese for 11 minutes. Once.
You’re all pathetic... if my queen has to wait longer than 10 minutes for some shredded cheese for her fajitas... im licking the door knobs of every bathroom in that strip mall
I once took nine minutes to get cheese for my wife. Now I’m single.
My ex husband didn’t get me cheese for 8 minutes. Ex-husband.
i could never respect a man who took longer than 7 minutes to furnish my cheese.
6 minutes ladies, I can do it in 6 minutes.
I will get my wife's cheese in 5 minutes or I will use lethal force
My prenup just has one clause , if my wife didn’t get her shredded cheese in 4 mins she would divorce me
My (ex)wife waited for cheese for 3 minutes once, now she’s with my best friend mike and they’re expecting their first child. Should’ve gotten the cheese sooner. Hindsight is 20/20
Where are my 2-minute men at?
My wife got her shredded cheese in exactly 1 minute. The service was so good she left me for the waiter.
You are all my heroes tonight.
Look what we can do when we work together people
Get this. My last wife didn’t need to even ask for shredded cheese. It came WITH her fajitas already! It’s been 6 years of blissful marriage between her and the waiter and I miss her everyday
Pfft my wife got her shredded cheese immediately! 0 minutes - shredded cheese was already in the fajita! And guess what? She ate it! Now we have a fairytale marriage and live happily ever after...
Sixty seconds… sixty seconds is how long therefore to when she knew why they took hence by do. Cheese.
If I took longer than 6 minutes, I would already be getting out the aspic to make her head cheese out of my own face.
I have personally Molotov cocktailed several establishments that didn't get my wife shredded cheese within 5 minutes.
"furnish my cheese" sounds dirty
17/16 minutes?! You guys are embarrassing and amateurs. I carry a bag of shredded cheese in my pocket at all times for moments like these.
If on a first date I have to wait any longer than 13 minutes for shredded cheese, that is my first and last date with that guy!
smh! my daddy always told me never wait more than 12 minutes for shredded cheese
Nana always said, “Find you a man who keep a fresh 16oz container of shredded cheese in his glove compartment for emergencies and you have found yourself a good man”
Literally if you need shredded cheese that bad you should bring it in your purse.
I mean, a shredder at least, right? Then all cheese is potentially shredded cheese. Cut out the shredding cartels.
Good job, you’re on a Big Shredded Cheese watch list now
He ain’t even wait for them to bring her cheese before he decided to eat one lol
right? Couldn't even wait for his poor wife to be comfortable with her meal. High key selfish behavior.
Very. I bet he don’t satisfy her in bed either. Look at that misery on her face. I wonder what’s her @ I’ll show her what a real man can do
Hahahahahaha lord I'm dying
Damn straight Pal I salute you
"Opinionated Much?" Podcast do not read this wife: hello
dude just share ur natural cheese with her
After 20 minutes you’re legally allowed to open fire on the staff
In Florida you’re allowed to unleash an alligator on the owner.
All the time? I thought that only applies on 4th of July weekend?
And St Patrick’s Day.
Where the judges ask, "Did the deceased need killing?"
Why yes, your see sir, my cheese didn't arrive on time...the victim left me no choice sir
Don’t say that! It’s Texas. He will probably believe you!
i’m 1000% sure you’re not getting what you want because you were assholes to the server/s. congrats on earning bad service by being a bad customer
I hate to break it to you in your hour of need, but she's not getting an Emmy for her performance in "Cheeseless Fajita Date."
Still hope for that spoken word Grammy though.
lol sucks for you guys. I've got tons of cheese, too much even.. just throwing it in the trash
I hope you are ok. Thoughts and prayers for your shredded cheese.
im going to impress your wife with a 1lb bag of shredded cheese and im gonna bring her back to my place.
Can I throw in a few bucks, she looks so much fun to hang with. No drinks allowed, I wanna see the face
You’re gonna get laid like linoleum
It has to be Camembert, though.
Be sure to bring a cheese stick ... just in case, you know.
I don't think he will ever have a shortage of that.
Would have been well worth the respiratory virus exposure had they simply provided cheese
Wife, I carry fajita shredded cheese with me at all times. I keep a 40lb bag in my trunk. Leave your ineffectual husband and marry me. You will never have a bad date night again with this boy scout. Also, im packin’.
Is this bullshit real? This can’t be real.
It’s not a joking matter! She couldn’t eat without the cheese! She’s hungry!
they might as well just nail her to the cross at this point
Best answer.
Cheeses of Nazareth
Ugh I’m so sorry
Damn, you two should work on some routines together. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Haha thanks! I’m a giant cornball
That was very quick, Kerry. 🤗
Yeah it’s rare to catch these as it pops off lol.
Same. Had to explain my laugh to the wife.
My wife gives me the most judgy look whenever my story derives from twitter. Its brutal lol
You should be sorry you set the bar so high and there’s really no topping that.
Don't apologise. I guffawed in the UK. Pun's travel.
True story in Ohio. I’m crying. Cheeses of Nazareth 😂😂😂👏👏👏
Do not apologize. It was epic!
We need a good laugh these days. No need to apologize. 🤭
I seriously just spit across my porch
You are the hero we need and deserve.
A perfect tweet
I had a beautiful setup
Don't be sorry. I genuinely lol'ed for the first time all day.
Do NOT apologize for that
PLEASE don't be 😂
OMG, don’t you DARE apologize for “Cheeses of Nazareth”. You made my night.
Appreciating your work down here in Australia 👍🏻
😂 that was perfect please don’t be sorry
Oh god don’t apologize for that. It was glorious.
Last date (pre-pandemic) was at the Olive Garden
cheezus rice
Hahah thanks
Maybe the best tweet
Our fajita, who art in heaven, cheeses be thy name...
Sorry, that's a follow!
Wow. This deserves a follow. #Bravo
take a bow Miss Kerry. well done by you
That was insanely gouda.
I love a Gouda joke. (Ruins it for everyone)
Winner, winner, fajita dinner
These are so perfect!!!!
Omg- I LOL’d at that!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Underrated tweet of the year!!!
Champagne tweet!
Oh that’s a follow....
I can’t stop laughing at this reply. Bravo!! 👏🏼 😂
Omfg you got me wheezing
Winner ☝️☝️☝️☝️😂😂😂
You won the internet 😁
Bravo, kerry. BRAVO!! 👏😄👏😄👏😄
Thank you. In these difficult times, laughing uncontrollably at a reply to a reply to a random tweet is really all I have left.
This made me laugh as much as “cheeses of Nazareth”. Amen, absolutely amen.
Same and it’s pathetic but I laughed so hard
Kerry. I think I love you. 😂😂😂
Followed you for this. 🤣🤣
Oh Kerry, nooooooo!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
This is a highly underrated tweet 😂
Do you got a podcast to promote, or...?
This was just me after I read your comment. 👏🏼👏🏼
Omg I’m crying
cc @texasinafrica 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀⚰️
You win twitter tonight
Please don’t apologize for this genius
My kinda lady. That was A+ comedy.
Best tweet today
I read this and said "motherfucker". Well done.
That’s the best I could ask for haha
Shredded Cheesus of Nazareth thank you very much. I've been doing CrossFit and keto, do you have a minute I can tell you all about it.
Hahah too many margs tonight
Personally I’d argue exactly the right amount
Comment plus Moe in curlers... that's a follow.
You win the internet today!
This reply should be in the Smithsonian
I am so dead!
I just busted out laughing at 11:25 P.M. in D.C., thank you!
😂😂😂 earned follows for garrett and kerry . may the cheese lord be with you both.
You win the internet today.
Like Stockton to Malone. Bravo!
My heart! Love John Stockton
Kerry, congrats on going viral lol
Cheesus Christ?
I have nothing to promote bc I’m an uncreative hack but I will ask you to kindly support @RAINN in any way you can. They do incredibly important work.…
You. Win. Twitter 🎆
A fuckin tragedy.... Ps...I literally LOL'd and have to follow you now..
This tweet is extremely my shit.
I was raised in a non-religious house and definitely asked my mom "what kind of cheese is christ anyway?"
obviously Swiss because it’s holey
I will marry you based on this Tweet alone.
Winner. Thank you. This made me spit water everywhere.
Blessed are the cheese graters
You won the internet today! 👏🏻☝️🤣🤣
Cheeses Crust
In Queso emergency, pray to Cheesus
Father forgive them for they know nothing about cheese
And I thought saying Cheese n Rice (Jesus Christ) was funny. This is hysterical lol!
Extremely well played 👍
Definitely in the top ten of things I’ve seen on Twitter. Bravo @Kschwenky 👏🏻
Well played!🤣
i hate this website most days but then..this.
This ain't it. Wait, it is.
The lard be with you. (In the refried beans)
...and salsa with you.
Yoooo this is such a gouda tweet!
NOOOOO 😭😭😭 I hate you 😂😂😂
Holy shit that was good 🔥
That’s very funny
Oh you are quick!😂
I nearly spat toast!!! The internet is all yours @Kschwenky ALL YOURS. 😂
Our father Big cheese in heaven Cheddar be thy name When cheddar comes I will be done I can't eat fajitas the way they came 🙏
Hardship knows no bounds.
What a friend we have in cheeses
I mean, Jesus WAS shredded 💧💧
The Passion of the Queso. “Oh Gouda, why hast thou forsaken me?”
I love everything about all of this.
That's the look of a satisfied woman
She's gettin' that deep shredded cheese.
Thoughts and prayers.
this is what my wife died of
I’m so sorry
how many times did you take this photo to ensure she looks adequately sad enough before tweeting
Sorry I ate all the cheese earlier when your wife was in the kitchen with me. Would you mind asking her if she’s okay for another round next Wednesday?
Would normally say sorry that the speediness of the people risking their health and the health of their loved ones so you can get some tacos is not up to your standards but you seem like a big ole whiny bitch who turns into a snowflake at the slightest inconvenience.
I’ve worked enough service, retail, and hospitality jobs to know that people who experience “bad customer service” this often are always entitled assholes.
Same! crazy that the vast majority of shoppers have no problem with bad customer service but some always do! It's almost like there is a common thread here!
praying for her and you during this difficult time! 🙏
I love it when my husband publicly embarasses me on date night for 0 likes
God I love it when people use the most perfect gif ever. 😍
Gonna be a hell of a ratio, tho.
The real shredded cheese is all the missing clout 😔
Unless she comes out saying she was actually thinking about racial injustice, I’m gonna go ahead and presume she posed like this to get on hubs twitter for cheese likes.
New copypasta
I'm gonna make fajitas for your wife at my house. Extra shredded cheese.
Thoughts and prayers to Karen and Todd
I know some cool Todd’s. Chad is more appropriate. 😂
He made great points about Tucker. 😂😂😂
UNREAL. somebody call the authorities and get this karen her god dammed queso
Buddy, I'm going to take your wife and go to a real Mexican restaurant.
It’s not the only way she can eat them. That’s not a thing.
Poor baby needs her shredded cheese
Give it about six months.
Kraft single
If you have the cheese
Dude are you tweeting the restaurant you're currently sitting in???
A restaurant that hasn’t tweeted in over three months
Sprinkle some Rona on it
You should pull that fire alarm to alert the authorities of this grave injustice.
Don't worry man, I will pass your fajita concerns on to the Austin, TX Dell Seton Medical Center ICU
They’ll be there soon anyway. ICU filled with people who just can’t stay home & social distance. Does the hospital ICU serve shredded cheese on their Mexican food?
I have actually been a patient at that exact ICU, but I couldn’t tell ya
Is this satire? I hope it’s satire
and you thought it was a GOOD IDEA TO GO OUT and INFECT other people while TX is in the epicenter of #COVID19?
Too bad she isn't gay and married to a woman. Her wife, Karen, would be talking to the manager about how not giving her cheese is in violation of her civil rights but she can't tell you why she needs it as it's infringing upon her ADA.
Uhm... He's Kevin. Gender swap unnecessary. He posted, right--? So... yeah. These people aren't big enough to be allowed out of the house. Also, they're endangering others. It's disgusting.
See the 28th Amendment, I twitted above.
I personally would ignore them and eat my own fajitas while they're hot. Shredded cheese eh?
Who sits like that in a restaurant?! She’s tacky and rude. Who eats a plain cheese quesadilla if you’re over the age of 8?
Oh wait I’m sorry, it’s even more ridiculous! She can’t eat fajitas without shredded cheese? What kind of white girl bullshit is this?!?
And she asked FOUR TIMES like they were holding out on her.
Must be a cop.
Right? She’s going to get shredded something, but it’s not going to be cheese.
Oh Portland 😒🙄. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #DEMTERRORISTS "LOVE TRUMPS HATE " = Democrat hypocrisy
I’m shocked she hasn’t pulled the fire alarm 🚨 behind her.
(Possibly sensitive)
Bums don’t deserve views
I don't know what that means!
(Possibly sensitive)
a cheesmergency jhc 😂😂😂
I wouldn’t be the friend I think I am if I didn’t tell you to get over here and get you some of this. READ THE ENTIRE THREAD. It’s truly God’s work.
Why does she look like she’s in a Sarah McLachlan ad for abused cheese lovers? Why is she sitting like that? Omg..
(Possibly sensitive)
I was thinking that too. She thinks this is such an emergency she would pull the alarm
I’d rather have cheese also. But I’d not post shit
I don’t get that part either. She can’t ? Djeez. And yes who the F sits like that in public. It’s not your backyard woman. Sit up straight!
hey now don’t bring us into this! that girl is a bitch in any race.
I guess she brought her own Miracle Whip
Her face. 🤣🤣🤣
The caucasity
hey, don’t blame the quesadilla. It’s not the quesadillas fault. 😇
Drunk people unable to put more than one ingredient in the tortilla before they potentially burn down their kitchen for a late night snack, and kids under 8 are the only people allowed to eat a plain cheese quesadilla.
Me 😭 I eat plain cheese quesadillas
At 3am, and drunk/high I would eat a microwave cheese quesadilla, I’m not stuck-up. In a restaurant I’d order a burrito and a Margarita.
But you’re not eating for others...let others order whatever they want. What’s with the uppity attitude?
So do I, it's a nice and simple plate that is really well like here in Mexico. But the seating part, that's the true tacky and childish crime....
Don’t diss the plain cheese quesadilla. We’re in a pandemic, for God’s sake. #comfortfood
Plain cheese quesadillas are a staple. Take that back.
Who puts up with this shit from a grown ass woman?
Uh. Wow. Taco Bell drive thru maybe?
She deserves this 🤣🤣🤣
Maybe she would get faster service if she was wearing a mask? Really, nobody wants to get sick for cheese. Please wear a mask when you expect people to get closer than 6 feet. For many its life or death. I see shes really invested in that cheese would've made me cry when pregnant
I was pregnant, and at a Mexican restaurant with my Aunt in Law, and I ordered cheese Enchiladas Verdes and she said Oh we can split it! I said I’m splitting this with the person in my womb, you need to find your own food.
🤣🤣🤣 I’m gonna use ‘find your own food’ on my kids next time they ask for anything
Um, a quesadilla is literally a cheese taco, at least in Mexico it is.
This lady’s horrible but “plain cheese” is exactly what a quesadilla is supposed to be.
Thank you. I’ve been wondering why people started talking about quesadillas. Do they think she wanted to make a quesadilla? 🤔
I agree with most of this. But don’t you dare slander the Cheese Quesadilla
This must be a relative of the dairy-deprived Karen.
Exactly. She’s flashing the wait staff.
an entire culture
All of Mexico eats cheese quesadillas. That's what "quesadilla" MEANS.
They’ve been LOCKED UP in the comfort of their own home for THREE PLUS MONTHS!!!, the trauma has caused her to forget how to sit on a chair.
Dude why you so mad
100% of Mexicans eat plain cheese quesadillas. Oh and she should put her feet down.
I don't but I understand the appeal. Quick, easy and has enough taste to please.
It's the Mexican grilled cheese sandwich. If you're in a hurry or poor or both it's basic. Add some zucchini flower and Serrano and now you're talking...
Love the spice
Hell man growing up I'd eat tortillas with anything.
I make bomb ass cheese quesidillas thank you very much
I love plain cheese quesadillas! Leave the rest of us out of this!
I like quesadillas but always ask for no cheese
Who said anything about a dilla?
Whinger. That's what I saw... And my ex..
I didn’t realize it was a restaurant-the way she’s sitting plus that robe-thought they were in the kitchen
Is it ok that I had one for lunch today? But also bought a California Burrito and had that for dinner
Trump’s Wall cures all ills. including pouting esposas.
OP’s wife seconds after the picture was taken:
Woah, don't be bring quesadillas into this! The quesadillas did nothing wrong
My wife accidentally starved to death 3 years ago because I wasn't able to provide an adequate portion of cheese so I understand your plight 😓🙏
Mine starved to death twice!
It’s kind of impressive.
Mine too. Then she wanted a divorce.
If I were on a date with my fajita wife I would make sure she got her shredded cheese served in under 17 minutes. It would be simple for me, I would do it easily
This app is so stupid bc this is the stuff that makes me laugh now and when I try to explain it to my husband or kid . . . but fajita wife had me 😂
Fajita wife guy has logged on
Hell yeah brother
There is no doubt in my mind that I will still be laughing at this on Monday
That fajita wife deserves her no-cheese husband. Why didn't he run to Walgreens real quick?
Sorry about your grandma but I'm different
Yours is the comment that made me actually laugh out loud.
This is how my cousin from Canada died
I’m Canadian and I can assure you this is a lie. We have free shredded cheese along with our free healthcare and super sexy smart Prime Minister
He is sexy, but no Canadians accuse him of being smart. Youre the first one actually
Well he can do daily live press conferences in 2 languages without a teleprompter. I’m pretty sure he can walk down a ramp
Also he ran a country AND took care of his own kids without any helpers while his wife was in quarantine. And he can lift water glasses
well yeah. we already know that the bar is low in the US. We're hopeful that our next president can walk down a ramp and maybe drink water. We're actually engaged in "is JT smart?" and you bringing up drinking water as a plus in the column makes me think you've let your bar fall
How did we get here? Did she get her cheese yet?
Yes please stop derailing the cheese conversation This is important.
Seriously. Who cares if our bilingual prime minister is smart? DID SHE GET HER SHREDDED CHEESE?
Smart AND pretty Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's leader. Has she gotten her cheese yet?
Nah - most Australians covet New Zealand’s leader - and they do great cheese there!
Smart, pretty ... no coronavirus!
Can confirm on both counts.
I guess you forgot you were bragging that your PM can drink water with one hand and like walk down ramps and use words. I mean I'm over here living a Texas reality and you're like yeah JT so smart and sexy and can drink water. You will rue the day we get an Obama again
Ps I’m actually a Jagmeet girl. But I respect JT and he is smart. That’s not even a question
The bar seems to be underground for you....
Stop flexing so hard, damn!
That ramp was ANTIFA!
Thats what I heard too! Something else about how the general had much better shoes which I think is also a conspiracy.
Thank you. I didn’t want to be the mean bitch to point that out
But your Tex-Mex is no bueno. 😬 Sorry.
This is hurtful Virginia
I’m sorry. Typical Canadian, apologizing for making sense and stating the obvious facts
It's okay. It's what we deserve
That doesn’t make it any less true.
That's why it hurts
I’m going to resist my deepest Canadian urges to apologize. It’ll be interesting to see if the guilt eats me from the inside out.
But it will be tasty because our guilt comes with free shredded cheese
Then I’m twice damned because of an intolerance to lactose. It’s gonna be a long night.
I’ll take one for the team. That Canadian thing about caring about the greater good
Also: did she get her fucking cheese yet???
I think she died. Very sad. Gone too soon.
Our guilt comes with Coronavirus.
No apologies, we did this to ourselves. And when I say ourselves I mean, white people and racists. You guys enjoy Justin, we're happy for you. (also please invade us hallpp hallppp)
The worst of it is the feeling of helplessness. Like seeing a car accident in slow motion.
Yes now imagine you're trapped in the car It's terrifying. We're all terrified and pissed and terrified. And furious
Now I feel even worse for not apologizing. 😔
Just be there for us when it's finally over. We love our Canadian neighbors
I thought it was sexy how he approved pipelines through indigenous lands too.
Im very anti pipelines and pro reconciliation. But this about a white lady in Texas loosing her shit over shredded cheese
Really? Yes, we know. But he hasn’t committed crimes against humanity, he’s not colluding with the Russians
Ps: what happened to the shredded cheese fajitas?
Rub it in, why don’t you.
I’m canadian and I approve this comment. 🇨🇦 esp our sexy Prime Minister 😍
I just threw up in my mouth tho.
Yesssssss @JustinTrudeau is absolutely handsome and to boot, he's not the shade of snack food lol. I'm moving to Canada if our snack food wins again btw
Trudeau? Om nom nom!
Jealous 😔
I love Canadians❤️
it’s a trifecta we all resent deeply
Texan from about 30 miles north of that restaurant, and I honestly envy the Canadians their cheese, their Healthcare, and the swoon worthy JT. Damn that healthcare is sexy! 😉
Don't forget that some of that cheese goes on poutine.
So sorry. The tragic situation has haunted me since learning about the tragedy.
it’s true, that’s how I died :(
So sad you are dead, cousin
doesnt help that we consider cheese curbs shredded cheese. its a dire situation.
Oh, they’re from Canada? I probably wouldn’t know them. I’ll take you at your word.
ANOTHER family dinner RUINED! Just like you said in your bio! Cheesus Crust!!
Man. I didn’t know you existed five minutes ago and now I hate both of you. Delete your account.
just eat the fajitas you dummy
Wow dickhead go right on ahead eat before she can even get her cheese. Smdh this must be why she DMd me.
Why the fuck would you even ruin that with cheese
We are dispatching emergency cheese and will take your details in a moment but first things first: are you safe sir?
Oh fuck, they didn’t get a refill on their drinks. We’re losing them!
You bitched on Twitter while you were still there? I'm not sure I'd eat anything that came to the table afterwards, genius.
Widdle baby didn’t get his cheese on time. Looks like he needs a safe space
Thoughts and prayers to Ken and Karen
200% chance you don’t even tip, asshole
Wow this is embarrassing for you
OMG please let us know if she survives
Later that night...
If this is fake, it's very funny. If this is real, it's so much funnier. Well done, @jsv4! You should be very proud. Or very embarrassed. Either one!
Oh those pesky 1st World problems. Suck it up snowflakes.
This cannot be real! The person is either just not funny (hopefully) or the most self entitled moron on the planet!
The struggle is real.
what do you mean "it's the only way she can eat fajitas"?
You know, "eat fajitas", nudge nudge wink wink
She just likes cheese. Everything else in a fajita is secondary
Buy her a designer mask to make up for it.
"Opinionated Much?" Podcast DO NOT READ THIS . . . . . . wife I have cheese, hello
Remember, you can’t blame #Covid19 for your shitty mariage. You did that on your own.
The fire alarm is right there behind her. Just pull it. Someone will come running.
It’s cool they always bring fajitas out too hot anyways 😂
Correction: You are waiting 18 minutes for shredded cheese because that’s the only way your wife IS WILLING to eat fajitas. I feel sorry for you, man. However I do believe her when she says the only way she CAN come is with another man.
wow. Way to read the room my friend. Even as a joke this is sad.
You probably should delete this you're about to get slammed. And it's deserved.
hey everybody, it's no shredded cheese wife guy
This is so embarrassing for you and your wife. Grow up.
you could’ve made your own fajitas at home!
“We live in a 1st. World Country.” This is all you gotta be worried about today? SHIT! Bless you ‘lil heart....
She doesn't need cheese for my fajita
Delete your account.
Just eat the food the way the chef made it, or ask for cheese when you place your order. Better yet just stay home and make your own damn food.
I have shredded cheese at my house. 😂
I totally get this, my toddler is also really fussy at times. Tell your wife she was being VERY good to sit quietly for 18 minutes though!
❤🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best reply.
I hope they brought her a coloring book.
She’ll probably complain about only getting a pack of 4 coloring crayons
This truly had me laughing so hard I had to delay my reply for 18 whole seconds 🤣🤣
easy solution to a stupid problem. break it down
Imagine going to Mi Cocina and thinking shredded Borden cheese is the problem with your food
I’m sorry this isn’t actually the time to dunk on Mi Cocina. Get a grip, Richardson Texas 40k millionaires.
Lmao actually Allen TX and what the shit with these constant whiners
They're out to get free shit. Full stop.
A THOUSAND percent
I love how we called in the Lostin fam experts here 😂
My thoughts? It stinks.
Sarah would never.
Naww upper class simps can't get their shredded cheese
Anne Frank is in heaven playing a tiny violin for you.
i think the alarm behind her is what you pull to get the shredded cheese. just an fyi.
How does it feel to be married to an adult baby
It sounds like they’re both adult babies
sir do you want me to send her coupons or not
Pretty pathetic.
The only way she can eat fajitas?? Is she four years old??
The only way she can achieve orgasm is being publicly humiliated on Twitter. No kinkshaming!
She's into that too.
Right? Why even order fajita's then? Get some enchiladas and call it a day.
Dude, people are dying in our great state. Alone. Unable to breathe or have their loved ones by their bedside. Y’all are throwing a public pout about...shredded cheese.
“Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas” “We’ve asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal...”
P.S. I just want to give a shout out to @MiCocina_TexMex because that food looks GOOD 😋
She has a Mambo Taxi RIGHT THERE. She’s FINE. MiCo Mambo Taxis are life. I miss them so much.
For real. What kind of asshole ruins beautiful fajitas with fucking cheese?
Looks good to me. . .now I'm hungry at 1030pm :/
It looks super good
That was my first thought. Man, that looks amazing.
I’m sitting her thinking about ordering from @torchystacos right now. Except I already ate dinner, lol. But that fajita meat is too tempting!
It does look delicious!!!
Come on, you can't eat it without cheese. It's impossible.
LOVE Torchy’s! (Hold the cheese!)
It comes with a side of supporting trump, I guess if you want to fundraise his campaign...
Ohhhhh noooooo torchy’s?!
They’re talking about Mi Cocina
Oh hell. Thanks for this.
Ohhhhh that torchy’s tweet snuck in there and I was very sad.
I miss work travel and Torchys :(
How fortuitous for this couple in dire need that there's a Torchy's location nearby with excellent curbside pickup!
Oh heavens, I don’t want them to target Torchy’s too, lol!
Let's hope they're sufficiently ratio'ed to shame them from further dining in during a dang pandemic. 🙏
It’s one thing to think, “geez we’ve been waiting awhile for shredded cheese.” It’s a whole new set of issues when you post publicly about your inconvenience & conflating service quality with a new disease for which humans have no defense. He shows us ignorance & nothing else🙄😳
It has avocado. Good enough!
Who puts cheese on fajitas?
Would for sure eat there if I could.
I may visit Allen TX just to go there!
I agree! I love cheese but would NOT put it on that food that is delicious on its own!
But ... did you just let that beautiful food get cold while the princesa sulked? That is the crime here.
I wanna give a shout out to everyone that knows you don’t put cheese on fajitas.
They are restoring my faith in humanity, truly.
I’ve been eating fajitas since the 70’s. Never saw anyone put cheese on them
There's a chance they are being ignored by the staff for this reason alone.
If it tastes good, why not? Been doing it for 30+ years.
Yeah, does look good! 😊
Waiting on Trump cheese
Don't do it. This place will ruin your date night if not your life! #wheresmycheese
It IS good! They are usually amazing.
Pretty sure the Pres of MiCocina hosted a private dinner party for Tr*mp in Dallas recently so... 😬
Agreed. I’m adding them to my google maps list of noms
look at that steak I’d be crying for joy just to eat that rn
Meat's cooked perfectly
She’s actually more sad that she can’t call the cops on the person who made this delicious meal so they can come beat him to death for her.
She ought to learn to cook, like a proper american wife
I like that you have to say sarcasm@do you don’t have a Karen come after you
I bet it came out sizzling and delicious! I love fajitas.
Maybe you don’t know owner is a big trump supporter who fundraises for him, I’ve been boycotting all of the restaurants they owned...
Mi Cocina Owner Ray Washburne Appointed to President Trump’s ‘Economic Revival’ Task Force
(no description)
But that’s where you’d be wrong. It’s super pedestrian.
That's what I thought. Spoiled little bitch. What I'd give to have that meal... ssshhmmee
I was thinking the same thing.
It really does!
Mi Cocina is garbage. If you like crappy Tex Mex then it a great place.
The owners are trump supporters .
Their brisket tacos are phenomenal, but their owner is a HUGE trump supporter, alas, no tacos for me.
I want to give them a shoutout for making that little baby wait for some cheese.
It looks freaking amazing to me! They are lucky to be sitting there at all considering the damn numbers that are coming out of TX right now. Wonder if that will be the same look she has when she has to wait 18 minutes for a room in the hospital after she tests positive?
Right?! That steak looks spot on.
It's overrated. It's not bad but local restaurants are way better
It’s not really. Plus the owners are fascists
If only people knew who owned micocina.....
It’s not. The food is always served room temperature, under seasoned and overpriced. It’s Mexican food for people who think ketchup is too spicy.
I mean. Try eating it without cheese, though
Nah Mi Cocina is owned by a huge trump supporter, throw everyone in this tweet in the recycle bin.
Yuck 🤢 Just lost my appetite
Even though it is Tex mex, which is like Mexican food, just not good.
Hell ya it does. How is adding shredded cheese “the only way she can eat fajitas”... that makes absolutely no sense. I love cheese on fajitas too but they’re just as good with none
Yeah, for real it does ?/!
But it's the only way she can eat fajitas!!
Sounds about white.
You know you’re white, right, dummy?
OH DEAR GOD! No cheese... NO CHEESE!!! What have we become??!!!
It took more than FOUR minutes.
I'm glad I don't have the "can't eat fajitas without shredded cheese" disorder. That would suck.
This guy above is like @BrentTerhune , right? RIGHT?
It ain't about the cheese. She looks like she didn't want to be there in the first place.
Can attest that @MiCocina_TexMex is excellent food at all their locations. However, I cannot even fathom sitting indoors at a restaurant any more. Like maybe in a few years but now? No food is that good.
Yes, the little-known ‘shredded cheese deficiency syndrome’. Karen will surely starve, unable to absorb nutrients without the life-saving cheddar, what a tragedy.
Having a pout about cheese when they SHOULDN'T EVEN FUCKING BE OUTSIDE
Your state is not remotely great.
Seriously thought this had to be a joke, but it appears not.
I thought maybe he was making fun of his wife's disposition by tweeting exactly what she said. That picture is icing on the cake.
Y'all can virtue signal with the pandemic juxtapositions but this is a legit complaint. Nothing more annoying than a meal served without a key ingredient and interminable wait times for service to fix it. I won't recount the absolute horror of my breakfast and the missing toast.
It's the only way she can eat fajitas!
See now...if Trump had really made America grate again, she would've already had her shredded cheese on her fajitas. 😇😇😂🤣🤣
People are also unable to afford food or a home because of unemployment due to covid. But sure, not having shredded cheese is a real problem... 🙄
Queron said she needs her queso
First world problem
They're comp scammers. Look at his timeline, and there's a post only a week ago whining about what an awful stay they'd had at a Marriott, blatantly angling for a refund. These people are the bane of the service industry.
The restraint shown is remarkable. He did say shredded cheese, correct? I’d be pulling on that fire alarm at the 15 minute mark.
Why are you so bothered by what someone chooses to post? There's always going to be more pressing matters going on in the world. Get a life and keep scrolling, karen
And seriously - after asking FOUR waitstaff to look into it, would you want that spit and cum stained stuff on your fajita? 🤢🤢🤢
If they are still waiting, we are going to cum on her cheese so the waitstaff doesn’t get blamed. We hope this helps
I sure if she rubbed around her body, her privileged azz could find some stinky cheese.
It’s a scam he runs against Texas businesses. He hasn’t been in for 3 months - here’s an example from 6 days ago
Do you feel the same about wearing a mask? It’s a public pout
"great" 😂
I thought that no shredded cheese was how 45 planned to “Make America Grate Again.”
Leah! Can't you see theyre traumatised? C'mon! Some sensitivity please!
I hope they never bring it to you you're garbage
no cheese? I thought this was america smh
I know of one woman who lost her husband and both her parents to COVID-19 during the same week but this fajitas-without-cheese situation really puts everything into perspective.
Wow. When you think about it, it really does. Stirring
I get it, now. Thank you!
Wow I can't believe how selfish that woman is. She decides to bring up her issues and act as if there aren't awful things happening around the world. She really needs to see what it's like to eat fajitas without cheese and really get a glimpse of true hardship.
Omg, that’s terrible 😥
I can recommend a good divorce lawyer if she needs.
Alternatively, they deserve each other.
He's probably got the same look on his face.
She? If my husband posted this shit instead of getting off his ass and politely requesting some cheese...
Your wife sucks
Mfw i need an emergency injection of shredded cheese
Have you tried pretending the fajita is an airplane & zooming it into her mouth? Or maybe threatening that she won’t get dessert if she doesn’t eat them?
It was a good idea for him to come to Twitter for help.
praying for you to get through these trying times to get some shredded cheese 🙏🙏🙏
Oh, poor baby... as my mama used to say, God rest her soul, there are many starving in this world and here you are complaining about what the Good Lord put before you. Perhaps you best eat at home next time...
wow that must be like really traumatizing for you
May you never have a satisfying meal ever again
what, you think cheese just comes shredded
Buddy, I’ve got some shredded cheese right over here for her
Is this a joke?
@ jsv4 don't read this @jsv4 's wife, what's up
Hey, tell your wife “Sup?” for me
Damn, nice flex
Dude is getting cheese cucked now. I love the Internet
Enjoy being out at all, y'all are going to shut down again soon enough with your plague numbers. How spoiled and out of touch with reality can you be? What are you, Republicans?
when it’s time to listen to the new opinionated much podcast
Honey, sit there and look really sad. Eyes down. Tilt your head. Oh they’re gonna be so embarrassed about their shitty no cheese service when I tweet this. We’ll probably get a free meal!
That is definitely a 'FFS, he is complaining again' face. That food looks amazing.
she looks like she already knows and regrets what she's gonna have gone viral for
Ima put it on him I think she’s like holy fuck why did I let him drag me out
Doesn’t look good for the part of date night that matters more than shredded cheese.
I’m thinking it’s more of an “I regret this marriage” thing.
bet you’ve seen this look before
The look you give your husband when he nuts after a minute and a half and you once again have to fake it
Looks like you already started eating though
I wonder if he got shredded cheese
I bet he stole her shredded cheese when she wasn't looking and then blamed it on the waitstaff. Selfish, lying prick!
I have the same condition.
Your wife hates you
Your wife should divorce you immediately for tweeting this.
Yeah, the injustice. How will you ever get past it🙄
We gotta quit blaming quarantining for #COVID19 for entitled, unreasonable bullshit, too. tHe OnLy wAy ShE cAn EaT fAjItAs I truly hope that she is able to endure and overcome this grave injustice. Is there a GoFundMe or anything?
Does @MiCocina_TexMex have an online tip jar or anything so we can send support for whoever had to deal with these people?
I really like this idea!
No but the owners are Trump donors and threw a rally for him a few years ago so maybe ask them to pay their employees a living wage instead of doing that. Or not open for sit down during a pandemic and risk their employees’ safety and sanity
This really sums up all politics to be honest. The business owners running a successful company are conservatives, while the whiny assholes complaining about shredded cheese are liberals. Sounds about right.
Lol I’m sorry, how do you know these folks are liberals? Sounds more Trumpian than anything
100%. Look through the timeline.
Liberals can be privileged assholes too. That is more evident than ever (saying this as a liberal)
And they can be successful business owners too. They just are less likely to exploit their workers.
Nooooooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yeah the owners might be shit, but the poor server that no longer qualifies for unemployment bc they have been called into work probably isn't. Zero percent chance these guys tipped.
I am a server and trust me they need it. I used to encounter not-so-nice people rarely in our very nice restaurant now it's like another virus is simultaneously infecting people and it makes them rude and obnoxious oh and needy don't forget needy!
Honestly, I know it’s not top of the priorities but we need to change how food service staff are treated by the public in general
This is 100% why I leave a note of encouragement to my food service staff. I don’t know if they care, but I hope a “Thanks for the great service! Hope you have a good night” will at least put a smile on their face. 🤷‍♀️
New wife guy unlocked
Good looking plates of food, shame pouty bitch is letting it get cold. Grow up.
You definitely have bigger problems in life if shredded cheese is necessary. Good luck with her bud.
Hm. Seems like your opinions kinda suck dude.
You're lucky they didn't spit in your food.
Who says they didn’t
Lol this is pathetic man. What a pair of babies.
fajitas with cheese? are you dumb?
Took too long to find this reply. Cotija cheese maybe, but shredded? Pass.
127,000 are dead and you’re whining about shredded cheese. Delete your account and your podcast.
But, then *300 whole people* would be out of a podcast! GASP!
Also without shredded cheese 😔😔
Which is the only way I can eat podcasts.
Lol you mean 3 people right.
Actually 128,152 but who’s counting when you are waiting on shredded cheese! Damn it people, the struggle is real! 🥴
But how many of that 127,000 died from complications arising from insufficient levels of shredded cheese? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.
Its an emergency, hit the alarm!!
Oh you poor baby how are you still even living
Instead she’s getting a fajita full of corona. Enjoy
Bring your own cheese next time dipshit
It's 2020 and you're not carrying pocket cheese?? In a pandemic???
Life is so hard.
These dickheads franchise a moes down the block.
What fucking medical condition does she have that she cant eat fajitas without cheese?
Holy shit are you a terrible person. My god, what an insufferable friend, neighbor and coworker you must be to those around you.
I have a lot of questions. Does she eat fajitas, or does she only eat the shredded cheese on tortillas? Why would she be going out to dinner for a terrible DIY version of a plain cheese quesadilla? And she hasn't even touched a drink or chips in the 18 minutes she's been waiting?
Don't you understand....she hasn't had her cheese 😉
Looks delicious to me! If you're just going to pout how about you put on a mask while you wait and protect the staff who are working hard to feed people too selfish to just click and collect or get delivery.
The people on ventilators would be happy to trade places w you and your wife and eat the fajitas w/o cheese. The service in the ERs are fabulous these days.
This can’t be real, can it? What entitled people.
It’s the only way? Fucking grow up. Your state is being ravaged by COVID. The entitlement is REAL.
Maybe, um, make your own fajitas at, um, home...?
Wear masks, assholes
Also, get takeout and go tf home. We're in the midst of a pandemic, and everybody's having tantrums if they can't have 100% autopilot normal life. THINGS AREN'T NORMAL. They won't be for a long time.
Then they shredded cheese would have been divorceable
But they were LOCKED UP in quarantine for THREE MONTHS in the comfort of their OWN HOME
Oh, the huge manatee!
That shit was funny
Maybe. But I bet there’s lots of whine there.
Except for that getaway at the Marriott resort in Grapevine last weekend...
😭😭😭 horrible experiences everywhere they go? Maybe its them
Well, except for that time they went to a hotel. I could understand how he forgot since it was simply days ago! They had a bad time there, too. Seeing a pattern and I don’t think other people are the problem.
Seriously what kind of backwater place has indoor dining right now?
The State of Texas
FR, you know they’ve got shredded cheese at home.
💯! Everyone needs to somehow get it through their head that we aren’t ever going to return to “normal” cuz that ship has sailed. Between COVID-19 & #BlackLivesMatter & #MeToo & the clusterf*ck of 🍊💩💣tRUmp, the world needs a new “normal” that prioritizes humanity over tribe.☮️
And they probably have plenty of shredded cheese at home.
We fucked the middle east because of 9/11 when we lost around 3000 people. Covid has killed almost 40 9/11s worth of people and these babies are crying that they can't go to a salon and have to wear mask at dennys. Then when cheese wife dies I promise there's a gofundme.
next time order enchiladas to go
When did Americans become such babies? #FirstWorldProblems
You obviously have never had to wait for shreded cheese and is shows. Sorry we can’t all be as rich as you.
at least you dont live in a socialized cheese country like Canada. the only legal shredded cheese here is cheese curds and we wait in line for hours 😭
Oh yes, you do suffer 😭 socialized cheese isn’t as Gouda as patriotic bright orange American cheese.
Ugh. Did you make a cheese pun? You’re unbrielievable.
A good cheese pun, always makes me melt 🧀🧀🧀🧀
please smuggle me some easy cheese 🙏
I fill my suitcase with Obamacheese when I show up illegally crossing. Don’t build that wall yet, I’m on my way 😂
Delivered to me, by my pool boy. Within 1 minute, no less—he is very efficient
I want to be like you when I grow up. 🥰
I’m pretty sure it started post WW II but started ramping up heavy in the 80s
Around November 2016
More like around 1776
28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: The one that says every American has the right to not be offended or inconvenienced.
These are Texans, they're even worse than most. (I'm from there, so don't attack me!)
When was the first Karen so-named?
Since always. This country was founded by slave owners who didn’t want to pay taxes, after all.
When did boomers become a thing?
They have their Baby-in-Chief in the WH.
American Exceptionalism right here.
Looong time ago.
Since birth with the american exceptionalism bullshit drummed into our brains since birth
👆🏻 this person gets it
Agreed. Totally. The American exceptionalism myth, is the offshoot of “Protestant predestination” and grandparent of today’s “prosperity theology”
I can tell you from experience, when it comes to dining in a restaurant, Americans have always been babies. And the server will take the hit for their selfishness. You want five star service? Go to a five star restaurant. Jesus.
When they would rather own and brutalize other humans than growing their own crops.
Shortly after WW2.
Gonna have to take it waaaaay back there, bub
Oh it's always been like this in any industry/retail setting. Karens wanting to speak to the manager or call corporate over the dumbest things.
This picture encapsulates why we have the highest COVID rate. USA! USA!
Consumer entitlement...
All I will say is my hubby and I have eaten out once since reopening. My food was less than, but our server was a sweetheart.. Didn’t complain and as we won’t go out to eat much he got a bloody lovely tip!!!
That’s nice. To me it’s about the company and not cleaning up. But, covid so, NOT eating in a restaurant
1619 when they brought in Africans, who they denied citizenship and rights to for centuries, to do their work for them because they were too lazy to do it themselves, I would say🤔
Good point. Or the 19th or 20th century under American Apartheid? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Baby is not the word I would use, although it does start with a B !
November 2016 is when America’s diaper filled up. Been crying ever since.
It’s been going on much longer than that.
The day Hillary lost
Yeah, seems like all you’ve done since that day is whine.
I think it started when they colonized, raped and pillaged my ancestors for land and resources, then actively dehumanized black people until it was legally sound to utilize them as a piece of farm equipment to increase profit.
In the 80s. Its been downhill since. Your country is an international joke😂 #USA #greatestnation #number1
as an American, I wonder the same.
When snowflake Democrats didn't get their way when Hillary lost, but probably way before that. You'll also continue to see Democrats err Americans be bigger babies when Trump wins again in November.
"it's the only way she can eat fajitas" my friends are dead asshole
The poor wait staff putting their health at risk for people who don’t get it.
My god, I had no idea things had gotten so bad in Texas. No shredded cheese! Thoughts and prayers.
Just when we thought the racist Texican guy (w/chainsaw!) in McAllen put that shit over the top...
Pretty gouda comment
We're hardly surviving out here. Just last week I had to SHARE my queso with my children. Wheres all the cheese going? 😭😭
May you be blessed with cheddar. I don’t even recognize this world anymore.
Mexico, obviously.
first our jobs and now our cheese, truly they have taken everything from us 😢
What's funny is--I actually haven't seen Tostito's cheese dip at my Austin-area grocery stores in about a month. Did someone spread a rumor that cheese is rich in hydrochloroquine?
I screamed at this! 😩😩🤣🤣🤣😭👏🏾👏🏾
Meanwhile, in Australia, toilet paper rationing is back 😳
I live 5 minutes away from this restaurant and can confirm things are indeed dire.
Thank you so much. These are truly troubling times.
Is this satire?
Really? Your wife needs to grow up or wait. These people are working hard and your wife is a brat!
“It’s the only way she can eat fajitas.” Hahahaha. Fuck your shredded cheese
way to disappoint your wife AGAIN
hey siri, show me a privileged knob and his wife
Deleting this immediately won't make the cheese come faster, but it will make you look like less of a dick
She "can't" eat fajitas without shredded cheese?
Did you reserve a ventilator for the grandparents with your shredded cheese?
(Possibly sensitive)
lmao opinionated much!!?????
how much do you have to drink before you walk through the door everyday?
These are the ppl I wish would stay quarantined for life.
uder-rated tweet
Where’s her mask? And FYI it’s obvious y’all never gone hungry.
She could have at least changed out of her pajamas for date night.
Jesus Christ. Poor you. 🙄
This must be embarrassing for you
You can absolutely eat fajitas without shredded cheese you absolute infant lmao
Thoughts and prayers
Dude my wife and I celebrated 2 bdays plus our lil girls 6 bday plus our ten year anniversary that mind you was supposed to be in Mexico and we did with class and together and I never complained about missing cheese while 120k died during this horrible virus
My husband and I also had to miss our 10 yr anniversary Mexico trip! But we did have a fridge full of shredded cheese, so I guess we came out on top.
I too had a trip to Mexico cancelled because of the rona but I have not been without cheese this entire pandemic, shredded or otherwise #winning
Bill, you are what more Americans need to be
Do something !
That is a tragedy. How will you get through this?
This bih when she don't get her cheese
What are you waiting for??!! Pull that fire alarm already and get some decent service! I said queso, shredded por favor!!
Praying for you. Stay strong, I know how hard not having shredded cheese for fajitas can be in these dark and challenging times
He tweeted this 5 days ago. Basically this guy thinks the world waits on him and his wife…
Disappointed, saddened & just regret the time & $$ we spent this weekend at @GaylordTexan Just terrible management, rude & could care less about customer experience. @MarriottBonvoy @Marriott may have just lost a longtime, loyal member. #fathersday2020
So much for first date night
No way that the host of “opinionated much podcast” could possibly act like that that’s just impossible.
You're my hero
Probably all those people with corona virus hoarding all the shredded cheese.
What are you doinghere
Thanks man, always love to hear from my fans ❤️
Idk what i have against you but i have made you my enemy
Well, it won't last long, sorry :(
So brave to share this experience with us truly
i love how you are under every tweet absolutely taking the piss out of people who deserve it
I am incredibly online
Pull that fire alarm--this is an emergency!!!
Fucking ANTIFA strikes again!
hey man, you're getting dragged pretty hard on here and that must be kind of rough, so i just wanted to make sure you know that you deserve every bit of it
you are under absolutely NO obligation to do the customary "Opinionated, we are so sorry to hear about your experience" thing here
Mi Cocina has the best margaritas in this town and I will get completely hammered and trip and fall over this guy and his wife for them.
every. last. bit.
Every *shred of it... 😂
Missed opportunity to say "you're getting shredded pretty hard"
your wife gave me good service
audible lol from op and response
If you put that look on her face you should not be bragging
You must have low standards
He clearly states that he’s a himbo. Let the man live his life!
That's appalling. How dare you talk about her like that.
thank you for your service
God your wife is hideous
Omg she looks like she’s gonna cry Hahahahahahaha
Wow now that's a first world problem. Did she live?
Hello sir or madam, I am the CEO of shredded cheese, and we would like to help with your problem. If you would simply send your social security number, we can make sure that some shredded cheese arrives within 2-3 weeks.
Do you and your wife enjoy blood clots that lead to amputations? Just wondering how you think that compares to the absence of shredded cheese.
Wow, you still haven't deleted this.
I mean, if I could only choke down fajitas with shredded cheese, I'd maybe order something different? (I'd also not eat in a restaurant right now but 🤷‍♀️)
Are you trying to embarrass your wife? Or just yourself? It’s hard to tell.
Check her hands for stigmata, bro.
Thoughts and prayers
This has to be a parody account, right? Right?
Gotta carry one of these, my man. My wife knows that I'm always prepared.
I just laughed really loudly! Thank you!
It’s like an epi-pen for those that are shredded cheese tolerant
There is no "say when" with this lady tho
Not the first time you’ve seen that disappointed face, I’d reckon.
He wouldn’t have seen it because he falls asleep immediately afterwards
Y'all, I am screaming. I hope the folks at Mi Cocina are howling reading this thread.
She should just pull that fire alarm and end this whole charade right now. Attica! Attica!
why the fuck are you asking for shredded cheese at a restaurant you baby. they can grate fresh cheese
North Hollywood Honey-Karen sends hot ‘tude and righteous finger wags, bruh. Mi queso, mi libertad! #TheKarenning #WheredTheCheeseGo
Your wife is a snowflake
Thoughts and prayers for your shredded cheese.
White people. Why not just get up and grab some yourself? With those man hands, wifey could get more than she needs with just one trip.
this is what you deem postworthy on twitter tho
Dudes entire timeline is bitching at companies
The post got ZERO engagement. You tell ‘em!!!
And he has 300 followers, so I'm sure the companies got right on it!
His schtick seems to be geared towards free meals, hotels and merchandise.
Love to try to get free shit from some of the hardest hit industries during a pandemic.
Karen with a penis likes to complain to the manager to get things. Something something we refuse the right to refuse service to jackasses, get out.
Please do not tarnish the good name of girl penis with such an association friend.<3
He’s a Chad. Of course.
Yep, even as recently as a week ago.
OK this guy personifies "speak to the manager," no? He's hurting businesses in the hopes they'll give him free stuff. Nice little extortion grift.
They're that person that just writes one star reviews for everywhere they go
I think you meant ‘dude’s entire timeline is being a little bitch’
I wouldn't wish listening to his podcast on my worst enemies.
What's the male version of a Karen? Cuz he's it.
Chads are bros. We should call them Daren
That’s how he gets free stuff. The company reaches out and gives discounts or gift cards for your “trouble”. That’s why he @s them lol
It's called pulling a con. People like him used to put bugs in their food to get free meals. Now they just tweet about them.
It sounds like he leads a horribly rough life.
... about customer service... during a pandemic... A-hole
Impossible. It's their first night out after three months in lockdown.
I hate having to keep my story straight
Why is that the LEAST surprising thing that I’ve ever??
Omg THIS guy again??! 😂
His name makes sense, I guess
Imagine humiliating your own wife like this.
Thanks for sharing, and putting things in perspective. Sometimes we get so focused on our own problems, systemic issues of racism and global pandemics that we forget about the real victims. I hope the cheese comes soon so the injustice can end hero.
Don't forget kids in cages but OMG a cheese crisis!
Oh the humanity 😩
The cheese... stands alone.
yeah i know what you mean. tweeting about being a wimp and pimping for a boyfriend really puts the worlds problems into perspective for us. thanks for that!
There’s def a difference between a joke and people who are actually whining on twitter about cheese.
How’s all that #maga winning going?? #mewhenmagadies
Lol take your pitchfork and stab it into some bread, no one cares what you have to say
Douchebags gonna douche
my wife tried to eat a fajita without shredded cheese. they never recovered all the pieces of her body 😞
I made my wife fajitas and forgot the shredded cheese, I drove to the store and when I got back she'd starved to death 😭😢😔
look what happened to his wife. why are people joking about this
This is a plague!!! Someone please do something about wife shredded cheese on fajita withdrawal
Why isn't the "lame stream" media covering this??
Yeah. Following the guy getting as much enjoyment as me over lack of cheese.
That guys bow tie doubles as a mask
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. ☠️
I laughed so hard my cat abandoned me and I gave myself hiccups.
This is why I carry shredded cheese on me at all times now. I almost died 😑
How are the kids handling the loss? I think I heard about the cheeseless fajitas in the news.
I almost burst a teste loling at this
Thoughts and prayers
One time I ate Mexican food with my wife. I am now divorced. Thanks, Obama.
This is how I behaved when I was six
i don't believe you. even 6 yr olds know you don't put cheese on a fajita
I grew up in a white household 🤷‍♀️
What a spoiled sourpuss you got yourself there, champ
You and your “wife” are awful humans
What a loser. Tell her to grow up
Oh no, is there a GoFundMe I can contribute to?
Is her name #KarenGoneWild ? She looks and you sound like y’all are a bunch of #karenswholiketrump
kim there are literally people dying
🍷 whine with that cheese?
Oh honey. Not your best look.
Praying for both of you
Maybe she order something else next time. #nocheesenofajita
You probably don’t wear masks or see color either, I bet?
she's just not into you bro
Tfw no cheese on my fajitas
This one killed me and now I’m dead just like fajitacheesewife
Oh FFS grow dafuck up
Cheese, George! Cheeeeese!
They’re risking their life to serve you. They should take another 2 hours for your damn cheese for choosing to eat indoors. You people have no souls.
Can you maybe put on a Paw Patrol for her while she waits?
Jesus, you are ridiculous. Go home, stay home.
You're letting all your food get cold bec you didn't get your gringo cheese?
18 WHOLE MINUTES???? My god, the inhumanity!
You should never go to a restaurant again. You don’t deserve it.
Hello, wifey. Hang with me, and
Imagine bragging about being married to that thing. Gross
I doubt the fact she looks so miserable is only down to the lack of shredded cheese.
No way the steak is still pink if it’s been 18 mins bruhhhhh
Wow they pretty much murdered her, hope you get justice
3+ months of quarantine for nothing since you’re going out to dine-in in Texas ya dummy
“It’s the only way she can eat fajitas”
Please.... My wife... She needs the cheese....🥺
Can’t believe she had to whey–t for it. Her blood must’ve been curd–ling.
You should just dig in because fajitas don’t have cheese on them
No way in hell she dosn't divorce him after making her the face of shredded cheese privilege
NOBODY puts shredded cheese on fajitas. That's why. It's like ketchup on an F'n hot dog. smh
I hope both of you get the shits. Not just a little, like tear-through-your-pants shits where you need waders to clean the car out.
Just here for the ratio
This is a joke, right?
I can't believe you're giving away such great podcast material for free on Twitter.
What kind of monster puts shredded cheese on fajitas. Maybe just eat the fajitas like a normal person.
Your whole timeline is just you complaining at restaurants about bad service, maybe restaurants aren’t for you
😭 so so sad. How dare you have to wait for (omg) shredded cheese - the horror! 🙄 #crappycustomers #COVIDIOTS
she waited soooo long. MY WIFE NEEDS CHEESE!!!
It's cute he thinks that expression is because she wants shredded cheese and not because she's stuck with him.
Oh I’m pretty sure these 2 are made for each other...
You know you sound like an entitled a**hole - your wife too.
(Possibly sensitive)
White people problems. If she’s hungry enough she’ll eat the fajitas without shredded cheese.
you have both lost the ability to function like normal human beings. get help
RIP to your wife bro, my condolences
👏 Congrats. You made your wife look like an entitled jerk (to put it gently) on the internet. Nice one.
Here only for the comments, not because I give a rats ass about the imagined catastrophe that you feel is your wife’s missing cheese. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Drink your #MamboTaxi and calm down.
Is this when we start feeling sorry for you?
I brought this woman shredded cheese and she refused it
Did you include the fajitas?
Truly heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers.
Yeah, that look on her face is definitely about the cheese.
Hope she is recovering. Keeping her in my thoughts.
wow opinionated much
This serms really important. I have notified the committee and they are holding a spot on the medal platform in the Victim Olympics.
OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how will you ever make it through this terrible tragedy???? my heart goes out to you and your wife. Perhaps the families of those who lost loved ones to the coronavirus can direct you to a support group for missing cheese. Asshole.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
This........this is a joke, right? 😂
Look at that dumb look on her face. Who acts like that?! I have second hand embarrassment.
You should have taken her to a classier place like @redlobster
She looks like one of those perpetually unsatisfied broads
Oh my god. “Karen” is married to a “Brad.” Get over yourselves.
lol get rekt privileged child
Only way she CAN eat...hahahahahah
Have you considered they're purposefully denying y'all cheese because they can smell the Bitch on you
pull the fire alarm
this is a whole mood I would literally rather contract covid 19 and have my lungs permanently shredded to fleshy ribbons than have to eat a fajita without pre-packaged shredded cheese
Provelaged asses
She looks like a "can I speak to the manager" Karen.
This is how a toddler reacts when things don’t go their way
And you married her
How many people starving in this world could eat fajitas without her fucking cheese? This is so stupid.
This HAS to be a joke. Please tell me it's a joke.
This isn’t a joke it’s Texas
I think this has to be blamed on Dallas, specifically. Us Houstonians don’t eat fajitas with shredded cheese...
No one over the age of 7 eats fajitas with shredded cheese
(Possibly sensitive)
Heartbreaking! What an inconvenience
Thoughts and prayers buddy
hahaha oh my god dude. get a fucking grip man
End of the world, truly
cry me a plate of shredded cheese
Cheese causes step closer to a ventilator.
At least you don’t have Putin putting a bounties on your head.
Well not YET. That probably comes with the flan.
🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 true
I laughed so hard I peed a little.
Underrated tweet.
I mean we kinda do.
"I'm a child and can't eat my food without cheese!" ***stomps feet*** Maybe you thought the service wasn't great, but pouting like a child isn't great either. I'm embarrassed FOR you.
People are dying. Stay home.
I understand completely. My wife died of a Vitamin SC deficiency. I wish she was still here, so i could hold her one more time and tell her to pass the guac. I'll pray for you guys tonight.
This has to be a joke.
What about the deaths? Can we still blame COVID19 for those?
That is the best “unhappy about the wait for cheese “ face from Allen Tx ever posted
Oh sweet irony.
read the room, friend. nobody cares about your first world problems, you just sound tone deaf and petty.
Damn...she must be DEVASTATED. Holy shit, I am so sorry.
I know it's hard to recover from such traumatic events, but time can heal all wounds. Be strong.
🤣🤣🤣 "It's the only way she can eat fajitas" Is that a hereditary condition? What a piece of trash.
Pretty sure she just ran out of reasons to be mad to avoid having sex with you
It's the only way! For the love of God, get this pitiful woman some cheese!
get some regular cheese and shred it yourselves
Would this be considered a “wide guy?” Shredded cheese wife guy?
it's an all-new type of wife guy. powerful!
fuck her dad assert dominance
Alex, I’ll take ENTITLED AND CLUELESS for 1000.
Congrats dude. You've convinced me to get off of Twitter for the night. Your tweet and accompanying picture might be the most tone deaf thing I've seen today. Enjoy your ratio.
Hey, there's a fire alarm over her right shoulder. Why didn't she pull it?
I think shredded cheese is the least of your problems...
And this is why no amount of money could make me work in customer service. Fucking ridiculous!
I’m very conflicted here. I understand we’re here to trash the husband, but as someone from Southern California I just can’t get over how sad that food looks.
The food looks sad?
Oh is the Mexican food really good in southern California or something?
It's Dallas "Tex-Mex" Texas food city rankings: 1) Houston (Everything) 2) San Antonio (Tex-Mex) 3) Austin (Avocado toast) 4) Small towns in the hill country (BBQ) 5) Every other place in Texas except Dallas/FW (Various) 6) Dallas-FW (Bland and sad)
Thoughts and Gruyeres.
I feel like youre giving them a bit too much credit here. It is definitely pre-shredded legally claimed cheddar coated in cornstarch
She can just use this post since its cheesy as hell
Next time bring your own.
This can’t be real
Wtf is wrong w you
18 minutes without cheese?
You’re gross.
Tip the wait staff and enjoy your ratio
Omg!!! I can’t believe she waited for cheese. Wtf is this world coming to? You should sue. Jk- quit being such whiny b*tches. People are dying.
lol I hope you both got massive diarrhea
Oh please fuck all the way off
Did they also refuse to change your diapers!?!
They gave me the last of it...
My neighbor's grandparents both have it, and the grandfather died today. You're privilege and lack of self awareness is sickening. Think of other people, for once in your sad self centered lives.
Her cheese is in my pocket, nice and warm.
Right? My kids wouldn’t even do that.
, your people have done nothing wrong. Don’t even apologize to these fools. Apparently @jsv4and his wife are ignorant and clueless about the crisis going on here in Texas. They should have ordered take out.
Is she always this difficult? Goodness, no wonder you are outing her !
I also get explosive diarrhea if I eat fajitas without the cheese to give me constipation. #thoughtsandprayers
This is an joke right? Hot is the only way to eat fajitas
This pandemic has really pulled back the curtain on how many adult Americans are actually just large spoiled children.
im literally sobbing you poor ppl how ever will you cope
don’t worry the cheese will be out as soon as they remove it from the prep cooks’ foreskin. fresher that way. #fromunda
thinking bout that cheese
She looks like she's taking mental inventory of all the people she could've married instead.
Someone who would have brought the cheese.