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I’ve seen a handful of widget concepts from developers I follow so far, but I'd love to see more. If anyone is working on a widget they’re willing to share, reply here with a screenshot. Thanks!
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Is that the MobileMe exclusive widget?
Widgets need more chrome
Careful what you wish for.
Oops! All chrome!
Very much a work in progress (will probably redesign the whole thing)... but this is what I have so far for Colordrop.
Doesn't look too pleasing to my eyes now, but keep up!
Yeah agreed, needs some work still!
Yeah, I’m going to replace it with the actual app icon before release. Mostly just playing with ideas at that point. 😅
Which is it?
How about a widget that shows the latest article on MacStories? 😄
Here’s what I’ve got so far to help users keep track of cash offers across all of their credit cards; really excited about widgets and the much-improved Watch complications thanks to SwiftUI.
It’s looking great, Emmanuel! Really liked how you used colors to segment the different levels of information 😊
Thanks a lot! Charty's going to be such an awesome fit for widgets, being able to display updated charts right on the homescreen on iOS. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us.
I’m pushing through localization for 1.2 so I can start playing with widgets ASAP! Lots of ideas for widgets! I’m loving seeing what everyone has been coming up with! 😍
I think you said Charty was mostly SwiftUI right? Should make things a breeze then, and even help you on the way to going down the Watch route in the future -- would be great to have some charts in the newly-SwiftUI powered Graphic Rectangular complications. Have fun!
It’s 100% UiKit 🤣 *sweats in despair* But I read you can include UIKit views inside SwiftUI wrappers! That’s something I have to test. 😊
Ohh, I don't think you can with widgets unfortunately, but hopefully you'll love SwiftUI as much as I have over the last year of using it. It ain't perfect, but so many parts are *so* good and keeps getting better as it continues to mature + increase coverage.
Damn 😔 I’ve been postponing learning SwiftUI, but even if I do, porting Charty to it would need a major refactoring behind the scenes.
Can I apply fot test ubder iOS14, a TF version?
Sure thing, here’s the link to sign up for TestFlight; I’ve not done a public beta yet for iOS 14 (are they allowed now?) but will start to do so soon.
Join the CardPointers for Credit Cards beta
Available on iOS
I'm planning a few for MusicHarbor. Here's what I've got so far for latest releases:
Would love to see a MH widget with the next albums coming Friday
That’s actually one of the new widgets I’m planing for iOS 14!
I’m making my dog walking watch face into a widget - it’s a dog that falls asleep when you jot your step count goal@for the day!
That’s really lovely :-)
These are live, worked on them this week. Idea being Slopes = journal, so helping users feel good about their stats and look back on where they have been.
Oh you got rid of the Apple Maps branding! Different source or what was the trick? Looks great
Draw the image 30 pixels bigger than needed, crop off the outer 30 pixels. Might not ship it (will just reset the "crop padding" to 0), worried about violating TOS, but we'll see. At least for now my homescreen looks nice :)
Haha clever workaround! And it does indeed look pixel perfect. Can we just fast forward to next ski season please?
I know, right? I could _really_ use a snowboard right now.
Absolutely some of the most beautiful widgets I have seen.
Yeah, it looks terrific
*stats do not accurately reflect how many days I snowboarded last season. 😅
You were able to lose the Apple Maps logo?
Not without a hack which I may or may not disable so Apple doesn’t hate me.
Seems like playing app review roulette. 🙂
Exactly. Gonna wait to see what happens with the feedback I filed. All I have to do is set a CGFloat to 0 to undo the crop.
Concept for @getbraavo - on demand funding for app developers
The fonts looks too thinner. Almost iOS 7 like. Make it bolder 😊
Not quite ready to share (and probably won’t share publicly until the release), but as you can imagine I’ve got some fun stuff in the works 😉
It’s a bummer that we won’t have media player widgets. They were the only kind I actually used when I had Android phones. Seems iOS widgets are read only
i made a now playing widget for my WIP music app!
i made some adjustments and my god it’s perfect
Good choice of music!
Getting there!!
Looking great. In general, do these refresh more often/reliably than watch complications?
So far refreshing instantly when logged from Apple Watch
These look amazing!
Excellent app man thanks!
Can’t wait for WaterMinder widget!
Do include the dark mode set too man 😍
We got that too! Looks kinda cool with black background 😎
This is so sick 🔥 can’t wait till the update
They look really good 😍
Love these new ones, mainly the first (minimalism)
Yes we will have a beta out soon. Reach to the customer support from inside the app and we will add you to TestFlight
Once beta is live you should get an invite. Thanks!
Hi. I’m on the water minder neta. Can I test Calory?
Yes! Please reach out from inside the app Settings > Customer Support - with a request to join beta. We will send out invites when the beta is live. Thanks!
Damn, these look crazy useful!
Still early, but @GAget_app is getting a big overhaul :)…
iOS 14 is going to be awesome 😉
The widget for my upcoming app called Timebox :) TestFlight is available at
I'm working on some new widgets for @PeeAndSee since about 20% of users currently use the legacy Today widget, and I expect that will only increase with the new widgets.
will get several widgets in iOS 14
Working on a range of options for display / theming / interactivity for the @TheStreaksApp.
😍 love it.
Can I get back on the Streaks TestFlight beta? I’d love to have those streaks widgets!
Early days but I like the idea of showing your next meal from @mealprepproapp based on the time of day, along with your calories.