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So, next week's #appleevent. Two things: - I'm *very* curious about the iPad Air. The iPad Pro is my main, but I'm keen to see its design language come to the Air and what Apple does with it. - Excited about the idea of new sensors in the Watch + mental health features.🀞
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Assuming the iPad Air gets the Pro industrial design (flat sides), does it mean it gets the 2nd gen. Pencil too? (I'd think so.) What about the Magic Keyboard? (Less sure.) And at that point, the difference between the Air and Pro is...fascinating. πŸ€”
...where by "fascinating", I mean having a new iPad Air baseline would free Apple to further differentiate the Pro line. (This happened before.) OLED + bigger size options? More accessories? I know I'd buy a 15-inch "desktop" iPad Pro right away.
miniLED. They still don’t seem to like OLED tech at that screen size.
I *almost* corrected myself, but then I got too lazy because I needed one of these 😜
They have to put an A12 variant in the Air, don’t they? Could they release an A14 Air while the Pro is 2 generations behind?
I’m having one right now!
I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but I've always wanted to know how you make espresso at home.
The only thing really keeping me on the Pro models is ProMotion. Should that go filter down the lines then that would make me very happy.
Better camera placement alongside a *much* higher resolution too. Zoom and etc have accelerated that need. Perhaps different coloured Magic Keyboard variants too.
Why stop at 15? Why not a 27” iPad Studio?
Future "what's a computer" iPad commercials be like
Or this could be this…
Imagine that... iPad. 11 and 12.9 iPad Pro. 12.9 and 16 Would be awesome.
Reason I’m excited for a revised Mini is I’ve been reassessing my tools a lot lately. An iPad like that would be great for the couch, and I’m excited/fascinated by a small ARM MacBook. (I loved the 12-inch Intel MB for the size, always lusted after it.)
Can confirm iPad Mini's make great partners for the couch while you binge watch your favorite programs. Never can see myself going back to a full size iPad. I have a MacBook for that. I like compact and stuff what works and works well. Apple out here killing it. πŸ’ͺ🏻
I like the sound of crazy high end iPads, and I suspect Apple would like to sell some seriously expensive ones too, but is there a market? πŸ€”
15-inch? Let's go really big. I'm in for a 20-inch or larger "desktop" iPad.
An even larger iPad, and proper additional screen support, and I’ll be very happy....
The non-Pro iPads are already plenty capable for my use, but I won’t buy a new iPad less than 12.9 inches. So a more capable Air is fine, but I’m FAR more intrigued by your idea here, that it may open the door to larger Pro models.
Also wonder if they’ll go for a thinner design compared to the Pro a la the original “Air” concept for the iPad?
I hope for Magic Keyboard support. But I want a family computing future with individual (or shared) iPads with a big screen as part of a docking workspace when you need it, and using a Magic Keyboard as a secondary/portable workspace.
I still find the 3 tiers of iPad rather odd. 2 tiers I get but 3 confuses me. I bought the 2020 pro mainly to lose the home button. Wondering if the new air would have been more appropriate.
Judging from the leaked manuals, it should be compatible with the Magic Keyboard. I think that's quite a reasonable thing for Apple to do.
I think we can be confident that Apple will have planned to profit greatly from the sale of even more Magic Keyboards.
That is a very safe assumption
I think the bigger determinant for Apple Pencil 2 is whether the new iPad Air gets USB-C or not. Apple Pencil 1 is Lightning only. Or, do they make a Pencil 1.5 that is USB-C?
I recently bought a 2020 iPad Pro, if the air gets updated chips and the 2nd gen pencil, is there any reason I shouldn’t sell the pro and get the air?
I'm guessing the new iPad Air will look every similar to the current iPad Pro, and include almost all the same features for cheap.. This will confuse everyone for around 6 months, until new iPad Pro models with OLED or Micro LED displays and a new industrial design are released
I think that's most likely the case! And the Pro has the bigger 12.9" variant too
The real tough question for me... what if a 15-inch iPad Pro comes out? I think I'd have to go for it
I won't even think about it. I've been waiting for years for such a thing to exist. 😍
That’s when the iPad mini and the iPad Pro (15”) combo would make a ton of sense. What a duo!
Just give me a Mini Pro already! I really wish they'd make a mini without compromising anything for price, but I'm afraid they might not believe the market exists for such a device.
I think I always want both the biggest and the smallest iPad they make! I'm not sure what the limit on that is yet... I'm disappointed that we have yet another year of Apple putting off major improvements to iPadOS, though. I get that Mac needs more help, but still, it hurts
If smart connector moves to the back and/or sides are flat, it’d be incompatible with old Smart Keyboard. Either it’s compatible with the pro accessories or they have to make a new keyboard just for the Air, which seems unlikely to me.
it's been several years of the Pro having the high refresh rate, 2nd pencil and extra power. Bring that down the line and add 2-3 new features to the pro. I'm excited about those 2-3 new things.
Will be interesting to see if it just comes down to that leaked Touch ID power button versus Face ID πŸ€”
Why wouldn’t it get magic keyboard support. Everything about the smart connector eventually made it from the first gen pros to the regular iPads. Keyboard support isn’t a pro feature And why wouldn’t Apple want to sell more magic keyboards. Those ain’t cheap!
120hz, more ram, top of the line chip, 1TB storage option Those are the pro features.
My mental health is just fine! (No it’s not, yes it is, you shut up!! )
Too late for me. πŸ€ͺ
Ma soprattutto stuzzica l’idea di iPad Air molto più simile ai Pro per vedere poi il peso che Apple dovrà far fare il prossimo anno per dargli di nuovo realmente senso
I really don’t know how Apple is gonna justify the iPad Pro if the new iPad Air does come with all the changes being rumoured.
Double/Triple the RAM in the SoC and give it previously-blocked pro AV apps like Logic and FCP? It’d be a genuine differentiator.
It would allow more options in the pro line. Bigger (15" Pro? Desktop-size?), more RAM/storage, OLED, etc. Having the Air at the low-mid range allows the Pro range to get even more expensive.
The pro iPads are always going to have more ram and more storage and likely the higher end chips For true Pros. Those are the specs that matter.
And would the Watch become independent of the iPhone, friendlier to the iPad?
And please: a thinner Watch πŸ™
Even slightly thinner would be awesome!
The Apple Watch needs to have its sensors work with tattoos. I never thought of it but my friend @swiftymf never has fitness stuff work right because of his wrist tattoos.
right bro, i had to change the wrist for my new tattoo which does not read the sensor :(
I’m excited for AW Series 6 but rumours point to a blood oxygen sensor and that’s about it? (Maybe more sensors for advanced sleep tracking?) Surely it’ll be more than that?
There were no rumours of always on display this time last year...