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Developers: are you working on widgets, three-column/sidebar layouts for iPad, or new Shortcuts actions for your apps in iOS and iPadOS 14? Something else entirely? I'd love to have examples for my annual iOS/iPadOS review. 📩
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Thanks to all the developers who reached out in this thread and over email! So many cool examples of apps being updated for iPad and widgets. SwiftUI also a *very* interesting trend, definitely picking up this year.
Awesome 👍 waiting on the review
I’m working on a 3-column iPad layout for YarnBuddy and also plan to add a widget! ☺️
This confused me at WWDC: was there not a sidebar API prior to 13? How were people making sidebars?
I think there was but not in the sense of 'the sidebar that replaces your tab bar'
The UISplitViewController API has been updated for new column behaviors this year, and the sidebar has new features like collapsible outline, accessories, etc.
I personally used a table view and split view controller and customized it a bunch.
Too busy trying to get the SwiftUI sheet modifier to work on XCode 12 b2
I'm working on XCFrameworks. They're less fancy, but they are going to facilitate porting open source software by sharing binaries.
you’re adding sidebars to School Assistant, right?
I’ll work on finishing it today so I can submit!
Why no macOS 😢?
Building an app to keep track of SpaceX launches, news, and other information. Version 1 is live in the store, working on v2, which will fully take advantage of the lastest & greatest of iOS14 & Big Sur…
I’m sure you’re already trying it out, but @AviaryTheApp is something I’m excited to release come iOS 14! -…
It's finally here. The beta for my new iOS Twitter app @AviaryTheApp is now open for anyone on the iOS 14 beta to test out! It's planning to launch this Fall alongside iOS 14, and will be available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 🚀
Did you get the API issues figured out? I really love the app so far!
tweeting with it rn ✌️
Working on an app to track skin conditions to help promote discussion with dermatologist. Written completely in SwiftUI and uses a sidebar on iPad and Mac Catalyst.
This is a great idea 😍 I would definitely use an app like this
That name is too perfect.
Working on all those things but they won’t be ready until closer to September
Working on a small widget for my personal tracking app. But I’m not sure if I should send to the App Store
Please do!
You should! Check out the Apple design guidelines and push everything in by 10px and I think this will look very good!!
Please do! A year ago I was looking for something like this. An app that would a) remind me to feed the baby and b) track when I actually did (trigger per voice because hands are full) and use that track time to remind me again exactly 3 hours later.
Adaptivity will have Split View Controller views for Classic, Double Column and Triple Column. TestFlight build is on its way (pending review). iOS 14 seems to have a bug where the toolbar draws its top shadow a few points below the bottom safe area on devices with home indicator
If you didn't see it, I tweeted about the width of the Primary view being wider that what you seen on screen so that there's some extra stuff to show when dragging the primary out from the side:
Seeing some very unexpected layout behaviour of iOS 14's new double column split view style. The primary view controller is wider (420pt) than what can be seen on screen (320pt) with the leading layout margin increased from 16 to 116 to cancel out the effect. Bug or deliberate?
Tuning about 30% of @ToolboxProApp’s actions to take advantage of in-app intent handling. Going to be so much more powerful 🦾…
This is going to be my #ios14 experiments thread. You’ll be able to perform on-device, Vision-powered text recognition on images *without* opening TBP. Here I’m taking a screenshot & then using Back Tap to get text from the latest image, all in the background 🤯
I'd love to have something ready for you to play with. I am working on an app inspired by a rant of yours, however iOS 14 has changed a few things, so it'll take a bit 😅
Only replying instead of emailing since its not finished, but I’m working on a new sidebar for my app @SchoolAssist_ on iPad/Mac as part of Version 2.0. So happy to switch from my old sidebar (last image). If I finish the Sidebar implementation soon, I’ll submit using email too.
Wow AirDrop was not kind to that Mac photo yikes
You may already have thought of this, but if the dashboard displayed your gpa, that’d be boss
Would be great if you could check in w apps right now that have more functionality in widgets than envisioned by new rules... thinking of August door lock, Thermo Watch, and clipboard apps like Yoink
Using a lot of iOS 14 SwiftUI APIS (lazyGrid, labels, & more) in @TaskLaneApp and will surely be implementing widgets really soon! (Full SwiftUI app this!)
Email sent detailing the 3 widget groups I've built out so far for @CardPointers which use relative date formatting and dynamic options, complication families with proper configurability, new sidebar with collapsing sections + disclosure groups, and let's more. App Clips up next!
sent, hope you find it useful!
I've been working on redesigning Homely to use a sidebar now and it looks much better on iOS 14. Also adding widgets and Siri Shortcuts support! Here's a before and after. I'm still trying to figure out if a third column would fit well, but iOS 14 makes it so easy to try it out.
Working on widgets and in-app intent handling for Scriptable, a sidebar for a new app and a new drawing app that uses new PencilKit APIs to help the user navigate an infinite canvas.
Allow the adding of images to that app and it will definitely be on my radar 😊 I keep looking at I finite canvas apps but they seem unsupported or almost feature-free. I’d trust you to do it well. 👍
I’have some widgets up and running for @vektapp 😊
I like that font! The roundedness feels pleasant.
Is there an option to test it through TestFlight on iOS 14 public beta? Would love to try
Not yet! But DM me your email and I can add you as a tester
Those look great!!
This is why I love indie work. Super clean interface, supporting the platform’s latest technologies. Instant buy!
Looks like something nice to keep track on. I assume that’s your current weight? Haha
Love the widget with the progress bar! Are you test flighting a build with this? Would love to join.
Might have a test flight later next month, working on a big nee release for iOS 14. DM your email and I might add you
Love the look of these! Please get in touch once you have a beta to share 👍
Will do! Working on another app at the same time (see DM) but I’ll keep you posted 👍
I'm implementing a sidebar for MusicHarbor, widgets and a macOS version using Catalyst!
Looking forward to it!
can’t wait for the Mac catalyst!
Awesome! Really looking forward to it!
You know how to get in touch once you have a beta ☺ 👍
I'm looking for the latest in Catalyst apps too, so +1 😊
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Working on an update for Glimpse - Webpage Widget which lets you add websites as Widgets. TestFlight Beta will be there soon!
Interesting. We attempted this and ran into big problems keeping it sustainable given the limitations of the widget system and the need to pre-render. Do you anticipate that as an issue?
Not really. To be honest a live view is not possible but you can refresh the view several times a hour which should be enough for many use cases
Any chance I could get a test flight invite? :)
Really looking forward to this one, let me know when you have a TF beta 👍
Cool still stuck in beta review but hope later this week. Will keep you posted 🙂
I’d like to become a beta tester when TF beta is ready :)
I'm porting my macOS app "dA 5Star", whose sole purpose of existence on iOS 14 is a widget displaying 5-star reviews of your app / podcast, to keep developers/podcasters in good mood. Current macOS version:…
(A TestFlight beta is currently waiting for review)
Working on the iOS version of Pi Stats for macOS (… ) TestFlight build for the first version is waiting for review :)
Ooohhh would love to test this since I setup my pi-hole recently!
Inspired by the new sidebar and the menu in pages I am moving my preferences to a right-hand sidebar in my hex viewer “Hexer”
I’m loving the beta btw 🤤
Wow! Just bought the app. Would love to try the beta if it is open. There also is a sign up button in the app. The sidebar feature is not in the beta currently — it still takes some time to iron out some visual bugs. But I’ll probably get it done this week.
Join the Hexer — Hex File Viewer beta
Available on iOS
Working on Home Widgets for @highlighted_app. 👀
Thanks, Tim! 🤗
Oh I need this! And I really should finish Sapiens…
You got this, Mike. 💪
Looks great. Just downloaded the app based off seeing this image. Obvious I'm sure but would be great if it can show random and/or selected highlights and not just latest.
Thanks, Ciarán! 🤗 Definitely, I'm already thinking of customization options, and this is great feedback. 👍 Feel free to reach out anytime.
Cool, but why is there a typo in the book highlight? Checked the book and it’s not there. (Promosing)
Hi Adam! You have a keen eye, sir. 😊 I manually typed this highlight when implementing the first version of Widgets and a typo snuck in. 🤭 Oh, well...
Makes sense! Sorry, just wasn’t sure if it was a bug with the widgets
Looks great! Does your app support adding highlights from the web?
Thanks, Darío! 🤗 Highlighted is currently laser-focused on providing the best highlighting experience for books. I'll keep you posted if this changes in the future.
Awesome. I’ll give it a try to scan passages from physical books. Thanks for your work!
Need a test flight participant? 👀
Always! Send me a DM. 😉
May I join the party too? 🎉 would love to test those amazing new widgets
Of course! Your DMs are closed too, so you send me a DM and I'll give you the link.
Thanks so much! I just sent the dm :)
My employer is working with the new ARKit APIs for room scanning. Already implemented the 13.4 APIs, shipping that and working to use the new depth APIs to do even more work.
working on some @altstoreio widgets that show you when your sideloaded apps expire 🎉
Several iterations with @1CarolineMoore later, I’m *very* happy with this design for @altstoreio widgets 😄 Expect it in beta soon!
Email him 🤦🏻‍♂️
I’m working on a new study app that will take advantage of a bunch of iOS 14 features such as sidebars, #SwiftUI improvements, widgets, and shortcuts! Planning on releasing alongside iOS 14 this fall.
A fellow AJR fan spotted! I was listening to No Grass Today a few minutes back lol
A sidebar for iPad, home screen widgets for running scripts or setting their content in app and improved shortcuts. Now every shortcut can be executed without opening my app so everything is smoother.
I’m working on a iPadOS / macOS version and multiple widgets for @getfinapp
Wow. I was looking for a new budget tracker and this one looks
OMG. It looks so great! Any approximate release date for iPad and Mac?
Latest with the release of iOS 14, but I will probably release an iPad version earlier (in 1-2 months 🤞🏻, DM me if you wanna beta test)
Working on my client for @RevenueCat There’s a beta with Widgets (Graphs, Overview and Latest Transactions) available here: AppStore version:…
Oh shit! Love this. Thank you.
Working on a few different widget types and sizes. This one is the most complete. You’d be able to see daily activity and statistics for most Apple Health categories on your Home Screen. Options will be customizable to what’s most relevant to you.
Neat, still no API for challenges and awards right?
I didn’t see any related announcements in the session videos. None that I’m aware of, but I haven’t been monitoring changes in that department.
I’ve been following your tweets for a while. It means a lot coming from you 🙏
Any TestFlight link at all?
I wasn’t quite prepared to test publicly, but I won’t deny anyone who’s willing to try it out. Just remember to apply the beta tag quite heavily, and I’ll be happy for any feedback and requests:
Join the HealthStats - Export To CSV beta
Available on iOS
Without questions, I’ll be sending back feedback often! Thank you :)
And thanks to @viticci for the retweet, and thanks to everyone for all the love and excitement 🙏
Definitely the three-column sidebar. If this works as advertised, it will significantly simplify my navigation stack.
Working on new Unsplash client app for #iOS14 & #macOS11 The app designed for browsing and exploring Unsplash and it's fully build using SwiftUI. TestFlight version coming soon 👨‍💻
That tabbar! 😱 That looks really good!
I’d be interested to get on this beta list
omg I love this 😍
This tab bar design is 🔥 Unobtrusive, simple, clear.
would love to get on the Test Flight for this.
This looks super nice! I would love a TF once it's ready.
Sign me up for the TestFlight 🙋🏻‍♂️ (I use Unsplash daily)
How did you build the custom pickers?
I built them using SwiftUI, the simple way is to create a custom view and change the variable value on tap
Ah, gotya. Cool! Looks great :-)
That’s gorgeous.
TestFlight link?
Oh wow, this looks good! 👌🏻
Any screenshots of macOS version?
Speech Central will have a navigation sidebar on iPadOS similar to what it has on macOS. That’s certain but there will be experiments to further improve this function like adding some frequent settings there.…
I’m working on widgets for my countdown app
Thanks, would love a TF beta when you have it
Currently working on improving my indie Task manager @thetaskapp for iPadOS 14 and Big Sur! This is how it looks like currently. Going to add a lot of user customizable widgets!
I'm working on some new "Upcoming Interaction" widgets for @RelateiOS to show your nearest schedule interactions and the health of those relationships at a glance.
Working on a couple for @BudgetInNudget. Should have a TestFlight for them ready soon!
Another one I'm considering!
Would definitely love to test
I’m working on the brand new UI/UX for CardioBot app which is 100% SwiftUI now. It uses studies from AHA to improve cardiovascular health awareness. There are some screenshots of the app and its widget.
looks good !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Share your wallpaper please